TEMPEST Eavesdropping

a demonstration...

Everything you do on your computer can be intercepted
by TEMPEST monitoring equipment...
Do you know how safe your PC or computer facility is?
Do you know how to shield your PC?

The electromagnetic emissions from your PC travel great distances
and can be intercepted, reconstructed and viewed...
by corporate spies...

TEMPEST monitoring equipment can steal your most private data
from great distances...
What would happen if an adversary or competitor
got hold of your company trade secrets?

On October 7th, 12th & 13th, 1996 The Discovery Channel's "Cyberlife" Show aired an interview with Codex CEO Frank Jones. Mr Jones gave a demonstration of TEMPEST monitoring. The following is a transcript of that interview. The still .gifs were converted from the video footage of the actual demonstration that aired...

Transcript of Interview

You may view Frank Jones' paper
"Nowhere to Run...Nowhere to Hide...
The vulnerability of CRT's, CPU's and peripherals
to TEMPEST monitoring in the Real World":

You may view Jones'
DataScan TEMPEST monitoring device:

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