by Thomas Icom, editor

CYBERTEK's first issue was released in April, 1990. CYBERTEK is a bimonthly newsletter for those whose desire is to maximize their freedom and be able to function as free citizens in a society which discourages and works against those desiring liberty. Cybertek's content consists of practical, hands-on articles about technology, security, and self-reliance.

CYBERTEK exists because its producer feels that we are sliding downward to become more and more of a totalitarian society, and that part of the solution to this problem is to impart knowledge and information which is essential for people to have if they desire to exist as free citizens in a free country. An ignorant populace is very easy for a tyrant to keep down, but people who are knowledgeable in the ways and means to live independently and fight totalitarianism are impossible for despotic state to have control over. As James Madison, the father of the U.S. Constitution, once said, "A people to mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."

CYBERTEK's objective is the dissemination of practical, easy to understand information about technology, security, and self-reliance. Articles in past (as well as in future) issues dealt with such subjects as COMPUTERS, PHONES, ELECTRONICS, ALTERNATIVE-ENERGY, WEAPONS, CHEMISTRY, SECURITY, SELF-RELIANCE, FINANCIAL, and HEALTH. Knowledge of these topics is necessary for anyone seeking self-reliance and personal independence in today's world; as well as for preparing for any "unforeseen circumstances".

CYBERTEK is unique from other libertarian periodicals in that it is mostly (90%) practical, how-to type information. We feel that enough editorializing has been done in regard to how bad things are, and how "they" are going to come and take away all the gun owners, readers of controversial literature, and other people who are a threat to "the new world order". We figure our readers have heard enough of that, and now they're ready for information on how they can do something about the rising crime rate, increasingly totalitarian government policies, worsening economy, and other problems facing them today. CYBERTEK's content is intended as a powerful tool to assist its readers maintain themselves, and those close to them, in an increasingly hostile world.

CYBERTEK is published for educational purposes only under The First Amendment of The United States Constitution. The subject matter, while very controversial in the eyes of some, is currently 100% legal to possess in the United States; assuming Sarah Brady and HCI haven't yet payed off enough congressmen to pass a law banning "dangerous literature". Although some of the information presented in CYBERTEK could be used in an illegal manner, no illegal acts are suggested or implied.

Subscriptions to CYBERTEK are as follows:

Domestic: $15
Canadian: $20
Foreign: $25
Corporate and Government: $80
Sample issue: $3

Subscription rates are for six issues. Payment can be by check, M/O or cash. You can send payment to the address at the top of this textfile.

We can be contacted by mail, or by the following:

BBS: The RuneStone (203)-832-8441, NUP: Cyberdeck
Internet BBS and FTP Site: l0pht.com
Internet E-Mail: thomas.icom@iirg.com
2600 Magazine VMB: (516)-473-2626, choose leave message (1), then choose "Mr. Icom" (8)

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