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L0phT Heavy Industries proudly announces the first of hopefuly many CD collections of its prestigeous archives. The Whacked Mac Archives CD will contain all of the files currently located within the Whacked Mac Archives.

This limited edition collection includes almost 200 different files and utilities to get your Macintosh completely Whacked. The CD will contain numerous WarDialers, AOHell programs, Virri, text files, cracking utilities, and much much more.

This collection will be especially useful to all Macintosh users, Network Administrators, Hackers, Computer Security Professionals, Phreakers, Computer Teachers, Crackers, Lab Monitors, Virus Writers, Communication Specialists, and anyone who deals with macintosh systems on a day to day basis.

If you have been searching for that hard to find utility or program you can probably find it on the Whacked Mac Archives. To see what files will be included on the CD take a look at the list of files available.

CD-ROM File listing

History of the Whacked Mac Archives

To order your own Limited Edition copy of the Whacked Mac Archives please send the following information.

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The Whacked Mac Archives
C/O L0phT Heavy Industries
P.O. Box 990857
Boston, MA USA 02199-0857

Please include $19.95 plus $4.50 for shipping and handling in United States currency for each CD ordered. We will ship all orders via First Class United States mail to anywhere in the World. Cash, Check or Money Order accepted, sorry no Credit Card orders. Please make all checks payable to L0phT Heavy Industries. Massachusetts residents please add 5% sales tax. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

L0phT Heavy Industries (L.H.I.) assumes no liability for lost or misdirected mail, and makes no garuntees or warranties as to the suitability or usefulness of any software contained on this CD.

LHI reserves the right to refuse sale of this CD to any person, organization or entity. All sales are final.

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