YIG Oscillator and Filter Notes


Random collection of notes, schematics, datasheets, and pictures for YIG-based oscillators, multipliers, filters, etc.

Notes & Resources

  1. Standard Oscillator, Filter and Multiplier Driver Adjustment Procedure  Micro Lambda Wireless, Document No. 201.202  (428k PDF)
  2. YIG Drivers - Application Note  Micro Lambda Wireless  (415k PDF)
  3. YIG-Tuned Oscillators - Definitions  Micro Lambda Wireless  (110k PDF)
  4. Drive Circuit for YIG-Tuned Devices  U.S. Patent 4,581,594  (62k PDF)
  5. HP 5086-7314 YIG Oscillator Datasheet  (62k PDF)
  6. Phase-Locked Sources for LMDS and MVDS Applications  Microwave Journal, April 1997  (33k PDF)
  7. A Simple Approach to YIG Oscillators  by Bernd Kaa, DG4RBF.  VHF Communications, 4/2004  (1.7M PDF)
  8. Designing_YIG_Drivers  by A. S. Nagarajan & R. Prema.  Def. Sci. J, Vol. 32, No. 3, July 1982  (784k PDF)
  9. Avantek Octave-Band YIG-Tuned Oscillators - Datasheet  (202k PDF)
  10. Dual-Loop YIG Control Schematic  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  (PDF)
  11. Teledyne Microwave YIG Oscillator Product Catalog  (822k PDF)
  12. EIP Comb Generator - Tuning Curve
  13. YIG-Tuned Bulk GaAs Oscillators  Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes, Vol. 1, No. 5, September/October 1974  (639k PDF)
  14. Six-Stage YIG Filters  Watkins-Johnson Tech Notes, Vol. 15, No. 5, September/October 1988  (923k PDF)
  15. Watkins-Johnson WJ-5224-3 YIG Filter Operating Instructions  (903k PDF)
  16. YIG Driver #526b  by Dick Plambeck.  Circuit designed by Doug Thornton, 1986.  (354k PDF)
  17. An Introduction to YIG-Tuned Oscillators  by Dave Castetter  (73k PDF)
  18. OMNIYIG YIG Harmonic Multipliers & Comb Generators - Applications Notes  (1.8M PDF)
  19. Varian VSL9061AE YIG Warmup - With No Heat Sink  (With Heatsink)
  20. Watkins-Johnson WJ-6708-7DF YIG Oscillator Information
  21. Watkins-Johnson Launches New YIG Oscillators
  22. Watkins-Johnson WJ-6713-1 Tuning Curve
  23. Notes on Stellex YIG Synthesizer Performance and Control  by KE5FX

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