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The l0pht is happy to announce the availability of the Black Crawling Systems Archives CD for $25 + S&H.

This CD contains hard to find technical files and programs concerning subjects such as:
  • cellular telephones, digital radio
  • telephone systems, phreaking
  • electronics projects/tools
  • hacking, vulnerabilities, tools
  • survival, patriot archives
  • computer underground images and text files
The L0pht Archives offer hard to find files from the computer underground and beyond.
Archives Services Internet services are available to enhance your privacy and information access.
Projects are always underway in our well equipped laboratories.
Lab Lounge Relax and hang with the hackers.
Stuff from the l0pht that you can get your hands around.
Hard Warez Cons Cons are as important as they are a good time.
Our security advisories
are designed to inform you of current vulnerabilities.
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