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Our Mission

Banpaia Team is a group of people working on investigate the security blaws of the Cellular Communication Systems around the world, all the Banpaia work is free and the Team do not try to create legal/civil/economical damage to the cellular companies/providers/vendors. If you have any question about this please send a mail to, your mail will be welcomed.


BanpaiA DDI for Win95 and Linux

Banpaia Team created the First! DDI (ESN/MIN snarfing) software that work using a Radio Scanner + Soundcard only, without extra hardware or modified cellular phones, if you need to capture pairs for make clones get this software NOW!
New! this new version work in AMPS/DAMPS and ETACS systems

(lastest version is 1.6.09 beta 03/20/1999)


Keypad ESN entering ROM patches

Don't use computers. Don't use CopyCats or wires to program your cellular phones, Banpaia Team make these ROMs to entering the ESN from the keyboard. Available for NEC/NOKIA/AUDIOVOX cellular phones.

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Or ask about BanpaiA Team on IRC #cellular channel (efnet)
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