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20 Gauge vs. 12 Gauge
A small discussion on between the characteristics between a 20 Guage and a 12 Gauge Shotgun.
Another View of Survival
Planning for the fall, precautions and presumptions.
An article on improvised protection.
Solution #1: Go Berserk!
Control your rage with these guidelines.
TC 31-29/A
Equipment Caching techniques by the Special Warfare Center.
Cellular Listening with a TV
Listen in on Cellular Phone conversations with a UHF TV.
How to keep aware when the heat is on.
The Day After
Living comfortably in a state of readiness.
Digital Communications via Radio
A brief look at digital communications as a survival medium.
The Day After The Crash
Economic Survival in hard times.
The Importance of Electronic's expertise.
A Neat FAX Trick
How to Neutralize a Fax machine.
Tips and Techniques to laying low and concealment.
Issue 1 Editorial: Doing Something
Editorial: Hackers; can they be politically motivated?
Improvise With Electronic Components
Other uses for Shrink Wrap Tubing and wire ties.
Some Interesting RF Chips
RF Chip notes and pointers for developers.
It's not Who's Right but Who's eft.
Common survivalist staple, some ideas on unity and a cause.
The Gurkha Khukri Fighting Knife
The case for the Gurkha Khukri Knife.
An Intro to Pirate Radio
Introduction to Pirate Radio Systems.
A layman's guide.
Introduction to Radio Communications
Radio communications overview and applications.
How To Contact The Militia
Radio "Talk Networks" of some Militia.
Surplus Weapons
Tips on used/surplus weaponry.
Survival Sunglasses
Pro's and Con's of reflective eye wear.
Survival Kits
Quick note and hints on what to keep in your survival pack.
Find out what Cybertek if for and how to subscribe to the Magazine.
One man's definition of a Cyberpunk.
Williams' Tips for Wrenching Times
Tips on Preparing for the worst.
Cybertek Electric
Cybertek Electric

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