GBPPR Advanced Development Projects

"There ain't no rules around here.  We're trying to accomplish something."

    --- Quote from Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

Random collection of newer and older projects, mostly for historical purposes.

Internet censorship is out of control!  Please mirror any files/information/webpages, if you can.  Email if you need a directory tar'ed up orFTP'ed or whatever.

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  1. Radio Scanner Modifications and Information
  2. Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits
  3. Pager Programming, Monitoring, and Applications
  4. Electronic Design Notes
  5. Various Repeater Controllers
  6. RF Design Perl Scripts / CGIs
  7. Simple TV Transmitter
  8. Green Bay / Brown County, Wisconsin Frequency Search
  9. Click My Light
  10. 46/49 MHz Cordless Phone Talker Over'er
  11. Web Controlled Amateur Radio Beacon
  12. Surveillance Bugs That Work
  13. Cable TV & Video Projects
  14. Remote Control PPP
  15. Web Controlled Railroad Crossing Gate
  16. Linux Amateur Packet Radio Setup for Green Bay, Wisconsin
  17. :Cue:C.A.T. Login Card Reader
  18. Weather Radio Alert Beacon
  19. GBPPR 'Zine & GBPPR Vision
  20. Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics
  21. Old Skool Hackerz
  22. Bell System Practices
  23. $2600 Magazine - Downloads & Information
  24. Hacker Magazine Archives
  25. L0pht Heavy Industries Shrine
  26. DEFCON MP3 Audio Archive
  27. Group 42 Archive CD-ROM
  28. GBPPR Audio & Video Collection
  29. Hacking the N.F.L.
  30. Obama FAIL!
  31. My Space Ship
  32. Forbidden Science & Suppressed Information
  33. Miscellaneous Random Chaos
  34. Other People's Projects

Radio Scanner Modifications and Information

Collection of scanner (radio receiver) related documents, software, notes, etc.

Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits

Collection of low-power FM (pirate) radio related schematics, documents, notes, etc.

Pager Programming, Monitoring, and Applications

Collection of pager programming & monitoring software, schematics, notes, etc.

Electronic Design Notes

Collection of electronic and RF design notes, programs, links, etc.

Various Repeater Controllers

Experimental ham radio repeater controllers.

RF Design Perl Scripts

Perl scripts to help the RF engineer.

Simple TV Transmitter

Easily built TV transmitters with baseband video input.

Green Bay / Brown County, Wisconsin Frequency Search

Green Bay / Brown County, Wisconsin radio information.

Click My Light

Do it, but not when I'm sleeping.

46/49 MHz Cordless Phone Talker Over'er

Talk over people's cordless phones.  One of the coolest and funniest projects to date.

Web Controlled Amateur Radio Beacon

The beacon was taken down, but will remain here for informational purposes.

Surveillance Bugs That Work

Surveillance bugs with power and no drift.

Cable TV & Video Projects

Playing around with that messed up video signal.

Remote Control PPP

Turn on your PPP dialup using a 2-way radio.

Web Controlled Railroad Crossing Gate

This lets people control those railroad crossing gates.

Linux Amateur Packet Radio Setup for Green Bay, Wisconsin

Old scripts for setting up a network.

:Cue:C.A.T. Login Card Reader

Build a card swipe reader for logging into your computer.

Weather Radio Alert Beacon

Use the National Weather Service's alert tone to send a packet radio message.

Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics

Homebrew your own cool military gear or spy equipment!!

Old Skool Hackerz

Overview of some common hacker/phreak tools and sites.

  1. Old Skool Hacker Toolz
  2. Synapse Online Review of Summercon '95  by Triad
  3. Interview with Jeff Moss  Dark Tangent of DEFCON fame.  March 1997.
  4. Down on the Farm  Hacker Dark Tangent takes a trip to Uncle Ira's Fun Farm O' Death, a place where technological oddities and government surplus find new life.
  5. Cereal Hacker  Legendary inspiration or washed-up has-been?   John Draper, a.k.a. Cap'n Crunch, made a name for himself in the early '70s as one of the pioneer phone phreaks.  Today he sleeps at a campground, can't get a job and finds himself the prey of a new generation of hackers.
  6. Zen and the Art of Hacking  by Richard Thieme.
  7. Hacking Culture and the Hunger for Knowledge: Off With His Hands  Discussing the Chris Lamprecht case, by Richard Thieme
  8. Hack Attack  Hacker interview, including The Dark Tangent, Forbes Magazine, June 1996.
  9.  John Lee's (Corrupt) website.  Former MoD member.  Many fascinating pictures in his gallery.
  10. Peter Salzman's Website  a.k.a "Thomas Covenant" and "Pumpkin Pete" of the Legion of Doom.
  11. Hackers  The Movie.
  12. daemon9 / route .plan  From his Netcom account in 1996.
  13. World: A Computer Hacker Explains His Perspective  Radio Free Europe interview with route, by Julie Moffett
  14. Are Hackers Selling Out?  by Space Rogue, November 1998.
  15. Phone Master Hacks  by Simple Nomad
  16. MTV's True Life: I'm a Hacker - What Really Happened  by Emmanuel Goldstein
  17. The Synthesis - New Hack City  The dark, slightly demented world of a hacking collective, by Bronc Buster
  18. New Hack City; Putting the Con in Silicon  Click Magazine, October 1999, by Michelle Valdez
  19. Hackers go into Hiding as FBI Hunts for 'u4ea'  The Boston Herald, March 1996, by Mark Mueller
  20. Uber Hackers  From New Hack City.
  21. Picture of Thomas Covenant & The Cracker
  22. Karl Koch in Action  Hagbard Celine, a German hacker at a payphone.
  23. Interview with Mark Abene  By Interface NYC.  November 1993
  24. Another Interview with Mark Abene  by Maitland McDonagh
  25. Hacker Homecoming  by Joshua Quittner, January 1995.
  26. Reprogramming a Convicted Hacker: To His On-Line Friends, Phiber Optik Is a Virtual Hero  New York Times interview of Mark Abene.  January 1995.
  27. Computer Savvy, With an Attitude: Young Working-Class Hackers Accused of High-Tech Crime  New York Times interview of MoD members.  July 1992.
  28. Open Letter to Wired Magazine  by Chris Goggans (Erik Bloodaxe)
  29. Bloodaxe Comes Out Swinging: Phrack Editor Chris Goggans on Masters of Deception  by K.K. Campbell, August 1995
  30. Notes From the Underground  Compiliation of articles for .net Magazine.  By Annaliza Savage, September 1995.
  31. Scenes from a Mall  Friday night by the Cinnabon with the 'hacker underground.'
  32. Q&A with Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600: The Hacker's Quarterly
  33. Terminal Delinquents  Esquire magazine article about the MoD guys.
  34. Secrets of the Little Blue Box  The infamous article as published in the October 1971 issue of Esquire magazine.  (Comments from Captain Crunch)
  35. Hacker Whois
  36. Tone-Loc T-shirt  (Rear)
  37. Breaking the Bank  Article on Agent Steal bank transfer hack.  By Joseph C. Panettieri, March 2001.
  38. I Was a Hacker for the FBI  Article on Agent Steal's arrest and court case.  By Joseph C. Panettieri.
  39. The True Story of Computer Hacker, Justin Petersen  Story outline/script for a movie about Justin Petersen's life.
  40. Ex-Computer "Whiz Kid" Held on New Fraud Counts  Article on Kevin Mitnick's earlier arrest.  By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times, December 1988.
  41. California Computer Security Expert Helps Agents Track Fugitive Hacker  Interview with Tsutomu Shimomura on the Kevin Mitnick arrest  By David Bank, February 1995.
  42. Computer Thief Scoop Nets Book Deal  Information on Markoff's and Shimomura's $750,000 book deal.  By Howard Kurtz, February 1995.
  43. Marshals Nab Petersen / Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job  Agent Steal's arrest story on ZDNet.  By Kevin Poulsen and Iolande Bloxsom.
  44. Sunset Dragnet  Justin Petersen, who led the FBI to hacker Kevin Mitnick, is back on the lam.  By Kevin Poulson.
  45. He's No Mitnick  Justin Petersen, the infamous hacker snitch, is back in prison.  By Kevin Poulson.
  46. Rising From The Underground  HoHoCon '93 review by Damien Thorn for Nuts & Volts Magazine.
  47. Outside Plant Local Loop Tour
  48. Infowar Declared on China and Iraq  by Legions of the Underground  (Screen Grab)
  49. Statement Against the Legions of the Underground's Infowar Against China and Iraq
  50. "Cheese Box" Plans  Phrack, Issue #50 by MasterMiiND.
  51. 1972 Ramparts Phone Phreaking Article  The "mute" box.  (654k PDF)
  52. Experimental Blue Box Prototype  C code from Mucho Maas.
  53. Kevin Mitnick, Unplugged  by Katie Hafner, Esquire, August 1995.
  54. The Making of a 'Darkside Hacker'  by Doug Thomas, July 3, 1998.
  55. Computer Criminal Caught After 10 Months On The Run  by Keith Stone, August 30, 1994.
  56. Someone's on the Line  by John Greenwald, Time Magazine, August 15, 1994.
  57. Mitnick's Malice, Shimomura's Chivalry  by Scott Rosenberg, Salon, December 30, 1995.
  58. Hannibal Hacker  by Kevin Poulsen, ZDNet, June 27, 1998.
  59. Gang War in Cyberspace  by Michelle Slatalla and Joshua Quittner.
  60. From Teen Hackers to Job Hunters  by Ariana Eunjung Cha, Washington Post, April 17, 2001.
  61. Granny Hacker From Heck Visits Def Con  by Carolyn Meinel, July 15, 1999.
  62. Hacker Women Are Few But Strong  by Sascha Segan, June 2, 2003.
  63. Female Hackers Battle Sexism to Get Ahead  by Sascha Segan, June 9, 2003.
  64. Cracking the Code of Ethics  by Edmund Lee, November 17, 1998.
  65. A (Hacker's) Mind is a Terrible Mind to Waste  by Gary Andrew Poole, March, 1993.
  66. Former FBI Informant a Fugitive After Helping Track Fellow Hackers  by Keith Stone, July 31, 1994.
  67. Masters of Deception  Review by Chirstopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times, January 26, 1995.
  68. The Prisoner: Phiber Optik Goes Directly to Jail  by Julian Dibbell, The Village Voice, January 11, 1994.
  69. KRON: Hackers  NewsCenter4's (KRON) Anthony Moor does a two-part look at the computer underground and what they can do to.  Peter Shipley, DarkAngel, and Yobie, are interviewed.  Aired on July 26, 1996.
  70. HyperTek - Episode #9  Peter Shipley talks about firewalls, hackers, and "the dark side of the Net."
  71. Hacking Into a New Age  DEFCON 7 overview by M.J. Zuckerman, USA TODAY, July 13, 1999
  72. Outlaws on the Cyberprairie  A reporter visits the $2600 meeting in San Francisco and gets everything wrong, by Laura Evenson and Michelle Quinn, April 2, 1995
  73. Hacker Shocker: Project Reveals Breaches Galore  Overview of Peter Shipley's wardialing experiments, by Jonathan Littman
  74. First Cut: Hackers  Sinster and Peter Shipley in interviewed on the concepts and ethics of hacking.
  75. New Media News: DEFCON 5   The New Media News crew follow Ph0n-E and friends around at DEFCON 5 and on to Area 51.
  76. Online Sting Just the Beginning, Says Cyber-Sleuth Squad  Overview of the "Celco 51" sting-BBS busts, by Geoff Boucher
  77. Universal Root Kit - Release 0.9.6  by K2  (630k tar.gz)
  78. Joseph Konopka Information  Countering the media's lies and disinformation.
  79. Aubrey Cottle Information  Claims to be behind the Epik, Gab, and GiveSendGo data breaches.
  80. Fun and Games with FreeBSD Kernel Modules  by Stephanie Wehner
  81. Politically Correct UNIX(tm)
  82. Defaced OpenBSD Poster  From Phrack, Issue #61.  The picture is from the OpenBSD tent at the Chaos Communication Camp in Berlin, Germany in August of 2003 and is attributed to the Mickey Mouse Hacking Squadron.
  83. Solaris SPARC/x86 rpc.sadmind Exploit  Super Solaris sadmin exploit, by optyx
  84. List of Known NETGEAR PSKs  For WiFi setups with SSID: NETGEARXX
  85. List of Default Linksys WiFi Router SSIDs and Passwords
  86. fyy0r's Netgear Killer Dictionary  For WiFi setups with SSID: NETGEARXX  (README)
  87. Python Script to Generate Default Passwords for 2WIRE WiFi APs  by INIT_6

Hacking-Related Website Mirrors

  1. Mirror of Kevin Poulsen's Website  (  Fairly complete, from around 1998.
  2. Mirror of the L0pht Heavy Industries Website  (  It is fairly complete, some minor broken URLs & HTML edits.  From around 1997.
  3. Mirror of the w00w00 Security Development Website  (  From around 2002.
  4. Mirror of KevinTX's Website  (  Ran and administered the hacker webhost  From around 1995.
  5. Mirror of Ice9's Website  (  From around 1996.
  6. Mirror of Aleph1's Computer Underground Society  (  From around 1996.
  7. Mirror of  (  Good Atari info and pictures.  From around 1998.
  8. Mirror of Justin T. Petersen's Website  (  The greatest hacker ever.  From around 2001.
  9. Mirror of Frank Jones' "SpyKing" Website  (  This guy is a complete fraud, but his links are good.
  10. Mirror of Michael D. Schiffman's Website  (  route, daemon9, god.  From around 2001.
  11. Mirror of the Original Phrack Magazine Website  (  From around 1997.
  12. Mirror of the PHC's Phrack Magazine Website  (  From around 2002.
  13. Mirror of r00t's Website  (  From around 2004.  Missing some pictures.  (Audio from the r00t panel at Beyond HOPE)  (r00t Dinner)
  14. Mirror of  (  Old IRC host run by Lynch.  From around 1996.
  15. Mirror of Robert T. Morris' Website  (  Author of the infamous Internet worm.  From around 1997.
  16. Mirror of Mark Lottor's Website  (  The original Oki 900 hacker.  From around 1997.
  17. Mirror of the International Information Retrieval Guild (IIRG)  (
  18. Mirror of GOBBLES Security  (
  19. THC Archive  All releases of the security research group The Hacker's Choice.
  20. Mirror of The ADM Crew  (  ADM is best known for their Linux worm.
  21. Mirror of the Hack Canada Website  (  Complete working website mirror with minor corrections to track down missing files.
  22. Mirror of The Clone's  (  Complete working website mirror with minor corrections to track down missing files.  (Mission)
  23. Mirror of Walter O'Brien's "Scorpion Computer Services" Website  (  Complete working website mirror.  (EBP-1 Reference PDF)

Bell System Practices

Archive of AT&T Bell System Practices and other telco documents.

GBPPR 'Zine & GBPPR Vision

Technical journal of the American hacker.

$2600 Magazine - Downloads & Information

Help fight Evil Corley and the One Percent.

Hacker Magazine Archives

Local copies of some awesome hacker magazines.

L0pht Heavy Industries Shrine

These guys rule - Making the theoretical practical since 1992.


  1. Mirror of the L0pht Heavy Industries Website  (  It is fairly complete, some minor broken URLs & HTML edits.  From around 1997.
  2. L0pht Heavy Industries' Archive CDROM  Black Crawling Systems, Cybertek, IIRG, Tezcat, Pictures, cDc, Whacked Mac, etc.
  3. Mirror of the Website  (  Mirror site of the L0pht spin-off project.  Few minor broken links.
  4. New York Times Magazine Interview  Oct. 3, 1999  (Mirror)
  5. L0pht - Picture 1  New York Times Magazine interview (print version)
  6. L0pht - Picture 2  New York Times Magazine interview (print version)
  7. 'White Hat' Hackers Probe Pores in Computer Security Blankets  by Pamela Ferdinand, Washington Post, April 4, 1998.
  8. Cool L0pht Logo in ASCII  &  Another in GIF Format
  9. L0pht History
  10. The L0pht Hurrah  cDc #374
  11. L0pht at the Senate: Perspectives on the Past and the Future  by Peter The Great
  12. Happy Hacking Wired Article  by Kingpin
  13. A Talk with Jesse (dfx) and Kingpin  HoHoCon '93 interviews by Nuts & Volts Magazine.
  14. March 14, 1997 Interview with Several L0pht Members  by New England Cable News
  15. L0pht on Hackers  PBS NewsHour Interview
  16. Radionet Lab Pictures
  17. Radionet Tower Pictures
  18. The Hardware Hacker's Resource Page  by Brian Oblivion
  19. Dr. Who's Radiophone  Information Source for Cellular Telephony, PCS, and Wireless Data  (Mirror)
  20. Space Rogue's Whacked Mac Archive  Hard to find Macintosh files.
  21. L0phtCrack 2.52 for Win95/NT  Mirror of the old distribution website.  (Tutorial)
  22. L0pht AntiSniff 1.02 for WinNT  Mirror of the old distribution website.
  23. L0pht Picture Archive
  24. L0pht Party 1997 Pictures  Jan. 18th, 1997 -- Boston, MA
  25. L0pht Party 2000 Pictures  April 2000.
  26. Chat with Count Zero
  27. Q&A with Chris Wysopal (Weld Pond)
  28. Elite Hackers Expose All  December 20, 1999 ABC News interview.
  29. Computer 'Crackers' Set Sights on .GOV for Chaos  August 1, 1999 Boston Herald interview.
  30. Guarding Clinton's Testimony From Hackers  August 17, 1998 CNN interview.
  31. Hacker: I Can Black Out 30 U.S. Electric Utility Grids  October 15, 1999 Dow Jones News interview.
  32. Security Expert Blasts Shoddy Software
  33. PPTP Sniffer  PPTP Password Sniffer for Solaris 2.4+, attributed to L0pht.
  34. Cyberspace Underwriters Laboratories  by Tan
  35. Prime Time for Hackers is Over  by Richard Thieme
  36. Hackers  A three-part series from the St. Petersburg Times.  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  37. Hackers and Security Experts Warn Senate Panel  May 20, 1998 New York Times interview.
  38. Hackers Debunk Myth of Net Security  by Mary Mosquera, Tech Web News, May 24, 1998.
  39. L0pht in Transition  April 2007 article on where L0pht members are now.
  40. A Short, Strange Trip from Hackers to Entrepreneurs
  41. Space Rogue's Website
  42. L0pht Archives  This is a site dedicated to the history of the L0pht.  The L0pht was a "club house" of hackers and like minds that worked together and had so much fun doing it.
  43. L0pht Hackers to Reunite at SOURCE Boston Event; Internet Scared
  44. Dr. Mudge Interview  by Kitetoa
  45. The L0pht, Renowned 'Hacker Think-Tank,' to Join @Stake
  46. L0pht Audio & Video Archives

  47. New England Cable News Interview with the L0pht  (12.5M WebM)
  48. Interview with L0pht Members at Beyond HOPE  August, 8-10, 1997.  (YouTube)
  49. L0pht Interview Segment from the Video "Unauthorized Access"  by Annaliza Savage  (38.2M WebM)
  50. The L0pht - TCP/IP Drinking Game  DEFCON 6.  (6.2M MP3)
  51. Joe Grand - Advanced Hardware Hacking  DEFCON 12.  (11.7M MP3)
  52. Mudge & Hobbit - Microsoft Security  DEFCON 5.  (11.1M MP3)
  53. Hardware and Electronics Panel - H2K  Kingpin, Javaman, & Brian Oblivion.  (YouTube)
  54. Unexpected Stories From a Hacker Inside the Government  Mudge at DEFCON 21  (YouTube)
  55. Mudge - Problems with VPN Technologies  Black Hat 1998.  (7.9M MP3)
  56. Mudge - L0phtCrack Overview  Black Hat 1997.  (7.7M MP3)
  57. Mudge - Keynote Speech  Black Hat 1999.  (8.3M MP3)
  58. Kingpin & Brian Oblivion - Secure Hardware Design  Black Hat 2000.  (8.6M MP3)
  59. NPR Science Friday: High-Tech Breakdown  May 22, 1998 panel discussion with Mudge.  (14.3M OGG)  (NPR Page)
  60. TG Daily Audio Interview with Joe Grand  Discussing the DEFCON 14 badge design.  (9.2M MP3)
  61. SOURCE 2008: L0pht Heavy Industries Security Think-Tank Panel  (YouTube)
  62. Hackers Testifying at the United States Senate - May 19, 1998  (YouTube)
  63. L0pht Heavy Industries Video Press Kit (1994-1999)  (YouTube)
  64. Hacking, Phreaking & Juvenile Delinquency  Joe Grand at Hackers of CypherCon  (YouTube)
  65. Joe Grand Talks About When Hacking and Engineering Collide  AltiumLive Keynote  (YouTube)
  66. How I Hacked a Hardware Crypto Wallet and Recovered $2 Million  (YouTube)
  67. Confessions of a Hacker Known as Kingpin - Joe Grand Story  (YouTube)
  68. Hacker History - The Story of L0pht  Malicious Life Podcast  (YouTube)
  69. The Story of 'L0pht' - Part #1  (YouTube)  (Part 2)
  70. HackerNewsNetwork - HNNCast  (YouTube)  (Episode Index)
  71. How Old-School Hackers Are Enabling the Next Generation of Offensive Security Professionals
  72. Space Rogue: A Security Rebel Turned Pen Tester
  73. DEFCON 21 Mudge: Unexpected Stories from a Hacker Inside the Government  (YouTube)
  74. 1999 BlackHat Vegas: Mudge (Peiter Zatko) Keynote  (YouTube)
  75. A Behind the Scenes Look at Creating DARPA's Cyber Analytic Framework (Mudge)  Duo Tech Talk  (YouTube)
  76. BlackHat USA 2011 Peiter Zatko Keynote - DARPA Cyber Analytical Framework and CFT  (YouTube)
  77. DEFCON 24 - Mudge Zatko and Sarah Zatko - Project CITL  Cyber Independent Testing Lab  (YouTube)
  78. Paul's Security Weekly #438 - L0pht Heavy Industries Panel  (YouTube)

DEFCON MP3 Audio Archive

Coverting DEFCON audio files from crappy RealAudio to MP3s.

Group 42 Archive CD-ROM

Group 42 sells out.  Quite an amazing little archive of hacking information.

GBPPR Audio & Video Collection

Miscellaneous interesting video and audio bits from the global interwebs.

Hacking the N.F.L.

Helmet radio frequency information and other little tips and tricks.

Obama FAIL!

Large collection of information to counter Obama's propaganda.

Space Ship

I'm going to be the first normal person in space.

  1. My Space Ship - Instructions
  2. Zeta 2 Reticuli
  3. Element 115 Information
  4. Some Space Equations
  5. The UFO BBS  (  Complete website mirror with only a few missing files.
  6. Alien Hub Forums
  7. UFO Infosite
  8. Paranormal Zone X - UFOs

Bob Lazar Information & Notes

  1. Bob Lazar: DEBUNKED  Extensive Bob Lazar research site by Jeremy Rys
  2. Bob Lazar: There’s More to the Story
  3. Mirror of - An Interactive Biography Presentation   (  Overview of the Bob Lazar story created and illustrated by Jon Farhat.  From around 1998 with a few missing pictures.
  4. Bob Lazar - True or False?  by Glenn Campbell  (Ufomind Page #1, Ufomind Page #2))
  5. Lazar Theory #1: Fraud for Bigelow Funding
  6. Investigation of Bob Lazar's M.I.T. Claims  by Glenn Campbell
  7. Lazar as a Fictional Character  by Glenn Campbell
  8. The Bob Lazar Corner  Extensive investigation of Bob Lazar's background - raising questions, by Tom Mahood
  9. Government Scientist Goes Public  A former Department of Naval Intelligence Scientist discusses our government's most highly classified subject, by Mark Hines
  10. Lazar Questions, Round 2
  11. Robert Lazar Paper  by Mark Hines
  12. Predicted Properties of the Superheavy Element 115  (500k PDF)
  13. Looking at the Bob Lazar Story from the Perspective of 2018
  14. Unfriendly Fire  What’s the difference between ball lightning and a UFO?
  15. Eric Davis: "Lazar Made Up His Entire Cockamamie Story"
  16. Area 51 Loose Ends  by Glenn Campbell  (Original Blog)
  17. The Hunt for 928  The misguided search for a A-12 spyplane that crashed returning to Groom in 1967.
  18. Stealth Search for History  Archaeologist Jerry Freeman braves barren desert, government security to find lost site.  (Original)
  19. APRO Bulletin  The APRO Bulletin was the official publication of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization which was founded in 1952 by Jim and Carol Lorenzen.
  20. The Bob Lazar Interview  (YouTube)
  21. Bob Lazar Radio Interview  November 1994  (YouTube)
  22. Bob Lazar's "UFO Line" Radio Show #2  December 15, 1995  (Review)  (YouTube)
  23. Bob Lazar's "UFO Line" Radio Show #3  December 22, 1995  (Review)  (YouTube)
  24. Bob Lazar's "UFO Line" Radio Show #4  January 6, 1995  Shows #1 (Dec. 8, 1995) and #6 (Jan. 12, 1996) are missing.  (YouTube)
  25. Art Bell Coast-to-Coast: Sept. 26, 1997  Appearance by Bob Lazar and Gene Huff.  (29.3M MP3)
  26. Art Bell Coast-to-Coast: Dec. 12, 1992  Appearance by Bob Lazar and John Lear.  (23.4M MP3)
  27. The Lazar Tape: Excerpts from the Government Bible  Tri-Dot Productions  (About)  (WebM)

Forbidden Science / Suppressed Information / Mirrored Websites

Public Schools = Reeducation Camps

  1. Monitoring Hate Groups and Extremism
  2. Archive of Censored or Suppressed Books
  3. Critical Race Theory Notes & Links
  4. Historical Research Links & Notes
  5. Google Is Not What It Seems  by Julian Assange  (When Google Met Wikileaks PDF)
  6. John Cabot's Voyage of 1497
  7. Is Neil deGrasse Tyson Lying About His Close Relationship to Carl Sagan?  Newly examined letters between pop science celebrity Neil deGrasse Tyson and astronomer Carl Sagan show that Tyson may have been fibbing about being mentored by Sagan.
  8. Why Multiculturalism Is a Fraud and a Disaster for Women's Rights
  9. How Multiculturalism is Betraying Women  by Johann Hari
  10. A Warning For America From South Africa
  11. School Daze  A critical review of the 'African-American Baseline Essay' for science and mathematics, by Walter Rowe  Skeptical Inquirer, Sept./Oct. 1995  (528k PDF)
  12. The Top 250 Noam Chomsky Lies  Debunking the lies and propaganda of Noam Chomsky  (1.3M PDF)
  13. Abstract Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians?  Fabrication and falsification in Ward Churchill's genocide rhetoric.
  14. The REAL Story of Thanksgiving...
  15. Are Americans Suffering Diversity Fatigue?
  16. Election Interference: Google Suppresses Breitbart News in Search - Even with Exact Headline
  17. Does Education Help Breed Segregation?
  18. Illegal Immigration: Hispanics Censor White Authors
  19. NASA, James Hansen, and the Politicization of Science
  20. A 12-Year Sentence to Compulsory Propaganda Camp  Locking our children away from the real world.
  21. Espionage - People's Republic of China - Canada
  22. The Death of Johannesburg  150 years to create, 15 years to destroy.
  23. And Iraq's Big Oil Contracts Go To ...  Companies from China, India and other Asian nations
  24. Reporters' Errors Heard 'round the World  More propaganda from the Associated Press.
  25. The ACLU Never Forgets its Pro-Communist Roots
  26. Mainstream Media Lies of 2005
  27. White Farm Murders in South Africa
  28. Rape - Mutilation - Murder - Christian-Newsom Story  A murder story hidden by the national media.
  29. Wichita Massacre  Your only source for the shocking eyewitness testimony of the lone survivor of America's most suppressed massacre
  30. Is the Press Killing American Military People?  by Bill O'Reilly
  31. I'm Sorry... Was That Supposed to be Journalism?  Debunking lies in the Los Angles Times.
  32. British Multiculturalism - One Man's Experience
  33. The San Francisco Chronicle Deceives its Readers Through Comment-Deletion Trickery
  34. On the Death of Deep Throat  Mark Felt was a traitor and a fraud.  By Patrick J. Buchanan.
  35. How 'Fahrenheit 451' Trends Threaten Intellectual Freedom
  36. The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography  Stephen Steinlight admits that Jews have been behind the United State's mass immigration and open borders policies with the express intent of reducing White Americans to a minority.  (Mirror)
  37. The Truth About 'La Raza' and 'MEChA'
  38. How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate  Story of being an online shill for the JIDF.
  39. Yuri Bezmenov - "Decpetion Was My Job"  Former KGB officer described how they used subversion and demoralizaing to target the West.  (Video)
  40. Yuri Bezmenov - Lecture on Subversion and Demoralization  (Video)
  41. Subversion of the Free World Press  by Yuri Bezmenov  (YouTube)
  42. Soviet Espionage Effort Within the 70's Anti-War Movement
  43. Soviet Propaganda
  44. The Digital Epstein's Little Black Book
  45. Large Collection of 'New York Times' Articles
  46. Media2Rise - Terror in Waukesha
  47. Dr. William Luther Pierce MP3 Audio Archive  ( Entry)
  48. The Hutchison Effect  Collection of documents and audio relating to John Hutchinson's infamous science experiments.
  49. Censored & Historically Suppressed Website Mirrors

  50. Judicial, Inc Website Mirror  (  Fairly complete, but lots of broken links and missing images.  From the Fall of 2009.  ( Entry)  (Torrent)
  51. Frank Weltner's 'Jew Watch News' Mirror  (  Pieced together from the Internet Archive.  Includes his "World Today" podcast audio, but is missing all videos.  ( Entry, Torrent, TAR/GZ [1.6 GB])
  52. INCOG MAN WordPress Blog Mirror  (  Fairly complete, but lots of broken links and missing images.  From July 2010.
  53. John Ball's 'Air Photo' Website Mirror  (  Complete website from around 1999.
  54. Chuck Maultsby's 'Truth Bombers' Website Mirror  (  Fairly complete, but lots of broken links and missing images.
  55. Louis Beam's Website Mirror  (  Fairly complete.  Louis Beam was censored by his hosting company "1&1 Internet Inc." in July of 2012.  (Back Online)
  56. Partial Mirror  Made using Adobe Acrobat so the media files were not saved.  Prothink was (((censored))) on June 23, 2012.  (54M PDF)
  57. USS Liberty Memorial Mirror  Archive of the old website (including converted audio) which was easier to navigate.  (Justice for Liberty)
  58. 'Mind Control Forum' Website Mirror  (  One of the first websites on the Internet about mind control, includes the MindNet newsletter.
  59. CopSnitch Website Mirror  (  U.S. police accountability website.

Miscellaneous Random Chaos

  1. Completely Random Collection of Web Links
  2. How to Open Master Locks  (60k PDF)  (Online Calculator)
  3. Radio Modification Archive - 1998  v1.2  (README)
  4. All Official Releases from Swedish Infomania: 1993-2004
  5. Decimalisation Table Attacks for PIN Cracking  University of Cambridge Technical Report #560  (228k PDF)
  6. Weblint, Version 1.020  Weblint is a syntax and minimal style checker for HTML.  Comment out line 846 to work under Perl 5.  (41k tar.gz)
  7.  indexgen by CyberPsychotic)
  8. XV Version 3.10a  John Bradley's excellent image manipulation program tweaked to compile under modern (Debian, Kali, etc.) GNU/Linux systems  (3.8M tar.gz)
  9. Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit - Distribution Mirror  Trinux was originally released by Matthew Franz in 1998.  The collection includes floppy boot images, ISO files, kernel modules, and documentation.
  10. Plan 9 from Bell Labs&nbs; Fourth Edition
  11. FBI Names  Random list of current and former FBI special agents, supervisors, employees, etc.
  12. Example of Slashdot Bias  These people are clueless.
  13. CBS News E-Mail from Vincent Cammisa  No bias here!
  14. The Ultimate Art Bell Collection  Show audio archive.
  15. Large Collection of Red Pill Notes & Links

Freestyle BMX

  1. BMX Magazine Collection
  2. BMX Video Collection
  3. His Name is Chad D.
  4. Baco Vision
  5. Baco Designs
  6. Chad DeGroot Picture  1993 Hoffman BS Finals - Chicago, IL
  7. Chad DeGroot Interview
  8. 2-HIP 'Zine - Issue #5  (3.2M PDF)
  9. Ride 'Zine - Issue #2  (1.9M PDF)
  10. Welfare 'Zine - Issue #8  (2.8M PDF)
  11. Wilkerson Airlines Ad #1  (1.8M PDF)
  12. Wilkerson Airlines Ad #2  (2.9M PDF)
  13. Standard Bykes Facts Sheet & Rooftop Bikes Catalog  (360k PDF)
  14. Fat Bald Men Ad
  15. The Baco Designs Product Brochure  (2.2M PDF)
  16. 2B Homecooked - The Cookbook #1  May 1992  (20.1M PDF)
  17. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #4  Partial  (11.8M PDF)
  18. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #6  Vol. 2, No. 4 (June 1993)  (14.3M PDF)
  19. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #8  Vol. 2, No. 6 (December 1993)  (14.8M PDF)
  20. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #9  Vol. 3, No. 1 (February 1994)  (14.7M PDF)
  21. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #10  Vol. 3, No. 2 (June 1994)  (11.4M PDF)
  22. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #12  Vol. 3, No. 4 (October 1994)  (13.3M PDF)
  23. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #13  Vol. 3, No. 5 (December 1994)  (16.4M PDF)
  24. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #14  Vol. 4, No. 1 (February 1995)  (16.2M PDF)
  25. Ride BMX Magazine - Issue #15  Vol. 4, No. 2 (April 1995)  (18.7M PDF)

Other People's Projects

  1. Uncle Fester's Books
  2. Mad PhoneMan's Homepage
  3. Bunker of DOOM
  4. Hack a Day
  5. Mycal's View of the World
  6. Crew Projects
  7. Marconi's Projects
  8. Trammell Hudson's Projects
  9. Nomad Mobile Research Center
  10. Rostislav Persion's Projects
  11. Ken Shirriff's Blog  Computer history, restoring vintage computers, IC reverse engineering, and whatever.
  12. Nirva's Projects
  13. Irongeek
  14. DigDeeper
  15.  GNU/r000t
  16. REal0day
  18. Harrison's Sandbox
  19.  I'm the guy scanning '90s cyberpunk zines.
  21. JF10ZL Projects
  22. Sam Zeloof  Homemade silicon integrated circuits.  (YouTube Channel)
  23. Hacker News
  24. Free RF Schematics from Yordan Strundzhev
  25. Bowden's Hobby Circuits
  26. Martin L. Kaiser, Inc.  (Old Products Mirror)
  27. SWS Security  by Steve Uhrig
  28. is a haven for designers, engineers, hackers, and the incurably curious.
  29. Ethertech Global Industries  Awesome hack/phreak E-zine.
  30. The Minuteman Project
  31. U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544
  32. Ken Shirriff's Blog  Computer history, restoring vintage computers, IC reverse engineering, and whatever.
  33. Greg Miller's Projects  Nice night vision viewer and TV o-scope projects.
  34. CloakNet
  35. Survival Blog
  36.  High-voltage and experimental electronics forum.
  37. RWGresearch  by Russ Gries  (YouTube Channel)
  38. Rogue Science  A Weapon of Mass Instruction
  39. The Nuclear Weapon Archive  A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
  40. SETI League
  41. SolderSmoke  A podcast for electronic homebrewers!
  42. AmateurLogic TV  Online ham radio and homebrew eletronics show.
  43. The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast
  44. Bastard Sons of Dial-Up  IPTV show that teaches the curious about all things technology, electronics, computers, mods, hacking and more.
  45.  The number one Internet resource for satellite and spacecraft downlink frequencies and information.
  46. Max M. Carter
  47. OP-FOR  "Foreign policy, wargaming, grand strategy and hippy bashing."
  48. DUmmie FUnnies  This website is hilarious.
  49. Former Spook
  50. Michael Scheuer  American hero.
  51. Youth for Western Civilization
  52. NewsBusters  Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias
  53. Blackfive
  54. Patroit Coalition
  55. Hackszine
  56. Hack N Mod
  57. Bank of America Boycott
  59. Gates of Vienna
  60. Weasel Zippers
  61. American Renaissance
  62. Zombie Time
  63. Council of Conservative Citizens
  64. Wikipedia Watch
  65. Wikipedia on Race  'World's biggest encylopedia' serves up propaganda.
  66. Examples of Bias in Wikipedia
  67. TimesWatch  Documenting and exposing the liberal political agenda of the New York Times.
  68. Billy the Heretic
  69. Moonbattery
  70. Stormfront  Beware of the shills...
  71. Vanguard News Network Forum
  72. White Biocentrism  A community of conscious
  73. National Vanguard  Toward a new consciousness, a New Order, a New People
  74. New Nation News  (New Nation News Reporters)
  75. Redpilled Media
  76. ZOG Watch
  77. Infowars  There's a War on For Your Mind
  79. The Alex Jones Channel  Odysee
  80. Johnny Dollar's Place  Cable News Truth
  81. Goyim Defense Leauge
  82. Golden Dawn - International Newsroom
  83. Phillip Marlowe - INCOG MAN  Gab
  85. Carolyn Yeager
  86. David Duke  (Gab, Human Rights Radio)
  87. Kevin Alfred Strom
  88. Daily Stormer  The world's most censored publication (and website)  (Tor Site)  (Archive Search)
  89.  The world's most authoritative pro-kitten website on the planet.
  90. The Daily Rake  (Telegram, YouTube)
  91. KNN - Kek News Network
  92. Gamer Uprising
  93. American Renaissance
  94.  Archive of all things related to Nationalism.
  95. PNN America  The /pol/ News Network
  96. /pol/ News Central
  97. History Reviewed  The truth they've been hiding from you!
  98. Renegade Tribune
  99. Fake Hate Crimes  A database of hate crime hoaxes in the USA.
  100. GoyimTV  Goyim Defense League
  101. The Mad Truther
  102. The Media Accountability Project  The Media Accountability Project is the official fundraising vehicle for helping Kyle Rittenhouse hold the worst offenders in our activist media accountable in court.
  103. Consoom Product  Don't Ask Questions, Just Consume Product and Then Get Excited for Next Products!
  104. Patriots Win
  105. Frens Chan  Less gay version of 4chan...
  106. Censored.TV  
  107. No Agenda Show  With Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.
  108. The Intelligence Hour  With recovering CIA officer Kevin Shipp.
  109. SGT Report  SGT Report is the corporate propaganda antidote.
  110. Redacted News  With Natali & Clayton Morris.  (YouTube Channel)
  111. Z-Libary  World's largest ebook site, TOR required
  112. Library Genesis


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