South Florida's War Heroes







A Band Of Brothers Reunites As They Fly Back In History








From The Links To The Battle Field






The Latest Status Symbol

Pulling up to the Country Club with this on your Caddy








Tears Flow As War Heroes Embrace Each Other

The Collins Fund restores aircraft, and flies them around the country. As they toured Florida, they arrive at Boca Raton, a city stepped in War Heroes. In this instance three friends amazingly reunite, and newspapers are there to cover it.










When Eagles Gather

Abe Novinsky, Irwin Stovroff, and Bennie Richards meet at the airport to ride in the Collin's B-24. There was no Nazi anti-aircraft fire, the machine guns weren't loaded, the bomb bay was empty and there were no parachutes, but the memories didn't fade.

Abe remembers: - "It was sixty-three years after we took off on what we thought would be our final bombing mission, but it didn't turn out that way. We were hit, on fire, and we had to jump out over the Nazis."


Irving Stradel Had To Bail out

Boca Raton resident Irving Stradel greeted Abe and Bennie, his two former fellow crew members as they boarded the B-24 bomber.  

"Irving fought back tears. We had an incredible and unusual experience together during the war because we were shot down on our 35th and final mission," Stradel, 80, said.


Bennie Tells Of Flak So Thick You Could Walk On It

"We went deep into Nazi territory, all the way to Berlin, where they had 850 flak guns," Richard said.

I remember it was our last mission and I didn't even bother to check out a fresh parachute, we were young, and full of chutzpah. Boy was I wrong.

After being shot down, the 10 crewmen spent a year in prisoner-of-war camps.


Are These Stories For Real?

Mickey Weilbacher found out the hard way, he got arrested by the FBI, while attending a local Marine Corps League meeting.


Jakob Melzner The Head Of A Veteran's Post

This poor guy was a celebrity till the community found out he was full of crap. No doubt anti-Semitism played a big role.


You Want A Purple Heart?

During WW-2 they handed out 1.5 million, but kept no records, so a group of Zionists started 'The Purple Heart Registration Service'. Pay a fee, raise your right hand, and you get a certificate. Then you can get your 'Purple Heart License plates'.



Real Heroes Have Had Their Fill

One writes a book, and they push legislation that leads to the Stolen Valor Act, but they still wear them.










Three War Heroes?

Were these three guys even in the war is my first question. Next, were they together in a B-24, and was it shot down? Who knows, but I really doubt it. The odds of three Zionists being in the same B-24, being shot down, spending a year in a prison camp, and reuniting at the golf club, is a little high.

But the possibility that these three clowns were sitting at a bagel shop, hearing the bombers were in town, and deciding to make up this story up, seems to have better odds.

After seeing the 2001 JWV Act get passed, I really have my doubts about any of their BS.







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