Complete Tempest Solutions!

Faster, bigger, stronger than you can ever imagine.
Can YOUR computer case....
Resist Winn Schwartau on a bad hair day with a HERF gun?
Withstand a nuclear attack?
Evade the snooping eyes of big brother's Van Eck equipment?
Of course not. Thats because you don't own a TEMPEST rated system!

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While these systems do not have the most powerful motherboard/CPU, the motherboards can be replaced and the Tempest systems will still be operational. I have had custom cables made that are necessary for you to mount and use a modern motherboard. I can seel the cases as is, or as a complete built system.

The Ultimate Case, "The Brutalizer"

IBM TPC-1 (Tempest PC-1) - The complete Tempest Solution

Are there white mirrored spooky vans permanently parked outside your house? Do they have suspicious antenna farms planted on top? This complete Tempest solution will provide video, keyboard and power filtering. While the 8088 included will suffice to house your most valuable data, the motherboard can be replaced with a more recent model.
Master Power Control Module