Off The Hook Audio Archive

"This also led to my involvement with another magical place: WBAI-FM in New York City, a full-power noncommercial station that reaches four states, accepts no corporate money and basically exists to challenge the status quo."

--- Quote from Evil Corley in the "Acknowledgement" section of The Best of $2600: A Hacker Odyssey.  Brain-dead, big government New York City liberals ARE the status quo!


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Off The Hook - 1988

  1. This is the very first edition of Off The Hook and there's an interesting story behind its airing.  The program was originally scheduled to air as a one hour special on Friday, August 12 at 1:30 pm.  At precisely that minute, a fire on the transmitter floor of the Empire State Building took down every radio station in New York City.  Off The Hook was "Off The Air."  Radio time was at a premium and it took months to reschedule the show.  Finally, it aired on a Thursday night from 1 am until 3:30 am.  The first half hour is a formal documentary while the rest is informal live radio which includes a call from at least one not-yet-famous hacker.  To capture the essence of both airings, we have included the very beginning of the failed broadcast moments before the station was knocked off the air and merged that with the successful airing months later.  The first section, which lasts only a few minutes, has a rather high hiss.  Featured: a documentary on teleconferences with excerpts of local conferences, advertisements, an interview with Cheshire Catalyst, Dutch hackers talking to American hackers on an illegal conference, a social engineering Alliance teleconference, and a live WBAI teleconference.  This show is in two parts.

Off The Hook - 1989

  1. This was Emmanuel's first show since the 1988 Off The Hook special.  This was a Monday evening special entitled "News of the World," a program that focused on shortwave and foreign news broadcasts from around the globe.  BBC news commentary on West German elections, a warning on ionospheric interference, a guide to interval signals, Moscow Mailbag, the law concerning rebroadcasting the Voice of America in the United States, listener feedback, Radio Beijing.  The South African segment is missing.  "News of the World" had also aired as a series on WUSB.

  2. This was a Monday evening fill-in for Margot Adler's Unstuck In Time program.  The show focused on the Shoreham nuclear power plant, recent events in Tiananmen Square, and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

  3. This edition of Off The Hook aired more than nine months after the pilot.  It was a special fill-in program and dealt with the story of Kevin Mitnick.  The "dark side hacker" had just been sentenced to a year in prison.  Guests include Alan Rubin (Mitnick's lawyer), reporter John Markoff, and computer hacker Richard Matthews.  We hear the revelation that Mitnick was held in solitary confinement.  Also: talk of the Shadowhawk sentencing.  Listen for Phiber Optik calling in as a listener.

  4. This was a Thursday morning at 3:30 am fill-in for a program called Out of the Shadows.  Topics include Emmanuel's trip to Europe, the Galactic Hacker Party, and selections from Brain Damage Inc. (an in-house production of funny phone calls and comedy sketches).  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  5. While in Europe, Emmanuel met up with members of Big Audio Dynamite who had just released Megatop Phoenix, which would prove to be their last album in the band's original configuration.  This interview was originally aired on WUSB-FM in Stony Brook, NY and re-aired on WBAI when a slot unexpectedly opened up.  The first half of the interview is primarily Don Letts and other members of the band while the second half is Mick Jones, B.A.D.'s founder and, within a year, the only remaining member.  (Don Letts, incidentally, is the voice on the Off The Hook theme.)

  6. Although not an edition of Off The Hook, this early broadcast had many of its elements.  It came about as a double fill-in.  The first section is a fill-in for Robert Knight's Earthwatch program and it contains much discussion of the ongoing New York Telephone strike.  Reference is made to a previous fill-in program a week or so earlier which was apparently a similar show done in Peter Lamborn Wilson's overnight slot.  No known recording of that program exists.  Also included in this edition are recordings from Brain Damage Inc., a call to the new automated repair service and the automated credit service which were originally made on the WUSB Brain Damage program, and a feature entitled "Confuse The Operator."  The second section is a fill-in for Sidney Smith's overnight show.  Talk of election results, "Confuse The Operator," the first call from dedicated WBAI listener Monroe, the horrors of French phone cards, Bill the Comic, the New York Telephone strike, and phone service during the San Francisco earthquake.  This show is in two parts.

  7. Wednesday morning 1:00 am fill-in for Tom Whisker on a program called Weaponry.  Topics include U.S. policy in El Salvador and changes in Eastern Europe.  Tapes from Radio Moscow are featured. This show is in two parts.

  8. Another Wednesday morning 1:00 am fill-in for Tom Whisker's Weaponry show.  The topic is flag burning and features Dave Blaylock and Joey Johnson.  This show is in two parts.

  9. The last of the Wednesday morning 1:00 am fill-ins for Tom Whisker's Weaponry program.  The guest is Craig Demmer, a South African in the United States facing deportation for evading the draft.  This show is in two parts.

Off The Hook - 1990

  1. This was the debut of Emmanuel's first regularly scheduled series on WBAI.  The Thursday late night series The Fifth Corner was scheduled every two weeks from 11:45 pm to 1:00 am.  The show almost always dealt with technology in some way but there were some programs that were entirely political or focused on current events.  In this edition: the beginning of a new decade, Emmanuel's trip to Florida, Roger <gulp>, COCOTs, Panama, New Year's greetings from Radio Moscow.  Bob Fass follows.

  2. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  This edition took place right after the Martin Luther King Day AT&T failure.  Topics include prank phone calls, Caller ID, and the coming area code crisis.  This show includes fundraising.

  3. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  Emmanuel's car adventure, a telephone company nightmare, trying to dial 950s through the operator, getting the time from the operator, the Robert Morris trial, playing with New York Telephone's new automated collect service, a problem with the WBAI phone system.  Bob Fass follows.

  4. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  This is mostly a show about noncommercial radio, focusing on stations like WFMU, WUSB, WPKN, WPBX, and incursions by NPR stations like WSHU.  The beginning of the show is devoted to trying to make a phone call to Albania.  Rop from Amsterdam is the guest.

  5. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  An interview with WFMU general manager Ken Freedman.  A discussion of practically every noncommercial radio station in the area.  Bob Fass follows.

  6. Emmanuel was the studio engineer on Monday nights and on this occasion a program called Women Just Want To Have Funds with Laura Flanders was misplaced and a last minute fill-in was thrown together.  Topics include the changes in Eastern Europe, the pollution left behind, what it takes to get people interested in the environment, what the show originally scheduled for this time would have covered, an accident at a suspected chemical plant in Libya, all trains to Queens are suspended due to a derailed propane train car, Tom gives an update on the situation, blaming men for the problems of the world, how change is made, an "update" from Queens, an amazing phone connection.

  7. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  Excerpts from Radio Moscow, Emmanuel tries to fulfill his responsibilities with the North American Census Association, random phone calls mixed with Negativland excerpts, talk of pirate radio from the 80s, insane callers converge on a teleconference, Emmanuel calls for a shortwave pirate station to simulcast WBAI's signal.

  8. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  Outrage over the new proposed rates by New York Telephone, including fees for accessing an operator and new charges for local information from a payphone.  Also: a demonstration of how few lines the Public Service Commission has available for the public, tips on avoiding charges for call waiting, and scams the phone company makes money at.  Rop from Amsterdam is the guest.

  9. An unintentional fill-in for Bob Fass during a fundraiser.  A Monroe-free hour.  Talk of satellites and the space program.  Also: an appearance by WBAI program director Andrew Phillips.  This show includes fundraising.

  10. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  An extra long edition of this program which provided many people with the very first glimpse of Operation Sun Devil, the raiding of Steve Jackson Games, and the shutting down of Phrack Magazine and various bulletin boards, as well as the first reports of the MOD raids.  Guests include Steve Jackson and John Perry Barlow.  Morning Dew (the Grateful Dead Show) follows with a continued interview with John Perry Barlow.  This may have been the first time in WBAI history that a guest spanned two different programs.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  11. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  Emmanuel tries to get through to the Philippines.  A discussion of COCOTs and New York Telephone's plan to charge for directory assistance from payphones.  The guest is New York City Commissioner of Consumer Affairs Mark Green.  Listen for the extended version of the Off The Hook intro theme.

  12. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  A show about censorship, centering on the recent 2 Live Crew arrests in Florida.  It's a special Flag Day edition, featuring talk of flag burning and a rendition of the Internationale.

  13. This edition (June 28, 1990) of The Fifth Corner was lost due to the only known copy being stolen out of Emmanuel's car later that night.  Memories of what this show was about appear to have also been lost.

  14. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  The New York Telephone rate increase, Emmanuel's bank nightmare, FCC indecency rules, trying to call Antarctica.

  15. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  A show focusing on the threat of war in the Persian Gulf featuring war-related music and part of the soundtrack to "The Ugly American."  Also: Emmanuel's trip to Mexico, calling a commercial radio station to request Sinead O'Connor after she was banned for not being patriotic, Persian Gulf news from the past, news from the Voice of America.  Approximately 15 minutes of news precedes.

  16. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  Rumors of changes at the station, a banking story, a car phone malfunction, Patriot missiles, smart card technology in French prisons, how Emmanuel got a particular news story, hazards of computers, contacting Discover, contacting Citibank, a warning about 800 numbers, a demonstration of a nationwide ANI service, a demonstration of AT&T's Voicemark service, banks close ATMs to get rid of the homeless, a call from Voicemark, what an adjunct frame does, surcharges and phone calls, Emmanuel's unique way of making calls while traveling.

  17. An edition of The Fifth Corner.  An extended program focusing on the recent trial of Craig Neidorf which dealt with the famous E911 document from BellSouth.  At this point, the case against Craig had been dropped, leaving him in financial debt.  Discussion centers on the trial as well as the Steve Jackson Games situation.  Although it was not known at the time of this broadcast, this would be the last edition of The Fifth Corner.  Guests include Craig Neidorf and Village Voice writer Julian Dibbell.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  18. At long last, Off The Hook became a regularly scheduled program on WBAI, airing every two Wednesdays from 9 pm to 10 pm.  In this debut show, a feature on satellite pirates from Radio Nederland, the NYNEX newsline, hacking a COCOT, a New York Telephone scandal, a possible NYNEX divestiture.  Listen for the screwup of the intro theme which wound up sounding pretty good.

  19. A fill-in for Andrew Phillips' Investigations program.  The focus is on the environment and on the plan to build a new mall on Long Island.  Guests include Dick Amper (Long Island Pine Barrens Society), Dan Morris (Open Space Council), Nancy Oku (Citizens' Planning Board), and Rich Didonato (Citizens' Planning Board).

  20. Emmanuel's subway misadventure, mass announcement rip-offs, comparing overseas rates to 900 numbers, long distance welcome messages.  The guest is Peter Barnes (president of Working Assets Long Distance).  Listen for the wacky intro.

  21. A fill-in for Andrew Phillips' Investigations program.  Controversy is the topic which circles around the verdict in the 2 Live Crew case.  Features include a 2 Live Crew song, controversial thoughts, a Charles Manson song, and Moscow Mailbag.

  22. This was the first edition of Off The Hook after a number of preemptions and, from this point on, the program was supposed to be on every two weeks.  Topics include the sentencing of the LOD hackers in Atlanta, the victimization of Robert Riggs, and Staten Island voice mail hacking.  The guest is Sheldon Zenner (Craig Neidorf's lawyer).

  23. A leaked Secret Service document on ATM fraud falls into Emmanuel's hands.  Also: trying to reach a toll station in Drake's Bad, California and the sentencing of the LOD hackers in Atlanta.  The audio on this program is a bit slow.

Off The Hook - 1991

  1. The latest New York Telephone rate increase, connecting to a long distance operator, unfairness between the companies (AT&T, Sprint, MCI), the touch tone fee, the 917 area code and the Bronx split from 212 is announced, how to use the 660 service.

  2. An edition of Investigations.  On this fill-in, the topic is the approaching War Day (January 15) and the lack of debate taking place.  Also: physical requirements for members of the press in Saudi Arabia, trying to call soldiers in the Gulf, Emmanuel accused of being sarcastic, a caller is concerned that he agrees with the extreme right on the war.

  3. An edition of Investigations.  A hectic fill-in that took place during a pledge drive and right in the middle of the true beginning of the Gulf War.  Iraq had just bombed Israel and all kinds of reports had been coming in all night on WBAI.  News Director Amy Goodman gives periodic updates.  Thomas Bermer of the antiwar movement in Germany is the guest.  Rumors of deserters, the story of WBAI, a report on an earlier protest in New York City, and how a reinstated draft would work.  This show includes fundraising.

  4. A call for information on shortwave frequencies for war-related news, the next edition of $2600 will feature BBS numbers in the Mideast, a special on the digital age in the Mideast is scheduled for two weeks from now, $2600 meeting this week, the subject tonight is the potential of a military draft, problems with a tape machine, the guest is Dave Lindorff from In These Times, a history of draft registration, how the system works, how quickly the draft could be reinstated, the rules regarding students, how a draft is key to war opposition, reports of the Carvel connection, ways of avoiding a draft, the potential for high casualty figures.

  5. An edition of Talkback.  A rare afternoon fill-in on the day after the ground offensive began in the Gulf War.  Emmanuel speaks out on the war and the frustrations of being an antiwar activist, news from the BBC.

  6. A show about shortwave radio, selections from Negativland, taking a break from the war coverage, Bob Horvitz is the guest, Bob's start at WBAI, a demonstration of numbers stations in different languages, examples of tone codes, how numbers stations get their information, how shortwave radios have become very popular since the war began, the best kind of antenna to use, what the Soviet Woodpecker used to sound like, other similar projects, a call for frequencies to help with war coverage, solar weather conditions, Emmanuel's impressions of a recent conference concerning First Amendment issues in the computer age, there is a $2600 meeting this Friday.

  7. The death of the New York Telephone repair computer, calling New York Telephone customer service and news department, how hacker bulletin boards are disappearing, how to start hacking, confusion over a "2126T" recording, a demonstration of different types of busy signals.  The theme to the show is missing this week.  Phiber Optik makes his first appearance.

  8. No known recording of this show exists.  (April 10, 1991)

  9. Hacker Kevin Poulsen is apprehended after a nationwide search, computer mischief at Carleton University.  Dutch hacker "Bart" is the guest, talking about breaking into U.S. military systems.  This was the last show in this timeslot for the next five weeks, although a six hour special in late May is announced.

  10. Part of a six hour special which makes this the longest Off The Hook ever.  Unfortunately, the first 45 minutes, which included an interview with hacker Bill Squire, is missing.  On an episode of "Confuse The Operator," Emmanuel tries to connect to MCI and Sprint from New York Telephone in a demonstration of the inequality of the long distance carriers.  A caller defends AT&T, Emmanuel tries to find callers' birthplaces from their Social Security Numbers, talk of Prodigy, "helpful telephone tips" from the Defense Department phone book.  In another episode of "Confuse The Operator," Emmanuel tries to call Myanmar.  Steve Jackson is the guest.  A 15 minute version of Night Shift appears in the middle.  This show is in four parts and includes fundraising.

  11. An important transition as Off The Hook is made a weekly show for the summer.  This change, however, was actually a permanent one.  Topics include privacy, new advances in technology, and what the future holds.

  12. This week's guest is Paul Edwards, publisher of Travel Confidential, a newsletter on the characteristics of the airline industry and how consumers can benefit from them.

  13. A credit card misadventure, a 540 rip-off.

  14. A man gets a computer virus.  The serious topic, however, is the COCOT industry.  Larry Berman of North American Industries is the guest.  Discussion centers around how telcos make money from fraud.  Highlights include a call from a New York Telephone employee.

  15. Unexplained phone outages, a story from Tsutomu Shimomura, hacking PBXs live on the air.  Guests are former Legion of Doom (LOD) members Scott Chasin and Chris Goggans talking about their new business venture: Comsec Data Security.

  16. Emmanuel's frustration with line noise, mysterious phone outages in Washington and Los Angeles.  Joel Shapiro of Gabriel Systems, a unique reseller of phone service, is the guest.  The theme to the show is missing.

  17. A discussion of the new book Cyberpunk with authors John Markoff and Katie Hafner.  Also: COCOT rip-offs.  This was a prerecorded show.

  18. An interview with Mr. French, a unique phone phreak who Emmanuel bumped into on a primitive voice mail system back in 1983.  Discussion centers on IBM's Audio Distribution Systems, a demonstration of step and crossbar rings, the woes of a small town phone company.  This was a prerecorded show.

  19. This was an abbreviated repeat of the first Off The Hook program from 1988.  (August 7, 1991)

  20. The first live show in a while since Emmanuel was off wandering around Europe for a few weeks.  Discussion of the French and Italian phone systems and how military computers were penetrated from Holland.  Listen for an unusual call from a not-yet-famous hacker.

  21. A phone demonstration for religious groups on how to maximize over-the-air revenues, Emmanuel's experience with the electric company during Hurricane Bob, news from Moscow concerning the coup attempt.  This show took place in the midst of rioting in Crown Heights and Emmanuel tells of his adventure driving through the midst of it earlier that evening.  The show is also preceded by a special news report on the rioting.

  22. The topic is the question of customer eavesdropping by cable television companies.  Wilt Hildebrand, Vice President of Engineering for Long Island's Cablevision, is the guest.

  23. A new law in New York State that imposes a tax on all software transfers is discussed.  Guests are Charles Rowles and Jack Brooks of New York's Dorsai Embassy.

  24. This show was actually part of a three hour special that incorporated other WBAI programs.  Topics include yet another AT&T phone outage, this time affecting local airports, and recordings of what it sounded like to customers.  The New York City Assistant Commissioner of Telecommunications Policy for the New York City Mayor's Office, Department of Telecommunications and Energy Tom Dunleavy is the guest.  Explorations host Dr. Michio Kaku and WBAI Program Director Andrew Phillips make guest appearances.  An interview with Peacenet experts Howard Fredericks, Bill Bolls, and Dennis Law follows.  This show includes fundraising.

  25. Caller ID is the topic as New York Telephone announces that per call blocking will be offered instead of per line blocking.  Also: comments on the just aired Now It Can Be Told television feature on hackers and discussion of the likelihood of nationwide Caller ID in the future as well as the potential transmission of names along with numbers.

  26. A WFMU fundraiser is announced, NASA is hacked from Colorado, the aggravation of buying things at electronics stores, Clarence Thomas phone records, a caller who was a customer at the very first Radio Shack in the 1930s.

  27. This was believed to be the show where Simplex locks and their vulnerabilities were discussed.  Unfortunately, no known recording of this show exists.  (October 23, 1991)

  28. In this show, Emmanuel demonstrates how easy it is to get personal information on individuals using MCI's Friends and Family service.  This show was said to have had quite an impact at MCI corporate headquarters, where the hole was patched within a few days.

  29. Emmanuel's 24 hour phone call for a file transfer from Australia, 9600 bps is now the standard, how to avoid calling card surcharges.

  30. Tracking people in Germany with identity cards, BBC update on the attack of WBAI reporter Amy Goodman in East Timor, MCI Friends and Family update.  Phiber Optik is the guest.

  31. An interview with Joybubbles, formerly known as Joe Engressia or "High Rise Joe," one of the nation's first and most famous phone phreaks.  A thorough discussion and demonstration of all sorts of different tones, rings, and busy signals, as well as a history of the phone system.  Also: a Simplex update.

  32. Winn Schwartau, author of Terminal Compromise, is the guest.  Topics include hackers, HERF guns, the government, and "electronic terrorism."

  33. This is the last show of 1991.  Emmanuel is 15 minutes late because of, ironically enough, a technological glitch.  Discussion centers on the removal of touch tone payphones and postal hacking.  Emmanuel calls COCOTs and reports on the raids of December 6 in which the FBI and Secret Service cooperated.  These would later be known as the first raids on the Masters of Deception (MOD) which would have a profound and ominous effect on listeners.

Off The Hook - 1992

  1. How to forge faxes, Australia's 06 numbers, getting rates for premium calls, the future 917 area code, the future of the European Community.  This show also focused for the first time on the raids of December 6, which eventually would wind up sending Phiber Optik to prison.  (From this point on, Phiber was more or less a regular on the show.)  Also: talk of Dutch hackers getting into U.S. military systems with Rop from Holland.  Listen for the call from George Gleason of People's Telecom in Berkeley.

  2. A show devoted to defining terms.  Examples are given of the differences between crossbar and ESS using rings, busy signals, reorders, intercepts, faxes, slow and fast modems, and beepers.

  3. The first show in three weeks.  Emmanuel talks about his trip to Holland and a Dutch hacker raid.  The debate over "hacker vs. cracker" continues, Emmanuel beeps himself on the air.

  4. A rather historical show as Emmanuel interviews Robert Thomas, sysop of the Amateur Action BBS in San Jose.  At this point, the board had been seized by local authorities - it would later be returned with no charges filed.  Among the stories recounted here, Thomas reveals that the police wanted him to buy them a 300 meg hard drive so they could make a copy of his system.  (Years later, Thomas and his wife would be imprisoned for violating the community standards of Memphis, Tennessee when a postal inspector in that part of the country called into their California system.)  The audio on this show is a bit slow.

  5. Clearing up confusion between unlisted and non-published numbers.  An update on the Robert Thomas case.  Craig Neidorf talks about the aftermath of his prosecution.  Also: a preview of the Michelangelo virus.

  6. The Michelangelo Virus.  Debunking the myths.  This was part of a special two hour show where Emmanuel and Phiber stayed on for the Personal Computer Show to talk about this issue.  Only the first hour exists here.

  7. One week after Michelangelo - why not much at all happened.  Guests are Dr. Fred Cohen, author of A Short Course in Computer Viruses and Mark Ludwig, author of The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses.  This show took place the week of a computer virus conference in New York City.

  8. A prerecorded show that profiles a growing trend in phone fraud.  In a demonstration, telephone companies are clearly shown ripping off consumers by billing them for collect calls they never accepted.  Mark Green, Commissioner of Consumer Affairs of New York City and David Ruderman, cofounder of $2600 discuss scams perpetrated by the phone companies and what consumers can do.

  9. A rather somber show as word filters down that Off The Hook is being canceled, effective immediately.  Dave Burstein of the Personal Computer Show and Program Director Andrew Phillips make appearances.  Before the show's dramatic conclusion, Emmanuel reads RISKS Digest submissions from Tsutomu Shimomura and Steve Belovin.  Also: the entire Off The Hook theme is played, Emmanuel talks about his visit to NASA and the FBI, dialing a $120 800 number.

  10. Phone privacy and the FBI proposal to tap digital phones at taxpayers' expense.  The guest is Mike Godwin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  11. New York State Police Investigator Don Delaney is the guest.  He and Phiber Optik talk about what's legal and what isn't, as well as hacker cases, rip-offs, and COCOTs.

  12. Word of hackers in San Diego, introduction of 700 "lifetime" numbers (Easyreach), how easy it is to listen in on cellular.

  13. The Rodney King verdict is announced, the riots in Los Angeles, the near riot in New York City.  Captain Crunch (John Draper) is the guest.

  14. A Daylight Savings Time snafu, the New York Post report on an "anti-Semitic font," a report on 540 numbers.  This show includes fundraising.

  15. A massive crosstalk recording, the newest issue of $2600, BillSF reports from Amsterdam on the arrest of RGB, Caller ID arrives in New York, the introduction of *69.  This show includes fundraising.

  16. Emmanuel's crossbar switch is scheduled to cut over at the end of the month, a new $2600 meeting in Los Angeles is announced for a total of four, a new form of AT&T itemization is mistaken by many for a free calling card, TRW getting more info on people, mention of hacker raids, the potential privacy violations of Caller ID.

  17. Screwed up intro theme, a gay BBS in Boston (Doug's Den) is raided, high tech voting in Nova Scotia, a demonstration of touch tones, MF tones, the 2600 tone, red box tones, and silver box tones.  Also: Emmanuel demonstrates how donating money to a PBS station turned into a privacy violation.

  18. More on *69 and Caller ID which officially starts on July 31, the dangers of local telephone monopolies, New York Telephone rate change proposal, trying to defeat *69.

  19. New York Telephone operators begin transferring to long distance companies other than AT&T, a Cable and Wireless operator reveals a direct dial number for British information, the cost for overseas information goes up, why *69 is a betrayal of trust by New York Telephone, announcement of next week's controversial cellular show, the very first Rebel call-in during which he plays a tape from ten years earlier when he called overseas information in France.  Michio Kaku precedes.

  20. This is one of the most famous editions of Off The Hook ever to air.  And even though it was scheduled twice, it has never aired in its entirety.  The program deals with the ease of listening in on cellular phone calls by demonstrating telephone conversations that were not only overheard, but actually interfered with by an anonymous hacker.  This program was prerecorded and for some reason the last few minutes never made it onto the air.  When the show was rescheduled later in the summer, it was yanked midway by station management who thought it was too controversial even for WBAI.

  21. Emmanuel discusses his trip to Summercon the previous week, problems with mall guards in St. Louis concerning the infamous baseball cap incident, a border crossing nightmare from Canada, the MOD indictments, phone taps used on hackers for the first time, ominous forebodings.  This is definitely a show with some very strong material.

  22. Phiber responds to the charges against him, Bellcore threatens $2600 with a lawsuit, Caller ID expanding in the New York region, technical info for Caller ID over Call Waiting, Cable and Wireless to cut off 950 access.  This show includes fundraising.

  23. Genie vs. Prodigy, the Bellcore lawsuit threat hits the papers, Rebel's first Chemical Bank call, the 394 exchange is explained by a New York Telephone operator.

  24. What Would You Like Your Telephone To Be Able To Do?  Phone features that aren't publicized, the article Bellcore is so pissed off about and an explanation, how indictments and lawsuits are affecting us, the new $2600 700 number.  Also: new meetings in Chicago and St. Louis for a total of six.

  25. Emmanuel's beginnings as a hacker, a review of 800/900 "code" book with Carrier Access Codes, a debate with a caller over hacker ethics, an emergency interrupt, Emmanuel accidentally dials into a dial-it service, a mention of the MCI/Telecom USA merger.

  26. The first new show in a while.  Emmanuel's fun with TRW Credentials and his trip to Eastern Europe including adventures in Romania and Yugoslavia.  Comments on the yanking of last week's show, which was a repeat of the July 1st show on cellular phone eavesdropping.  Also: a review of Sneakers, another gay BBS is shut down.  This show includes fundraising.

  27. A Sneakers review by Don Parker, Emmanuel and Phiber discuss Sneakers.  Peter Barnes of Working Assets Long Distance talks about their Free Speech Day which targeted James Baker.  Also: talk of the National Reconnaissance Organization, making a phone call to the NSA.  This show includes fundraising.

  28. The Chaos Computer Club breaks bank info in Germany, calling Ross Perot's 800 number, Emmanuel's latest customs experience returning from Eastern Europe, calling the Michigan Bell automated CNA number, the prospect of 800 numbers running out, the 311 mystery, automated coin repair, more talk of Sneakers.

  29. Germany unifies its country code, a plane crash in Amsterdam hits close to friends, the 911 system in Toronto "crippled," New York Telephone announces "Call ID" which debuts in New York next month, getting a phone in China, the death of the 718-762 #1 crossbar.  Listen for Claude the engineer backing into the transmitter control.

  30. Bruce Sterling arrives late as this week's guest and has a rousing debate with Emmanuel, Phiber, and Acid Phreak over the morality of hacking.  He also talks about his new book, Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, and reveals the very first hacker group ever - the Wild Indians of 1878.  Also: New York Telephone job cuts, Suffolk County's 911 service goes down.

  31. A Caller ID update, an explanation of SS7, a major phone snafu, Claude explains the problem.

  32. Phiber decodes touch tones by ear, a full explanation of the coming "Phonesmart" services, Bernie S. on the phone from a supermarket in Pennsylvania talks about *57.

  33. Step-by-step instructions on how to use phone services, parallels of hacking to real world things.  Almost all of the callers appear to be anti-hacker.

  34. A special report on the Secret Service raid of the Washington DC $2600 meeting at the Pentagon City Mall.  Security guards were used as pawns but the Secret Service involvement was uncovered by a reporter.  Guests include meeting attendee Inhuman, EFF lawyer Mike Godwin, and reporter Brock Meeks.  An announcement is made concerning a schedule change which resulted in the show being heard at 10 pm instead of 9 pm starting December 2.

  35. Electronic voting mishaps, listener mail, more debate on hackers and analogies, a Pentagon City update, Rebel tries to play his phone song.

  36. Illegally obtaining private info, getting credit reports, calling Equifax, translating telco recordings, a comparison of Secret Service and FBI tactics, the correct way to pronounce "Citicorp," the World Trade Center phone switch, the first call from another regular caller.  John Perry Barlow is the guest.  This was the last show at the 9 pm timeslot.

  37. The first show at the new timeslot.  Clearing up Caller ID confusion, calling New York Telephone to see if blocking is in place, calling Blockbuster Video to get info on a customer, Phiber's pet peeve: the "gotta go" device, phone company bashing.  As is the case with many of the shows that appeared in this new timeslot, part of the evening news follows.

  38. Rutgers University agrees to stop using Social Security Numbers as IDs, a Blockbuster update, analyzing Dead Kennedy lyrics, the first Pentagon City meeting since the raid, criticism of a recent article in Forbes.  Julian Dibbell of the Village Voice is the guest and he discusses, among other things, the new section of the Voice dedicated to high tech called "Wired."  This show is 12 minutes longer than normal.

  39. Emmanuel's nightmare with the SCAN system, Akron adult BBS prosecution, comparing faxes, 2400, and 9600 bps modems, how to eavesdrop on phone calls, the lousy conditions of New York Telephone payphones.  Listen for the George Carlin ID.

  40. Enhanced phones and picture phones, more on "gotta go," Rebel gives details on Chemical Bank phones, calling 900 information, an explanation of ACTS, TSPS/OSPS.  It's mentioned that Panix is the only system in New York City that allows full Internet access.

  41. Emmanuel scolds Claude the engineer, $2600 gets billed for collect calls, New York telephone revealed as allowing fraudulent billing, a live demonstration of a new way to block your number when *69ing, Emmanuel and Phiber theorize on a local kidnapping case that could involve Caller ID, Steve Jackson talks about his fight and upcoming lawsuit against the Secret Service, Milo Phonbill calls with a warning, a caller reveals an interesting fact about the military tribunal flag.

Off The Hook - 1993

  1. Emmanuel debates the logic of signing credit cards, an update on the Long Island kidnapping, the Brighton (England) city code change recording, Emmanuel demonstrates how fast a call to Sweden is placed and how slow a local call is in comparison.  Mr. French is the guest who brings the sad news of the last step cutover in New York and the cutover of the 212-942 exchange, as well as demonstrations of old phone sounds and touch tone decoding.

  2. A crazy news day.  Emmanuel loses his touch tones, Jim Thomas of Computer Underground Digest discusses the Neidorf case, First Amendment issues, and the Software Publishers' Association.  No show next week.  This show includes fundraising.

  3. Comparing 800 rates, breaking into PBXs, Emmanuel's trip to Austin, the Clinton inauguration, Dave Burstein from the Personal Computer Show joins Claude the studio engineer, Phiber, and Emmanuel in a reenactment of a Lubbock, TX Secret Service press conference concerning a raid on an on-campus computer system.  Mr. French shares his expertise on the phone network.  The WBAI story, Gene Scott on Radio Moscow, updates on the Steve Jackson trial, $2600 meetings in Munich are announced.  This show includes fundraising.

  4. Do cellular phones cause brain tumors?  The new White House staff brings in computers, a new White House Internet address on Compuserve is introduced, SNET's restrictions on privacy, AT&T's new cordless phone, Steve Jackson talks about his just concluded trial, Judge Sparks chews out Secret Service Agent Tim Foley.

  5. The beginning of this show is a bit messed up.  A lawsuit is filed to get the facts on the Pentagon City Mall incident, the domain is introduced by the new administration, voice dialing comes into existence, Rebel is framed, Emmanuel critiques a WNBC piece on hackers and child porn.

  6. Clinton Speech.  This show has nothing to do with Off The Hook.  This was President Clinton's first major speech after three weeks in office and it took place during the Off The Hook airtime so Emmanuel wound up providing commentary.  Also included is the Republican rebuttal by Bob Michael.  Guests include Don Rojas of the Amsterdam News and Doug Henwood of the Left Business Observer.

  7. Lives destroyed by computer errors, Emmanuel's double reservation via credit card, talk of GSM's difficulty getting exported, Phiber tells the story of Mr. X and the mysterious disappearance of his Phonesmart services, a complaint about background music, Emmanuel proves he isn't afraid of dead air.  The end of the show is cut off.

  8. The World Trade Center explosion, television and phone outages, New York Telephone and MCI offers of free service.  Phiber joins in on the phone.

  9. Emmanuel's trip to CFP in California, visiting the Well, reasons why *69 is an invasion, New Jersey Bell bills illegally, the Steve Jackson verdict.  Mike Godwin offers insight.

  10. The new issue of $2600 is released, Phiber takes an acronym quiz, prison problems with software, the Circuit 9 mystery involving the 910 and 920 exchanges, New York Telephone tips on harassing calls, a Con Ed experience, Emmanuel defends WBAI to an angry listener.

  11. A Blue Cross story, a Dutch hacker prosecution, the 8LGM sentencing, CPSR news on disclosure of Social Security Numbers, a Minnesota House of Representatives telephone scandal, British crackdown on monitoring police frequencies, authorities seize the printer of a World Trade Center suspect, a Prodigy controversy over slander, new meetings in Poughkeepsie and Danbury, Phonesmart supposedly available everywhere by April 1, a new directory assistance feature, Con Ed update.

  12. Comments on the show that preceded which happened to have a guest from the Software Publishers' Association, a Don Parker article, the continuing touch tone fee war, Emmanuel's ordeal with a relentless machine that calls every 15 minutes, talking over Monroe, Milo Phonbill calls in.

  13. Emmanuel gets features and Phiber doesn't, voice dialing rates are announced, Glen Roberts (publisher of Full Disclosure) talks about 1-900-STOPPER, Rebel announces a free phone scam at Penn Station.

  14. Emmanuel plays with "Call ID," Caller ID info delivered over 800 numbers, $2600 threatened with lawsuit by AT&T, George Gleason of People's Telecom talks about alternative local service.

  15. Problems with emergency computers in Suffolk County, the first use of Emmanuel's brain wave analogy, a promo for next week's special morning show, Emmanuel gets ripped off on new phone features.

  16. This was a special expanded program that aired at a very unusual time: 9 in the morning!  Guests include Rop from Hacktic in Amsterdam and Phil Zimmerman who discusses PGP and the government's efforts to stop him.  Hacking at the End of the Universe is announced, Rop talks about the changing climate towards hackers in Holland, the threat of the Clipper Chip, a Chinese "hacker" is executed, a fake ATM victimizes people.  Also: trying to get payphone rates, a demonstration of tones, new personalized CDs available in record stores.  In addition, the McDonald's and automated credit sketches are aired from Brain Damage Incorporated.  This show includes fundraising.

  17. A "Wild Palms" review, Robert Thomas from the Amateur Action BBS discusses his experiences with law enforcement, Rebel makes a studio appearance.  This show includes fundraising.

  18. The introduction of 1-800-COLLECT, comparing collect rates, interview with James Henderson, a student at the University of Texas at Houston who was kicked out of school for printing a user list.  His friend and attorney also join the discussion.  Claude offers commentary.  Listen for talk of the Houston Pacifica station, KPFT.  This show includes fundraising.

  19. The introduction of, 800 number portability, an intelligent newsletter from Cable and Wireless, calling AT&T's 800-321-0288 number, New York Telephone's directory assistance no longer gives extra help, British hackers sentenced to prison, British Telecom buys 20 percent of MCI, Integretel nightmares.

  20. Emmanuel testifies before Congress and learns some interesting things about government.  Included in the written statement which is read in its entirety here, Emmanuel talks about red boxes, access for the poor, and why hackers are not criminals.  The end of this show is cut off.

  21. Emmanuel's close call, nightmares upgrading a Mac, the summer issue of $2600 is released, new CD ROMs with directory listings, HEU news, New York Telephone begins cutting off callers after a certain number of rings.

  22. The WBAI cutover to a 5ESS is discovered, the "You Will" commercials, Phiber going on trial in a few weeks, a caller from Radio New York International, playing with new SS7 features live.

  23. Demonstrating the new NYNEX "cutoff" feature, Phiber tells the difference between a 5ESS and a DMS100, a broken AIS recording (212-279-9970), reporting the problem, playing songs with touch tones, report of a phone outage in 914, the future of ISDN.  Repeats are scheduled for the next few weeks.

  24. Stony Brook's automated registration system, trying to call information in a small GTE town (Ohiopyle, PA), a radio station in Bismarck, ND turns into a lifeline, a phone company in Fairbanks is owned by the city, tales from Emmanuel's recent drive to Alaska.  Also: customer problems, Pacifica the cat dies, Phiber's legal situation: he is forced to plead guilty and faces sentencing in November.  Phiber is now working for Echo, an Internet provider in New York.

  25. AT&T announces that it will be buying McCaw Cellular, the possibility of local companies getting involved in long distance, an update on Stony Brook's automated registration system, a demonstration of AT&T True Voice, an explanation of SignWorks, a warning from the Software Publishers' Association, wondering why Rebel is always the first caller, a report on some interesting phone numbers, asking an operator about a weird recording, the limitations of bandwidth, the possibility of a hacker event in New York City next summer, what waffle is, how service has changed since the phone company breakup, the rights of consumers to not have telemarketers call them, the difficulty of telling if "All Call Restrict" is working, home voice mail systems.

  26. This show took place when a NASA spacecraft disappeared mysteriously.  Scanning live on the air, governmental privacy issues, an unsuccessful playing of the full theme, the move towards local phone companies, long distance companies, and cable companies all offering the same services, Emmanuel's trick of getting the time from the phone company for free.  Marc Rotenberg of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility is the guest.

  27. A new five percent New York State tax on computer use is suddenly imposed, Phiber talks about how this effects Echo, a teleconference of listeners reminiscent of Off The Hook's first show.

  28. Acid Phreak and Scorpion are sent to prison, comparing rates of long distance companies and the time it takes for them to respond, Bill from RNOC and Razor provide commentary, the introduction of LCI, the Hacktic Demon Dialer.

  29. Prison clarification, New York Telephone rate reduction, playing recordings of Phonesmart features, getting an operator to explain why payphones can't be *69'd, a fake pledge drive from National Lampoon, Razor talks about funneling money at NYNEX.  This show includes fundraising.

  30. The first show in a while.  New Jersey finally allows call blocking, $2600 receives caller ID from 703, a motor vehicle computer outage, clearing up misconceptions on defeating *69, New York Telephone uses a single recording for 411, an "AT&T has been disconnected" recording, AT&T's voice recognition operator, a listener test of Caller ID.  Listen for Emmanuel accidentally answering a call with the name of his other talk show on another station ("Brain Damage").

  31. Pranks and privacy, three magic bits of information, Craig Neidorf provides information on a Connecticut sysop (Michael Lansky) imprisoned for files on explosives, Phrack now reported to be run by Chris Goggans, Pumpcon 2 is announced, report on Defcon, Craig gets legal access to 911 data, Razor reports on the announced Bell Atlantic/TCI merger, New York Telephone plans to charge for intercepts, results of last week's listener test.

  32. The New York State tax reported on several weeks ago is repealed, Caller ID is received from 314, Brock Meeks talks about the Bell Atlantic/TCI merger and the dangers of one entity controlling content flow.

  33. This show had a prerecorded interview with Rop from Hacktic and the announcement of Phiber's sentence.  Unfortunately, no known recording of this show exists.  (November 3, 1993)

  34. Robert Steele of Open Source Solutions discusses last week's conference in Washington DC where Emmanuel met the Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council.  Also: Phiber discusses the sentence he was given last week.

  35. This show had nothing to do with Off The Hook.  The NAFTA treaty was voted on during the Off The Hook timeslot so Emmanuel wound up providing commentary.  Included is a Dick Gephardt speech, the vote on NAFTA, as well as analysis with Emmanuel and Claude and a call-in segment on what NAFTA will mean.  The sound for this show fades in and out.

  36. A company on Long Island is threatened with a virus from another company, more cameras in England, Emmanuel finds a cable system in Virginia with 119 channels, AOL goes 9600.  Listen for Emmanuel almost giving out the phone number for a different radio station.

  37. Trying to hack NYNEX voice mail, calling a Pay Per View number, amazing problems calling New York Telephone, alt.2600 is founded.

  38. An unauthorized change of address, New York Telephone to be dismantled by the end of the month, playing Caller ID data, Phiber gets some of his equipment back from the Secret Service and finds out where he's going, Phiber winds up in court with the World Trade Center bombers.

  39. An anonymous contributor shares an experience on Simplex locks on dropboxes, 950 numbers in danger, Phiber talks about getting his equipment back, the first days of alt.2600.

  40. Cops catch answering machine thieves, Clinton phone records reveal possible affairs, Emmanuel has an unpleasant telephone experience at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC, New York Telephone is chided by the PSC and told to cut its rates by three percent, the touch tone fee is cut in half, Home Shopping Network and TCI plan to form an international home shopping network, QVC set to take over Paramount, Emmanuel has an interesting parking experience at JFK Airport, Julian Dibbel discusses his Village Voice story of "cyber-rape."

  41. A last listen to the New York Telephone recording as the company changes to NYNEX, anonymous call rejection is announced, why pulse dialing actually costs the phone company more than touch tone dialing, a man is sued for $40 million for stating a negative opinion about a company, the winter issue of $2600 is released, the second to last show that Phiber Optik can attend, a listener writes in to tell the horrors of French phone service, Phiber analyzes a smart card, Encore reveals a shady back-billing practice, a description of the prison Phiber is being sent to, reverse directory assistance to be introduced in New York in February, Emmanuel suggests a way around the increasing directory assistance charges, a going away party for Phiber is planned for New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Off The Hook - 1994

  1. A very sad show as Emmanuel and the listeners say goodbye to Phiber on the eve of his departure to prison.  An incredible ad from networkMCI, a fake ATM makes an appearance on NYPD Blue, New York Telephone recordings still seem to be active, George Gleason calls in from California, Craig Neidorf calls in from Virginia, Emmanuel is labeled a subversive by the prison holding Scorpion.

  2. In this expanded show, the mystery of 311 is revealed, rotary payphones are said to be replacing touch tone phones on city streets to fight drugs, what the X in NYNEX stands for  Also: the story of Phiber's trip to prison, the New York City Metrocard, and the 360 area code is announced.

  3. The new NPA format is set to start next January, details on the special 456 area code, getting carrier access codes from operators, NYNEX now able to connect to other long distance companies, a cable outage is reported, the new carrier access code format of 101XXXX, report from the first #2600 IRC meeting, Emmanuel's Metrocard woes, an update from Acid Phreak and Scorpion, a taped telephone interview with Phiber from prison where the details of what really happened after he was dropped off are revealed.

  4. The Clipper Chip is re-endorsed by the Clinton administration, although the administration says it will be voluntary.  Insight from a Brock Meeks article.  Mike Godwin offers commentary.

  5. More updates on Clipper, Wiltel discovered to be passing Caller ID data nationwide, the White House engages in electronic press release revisionism, a new listener test is announced.

  6. Lynn McNulty, Associate Director of Computer Security at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, discusses the Clipper and Capstone chips and how they will work.  Also: how Clipper got its name.

  7. Results of the 10555 Wiltel test, a playback of an important quote from last week's show, the EFF comes out against the Digital Telephony bill and why this is important, Emmanuel scheduled to visit Phiber this weekend, Razor calls in with news of PGP over the phone.

  8. Emmanuel visits Phiber in prison and relates the day-to-day frustrations faced there, the Daily News article, the upcoming CFP conference in Chicago, more on Metrocard.

  9. Reporters snoop into Tonya Harding's email, Phiber is switched to dishwashing duty, Acid Phreak talks about his prison experience and how he was arrested.

  10. Phiber is forced to send books back from prison, Emmanuel's frustration trying to visit Scorpion, report from the CFP conference in Chicago which wound up being "raided" by the FBI in an unsuccessful search for Kevin Mitnick and Justin Peterson.  Lee Nessbaum, Robert Steele, and Joe Stevala share their experiences.

  11. FCC Common Carrier Bureau news on nationwide Caller ID, some old phone sounds, a recording of unknown origin follows the search for phone numbers for city zoos in the 1960s, AT&T's TDD scandal involving 800 numbers, an incredible experience while on hold, an increasing number of payphones stop taking incoming calls.

  12. NYNEX sends out a mass mailing with private calling card info, the David LaMacchia case (an MIT student is accused of running a wares site on the Internet) hits the media, Emmanuel debates listeners over software piracy.

  13. A move to outlaw encryption in Holland, Emmanuel apologizes for dissing Atari computers, a Citizens' Utility Board promo, a phone horror tale from India, another perspective on software piracy - a biblical look, a caller is concerned over Enhanced 911, the Romanian phone system, advertising inside traffic lights.

  14. Half of this show was a simulcast with another radio program on New York City's WNYU.  Rop from Hacktic talks about the Dutch government's attempt to outlaw encryption, Rebel's latest phone trick, cloning cellular phones for legal purposes.  This was an official day of mourning for former president Nixon.

  15. Monitoring the Internet live via IRC on the #wbai channel, Emmanuel gets proofed in a supermarket, talk of Linux, the first announcement about the Hackers On Planet Earth conference this summer, Emmanuel's appearance on Nightline.

  16. This was a two hour show.  The trials and tribulations of getting new phone lines at $2600, playing with NYNEX voice mail, the Call Mover service, the Kenyan phone system, update on HOPE, the fate of WNYC, Walter talks about visiting Phiber, feedback over the Nightline show.  The end of this show, which included an interview with Bernie S., is missing.

  17. No known recording of this show exists.  (May 18, 1994)

  18. AT&T introduces 1-800-CALL-ATT to replace 1-800-OPERATOR, a man becomes a millionaire for a short while due to a bank error, some old phone company commercials, playing with Call Mover live on the air, 1-800-I-FEEL-OK.

  19. 500 area code update, getting info on a fictitious number, a demonstration of People Mover, Ed from Long Island has a misadventure with Metrocard, Brock Meeks on the latest Clipper controversy and his legal defense, details on the Matt Blaze compromising of the Clipper system.  The beginning of this show is missing.

  20. Calling North Korea, theories on Metrocard, tracing the history of a Metrocard over the phone, a field trip to other IRC channels, Emmanuel appears on Nightline again.

  21. New traffic cameras in New York City, a call for Metrocard info, the OJ case and cellular phones.  Bernie S. is the guest.

  22. Programming AT&T's Easyreach service to call overseas, NYNEX repeatedly fails to install lines properly at $2600, John Markoff is interviewed over the recent front page article about fugitive hacker Kevin Mitnick, the manhunt mentality, America's Most Wanted supposedly interested, an upcoming NBC feature on Deth Vegetable.

  23. Forwarding Easyreach to a distant land, an annoying automated voice recognition operator that won't go away, more NYNEX woes, the Clinton administration looks at a nationwide ID card.  Dave Banisar of the Electronic Privacy Information Center is the guest.

  24. An incoming call from a NYNEX computer, the NYNEX problems continue, "crippled Caller ID" at $2600, a porn scandal at Lawrence Livermore Labs and the Los Angeles Times article that got nearly all the facts wrong.  Thomas Icom talks about intercepting pager traffic and demonstrates different types of pagers, Phiber's prison phone system crashes, digital cellular begins to be noticed.

  25. Robert Thomas of the Amateur Action BBS is convicted by a court in Tennessee, rumors of a national ID card announcement, ATM charges, Rebel's phone tape, a New York City police auction, Roman Kazan of Escape talks about a new proposal to make ISPs pay an additional $10,000 a year, a new caller talks about Citibank phones and offers services as an MTA employee, corrections about the Metrocard.

  26. The HOPE conference is scheduled for this weekend, a New York Times article says there may be less Internet users than originally thought, BillSF discusses the difference between switches in Europe and America, more NYNEX stupidity, getting rates for calls to Marisat and seeing just how phenomenally expensive they are, 1-800-CNN-TALK goes to a wrong number, CU-SeeMe, Razor discusses the White House phone system.

  27. The post-HOPE analysis. BillSF from Amsterdam, Chris (who ran the sound board), Andy from the Chaos Computer Club, and Walter (who helped run the network) discuss some of the experiences.  Phiber's speech from prison to the conference is aired here.  Also: the opening and closing of the conference, and an explanation of how the $2600 voice BBS works.

  28. NYNEX foulups and funny recording adventures, the New York Magazine article on HOPE, 955 numbers, red boxes, 10NJB, Plant Test numbers, new Citibank phones, an interesting fact regarding the first and last names in the New York City phone book, remote water meter testing, nationwide Caller ID begins April 12, 1995.

  29. A lousy story in the Philadelphia City Paper, Compuserve to offer Internet service, Agent Steal captured, Phiber is live on the phone for the first time from prison - his release date is set for November 22.  Rop from Amsterdam is also on hand.

  30. Another way to get ripped off on your phone bill, an angry Canadian recording, NYNEX seems to no longer complete calls to 800 numbers, calling LocTel, an 800 help center, a "special" phone company recording, an interesting feature on a ROLM Phonemail system, an extensive look at an employee locator service offered by Southwestern Bell, Rop is still in the country, automated firing, Rop manages to visit Phiber in prison, Rop describes his visit to the L0pht in Boston, Phiber has exciting news from prison, weird area codes, Rop tests Phiber and Emmanuel on area codes, Phiber talks about "Supermax."

  31. Steve O'Keefe, editorial director of Loompanics, talks about the recent Dateline NBC program that focused on "dangerous" books and the proliferation of reality-based news shows.  Phiber phones in from prison with Sal and Ira (two guest prisoners), speaks out against prison injustice, and gives advice to people facing interrogation.  This show includes fundraising.

  32. Telco horror stories from around the country, trying to get the country code for McDonald and Heard Islands near Australia, a progress report from Walter on the efforts to duplicate a Metrocard, a listener supporter from Philadelphia, Emmanuel rants against commercial cable networks and radio, Phiber phones in from prison with Ira who talks about his case.  Also: domains with no people, the CIA World Facts database.

  33. A song is released about *69, an MCI employee is arrested in a fraud scheme, the House of Windsor Collection scandal, Phiber calls in from prison, Roman Kazan calls from Unix Expo, Emmanuel discusses going to Argentina next week.  There is no show next week.

  34. Emmanuel and Chris talk about Argentina and the hacker scene there, NYNEX voice dialing gets high marks - a complete demonstration, Emmanuel critiques the Wired article on HOPE, the 1-800-CALL-INFO scandal.

  35. The FCC is named as the agency to regulate the Internet, the EFF caves in on Digital Telephony, Newsday Direct starts, calling Prodigy (listen for the horrible script reader), more on 800-CALL-INFO, Phiber calls in from prison.

  36. The prison population hits one million, the House of Windsor no longer gives addresses, Digital Telephony passes.  Dave Banisar of the Electronic Privacy Information Center talks about passage of the bill and what has happened to the EFF.  The show is preempted next week.

  37. Phiber scheduled to leave prison next week, the fallout over Digital Telephony and how EFF helped it pass, a phone system problem, Emmanuel discovers a billing error with NYNEX and helps Monroe attain a record, Phiber calls from prison to discuss next week's homecoming "parade" and the negative reinforcement in prison as well as an update on fellow prisoner Ira.

  38. An extended show celebrating Phiber's release from prison.  From Columbus Circle, Phiber rides down Broadway in the $2600 van, keeping in touch via cellular phone and eventually arriving at the station to a hero's welcome.  (The references to police barricades that were set up for the parade were not untrue.  It's likely, however, that they were in place for the next day's Thanksgiving Day parade.)  Also: a caller with an unusual ability to imitate telco sounds, calling funny telco numbers, what is hacking, the Republican landslide in recent elections, an explanation of predictors.

  39. The mayor's cellular phone is compromised, AOL plans to buy ANS, a hacker gains access to major secrets in England, Phiber on the phone from a conference, NYNEX introduces a new way to block *69 and introduces *82, the Internet Liberation Front issues a manifesto, the Pentium chip error is discussed.

  40. Pensacola bulletin boards are seized, Josh Quittner is mailbombed, spam sent to usenet in Emmanuel's name, analyzing the ILF, an "anonymous" Internet provider speaks out, the tragedy of the Thomas case, carving up the electromagnetic spectrum, PCS service coming, the New York Post claims credit for info run in $2600, Rebel talks about the phone system at SUNY Morrisville, the first mention of a NYNEX yellow phone.

  41. The New Scientist article on HOPE, alt.2600 targeted, tracking a spammer, plans for an Echo celebration of New Year's.

  42. The Pentium people give in at last, Emmanuel attacks Netcom, why Netcom is so vulnerable, Netcom responds to the $2600 allegations that their credit file was compromised earlier in the year, trying to get switch information from the operator, Walter gives a Metrocard update, an explanation of 500 numbers, a look at AUTOVON.

  43. Emmanuel reads his entire calling card number out over public airwaves, the utter stupidity of a cellular company, a NYNEX hold nightmare, New York Telephone songs from the past, upcoming First Night activities, a prepaid calling card that lasts forever, a phone line with infinite feedback, a review of Discovery's "Hack Attack."

Off The Hook - 1995

  1. A British hacker invades the Defense Department, the Chaos Communication Congress, calling an FBI hotline to catch spies and Russian mobsters, Brock Meeks talks about changes in the EFF and the recent Compuserve controversy over the GIF standard.  Also: David LaMacchia is cleared of all charges, the station receives an emergency interrupt, the new carrier access code formats begin to work, and a caller demonstrates his own version of voice dialing.  The show is preempted next week.

  2. A two hour special.  Roman Kazan of Escape talks about the upgrading to a T1 and ISDN access, a user discusses virtual games on Escape, Emmanuel plays a minidisc on the air for the first time, an excerpt of Robert Steele's opening address at the HOPE conference, Walter offers perspective on the HOPE conference, Serbs crack down on Albanians listening in on authorities via wireless phones, Emmanuel demonstrates that the listeners exist, Emmanuel's trip to North Carolina and his nightmarish experience with the cops.  This show includes fundraising.

  3. The pledge drive totals more than $800,000, a collage of "thank you's" from the WBAI staff, a closed captioning tale, Emmanuel reads the edited portions of his letter to Wired with help from the "official voice" of Wired, Phiber on the phone from Echo where there are major system problems, Phiber is named by New York Magazine as one of the 100 smartest people in New York City, the New York Times article on Internet spoofing and hijacking, Emmanuel plays the Burmese national anthem, Phiber's homecoming party at Irving Plaza, the upcoming $2600 Internet site, talk of conspiracy and Mormons.  A very critical analysis of Clinton's State of the Union address follows.

  4. A Long Island plumber is accused of using Ultra Call Forwarding illegally, a cat almost replies to a message on the net, NYNEX faces an angry crowd of technology experts and admits that they're behind the times, update on NYNEX ISDN, a full rundown of AT&T's 500 service, spoofing a payphone.

  5. Emmanuel suffers an on-air computer crash, NYNEX fouls up All Call Block for some customers, Emmanuel's voice dialing directory gets wiped out, Robert Thomas is sent to prison, a Metrocard scam, Emmanuel has problems getting a working modem cable for a Mac from CompUSA, trains pass through the station, fun with polls, Mr. Radio calls in, 1-800-MY-ANI-IS, Hackers is being edited and is now set to come out in September, a call for used phone cards.

  6. The very first public mention of Kevin Mitnick's arrest came on this program - the front page story appeared in the next day's New York Times, questions as to what Mitnick actually did, the case of Kevin Poulsen, the Communications Decency Act is introduced, how to dial a senator, the dangers of banning speech from an AOLer, the Jake Baker story (an Ann Arbor college student who wrote a sexually explicit story about another student is put in federal prison) hits the net, the NYNEX foulup of All Call Block is discussed by Daniel Forrest of Forrest Research who discovered the problem, a real NYNEX vehicle comes to the rescue of the $2600 van during a TV shoot.

  7. An anonymous remailer in Finland is shut down by Interpol at the behest of the Church of Scientology, raids taking place around the country focusing on cellular info and money laundering, more on the Jake Baker story, a barrage of media coverage, an upcoming 60 Minutes piece, the Shimomura connection to the Kevin Mitnick capture.  Dave Harrison, a longtime friend of Mitnick's, is the guest.  The infamous Netcom credit card file and evidence that it was widely available last year, the connection with The Well, how the New York Times was involved.  This was the first real criticism that was aimed at John Markoff's reporting of the story.

  8. Checkpoint Software invites an attack with the help of the media, the 60 Minutes piece airs, a Wall Street Journal article, Emmanuel gets misquoted in the Los Angeles Times, Shimomura's quotes in Newsweek, the Mitnick case becomes even more bizarre as John Markoff signs a $750,000 book deal, Brock Meeks offers insight, Iphone and the effects it will have on long distance companies.

  9. NYNEX recordings geared for kids, the Bernie S. saga begins with his arrest in Pennsylvania, Secret Service Agent Tom Varney gets involved in the case, the MCI 800-WOW-ITS-HOT hotline returns, dialing 311, news of SATAN.  The beginning of the show is missing.

  10. Chapter Two of the ISDN saga with Emmanuel and Phiber, NYNEX tries to fax the radio show and Phiber imitates a fax machine, a hacker strikes the WBAI phone system live on the air, upcoming media pieces, Bernie S. update - imprisoned since March 13th on $100,000 bail for possession of a red box, press release issued on the net that vividly describes what happened in the early days of this case, Emmanuel encounters a new way of verifying signatures on a credit card purchase, SATAN update, Emmanuel reviews a frequency counter called The Scout, the "train disaster" in Jamaica, AT&T introduces *234 for international busy signals.

  11. Day 15 of the ISDN saga, NYNEX employees trained by Bell Atlantic, Emmanuel's secret NYNEX code is repeatedly sent out in the mail, NYNEX overcharges in a bad way, Emmanuel tries to visit Bernie S. in prison, SATAN is released, goes online, Spy Shops gets raided, Emmanuel receives a strange frequency at 513.24 MHz, AT&T's new calling card format proves easy to compromise.

  12. Day 22 of the Quest for ISDN, Emmanuel visits Bernie S. in prison and tells the horror story, attempts to get Bernie S. to phone in, state charges are dropped and the Secret Service takes over, examining the affidavit, Kevin Poulsen sentenced to 51 months in prison, nationwide Caller ID now working, Bruce Sterling attacks Phiber out of the blue.

  13. Day 29 of the Quest for ISDN, Dave talks about getting ISDN from NYNEX, a tribute to Tom Mandel, Phone Day changes in England, scrolling advertisements on NYNEX payphones, the Crackerbuster mailings to posters on alt.2600, Bernie S. updates, another caller relates harassment by the Secret Service, a Radio Shack tone dialer is turned into a red box live on the air.  This show was on the day of the Oklahoma City bombing.  While there is no real mention of this on the show, there is coverage on the portion of the news rebroadcast that follows.

  14. Day 36 of the Quest for ISDN with some incredible runaround tales from Phiber and Emmanuel, Dave updates us on his search, building a red box on the air, Clinton introduces new legislation after the bombing, another Dateline NBC story, Emmanuel plays with a nationwide street map CD ROM, the Guttenberg Project.

  15. Phiber and Emmanuel both get ISDN, Xenophile is threatened by law enforcement for speaking out on the Bernie S. case, Phiber tries to explain the World Wide Web to Rebel, an 800 sex line is suspected of billing callers.

  16. An extended show.  Phiber reviews the Motorola Bitsurfr for ISDN, Roman Kazan describes PPP with Phiber's help, the amazing disproportion between AOL rates and the rest of the net, Pam and Jim from Esoteric Resources talk about the World Wide Web, Bernie S. now being held at the Fairton federal facility in New Jersey, a cyber cafe opens in New York City (the @ Cafe), Nick Barnes and Glen McGuiness talk about how the cafe got started, encryption is banned in Russia with the FBI's help, Master Chemist talks about monitoring cellular calls, Phiber reviews Masters of Deception, Emmanuel catches Phiber throwing paper airplanes in the studio and makes him beg for money on the air, a Stuyvesant High School hacking scandal, a Daily News editorial.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  17. An extended show although this was unknown until the normal time was almost up.  More critique on how the Mitnick case went down, the Office of Records Purification, getting the number for the Public Service Commission from NYNEX, the yellow payphones of Manhattan and the reasons why they suck, listener mail, a new Bell Atlantic service to provide reverse directory assistance, a kid is treated like a hero after shutting down a racist BBS.  This show includes fundraising.

  18. The Bernie S. case worsens, he's held with no bail and allowed no visitors, Emmanuel's efforts to get the Independent Film Channel on cable, Bernie S. calls in and explains the new statute that helped imprison him and how the books he had in his house were used against him, Emmanuel discovers a way to check on phone bills.

  19. Bernie S. tries to get the government to move on his case and describes what life is like in prison, Sarlo offers an analysis of phone company policies, an update on last week's phone bill scandal, a proposal to eliminate cashiers in supermarkets through the use of customer held scanners, Joker talks about privacy threats, a caller has suggestions for some good "goofs," Emmanuel encounters a deceptive practice with airplane phones.

  20. Bernie S. is indicted on three counts which seem rather unbelievable, Bernie S. gets into an argument with another inmate over phone time live on the air, neither Emmanuel nor Phiber are using their ISDN lines after all the fuss, the Exon Bill is voted on, a debate over bomb-making information on the net.

  21. Phiber gets ISDN again at his new residence, Emmanuel talks about his trip to a British hacker conference, trying to get rate information for Europe, the different prices to make an international call from a European payphone, the hassles of getting a phonecard in Holland, Kevin Mitnick to plead guilty and face a sentence of eight months, he still faces charges in other states, Emmanuel drives a car on the other side of the road in England, Bernie S. calls in with news that he's still imprisoned with no bail, Emmanuel sees the new copy of $2600 for the first time, Bernie S. reveals that he's considering "making a deal with the devil" right before being cut off, Emmanuel and Phiber discuss the differences between American and British Mars and Milky Way candy bars, Rebel announces NYNEX phones that cut off touch tones after a certain number.

  22. Phiber uses his ISDN line over the air, it's revealed that the Secret Service tried to apply pressure to WBAI to keep Bernie S. off the air, Emmanuel describes the different forms given to people entering the country and describes how he was searched yet again coming back to the United States, Emmanuel responds to a criticism of the music, a caller has an intriguing telephone problem.

  23. Friends of Bernie S. are questioned by the government, an appeal for expert witnesses, how Bernie S. was charged as the first person under the new statute, announcement of something "interesting" being released to the net within the next 24 hours, Emmanuel and Phiber get ISDN to work, the search for providers, Eric Hughes talks about the Citibank visually impaired ATM features and Cypherpunks.  The very beginning of this show is missing.

  24. Emmanuel discovers that touch tone service works from everywhere in New York, Phiber's experiments with ISDN, the 800 area code running out of number, the 710 area code, calling the NSA, an emergency interrupt, Bernie S. answers questions about cellular phones.

  25. First new show in three weeks.  The Phiber going to prison show was repeated two weeks earlier, Emmanuel's trip to Las Vegas, three weeks until Bernie S.'s trial, the one message hotels in Las Vegas will never deliver, a review of The Net the website for Hackers is hacked.

  26. The new book Takedown is announced with much fanfare, Bernie S. court date set for September 8 with a bail hearing set for the day before, the potential oppressive outcome for everyone as a result of this case, why the cellular software Bernie S. is charged with possessing is not illegal, Phiber's continuing battle with ISDN's Caller ID, Emmanuel gets a Bitsurfr, almost gets hacked, Phiber explains some technical differences between NYNEX and Bell Atlantic, the 555-5454 reverse lookup service is introduced in New Jersey, finding out the cost of emergency interrupts.

  27. Bernie S. hopes to be released from prison within the next week, how testimony from an unnamed "witness" helped keep him behind bars, how Hackers will show the Secret Service in unflattering terms, reviews of Hackers, Phiber talks about major Solaris bugs, Emmanuel proposes four digit area codes, a demonstration of New Jersey's reverse directory service.

  28. The results of Bernie S.'s suppression hearing, how he was left in a burning building by the authorities.  Also: XS4ALL is raided by the Scientologists, Razor, Joker, and Roman Kazan offer commentary on Bernie S., censorship, and the net, Rop from Amsterdam talks about the raid, about to go ISDN.  There is no show next week.

  29. An extended show.  Announcement of a schedule change which will move Off The Hook to Tuesday nights at 8 starting October 3rd, Bernie S. forced to plead guilty since the statute as phrased defines his possession of technology as a crime, Emmanuel reports on a hacker infiltrator who wound up making a hacker documentary while he was working for the Secret Service which later prompts the true organizers of the documentary to call into the show, a replaying of the writers' panel from HOPE including Julian Dibbel from the Village Voice, Paul Tough from Harpers, Winn Schwartau, Iain Softley (director of Hackers), Rafael Moreu (screenwriter for Hackers), and Michael Peyser (producer of Hackers).  Also: AT&T splits into three pieces, Blake makes a pledge, BillSF wanders by with some choice words for the Scientologists, Roman Kazan talks about "complete" Internet access, Joker, Phiber, and the listeners review Hackers.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  30. The last show in this timeslot.  The new NYNEX tariffs promise to lower rates, 10NYT not working from 516, Emmanuel has problems using ISDN with PSI, Phiber makes progress with his ISDN battle, Bernie S. sentencing is put off for three weeks for no particular reason, Blake, Joker, Roman Kazan, and Robert Knight help in the plea for funds.  This show includes fundraising.

  31. An expanded first show in the new Tuesday at 8 pm timeslot.  A brief history of the major stories followed on Off The Hook over the years, Bernie S. set to be sentenced in one week, sentencing guidelines, BillSF is arrested in California sparking fears of another Bernie S. situation, a replay of his commentary from two weeks ago on the Church of Scientology, tube station signs hacked in London, Phiber talks about stack overflows, the sound of Rebel hacking live, alt.2600 is spammed again, control freaks on the net, problems with the Internic, a free sample of 976 numbers, a caller shares his ISDN problems, David of offers solutions, dialing UK Direct, 1-800-FIND-ATT, Bitsurfr advice.  You will hear warnings for callers not to discuss a particular subject, however the subject is never revealed.  The O.J. verdict had just been announced and there was no radio show that wasn't obsessed with it - until now.

  32. Emmanuel has traffic problems, alternatives to the 976 time service, Bernie S. is sentenced and reveals how he could be charged all over again, Phiber has a hard disk crash, BillSF is released, how the O.J. verdict was received in prison, Southwestern Bell seeks to release customer data, 911 calls route to a house, Scott Skinner calls in to discuss Bernie S.'s legal affairs, a rumor of Bell Atlantic taking over NYNEX, the 814 exchange mystery.

  33. The new issue of $2600 is released, New York City payphones increasingly don't accept incoming calls, a review of Private Line magazine, Bernie S. is released, a hacker raid in Holland centers on pager monitoring, Scott Skinner plays with a scanner, frequency counter, and touch tone decoder, Phiber gives updates on ISDN features, problems getting an ISDN provider on Long Island, new computerized directory assistance, a report on the Amnex 950-0370 service, questions about Mitel phones.

  34. Calling MCI foreign operators, more ISDN tips, Phiber defends NYNEX voice mail, another ANI number, Bernie S. appears at Pumpcon and is trying to put his life back together, Secret Service Agent Tom Varney intent on putting Bernie S. away again, a new NYNEX flat rate regional plan is rumored to exist, Phiber and Emmanuel argue over the pronunciation of Linux, Emmanuel's call waiting tone changes out of the blue, Bernie S. talks about assimilating to the real world, it's revealed that Bernie S. was not the actual person to remove the batteries from a tone dialer in 1993.

  35. Emmanuel's ISDN woes worsen as NYNEX line quality falls short of expectations, the new NYNEX regional rate plan, an FBI plan to tap 1 in 100 phones is reported in the New York Times, Emmanuel and Phiber disagree on the legality of encrypted cellular phones, 888 is officially announced and Emmanuel finds an error in the AT&T statement, Emmanuel gets a letter from the Critical Payments Unit, an update on the Long Distance Wholesale Club, Phiber defends New York City's yellow phones, a listener with an interesting background is concerned over misuse of voice recognition, Blake predicts the end of long distance, Jim comments on a Metrocard article in the Daily News.

  36. The guest is Dov Wisebrod of LoGIC, the Legal Group for the Internet in Canada, discussing the Jesse Hirsh case.  Also: telephone calls and an update on the 1-800-MY-ANI-IS service.

  37. First show from the brand new temporary studio.  News updates: 911 service, air traffic control outages, AOL Gold, the new NYNEX calling plans.  First calls on the new phone system, Joker reviews "Virtual City," a caller defends AT&T against Emmanuel's attack two weeks

  38. Getting Off The Hook on the net, the new WBAI phone system allows callers to be put on hold, Bernie S. update, overview of the Mitnick books, Don Delaney statements, NYNEX employee regulations, PSI update, the WBAI web page, monitoring through payphones.  (The initial method of getting the show onto the net was rather complex - the shows were first recorded as .wav files, then converted to .au format, and finally compressed into a gsm file.  The end user had to have the appropriate gsm player on their home system and real time streaming wasn't possible.  It would be more than a year before the show would be available on RealAudio, which was far easier to use and had a better sound with no increase in file size.)

  39. Civil liberties groups cave in on the Exon Bill, AOL censorship, more evidence against PSI obtained, Phiber connects to government websites live from his home, update on Netcom vs. Church of Scientology, ISDN setup, giving Social Security Numbers to the phone company.  The beginning of this show is missing.

  40. Internet Protest Day.  The Exon Bill, the V-chip, the Christian Coalition, calling Newt Gingrich and Jim Exon live, Polish Internet regulations, new AT&T surcharge, PSI update, AT&T automated customer service, Long Distance Wholesale Club, trying to use directory assistance without human intervention, PSI complaint.

  41. Bernie S. hearing postponed again, Clinton's mandatory drug test, Bell Atlantic merging with NYNEX, PSI exposed.  The beginning of this show is missing.

  42. More ISDN problems, coming of the V-chip, Captain Crunch whistle, problems with the delay system, Rebel uses his operator privileges.

Off The Hook - 1996

  1. Review of the NYNEX "Magic of ISDN" display on New Year's Eve, prediction of "Atlantic NYNEX," new custom calling features, Bernie S. update, quotes from Takedown, retort to bad publicity.

  2. A special interview from Wakeup Call, WBAI's morning show with Amy Goodman and Bernard White.  Topics include Compuserve censorship and threats to free speech on the Internet.  WBAI's Jim Freund joins the discussion.  There is some static in the background.

  3. Bernie S. hearing approaches, the Blizzard of '96, Fedex tracking numbers on the web, the nationwide SSN collection project, interview with Clint Danbury.  No show for three weeks.

  4. An extended program.  The Secret Service puts Bernie S. back in prison, an interview with authors Jon Littman and Jeff Goodell.  Topics include the Kevin Mitnick saga, Tsutomu Shimomura, John Markoff, persecution of hackers, and President Clinton's Social Security Number.  Joker talks about  There was an incredible amount of confusion at the beginning of the show which resulted in periods of dead air and recorded announcements being repeated numerous times.  This was because of problems with the new studio as well as difficulty with another studio that was using the Bernie S. incoming line.  There were also at least two TV crews filming in the studio.  The audio on the second part of the show is slightly overmodulated.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  5. $2600 wins the battle against PSI, the Communications Decency Act passes, the new WBAI phone system has more lines than can be answered, Emmanuel berates listeners for tying up the Bernie S. line, talk of the prospect of more censorship.

  6. A Scientology publication targets alt.2600 as an example of what is wrong with the Internet, Tsutomu Shimomura's turns into, Bernie S. defends himself against allegations that he's guilty of something and explains why he's pessimistic about getting out anytime soon, Emmanuel wonders why civil liberties groups have avoided the case, comparison of some prison phone systems.

  7. The press seems to start taking an interest in the Bernie S. case, the public is encouraged to attend the next hearing, Bernie S. develops bronchitis, the Internet to be shut down for 24 hours on February 29, calling the 710 area code, Rebel talks about his trip down south and advertises his website, Emmanuel's payphone experience at the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border, trouble with the outro.

  8. Kevin Mitnick in prison for more than a year, the new NYNEX phone bills, regional competition, another case very similar to Bernie S.'s is revealed, sentencing scheduled for next week.

  9. Bernie S. is sentenced to more prison time with an anticipated release by the summer, Izzy and Master Chemist discuss the case, $2600 to release a special web page in 24 hours, criticism of AT&T's new Worldnet service, why new NYNEX phones that cut off touch tones are self-defeating, Dave Burstein announces an event at the @ Cafe in two weeks.

  10. $2600 introduces the Secret Service web page, more experiments with GETS, Emmanuel introduces the Motion Picture Patents Company which makes it illegal to make your own film without approval, promotion for next week's event, Cable & Wireless overcharging for local calls.

  11. Major problems getting a call from Bernie S. who was mysteriously transferred from Northampton County to Bucks County - a harsher place, a release date of July 12 seems likely although May 30 would be the right date if a 41 day credit is applied as ordered by the judge, the possibility also exists that he could be held until 1998, the Secret Service responds to the $2600 website, NYNEX appears to have stopped billing for long distance companies, concern for possible mistreatment of Bernie S. at Bucks County Prison, promo for an upcoming event at the @ Cafe.

  12. Problems with Bernie S.'s phone system, a billing error leads to the AT&T section being left out of NYNEX bills, Joker is slammed by MCI and Amway, building cable descramblers.

  13. An Argentinean hacker is found, Chris Schanot is arrested and blamed for the Internet Liberation Front, optimism for Bernie S.'s federal appeal, the ACLU appeal of the Communications Decency Act approaches, Bernie S. gets his first visitors at Bucks County Prison and has an interesting dream, the new $100 bill is introduced.  The beginning of this show is missing.

  14. Emmanuel reserves a golf game via touch tone, bail is revoked for Chris Schanot, SBC to merge with Pacific Telesis, excerpts from a book on the Secret Service, Bernie S. sees Hackers on a mirror through prison bars, more media coverage.

  15. The I-CON conference, MCI pranks Emmanuel, Emmanuel tries to sell long distance to MCI, Phiber reports on a proposal to add a "decency flag" to the Internet Protocol, an Iowa hacker gets in trouble, foreign phone sounds.

  16. AT&T's new automated lookup and credit system, Bernie S. has an appeal denied because it was filed on the wrong color paper, the Bell Atlantic/NYNEX merger is challenged, a listener is accused of hacking for using RPC, telnetting to results in warnings to system administrators.

  17. The New York Times comes out against net censorship, Emmanuel gets mail from a militia group, monitoring cameras supposedly coming to American cities, the drive to get Bernie S. a television set, Emmanuel plays with the Service Merchandise customer database, ACLU court challenge to the CDA coming up on May 10, the V chip and the tremendous amount of ratings it will entail, Bernie S. is accused of having children by his prison.

  18. Mission Impossible coming out soon, AT&T cards no longer able to be used on the NYNEX network, surveillance on school buses, a prepaid calling card is used to get evidence against Timothy McVeigh, the Bernie S. TV saga continues, teleconferencing exploits, Bernie S. still scheduled to be released on May 30.

  19. 250,000 hackers with a 65 percent success rate allegedly break into the Pentagon according to press reports, Bernie S. release delayed, listener action considered, "Web Review" appeals to readers for money, criticism of Bernie S.'s attorney, a caller is arrested while having a heart attack.

  20. Calling the Bellcore Tiger Team and hacking their voice mail, Spyline products, Bernie S. remains in prison, the theory is presented that the Secret Service is keeping him imprisoned to impede his federal appeal, Kevin Mitnick is offered a ridiculous deal by the government, Vietnamese Internet rules, Secret Service codenames, Emmanuel not going to New York City meetings for a while.

  21. Mike Yuhas, a man who has memorized every area code and Emmanuel's former co-host on a different radio show (The Voice of Long Island), is the guest.  A recording is played of a 1982 broadcast where a foreign operator is called in the search for Oscar's All Night Kosher Deli.  Also: Bernie S.'s release is held up.

  22. Report from Summercon, the Communications Decency Act is given a thumbs down in court, Emmanuel hits a dead end with a NYNEX payphone, Claude has a payphone story, Bernie S. is two weeks late for release.  Repeats are scheduled for the next few weeks.

  23. The last two weeks were repeats.  Emmanuel's trip to Europe, stopping over in Iceland and escaping from the plane in Germany, the proliferation of GSM phones in Europe, Pam reports on Bernie S.'s appeal being rejected by a federal court, release is now reported to be as far away as November, net cafes in Europe, teletext services.

  24. Another bad TV documentary on hackers airs on The Learning Channel, a review of Independence Day, MSNBC debuts, NYNEX renames Call ID to "Caller ID," Joker gets a weird voice mail promotion, Emmanuel tries to reserve a hotel room in Atlanta on the eve of the Olympics, Phiber talks about new rdist security holes.

  25. A "Free Kevin Mitnick" record from Europe, a survey from Access All Areas, callback rates, pirate radio, Off The Hook accused of being elitist, discussion of the Flight 800 explosion, terrorism in society.

  26. First new show in three weeks.  Emmanuel reports on Defcon and Las Vegas, the Los Angeles 2600 meeting, 1-800-54NYNEX, Phiber tries to stretch time, the Pepsi fighter jet controversy, the lack of airport security, Phiber's theory on Flight 800, Rob Bernstein from Internet Underground is introduced to the Bernie S. case and tells how his sending a fax may result in an additional nine month prison sentence.

  27. A Trainspotting spoof, Department of Justice web page hacked, Bernie S. sent to max for 19 days as a result of the fax and files a grievance resulting in retribution, Secret Service agent Tom Varney is targeted for protest at the Democratic Convention in Chicago and claims not to know what's happening with Bernie S., Confuse The Operator: calling a voice activated machine at Chase, Bernie S. calls from a new facility with a full report, Emmanuel gets a useless NYNEX calling card and fails an ISDN loop test, one in 132 Americans are now in prison.

  28. A soldier is caught hacking and faces a life sentence, the coming of PCS phones, Confuse The Operator: what does ISDN stand for, the mystery of telex, the new $2600 voice mail system, playing with ANAC, a caller is interrupted by multiple phone calls, Emmanuel finds a magic phone in Las Vegas, Bernie S. update.

  29. Events take a dramatic turn for the worse as Bernie S. is transferred to a more dangerous facility and severely beaten, Pam describes his frustration at having his jaw wired shut, Emmanuel announces the start of a protest movement, Phiber talks about the differences between his imprisonment and Bernie S.'s, a list of phone numbers and addresses is given.  Bernie S. actually managed to call in during this show, even though he could barely talk.

  30. The protest gathers momentum as Bernie S. continues to be mistreated by the prison and the hospital.  Bernie S.'s uncle is attacked by prison personnel when he attempts to take a picture, Bernie S. describes how he isn't getting medication or pain killers and how this is common practice within prisons, Chris Neitzert calls with an update on his part in the case and an appeal to end infighting within the hacker community, Pam updates the legal status of the case, the listeners discuss strategy.

  31. In a real surprise to everyone, Bernie S. is released amidst much fanfare.  Pam describes his reassimilation into society, thanks given to the listeners for helping apply pressure and get the word out, Bernie S. calls in with his experiences, the chapter finally ends.

  32. An analysis of SYN attacks as $2600 and Phrack both publish articles on the subject and is paralyzed as a result.  Also: NYNEX found to be improving, Emmanuel's ISDN finally working properly, the inequity of payphone charges, Rebel offers new discoveries, Confuse The Operator: why does 10698 go to AT&T, Emmanuel accidentally gets AT&T in Spanish.  Alexis Rosen of Panix is the guest.

  33. Lucent goes public, E-Z Pass is found to be overcharging motorists, Joker has info on Fast Toll in Washington DC, Kevin Mitnick is indicted, discussion on why Lewis DePayne (Roscoe) was indicted with him, law enforcement overdoes it with prosecution of child pornography, Phiber Optik comments on the MOD book, Emmanuel going to the Ottawa meeting, Phiber explains frame relay.  A three and a half hour special in two weeks is announced but it wound up being canceled.

  34. The new issue of $2600 is about to come out, a woman has a car accident and chase on the radio, the takeover of Turner by Time Warner and the fight involving Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, and New York Mayor Rudolph Guliani over the Fox News Channel, Emmanuel calls the hotline to comment on the Bell Atlantic/NYNEX merger and leaves a comment, a net code of conduct threatens, Robert Thomas update, Emmanuel investigates the 910 and 920 exchanges.

  35. The 809 scam - Emmanuel calls a recording designed to keep callers on the phone, a mass mailing advertising child porn, DVDs to be introduced in January, Phiber gets another ISDN line, Panix reportedly leaving New York for New Jersey because of NYNEX's lousy service, more on the Guliani/Murdoch/Fox story, Emmanuel tracks down a random person on IRC, 56k is now possible over a regular phone line.  No show for two weeks.

  36. Kriegsman Furs is hacked, another look at the possible Bell Atlantic/NYNEX merger, Emmanuel opens a scam letter from AT&T live on the air, Joker reports on a Worldnet outage, an unsatisfied Bell Atlantic/NYNEX Mobile customer calls, the $2600 voice BBS gives info on Caller ID, anonymous call rejection, problems with using RealAudio and the future potential of having Off The Hook available in that form.

  37. Confuse The Operator: Emmanuel tries to find the cheapest long distance rate, a warning to avoid long distance companies for regional calls, Metrocard rate reductions rumored, a town on Long Island outlaws payphones, some new bugs are discovered for Sendmail and Pipelines.

  38. Excerpts from, Phiber gets charged business rates for his second ISDN line, Phiber gets a GSM phone and introduces the listeners to Omnipoint, Phiber discovers that his phone doesn't work and that the phone has a slight delay which is demonstrated on the air, Phiber calls Omnipoint customer service on the air, Emmanuel gets E-Z Pass information.

  39. First new show in several weeks.  Repeats included the $2600 panel and the social engineering panel at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference, Emmanuel brings back new music, GSM phones in Europe, how airline travel demands blind faith in technology, some differences in expressions in England, Emmanuel's Eurostar story, the British Labour Party web page gets hacked during Emmanuel's visit, the Singapore government site is also hacked, how xs4all in Holland is helping the antigovernment demonstrations in Belgrade, a live demonstration of the RealAudio site linking B92 from Belgrade to the world, Rop from xs4all describes what the project entails, some changes in *69 which now announces the number about to be dialed, an 890 scan leads to an old New York Telephone service, the number for NYNEX repair is about to change.

  40. Emmanuel gets an E-Z Pass device and it is dissected during the show, Charles Platt talks about his new book Anarchy Online and how it relates to Kevin Mitnick and other aspects of the hacker world, Rebel reminisces about HOPE, Emmanuel apologizes for a major mistake made last week, David from IBM offers analysis on the E-Z Pass device.

  41. The 1996 Retrospective Program, Phiber's Omnipoint phone has trouble staying in range, Emmanuel's E-Z Pass backfires, Kevin Mitnick placed in solitary, the Air Force website is hacked, the program crack is defined as a menace, Emmanuel practices for a national talk show, Bernie S. calls in and gives an update on his recovery, a listener thanks Bernie S. for recommending his lawyer, Emmanuel tries to find a part of the world where it will be New Year's at 9 pm Eastern Time.

Off The Hook - 1997

  1. A clarification of the mistake made on the show on New Year's Eve concerning time zones, the E-Z Pass computer, Phiber journeys from his house to the station broadcasting live from his Omnipoint phone, Phiber's large ISDN bill, the coming of DVD, the new TV ratings system.

  2. The first show to be broadcast live over RealAudio, reports from all over the country, Winn Schwartau's review of Takedown, Manos updates the listeners on the status of the RealAudio broadcast, eavesdropping on Newt Gingrich's cellular phone call.

  3. Phiber's ISDN woes, more on Omnipoint and E-Z Pass, calling Radio Shack for DVD information, new numbering scheme for London announced, announcement for Beyond HOPE, Japan's PHS service, the new MCI plan to England.

  4. The second show to be broadcast live over RealAudio, Manos the Technician updates the listeners, calls from around the country, Emmanuel to visit Atlanta, an update on MCI and AT&T local service, trying to reach Phiber, a subway sign is hacked in New York, how Beyond HOPE will differ from other hacker conferences, DVD update.

  5. This was originally scheduled to be a three hour show running from 9 to midnight but a last minute schedule change from Pacifica forced the show to run from 7:30 to 9 in order to allow coverage of the State of the Union address.  Jon Littman talks about his new book, The Watchman, a review of Where Wizards Stay Up Late, trying to cancel AOL live on the air.  Roman Kazan of Escape and Bernie S. join the fun.  In addition to the upcoming State of the Union address, the O.J. Simpson civil case verdict was about to be announced, which made for a real sense of anticipation.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  6. The first show in two weeks.  The yellow phones of New York City are terminated, AT&T offers a lower rate to people who ask for it, the Cyberangels look for child porn viewers, a company is victimized by voice mail hackers, Emmanuel's adventure with a "smart" rental car.

  7. Croatian hackers break into the Pentagon, Radio Shack's Family Radio Service, trying yet again to get E-Z Pass info, Emmanuel reports on BellSouth DCS rates and how New York PCS rates are too high, the Moldova rip-off, an AOL caller talks about wares.

  8. New York City is plunged into crisis as it is announced that the 212 area code will have to be split again into 646.  Speculation as to just how such a split will work.

  9. More on the 646 crisis, Emmanuel's trip to Chicago and the many area codes that are in use there, the push for four digit area codes, PCS and DCS, 1800 and 1900 megahertz phones, GSM, Sprint's Total Voice service, DVD update, Spy Factory case resolved, FBI requests worldwide cooperation to capture computer criminals, the NASA and NCAA web hacks, the declining state of radio in New York, Bernie S. sends a TDD message.

  10. Emmanuel finally plays with a DVD, calling Blockbuster for DVD info, demonstrating Caller ID on an Omnipoint phone, INN security hole, Bill Gates' low orbit satellite Internet plan, trying to get new callers, Phiber fooled by $2600 voice BBS, a review of Web TV.

  11. Digital cellular phones are compromised, the New York PSC approves the Bell Atlantic/NYNEX merger, Dutch computer hackers accused by media of trying to help Iraq during the Gulf War, Rop from Amsterdam and Bernie S. offer insight, a preview of Hacking In Progress, Bernie S. tries to help a caller who's being harassed.

  12. April Fool's Day: Emmanuel tries to get Rebel to repent, the new religious format, analyzing Higher Source, Hale-Bopp news, calling Sprint Spectrum.

  13. The I-CON conference, a debate on hackers, PCS phones useless on Long Island, SBC/Pacific Telesis merger, clarification of last week's religious takeover, how NYNEX busy signals can be harassing.

  14. Emmanuel is frustrated by junk mail, a phone nightmare in Ontario (the Sommi story), Low Tek of Atlanta talks about the breakup of last week's $2600 meeting, a call from Manitoba, Garth Brooks announced as an opening act for Beyond HOPE, Monroe calls after a long absence, a mysterious box downtown.

  15. Internet spammers and how to deal with them, Mudge from The L0pht explains their assault on Windows NT, Phiber and Mudge discuss s-key, the Ontario Sommi case is resolved.  (Midway through the show, Claude the studio engineer unwittingly patched out the signal to the telephone lines resulting in callers not being able to hear the station over the phone.  This made it seem as if none of the callers were paying attention when they called in, resulting in Emmanuel getting increasingly exasperated.  Eventually, Mudge himself got disconnected and the problem was diagnosed when he and Emmanuel began to converse in touch tones.  Claude delivered a personal apology to all of the listeners for all of the mayhem.)

  16. New "secure" postal barcodes, the dangers of laser pointers (Vinnie's tale), the Bell Atlantic merger is approved, an area code quiz, overlay area codes to go into effect in 240, 443, 410, 301, the potential for overlays in the 212/646 split, calling test numbers for new area codes, the future of 311 and 711, 611 changing numbers, comparing services in New York and New Jersey, shopping for a cordless phone, billing numbers by fooling ANI, the cost of overseas information.

  17. Cable companies plan on reducing quality, Omnipoint bypasses *67 on voice mail, Rebel tries to trick ANI and bill a call to another number.

  18. More dark and sinister tales of hackers with no real details, an Iowa student hacker is sentenced for an unbelievable crime, a "news" report from a Brussels security conference, Emmanuel decides to get DSS, Scott Skinner talks about DVDs and the future as well as such things as the distinctions between CD ROMs and CD-Rs.

  19. Last show until mid June.  Conservative Party website hacked in England, a listener writes in with another tale of *67 being disabled, Bell Atlantic announces ADSL service to be offered to residential customers, Rebel talks about the 10321 "free" long distance service, Ryan talks about DVD RAM drives, Emmanuel defeats a COCOT and makes a discovery on how to bypass the automated NYNEX directory assistance system, a caller gets hit with calls to Bangladesh, a call from Australia.  Scott Sommer from Housing Notebook returns from a demonstration in Albany to save rent control.

  20. The massive archiving of all previous editions of Off The Hook proves to be an educational experience, Off The Hook will broadcast live from the Beyond HOPE conference, Emmanuel goes to PC Expo, the Associated Press tells mistruths about Kevin Mitnick, the White House may back down on the Communications Decency Act and allow for self regulation of the Internet.

  21. The CD player malfunctions, Rebel becomes Phiber Optik, Emmanuel mysteriously appears on the phone and turns into two people, Omnipoint introduces voice dialing, Kevin Mitnick is sentenced, Emmanuel's report on DSS and the lack of real choice, Emmanuel jumps the turnstile after a Metrocard malfunction, NASA claims $10,000 damage to their website, Emmanuel's American Express adventure.

  22. The Communications Decency Act is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the Chinese take back Hong Kong, the increased success of Metrocard is analyzed, Microsoft is hit by a denial of service attack and comes up with a plan for people in cars, Phiber explains supervised release as the conditions for Minor Threat's and Kevin Mitnick's supervised release are revealed, Phiber's phone crashes, another Indonesian website is hacked, Emmanuel's advice on getting NYNEX payphones fixed.

  23. Phiber causes a panic on the net and CERT drops the ball, new problems with Metrocard, Emmanuel tries to arrange a Fedex pickup through the web, AT&T poses as a consumer group, experiments with Frontier Long Distance and third number billing.

  24. Beyond HOPE preview, Seraf talks about military sites probing the HOPE website, an explanation on what Phiber did to the net last week, Rebel talks about third number billing, what happens to extra change in payphones, Phiber tries to explain the difference between landline and cellular calls in terms of light.

  25. Mysterious noises sounding suspiciously like the sounds from Contact come out of nowhere, Pam and David preview Beyond HOPE, Emmanuel gets an Omnipoint phone and selects a ring type over the air, Emmanuel's nightmare with Omnipoint, why there isn't any GSM competition, the 10 megabit connection for the conference is confirmed.

  26. The last show before Beyond HOPE, Pam talks about what to expect, Emmanuel's battery problems on his new Ericsson phone, Wicked David describes a crosstalk problem with Omnipoint, Emmanuel defends printing information on credit cards.

  27. A special edition of Off The Hook broadcast live from the Beyond HOPE conference at the Puck Building in New York City.  Guests include Major Hacking, Cyberjunkie, Bernie S., Veggie, Mike Roadancer, Steve Rambam, Paul from, as well as a special media panel (Paper Tiger, Cyberwire Dispatch, Netly News, Japanese TV, Internet Underground).  Listen for the ring voltage complete with Caller ID data every time phone calls are taken.  This show is in two parts.

  28. The theme is lost, post Beyond HOPE retrospective, media highlights, more Omnipoint problems and how they almost kept the Mitnick panel from happening.  Highlights of the conference are gone over by Netweasel, Seraf, Izaac, Patty, Zap, Gorph, Rebel, Meme, and Chris the sound man.  A half hour of We The People with Jerry Brown precedes.

  29. The FCC approves the Bell Atlantic takeover of NYNEX, talk of Liberty Cable/RCN and the FX network, a survey of NYNEX operators, Emmanuel gets his first Omnipoint bill, why certain parts of the city have weird GSM problems, Emmanuel reaches a credit limit with American Express, AT&T responds to the 10321 people, a report on Nextel, Emmanuel and Phiber debate over Omnipoint features and flaws.

  30. A preview of next week's ADSL show and an explanation of the differences between it and ISDN, Emmanuel tries to send email and get weather forecasts live through Omnipoint, trying to get nationwide directory assistance, a federal judge rules against encryption restrictions, a hacker pleads guilty, a new book called @Large is released, a new area code (347) is announced for Brooklyn.

  31. Emmanuel resolves some of his Omnipoint problems, an evaluation of Nextel, Bell Atlantic takes over NYNEX recordings, members of the Breaking News Network are indicted for monitoring pager traffic, Nettwerk talks about ADSL in Canada and the prospects for the United States, Emmanuel and Phiber make a wager, a listener calls from Utah.

  32. A new bill to control encryption looms, a cellular phone service that provides anonymity is introduced, pagers to provide limited web access, Bernie S. describes his Sprint PCS service a year after his release, more talk of the Breaking News Network story, the anti-Rebel algorithm is tested, another call from Utah.

  33. Emmanuel calls Phiber using a prepaid calling card sent in by a listener, the SAFE bill is analyzed, Porkchop discusses the upcoming live RealAudio setup, Emmanuel talks about his headlight ticket snafu, HR2369 is discussed, more talk of Omnipoint bypassing privacy, the effect of radio waves on health.

  34. $2600 releases information on White House pager traffic, ABC News covers the story, Pam talks about why she put the actual data on her web page, Bernie S. offers insight into how such things are done, spam victim Dylan discusses what Internet users can do to fight junk email.

  35. A RealAudio show featuring callers from around the country, Emmanuel looks forward to the day WBAI is on the net around the clock, fighting for the 212 area code, Emmanuel gets a letter from the National Security Council, trashing is made illegal in Connecticut, Emmanuel overhears a supposedly private conversation at the Sprint PCS offices, Izaac gives an update on the Beyond HOPE RealAudio project, Bell Atlantic begins to convert payphones in Manhattan, Manos challenges a caller claiming to be in Greece.

  36. Emmanuel calls a continuous string of AT&T recordings and begins using Sprint PCS service as well as Omnipoint.  This show was the first to be sent to a much larger number of people on the net thanks to other servers signing on.  A real milestone is a call from England.  Logs revealed listeners in China, South Korea, and Holland as well.  Also: calling a new victim hotline that gives updates on prisoner status, Phiber appears on NBC Nightly News and Emmanuel shows up on Good Morning America.

  37. Another worldwide broadcast, Emmanuel has trouble with SMS on his phone and offers another perspective on the Iraqi crisis, Phiber talks about a patch to Netscape that enhances encryption, Canadian PCS update, a Chicago listener sends in a CTA card which is the exact same format as New York's Metrocard, Emmanuel is forced to give out his password over the air, E-Z Pass is used to track criminals, Emmanuel reads a list of prisoners in China sentenced to die for minor crimes.  This show took place on Election Day.

  38. Emmanuel demonstrates how black can equal white via Omnipoint Voicemail, Porkchop explains what is needed locally for the RealAudio project to succeed, the new Pentium bug is explained and code is given out detailing how to crash almost any system on the net, Emmanuel saves a major television network from embarrassment, Worldcom decides to officially buy MCI, Bernie S. talks about the Phone Miser, Bell Atlantic's new name delivery service, tracking people through their cell phones, a cyber agent arrests a cyber criminal in a cyber sex sting.

  39. Trouble with the theme, Maurice from Xs4all tells how that Dutch provider is refusing to monitor a user at the request of the police, 200 Internet listeners this week, New Jersey teenagers to be tracked by satellite, patches to last week's Pentium bug, listener mail, ADSL update from the West Coast, the 999 exchange to New York City's fire department.

  40. A show dedicated to freedom.  A British hacker has charges against him dropped, Phiber's probation finally ends, a DVD crack is reported, a hacker named Rhosts explains how he hacked a NASA website, how he was caught, what happened to him, and why he fears for his freedom.  A brief explanation of the $2600 financial problems and a mention of Harper's reprinting of the White House pager traffic released by hackers.

  41. Schedule changes on WBAI include having a former fed doing the show before Off The Hook and Arab Voices following, more ADSL updates from Alabama, ATM implemented in New Brunswick (Canada), Congressional hearings on blocking pornography on the Internet from children, Emmanuel points out the injustice of the TV-MA rating on commercial television, a non-licensed radio station in Philadelphia protests an FCC shutdown, how to send anonymous mail via Netscape, a hazard of Internet Explorer's ActiveX, sites blocked by CyberPatrol, Emmanuel and Phiber read entries from the Yahoo! search engine, a caller from Kentucky reveals a security hole in BellSouth payphones, the new fee for 800 numbers from payphones implemented by the FCC.

  42. Yahoo! is hacked by a group demanding the release of Kevin Mitnick, a call to arms on the Mitnick case, an Argentinean hacker enters a plea in the United States, a GSM hack is described, Emmanuel has battery problems on his Sprint phone and has more fun at Radio Shack, confusion rises over the new 800 number fees, Emmanuel goes to court to battle a confusing traffic ticket, weather problems on Omnipoint.

  43. A 700 Club report on hackers, Emmanuel reports on the Internet World show and the attempts to put the "Free Kevin" display on the web browsers there, an update on Omnipoint service, the FCC raids micropower radio stations, Phiber arrives late, clarification of the supposed Yahoo! virus, the new 800 number fee opens up the potential for fraud, Phiber responds to Mr. Upsetter on cracking GSM, Emmanuel's Samsung/Sprint PCS/Radio Shack nightmare continues, JP from AntiOnline talks about his website that was shut down by the University of Pittsburgh.

  44. A letter from Phiber dispels ADSL myths, a call for more international coverage on the show, a clarification on HAGIS, a "random URL" service, a potential Metrocard problem, more stupidity from school administrators, potential health problems associated with GSM phones, Bernie S. reports on strange Omnipoint posters in Philadelphia, Emmanuel figures out the problem with his Sprint PCS phone and issues a challenge, a website of prostitution suspects is put up by the St. Paul police department, a new bill looms that would criminalize mere possession of $2500 or more of copied software, Rebel plays another of his songs from the past, a call comes in from Singapore.

  45. Clinton signs the ill-advised bill mentioned last week, a Nextel story, Phiber comments on the GSM health question, haggis websites, Porkchop gives a RealAudio update, word of a future split in the 516 area code, a review of 1997 and a look ahead to 1998, news of Radio Peace International, new unfair FCC charges.  (Emmanuel was sick as a dog during this show.)

Off The Hook - 1998

  1. The new copyright law - music lovers may be safe but font lovers may not be, the uncertainty of the next edition of Off The Hook, clarification of Radio Peace International, a review of the Cellularvision ISP, Phiber gets a new GSM phone and programs a unique ring, how to get even with the FCC's new 800 number policy by giving out their own 800 number, Emmanuel winds up in a voice mail dead end when trying to reach a new exchange, Nextel phones cause interference, Emmanuel and Phiber create a new technology to scare people, the Associated Press gets Kevin Mitnick's name wrong, sending a fax to Phiber's GSM phone, the rumor of a new fee for Internet connections returns.

  2. Emmanuel has temporary amnesia because of the long period of time between shows, the entire Clinton scandal came and went while the show was off the air, the drive to outlaw sales of used software, dispelling the rumors of a new FCC fee on data connections, a high school student is expelled for writing an article on hacking, the case of the allegedly gay person who was kicked out of the Navy because his information was given out by AOL, Bell Atlantic's ADSL plans, an update on cable modems, Omnipoint continues its expansion, IDT offers five cent a minute phone service over the Internet, a listener has a run-in with a New Jersey ISP, the low-tech Metrocard hack, a dialing trick to get lower rates from Bell Atlantic payphones.

  3. A warning from the Coast Guard on telephone fraud, AOL raises its prices, a report on international encryption controls, Monica Lewinsky's email address, ACLU information, Emmanuel and Bernie S. have an adventure with a payphone in Philadelphia, an interview with Owen Davis who runs and, timing the response of 411, Phiber's Omnipoint bill goes down, an update on US West implementation of ADSL, complaints about useless and annoying Bell Atlantic features.

  4. Employees are captured on cameras committing crimes in a bathroom, more annoying Bell Atlantic services, a listener has a mysterious encounter with a beeper number, crashes because of a destructive backup, attorney Roger Slates discusses the status of the Kevin Mitnick case three years after his imprisonment, the frustration of having to deal with 200 million pages of evidence that the government won't allow Mitnick to look at, ways people can get involved.

  5. Announcement for an upcoming microbroadcasters' convention, an experiment involving cell phones, interview with Paul Figueiredo who has challenged the Nabisco Corporation by registering, word of a service offering free PPP, clarification of terms for Kevin Mitnick's eventual release, a defense of Bell Atlantic engineers, a caller accuses phone companies of fraud with relation to Caller ID.

  6. Everything in the studio is broken, Emmanuel describes a war that has been raging in the $2600 channel of Internet Relay Chat, the Pentagon hackers are allegedly found and questions are raised as to Janet Reno's true motives, Bernie S. describes how new laws will make it possible to charge even more people with crimes similar to his, an update from Steal This Radio and Radio Mutiny, a Bell Atlantic telephone play on the new 646 area code.

  7. New Mexico passes a new indecency act, the latest from the Pentagon hackers, free PPP clarification, Swedish phone rates, tales of stupidity from high schools, Steal This Radio gets a visit from the FCC, Bernie S. tries to find a guest, Emmanuel has new problems with Sprint PCS as they expand and begins getting advertisements on his Omnipoint phone, how cellular service has changed over the years, info on AT&T PCS, Emmanuel's dream of the future of portable phones.

  8. shuts down, an Israeli hacker takes credit for February's Pentagon intrusions, comparing alternative local phone companies, the and websites, concern over video camera surveillance, Emmanuel tries to get a secret phone number out of Omnipoint and has a conversation with himself, an Elvis phone company recording, revelation of a scam involving fraudulent Omnipoint accounts and the dangers of giving out Social Security Numbers to phone companies.

  9. The Bell Atlantic play on the new 646 area code is played in its entirety, talk of trouble in the 978 area code, Emmanuel and Bernie S. try to solve some listener phone mysteries, talk of consumer pen registers, the Binary Brothers and VarTec Communications introduce the 1010811 carrier access code along with a whole lot of confusing terms, an appeal is made for an expert witness for Kevin Mitnick, the Israeli prime minister praises "The Analyzer," previews of I-CON and the microbroadcasting convention, a weird door entry system is forced upon residents in New York City.

  10. Bell Atlantic attempts to change the terms of an agreement, CyberPromotions settles a lawsuit, final details on the upcoming microbroadcasting convention, an interview with Kevin Mitnick's lawyer, Donald Randolph.  Topics include the details of Monday's hearing where Mitnick was denied bail as well as the right to review the 9.75 gigabytes of evidence on a computer, the public reaction to the judge's actions, the problems of reviewing such a huge amount of evidence, ways the public can help.

  11. Daylight Savings Time causes confusion, Bernie S. reveals some interesting theories from Sprint representatives, Emmanuel uncovers a way to get billing information for any Sprint PCS customer, a report on what went on at the microbroadcasting convention in Philadelphia, the state of radio in the United States, word of a magazine devoted to microbroadcasting (Hobby Broadcasting), controversy over water companies gaining access to customer phone lines, instructions on visitor entry systems in apartment buildings and rumors of a master code that allows entry into buildings.

  12. GSM is cracked, an interview with one of the people behind it: Marc Briceno of the Smartcard Developer Association. Omnipoint claims there is "no risk of fraud," a discussion of what will be involved in fixing this, allegations that the algorithm was cracked because it was kept secret as well as the possibility that the algorithm was deliberately weakened, the possibility that someone else may have done this before.  Also: more high school harassment, cellular cloning.

  13. Last show for the next few weeks, an MTV system is hacked, another pirate station is silenced, Kevin Mitnick's judge is revealed to not be as clueless as she appears, an FBI report on computer breaches is challenged by a privacy expert, an update on encryption from England, military computer systems and the nation's power grid said to be at great risk, a Canadian hacker is caught by NASA, Omnipoint reverses its lack of concern over last week's GSM crack and revises its algorithm, the Trenton Computer Festival, letters from Australia and Argentina, Emmanuel gets weird numbers on his Caller ID and tries to social engineer the GETS system, an official White House recording, complaints about Ultima Online.

  14. First show in a month.  Emmanuel announces a "new law" requiring WBAI to air commercials, Mitnick's bail hearing is denied, "Free Kevin" bumper stickers begin to appear, Emmanuel reports on his trip to the Dayton Hamvention, New Republic comes out with a fraudulent article on hackers, Signal Magazine accuses $2600 members of plotting with Japanese nationals to hack into sensitive computer systems, media reports of hacker threats in front of Congress, students are disciplined for distributing flyers about the Mitnick case, an organization known as FIRN explains why it blocks the $2600 website, the U.S. Navy is accused of attempting to hack into the Whale and Dolphin Preservation Society's computer system, more problems with Sprint PCS and their voice mail system, Emmanuel reveals how to shut down certain ATMs as a protest against the ATM fees.

  15. A brief look at Negativland's anti-Pepsi campaign, Emmanuel discovers the prevalence of Nike, Emmanuel goes to Amsterdam and reports on the prevalence of GSM and the image of Americans, the entire United States pager network goes down due to a satellite problem, Janet Reno comments on how confusing computers are, the backlash from the L0pht statement to Congress, new fees placed on phone bills, a change in the way Bell Atlantic handles refunds, Emmanuel sets the record straight on his connection to the Hackers movie, Media One heavily advertises broadband in the midwest, GTE and ADSL, the last show from the 8th Avenue studios.

  16. The first show from the new Wall Street studios, a brand new telephone number, a new local phone company (TCG instead of Bell Atlantic), an explanation of some of the new charges that are appearing on all phone bills, Bell Atlantic offers to "protect" customer privacy, Izaac relates his PCS nightmare in Atlanta and Emmanuel smashes his phone, a new offer from Sprint PCS, Emmanuel demonstrates how it's possible to appear to spoof Caller ID on Omnipoint phones, Sprint unveils a $2 billion network that promises to revolutionize the industry within a year, the "love" beeper, $2600 moves to a new website, credit card snafus, local callers are no longer cut off after a certain number of rings when calling the show.  Because of the transition to the new studio, there is some distortion at times during the show.

  17. Getting used to the new studios, an update on Turkish hackers, "Free Kevin" bumper stickers and virtual stickers appearing around the world, hacking reports from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a new film based on the book Takedown is announced, report from Summercon, a $2600 reader is threatened by International Churches of Christ for expressing support of a hacked web page, PCS in the south, Emmanuel tries to help a caller with a weird fax problem.

  18. The move to the final new studio is completed, update on the Takedown film, looking for the number to Miramax, Fill gives an update on the site, a look at a hacked website that got Mitnick news out, hacker insurance from ICSA, Tersian tells a horror story about Bell Atlantic and ISDN, Rebel calls from California.

  19. The script to Takedown is obtained, Emmanuel changes his views on whether the film should be made at all, the entire character list is read, Fill, Porkchop, and Emmanuel read excerpts and discuss the implications of the extremely negative portrayal of Kevin Mitnick as well as the many facts that are left out and the glaring technical inaccuracies, what people can do to get involved, the Mitnick Defense Fund continues to grow, "Free Kevin" bumper stickers start showing up everywhere, a caller expresses concern over Emmanuel's recent demonic appearance in the New York Times.

  20. More research is done on the Takedown script, a connection to the writer of Hackers is revealed, Fill joins the Skeet Ulrich Fan Club and the Miramax Cafe, Mojo raises questions on how far the truth can be stretched when dealing with public figures in films, the Kevin Poulsen article for ZDTV on the Takedown script, bad news in the world of microbroadcasting as Free Radio Berkeley is shut down and Radio Mutiny in Philadelphia is raided, New York loses another alternative FM station, how the Internet is leveling the playing field, New York City's Metrocard is successfully cloned, an AOL hacker is sentenced, how the "Free Kevin" message is being spread on the net and the streets, Emmanuel breaks his Sprint phone yet again and has it turned on quicker than ever, news on the WIPO bill.

  21. Emmanuel and friends cause commotion at the debut of unlimited use Metrocards by giving away subway rides, the campaign against Takedown intensifies, reader mail, Emmanuel has trouble finding a copy of The Fugitive Game to give to Skeet Ulrich who appears to have moved away, a meeting is announced to plan a demonstration against Miramax, a full list of contact numbers and addresses, a new action alert is released, Netweasel debates a caller on hacker ethics, more plans are discussed, talk of new local phone companies.

  22. Omnipoint introduces Power On which appears to be a campaign of unsolicited junk mail on PCS phones, Emmanuel and friends have the cops called on them when they give away unlimited Metrocard fares in the subway, Emmanuel and friends are kicked out of a Miramax building when they show up with a camera, a request to interview Skeet Ulrich is turned down, a report from Friday's organizational meeting, a demonstration outside Miramax is planned for Thursday afternoon, "Free Kevin" buttons are introduced along with a second order of bumper stickers, a Chicago Fox affiliate's website is hacked with a "Free Kevin" message, a caller believes Kevin Mitnick is racist based on the script.  The audio is a bit slow on most of the show.

  23. The WIPO bill is passed, EFF cracks DES, is revealed to be a hoax and has their website hacked, the Suffolk County Police Department reveals its wariness of $2600, the demonstration against Miramax takes place and gets major media coverage, two more script revisions are released with some major changes but still a lot of problems, plans for the filming of a $2600 documentary are announced as Emmanuel and crew head out across the nation, Emmanuel's horrible airline experience, Sprint PCS service worsens, Emmanuel has a positive Omnipoint experience.

  24. Emmanuel calls in from Oklahoma and relates the many encounters with police that the film crew has had, Fill reports on an MSNBC chat with Kevin Mitnick's lawyer, the film crew visits an 18-wheeler preacher, the Computer Emergency Response Team, questions as to whether any damage at all was caused by Mitnick, a fourth revision of the Takedown script is released, a discussion of the real reasons why Mitnick became a fugitive, an encounter with Oral Roberts University, Porkchop tells of the differences between New York and all of the other cities the crew has gone through, a new scam involving three-way calling from Bell Atlantic.

  25. Emmanuel calls in from Los Angeles.  Fill reports on the short-lived Bell Atlantic strike, the unveiling of Back Orifice by the Cult of the Dead Cow and Microsoft's response, corporate mergers, Emmanuel goes to the wrong Las Vegas, report from Defcon, the San Diego $2600 meeting, Nu Image refuses to talk about the Takedown script, the latest script revision incorporates the "Free Kevin" movement, Emmanuel and the camera crew "visit" Kevin Mitnick across the street from the prison and annoy federal authorities, Agent Steal is returned to prison, Emmanuel and the camera crew climb the Hollywood hill, major problems with Sprint PCS in California, a caller questions the worthiness of the "Free Kevin" movement.

  26. Lots of technical problems as Emmanuel calls in on his Sprint PCS phone from the Bay Area, the hacker relation to the Clinton scandal as defined by the media, the latest changes to the Takedown script include changing the name of The Well to The Ball, Shimomura is spotted on the Takedown set instructing Skeet Ulrich on how to portray Kevin Mitnick, the Vatican goes online, a report on the handing out of "Free Kevin" literature outside a famous Los Angeles theater, Claude and Fill have difficulty reestablishing contact with Emmanuel, AT&T announces a $3 charge for people who don't use their service, Sprint PCS turns Emmanuel's voice into something completely unrecognizable, the prevalence of DSL in California.

  27. Still more technical problems with the WBAI phone system, Emmanuel calls in from Alabama, Hurricane Bonnie headed straight for the Takedown set, the latest from the US West and SNET strikes, the silencing of microbroadcasting, a sobering reminder of life in prison for Kevin Mitnick, more news on Back Orifice.

  28. Emmanuel returns and tells how the filming turned out, the race to meet Hurricane Bonnie in Wilmington, how Waffle House rescued the crew from the hurricane, how the Takedown crew was tracked down, what happened when Emmanuel and crew tried to interview the Takedown people, life under a curfew in Wilmington, Bryan and Exceed describe the life-risking adventure on the Hollywood hills, Porkchop and Fill add perspective to the entire trip, a letter from Julia Menapace tells another side of the Takedown story, the Supreme Court turns down Kevin Mitnick's appeal, Emmanuel describes a low-speed chase in Wilmington involving the film crew, a strange phone rings in the studio, Emmanuel chooses GSM over CDMA, Sprint PCS sort of introduces voice mail.

  29. The MTV web page is NOT hacked, an Internet child pornography ring is shut down, Emmanuel calls a long distance verification number for LCI that produces a recording of the customer agreeing to sign up, Freddy the Phone Fraud Fox makes local appearances, a new type of phone fraud called cramming is introduced, Bell Atlantic three-way calling scam.

  30. The New York Times website is hacked in the middle of one of the busiest news periods in history, Congress forces indecent material to be put on the net, media coverage of the hack and the connection to Kevin Mitnick, a hidden fact about the Kenneth Starr report, Simson Garfinkel comments on the implications of the New York Times incident as well as the technical means that allowed it to happen, the hidden message in the page source, Fox distorts the story in a really bad way.

  31. A special new caller only program, a US West employee ties up computer processor time in the search for a new prime number, a controversy looms for the allocation of the .us top level domain, more hypocrisy from the New York Times, Emmanuel reads ignored letters to the Times and CNN, a possible way around new long distance company charges, the difference between long distance, in-state long distance, and regional calls, Emmanuel gets a whole lot of new useless phone features, battling beeper harassment.

  32. The White House website is NOT hacked, comparisons of sentences for serious crimes with the time Kevin Mitnick has already served, EC cards are cracked, a demonstration of Sprint PCS numeric paging, a demonstration of microbroadcasters is planned, Chancellor Media on the verge of owning 500 radio stations, news departments at radio stations are disappearing and being replaced by outside monopolies, Emmanuel gets spam from anti-spammers, a look at the legalities of spam, the threat of the CDA sequel, email to a listener from John Markoff.  Listen for the disguised Rebel call.

  33. Emmanuel demonstrates a special test mode on his Sprint PCS phone, a live demonstration of Net2Phone from IDT, Bernie S. offers insight into developments in the Mitnick case, theories as to why none of the evidence has been looked at with three months until the trial, comparisons to the Kenneth Starr prosecution, AT&T's new "Chat and Talk" service, Sprint's new "Short Calls Free" service, Bell Atlantic makes a DSL announcement, problems with the new $20 bill, phone service lost in Oklahoma, preparations for the year 2000 bug, an update on the Long Island Telephone company.

  34. The last show until November, the tenth anniversary of Off The Hook, Emmanuel is frustrated by the many new charges on phone bills, AT&T deceives consumers with its One Rate Plus program, the attempt to remove long distance charges from a line with no long distance, Bell Atlantic introduces Private Reach Service which enables unlisted numbers to be called, broad new surveillance legislation is passed behind closed doors, another setback for Kevin Mitnick, hackers get blamed for nearly everything computer related, Emmanuel tries to get rate information for the 767 area code, WEBtv spies on its users, how to combat slamming, DSL makes its way into New York via Eclipse and Concentric

  35. Election Day coverage from Pacifica delays the show for ten minutes.  ABC posts fictitious election results on its web page a day before the election, Buffnet is raided by New York's Attorney General, BillSF visits from Amsterdam, Emmanuel visits a federal prison in the middle of Philadelphia, revisiting the Bernie S. case, Kerry gives an update on the Mitnick website and the latest in the case, an article on "hacktivism" appears in the New York Times, AT&T gives the time on long distance calls between time zones, the tenth anniversary of the Internet Worm, Kevin Mitnick's grandmother has a mild heart attack.

  36. Trouble with the theme, Bernie S. talks about Philadelphia's new federal prison, the majority of African Americans between 18 and 34 to be imprisoned within a few years if current trends continue, how federal cases have little to do with the truth, California teenagers accused of hacking the Pentagon are sentenced, a teenager is publicly accused of downloading child pornography, a new set of federal regulations require all ISPs to register with the government, a Y2K update from England, Agent Steal becomes a fugitive again, Xs4all is summoned to court for refusing to monitor a user account, positive developments on encryption from Finland, Izaac demonstrates a Sprint PCS mystery, weirdness with forwarding, Omnipoint completely reverses its marketing strategy, a Sprint PCS employee calls in.

  37. More trouble with the theme, a pirate radio station in Los Angeles is shut down by the FCC, the corruption of radio, listener feedback, a communique from Agent Steal that defends his actions against Kevin Mitnick and others, focus on the Y2K problem, readings from various websites, some funny products for sale, Izaac and Ray offer expertise on how Y2K may affect anything from nuclear weapons to Social Security, why burying your money won't help, Emmanuel encourages listeners to watch for meteors.

  38. AOL announces a takeover of Netscape, Rop and Izaac offer analysis, Barry from Holland asks for help from the listeners in identifying a strange radio signal, the difference in scanner laws between the United States and Europe, Emmanuel identifies the mysterious theme for last week's Y2K feature, what the "Free Kevin" movement really stands for, Alexis Rosen from Panix describes their debut of DSL service in the New York area, Emmanuel tries to come up with a better way of saying WWW, ways of countering spam.

  39. Emmanuel solicits funds to cover a malfunctioning parking meter downstairs, new allegations are raised in the Mitnick case concerning an FBI informant having access to Kevin's former lawyer's office, Kevin Poulsen offers insight into the latest developments and background on the case, suggestions for Y2K preparedness, debate on whether copying software should be considered stealing.

  40. Agent Steal is apprehended, Kevin Poulsen tells the story of his capture, Micah confronts the Washington Post over false reporting in the Kevin Mitnick story, the myth of Mitnick being on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list is addressed, the judge in the case responds to Kerry's request for financial disclosure in a somewhat volatile way, the trial is postponed until April, another suggestion on how to say WWW, the need for students to be aware of their rights, Izaac brings in an MRE.

  41. An unusually political show focusing on the dramatic events of the day including the bombing of Iraq and the impeachment of President Clinton.  Emmanuel discusses the importance of WBAI's unique coverage and shows how bias exists in all media outlets and how too many people accept what they are told without questions, how all of this relates to the world of hackers.  Also: increased control of the Internet in Yugoslavia, anti-Mitnick sentiment, developments in Croatia, Rwanda, and Central America.  Emmanuel tries to call Iraq and gets through to the White House.

  42. The last show of 1998.  Emmanuel, Izaac, Porkchop, and Bernie S. talk about the most memorable events of the year including a rundown of the "Free Kevin" movement and the making of Takedown, website hacks, previews of Y2K, the microbroadcasting battle, corporate ownership, the Pentagon hackers, Wired reports on "hackers" in China being sentenced to death, the Guinness Book of World Records spreads more inaccuracies about Mitnick, the question of who Shimomura was working for is raised again, Six Flags gets hacked, a clarification on the upcoming $2600 meeting.

Off The Hook - 1999

  1. Problems making a phone call, the first Y2K problems start to appear, Patty gives an update on a disturbing change in the Kevin Mitnick saga, Frank from the Chaos Computer Club explains a coordinated reaction to a statement by the Legions of the Underground threatening electronic sabotage against China and Iraq, the mysterious death of Tron, the Chaos Communication Congress, AOL tries to block AT&T from saying "You have mail," Coca Cola on its way to resolving Y2K problems, a library is sued for allowing access to pornography on the net, online holiday sales set a record, Sprint is robbed in Las Vegas, Bell Atlantic considers taking over Airtouch, the latest on the Agent Steal arrest, Steal This Radio comes back on the air, hacking in the future, 1010502# gets free phone calls.

  2. Confusion reigns over the scheduling of Off The Hook due to the fundraiser and the Clinton trial, the debate on how to keep kids away from adult websites continues, Emmanuel is accused of running a toll by the E-Z Pass people, a teenager is believed to have run away from home because of the Internet, a federal 888 number devoted to the Y2K issue, a Rhode Island hacker is sentenced to prison but the judge questions much of the government's allegations, Clinton singles out hackers as enemies of peace, the Mitnick trial is postponed until April 20, the frustration of trying to prepare his defense, Philadelphia begins mandatory ten digit dialing, Emmanuel advises people to listen to the Clinton trial.

  3. An unexpected show as the marathon drive is postponed again, a European plan for mass monitoring is revealed, another look at the Y2K problem, Emmanuel predicts that nothing at all will happen, some of the more ridiculous things coming out of the Y2K scare, Bell Atlantic mails a flyer to its customers promoting free three-way calling, taxes and fees on a typical phone bill skyrocket, a call to Bell Atlantic's recorded info, a $25 check scam from AT&T, an update on the $2600 film, New York may soon require ten or eleven digit dialing, a tribute to Tom Pomposello.

  4. Emmanuel goes to the Clinton trial and discusses the security arrangements, what really goes on on the Senate floor, Bernie S. talks about the COPA case, the FCC proposes licensing microbroadcasting stations, the dangers of the corporate takeover of the radio spectrum, the story of the WXPN takeover, Emmanuel suggest that corporate entities give back excess stations to the communities, a suggestion on how to refer to the broadcast networks by their rightful names.

  5. Emmanuel catches the flu, an accidental disclosure of private greeting cards on the web by Hallmark, comments on revisionism in the media, the military purges its websites, a Long Island family is a target of cyberslander, Bronc discusses hacking Chinese websites and the Legions of the Underground, $2600 makes a correction to the Guinness Book of Records via the site, a summary of Windows Refund Day, the fourth anniversary of Kevin Mitnick's arrest passes, Emmanuel declares himself President of the Internet.

  6. A late-breaking news item - hackers are reported to have taken over British military satellites and issued a blackmail threat, Emmanuel admits that hackers are evil and that Western civilization is threatened by their existence, a new bill to ban digital decrypting technology moves closer to law, states are found to be selling personal info to credit card companies, the Secret Service connection, another child pornography case on the net involving the military, cleaning up military websites, Space Rogue of the Hacker News Network offers some enlightening info on the true nature of the British satellite story, a Takedown poster is spotted.

  7. The Reuters story of hackers threatening a military satellite is officially dispelled, a Pennsylvania congressman announces that we are at cyberwar, a man is arrested for terroristic threats for pointing a finger at a Secret Service agent, the disproportionate way law enforcement people are treated, Omnipoint reveals a "no roaming fee" plan but only for certain customers, some Y2K updates, word of an MTV interest in the Mitnick story, a final tribute to Walter.

  8. Al Gore makes an incredibly foolish statement concerning the Internet, AT&T tries to convince Emmanuel to switch his phone line over with a $100 check, Sprint and American Express offer unlimited long distance dialing for a fee with a possible catch, a company advertises hacker backpacks but misrepresents what hackers are, Emmanuel discusses a power loss due to a storm, the FCC chairman tries to dispel rumors about FCC regulation of the Internet, a Y2K scam, Emmanuel violates an explicit warning by reading a fax about a "high tech hustler" named Greg Evans and the book being published about his life, Emmanuel issues an appeal for listeners to get involved in the current New York City police controversy and to listen to an eyewitness account later on the evening news, AT&T reported to backbill customers called from certain hotels, more Omnipoint spam.  [NOTE: The eyewitness account of police brutality mentioned in this show immediately follows this program.]

  9. A tribute to WBAI's program director, Samori Marksman, who died earlier in the day.  Dave Burstein of The Personal Computer Show stops by to share memories and discuss the incredible contributions, history, and significance of this most remarkable person who was largely responsible for the continued survival of WBAI.  Kevin Mitnick is reported to be making a plea arrangement with the government, Macki offers insight into how this information may have been leaked, what it actually means, Bernie S. explains how Kevin could have been forced into this decision, the potential of yet more charges being filed against Kevin, what will happen to the "Free Kevin" movement, why the federal government has a 97 percent success rate in court, the restrictions Kevin will face when he finally is released, Porkchop commits a potential federal crime on the air, a final thought for a tribute to Samori.  Remembering Samori Marksman.

  10. Emmanuel gets arrested in the New York demonstrations against police brutality, a moment by moment account of the experience ranging from the time of arrest to release, Emmanuel manages to make phone calls and send email while enjoying a ride in the paddywagon, an accounting of the 28th precinct - the most dangerous in the city, a realization as to where the enemy really is, the low technology of a police station, Kevin Mitnick agrees to plead guilty in exchange for another year in prison and a whole host of other conditions, why this means the "Free Kevin" movement must continue.

  11. Emmanuel demonstrates the incredible insecurity of the Sprint PCS billing system using Izaac's phone number, a massive amount of web pages are hacked because of the war in Yugoslavia and the plight of a Canadian hacker, Izaac, Porkchop, and Carl discuss the Melissa virus, what David L. Smith actually did to spread the virus, how he was tracked down.

  12. The ACLU expresses concern over Echelon, Emmanuel accidentally dispatches a repair crew from the power company using a touch tone phone, an anonymous tip website allows anyone to view confidential information and people who entered the URL are investigated as criminals, the case of Bill Cheek and how it could adversely affect radio hobbyists, Emmanuel plays with a new service that allows users to send email to a phone account, an interview with Ron Schnell, the founder of Mailcall who happens to be an old friend of Kevin Mitnick.

  13. The CD players malfunction, Emmanuel starts an anti-Giuliani website, the 516 area code is targeted for a split, how to be labeled a terrorist, an update on the Bill Cheek case, charges are dropped against Emmanuel for his March arrest, Bell Atlantic offers a flat rate 19.2k CDPD wireless service.

  14. Connectivity problems make the show harder to hear on the net, Lewis DePayne pleads guilty, Emmanuel discloses federal documents that report losses attributed to Kevin Mitnick and appear to be grossly inflated, Bernie S. comes up with an analogy to the Mitnick case, Pam and Bernie S. recollect events leading to his release from prison, plans are announced for a series of "Free Kevin" protests in conjunction with $2600 meetings, reactions to the shootings in Colorado.

  15. Report from the Trenton Computer Festival, new federal guidelines may affect websites, a tale of a true criminal, questions about the loss figures in the Mitnick case hit the national media, further details on the upcoming "Free Kevin" demonstrations, Emmanuel and Izaac get into an impromptu debate on trenchcoats and school uniforms, a three hour special is announced for the upcoming WBAI fundraiser.

  16. The first fundraising show in quite a while and the first one ever that went out over the net.  Lazlow from commercial radio stops by to outline the differences between WBAI and commercial radio, hypocrisy in U.S. policy towards Yugoslavia, attempting to place a live call to Yugoslavia, an interview with Duska of B92 in Yugoslavia that focuses on the history and future of B92 as well as how the bombings are affecting the people, AT&T possibly blocking all calls to Yugoslavia, a critique of FM radio, the first pledge from overseas, Bernie S. reports on the Dayton Hamvention, an update on the Mitnick case and the government's reaction to $2600's release of damage claims by cellular companies, a list of new cities that will be participating in the "Free Kevin" demonstrations on June 4, a complete playing of the song that comprises the Off The Hook theme, Daniel Morgan of Satellite Watch News tells of a lawsuit brought by DirecTV.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  17. The air conditioning in the studio fails, Emmanuel's confrontation with a federal marshal outside the courthouse in Manhattan, Guy Montag and Kerry discuss preparations for Friday's Washington DC and Los Angeles demonstrations, a "Free Kevin" sticker is spotted on the TV show Felicity, a complete rundown of all the demonstrations, "Free Kevin" is spotted in a comic book, AT&T begins to charge people for getting area codes and Emmanuel confronts them about it, the Senate website is hacked and hackers strike back after FBI raids.

  18. A report on the "Free Kevin" demonstrations including a report from the WBAI Evening News as well as other media outlets, the ongoing question on whether or not it's legal to take pictures of a federal building, a new test number for the 646 area code, more phone scams that get people to spend lots of money dialing numbers, a user is disciplined for portscanning the $2600 website, Rebel demonstrates how callers are automatically routed to an expensive number if they ask an AT&T operator for an area code, demonstrators call in with their experiences, the lack of major media outlets to cover the story, a listener promotes an upcoming movie that features him.

  19. Another virus spreads throughout the Internet leading to questions as to how this could happen again so close to the Melissa virus, Emmanuel attempts to demonstrate the inaccessibility of toll-free information, a call to McAfee, an attempt to get the time of day from an AT&T operator, the summer issue of $2600 is released, a new scam targets Internet users through their phone bill, Emmanuel and Izaac debate the politics of George W. Bush, political parody sites cause controversy, Off The Hook voice mail makes its debut, the Mitnick sentencing is postponed for a month, an insider report on an upcoming MTV special on Kevin Mitnick, a call from Yankee Stadium, Emmanuel bemoans the loss of his area code.

  20. Bernie S. makes his first ever in-studio appearance as he becomes a free man at last, Emmanuel forgets to put quarters in the parking meter downstairs, Bell Atlantic introduces a four digit ANAC, DIVX ceases operations, a Y2K update, Emmanuel refuses to register in order to print out a page, a review of Pirates of Silicon Valley and how TNT deceives its viewers, Carl demonstrates some of the technical inaccuracies in the film, how it's difficult to get alternative views onto TV networks, the Secret Service infiltrates high schools.

  21. Emmanuel's bureaucratic nightmare with the passport agency, a listen to this week's voice mail submissions, announcement of a Palestinian country code (970), Emmanuel is hounded by Republican junk mail, a racist is sent to prison for harassing email, someone inserts a "Free Kevin" message in the Roget's Thesaurus site, an army website is defaced, a disturbing update on the MTV report on Kevin Mitnick, Emmanuel and Izaac debate the wisdom of preventing people under 18 from attending computer shows.

  22. A heat wave strikes New York, a preview of Defcon and the outdoor German hacker camp, why the new $2600 cover is illegal, why unlisted numbers don't protect people's privacy, an update on the IRC network, calling various time numbers, a comparison of the various rates charged at payphones, Omnipoint announces a merge with Voicestream, Emmanuel has multiple monitors shipped because of an encryption error during online shopping, a new net monitoring program is released, a voice mail update, more on the debate about keeping kids out of computer shows.

  23. Emmanuel calls in from Los Angeles, a report on Defcon, the release of BO2K, floods in Las Vegas, a trailer of the $2600 documentary Freedom Downtime is shown at Defcon and the film is scheduled for release in early 2000, a report on the Mitnick sentencing and the debate over restitution, Emmanuel sees Kevin for the first time since his arrest, allegations are brought forward accusing Sprint PCS of billing customers while the phone is ringing.

  24. More on last week's Mitnick sentencing hearing, a report on what it was like to spend time with Kevin's family after the hearing, Porkchop reports that the touch tone fee is alive and well in New Jersey, a critique of hackers who use homophobic speech, reasons why the $2600 site is blocked, a press release from the Cult of the Dead Cow that challenges Microsoft, Emmanuel comments on the increasingly troubling situation involving WBAI's owner (the Pacifica Foundation) and sister station KPFA in Berkeley which has been shut down, censorship on the network.

  25. WBAI goes off the air right before the show airs and returns 15 minutes into it, listener fears that the station has been taken off the air by Pacifica, an update on the KPFA situation, the Kevin Mitnick sentencing is delayed until August 9th for no apparent reason, Izaac reviews Antisniff, a local number gives a strange recording, Emmanuel is denied a passport by the State Department and tries to make an appointment with the Passport Agency on the air, a real-life information operator from TCG.  [Five minutes of dead air precedes the show.  The very beginning of this show consists of random callers who were tied together while the station was still off the air.  At some point during their conversation, the station came back on.]

  26. Production on the film continues, an appeal for audio experts, nobody remembers the number for voice mail, a bill is introduced to fight cybersquatting, Emmanuel's passport arrives with no explanation, an update from "Lake Pacifica", 15,000 people rally to save KPFA, Emmanuel explains why he's proud to be part of Pacifica, the Associated Press makes an incredible typo, the fall of WXPN, a demonstration in front of KPFK, advice from WPKN, the negative changes that have taken place at KPFT, the prospect of selling WBAI.

  27. Kevin Mitnick is finally sentenced, how the $500 million in damage wound up really being around $4,000, Emmanuel addresses morons, a sobering look at the state of the nation's prisons, the cybersquatting bill moves closer to law, KPFA returns to the airwaves, a question as to whether H2K should be held in June or July of 2000, more controversy on another local radio station, a funny recording from a hotel voice mail system in Las Vegas.

  28. Kevin Mitnick is transferred to a county prison, analysis of a Mitnick story in the New York Post, the new prison refuses to serve kosher food to Mitnick, Dan Morgan of Satellite Watch News describes how his magazine has been shut down by DirecTV because of information on encryption that was published, the strong possibility that something like this could hit $2600 and Off The Hook, what people can do to help and why this is important.  This show includes fundraising.

  29. The continuing frustration of the Mitnick ordeal, prosecutor David Schindler is quoted as saying some very negative things about Mitnick on his way to private practice, feedback on the Dan Morgan case, another Microsoft product has its security defeated, Sprint PCS starts to charge customers $3 for paying cash, a listener accidentally meets Kevin Mitnick's grandmother, states and phone companies are found to be making huge amounts of money from prisoner phone calls, a Sprint PCS customer is charged tax for unused minutes, Y2K problems may affect navigation as soon as August, upcoming potential problems on 9/9/99, Emmanuel and Izaac announce their plans for New Year's, the government attempts to gain the ability to covertly access people's computers, George W. Bush attempts to shut down a website that is critical of him, a brief debate on Second Amendment issues, a prisoner challenges the prison phone system, H2K is announced as being held on July 14, 15, and 16, 2000, with the exact location to be announced on Friday on the website.

  30. Emmanuel asks for on-air witnesses to a parking meter snafu, Kevin Mitnick is involved in an automobile accident while being transported to court, the incredible lack of attention to medical conditions in prison, Emmanuel's passport problem is addressed by two congressmen, H2K is officially announced (July 14, 15, and 16, 2000 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York - site of the first HOPE conference in 1994), is routed to, Microsoft's Hotmail is penetrated, Emmanuel combats operators who demand money to identify the location of an area code, overreaction to a person making an electronic threat, information on Working Assets long distance, Emmanuel gets even with AT&T, the lack of a phone number to check the regional carrier assigned to a customer.

  31. Registrations for H2K start coming in, the latest in the low power FM saga including the two major opponents to new radio stations: NAB and NPR, CBS and Viacom announce a merger, Kevin Mitnick is reportedly transferred to Lompoc, the FCC objects to phone companies invading the privacy of individuals, AT&T sends Emmanuel an unrequested Mastercard, AT&T's 700 and 500 service is scheduled to be discontinued, a number is discovered to check the regional carrier assigned to a phone number, the discovery of an "NSA key" in Windows.

  32. Emmanuel finds a video of a film called Takedown, Kevin Mitnick is officially transferred to Lompoc and is no longer able to make collect calls, an appeal for contributions to a new fund, a hacker pleads guilty to altering websites belonging to NATO and the White House, the Matt Drudge website is hacked, the absurdity of sending people to prison for altering web pages, the public's sudden awareness of East Timor, reported Y2K problems from 9/9/99, Emmanuel's electric bill has a beginning date of 1800, suspicion of foreign programmers repairing Y2K problems, a disturbing statistic involving NPR and college radio stations, the 914 area code faces a split, a campaign begins to lower telephone taxes, an automated system to prevent "slamming" is introduced by Bell Atlantic, potential ISDN problems after an area code split.

  33. NSI sends predictable passwords out in cleartext and allows anyone to login as anyone else without a password, highlights of some of the email that was world readable, a major scandal is revealed as Emmanuel demonstrates a hospital dictation system with no passwords that allows anyone to hear private information on patients through a toll-free number, a challenge to the mass media to actually cover this story, information on, how the phone companies rip people off on local payphone calls.

  34. The only news outlet to cover last week's scandal is ZDTV, the hospital system is tracked down and identified as one made by Dictaphone, an Intuit security hole, Emmanuel registers a whole series of domain names using four-letter words through a new registrar, Emmanuel and Izaac debate monopolies, a caller has an interesting perspective on the New York City mosquito crisis, a caller is "pulled back" to AT&T after not paying a bill, rumors of a merger between Sprint and MCI, Emmanuel tries to make a call to the future 631 area code on Long Island.

  35. Emmanuel challenges Izaac to name the new New York City area code (347), testing numbers in the new area code, MCI announces that it will buy Sprint, a new Giuliani website goes online to tackle the New York City museum controversy, excerpts from Kevin Mitnick's mail, prosecutor David Schindler announces a career change, a security hole in the new Sam Donaldson website, talk of expanding the $2600 meetings to every mall in America, yet another radio merger, talk of another Dictaphone system, an explanation of the differences between long distance, regional, and local, a new regulation on E-Z Pass.

  36. An intense critique of the recent MTV feature on hackers, how the producers seemed to have the story written in advance, the complete lack of any mention of Kevin Mitnick, how the entire hacker community was hurt by the program, letters from the public on the MTV show, a listener reveals that his remarks were completely taken out of context.

  37. An Election Day, Emmanuel expresses marvel on the mechanical voting machines, a severe windstorm outside the studio causes havoc, a test of the new 631 area code for the $2600 office, a "hacker" attacks weather sirens and Kentucky officials attempt to figure it out, the ominous features of the Emergency Alert System, private medical records found in a dumpster, an Omnipoint customer service number that hangs up on rotary callers, Emmanuel has a frustrating experience trying to buy a new Sprint phone, Real Networks is implicated in a privacy violation concerning Real Jukebox, Emmanuel plays a cruel trick on Rebel, a caller is prevented from making long distance calls on any carrier.

  38. Microsoft suffers a setback in the courts, a clarification on when $2600 meetings occur, MTV is reported to have a low power radio station in New York City, Xail explains the conditions and technology of his ankle bracelet which monitors his whereabouts, what happens when the unit makes a call, Carnegie Mellon allegedly tries to hack into student machines, a caller has a microchip imbedded in his skin, Emmanuel gets a new Sprint PCS phone that can browse the web and generates an RSA key on the air.

  39. Chinese "hacker" sent to prison, January 21 is proclaimed as Hacker Liberation Day, Seraf analyzes the White House's stand on encryption, a Canadian intelligence agency has an embarrassing breach, how things have changed since Off The Hook began, Emmanuel gets DSL and discovers that access to the router is restricted, Patrice offers a Dutch perspective, a preview of what may happen when Y2K hits, a review of Takedown after it plays at a Chicago film festival, a listener plays a recording of a cop questioning someone about $2600.

  40. More listener outrage at the MTV special, Emmanuel tries to get Izaac to call the MTV show garbage, more info on EAS and how it can be used to suppress freedom of speech, Bernie S. expresses unease at the idea of black boxes for cars, an update on Emmanuel's DSL saga, a warning about Bell Atlantic's supposed relaxation of the data surcharge over ISDN, listener feedback on the Takedown movie, a hacker named Zyklon is sentenced to more than a year in prison and a $40,000 fine simply for putting messages on some high profile websites, the ethics of imprisoning web page hackers.

  41. At literally the very last minute, the regularly scheduled edition of Off The Hook was thrown into disarray by massive civil unrest in Seattle during the meeting of the World Trade Organization.  Reporter Amy Goodman phones in live from the streets of Seattle and describes the rapidly deteriorating situation as tear gas and rubber bullets are fired by the police.  While this is not a show related to the usual subject matter, much of the material is riveting, as Amy is seriously affected by the gas and constantly approached by the police.  All of this takes place as a curfew is imposed on the entire city.

  42. A lawsuit is filed against NSA by EPIC concerning monitoring U.S. citizens, more Y2K hysteria, the Kyl bill is introduced which calls for suspending net access in certain cases as if it were a privilege, an overview of last week's coverage of the Seattle riots including a 15 minute sound collage of pieces obtained over the Internet containing some very dramatic firsthand accounts (listen for the sound of a NGO representative being grabbed by the police while he's explaining things to a small group of people), most of which came from, all of which demonstrate the value of firsthand access to technology and the net.  Also: an interview with Zai of etoy, a group of artists being attacked by a large company with a similar name that has succeeded in shutting down their web page.  (This same group put out the Kevin Mitnick song that was played on the 7/23/96 show.)

  43. Emmanuel refuses to pay an AT&T bill for no service and is tricked into paperless billing on another line, a call to AT&T to try and clear up the mess, Sprint PCS apparently charges customers for failing to connect to the web browser on their phones, E-Z Pass makes access to information harder for their customers, Emmanuel gets a class settlement from NYNEX for screwing up Caller ID Blocking, the absurdity of a form required to visit Kevin Mitnick, a prison newsletter spotlights satellite tracking technology, $2600 opens an online store, the etoy mail server is shut down, callers compare phone charges, Rebel claims to have ended the touch tone fee in New Jersey, the ongoing battle against advertising.

  44. Technical problems cause a delay in the theme, only ten days to go until 2000, why this isn't the end of the century, the Federal Reserve doesn't raise interest rates because of Y2K, preparations for the date change from governments to rebel groups, a Y2K memo at a local university is good for a laugh, how hackers are already being blamed for anything that may go wrong, a plea from the White House for hackers to show restraint, legislation is introduced to prohibit payphones from existing near establishments that sell malt liquor, a review of a 20/20 piece on hackers, the politics of hacking web pages, more advances in global monitoring of individuals, shuttle astronauts have email problems, a town is renamed to, Harvard sues a man for cybersquatting, companies are raided for selling common electronic devices, CNN misrepresents the etoy story.

  45. The last show of the year and the last show before Y2K, a disclosure of who the Y2K theme is performed by, the anticipation of a terrorist attack on Times Square, Emmanuel tries to get Izaac to predict disaster on New Year's, a cartoon from Canada features a $2600 meeting, an official Y2K song, $2600 is threatened with a lawsuit along with many others by the DVD Copy Control Association, Tom Vogt and Matthew Pavlovich tell their stories as codefendants in the lawsuit, an appeal to mirror files on other sites.

Off The Hook - 2000

  1. This was a two hour Saturday morning fill-in on New Year's Day, 2000.  Emmanuel goes into detail on what is wrong with wishing people a Happy New Millennium, a full accounting of the various Y2K non-events, Emmanuel and friends manage to sneak into the very front of the Times Square celebrations, Izaac argues about the potential for terrorism, Emmanuel and Macki reveal their secrets for gaining access to a restricted area, talk of oppressive security measures that may not be removed after New Year's, comparing Times Square to Woodstock, an unusual cover of the New York Times, what to call the new decade, the $2600 voice BBS is reported to be non-Y2K compliant, the exception to the leap year rule, companies that have changed their names because of the new year, bomb-sniffing dogs versus drug-sniffing dogs.

  2. The aftermath of Y2K, Emmanuel berates Izaac because nothing seemed to have happened, Cheerios introduces Millenios with predictions for the future, Bernie S. has a banking misadventure on New Year's Eve, a rundown of the various Y2K snafus that took place from the RISKS Digest, Emmanuel relates the adventure of New Year's Eve in Times Square, a case of computer mischief makes headlines in Germany, Xail is sentenced to a year of "Visionquest Wagon Train," Kevin Mitnick's prison term nears an end, Macki gives an update on the DVD lawsuit against $2600, looking forward to being served with papers, advice to the process servers, an interview with Arthur Kopit, author of Y2K, a play currently running in Manhattan, Bell Atlantic expands into the long distance business.

  3. The last show until February, nine days until Kevin Mitnick's release, an upcoming piece on Mitnick to air on 60 Minutes, a new phone system at the prison that has some scary features, a story about a "hacker" who captured thousands of credit card numbers, a recruitment drive for hackers by the government, Pacific Bell has a major system compromise, an alternative method of making prison calls, Emmanuel continues his battle with AT&T, a discrepancy in AT&T's overseas rates, $2600 is semi-served in the DVD lawsuit, Macki reads selected highlights from the lawsuit that show how unfamiliar with the net the plaintiffs are, the hearing is postponed until next Tuesday - the same day as a local RSA conference, Staples invades its employees' privacy, AOL and Time Warner announce a merger sparking a debate between Emmanuel, Izaac, Macki, Bernie S., and Lister.

  4. A combination of technical blunders, the first show in three weeks with a great deal of ground to cover, a report on the release of Kevin Mitnick on January 21, the weirdness of Lompoc, what it was like to visit Kevin on his last day of prison, Bernie S. discusses what it's really like inside, Kevin to do his first live interview on next week's show, Macki describes how $2600 people wound up ushering the press around Lompoc on the day of Kevin's release, the difficulty of finding a place to read a statement to the media, why Kevin didn't take questions on that day, the difficulty of not violating supervised release and the quest to find Kevin a job, a new mailing address for Kevin, a new lawsuit is filed against Emmanuel in federal court in New York concerning the DeCSS program, what it was like being served with an injunction, the owner of is also served with an injunction, how the defense was only given one day to prepare their entire case, the threat of imprisonment and how a distant Kinko's came to the rescue, what the major motion picture corporations and the Motion Picture Association of America want from this lawsuit, a flyer is drawn up to educate the masses, the overwhelmingly positive support from the public, Jack Valenti of the MPAA calls Emmanuel a pirate and threatens to file a thousand lawsuits a day, the danger of the civil case turning into a criminal case any day because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, etoy is victorious in their fight against Etoys, a listener reports the existence of pirated DVDs in Asia for at least five years, recruiting to take place at Linux Expo in New York later in the week with a massive flyer handout scheduled for every $2600 meeting on Friday.

  5. A momentous show as Kevin Mitnick is interviewed live for the first time anywhere, ominous news from the FSB in Russia, Emmanuel is hit by a parking injustice, the latest on the DVD lawsuit and comments from Linus Torvalds, hackers are blamed for the latest Yahoo! outage, Kevin gives his impressions of the Yahoo! incident, how the New York Times and John Markoff spread false stories about Kevin, the Netcom credit card incident, the cellular fraud aspect of the Mitnick case, why he wanted a copy of VMS, how an informant targeted him, how he violated supervised release, the $300 million price tag claimed by the companies affected, the difference between stealing and copying, the effect of the Mitnick case on future hacker cases, Kevin's eight months of solitary confinement, how people have shown support, Kevin's wish list of videos and music.

  6. The theme gets garbled, an analysis of the Denial of Service attacks and the ignorance the media has shown in blaming the whole mess on hackers, parallels to the DeCSS case, Kevin Mitnick media appearances, Northwest Airlines has the homes of its employees raided and their computers searched for email related to an illegal sickout, federal judges who seem to have lost their minds, President Clinton is the victim of an impostor on a web chat, an interview with Christopher Petro (the imposter) who explains how changing a nickname on IRC was defined by Fox News as a hacker attack, a person loses his job due to the DeCSS controversy, a call for comments on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Emmanuel's DSL woes, some ham radio news.

  7. Emmanuel tries to analyze a phone problem connecting to Bernie S., a rash of frustrating problems involving DSL connectivity, more media coverage of evil hackers, how Bell Atlantic completely screwed up an installation, new legislation that changes the rules of agreeing to a software license, the Leonardo Network is told to stop using their own name, Emmanuel finally gets a collection notice for his unpaid AT&T invoice, a demonstration of how AT&T rips customers off which winds up proving that there are still nice operators, Connectix wins a lawsuit that challenged their reverse engineering of Playstation, Lazlow visits from commercial radio, a call for MPAA members to stand up and be counted, a caller has a problem buying a crystal at Radio Shack.

  8. Bernie S. tries to infiltrate a Secret Service security briefing on the upcoming Republican Party convention in Philadelphia live on the air, a disappointing piece about Echelon on 60 Minutes, Kevin Mitnick is scheduled to testify in front of a Senate subcommittee on Thursday, more anti-hacker rhetoric from the administration, a look at some testimony about hackers on Capitol Hill, problems related to today's unusual date, a resolution to the $2600 DSL problem and a similar tale of woe in Philadelphia, Emmanuel describes the symptoms of Internet withdrawal, some alternative ways to describe people who commit crimes on the net, a new law mandates that as of April 21, email websites cannot offer services to anyone under 13, Forbes unwittingly reprints a $2600 cover.

  9. Kevin Mitnick testifies before a Senate subcommittee, Emmanuel describes what it's like behind the scenes in Congress, a Court TV appearance allows Kevin to be in New York and attend the $2600 meeting there, Bernie S. testifies at a hearing in Philadelphia to challenge laws prohibiting convicted felons from voting and explains the loophole he has been using over the past few years, Izaac debates the issue of race, Emmanuel manages to get the bills from AT&T to stop but has long distance service shut off by them on an unrelated line, Bernie S. finds a taxi with a webcam, the danger of Proposition 21 being voted on in California, Kevin Mitnick to appear on the show next week.

  10. Kevin Mitnick to appear next week instead, "cybercrime" is added to the dictionary, a new government site on electronic crimes opens with a plagiarized privacy statement, a quiz on which governmental agencies handle which crimes, the first Internet related insider trading case, the battle against anonymity on the net, a brokerage firm retracts an accusation of a "hacker attack," a hacker named Coolio is targeted by the authorities solely because of his name, the Secret Service wants to infiltrate schools, an explanation as to why shows haven't been appearing on the site, H2K registration issues, ways of detecting a tap on a phone, Bernie S. talks about other forms of electronic surveillance, a call for more mirrors of the DeCSS code, rumors of the 666 area code prove unfounded, a call from Scotland.

  11. The theme malfunctions, a bizarre tale seems to be unfolding in Philadelphia as the Secret Service once again targets Bernie S., Izaac debates the wisdom of Bernie S.'s actions, Macki gives an update on the week's legal developments which includes the hiring of renowned lawyer Martin Garbus to defend $2600 in the DeCSS case, Mattel sues people for decrypting Cyberpatrol and showing people the many sites that are being wrongfully blocked, brand new "Stop The MPAA" and "H2K" bumper stickers are introduced, Kevin Mitnick gives details on an upcoming presentation by New York Times reporter John Markoff entitled "Kevin and Me" and how he was banned from attending it, Takedown is released in France with the title of Cybertraque, Kevin addresses criticism of his testifying before the Senate, Kevin takes calls for the very first time.

  12. Some dead air, thoughts go out to Errol Maitland - a WBAI reporter who was put in the hospital by New York City police, Emmanuel demonstrates his new Omnipoint phone, a new lawsuit threat against $2600 by NBC, an update on the DeCSS case, Bernie S. gives an update on Xail and the "Wagon Train" program, restrictions include not being allowed to read books and magazines, corporate prisons found to have tortured juveniles, a review of Takedown from France, Macki confronts John Markoff during a panel discussion, the "White House long distance calling code" is given out, some critical words on Bell Atlantic from an employee, upcoming hacker panels at I-CON this weekend.

  13. The 516 area code is officially split, Bell Atlantic announces a new name after the merger with GTE is completed: Verizon, a look at some of the sites that have and haven't been reserved by Verizon, reply comments concerning the Digital Millennium Copyright Act are published on the net, Shana talks about her published comment, Bernie S. votes in the primary, a summary of the I-CON convention, how the MPAA lawsuit is adversely affecting $2600 and the unfairness of individuals being targeted, why large corporations like Microsoft don't have to worry, a DVD player for Linux is introduced, new anti-MPAA shirts and bumper stickers are introduced, an appeal for well-connected people to speak out, Sony recalls its Playstation 2 discs because they enabled playing DVDs from around the world, the MPAA is likely to go after $2600 to get links to other sites removed, the Weekly World News reports on hacker tools that can make computers explode, H2K planning continues, an update on the Child Online Protection Act.

  14. The MPAA tries to get links on the $2600 site outlawed, why this move is ultimately flawed, some of the comments filed regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act appear on the net, Jack Valenti and the MPAA hurl personal attacks at Emmanuel, Emmanuel's phone turns itself on, Sprint PCS invades the privacy of its customers by sending phone numbers to websites, some of the real issues in the MPAA case, a critique of the MPAA FAQ on "hyperlinking," the new issue of $2600 is released along with H2K and anti-MPAA bumper stickers, suggestions on how to use the stickers, "deep" linking is ruled legal in federal court.

  15. The links remain up, an update on the Secret Service interest in Bernie S., Emmanuel realizes that nobody knows the name of the Secretary of the Treasury, a recap of the IMF protest in Washington DC, how 600 people were tricked into getting arrested, the frustration of streets in Washington, Emmanuel accidentally finds the MPAA building on I Street, microbroadcasting is on the verge of being stopped by Congress, a staggering increase in wireless data is predicted, Metallica takes Napster and several universities to court, some of the benefits of Napster and the hypocrisy of the music industry, the new 631 area code on Long Island continues to confuse residents, Balkan web pages are attacked, a listener's phone mystery, a proposal to add a tax to long distance bills to subsidize Native Americans, Izaac and Emmanuel argue over the effectiveness of demonstrations.

  16. The anti-MPAA shirts come out, the MPAA accuses hackers of taking down its website, Mafiaboy is tracked down in Montreal and blamed for the denial of service attacks in February, interesting IRC logs are released by $2600 that cast doubt on the validity of the Mafiaboy story, Michael Eisner of Disney addresses the DeCSS issue in a company memo, some harsh words for Thomas Edison, a study shows record sales have increased despite MP3s and Napster, Limp Bizkit comes out in support of Napster, Emmanuel and Izaac continue the discussion on the WTO and IMF, some alternative perspectives available on satellite TV, Claude tries to escape early.

  17. Limp Bizkit is featured as promised, Metallica identifies over 300,000 fans who have downloaded their music without paying, Linux user groups participate in a joint demonstration against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Time Warner and Disney nearly go to war, Jello Biafra is announced as the keynote speaker for H2K, Emmanuel to appear on the front page of the Village Voice, Emmanuel accidentally hacks into a voice mail box on the air, Clinton allows consumer GPS to be enhanced, Alex reveals a lawsuit involving religious groups that may have some bearing on the MPAA case, the New York Times links to the $2600 list of DeCSS sites, listener suggestions on ways of trafficking DeCSS, Red Balaclava offers new Metrocard tips, Kevin Mitnick is restricted from speaking, a plea for a good picture of John Markoff for the upcoming film, Izaac continue the discussion on the WTO and IMF, some alternative perspectives available on satellite TV, Claude tries to escape early.

  18. The show is preempted next week but a three hour fundraising program is scheduled for the week after, the first show that both Kevin Mitnick and Bernie S. appear on although they do not break the law by talking to each other, Bernie S. reports an ominous potential change in federal sentencing guidelines, a 60 Minutes report airs on California's three strikes law that is sending people to prison for life for nonviolent offenses, Verizon threatens $2600 with a lawsuit for registering and $2600 responds by registering, the ILoveYou virus causes hysteria worldwide, Kevin Mitnick discusses his latest speech restrictions and the battle to get back his ham radio license, a mock DeCSS trial is scheduled for H2K.

  19. The theme is missing as the CD player malfunctions at the beginning of a three hour fundraiser, Lazlow tells of the commercial radio experience, the new Jello Biafra CD recorded at the WTO protest is featured with 2600 hertz tones replacing all the four-letter words, why commercial radio would never air something like this, preparations for H2K continue, Emmanuel misses the Hamvention in Dayton, an update on the film which will debut at the conference, the truth about the corporate nature of NPR and how they opposed LPFM, Ed Hernstadt discusses his role as one of the lawyers defending $2600 in the MPAA case, Macki explains the technical aspects of the case and summarizes the anti-DMCA demonstration that took place at Stanford, the attempts by the other side to disqualify the $2600 lawyers, $2600 is now facing five lawsuits, Izaac messes with the microphones, Alex registers, why people don't realize the power of the individual, Lazlow explains how the corporate world really works, why there are no accents on the radio, Bernie S. summarizes his story and how WBAI helped, Cheshire Catalyst tells the story of the new 321 area code and how he helped make it possible, talk of launches from Cape Canaveral, what the old TAP meetings were like, a famous payphone in the Mojave Desert is disconnected, Kevin Mitnick is allowed to use a cell phone and describes how the federal authorities continue to harass him, an excerpt from a show in 1988 played through a computer, opening to Nuff Said follows.  This show is three hours long and includes fundraising.

  20. Alex gives an update on, Emmanuel tries to find out who has 1-800-VERIZON as well as the 888 and 877 versions but runs into trouble with the Z key, an analysis of remarks by Edgar Bronfman of Seagrams/Universal about intellectual property rights and the evils of anonymity, a debate on the merits of Napster, Izaac tells of a new proposal that would allow federal authorities to enter a house without a warrant, complaints from a new Verizon customer, new legislation seeks to limit the rights of artists to get royalties for their music, Jello Biafra loses his lawsuit, a computerized message is delivered.

  21. Emmanuel barely makes it to the show, a court hearing is held in the MPAA case to decide whether depositions can be made public, Declan McCullagh and John Young report on the day's decision which results in the Jack Valenti deposition being made public against the wishes of the MPAA, Emmanuel calls the MPAA Anti-Piracy Hotline and gets a directory of all employee names, the MPAA's definition of a video piracy lab, a ruling on cybersquatting involving Julia Roberts, listeners offer differing perspectives on the Napster issue.

  22. Emmanuel is scheduled for a deposition in front of the MPAA lawyers, the preliminary list of speakers for H2K is released, theory as to how the stenography machine works, more pre-registrants for H2K than for the other two HOPE conferences combined, a new email "virus" is sent out with $2600's web address, the LOVE Bug case is dropped in the Philippines, a visit to the show's IRC channel at, archived shows will soon be available in MP3 format which will allow people to listen to old shows on portable MP3 players, yet another hacker threat is reported on by the Associated Press with very dubious sources, an article on privacy from Playboy, Emmanuel and Izaac argue over the effectiveness of civil disobedience.

  23. A recording of Jack Valenti repeatedly saying he doesn't know and isn't aware as the transcript of his deposition is released, serious questions are raised as Valenti reveals that he doesn't even know who the defendant is after he had supposedly released statements with Emmanuel's name in them, Emmanuel is scheduled to be deposed in a week, a good response to the new MP3 format, Courtney Love publishes a piece on attacking the music industry and redefining piracy, Emmanuel uses Napster a second time, Shana tells how politicians accuse themselves of hacking web pages, the Bell Atlantic/GTE merger is approved leading to a debate on monopolies between Emmanuel and Izaac, more details on how a virus was transmitted through a video file, volunteer meetings for H2K are announced, discussion over the differences between cable and satellite, a retro-computing panel for H2K is suggested.

  24. Emmanuel describes what the first day of his deposition was like, Michael Eisner of Disney is scheduled to be deposed and the trial is set to begin on July 17, Emmanuel tells what it's like to see the MPAA lawyers, Kevin Mitnick tells the story of his latest appearance in court to try and clarify the conditions of his supervised release, why Kevin isn't being allowed to succeed, how this goes beyond what supervised release is.

  25. Mayhem in the streets outside WBAI as a fireworks celebration gets underway, a tribute to WBAI's film critic - Paul Wunder - who passed away the previous week, an update on Emmanuel's battle with AT&T, hackers are said to endanger astronauts and NASA quickly denies the report, Izaac is mysteriously missing, a listener calls in with some inside information about Verizon, a preview of what's being planned for H2K, trouble with the live streaming.

  26. The pre-H2K show brings a large number of guests to the studio.  Emmanuel, Cheshire Catalyst, Ross, Izaac, Mojo, Macki, Porkchop, Shana, Sirsyko, Chris, and Bernie S. preview the conference, Bell Atlantic in danger of fouling up H2K's T1 connection, problems with authentication and Internet registrars, the FBI is linked to a controversial program called Carnivore that intercepts private email, a preview of the retro-computing panel, Kevin Mitnick gives an update on his thwarted attempt to attend H2K.

  27. More people attend the show than ever before, a review of the many events of H2K, Andy from CCC compares H2K to the Chaos Communication Congress, Jon Johansen tells the story of what happened to him in Norway as a result of his involvement in the DeCSS case, Emmanuel's deposition is set to be posted on the net at last, Bernie S. makes a rare appearance in the studio, Zap and Crypt offer a British perspective on the political flavor of H2K, Autojack talks about the premiere of Freedom Downtime, a report of the first two days of the DeCSS trial including the mood in the courtroom and the street, how Marty Garbus obliterated one of the MPAA's witnesses, Billy Donahue of the New York Linux Users' Group talks about the protests outside the courtroom, a review of Judge Kaplan, the mock trial, the cDc panel, Jello Biafra, and the social engineering panel.

  28. The trial comes to an end and the waiting begins for a decision, Patrick and Robin from EFF describe the final day's events, Emmanuel describes what it was like to testify, the significance of the many spectators who came to the trial, Dave Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon University describes the testimony he gave which seemed to open the judge's eyes, Ed Hernstadt describes some of the legal tactics of the case, Matt Pavlovich tells what it was like being a witness, Wendy Seltzer of the OpenLaw Forum outlines the public's interest, John Gilmore gives reasons for his getting involved and making the fight possible, the EFF raises thousands of dollars from H2K attendees to help fund the case, lead attorney Marty Garbus explains why this is a very significant case, Ole Craig talks about some of the technical issues, attorney David Atlas tells what there is to look forward to in future weeks and years.

  29. Official campaign to introduce Verizon begins, Emmanuel and Bernie S. attempt to connect to a Bell Atlantic operator, Napster is almost shut down by a court order, WIPO rules against Sting in a case of alleged cybersquatting, Emmanuel gets in the middle of a demonstration at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, readings from a sensitive document on possible trouble at the convention issued by FEMA, a reference to a mysterious federal act known as Operation Garden Plot, a list of radio frequencies and demonstrations, Bernie S. has another run-in with the Secret Service, Delchi describes what it's like to be on a hijacked plane, Emmanuel explains why Defcon sucked this year, a call to focus on smaller conventions, why Freedom Downtime wasn't shown in Las Vegas.

  30. The aftermath of the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia hits close to home as $2600's layout artist, ShapeShifter, is arrested and held on half a million dollars bail while walking down a street talking on a cell phone.  A description of the many developments that took place in the past week including the criminalization of cell phones, mass arrests, abuses in prison, and various hearings in court, as well as recent abuses by the police in Philadelphia.  Bernie S. reports live from the prison where a reduced bail amount was raised.  In addition, Verizon workers go out on strike less than a week after the company started its national recognition campaign.

  31. Reports from Los Angeles at the Democratic National Convention seem to indicate a continuation of the disturbing events in Philadelphia, an update on ShapeShifter as he is released from prison, a front page story on his situation appears in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer, the advantage of keeping in touch with good reporters, an appeal for cable TV and satellite subscribers to get the new Free Speech network, the lack of diversity in the broadcast world, Bernie S. has a humorous encounter with Verizon apparently related to the continuing strike, new charges are filed against Mafiaboy, a restraining order is granted against striking Verizon workers in New York restricting where they can stand and how they can express themselves, comments on Emmanuel's audio deposition with the MPAA lawyer, the lack of public access in various cable TV markets, the wait for a verdict in the DeCSS case continues.

  32. The decision comes in on the DeCSS case and $2600 loses, how $2600 responds to a surprising order to remove all links to DeCSS, what points the judge missed as well as the nasty comments, Bernie S. and Alex discuss how books of the future will be restricted electronically, the DVD version of The Sixth Sense reportedly prevents people from skipping over the advertisements, how the media has distorted the story, $2600 isn't found liable for the huge legal fees of the MPAA but will be responsible for "taxable costs," plans for the appeal, how EFF made it all possible, Emmanuel urges people not to vote for the lesser of two evils, the $2600 policy on copying and copyright.

  33. Emmanuel makes another visit to Philadelphia and has a baffling experience in the subway, how MSNBC is deceiving the public with viewership statistics, a USA Today article focuses on $2600's response to the ban on linking to DeCSS, Time/Warner's CNN links to DeCSS for a brief period, how the Verizon strike helped the company, Madonna goes to WIPO to claim, a DeCSS art contest is announced, Emmanuel calls AT&T operators to prove the insanity of payphone rates, Freedom Downtime to be shown at this weekend's Toorcon in San Diego, Emmanuel uses Priceline to defeat the airlines, WIPO goes after more domain names.

  34. Massive UN events in New York this week, Emmanuel reports on Toorcon and the second showing of Freedom Downtime, more thoughts on the DeCSS case decision, Emmanuel and Izaac debate what is wrong with the United Nations, abuses of WIPO, Radio Shack's Cuecat causes controversy with reverse engineering, Phiber Optik explains the story behind his not being hired at @stake, revisionism at Hacker News Network, how Black Hat and Defcon contribute to this attitude, Kevin Mitnick gives his impressions of Freedom Downtime after the Los Angeles screening, the future of the film, word of Phreaknic in Nashville on November 3rd, the MPAA sends out more threatening letters to people who merely have links to other sites with DeCSS, the need for more people in the hacker community to get involved with projects.

  35. A song featuring the DeCSS code is featured, a spoken word version is also available, increasing reports of DVDs that don't permit viewers to skip advertisements and FBI warnings, Verizon backs down from its lawsuit threat against $2600, Phiber gives an update on @stake and HNN retracts part of its story, a critique of a letter that criticizes $2600 in the DVD case, Izaac debates with a Columbia student over the corporatization of college campuses, a look at the threat of electronic textbooks, corporations engage in military-like recruitment on college campuses.

  36. The theme music is missing as Emmanuel is delayed getting into the station, the RSA patent is set to expire, problems with PGP, the DeCSS song is banned from for "offensive lyrics," Emmanuel imposes a three month moratorium on calls from Rebel, a new warning from CERT, the National Association of Broadcasters meets in the Bay Area, a debate on the upcoming presidential debates, a call to the Commission on Presidential Debates and Anheuser-Busch, the FCC mandates copy control for future broadcasting, Verizon plans to double rates in some areas, a special on KPFA is scheduled to air on PBS.

  37. Technical difficulties, the Rebel ban is extended, a ban on driving with cell phones is considered in Suffolk County, a juvenile is sent to prison for hacking NASA, Emmanuel explains why he hacked into NASA in the early 80s, how the media blacked out a massive political rally for Ralph Nader, Emmanuel calls for licenses of radio and TV stations to be challenged, Mike from Columbia tells how students in New York are being denied the right to vote, comments on the elections in Yugoslavia, some talk on ICANN, new top level domains, ICANN's $50,000 fee scam.

  38. Emmanuel confronts Jack Valenti in person at a debate in Boston, another Ralph Nader rally draws more than 10,000 with virtually no media coverage, the Napster trial begins, a new website focuses on greedy TV stations, the $2600 website is taken down by Verizon for five days, Guinness threatens $2600 with legal action for its parody site, the Nader campaign is sued by Mastercard for a parody ad, Harper's reprints some of the Valenti deposition.

  39. Corporate rip-offs are the theme.  Examples include Cisco and Microsoft not paying a penny of federal income tax, AT&T wanting to charge a commission for sales on its broadband network, phone companies that sneak fees into low long distance rates, Verizon charging customers rent on long obsolete equipment, the recording industry wanting to collect fees for Internet broadcasting without benefiting musicians.  Ralph Nader to appear at Madison Square Garden, New York Senate candidates Rick Lazio and Hillary Clinton both fall for a fake Internet tax bill during a debate, a microbroadcasting station is shut down, a five cent a minute long distance plan is scrutinized.

  40. Emmanuel is stuck in Mets traffic during the Subway Series, leftover H2K material is offered, Lazlow details the massive ownership of radio stations by Clearchannel and Infinity, an excerpt from Jello Biafra's keynote address at H2K, Phiber appears out of nowhere, Emmanuel describes a Ralph Nader rally at Madison Square Garden and a midnight march to the post office by over a thousand people that went completely unreported in the mainstream media, a call to challenge commercial radio licenses, an excerpt from the H2K social engineering panel, Emmanuel explains why it's necessary to support the station even as controversy is raging within Pacifica, an excerpt from Robert Steele's question and answer session at H2K, preliminary plans for the next HOPE conference in 2002.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  41. A Halloween contest, the DMCA gains even more power as it becomes illegal to even write a program like DeCSS, a recording of the confrontation between Jack Valenti and Emmanuel, the fallacy of the MPAA argument, WIPO makes a ruling concerning misspelled names, General Motors threatens $2600 over a critical domain name, the touch tone fee is finally voted out in New Jersey, Verizon tries to double New Jersey phone rates, ominous legislation from Europe, the legality of port scanning, the possibility of licensing fees being charged for MP3s, the story of Microsoft being hacked is spun in different ways, Ralph Nader speaks out in support of Low Power FM, ShapeShifter trial set for November 14, a $2600 hat appears on Felicity, an interesting choice on a company's phone number, $2600 asks hackers who they want to be president, Phreaknic is set for next weekend.

  42. Izaac calls in from Las Vegas and the Comdex convention, apologies for the last minute cancellation of last week's show, reflections on the continuing election crisis, Emmanuel appeals to the UN for help, a potential security hole involving absentee ballots and postmarks, some dirt on the Florida Secretary of State, the future of electronic balloting, what it was like having George W. Bush as president-elect for a few minutes, results from the $2600 presidential election poll, some thoughts on Libertarians, the ShapeShifter trial takes place in Philadelphia amidst some very bizarre testimony, President Clinton calls into WBAI and faces some hard questioning from Amy Goodman.

  43. Both Izaac and Lazlow return from Las Vegas, some interesting experiences when their $2600 affiliation is revealed at Comdex, Emmanuel and Izaac share observations of a recent trip to Tennessee and the Phreaknic conference, the sad state of radio in the South, observations on the continuing election crisis spark a spirited debate, Emmanuel brings back assorted items from a Nashville Christian store, Emmanuel gets Caller ID from Germany, Andy Mueller-Maguhn from the Chaos Computer Club talks about his recent election to the ICANN board and what he hopes to accomplish, a preview of the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin.

  44. The election insanity continues and has an unfortunate side effect, how television dictates the process, a possibility of an extra hour, how the election relates to technology, another spirited election debate between Emmanuel and Izaac, a suggestion for a new title for the winner, how computers can improve the existing system, Freedom Downtime is one syllable away from a final version, a listener writes in debating the theory of evolution, listeners join in the debate.

  45. A proposal for online voting in California, a major crisis envelopes WBAI as its general manager is fired by Pacifica and fears abound as to what will happen to the station as a result, Anthony Sloane gives an update on the situation and an upcoming demonstration, what listeners can do, an update on Amy Goodman's position in Pacifica, how corporations continue to threaten critical websites.

  46. An analysis of the Iridium satellite controversy and the recent 250-1 odds given of someone being hit by one of them, an ominous piece of mail from the IRS, a call to Verizon's automated blocking service, a demonstration of completely automated 800 directory assistance, a Walmart critic wins a battle for an Internet site, problems viewing DVDs in other countries, why $2600 is blocked by certain web rating software, guidelines for law enforcement officials who need to seize computers, Emmanuel makes plans to go to the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin and has another Priceline experience, a listener gets served with papers for having the same name as a California cafe, why $2600 registers offensive and critical site names, a new massive Internet cafe opens in Times Square, Emmanuel challenges the logic of the new law in Suffolk that bans cell phones while driving.

  47. A brand new Simplex lock comes to the station, the future of Low Power FM is crushed by the NAB and NPR, persistent questions as to why Viacom is allowed to have a low power FM station in New York, an adventure involving web filtering at EasyEverything and the unfairness of blocking $2600's site, unwitting people continue to blame $2600 for a computer virus, junk mail from NSI tries to get people to pre-register for new top level domains, British Telecom tries to sue ISPs who use hyperlinks, an update on the Pacifica situation, questions as to whether the new Simplex lock has something to do with a station lockout, Emmanuel is headed to the Chaos Communication Congress, Voicestream sends a SIM update which changes Omnipoint's name, the difficulty of using an American GSM phone overseas, more feedback on the unfairness of the ICANN process in selecting new top level domains.

  48. Emmanuel calls in from Berlin on the eve of the German premiere of Freedom Downtime at the Chaos Communication Congress, how the European train system puts America to shame, an overview of the differences in GSM service overseas, a copy protection scheme known as DFAST is introduced for digital cable, Australian authorities express doubt on region encoded DVDs, cultural differences between the United States and Denmark, Emmanuel visits a commune in Copenhagen known as Christiania, Freedom Downtime premieres in Amsterdam, Pacifica changes the locks at WBAI and fires key people at the station, an overview of what listeners and producers are doing to fight the takeover, security guards are reported to be inside the station, large amounts of listeners cancel subscriptions to the radio station.

Off The Hook - 2001

  1. Emmanuel reports on the Chaos Communication Congress and the reaction there to Freedom Downtime, the cultural differences between Europe and America with regard to censorship, police, and trains, Emmanuel and Autojack manage to get into the same restricted area as last year for the New Year's festivities in Times Square, a musical piece based on the DeCSS case is released by Autojack, WBAI producer Chet Jackson dies, an update on the crisis at WBAI, the WBAI website is erased by the management, criticism of the opposition websites for not being updated, 1100 people show up to a meeting on the radio station, a demonstration outside the station is planned for Saturday, how listeners are being abused on the air while fighting back, Grandpa Al Lewis is accused of racism after his Saturday WBAI broadcast for not letting a management official interrupt his show, Czech television reporters go on strike, an appeal for screenings of "2001: A Space Odyssey."

  2. A report on Saturday's demonstration outside WBAI and how it represented the station's diverse listenership, Alex reports on a similar gathering at the same time on Long Island, Juintz explains the process of Internet simulcasting, more media coverage of the station's problems, why this is more than an internal matter, Emmanuel bypasses region coding on a DVD player to see the European release of Eyes Wide Shut, a story of a virtual massacre as characters in a game are wiped from existence.

  3. An international "zombie" conspiracy involving hackers is reported in the mass media loaded with inaccuracies, QVC threatens an amateur radio operator for using their letters in his call sign, police in Chicago regain the power of the "Red Squad," the absurdity of the Freedom of Information Act, new hard drives proposed to contain copy protection ability, more on DVD region codes, a local police department goes after a New Hampshire individual for putting up a satirical website, regulations on how to use sex offender information, Emmanuel comments on the attacks on Amy Goodman during another program, update on the listener lawsuit, another demonstration outside the station is scheduled along with one in Washington DC over the weekend, the WBAI website is recovered and mirrored elsewhere, what the fight is really about, Mike begins to record all programs on WBAI in MP3 format, an attempt to leave feedback at the White House, a call from a listener at the heart of the controversy.

  4. A song about the phone company from 1915, Emmanuel explains the importance of covering the WBAI crisis, live coverage as events reach a boiling point when the Local Advisory Board tries to meet at the station and is refused entry, police enter the radio station, an informative article on the crisis in Time Magazine, an appeal for calm from Emmanuel, Leslie Cagan from the Pacifica National Board discusses the current situation, Emmanuel points out that nobody has been told not to discuss these subjects on the air, Alex reports live from the protest in the hallway, a quote from an earlier show that accuses the protesters of being racially driven, reports from some of the demonstrators, the police issue a statement, reports of denied access for the making of public service announcements at the station, arrests are imminent as the show ends.

  5. An amusing announcement reflecting the current chaos at WBAI, Emmanuel thanks the listeners for their courage and reflects on events of the past and how they relate to the current situation, what it's like to challenge authority, $2600 has yet to be sued in 2001, the value of freedom of speech and how this has influenced decisions, a "dark tale" from the world of commercial television, a gag rule is imposed at WBAI forbidding discussion of the problems at the station, why it's important to support WBAI in the upcoming fundraiser, Emmanuel gets copies of Takedown on DVD and VHS from Amazon in France and discusses the hassle involved in viewing them, an activist on his way to a meeting in Canada in preparation for an April event is turned away after being searched and having political papers copied, a website that traces IP addresses, 188 people are reported to be listening online.

  6. Technology refuses to cooperate with the opening of the show, Emmanuel appeals to listeners to support the station in the upcoming fundraiser and gives certain scenarios that could unfold, lyrics of "The Internationale" carry special meaning, Bibleman is in the news, a scary bit of technology is employed for the Super Bowl where people's faces were compared with a central crime database as they passed through turnstiles, dramatically expanded security measures are put in place near courtrooms in New York as a terrorism trial begins, a global hacker ring allegedly finds private info and credit card numbers of world leaders, more investigation is done on the mysterious commercial station at 88.1 MHz in New York City, balloons arrive at the station, some George W. Bush quotes from the last 15 days, more on websites that trace IP addresses, Emmanuel's Voicestream bill has a pleasant surprise with international roaming.

  7. The show is given an additional hour at the last minute for fundraising, Emmanuel has a misadventure with a CD and a Mac, an excerpt from Steve Rambam's talk on privacy at H2K, a special offer of all $2600 back issues from 1984 on, an excerpt from the hacktivism panel at H2K featuring Reid Fleming, Oxblood, and Shapeshifter, some talk of Napster's future, Kevin Mitnick gives an update on his progress including his new radio show on KFI and his views on Napster, Emmanuel opens the phone lines to listeners to talk about whether or not they will be pledging to WBAI, Freedom Downtime is officially finished and ready to be submitted to film festivals, Emmanuel issues a challenge to the listeners and offers a matching fund for the listener lawsuit against Pacifica, Bernie S. reflects on what WBAI meant to him during his ordeal in prison, Phiber Optik also offers some historical perspective, the Department of Justice gets involved in the DeCSS appeal and sides with the MPAA, the show is preempted next week.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  8. Emmanuel is stuck on a train during the first part of the show and tells the Long Island Railroad horror story that put him there, mixed reviews of The Lone Gunmen, Izaac talks about the latest FBI spy scandal, the comic strip Boondocks focuses on the DeCSS controversy, talk of a service called Aimster which bypasses some of the problems of Napster, a report of a credit card denying "parental advisory" CD sales to people under a certain age, Emmanuel finally arrives at the studio, the matching fund for the listener lawsuit brings in $9060, more terrorist hysteria that ties into pornography, a new $2600 news site is launched.

  9. Emmanuel's first full show in a while, a farewell to Mir, how to view satellites in the sky, a tribute to some courageous people at WBAI, the latest chapter in the Pacifica controversy makes it to the floor of the House of Representatives in a speech by Rep. Major Owens, Rep. Rick Boucher criticizes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Emmanuel reads a warning about Bill 602P which allegedly proposes to bill people for email delivery, the facts on this net legend, changes are in store for Napster, Emmanuel and Izaac argue over money versus altruism in the music business, Emmanuel starts to encode his entire CD library into MP3s, an appeal to make MP3 jukeboxes in diners, a call from Scotland, Radio Shack discontinuing tone dialers.

  10. Izaac starts to read an illegal number related to DeCSS, 26 other organizations join in the lawsuit against $2600 including the NFL and the NHL, more legal action in the recording industry, the Digital Agenda Act in Australia makes it possible to be fined for forwarding email without permission, a website gets charged thousands of dollars for increased traffic, a preview of HAL 2001, a busboy steals the identify of rich people, a lawsuit is filed by librarians against the Children's Internet Protection Act, why filtering pornography in public libraries is a bad idea, why the website hasn't been updated recently, the future of Napster, space-related news on Mir, a missing spacecraft, and a millionaire buying a ride to the space station, Emmanuel spots ISS in the sky, ten digit dialing is now mandatory in Connecticut, Emmanuel still isn't billed for overseas roaming from December, a caller complains about Dell computers, more talk of an MP3 jukebox leads to a challenge, a promotion for Atlantacon and I-CON.

  11. Tickets are made available to HAL 2001, Freedom Downtime to be shown twice at I-CON, how to get copies of Takedown from overseas, the DeCSS reply brief is filed, May 1 is the date for the appeal, a new PBS program called Cyberchase is set to portray hackers in a negative light, Izaac gets into an argument with Australians on the region coding issue, ways to not get spied upon while using a computer, talk of people who sell software in plastic bags on street corners, debate on banning cell phone use in cars, an update on premiums from the fundraiser, blue laws in Tennessee, a listener writes in with info on how a web filterer works from the inside, a Verizon calling plan proves deceptive, how to get unlimited regional calling for a very low price, rip-offs the phone company engages in, ways of saving live audio streams, a caller has problems with busy circuits.

  12. A review of the I-CON conference where Freedom Downtime was shown twice, Freedom Downtime is accepted at a film festival in Ohio, how the film should be released on DVD, the dean of the Stanford Law School, Kathleen Sullivan, joins the $2600 legal team and will argue the appeal on May 1, why the other side will have ten extra minutes, the conflict between artists and the RIAA, Emmanuel's feelings on the Eagles, some history of a similar conflict involving Frank Zappa in the 60s, preregistration scams for new top level domains, a poll on Internet crime raises more questions than it answers, automation on the Long Island Railroad causes problems, Emmanuel demonstrates an exercise in frustration with American Airlines and their non-human technology, a disturbing new policy from Microsoft claims ownership of any copyrighted material sent through their systems.

  13. New windscreens arrive in the studio, Emmanuel relates an adventure he had in his neighborhood while spying on people, a parallel between this and the spy plane crisis in China, Emmanuel offers his own personal apology to China to help end the crisis and extends it to the entire world, a debate with Izaac ensues, an exercise in frustration involving CompUSA on the phone, the debate over electronic textbooks, a clarification on an unlimited Verizon calling plan, a Verizon three-way calling scam, all the lights go out on the switchboard, a caller has an interesting problem with blocking.

  14. The death of Joey Ramone and how it's still hard to hear his music on the radio, the new issue of $2600 is out with an interesting cover, the phone lines make mysterious noises, a new game entitled "Find The Operator" targets Priceline, Emmanuel tries to extend an Off The Hook winning streak of positive influence on world affairs by confronting the Pacifica crisis, the parallels to B92 in Yugoslavia as well as the differences, the need to establish dialogue, the hypocrisy of not speaking out, a look at a conflict inside a commercial station, an AP story on Amy Goodman, a call for volunteers and WBAI's unlocked door, an upcoming march over the Brooklyn Bridge for WBAI, reports of difficulty getting into Canada on the eve of the April 20 protest, the significance of that particular date, Emmanuel demonstrates the wide diversity of opinions that are tolerated at the station, an article in the Washington Post about the positive influence of $2600 meetings, an upcoming demonstration against the Children's Internet Protection Act, a proposal for banning certain "nonproprietary" names as domain names, $2600 registers a site to protest WIPO.

  15. Emmanuel and Izaac are missing, Paul Williams, Mike, and John try to carry on with the show, FBI hacks into Russian computers allegedly for retribution, talk of upcoming conferences, an update on the live streaming of WBAI, speculation on Kevin Mitnick's restrictions, WBAI issues are discussed with listeners, Paul tries to bring the WBAI Interim Station Manager in on the discussion, Patty from talks about being threatened with a lawsuit by Pacifica, the upcoming appeal of the DeCSS case next Tuesday, Macki reports on rumors of a new lawsuit facing $2600 concerning General Motors, commercial radio stations facing problems simulcasting on the net, Emmanuel reported to be dealing with an emergency, Bill Gates no longer the richest man, a listener reflects on what WBAI was like 30 years ago, debate on criticism of the station, a reason why there are so many empty payphone booths.

  16. Emmanuel explains what happened last week and how a DSL outage started a chain reaction resulting in a missing cat and a major crisis that affected last week's show, Saturday's march across the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a WBAI rally, why Wall Street is such a great place for WBAI to be, who now occupies the old WBAI space on 8th Avenue, how an Altoids box could pose a significant security risk, Autojack tells how he was ambushed by DEA agents while on a domestic flight, Amtrak supposedly working with DEA to fight drug trafficking, the DeCSS appeal is heard before a three judge panel, Cindy Cohn, John Gilmore, and Robin Gross from the Electronic Frontier Foundation talk about the significance of the case and how the appeal went, an analysis of some of the other side's points and analogies, Emmanuel comes up with scenarios where fair use is called into question with DVDs, what future implementations of the DMCA might mean, more briefs filed in the appeal, details on a new lawsuit involving Ford, what Ford could do to easily bring the conflict to an end, advice on what to do when accosted by federal agents.

  17. Good news from the Philadelphia courts as ShapeShifter is acquitted on all counts, ShapeShifter tells the story of the trial, how the evidence against him was presented, Bernie S. gives his impressions as he tries to stay connected in the streets of Philadelphia, the possibility of the authorities actually keeping a sizable chunk of the bail money, upcoming protests in Philadelphia target the prison industry, audio of last week's DeCSS appeal hearing is now available online, Bernie S.'s voice mail takes his place, a new bill in Nassau County targets cellular phones in cars and raises Emmanuel's ire, a bill for Rockland County would have included 10 days in jail, a move to save another radio station in New York, Emmanuel's efforts to settle the Ford lawsuit, an idea of how much Ford is demanding from $2600, the hearing is rescheduled for May 18, the idea of a caravan to the hearing is introduced, $2600 responds by registering, why this is an important fight, Emmanuel gives the keynote address at the Trenton Computer Festival, audio problems, update on premiums for the last two marathons, a strange fact is uncovered about the lawsuit, a listener makes it to the Athens Film Festival showing of Freedom Downtime.

  18. An extra 30 seconds to kill, the Ford hearing looms, the $2600 site is hijacked, how such a thing became possible because of a weird computer error, how disruptive this kind of a move can be, new bumper stickers come out, plans for the caravan are finalized as Emmanuel collects a huge amount of music, selections from the soundtrack to Freedom Downtime, Universal asks to use $2600 Magazine in the upcoming K9-3 Private Eye release, the listeners decide whether or not to grant permission, a three hour fundraiser is scheduled for next week, Talking Call Waiting and Call Intercept are introduced by Verizon, an example of the Metrocard being used to catch a criminal, the new "Evil 6" train that has automated announcements, a 13-year-old kid in New Jersey commits suicide after being threatened with prison for hacking his school computer, how this kind of thing isn't uncommon, another student is threatened for writing a sexually explicit song about a teacher, a caller questions Izaac's value on the show, a caller is targeted by the MPAA, a story involving "terroristic threats" with animated stick figures.

  19. The full version of the intro song, Lazlow joins in an extended three hour fundraising show, Emmanuel's challenging trip in, a history of the General Motors/Ford conflict with $2600, a report on the caravan and the trip through various cities in New York State, some of the differences between United States and Canadian culture, a new $2600 shirt is on the horizon, a significant amount of the total Ford legal fee is raised in a single day, what it was like to be in court in Detroit, a "Report from the Listeners" is scheduled for later in the show, exploring the Ford campus, how the auto industry destroyed mass transit in Detroit, how the city has been devastated, Dan Morgan tells the story of how Satellite Watch News was lost and the prosecution against him, Lazlow tells of new horrors from ClearChannel, an appeal to listeners to not give up on the station, an argument on who controls the electoral process, how George W. Bush got to be a front-runner, new attacks on privacy, how parents are able to monitor their children in school, listener mail, anti-Semitism from Henry Ford, why Ford's evil past is relevant to today's events, problems with the phone system, listeners explain the philosophy behind the boycott, the problems with a specific listener survey to WBAI producers, a school computer malfunctions and calls parents in the middle of the night, a plea to not harass the volunteers, debate on the right way to handle the crisis, more than $5000 is raised.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  20. First show in three weeks, the transmitter goes off the air earlier in the evening, no verdict yet in either of the cases, the fourth HOPE conference is officially announced as H2K2, how the new conference will differ from previous ones due to the fact that there will be four times as much space, a call for keynote speaker suggestions, more information on HAL, how the Dutch conferences inspired American hacker conferences, the death of Timothy McVeigh and the lack of a hacker connection, Emmanuel reacts to media propaganda concerning the Chinese hacker "threat," Sony manufactures a fake movie critic, a huge sign in the studio claims that WBAI has been saved, a toll-free hotline provides a service that violates privacy, advice for people starting zines, more delays getting premiums out for the fundraisers, reasons the DEA stops people at airports, the phone system appears to be completely broken, a program apparently is able to detect objectionable pictures on private computers, some listeners protest the temporary removal of Democracy Now! during the fundraiser, how to obtain old phone vans at auctions.

  21. Emmanuel takes offense at an anti-drug PSA at the station, Izaac starts working on the Expert Witness show, the theme is rip-offs, Emmanuel's unpleasant history with Sprint phones, the horrors of a local Sprint PCS store, Sprint's scheme to charge people extra for defective phones, wading through Sprint customer service, the Sprint PCS Equipment Replacement service, Emmanuel gets charged for three-way on his Verizon bill, NSI tries to get people to register multiple times for new .biz domains, the list of names for previous fundraisers is finally obtained, Bernie S. shares his Sprint horror tale, ShapeShifter doesn't get his entire bail amount returned despite his acquittal, Izaac speaks out against police brutality, Mr. Ohm makes a personal appearance, why criticism is vital to improvement and how this relates to the radio station, bank stories, Emmanuel's interpretation of the gag rule, a caller has concerns over the WBAI crisis.

  22. Emmanuel almost misses the beginning of the show due to heavy traffic, the BBC plans to stop broadcasting to North America, the magic of shortwave, the elimination of CBC stations on the AM band, more laws set to go into effect banning the use of cell phones while driving, feedback from last week's Sprint story, why it's OK to lie in certain cases, calling WorldCom tech support in Canada to test the response time, trying the same thing in the United States, Gary Null begins a series on the Pacifica crisis, an allegation of hacking, how to prevent unwanted calls from getting through, a petition circulates to change the suspension policy at the New Jersey school where a student killed himself because he was threatened with going to jail, feedback on shortwave, how to avoid telemarketers, alleged threats to notify the FBI every time critical mail is sent to Pacifica National Board members.

  23. The day before Independence Day, clarification on the BBC World Service, surveillance cameras are being installed at WBAI, face identifying cameras now in operation in Tampa, the surprising lack of imagination in naming things in Tampa, no fireworks tonight, the annual Ronald Reagan deathwatch and an explanation of its history, Emmanuel goes to Mexico for the weekend, the hypocrisy of immigration policy, the new top level domains, more on the Gary Null series on the Pacifica crisis, vandalism follows a fundraiser for WBAI listeners, what's actually involved in adding a new top level domain.

  24. Izaac is away in the desert somewhere, notices about sewer lizards appear all over the city, new color monitors appear in the studio showing a camera view from outside the station, more news about surveillance cameras from around the country, a call for dramatic presentations over the surveillance cameras, more on the Mexican scene, the problem of "illegal Mexicans" on Long Island, Emmanuel is targeted for a search on a flight back from California, news on HAL and how it inspired the American hacker conference scene, more talk of H2K2, Bernie S. tells of an upcoming documentary on the NSA, a video store in Sweden is raided for selling Region 1 DVDs, more on the presidential curse, how much things have grown in the past few years, ten digit dialing now mandatory in New Jersey, an appeal to an international listener whose address wasn't compatible with the WBAI computer, Emmanuel gets a new tri-band GSM phone and discovers that Voicestream disables all foreign language features, a motorist is fined by a car rental company who used GPS to discover that he was speeding, suspicion that the Tampa cameras have been active for at least a few months.

  25. Emmanuel runs into a problem with the downstairs security people who decided he looked suspicious, next week the show will come from Hell, an update on the sewer lizard scandal, people start to react to surveillance cameras in Florida, the Afghan government bans the Internet, a USA Today story predicts where hackers will strike next, Emmanuel hits Izaac dead on with a new issue of $2600, news on the $2600 IRC server, Izaac's trip to the desert, problems with Defcon, a strange claim on a Defcon flyer concerning H2K2, a Defcon speaker is arrested apparently for violating the DMCA, more on the BBC, a media piece that ties $2600 to DVD piracy, the story of someone prosecuted for recording the police in his own car, Izaac has a misadventure while driving in the desert, Emmanuel explains the references to Hell, Izaac to handle the show for the next few weeks while Emmanuel wanders around Europe.

  26. Emmanuel, as promised, does the show from Hell, what northern Norway is like, the WBAI phone system refuses to cooperate in dialing to Norway, a demonstration of GSM hold music, the many capabilities of GSM that remain unused in the United States, the phone number of the payphone, the longest day of Emmanuel's life, a description of Tromso, more than 100 people demonstrate for Dmitri Sklyarov and against Adobe in California as well as other cities, why it's frustrating being an American in Europe, how life in Europe is more relaxing, examples of how people are treated with more trust and respect, laws in Norway forbid hitting children, the differences in vacation time and television, how CNN is better overseas, environmental differences, why it was important for Pacifica to challenge the seven dirty words regulation, one week left to pre-register for HAL, the Thomas Cook train book, Izaac gets corrected on a "Hacker Jeopardy" question, the Code Red worm targets the White House, the cost of streaming WBAI on the net, an explanation of how the system works, a hacker documentary is set to air on The Learning Channel, Alex reports on the New York protest against Adobe, Adobe reverses its opinion on the case, Emmanuel marvels at not being harassed at all overseas as he was last week in the lobby of the station, night eludes Emmanuel once more.

  27. Izaac calls Emmanuel in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Code Red worm is set to disable the entire Internet at this very moment, Mike gives an update on the latest Dmitri Sklyarov demonstrations, this week's $2600 meetings will also serve as flyer handouts for the case, why it's particularly important for people to understand what this case is all about, Emmanuel plans to go to the Aarhus $2600 meeting in Denmark, the deadline has arrived for HAL preregistration, Emmanuel visits the DVD shop in Gothenburg that was raided for selling Region 1 DVDs, the differences in law from Denmark to Sweden concerning selling Region 1 DVDs, Emmanuel does an interview for CNN International which is markedly different from the CNN aired in the United States, a computer warns Mike that he's going to be cut off, Porkchop analyzes the Code Red worm from a hotel bathroom, how people can prevent this sort of thing, conditions under which system administrators should be held liable, the death of Wau Holland, a case involving a mobster and a government key logger, how to decode DTMF tones, how the Sircam virus is annoying people, a call to have some intelligent scripts written to combat spam, lack of content at the WBAI website, a pre-HAL show is scheduled for next week.

  28. Trouble reaching Emmanuel thanks to Voicestream problems, how Voicestream is an embarrassment to the GSM network, more trouble at WBAI involving longtime radio hosts, an appeal to reason in the crisis, HAL 2001 begins setting up, Emmanuel reports on the hacker scene in Denmark, more on the differences in cultures between the United States and European nations, Emmanuel to give the keynote at HAL, specific directions on how to get to the conference by train, stage manager Greg Newby and network operations chief Aldert Hazenberg give updates on the preparations and upcoming events at HAL, Porkchop offers perspective on the organizational effort, problems reaching Mike in California, Dmitri Sklyarov is finally released on bail, Emmanuel and Izaac debate the future of the case and the most effective tactics, a new version of Code Red creates back doors into systems, Emmanuel's idea for a positive use for the new Code Red, Izaac chastises Rebel, Mike reports on what it was like in the courtroom during the Sklyarov hearing, plans for future demonstrations, uniting with librarians, Emmanuel challenges Izaac's methods of fighting the DMCA, service report from 1016868.

  29. Emmanuel is in Paris, a summation of HAL, the surprising lack of any problems, Rop from Amsterdam joins the conversation from his bathtub and gives details on what the main concerns of the conference were, some of the major accomplishments, attempts by the authorities to shut HAL down before it started, some media coverage, Emmanuel chastises Izaac for not showing up, Autojack gives his impressions of the event including the outdoor urinals, Bernie S. tells of his experience at the conference and marvels at the difference of attitude in the Netherlands, the lockpicking tent, how the main tent was actually a building constructed by hackers, the HAL network to the outside world was never completely full, cooperation with the University of Twente, Geoff talks about "HAL cash" and "power pong," the speakers and the topics, the Internet broadcast of the event, NSA proposal for an advanced encryption cypher, NASA flies a "solar plane," the Tampa cameras are already misused by the authorities, Emmanuel runs out of time on a hotel phone, how to take out a surveillance camera, judges react to surveillance of themselves, the 6th District Court of Appeals denies Matthew Pavlovich's argument that the court lacks jurisdiction in the DVDCCA case and makes some astounding comments, a listener spots a "Free Dmitri" shirt at a baseball game, WEVD in New York is lost to Disney, demonstrators are camped outside WBAI, Emmanuel loses his Voicestream service, the lack of competition in the United States, more on the FBI's attempt to tap the keyboard of a mobster.

  30. Emmanuel has difficulty staying connected while he and Autojack are on a train to Amsterdam, Porkchop tells the story of Brian K. West who is being prosecuted for finding a security hole on a web server, Macki provides an analysis of an amendment in Judge Kaplan's opinion in the DeCSS case, the possibility that this indicates an imminent ruling in the appeal, the train arrives in Central Station, EasyEverything blocks access to $2600 worldwide, a freight train passes, the refreshing lack of Starbucks in Europe, how EasyEverything is part of something much bigger, how England is radically different in attitude from all the other countries Emmanuel visited, Autojack gets stopped by Customs in England, Porkchop is detained in a London airport, Emmanuel theorizes on how England appears to be broken, hanging out with Don Letts (singer of the Off The Hook theme), a BBC documentary on Little Kim underscores the major differences in British and American television, Emmanuel appeals for GSM competition in the United States and argues with Izaac over the future of GSM and 3G, Porkchop offers contrast between American and European GSM service, a caller from the tub, questions about satellite phones and prepaid wireless, Izaac now doing full time engineering at WBAI.

  31. The whole studio is broken and the theme is missing, a last minute fundraiser, a new CD is released by Autojack for the HAL conference, Emmanuel's nightmare trying to return to the States, what not to do on an airline, a "broken computer" on Sabena Air, audio of a technician pleading with passengers not to abandon the plane, Emmanuel's return via Washington DC, the differences between European and American trains, how news reporting differs overseas, Emmanuel encourages everyone to get their cable company to carry BBC World, Izaac has been doing a full time engineering shift at WBAI, no vigilers are seen outside the station, a hearing is upcoming in the Dmitri Sklyarov case, Izaac implies that there's more to the case, Borders caught planning to use face scanning on its customers, the moral justification for using such software, MCI violates Emmanuel's request to stop calling him with offers, funny mail from various phone companies, a story of courage from Norway and how it relates to ongoing battles involving the hacker world and WBAI, Izaac is accused of being a Quisling by a caller, a recounting of last year's hijacking adventure involving Delchi, a mystery ring that will be explained next week, updates on various WBAI "things" that are occurring, a call from Wales.

  32. The theme is returned, talk of the new "W" train and other subway changes, talk of the new XM satellite radio service, a review of the latest Bob Fass show on WBAI, how WBAI was brought up on a train in Belgium, an excerpt from a show of the past and related sad news concerning a regular listener, the need for healing and communication, clarification of the "gag rule," WEVD is taken over by Disney, Mike returns from California and tells how schools in the Bay Area use blocking software, a call to EasyEverything concerning blocking and use of the WebSense software, a call to arms against the EasyEverything policy, deceptive practices by PayPal, an update on the quest for BBC World, Dmitri Sklyarov and his company now face long prison terms and heavy fines, views on the conflict within WBAI, the Unix time interval scheduled to hit one trillion seconds.  Mighty Sparrow feature follows.

  33. The shock of last week's events hits hard.  Emmanuel tells what it was like heading into the station on the 11th, the changed mood of the city, how everyone's perspective on things has changed, Izaac recounts where he was at the moment of impact, Ken Gale from Nuff Said recounts the state of the station on the 11th, how the station's temporary broadcast location was kept secret from the staff, a parallel to Ireland, fear of extreme reaction on the part of the United States, how American disregard for events in the rest of the world led to the warning signs being missed by most, Bernie S., Terrence (ShapeShifter), and Alex offer perspectives on new legislation being pushed through, the makeshift memorial at Union Square Park, the different ways people are reacting, former WBAI program director Andrew Phillips offers commentary, questions on the coverage of Palestinian celebrations, a demonstration of what happens when you try to call WBAI, how the various phone networks fared, a new phone number for the radio station, who the upcoming battle will be against, how people can help.

  34. A new policy by Amtrak requires passengers to have photo identification, thousands of bodies remain buried down the block at the World Trade Center site, new policies and regulations are already in place, Mike gives perspective from Columbia University, a lot of the conflicts in the city appear to have disappeared in the wake of the disaster, the massive amount of pictures of missing people in the streets and subways, Emmanuel praises Mayor Giuliani and criticizes George W. Bush, how the Expert Witness radio show actually told people several weeks ago not to be surprised when the World Trade Center explodes, Jim describes what it was like close to the scene near the moment of impact, how the subway system fared, how Verizon acted to preserve voice mail messages from those who perished, why Emmanuel rejects the statement that Palestinian footage actually came from 1991, continuing questions concerning media coverage and the lack of evidence presented to the public, how security at airports is still full of holes, the parallels to computer security, some shocking quotes from leaders and the media, the Anti Terrorism Act threatens many - including hackers - with life imprisonment, Cindy Cohn from the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains the dangers of the ATA and the many ways someone can get prosecuted under it, the increased surveillance powers the ATA would allow, some disturbing polls are released, a caller accuses African-Americans of being insensitive, a quote from Babylon 5.

  35. Objections to tourists at the World Trade Center site, the many different types of people who are acting as opportunists, Mike tells of an advertisement for the NSA in the Columbia student newspaper, the Office of Cyberspace Security is announced, why it's still easy to hijack a plane, the various hypocrisies now taking place, a test of urban legends concerning the events of September 11, the need for context in relation to the coverage of Palestinian celebrations, a new controversy involving ClearChannel, encouragement to come to the meeting this week, fear of flying, encouragement to make donations, people who may never get counted, a misguided call to arms for hackers, whether revealing security holes to the public is a good idea, speculation on Dick Cheney's whereabouts, new security restrictions at the Citigroup Center and a call for meeting attendees to be patient.

  36. Emmanuel's phone proves to be distracting, the bombing raids begin in Afghanistan, how Wall Street has become an armed fortress, the pointlessness of most of the shows of security, new names for the Anti Terrorism Act, the concept of brain fingerprinting, Zero Knowledge stops offering anonymous net access, the effectiveness of anonymity and encryption, a FAIR report on media coverage of the peace movement, Emmanuel calls for an uncensored version of the recently released Bin Laden tape, Mike gives examples of media distortion, some critical analysis of a report from the Jerusalem Post, the Union Square memorial is dismantled, a message from Reverend Billy, phone company recordings give confusing messages when calling WBAI, problems getting an outgoing phone line because of incoming calls, some of the weird things that happened to the phone system in the wake of the disaster, two digital switches are operating in the West Street central office, what should happen to the World Trade Center site and whether or not the towers should be rebuilt, a listener tests security in airports, announcement of which lists the victims of September 11.

  37. Emmanuel is a victim of a "rail condition" on the subway, Emmanuel drives to France in a rental car, Izaac's misfortune with a rabbit, a rental car, and a rock, the interesting border adventures that Terrence and Emmanuel experienced, Bernie S. gives information on a special kind of radio that can be obtained for cars that permits expanded reception of the shortwave band, how radio in Canada differs from radio in the States, the ICOM R3 scanner which is technically illegal in the United States, Emmanuel tells how the legal way of using a cell phone in a car is actually more dangerous than the illegal way, radios being dropped in Afghanistan, the FCC makes a move to regulate the Internet, the RIAA moves to exempt itself from a criminal law involving hacking, a wrestling website equates its being hacked with an act of terrorism, the WBAI phone system is restored, Bernie S. announces the assassination of a federal prosecutor, the balance of opinions on Canadian talk radio, how to tune into video on a scanner, the need for people to listen to different sources of information.

  38. A three hour fundraising show.  Lazlow, Mike, and Chris lend a hand, talk of the old Brain Damage days, the importance of contributing to causes, Lazlow tries to tune in a shortwave radio, the theme of the first hour is shortwave radio, Larry Magna from Passport to Worldband Radio explains the phenomenon of shortwave, the concept of jamming and how it ultimately proved futile, why Americans don't listen to shortwave as a rule, why the BBC decision to stop broadcasting to North America is widely viewed as a mistake, why shortwave is better for broadcasting than the Internet, Emmanuel sees a huge shortwave facility in New Brunswick, clarification on the law forbidding the Voice of America from being broadcast to people in the United States, pro-Taliban people involved in the VOA, the Taliban has chosen not to broadcast on shortwave, Bernie S. tells how shortwave influenced him in his early years, the shortwave car radios arrive from the United Arab Emirates, why the radios flopped in the United States, a dramatic increase in shortwave radio sales in the United States since September 11, an explanation of what Passport to Worldband Radio is and how listeners can pledge for a copy, Bernie S. makes a pledge, shortwave during the Falkland Islands war, propaganda broadcasts beamed into Afghanistan, a call for listener involvement, broadcasts from North Korea, the magic of interval signals, recommendations on good radios to start with, how small shortwave radios have gotten, the differences between shortwave radio and ham radio, shortwave pirate broadcasts, the annoying bell used for new subscribers, comparison of pledge drives and commercials, Big Audio Dynamite and Dread Zone, an additional pledge level, commenting on listener names, how commercial stations often have nobody in the studios, Rush Limbaugh's hearing problem, trying to reach 800 information, demonstrating voice recognition technology with Amtrak, the FBI develops a new way of spying on computer users, further restrictions on the media broadcasting uncensored information, how the Anthrax scare is affecting the mail and speculation on what kind of person could be behind it, the WBAI phone number in MF tones, Emmanuel predicts Tom Ridge will become vice president, a warning from the ACLU, the story of a man kept from boarding a plane because of the book he was reading, how random checks at airports aren't actually random, the push from the Bush administration for a national ID card, Izaac decides to leave the show and explains why in a prerecorded announcement, comments from the listeners, strange feedback from the phones, Emmanuel responds to some of Izaac's words, Lazlow explains why the show can't always be strictly about technology, Bernie S. solves the feedback problem, Emmanuel tells of the threat of the station moving to a less desirable part of the dial, how to listen to CBC on the net.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  39. Emmanuel expresses concern over his growing involvement with criminal behavior and appeals to the listeners to help get him back on track, talk of illegal scanners, shortwave car radios, Canadian DBS systems, and code-free DVD players.  A call to Amtrak, federal authorities ask schools for information on foreign students, sophisticated ID cards to be issued to military personnel, the Justice Department intends to eavesdrop on conversations between certain prisoners and their lawyers, the difference between being arrested and "detained," what the USA Patriot Act actually stands for, how search warrants can now be avoided, attempting to call Osama Bin Laden on his satellite phone, how airlines now have plastic knives but still give out metallic forks, the futility of recent National Guard and police activities, how every article in the new edition of $2600 seems to be a DMCA violation, a Green Party activist is prevented from boarding an airplane in Maine, Emmanuel tries to prevent people from getting shortwave car radios, the $2600 IRC network is temporarily off-line, why some people are selected for searches or interrogations, getting involved in CB and ham radio, questions about Monday's plane crash in Queens, certain words are banned on CNN's chat site.

  40. A song about sickness, the Leonid meteor shower proves to be spectacular, how astronomy proves that nothing at all matters, Mike gets a form letter from President Bush, Emmanuel gets a 3.5 cents a minute prepaid calling card and uses it to call Bernie S., some weird WIPO logic in the awarding of to Vivendi Universal, an update on the Nancy Oden Green Party story and how it's been represented, more instances of airport security stupidity, questions as to just who the National Guard answers to, the specter of secret military tribunals, criticism of Al Jazeera and how to get that news network in the United States, the evils of the Patriot Act, libraries are ordered to destroy information that could be used by terrorists, a member of the National Guard calls in with concerns over their lack of training, a story of National Guard abuse in New York.

  41. More on librarians being forced to destroy material because of government action, more restrictions on speech, a student in North Carolina is investigated for having an anti-Bush poster in her apartment, foreign hackers could be prosecuted in the United States, Somalia's Internet access is cut off by the United States, British youngsters to be profiled for future criminal activity, Hollywood leaders confer with government officials, an accidental security breach at an airport in Atlanta, hearings in the Dmitri case, how privacy can easily be breached using simple search engines, Safeweb shuts down its anonymous web surfing service, Emmanuel explains the Grey Cup and why Americans don't seem to care, how to get foreign media broadcasts, a listener has some VCR problems, checked baggage isn't screened for explosives.

  42. The decision comes down in the DeCSS appeal and $2600 loses, how the media continues to get the story wrong, how the DMCA is inconveniencing people, new powers sought for agents seeking wiretaps and information on individuals, the USA Patriot Act forces merchants to report "suspicious" transactions, defaced web pages cause controversy, a major invention is announced and Emmanuel expresses doubts over it, the Telezapper is scrutinized, a librarian explains the process of destroying certain pieces of information at the request of the government, some suggestions for last week's VCR question, Robin Gross and Cindy Cohn from the Electronic Frontier Foundation analyze the DeCSS decision, the strange contradictions in the court's logic, the Felten case against the RIAA is also lost, update on the Dmitri case, a summation of the different challenges against the DMCA, problems with the phones, question concerning the legal update of people who put DeCSS on t-shirts, a question from New Zealand, a musical George Harrison tribute.

  43. Emmanuel demonstrates a feature using a Sprint phone, Claire the voice recognition lady from Sprint, Emmanuel explains the coming doom due to area code confusion, Emmanuel demonstrates what callers hear when their call is picked up, possible future behavior of the 212 area code, Emmanuel's wrong number nightmare and what it foretells, Emmanuel predicts that there will be mandatory 10-digit dialing in New York City within five years, the lost opportunity for four digit area codes, Seraf tries to guess an area code, how the European system works, a new Bin Laden videotape is set to be released, why asking questions about this and everything else is so important and why it's frequently discouraged, things to watch out for in the tape, the $2600 IRC network returns, what makes this network so unique and dangerous, Lebanese hackers, Emmanuel is heading back to Scandinavia for all day darkness over the holidays, the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress, Google expands its Usenet archive, Emmanuel finds a message he posted from 1987, "dasys1" and the Big Electric Cat public unix, a petition circulates to release an expanded version of Hackers, the entire Department of the Interior is cut off from the Internet due to a court order, feedback on the Telezapper, ways telemarketers detect live people, phone service near Ground Zero is still far from normal, more airport snafus, the upcoming anniversary of Marconi's trans-Atlantic broadcast, an upcoming article in $2600 focuses on what happens when people go to web pages with advertising, how call forwarding to doctors was affected by the implementation of mandatory 10-digit dialing.

  44. Emmanuel is in Tromso in northern Norway, how there is no more than two hours of dim light a day, the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, the CET time zone, how traveling has become more stressful, the presence of the National Guard at airports, Bernie S. speculates on the effectiveness of security measures, Emmanuel's frustration trying to mail a letter at JFK Airport, the different reaction to September 11 in Europe, Mike gives an update on a positive development in the Dmitri case, how the United States legal system has made provisions for justice on other planets, rethinking the use of cellular phones in emergency situations, prioritizing phone calls via Autovon and the GETS system, an explanation of the access override class system, Emmanuel sees a shocking sight in the streets of Tromso, triggering Echelon, analyzing the new Bin Laden tape, why the fact that the tape was made digitally could be very significant, what information has yet to be revealed, the reaction of the Department of Defense to the call for a digital copy, Emmanuel reveals the shocking sight he saw.

  45. Emmanuel is on from Copenhagen, a special guest is missing, the introduction of the euro approaches, how an E-Z Pass type of system may be used in currency, Emmanuel finds out what happens when trains are late in Europe, new security measures focus on shoes in light of the latest airplane incident, more talk of the Bin Laden tape and digital video, Zappo from Denmark talks about a "billing hazard" with the Danish phone system, Seraf and Porkchop compare this to the touch tone fee in the United States, how everyone in Europe seems to have their own GSM phone, the Ford lawsuit against $2600 is dismissed, attorney Eric Grimm reveals what happened in court, the bad precedent that losing this case would have set, some history on other Ford cases, the significance of this victory, how the DMCA will be used in future similar cases.

Off The Hook - 2002

  1. Emmanuel is on from Amsterdam, Porkchop's bad handwriting causes a wrong number to be dialed while trying to reach Bernie S., Dmitri Sklyarov is said to be back in Russia, the first day of the euro, Rop from Amsterdam joins the conversation, the Chaos Communication Congress, a hacker film called Codes, the CCC takes over an entire building in Berlin with blinking lights, some examples of the messages appearing on the building, Europeans seem to be afraid to come to the United States for H2K2 because of new laws, Lucky Green talks about GSM protection measures, Seraf talks of a news story that has disappeared, Emmanuel tries to get euros out of an ATM, what euros are like, what New Year's was like in Amsterdam and the dramatic differences in culture, a description of the buildings in Amsterdam.

  2. Emmanuel is back in New York, how Europe is inspirational, Emmanuel's odyssey getting back home involving the Long Island Railroad, a CD player nightmare, voice recognition technology used in a bad way, the pointlessness of skip stop service on the subway, the badly designed LIRR machines, a year has gone by since the takeover of the station, an interim national board meeting is scheduled for New York, long time broadcasters Bob Fass and Mike Feder are kicked off the air, how things may change at the station and why it would be a mistake to make a new list of banned people, Seraf has problems downstairs, a look at euros, a move to fingerprint people renting cars, Rep. Rick Boucher shows that he has a clue, more on face scanning technology, something strange is happening with the phones, a warning to Rebel, Emmanuel continues not to be charged for incoming GSM calls while overseas, the need for forgiveness at the station, why mass transit systems are so inferior in the States, questions as to why Democracy Now! hasn't been returned to the air, a slow version of the theme.

  3. A different intro for a show commemorating the victory at the interim Pacifica National Board meeting where the station was restored to the previous administration, Anthony intros a piece from Democracy Now! that reports on the changes, the fired and banned are returned, an excerpt from the national board meeting vote which got rid of the old regime, Errol Maitland returns to the WBAI airwaves, Mimi Rosenberg talks of being fired and banned, how the entire network will be affected, how Off The Hook managed to stay on the air throughout the crisis, the challenge of the debt facing Pacifica, Emmanuel's history during the events of the last year, what the station used to be like in the past and how it's been during the last year, Ken Gale describes the security system that's still in place, thanks to the people who have kept the stream going throughout, some of the shows that will be coming back, Bob Fass calls in, remembering Samori Marksman and others at the station who have died, Ray LeForest from the local advisory board gives perspective and tells what's ahead.

  4. An error tone, a look back at the turbulent events of a year ago at the station, an example of why Sprint really exists, live coverage of the first Local Advisory Board meeting at the station in over a year, Errol tells what's going on at the meeting, a screening of Freedom Downtime is scheduled for New York City, Emmanuel gets into an accident right before the show, trying to sell the WBAI security system, a news story about "terrorist hackers," a tale of horror from a co-op community, wireless hacking at airports, conditions that would allow Rebel to call in again, Alex has an update on a Verizon lawsuit threat, a caller sounds like a computer.

  5. The State of the Union address is about to begin, Ford decides to appeal the lawsuit verdict, the World Economic Forum conference is about to come to town, is raided, the Daily News threatens violence against WEF demonstrators, shortwave hate speech from the United States, the first live webcast of the State of the Union address on, an effort to cover nude statues, more anti-terrorism efforts, Family Guy is canceled, a plea to get tickets sold for the upcoming screening of Freedom Downtime, Keith from Theta Wave State talks about the soundtrack for the film, $2600 is once again accused of sending a virus, how switches can be programmed to send fake Caller ID info, how to battle telemarketers, what countries are most hospitable to hackers, a call for old phone sounds, a denial of service attack is planned for WEF.

  6. The first fundraiser since the station was liberated, the World Economic Forum meets in New York, what it was like after the show last week, the unprecedented police buildup, how Emmanuel was unwittingly caught up in the middle of events, the "frozen zone," Emmanuel and ShapeShifter get behind the barricades, the "Evil 2" subway trains, how the Waldorf Astoria was breached, the attack by the police on the protesters, Mike tells how the media tried to infiltrate the protest movement, Autojack tells of his experience listening to KPFK right before the liberation, new $2600 t-shirts are being made with a lawsuit theme, the problem with the police, a matching fund from $2600, Claude returns to the station, the loss of other local radio stations, an update on, Mike puts on a mask.  This show includes fundraising.

  7. The first show in several weeks, questions and controversy concerning how audio tracks are catalogued, some John Perry Barlow soundbites, a debate on the DMCA sponsored by NPR is upcoming in Philadelphia, the ICANN board moves in an ominous direction, listener mail, $6000 raised in a single hour last show, more ClearChannel evil, why XM is no alternative to FM, the controversial practice of "voice tracking," a New Zealand phone customer gets a surcharge for being an "arrogant bastard," Starbucks threatens the author of "Lowest Common Denominator" for a parody picture, amendments to definitions of commercial terrorism that could redefine acts of protest, criminal acts at a commercial boot camp, more negative attention is focused on PayPal, Adam talks about plans for the network and the expanded space at H2K2 in July, the big Bell logo at Pearl Street has been replaced with a Verizon logo, some Off The Hook people were on the air briefly during last week's fundraiser, H2K2 coordinating meetings begin, a mathematical palindrome is disputed, the new .coop domain and its disturbing practices, the fight for, Jim gives an update on his indictment and arrest at the hands of the New York City MTA, volunteers needed to help in the case.

  8. A challenge to figure out what the theme is, Jim goes into detail on his problems with the MTA, Autojack is still in New York, a review of Asobi Seksu's recent performance, more on corporate abuse of radio, the battle appears to be won, a "tech toolbox action camp" is announced by the Ruckus Society, an upcoming radio conference, update on a VOA radio show, Rebel is allowed to call in again, a suggestion on what to do with "God Bless America" signs, the annoyance of pop-under ads, how Metrocards work in buses, a listener writes in about the lack of experience of the National Guard, rumors of a new GSM provider, bad design in the SEPTA system, revelation of what the theme is.

  9. The "towers of light" are lit in memory of the World Trade Center, questions about Staten Island Rapid Transit, how Metrocards are used in Staten Island to exit the subway rather than enter, a scam to capitalize on the World Trade Center tragedy with .usa addresses is shut down, news about ICANN, a new terror threat warning system is introduced, what the different colors mean, calling the White House and the Department of Homeland Security, payphone rates in New York have doubled to 50 cents, free information at payphones is eliminated, Autojack goes out to a payphone to see if the new unlimited time for local calls at the new rate is in effect, what the SSSCA is, $2600 is accused of invading someone's computer, Autojack gets lost in the street, a Voicestream scam, a report from the DMCA debate sponsored by NPR, a revelation on what the current color is, Autojack returns after leaving the payphone off the hook, Rebel calls from Nebraska.

  10. A Freedom Downtime showing in Las Vegas, controversy in court surrounds an "eBay hacker," New York City tries to install fake traffic cameras, GSM is coming to AT&T, a new plan by AT&T that requires called parties to also subscribe, calling AT&T, Autojack receives a muddy voice mail from Sprint PCS, connecting with "Claire" at Sprint PCS, Emmanuel's nightmare contacting Amazon customer service, more on BBC World and its musical theme, some clarification on last week's payphone experiment, equating computers and guns, a listener says that protesting no longer works, Autojack goes out to a different payphone to test the new Verizon rate, a listener question regarding a three-way call, the evil "L" train, phone companies that cut people off during rings, problems with the outro.

  11. Emmanuel is late, subway problems are to blame, the Children's Internet Protection Act, Verizon phones seem to have been converted, an experiment with more reasonable rates, reports on BBC World from out of the country and the inability of anyone inside the United States to get that network, a company wants to advertise on tombstones, a listener feels that hackers and their advocates should be locked up, Douglas Thomas' talks about his new book Hacker Culture, the Chris Lamprecht ("Minor Threat") case, problems with hackers and the legal system, the full attendance list for Summercon 1987, how large crowds make it harder to keep the hacker spirit.

  12. A major battle between cable companies centers on the new YES network, new developments in the first criminal DMCA case against Elcomsoft, NASA tries to keep the details of space shuttle launches secret, the absurdity of keeping such things secret, the strange building policy regarding identification, Delchi talks about security checks, Mike gets on a train without showing ID, calling Amtrak to hear the security warning, a deceptive practice by Yahoo!, Spam Assassin, an upcoming discussion on events at Pacifica, more on BBC World, a call for yet another audio format, the reaction to yesterday's change in the website, an update on the encoding of Brain Damage, how the MTA entraps subway clerks, the changes in the phone system over the years, a security flaw involving SNET's DSL service, a listener runs into problems mailing books, more on Ogg Vorbis, Rebel promotes the upcoming tenth anniversary of calling into the show on June 24, 1992, a listener has ideas on dealing with spam.

  13. Claude has trouble getting into the building, Emmanuel gets a much dreaded letter from Voicestream, the history of Voicestream's free international roaming feature, Jim reports on a local Voicestream store that threw private customer information into the street, a story in Wired links $2600 to a "cyanide anarchist" in Chicago, the DMCA may require webcasters to pay a fee for every song and every listener, the CBDTPA, why Emmanuel is reluctant to identify the music played on the show, more mail about BBC World, NewsWorld International, an easy way to figure out when space shuttles will launch, unfairness with 800 numbers, digital photos will be on all U.S. passports along with other security features, the Lincoln Visa, the National Guard will soon be out of the airports, Israeli troops are reported to be broadcasting pornography over Palestinian television stations, ten digit dialing comes to New York City effective February of 2003, Reba Vartanian (Kevin Mitnick's grandmother) tells what it was like at the Las Vegas screening of Freedom Downtime, stories behind the film, why the BBC cut shortwave broadcasts to North America, a nonsensical caller, what's involved in getting a table at H2K2 as well as volunteering and speaking, how filtering is keeping people from listening to the online stream.

  14. Richard Stallman is the guest, a positive court ruling for hackers in Argentina, what the CARP recommendations will mean to net broadcasters, the amount of bureaucracy involved in the proposed fees, the DMCA and IEEE, hacking versus cracking, the problem with massive amounts of people wanting to be hackers, the proper way to pronounce Gnu, Stallman to appear at this weekend's I-CON convention, how the DMCA has affected the free software world, the parallels with the real world, the evils of eBooks, Stallman's take on copyright, an interesting analogy by a caller.

  15. Problems with the intro, a report from the I-CON convention, a flurry of connectivity problems plague $2600, why denial of service has nothing to do with hacking, how the media seeks out people who fit their perception of hackers, Freedom Downtime is finally available on video, how free distribution of the video is encouraged, trying to find out what the Homeland Security color is, Macki has an operation, another famous hacker is in the hospital, a hospital phone system that turns off incoming calls to patients after a certain hour, more on the $2600 April Fool's joke, how the FBI almost got involved, an update on the Chicago incident, Dutch speed cameras are protected with security cameras, Macki talks about various satellite networks available on the KU band, a religious figure attacks Macintosh computers.

  16. Problems getting to the studio on time, Emmanuel wonders if he broke the law by intentionally parking at a broken meter, the local contact for Homeland Security, a mysterious car marked "internal intelligence," the latest with Jim and the MTA, feedback on Freedom Downtime, bad news from Canada in the DSS world, how the April 1st redirect was accomplished, thoughts on noncommercial radio, how the FM dial could be greatly expanded, a question about the allocation of digital television channels, a demonstration of how phone companies trick customers who misdial, how people can easily steal Sprint PCS service, calling Sprint PCS to verify this, the religious figure featured in last week's show is rumored to be a hoax, a trick that may work at Kinko's, why Appleby's can't turn up the audio on their television sets, $2600 meetings this Friday.

  17. A three hour show is scheduled for next week followed by two hours with the people at Nuff Said, the $2600 van visits Cambridge, Massachusetts, the upcoming Dayton Hamvention, Mike is involved in a strike, the creator of the Melissa virus is sent to prison, more theories on Sprint PCS, a question as to whether Caller ID info is passed along on cellular calls, a secret Sprint rate plan, more on digital television, weird channel allocations, questions and feedback on Freedom Downtime, information on MCI's "The Neighborhood" plan, calling MCI to ask questions, a Turner executive refers to people who skip commercials as thieves, fun with Rebel, calling 800 information to find out about automation, comparing different cellular plans, Autojack and Emmanuel try to get Claire to transfer them to an operator.

  18. Announcements of what's coming up in this night of fundraising, a scheduling snafu prevented the show from being on last week, a "terrorist threat" closes off streets in lower Manhattan, the color remains yellow, Autojack is back in San Diego, H2K2 promises to be bigger and more coordinated than previous conferences, Geoff comments on last weekend's Dayton Hamvention, the CARP recommendations are rejected by the Librarian of Congress, a magic marker can be used to defeat new copy protection on CDs, Porkchop talks about Macintoshes that can be disabled by inserting copy-protected CDs, a list of CDs that carry this protection, what should be done to stores that carry these things, the theme of the show is the recently released film, feedback from people who have seen it, an excerpt from Freedom Downtime that discusses why Kevin Mitnick became a fugitive, the portrayal of the mass media in the film, the use of the 2600 hertz tones in the clips, an excerpt from the film on how it all got started, Autojack will be performing some of his music at H2K2, some celebrities who wound up in the film, Freedom Downtime wins an award, Uzi Nissan tells the story of and the fight he has been waging with the Nissan Motor Company, tactics that Nissan has used, support from Internet users, the history of Nissan, Uzi Nissan will appear at H2K2, how $2600 is losing money because Ford is appealing the lawsuit, Ken Gale talks of a lawsuit involving the old Gimbels chain, encounters with the $2600 van on the Interstate on the way back from Dayton, how people discover WBAI, the noncommercial ghetto of the FM dial, Ken talks about Nuff Said, what it was like at the station during the coup, the importance of comics, Bernie S. reveals something scary that he found at the Dayton Hamvention, an excerpt from the film on the Bernie S. story, Mercy Van Vlack joins Ken for the Nuff Said collaboration,, a malfunctioning cart machine, an odd standard of cassette tape seen at Dayton, how got hijacked, how difficult it can be to renew a domain name, experiences in Afghanistan, an introduction of all the people in the room, the Nuff Said news, the start of the Internet and what it stands for, the real cost of commercial radio, the monopoly of distribution in the comic book world, how comic books may be responsible for the smiley face, stupid Google tricks, the abundance of pornography on the net, how Boss Tweed was brought down by a cartoonist, how drawings are more powerful than words, how going to Afghanistan can change one's life, how WBAI may have influenced the independence of East Timor, Politically Incorrect is canceled, Emmanuel's experience seeing the new Star Wars movie in Ohio, a caller debates the amount of progress made at the station.  This show is in five parts and includes fundraising.

  19. More than $5000 was raised last week, an update on premiums, a speaker list for H2K2 is imminent, one listener who will be going to tremendous trouble to get to H2K2, a parody White House site, terrorists fail to blow up the Statue of Liberty, a plan to install cameras in airplanes, Interview Magazine seeks hackers, clarification on the copying policy with Freedom Downtime, a listener writes in about a secret project called Quantum Harmony, yottabits, more on MCI's "The Neighborhood" plan, more on Caller ID with cell phones, the true definition of theft, disturbing trends with Tivo, why it's important to not walk away from television, commercial skipping technology, responding to an email accusation, how things work inside a TV network, Emmanuel gets a weird Tivo update that interferes with a recording, how viewing habits can be used to invade privacy.

  20. A flurry of program changes affects Off The Hook, Nuff Said is canceled altogether, October 3, 1995 was the first show in the current timeslot, the new slot will be Wednesdays at 7 pm, the lack of communication at the station regarding the new schedule, Emmanuel explains why he turned down the 5 pm drive time slot, Max tells when Old Time Radio will be on, Emmanuel confesses his fascination with the World Cup Finals, the speaker list for H2K2 is announced, Aaron McGruder and Siva Vaidhyanathan are keynotes, Mark Hosler from Negativland will also be appearing, Robert Steele will be returning, The Mentor - author of "Conscience of a Hacker" - will also be speaking along with Steve Rambam, Uzi Nissan, Mike Levine, along with many others.  The FBI is given broad new powers, Chris explains how robots on the net could be used to abuse freedom of speech, polls indicate that most people don't view the FBI's new powers as a threat, cybercrime is listed as one of the three main focuses of the FBI, theories on commercial skipping VCRs, Magic Lantern, a listener criticizes the way the program changes were brought about, another reminder from Rebel on his upcoming tenth anniversary, coin service at payphones is being phased out, an overview of some of the programming changes.

  21. Emmanuel is late for the first show in the new timeslot, the problems getting to the station during rush hour, a remix of the theme, the recording people now hear when using coins at some payphones, Verizon lowers its rates back down to 25 cents at payphones, the prospect of ten digit dialing, Sprint PCS now charges a fee to have a human process a payment over the phone, Emmanuel's run-in with Sprint PCS billing, the United States Army website links to a violent video game, the password to an historical database in Norway is lost and then recovered after a public plea, more on the World Cup, how the United States doesn't seem to fit in, how a statue of Thomas Jefferson was torn down in the village of Port Jefferson and replaced with a warlike eagle, Mr. Ohm gives an update on the retro-computing panel, a final call for speakers at H2K2, The Personal Computer Show now follows.

  22. The show was preempted last week, bad news concerning Internet broadcasting, identifying the Librarian of Congress, what the new fee structure could mean to Off The Hook and typical stations, how it's going to be impossible to monitor all the listeners, the panels for H2K2 are announced, preregistration for the conference is closing, more on retro-computing, the Canadian military and RCMP are given permission to jam phone signals during the G8 summit and the Pope's visit, the FBI begins to search library records to find terrorists, a panel discussion on the FBI is scheduled for H2K2, Javaman talks about his panels, incidents of hacking into military secrets, Rebel calls in on his tenth anniversary of calling the show, an excerpt from ten years ago, Kevin Mitnick gives details on his testimony in Las Vegas demonstrating insecurities in the Sprint phone system, details on his testimony in Washington DC to save his amateur radio license, Javaman shares an exploit, an update on Jim's case with the MTA.

  23. A different version of the theme, H2K2 draws closer, Rop reports on the Ruckus camp, over 70 panels are scheduled for H2K2, memories of the first HOPE conference, inspiration from the Dutch, trying to come up with a name for the 2005 Dutch conference, the annual Reagan deathwatch, paranoia over terrorism in the United States, update on the alert system, New York City changes its color independently, the end of the World Cup and how American TV coverage differed from the rest of the world, the "other" World Cup final, Eric Grimm and Robin Gross give updates on the legal cases $2600 is involved in, Ford concedes defeat, how losing this case would have set a bad precedent, how the DeCSS case was distorted by the press, what has changed over the past couple of days, $2600 announces that it won't pursue the DeCSS case to the Supreme Court, how public perception has changed, lessons learned on how to dress in court, the Sonic Blue/ReplayTV case, skipping commercials is compared to theft, upcoming panels at H2K2 will feature Grimm and Gross, some strange laws governing the playing of music in commercial establishments, possible problems with parents controlling what their children are exposed to, a strange question about fiber optic cable.

  24. The final show before the H2K2 conference, Cheshire Catalyst reminisces about the registration desk at the first HOPE conference, Emmanuel and Ben reveal how the original name was conceived, Barry the Key talks about an adventure in his airplane to the States, Porkchop talks about the crazy building situation downstairs, Bernie S. talks about the monumental adventure with FedEx trying to get the registration badges delivered, Emmanuel's experience with a maxed out credit card that almost led to disaster for the conference, strange reactions to September 11, Autojack and Trash 80 talk about their upcoming shows at the conference, the full schedule of panels and performances is completed, a film lineup and unscheduled speakers are also planned, how the film Swordfish got its name, Adam discusses the network situation, figuring out how to get Roadie's U-Haul parked in the city as it continues to approach, Renderman and Porkchop tell how many wireless networks were found in a recent scan, how people offer free access to the net using their cable modems, Chris gives an update on the A/V situation, a massive H2K2 banner has been made along with smaller NSA-themed ones, more logistical information, the saga of the subway maps, Rebel has a question concerning what number shows up on his cellular phone, an explanation of how the $2600 streaming of the WBAI signal works, clarification on where the Martians landed, NRO people to attend the conference, dogs and Caller ID, Mr. Ohm talks about the retro-computing panel.

  25. The aftermath of the H2K2 conference, Greg Newby gives an overview of the various activities, review of The Mentor's talk, trying to reach Lazlow, a look at some press reports, how a BBC report was corrected, Lucky225 tells how social engineering was used to get inside information about AT&T, what happened during the social engineering panel, problems caused by AT&T, Bernie S. talks about the various hassles with the phone company, the effectiveness of Aaron McGruder's keynote address, Hanneke tells of her first experience at a New York conference, Autojack gives his impressions of the conference, the inspiration of the various European conferences, plans for a German hacker conference in the summer of 2003, an increase in female attendees, Mike claims that women were uncomfortable at the conference, Geoff gives his views of the highlights, how a shortwave radio show was broadcast over the Internet at the conference, a new bill will give life imprisonment to "malicious" computer hackers, an increased penalty for listening in on wireless phone calls, the security perspective of the conference, the Gameboy music performance.

  26. An invitation for pictures and feedback from H2K2, Kevin Mitnick's true freedom day is less than six months away, Jim reports on an article from Time Out New York on the conference, feedback on the conference from attendees, more on female presence at H2K2, a reading of a memo concerning the social engineering panel, a ruling against anti-abortion websites, searching for Bin Laden on the net, Al Qaeda accused of hiding messages via steganography, the beginning of Operation TIPS, the parallel of current events to Babylon 5, the current alert level, WorldCom goes bankrupt, Cingular accused of frightening WorldCom customers into changing their phone company, the value of keeping old phone books, a phone story concerning Wally Cox, clarification on the Cingular GSM situation, Freedom Downtime is shown in Los Angeles, Mayor Bloomberg's phone number is supposedly in the 1999 phone book.

  27. How everyone can participate in the new Operation TIPS program, a list of local citizen corps groups, suspicious activities on Wall Street, more on the dangers of supermarkets monitoring their customers' buying habits, more on Babylon 5 parallels to real life events, an online debate with the author, a congressman supports giving the MPAA and RIAA broad new powers to attack computers of people suspected of piracy, Emmanuel reports Jim for suspicious statements, Yale accuses Princeton of breaking into their website, ways of invading student privacy, Mr. Ohm tries to turn himself in for smuggling a dangerous object onto an airplane, MCI refuses to stop calling Emmanuel with sales calls, a Sprint relay call, the real dangers of a program like Operation TIPS.

  28. A minithon show, more encouragement for listeners to report suspicious activity, the worrying changes that have been taking place on Wall Street, the coming of digital television, the broadcast flag mandate, more on the Berman bill legalizing attacks on computers by the MPAA and RIAA, why the minithon is important, how people are virtually asking for bad legislation, the danger of allowing governments to do too much, the uniform blandness of radio stations, Seraf is warned not to take pictures under the Brooklyn Bridge, the stupid ways terrorists are profiled, the White House is unreachable from WBAI, a case of fraud allegedly linked to September 11, sensitive laptops disappear, the potential for internment camps in the United States, TIA (Total Information Awareness) is announced, some of the projections of this plan, the futile yet effective influence such programs have on populations.  This show includes fundraising.

  29. Still getting used to the new timeslot, Mike has a successful Amtrak experience, Emmanuel will be on the French islands off Canada again next week, the Neverlost system on rental cars and how it can malfunction, how receiving Canadian TV enables people to learn more about specific regions, a sex offender list in California, new speaking cameras in Watts, Jim reveals why Seraf was harassed for trying to take pictures under the Brooklyn Bridge, the hypocrisy of barricades being built around certain buildings, Operation TIPS is scaled back after a massive negative reaction, the prospects of an Al Qaeda cyber attack, the origins of the "electronic Pearl Harbor" phrase, the effectiveness of spam, the power of telemarketers, Emmanuel gets stuck in Spanish mode while calling Sprint PCS, trying to reach a human at Sprint PCS to find out about a new $3.50 charge for live assistance, a question concerning the legality of redistributing the radio show, the importance of understanding secret societies, why so many streets seem to have the same names, upcoming portability of cellular phone numbers, the unfairness of the toll-free number listing service, a new low cost prepaid phone card.

  30. Emmanuel doesn't make it to St. Pierre after all, Canada's strange policy that bars entry to people who were arrested in the past, what is required to get around this, issues of illegal immigration, high tech is used to keep Moroccans out of Spain, monitoring brain waves, major record labels sue major providers over access to a Chinese music site, Mike gets threatened for using the word "anonymizer," clarification on the Sprint PCS charge for talking to human operators, a college survey that asks political questions, some interesting corporate addresses, the purpose serves, competition for local phone service, strange behavior involving telemarketers, a caller's experience at the Canadian border in the past.

  31. Uncertainty as to the schedule over the next couple of weeks, the importance of doing a show on September 11, Ken Gale reminisces about what it was like a year ago, an article on the DeCSS case in the current edition of Playboy, why some magazines come out far in advance of their published dates, a company fights back against threats from the RIAA, commercials designed to "cherish freedom" airing on CNN, Jim's experience trying to use a computer anonymously in a library, regulations prohibiting packages over a certain weight from being dropped in mailboxes, a secretive federal court rules against further privacy invasions, Wilmington, Delaware tries to compile a database of people who are likely to commit crimes in the future, the difficulty getting into the United States from Canada and other countries, a listener composes a piece of music inspired by Off The Hook, Phil Kaplan of tells of his bad experience with the Ford Motor Company, daily operations of the site, callers can't hear the feed over the phone, an engineer fixes the problem, the dangers of GPS.

  32. The show was preempted for the last two weeks, why this was especially frustrating, listener feedback on the preemptions, how airtime isn't being shared fairly at the station, why moving to the Internet isn't the answer, the color code for the nation changes to orange, speculation as to whether there was previous knowledge about the World Trade Center attacks, Emmanuel's experience on the first train to the rebuilt stations, Metrocard tampering is now considered forgery, information on the CAPPS 2 program designed to identify potential terrorists, banks that require fingerprints as identification, the Facelab system, ineffective methods of achieving security, the upcoming military action against Iraq, a book by Kevin Mitnick is set to be released next week, a parent is concerned over a school's treatment of his son.

  33. Kevin Mitnick will be live in the studio on October 16, the color code for the nation changes back to yellow, the absurdity of the color system, the FCC is set to relax more restrictions for large owners, an update on, the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA), the case of a mother caught abusing her child on a parking lot video camera, a debate over strict enforcement of speed limits, a parallel between public restrooms and public bandwidth, Voicestream is now T-Mobile, Cable and Wireless is changing to Primus, Verizon announces a strange new billing plan involving wireless phone numbers, mandatory eleven digit dialing is coming to New York City, questions as to why it's necessary to dial a one, criticism of a story that focused on Israel's cutting off of an ISP, defending criticism of Operation TIPS, bathrooms in New York.

  34. The news runs late again, more on Metrocard fraud, a story about the RIAA discovering that music can be played over the radio, questions about BBC World, the Chaos Computer Club puts a graphical display on a building in Paris, Tim from the CCC explains the project, how people can submit artwork, $2600 currently being displayed on the building, the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress, listener feedback on Freedom Downtime, fundraising to begin next week, the threat of building lights turning into advertising, why the display isn't in color, Kevin Mitnick's laptop is on eBay.

  35. The fundraiser is postponed due to the war hearings, Kevin Mitnick will be on next week, more on the upcoming eleven digit dialing plan in New York, some new and stupid features from T-Mobile, why Emmanuel probably won't be with Sprint PCS much longer, the frustration of DSL service going down, some retail stores will soon require fingerprints from their customers, a high price for a $2600-related domain name, a lawyer offers to start a $2600-related cybersquatting lawsuit, a new way record companies are keeping CDs from being copied, extending the period of time works remain copyrighted, an appeal for the full video of the recent space shuttle launch from a camera mounted on it, more on fingerprint identification in stores, clarification on when merchants are responsible for fraudulent transactions, how to get BBC World Service, a caller claims to be ripped off by Verizon, how to use the callback features, a caller has their domain name stolen.

  36. Kevin Mitnick is in the studio on the eve of a book tour, what media training is, the many media outlets Kevin has appeared on recently, the amount of time that has gone by since Kevin has actually been free, Kevin won't be allowed to tell his story for another seven years, Kevin tells why he ran in 1993, why he pleaded guilty, the many different social engineering techniques outlined in Kevin's new book (Art of Deception), how Kevin became a victim of identity theft, the revelation that Kevin has been allowed to use a computer since January, a letter from Bulgaria tells how telemarketers are at work there making calls to the United States, a story of a beeper company secretly moving its operations to Mexico, "quality of life" offenses in New York City are processed in Ghana, perceptions of American culture from overseas, spy planes are deployed in the United States to search for the DC sniper, the potential of life sentences for hackers, Jello Biafra gives a talk in Brooklyn, clarification on rebroadcasting the show, System of a Down apparently supports Kevin Mitnick, more on T-Mobile's apparent lack of support for Caller ID on voice mail, the new AT&T unlimited GSM plan, Emmanuel tries to scan for GSM networks on his phone, Kevin reveals how to use social engineering to beat a traffic ticket, special items offered for this week's fundraiser, how the Kevin Mitnick story has been covered on WBAI since the beginning of Off The Hook, the magic of what Phil Hendrie at KFI in Los Angeles does on the air, Kevin talks about the commercial influence that can affect a station like KFI, Kevin's various auctions on eBay, the specific information that makes Kevin's book stand out, The Personal Computer Show will continue with Kevin later, how the "Free Kevin" movement helped prepare the hacker community for activism, the new issue of $2600 is about to be released with an "Operation TIPS" cover, Kevin reveals what happened inside the prison after the scene from Freedom Downtime was filmed across the street, Alex Kasper talks about what happened on the inside with Miramax during the filming of Takedown in North Carolina, Kevin runs into an actor from Takedown during an episode of Loveline, how an interview with Kevin showed up on the foreign DVD of Takedown without his permission, a new film project Kevin and Alex are involved in, Kevin's appearance on Alias, how Kevin's grandmother is an inspiration, finding a volunteer to put quarters in Emmanuel's parking meter downstairs, new parking meters in Los Angeles can detect when cars drive away so there isn't any leftover change, the amount of $2600 is passed, a message to anyone who didn't get premiums during the last marathon, more comments on the Takedown movie, Jon Littman's connection, the books for the marathon are depleted, Joe King from The Personal Computer Show stops by, the upcoming Kevin Mitnick book signing in New York City, what Kevin isn't allowed to do, how Caller ID can be forged, Kevin's future public appearances, Kevin's amateur radio license is recommended for renewal by the FCC, Kevin talks about the TechTV show he co-hosted with Steve Wozniak, the missing chapter in Kevin's book, uncertainty as to whether the show will be on next week, trying to hit the $5000 mark.  The final hour is actually part of The Personal Computer Show and includes other topics and guests.  Kevin talks about what it will be like to read email again, various spam ploys, and the importance of backing up.  Alex talks about the Telezapper, problems with spam and telemarketers, and the accuracy of John Markoff's articles.  Kevin tells the story of Cyberpunk and how he deliberately blew a film deal, why hacking into NORAD is next to impossible, why Kevin wasn't able to tell his story, why any computer is vulnerable to attack, Kevin will be appearing on Art Bell, Alex gives an example of how to infiltrate a company with a floppy disk, the hassle of fraudulent bids on eBay, three steps to protect computers.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  37. Another long period of time has passed between shows, introducing people who are at the show, a story of more confusion at WBAI concerning preemptions, Jim gives an update on his case, an appeal for a lawyer, the aftermath of Election Day, the weirdness of having Republicans controlling everything, Emmanuel tells of his experiences at the polls, suspicion that library computers are being bugged by the FBI, Chinese authorities take action to block certain sites, Emmanuel appears in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," police are looking for a man who has been taking pictures in Massachusetts, an appeal to people who listen on the radio, Kevin Mitnick's book tour is winding down, the missing chapter of The Art of Deception appear on the net, an accusation that uses "secret cookies," discussion of roaming on GSM, a quiz on the GSM country code for the United States, clarification on who uses what network, news on premiums from marathons, over 20,000 Germans are billed for having their phones tapped, listeners write in about the frequent preemptions, why it's important to not abandon WBAI, why an hour a week just isn't enough time for all the issues that need to be covered, Seraf talks about and their definition of a "threat," a story about Panamanian Internet Service Providers, a call from Zephyr of the Clash days, rumors of new charges from Verizon, an update on the WKCR broadcast situation, a caller's daughter has an announcement.

  38. A malfunctioning button, Jim is missing, Emmanuel ponders the subways, Geoff spends the day battling traffic, the beginning of the Illegal Art Show at CBGB's 313 Gallery, the dwindling number of people who listen to radio in their homes, Emmanuel's problem receiving shortwave in his car, Emmanuel has to give another deposition related to DeCSS, an appeal to save student station WCWP from NPR, the importance of college radio, the Homeland Security Act will make it easier for ISPs to disclose personal information on their customers, Freedom Downtime to air on Free Speech TV, a listener encourages the show to remain on WBAI, $2600 isn't blocked in China, Vietnamese restrictions on the Internet, the GSM country code for the United States, Geoff reports the U.S. Army is recruiting in the subway, a British citizen is accused of hacking into all kinds of U.S. military systems, debate over whether or not someone is "stuffed," a caller reports a strange pulse over the FM signal, Off The Hook people will be at the Illegal Art Show immediately following the broadcast.

  39. Dead air, Emmanuel's CD is held captive by the CD player, Jim spends time in jail, Mike has a new website but won't say what's on it, the strange TIA logo, a list of terrorist suspects winds up in public hands, Emmanuel has another bad experience on a train, a William Safire piece on Total Information Awareness, new potential penalties for hackers, surgically implanted tags in pedophiles, a secretive appeals court makes a ruling, results of a GSM experiment, a case involving the name of Bill Wyman, more methods of "protecting" DVDs, Geoff tells how to get in trouble inside a BlockBuster store.

  40. A track from the Illegal Art Show featuring Dan Rather, some telling words from John Ashcroft, the biggest reshuffling of the federal government in 55 years, $2600's Homeland Security Holiday Specials, the danger of getting used to the way things are, talk of satellite TV and radio, the negative aspects of XM and Sirius, disabling pop-ups, a connection between IAO and a secret group named Golden Dawn, ways terrorists are tracked, a Canadian official calls Bush a moron, a review of a Canadian TV show called "Talking To Americans," another update on the DeCSS case, a new offer from AT&T proves confusing, problems signing up with a new phone company called Z-Tel, how buying music can sometimes cause problems.

  41. How sides are uniting against current trends, a listener writes in with an experience of harassment in Denver while Dick Cheney was in town, a chronology of events, Mike Maginnis tells his story, intimidation tactics, how the story can be verified, a call to publicize the whereabouts of the vice president, the possibility of this being a bias crime, how existing laws make such actions possible, the CIA announces their intention to kill suspected terrorists in foreign countries, a listener's prediction for the future.

  42. Positive and negative feedback to last week's show, the frustration of not having any physical evidence, other similar incidents, how it's extremely easy to cover up the facts when such things occur, why it's important to let people judge the facts for themselves, Mike Maginnis chooses not to pursue the case any further, the responses given by the Denver police department, some corrections to the facts, the lack of substantial statements by people who dismiss the story, Dmitri Sklyarov testifies in a United States court, Mike's website is threatened because of its mirroring of, a man who made a comment about "burning Bush" is sentenced to a lengthy prison term, speculation on Trent Lott's controversial statement.

  43. Emmanuel tries to reach a mystery guest, victory in the Elcomsoft case, why going to a jury resulted in a positive outcome, the positive and negative implications of the verdict, Jim discovers the origin of the Homeland Security colors, the Chaos Communication Congress is approaching, Geoff makes travel plans with Bernie S., Emmanuel will be away for the next few weeks for the convention and the Kevin Mitnick Freedom Tour, more attempts to find out the location of Vice President Cheney, more questions and debate on the Mike Maginnis story, reports that it's now illegal to take pictures of bridges, other stories of injustices, a call from one of Rebel's friends, why it's difficult to know if your phone is being tapped, getting phone service without giving out a Social Security Number, reports from a transit employee that it may be illegal to take pictures of subway cars, some inside information on the transit system, what would have happened if the recently averted transit strike had occurred.

  44. Confusion reigns for 15 minutes as contact is established with Emmanuel, a musical tribute to Joe Strummer, Emmanuel is in Amsterdam, the Chaos Communication Congress is set to begin in Berlin, the changing technology that allows massive amounts of music to be stored on small devices, Bernie S. is on his way to the airport in a driving snowstorm, the different way Christmas is celebrated in Europe, Jim is missing with the show's theme, Alex talks about Jello Biafra's appearance in Vermont, an appeal to listeners for a cassette copy of the show, Jim tells of his problems getting to the station, a pornographic film is shown in the Senate, a law is overturned forbidding inmates from any kind of Internet contact, how Disney is able to control who becomes a musical star, outbound buses from Manhattan are suspended, the upcoming Kevin Mitnick Freedom Tour, the TIA logo disappears from their website, cameras in Washington DC are designed to keep an eye on protesters, Bernie S. makes it to the airport, how weather is dealt with differently in Europe, how existing technology can be used to achieve a degree of Total Information Awareness, the masquerading law in New York is struck down, Bernie S. is finally reached at the airport, feedback.

Off The Hook - 2003

  1. Emmanuel is on from Amsterdam again, Geoff has been to Germany and back since the last show, how New Year's in Amsterdam is radically different than anything in the States, an overview of the Chaos Communications Congress, how German hackers get things done, cultural differences, the fear factor for Europeans visiting the United States, Kevin Mitnick's upcoming freedom from supervised release, the unique architecture of Berlin, next year's conference will be held in the original "blinking lights" building, tentative dates for this summer's CCC Camp are announced, a unique date in history, Bernie S. calls in from the sky, Bernie S. tells the story of his ill-fated flight which dumped its fuel into the North Sea and made an emergency landing, more analysis of the conference, Bernie S. gives advice on a radio transmitter for Emmanuel's upcoming trip across the country, Bernie S. describes the phone he's using on the airplane, the outrageous cost of this phone call, more impressions of Amsterdam on New Year's Eve, differences in technology, this week's upcoming $2600 meeting.

  2. Emmanuel is in Atlanta in the CNN Mall, update on the Mitnick Liberation Tour, Emmanuel switches from a Sprint phone to a T-Mobile phone due to sound problems, an update on Bernie S.'s KLM adventure, who will pay for last week's phone call, how the media bought into the human cloning story without any evidence, Emmanuel's experience flying home on a propeller plane, the large number of security checkpoints, Bernie S.'s experience transporting tulips, how federal probation laws are changing, Kevin Mitnick's history, a strange experience in a motel room in Virginia, a good outcome in the Jon Johansen case, how the media continues to get the story wrong, the importance of people taking a stand, an update on the DVDCCA lawsuit, legal questions arise on the issue of receiving foreign satellite signals, Stormbringer calls in from federal prison, word of corrupt prison guards.

  3. Emmanuel is in Bisbee, Arizona, how people around the country have become educated to hacker issues, Eldred vs. Ashcroft is decided, how this will affect copyright, a funny quote from Jack Valenti, the prevalence of new American plants in Mexico, what it's like to drive in Monterrey (Mexico), a demonstration of the GPS system in Emmanuel's rental car, theories on how the system actually works, the magic of traveling with an iPod, the large amount of religious broadcasters in the noncommercial part of the FM dial throughout the country, GSM coverage comes to Mexico, a mystery as to how time gets transmitted on a Sprint phone, Bernie S. talks about an intelligent billboard, the GPS system begins speaking Dutch, questions as to why Interstate 19 in Arizona uses the metric system, why the United States continues to resist converting to metric, caller discussion on the metric system.

  4. Some confusion as a connection is established, Emmanuel is in Monterey (California), Kevin Mitnick is finally free of restrictions and can use the Internet, Jon Johansen faces a second trial as an appeal is announced, Kevin Mitnick joins the show from San Francisco, Kevin talks about the different sites he's visited in the past day, Steve Wozniak gets Kevin a present, clarification on what constitutes good and bad hacking, what it was like to live under the supervised release restrictions, questions are raised about overly broad federal sentencing, Kevin's travel plans, bringing Kevin and Bernie S. together for the first time, comparing experiences in the federal system, how Kevin has been unable to attend any of the HOPE conferences, whether California's "three strikes" law could ever apply to Kevin, discussion of the federal sentencing system, the Illegal Art Show will be opening in Chicago, Kevin's prohibition from telling his story for profit, thanks from Kevin for the support over the years.

  5. Emmanuel is on a land line in San Francisco, wondering what technology will be like in ten years, Emmanuel is trying to get back to New York as quickly as possible, the advantages of traveling by road, comments on the State of the Union address, how opposition to the upcoming war is manifesting itself around the country, several hundred thousand people attend rallies across the country, Emmanuel sees an antiwar rally in Las Vegas, additional rallies are set for February 15, how KPFK in Los Angeles has improved, how Pacifica seems to be reaching a large part of California, Emmanuel tells what he found out about the mystery of Interstate 19, why so few Americans seem to know the names of states in Mexico, the scary story of Mexico's Route 2, a denial of service attack against the RIAA, EasyEverything is convicted in England of copyright infringement, a computer begins to overheat at Emmanuel's location, a new worm spreads throughout the Internet using an SQL vulnerability, how certain ATMs can be shut down with a bank card, South Korea's level of connectivity, Jim is forced to plead guilty to a felony, a question as to whether convicted felons can vote in New York, Emmanuel tries to find the answer live on the Internet, a local 911 error costs lives, Emmanuel winds up in San Diego on Super Bowl Sunday, local police try to incite trouble.

  6. The GPS computer goes berserk, Emmanuel is just outside Buffalo, what it was like driving across the northern section of the country in the middle of winter, no show next week, a special fundraiser is scheduled for two weeks from now, suggestions for new 2600-related merchandise solicited, eleven digit dialing comes to New York City, results of various dialing experiments, ways of dealing with number exhaustion, it is now possible to send SMS messages between GSM and CDMA phones, Emmanuel and Mike exchange messages, theories about new encrypted radios used by police, Jim gives an update on his case, questions as to whether Jim is allowed to talk to Bernie S. anymore, the Chicago subway system, an invisibility cloak, Emmanuel appears in the New Yorker, suggestions on where Emmanuel should go in Buffalo, a caller talks about a company named Vonage.

  7. A special two hour fundraiser, the demonstration and the snow cause chaos in the city, people begin to hoard duct tape because of the fight against terrorism, the alert color has changed to orange, a new website called makes its debut, an Internet-ready computer is now in the studio, Emmanuel hacks into the system on the air, a message from Tom Ridge on the phone, an excerpt from the website that uncovers a major spelling blunder, some of the problems encountered by demonstrators at the weekend's antiwar rally, Jim takes issue with the demonstrators, how the evidence never seems to be forthcoming from the Bush administration, how WBAI had a real presence at the demonstration, comparing coverage of the snowstorm to coverage of the demonstration in the mass media, a brand new t-shirt is being designed for Off The Hook, more stories from the demonstration, how Citigroup turned into a staging area, $2600 hooded sweatshirts are in the works, plans for expanding telephone number length, Juintz gives an update on the $2600 streaming of the WBAI signal that goes on around the clock, what is needed to keep things going, the importance of local voices on radio, how local radio played a part in Emmanuel's cross country trip, a new radio show called Off The Wall debuts on WUSB and will be heard on Tuesday evenings, Seraf gives details on how a fake story concerning terrorists was circulated, an 11-year-old kid gets arrested for hacking into a computer at his school and changing his grades, Bernie S. appears out of nowhere, the police are seen cutting phone lines at the demonstration, Bernie S. tells how the radio station made a big difference to him while he was in prison, Kevin Mitnick talks about his appearance on CNN earlier in the day, the threat of recurrent billing on credit cards, millions of credit card numbers are compromised, Kevin reveals that Data Processors International is the company affected, Kevin's company is the victim of a denial of service attack, Kevin tries to organize a hacker celebration, Emmanuel and Kevin compare their number of emails, some facts about the Patriot Act and its successor, the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, some of the scarier things we have to look forward to.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  8. The first show in two weeks, an arrest at a mall involving a peace t-shirt, Emmanuel demonstrates a conference call service that can create feedback, the alert condition returns to yellow, a strange plane appears over the city of Bloomington, Venezuela's clocks run slow because of power problems, Jim arrives late, a mystery involving a videotape from the doomed Columbia space shuttle mission, last week's fundraiser brought in just under $5000, listener comments on the Neverlost system, WBAI introduces a new website, a follow-up on the typo discovered last week at, Seraf reports on the CAPPS 2 system, an attempt to ask Delta about their monitoring policy, a call to the TSA, the perils of traveling with large amounts of money, a Scottish student turns in a paper written entirely in "texting" language, a bug in Sendmail is somehow dealt with by the Department of Homeland Security, a call from a SEPTA employee, the potential of other stations simulcasting the show, more information on the peace shirt incident, the question of whether or not a mall should be considered private property, a call to action against Delta, various websites are redirected by the U.S. government, a visit to, more info on Delta, a reminder about $2600 meetings.

  9. Geoff is on from San Diego, Emmanuel calls various AT&T foreign language services, Geoff has an adventure with the TSA while flying, more discussion of the Delta passenger surveillance system, how it's possible to lose large amounts of money to the government even when no crime has been committed, Japanese bank cards are defrauded, the transit rates in New York are substantially hiked as of May, Emmanuel has a theory on what might happen to old Fun Passes when the rates change, a call to the MTA to settle the question, Mike gets an excessive bill for text messages on his Sprint phone, a test of a button on the console to mute output to the phone, callers have more airport stories, a caller who works in airport security shares some facts, a fundraiser is upcoming on next week's Off The Wall.

  10. The final hour of the countdown to war, what the upcoming war will mean to the program and the station, a sense of occupation in New York, an encounter with the military in the subway, Bernie S. observes changes in Philadelphia, the oddness of Bush's ultimatum to Iraq, Emmanuel admits that there was indeed a difference between Bush and Gore, an antiwar march is planned for Saturday in New York, the alert system is now at "Orange Plus," what could happen under a "Red" condition, Operation Atlas is implemented in New York at a cost of $5 million a week, some of the increased security measures now in effect, questions as to what the National Guard can do, the United States is caught spying on various allies, why a quick victory wouldn't solve anything, a key bit of evidence against Iraq is found to be an obvious forgery, some Iraqi citizens in the United States are being detained, a way to receive CBC Newsworld over the net, an airline passenger has a nasty note inserted into his luggage by airport security, an example of the bias of CNN, an update on CAPPS 2, how the concept of cyberterrorism has been exaggerated, Iraq's top level domain, information on where to get shortwave radios, some shortwave radio frequencies, Geoff describes what happened when he tried to take a picture of Bernie S. being searched at an airport, a listener has a story about a mural downtown, a parody of

  11. End theme missing from Free Speech Radio News, a special two hour edition of the show as the war continues, the up close coverage of the mass media, how the war is being treated more like a football game, some of the alternative coverage that's available, trouble reaching Bernie S., the various slogans of the media, how the international feed of CNN is much more intelligent than the domestic one, the call for hackers to join in the war, memories of the spy plane incident in China, bias in the mainstream against Arab reporters, Al Jazeera is taken off the net by unknown parties, how people can see the video that's not being shown in the United States, ways that Al Jazeera can be received, what kind of information can be received on shortwave, CNN is kicked out of Baghdad, a reporter from Free Speech TV is given substantial time on CNN, differences in coverage between BBC and CNN, info on WorldLink TV, how particular news stories are censored, the antiwar stance of the Daily Mirror in London, changes in the domestic scene, the distinction between war and terrorism, a large military presence in the Union Square station in New York, speculation on how many people attended the march on Saturday, Emmanuel's "The War" stickers from 1991, a Free Speech Radio News update, the logo of a military unit is dominant on CNN's screen, rules of war, the issue of denial of service attacks, Mike tells of problems Indymedia is having with massive traffic, differences between the march on Saturday and the demonstration on February 15, how things changed on Saturday after the permit expired, Mike talks about attacks on members of the crowd by police, an example of dialogue between police and demonstrators, MTV refuses to air any antiwar spots, how mainstream views aren't subjected to the same scrutiny, comments on Michael Moore's statement during the Academy Awards, a full reading of his words, pro-war demonstrations being organized by ClearChannel, Emmanuel gets an ACLU card, how BBC America is being destroyed by the Discovery networks, the importance of getting alternative news to the American populace, how to stream Al Jazeera.  This show is in two parts.

  12. Bernie S. tries to track down a representative of Al Jazeera, what people at that network are enduring, trying to connect to the Al Jazeera website, how the Al Jazeera website was redirected, a fairly accurate piece on the subject appears in Wired, how not showing the video of dead soldiers could desensitize Americans to the horrors of war, a move to force CDMA instead of GSM technology on Iraq after the war, Peter Arnett criticizes the war effort and is fired by NBC, how pro-war advocates tear down antiwar stickers, an offensive banner appears at a San Francisco antiwar march, how such slogans are bad for the entire movement, the pro-war attitude that often exists among antiwar activists, Bernie S. reports on a battle between the city and federal authorities in Philadelphia, the police state that now exists on Wall Street, updates on National Guard troops in the subways, teachers are disciplined for not taking war-related student posters down from their classroom walls, an update on a Newsday reporter missing in Iraq who reported on $2600 in the past, Mike reports on a "die-in" in midtown Manhattan, clarification on yesterday's web page "hack" of $2600 as well as Tuesday's edition of Off The Wall, Seraf spots an NYPD cruiser with federal plates.

  13. A special announcement from the peace movement, contacting Bernie S. in Philadelphia, missing people in the studio, how people are reacting to the sights of the Iraqi public welcoming U.S. troops, Emmanuel and Jim debate the distinction of war and invasion, speculation on what will happen in a few years, another false alarm for the detection of chemical weapons, the English Al Jazeera site is now online, an Al Jazeera reporter is killed in an American attack, the challenge ahead of keeping the Iraqi infrastructure stable, more calls to shut down Al Jazeera, what's happening in Afghanistan, callers comment on the dramatic news of the day, comparisons to the uprising in Romania, a caller points out the number of customer support centers that are actually in foreign countries, calling American Express to find out where their representative is located, Geoff notices the constant replays of the Saddam Hussein statue toppling on CNN, how the same names seem to be involved in what's going on in the world, Jim clarifies his position as devil's advocate.

  14. The national alert level goes back down to yellow, Mike and Seraf are off doing "religious things," a "B" team is in place, Redhackt describes his run-in with a computer after turning 18, trouble on Bernie S.'s phone line, how the alcohol buying system is used to invade privacy in Pennsylvania, the poor quality of New Jersey licenses, Singapore installs cameras in the homes of people with SARS, a big coincidence and new questions surround the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue, looting and pillaging destroy priceless artifacts, authors of an article on a system called CampusWide are prevented from talking about it at the Interz0ne conference, a move to make permanent the extended government powers granted after September 11, Steven McGeady talks about the Mike Hawash case, details on his arrest, the conditions of Hawash's captivity, decent turnout at a "Free Mike Hawash" demonstration, tracking down static on the phone line, a caller points to a Zionist conspiracy.

  15. Board confusion, Bernie S. goes to the Homeland Security Solutions Conference and Exhibition, some observations from inside, Bernie S. is forbidden by law from possessing body armor, info on how to attend the conference, Bernie S. talks about some of the conversations he overheard, what we can look forward to in the world of homeland security, Seraf reports on border patrol technology at the Canadian border, the latest Hollywood action to thwart piracy has people walking through theaters with night vision goggles looking for video cameras, Emmanuel comes up with a suggestion for an industry obsessed with preventing digital copying, Mike talks about the "privacy czar's" connection with Doubleclick, the government wants to expand DNA profiles to include juveniles, a proposed law in Pennsylvania would make it illegal for kids to gather publicly, the BBC Monitoring Service finds a recording distributed by the CIA that uses rap to put down Saddam Hussein, airing the song, questions as to whether the song constitutes a copyright violation, CNN accidentally releases fake obituaries for people who are still alive, responding to listener mail, criticism of all the war talk, the bigger picture, Bernie S. gives info on how to subscribe to a Homeland Security magazine, a listener gets it right.

  16. Seraf talks about how the DMCA is about to get worse, what "super DMCA" is, potential restrictions that could be faced by everyone, Verizon is told by a federal court that it must release the name of a subscriber being investigated by the RIAA, the massive amount of warnings sent out, how peer-to-peer software is used for non-piracy, states that are in danger from the new DMCA laws, how Madonna has gotten involved in the peer-to-peer software controversy, Mike Hawash is indicted, an analysis of some of the charges against him, the New York City transit fare hike is set to go into effect next weekend, what will happen to old Fun Passes after the increase, the show won't be on in two weeks, Jim talks about how the MTA was cooking the books, new MTA projects, Seraf reads a really weird Donald Rumsfeld quote, an update on the CIA radio station beaming into Iraq, a problem with a checkout machine, the annoyance of supermarket clubs, an idea on how to subvert the system, review of a PBS special, Emmanuel reveals an annoying trait on his Sprint phone, Off The Hook t-shirts are arriving and the $2600 sweatshirts are in production, a report on Nextel's coast to coast feature, questions on how easy it is to listen in on a Nextel phone, a caller from Belgium talks about a new identity card, a preview of the CCC Camp this summer.

  17. Problems with a Randy Newman ID, all kinds of technical problems, Bernie S. describes a new charge appearing on Sprint PCS bills, Emmanuel calls American Express to find out where the representatives are, finding out where in India representatives can be found, Emmanuel has had a real saga with American Express, Emmanuel tries to use an old Fun Pass after the subway rate increase, a report on the new iTunes pay service, how people have always traded music, steps the RIAA is taking against individuals, a question about the themes, more on supermarket discount clubs, questions on whether the authorities monitor what people are buying, a school board president blames hackers for a controversy, the difference between downloading music and real theft, the blindness of people who insist on punishment for any transgression, a caller wonders how trojans got onto her computer, a two hour special is scheduled in two weeks.

  18. A three hour show tonight, a rare Roger Waters piece from a film called When The Wind Blows, a large number of people are missing tonight, Bernie S. and Geoff return from the Dayton Hamvention, Dan Morgan will be on the show later, Bernie S. uses the refunded ticket from last year's Dayton showing of Attack of the Clones for The Matrix Reloaded, Lin stops by to talk about the Atlanta Freenet project, VCDs are being made of H2K2 panels, an excerpt from the 802.11 panel at H2K2, lots of support from Iowa, the threat level is now orange, Juintz explains how the whole streaming process works, how the radio station streaming is in danger because of a new policy at Live365, presents for Emmanuel from Dayton, the sound of a CD in pause, an excerpt from the social engineering panel at H2K2, trying to reach AT&T, stories from Alex and Cheshire, Emmanuel social engineers Starbucks, Alex talks about playing with Encore operators, a partial list of some of the videos that will be available, why supporting the station is important and what happened a couple of years ago, how people can help with the streaming, getting onto PA systems in retail outlets, an appeal to people in Dayton, Bernie S. talks about a new piece of technology that can monitor people's driving habits, Dan Morgan talks about the shape of the world and his personal battle with DirecTV, how print media is in danger, what hackers do, an excerpt from the "Abuse of Authority" panel at H2K2, how the Dixie Chicks have been blacklisted for speaking their minds, how the ShapeShifter case turned out, Lin gives more information on the Atlanta Freenet project.  This show is in three parts and includes fundraising.

  19. The WBAI phone system suffers an outage in the middle of last week's fundraising drive, Mike graduates from Columbia, the show brought in nearly five thousand dollars during the fundraiser, some details on the phone outage, Lazlow talks about the newest FCC decision that takes away almost all restrictions on broadcasting ownership, the extent of ClearChannel's power, some classic quotes, what the new rules actually mean, the media situation in Italy, how Lazlow gets his perspective across on XM, how people can make a difference, giving radio stations back to the community, Emmanuel misses a color change as the country goes back down to yellow, calling the White House to verify the color, proving that New York City is actually at orange, Arizona considers not following future color changes, questions about local decisions, the presence of troops in Manhattan, the possibility of metal detectors on the Staten Island ferry, a listener has old videotapes to give away, Emmanuel is recruited by the Army Reserves thanks to Rebel, Emmanuel's problems with XM, the possibility of carrying Pacifica over the XM or Sirius satellite services, the need for controversy over the radio, how the government process in the United States doesn't seem as exciting as those of other countries, the simulcast of Off The Hook on shortwave, a Google cookie that lasts until 2038, the advantages of Mozilla, a website with a listing of codes to enable region free features on DVD players, how the radio business sets itself up to stagnate, media ownership in Venezuela.

  20. Dialing Bernie S. on the air, reports on new levels of paranoia in Philadelphia and New York, the various types of soldiers now on Wall Street, Bernie S. discovers a hidden MCI facility that's afraid of terrorism, how BillSF managed to inadvertently infiltrate an MCI building in New York years ago, a New York City website that reveals the terror alert status color, the status in Hawaii, more information on foreign call centers, trying to find out the location of a Verizon call center, how the Freedom Downtime DVD will be encoded, the $2600 IRC network returns, how car dealerships now check FBI databases for "terrorism flags," buying a car without a license, a theory on why the WBAI phone system went down during the pledge drive, why some people who pledged during the February drive may not have gotten their $2600 sweatshirts, a listener reports that is banning any mention of $2600, Emmanuel gets a weird message from the past on his Sprint PCS phone, Bernie S. has a similar experience with multiple messages, what a Sprint "pocket call" is, what really happens during blank voice mail messages, new info on cellular portability, Verizon loses its appeal in the case of customer names sought by the RIAA, a student is targeted and forced to pay a huge sum to the RIAA, a story concerning the acquisition of the FCC by ClearChannel, a letter from Stormbringer in prison on the Nextel system, Bernie S. startles a DEA employee, previewing the Republican National Convention scheduled for September 2004 in New York, some appeals for help from the New York Indymedia Center, assorted transit news, how the Citigroup Center subway station is one of the very few that offers free transfers for Metrocards used within two hours, an anonymous person talks about how to hack messages on road signs, how an ill-advised "terror alert" traffic blockage in Brooklyn was defeated by certain individuals, a call from China, a question on GSM technology.

  21. An apology for a Spike Lee message starting late, a skeleton staff tonight, the show won't be on next week because of an emergency fundraiser, a Spike Lee controversy involving a television network, other examples of name controversies, Emmanuel demonstrates a new feature with Sprint PCS that cuts out another annoying feature, T-Mobile phones are reported to be able to use the AT&T GSM network under certain circumstances, "intelligent seats" on airplanes are being developed to help find potential terrorists, consumers receive a small settlement from a lawsuit against the recording industry, the "David Nelson" airline story, help from a Verizon information operator, the advantages of talking to a human over a machine, more on the situation involving users with $2600 in their profiles, why MTV's position makes no sense, new DMCA-like legislation comes to Europe, Mike appears in a USA Today article about texting, how the text message system worked at the New York IMC during a demonstration on March 22nd, the possibility of Cingular developing its own service in the New York area, the advantages of GSM, a caller with the name of Jehad encounters difficulties, riots in Benton Harbor, more on "Super DMCA."

  22. Last week was George Orwell's 100th birthday, Bernie S. has a misadventure with Lazlow at a Dead show, a number of people are planning on going to the Chaos Camp in Germany this August, Emmanuel's travel plans for the summer, some geographical issues in Eastern Europe, Jim's eligibility for being on "Jeopardy" again in the future, questions on how to get into Russia and Belarus, Emmanuel has issues with the newly announced "Do Not Call" Registry, attempting to call the registry, the lack of any real security in the system, some of the abuses that are possible, Emmanuel attempts to deregister Geoff from the system, methods are suggested to get around the MTV ban on $2600, an intellectual property issue in Japan centers on telephones that can take pictures of magazines, libraries are now required to install filtering software in order to get federal funds, the ineffectiveness of filtering software, how to unlock a SIM on T-Mobile, AT& drops its opposition to number portability, an advantage in the Virgin Mobile system, a New York anti-spam registry, a listener reports on how Sega was affected adversely by piracy, a battle against Wal-Mart in a local community, a warning about a hacker contest this Sunday that will target web pages, more complaints about number portability charges, some $2600 meetings are postponed for a week due to the Independence Day holiday on Friday.

  23. An extra minute because of yet another preemption next week, the frustration of frequently not being on the air, Bernie S. has an update on Sprint PCS, the sheer amount of money being scammed, Verizon is the nation's number one phone company, Geoff is attending a conference in New York, an update on the "Do Not Call" registry, changes that were made to the system since last week's show, the risks still inherent in the system, how Google can draw a map to your house, a live attempt to register the New York Times for the "Do Not Call" registry, how Parliament is going after Tony Blair, another Reagan deathwatch day passes, still more on the MTV blocking of $2600, a shopper in France names his own price at a store, attempting to make a phone call to Germany to speak with Andy, Tim, and Frank from the Chaos Computer Club, trying to resolve echo problems, some info on the CCC Camp, attempting to make a new connection, information on conference registration, highlights of the last camp, German attitudes towards Americans, Emmanuel will be in Europe for over a month, participation from Eastern Europe.

  24. The show isn't preempted after all, various travel plans, Emmanuel's attempts to get a visa from Russia and Belarus, an appeal to listeners from various countries that Emmanuel will be visiting, Emmanuel will be at the Paris meeting in August and the Prague meeting in September, a strange situation in Kaliningrad once Lithuania joins the European Union, an update on the attempt to register the New York Times for the "Do Not Call" registry, an article from The Wall Street Journal details how hard it is to get a live operator at various companies, a live demonstration, a theory on T-Mobile rings, an interesting method of making cheap phone calls overseas, a question about mysterious vehicles, a Department of Homeland Security surveillance van is spotted in Philadelphia, a website that posts personal information about police officers, a debate on the merits of this, a funny result from a Google search involving weapons of mass destruction, the recent scandal involving the New York Times, a similar scandal involving The New Republic back in 1998, a conspiracy theory involving the phrase "off the hook" and MTV, a $2600 shirt is spotted on a TV show called Everwood, how to receive Canadian television in Kansas, Bernie S. has an update on low power FM and an FCC cover-up, what this could mean to low power FM, how more frequencies can be made available, stories of crosstalk on Sprint PCS and T-Mobile, France comes up with a new name for email, the existence of duct systems for transporting messages, Geoff has a brand new deck of "Iraqi hero" cards, Emmanuel tries to give Noam Chomsky the original Iraqi war deck of cards, more talk on how MTV influences the culture.

  25. A very hectic day in New York City as a shooting takes place inside City Hall, why the increased security presence on Wall Street makes no sense, the danger of exempting certain people from security, how the media helped started a panic in the city, the insensitivity shown to the victim's brother, this is the last show before Emmanuel leaves for Europe, Geoff will be driving a truck across country next week, Emmanuel suspects his visa to Belarus has come through, details on the CCC Camp, Mish reports on a bill before Congress that would bring the FCC ownership limits back to 35 percent from 45 percent, the power of speaking out, Mike reports on an incident involving EFF cofounder John Gilmore who wore a "Suspected Terrorist" button on a plane and wound up getting kicked off the flight, the meaning behind the button, Emmanuel takes exception to the motives behind this action, possible better examples of free speech denial, how a passenger was harassed because of a $2600 article they were reading on a plane, airline requirements that force people to identify themselves, whether this should be a government policy or airline policy, Emmanuel argues for the need for common courtesy between passengers, comparing a person's skin color to wearing a button, where the line is drawn, why people shouldn't be surprised when they get a reaction in certain situations, Emmanuel tells of an experience involving a radio and a flight attendant, encouraging people to wear the button if they believe this is an important story, Emmanuel tells the story of a bookstore employee who was questioned by the FBI for reading an antiwar publication, Geoff refuses to believe the story has any truth to it, theories on why Amtrak asks for passenger names, callers weigh in on the button issue and the importance of the FBI story, an appeal to verify the authenticity of the FBI story, reports of a suspicious books list run by the government, the importance of librarians, the FBI article appears on another site with a picture, a radio station that carries Pacifica programs in Costa Rica is taken over by hostile forces, a caller talks about abuse of the child welfare system, the ineffectiveness of the FBI, a tally of listener opinions on the button issue, what will be happening on the show over the next few weeks.

  26. Attempting to reach Emmanuel in France via a toll-free number, the time difference catches Emmanuel by surprise, Geoff is traveling cross country in a truck, next week's show will have multiple people overseas, Emmanuel's impressions of Paris, tourism by Americans is down by up to 80 percent, no shootings at City Hall this week, a bizarre story of a proposed Pentagon online futures market that would speculate on acts of terrorism and assassination, Jim explains how such a system could be useful, a Bahraini telephone company is ordered to cut off service to Iraq by the United States, the possibility of GSM not even being allowed into Iraq, Mike comments on an editorial by FCC commissioner Michael Powell, some listener feedback to the controversy of last week's show, how Emmanuel was treated after disagreeing with people around him, a clarification of Emmanuel's position and how he got there, how the incident caused a major security hole, Emmanuel gets disconnected, a listing of government 800 numbers to report suspicious people is in the current edition of Playboy, reconnecting to Emmanuel, the importance of sticking to the issues in an argument and not trying to define people, some more information on the case in Atlanta involving the FBI, GSM interference, listener feedback on the terrorism futures market, some theoretical scenarios, a funny story involving the Department of Homeland Security's level of preparedness, suspicious airline stock sales prior to September 11, some more cultural differences between the United States and Europe.

  27. Emmanuel is reached at the camp field near Berlin where the Chaos Communication Camp is about to begin, the chaotic hour that lies ahead, a new way of reaching people overseas at low rates through call forwarding, attempting to three-way to another phone at the camp located in the Cypherpunk tent, interesting hold music, Bernie S. reports on a shooting star that appeared over the camp, how Bernie S. used celestial navigation to find the camp, reports on how the camp is wired, Geoff and Mike give their impressions of the site, Geoff rides on the Autobahn for the first time, the connection is lost, Jim gives an update on how to report fellow citizens to the authorities for free, Emmanuel is apparently unaware that he's been cut off as the phone line remains busy, theorizing on how the camp is being wired, Ken leaves a voice mail message for Emmanuel and appeals to anyone at the camp listening to the show to let him know the connection is lost, Redhackt reports on his unsuccessful attempt to hear the show via shortwave last week, the connection is reestablished, Emmanuel theorizes on how the phone system may have failed, how everyone in the tent gave an interview that wasn't heard, Barry talks about the Lockpick Village at the camp, BillSF talks about whether it's still possible to blue box, a listener from Holland tells how he was convinced to go to the camp through Off The Hook, Thijs talks about driving with Geoff on the Autobahn, Hanneke encourages Europeans to come to the camp, Tim admits he's not a listener and talks about what he did at HAL, Rop addresses the technical specifications of what's set up at the camp, there is a Thai restaurant on the premises, a spinning device is in place, some details on the workings of the camp phone system and how easily features were set up for attendees, what DECT phones are and how they work, a description of the main tent, Bernie S. reports on the panel discussions set for the conference, details on the camp radio station, details on the IP range, Emmanuel encourages everyone to look at Mars tonight, a caller reveals how much electricity is wasted by coffee pots, where Emmanuel will be next week.

  28. Emmanuel is in Warsaw, the show is preempted next week, how the time zones will be changing for Emmanuel in the next few weeks, Geoff's bags are missing after his return to the United States, how Geoff and Bernie S. got trapped in the lobby of an apartment building in Amsterdam on their way to the airport, some of the attempted solutions to the problem, a report on the Chaos Camp, the interesting people it's possible to meet at these gatherings, the possibility of future conferences, Europe is in the middle of one of the worst heat waves ever, what it was like on the campground, the various insects at the camp, Bernie S. talks of bees and wasps, the lack of ego in the German hacker world, why such a project would have difficulty in the States, the American obsession with rules and regulations, Geoff talks about the "Heart of Gold," the element of trust throughout the camp, a card system for buying alcohol in Europe, the radio station at the camp, the references to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Geoff describes the 3D printer that was working throughout the weekend, the "art waterfall," how Mars added to the event, a particularly spectacular look at Mars and the moon tonight, Emmanuel asks people to guess what he saw for the first time in Paris, Jim sees the same thing in the subway, emergency numbers in other countries, some strange phone numbers in Poland, the different numbering schemes that exist, the phone call isn't disconnected this week, the various GSM providers in Poland, Emmanuel's next stop is Kaliningrad, the decimation of the Jewish community in Warsaw, how the city was destroyed during World War Two, Mike is on a train to Amsterdam from Prague, critique and explanation of the Segway, the artificial collect call market, the prevalence of bicycles in Europe, Mike Hawash agrees to plead guilty to reduced charges of providing services to the Taliban.

  29. It's three in the morning where Emmanuel is in Russia, a disclaimer from Emmanuel concerning any potential rumor that he is waging war against the United States from abroad, a massive blackout hit the Northeast two weeks ago, how it was almost impossible to reach anyone in the States from overseas, where people were when the lights went out, some of the technical issues that developed as a result of the power outage, Mike's experience flying back into the area during the blackout, how New Yorkers handled themselves, Emmanuel issues a challenge to guess what the old piece of technology in his hotel in St. Petersburg is, how it's very easy to find blueprints for major structures, more power outage tales, a blackout in Helsinki at the Leningrad Cowboys concert, the ease of communication using a GSM phone while traveling, the use of SMS for all kinds of things, flash mobs and smart mobs, the many news reports about various email viruses and worms, how the CSX rail system was affected, the need for isolated systems that won't be affected by events on the Internet, the New York Times is also affected by viruses, some oddness and overly dramatic ingredients in the reporting of the story, Tampa scraps their controversial face recognition camera system, FCC Chairman Michael Powell reacts to the public outcry against the recent FCC ruling on media consolidation, restriction of junk faxes is postponed to 2005, Spike TV goes on the air at last, mapping cellular prefixes to carriers, strange phone numbers on some incoming cellular calls, Mike has another bad Sprint PCS experience, Geoff has an interesting experience on a domestic flight involving a cat, some reminders from Ken, a tribute to Wesley Willis.

  30. Emmanuel is in Krakow, the intro isn't being transmitted to Poland, how cheap it can be to travel around Eastern Europe, the satellite delay, the system being used to make the overseas phone calls for the radio show is given high marks and will be revealed next week, the incredible cheapness of some overseas calls, the phone system in Belarus, more on the advantages of having a GSM phone, demonstrating an error message on the system used to make overseas calls, new rules for Canadian passport photos, face recognition scanners are in the future for airports, Bernie S. discovers that his local meeting for Patriot Act support is taking place this evening in Pennsylvania, Bernie S. is at the meeting, Mike talks about the "Ashcroft Tour" and the attempts to find out about a New York "town hall" meeting, the Department of Homeland Security is urged not to use Microsoft software by an advisory agency, the Blaster worm may have had an affect on the blackout after all, Ken's upcoming program on the cause of the blackout, a suspect is named in the writing and distribution of the blaster.b worm, Emmanuel's experience crossing borders, the excessive amount of times passports are asked for in Russia, Mike and Geoff both have their passports stamped upon reentry to the United States, where to put the blame for things like Blaster, facts about the Freedom Downtime DVD, SBC warns employees of a scam involving the "Do Not Call" registry, Redhackt tells how easy it was to catch the blaster.b suspect, the site is reported to be charging money to add names to a "Do Not Call" registry, a call from a 91-year-old listener, a live report from Bernie S. at the Patriot Act meeting, no input from the public was allowed.

  31. Emmanuel returns from overseas, the latest on John Ashcroft and a demonstration against his policies in New York, a large police presence in Krakow, the overt slant of the Department of Justice website, the "tinyurl" service, a flashmob gathering is set for later in the show, questions about how such mobs work, a 12-year-old girl is sued by the RIAA, how people in Eastern Europe don't seem to have commercial CDs, Emmanuel wonders if he can download music that he already owns on vinyl, calling the RIAA to ask, Jim identifies the 12-year-old, a man is accused of luring minors to sex sites by registering misspelled domain names, a new law (the Truth in Domain Names Law) forbids forwarding to a porn site on a misspelled domain, Al Jazeera starts another English language website, an update on the blaster.b worm and a letter from someone who knows the suspect, an arrest warrant is issued for Adrian Lamo for hacking the New York Times, questions as to what was actually done, Kevin Mitnick calls in, a report from Leo on the flashmob event, a piece from a popular Russian band.

  32. The news runs late, a change in the way the color-coded terror alert system works, more on what John Ashcroft has been saying on his tour, the threat of proximity technology, the Patriot Act is revealed to have been used more against common criminals than terrorists, the RIAA fails to respond to last week's question, Verisign begins a controversial policy that affects the resolution of nonexistent domains, an ad from Computer Associates targets hackers, AOL Time Warner is reported to be dropping AOL from their name, the Senate votes to overturn the new media rules set by the FCC, comments on the Swedish election, Emmanuel's problems with his GSM phone since the carrier name change, more on the Adrian Lamo case, Adrian Lamo describes what has happened to him so far, a real world hacking story, what the response has been like so far, more on Lexis/Nexis pricing, discussion on whether appearing on the radio is good for Lamo's case, response to criticism.

  33. The "Do Not Call" list is ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, the author of the Melissa virus is reported to be helping federal authorities track down other virus writers, a contrast in sentencing between the United States and other countries, the CNN website still lists itself as part of AOL, a hotel is sued for using the Dewey Decimal System, some words on MP3s from the RIAA, more commentary on the Adrian Lamo interview, more info and advice on GSM, how Emmanuel's Sprint phone managed to charge him while he was away, info on the phone service that allows calls to be forwarded overseas, ways of tracking people down, more on the coming portability for cell phone numbers, AOL shuts down their free chat rooms, bank tricks, debate on the effects of Internet music sharing on artists, a call from Pieman, Emmanuel's experience with copyrighted music at a wedding.

  34. The show is four minutes late, the on-air computer is missing, a computer smashing contest in the Ukraine, Emmanuel debates Macintoshes with Geoff, an update on the "Do Not Call" registry, how easy it is to get numbers of people on the list, Verizon bills change their design, CNA service is now offered by Verizon, memories of old CNA numbers and Coles directories, pictures of the Homeland Security truck, questions and facts about the truck, questions about a contest that uses GPS in a Coke can, a complaint about a previous fundraiser, facts about RFID chips, some of the potential risks, Geoff tries to pick good phone calls.

  35. The Merriam-Webster word of the day for October 4 was "phreaker," more on the Coke contest that's using GPS, a new student tracking system begins operating in Japan, RFID controversy in libraries, a problem with a microphone, a warning about exploding cell phones, Iraq chooses GSM technology for its wireless network, new $20 bills are scheduled to be rolled out, a surprising FCC comment on using indecent language, the telemarketing response to the "Do Not Call" list, how easy it is to listen in on phone calls, concern over radiation and cell phones, the Verizon three-way rip-off, a call for pictures from bridges where photos are now forbidden, some simple questions from a listener, questions about the quality of Vonage.

  36. A two hour fundraising show.  A strange recording, Emmanuel's hassle with his phone company, Emmanuel is able to download more than 145,000 numbers from the "Do Not Call" registry with no verification, how people can do this for themselves, the H2K2 VCD project comes to an end, an excerpt from the Mark Hosler of Negativland talk at H2K2, how the media was hacked, the Illegal Art Show is taking place in Philadelphia, there's no way of knowing how many phone calls are coming in, words from a listener who's come in for the fundraiser, looking forward to cellular portability, how Off The Hook has remained relevant over the years, Bernie S. describes his participation in a panel on abuse of authority at H2K2, an excerpt from the Aaron McGruder talk at H2K2, why McGruder's talk was so relevant to the world of hackers, Mike reports on a list of foreign terrorist organizations that includes websites, an excerpt from the Jello Biafra talk at H2K2, the prospects of another conference next year, the way record companies rip off artists, the high price of CDs, an update on the latest method of bypassing CD copy protection software, an accused hacker claims his computer was hijacked, a problem with the calculator that exhibits the total amount pledged, a call from Cheshire Catalyst, info on a phone rate increase plan in Florida.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  37. The bridges of New York are lit in honor of Off The Hook's return, the show is preempted for yet another fundraiser in two weeks, a theory on why the Empire State Building has been lit all night lately, legislation is approved that will allow digital television to be copy protected, some of the implications, analysis of the Diebold election software that's causing controversy all over the world, the possibility of back doors and security hazards, a weird story involving E-Z Pass, listener input on RFID, the concept of "dusting the homeland," Wal-Mart schedules a meeting to decide on the future of RFID, more details on the method of bypassing CD copy protection using the shift key, a method of hacking Sprint PCS.

  38. The show won't be on next week, live radio coverage of the recent eclipse doesn't take place, some more observations on the Empire State Building light changes, Bernie S. is in a cab in Philadelphia, Mike reports on an oddity in electronic voting in the recent election, questions about the whole election process, plans for ID cards in England, risks involved in mandatory ID cards, fighting "cyberterrorism" in Singapore, how defacing a website is being equated with terrorism, pictures of the Homeland Security truck mentioned several weeks ago are now online, microchips are inserted into fish to track poachers, AT&T is fined for abuse of telemarketing rules, how to download a list of telephone numbers of people who don't want to receive telemarketing calls, hacker movies, a wearable phone that uses fingers, cellular portability will be in place before the next show, the large amount of people throwing phones into landfills, using cellular phones on subways, broadcasting signals inside tunnels, another potential threat to the music industry.

  39. A special emergency fundraising show as the station is in the midst of a financial crisis, problems reaching Bernie S., a special announcement from program director Bernard White, problems are already being reported with cellular portability, Bernie S. talks about how Sprint PCS has ripped off its customers on the portability issue, an extremely complicated flowchart documents how portability works, theories on how to actually go about changing your phone company, the reliability of wired service versus wireless, sentencing in relation to the hacking of the Al Jazeera website, how the sentencing was fair but for the wrong reasons, a huge URL, the word "hacker" makes the New York Times crossword puzzle, Emmanuel and Mike conduct an experiment with E-Z Pass, a DVD of all editions of Off The Hook will soon be available, an excerpt of The Best of WBAI, an excerpt from the Say It Loud: New Songs For Peace CD, Congress passes a useless anti-spam bill, the dangers this could pose, Geoff tries to pick a call, a caller explains why he won't pledge to the station.

  40. The news runs late again, Dell cancels their Indian tech support, Bernie S. describes how Wackenhut security guards are now in front of Independence Hall, more problems reported with cellular portability, the possibility of getting telemarketing calls and spam on cellular phones, how prepaid accounts are affected by portability, a new Vodafone service in Australia claims to be able to answer any question, a listener complaint about a new CD, trying to make an overseas call to tonight's guest, Frank from the Chaos Computer Club discusses the newly released cryptophone, the vulnerability of current day GSM phones, Bernie S. describes the GSM monitoring device he saw at a hamfest, how law enforcement intercepts calls, the free cryptophone software and source code for Windows is due to be released later in the evening, the kinds of people who order cryptophones, how standard phones may be able to be used for secure calls, the potential for use by terrorists, government reaction, the likelihood of organizations like the NSA being able to crack the encryption scheme, encouraging customers to find security flaws.

  41. Emmanuel finds an incredibly annoying ring on his phone, a challenge to turn Emmanuel's ringer off, a thank you card from Sprint PCS, another card from DirecTV and the Hallmark Channel, Kevin Mitnick explains his former nickname, good hacker films, Kevin describes his new Nokia phone, Emmanuel's plans to get a new phone, Kevin's plans for a new book, a call for stories from hackers, what does, Bernie S. and Kevin converse legally, how Kevin unknowingly met up with Phiber Optik while on supervised release, Kevin will be giving one of the keynote addresses at the upcoming HOPE conference in July, why Kevin can't tell his own story for a few more years, what Kevin Poulsen had to go through, the effectiveness of social engineering, how the military protects itself, where Kevin has traveled to since his release, fear of flying, defining terms, how technical the show should be, Bernie S. talks about a new film that focuses on a reporter who lied about hackers, the threat of computerized voting, problems with the left, voting schemes.

  42. Some interesting phone recordings from Sprint PCS, Emmanuel learns when his date of liberation from Sprint PCS is, a misadventure on a bus is caused by the way the Metrocard system works, Jim talks of the intricacies of the MTA, ideas for new Metrocard systems, the Airtrain to JFK Airport begins operations, how the new system is a rip-off, comparisons to systems in Europe, Bernie S. talks about an expanded NCIC database at the behest of Homeland Security, risks to foreign students, an update on the cryptophone, Emmanuel and Redhackt will be attending the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin later in the month, the president of Pakistan is saved by a radio jamming device, remembering the cell phone jammer at H2K2, how such a device could be used, the issue of phones in theaters, the difference in volume between cell phone users in the United States and Europe, the intelligence difference between domestic CNN and CNN International, discussion on how much punishment for defacing a website is appropriate, Mike talks about last week's World Summit on the Information Society conference and the problems it posed to various reporters, the prospect of the United Nations taking control of the Internet, a caller has difficulty obtaining a money order without showing identification, Emmanuel's experience with an 18 wheel truck on the Northern State Parkway, communications breakdowns involved with the resulting accident, a prepaid call from Stormbringer in prison, some particulars of the case and what listeners can do.

  43. Emmanuel is on from Amsterdam, a preview of this year's Chaos Communication Congress, the nation moves to orange alert, some Air France flights to the United States are canceled without obvious reasons, how people seem to be taking the color coding system more seriously, the adventure after last week's show involving the Airtrain, the system malfunctions on the first day, trying to figure out why the theme didn't make it out over the phone lines, Rop from Amsterdam is conferenced in, an update on the cryptophone project, what Christmas is like at Rop's house, Emmanuel won't be at a $2600 meeting in January, a demonstration of the sound of GSM, Jon Johansen wins his case for DeCSS in an appeals court, the differences between the cases in Norway and the United States, the differences in media coverage, Jim reports on a new product called MoveMask, more analysis of the DeCSS case, the amount of programs released on DVD in Europe that aren't available in the United States and can't be played because of region code differences, how Family Guy may have been saved due to DVD sales, Verizon wins an appeal in its battle with the RIAA, the RIAA reaction, the record labels are victorious in a case brought against them, questions on the control Hollywood has over the content of movies, the need for more choices, Emmanuel describes the major differences in movie selection on Virgin Atlantic, another call from Stormbringer in prison, the need to stay sane in times of stress, how boycotts can backfire, some confusion on the whereabouts of the next show, a new Windows XP security alert, what next week's show will be like.

  44. Sounds of mayhem in the streets of Amsterdam right after the New Year's celebrations, how things have changed in the United States in recent days and years, the unprecedented security in Times Square this year, a review of the Chaos Communication Congress, a story of heightened security in the airport on the way to Europe, authorities keep an eye on people who carry almanacs, the subway token in New York City officially comes to an end, how mass transit in Amsterdam was shut down on New Year's Eve, Emmanuel's views of 2004 so far, $2600 meetings this Friday, a call for electronics recycling this weekend, BellSouth gets into the business of selling old payphones, conditions on the balcony in Amsterdam, the air marshal controversy, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone reach an agreement on sending text messages overseas, the head of Blockbuster Video calls for an end to DVD region codes, a story of "cyber ransom," Redhackt and Mish give their impressions of New Year's in Amsterdam, low audio from the radio station, a close call with a bottle rocket, what the Blinking Lights building in Berlin was like this year, some words of optimism for the future.

Off The Hook - 2004

  1. Emmanuel, Redhackt, and Mish return from Europe, Bernie S. is lost on the phone, a new fingerprinting system is in place for foreigners entering the United States, the U.S. VISIT program, exemptions to the program, the backlash against U.S. citizens that will ensue, the U.S. government reaction to a similar program in Brazil, the poor security at Heathrow, how motorcycle jackets can trigger security alerts in airports, Emmanuel loses his GSM phone in Amsterdam, how T-Mobile makes it very difficult to report a lost phone overseas, Emmanuel vows to switch from Sprint PCS on January 11, Bernie S. reports on a disturbing development in the Stormbringer case, a reading of the incident report, an apology to Ronald Jones, trying to figure out what actually happened, an update on premiums from the last fundraiser, a report of an oddity from someone who used cellular portability, how Emmanuel's and Bernie S.'s voices wound up on a couple of video games, Emmanuel used to do a radio show called Chatterbox, Emmanuel tries to get Rebel to admit to how many lines he's calling in on, Bernie S. explains GPRS chips, a call from a Boeing engineer explaining why certain electronic devices are banned on airplanes, the Off The Wall theme.

  2. Emmanuel gets a new Verizon phone, a demonstration of one of the rings, what it was like to switch companies using portability, The Fifth HOPE is officially announced and its website is unveiled, why Bernie S. won't switch from Sprint PCS, the Book of HOPE, how to avoid being fingerprinted when entering the United States, a controversial new policy involving Qantas flights to the United States, reports of Burger King radio mischief in Michigan, Bernie S. explains how easy it is to interfere with fast food communications, an additional scene in the Freedom Downtime DVD will include more fast food fun, a potato-filled computer story from Germany, a kid in Texas gets in trouble for saying "hey" on a network, Adrian Lamo pleads guilty to hacking into the New York Times system, facts in the Lamo case that don't add up, an Associated Press phone list of contacts is accidentally sent out to affiliates all over the world, RFID tags in casino chips, a Photoshop version is able to detect money images, the ease of getting personal information on college campuses, a caller wants to change the direction of WBAI, more on the Stormbringer case, the tenth anniversary of the Metrocard, facts about laser pens.

  3. A fundraising edition of the show, the story, Northwest Airlines is being sued for sharing passenger data with the government, memories of Bernie S.'s eventful flight last winter, the Off The Hook DVD is offered as a premium, excerpts from old shows, the loss of WLIR, what commercial radio really cares about, Bernie S. talks about ClearChannel "DJ farms," Emmanuel is able to keep a phone signal through the tunnel under the river while riding a train, playing more clips from old shows, a list of some Verizon features from their monthly newsletter, a method of protecting your identity while using a cell phone, how funds are raised on commercial stations, distinctive ring technology, the additional numbers service offered by Verizon, more old show excerpts from the Off The Hook DVD, Cingular may be interested in buying AT&T Wireless, Jim was a caller to the show in 1994, the show won't be on next week.  This show includes fundraising.

  4. The show was preempted for the last two weeks, the marathon has just ended, Bernie S. gets an obnoxious demand-for-money call from Sprint PCS, Emmanuel's first days with Verizon Wireless, Emmanuel also gets a new T-Mobile phone, Emmanuel's problem with Chase and revolving charge theory, some strange interference, Mike talks about the Swipe Toolkit which allows people to translate the bar code on their driver's license, a town in Canada bans the use of cell phone cameras, Bernie S. uses the SunPass system in Florida and tells how much better it is than E-Z Pass, Redhackt has a bad transit experience on the way to the station, a way that people can get ripped off using transfers in New York City, Jim tells how customers can no longer get money off recently expired Metrocards or find out how much value the cards have, Emmanuel reports low ridership on the JFK Airtrain, some malfunctions involving Airtrains, controversy involving a tracking system called MATRIX, a MATRIX FAQ, how the Janet Jackson incident has revealed a privacy invasion issue involving Tivo, consumer satellite dishes that now have uplink capabilities, how Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork's video rental habits became public years ago, Caller ID is now required for telemarketers, Verizon continues to sign people up for three-way calling without their knowledge, a telephone scene on last night's episode of 24, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of spy cameras in public areas, Canadian payphones.

  5. The number to call to complain about the constant late starts of the show, music from 386DX, Cingular is officially buying AT&T Wireless, testing the speed of Verizon Wireless, cell phone companies that have cell sites in their stores, the "Do Not Call" list is upheld by an appeals court, the story of the famous 867-5309 phone number, Geoff demonstrates the Great WBAI Bird, calling 867-5309 in the 212 area, memories of "gold" numbers, alternate fake numbers that can be used for movies and TV shows, a trivia question concerning telephones and The Dick Van Dyke Show, New York City police are training for "catastrophic" terrorism, the FBI raids an Internet Service Provider in Ohio because of activity on an IRC network, memories of the Steve Jackson case, a local TV station reports on a website that reveals the names of undercover police officers, reports on a possible law requiring New Mexico drivers to take a breathalyzer test every time they start their cars, an idea for fast food scanner fun, methods of protecting the public from anthrax, how AT&T Wireless being sold will affect existing calling plans, a song from Rebel, news on the site.

  6. The news runs late again, Mike reports on Grey Tuesday, an excerpt from the Grey Album, wondering how music can be declared illegal, a court decision involving 321 Software and DVDs, the RIAA is sued for racketeering, a trick involving a Pepsi contest, an update on last week's ISP raid story, how information can be extracted from a phone without your knowledge, more on the use of RFID tags, a law enforcement agency is found to not be qualified to install wiretaps, an update with specific info on the undercover police officer tracking website, Bernie S. reveals how undercover cops in Philadelphia blow their cover every morning, a listener asks for help in destroying opposing websites, how unauthorized phone charges can appear through someone's home computer, Emmanuel's unlimited nights and weekends idea for mass transit, a call from a SEPTA employee, a listener's reaction to the news running late, news of a restriction on editing articles from forbidden countries, a CD malfunction.

  7. Questions about expiring Metrocards, the 100th anniversary of the New York City subway, appealing for bandwidth for The Fifth HOPE, looking for the network coordinator, Redhackt reports on attempts to protect children from adult content on the Internet, the master terrorism watch list, a harmless federal employee is caught in the terrorist watch list, changes in Caller ID and telemarketers, a Verizon employee is accused of harassing customers using spoofed email, Bernie S. cooks a twenty dollar bill, dispelling the myth of RFID detectors in money, what AT&T stands for, an update on the Freedom Downtime DVD and an appeal for help, how to find out what your phone number is, what various corporate initials stand for, debate on electronic voting.

  8. The news runs late yet again, more music from 386DX, an example of human music, more on potential terrorist lists, a Washington Post story on problems with electronic voting systems, Mike argues against mechanical voting systems, the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain starts a program that allows customers to pay for their groceries with fingerprints, a new law that battles all kinds of piracy and allows companies to take part in raids, an attempted use of a one million dollar bill, how fake money can be used legally, a cell phone service that helps callers to lie about where they are, bikes with GPS are used in Amsterdam to thwart thieves, a case involving someone interfering with police radio broadcasts who is being charged under the Patriot Act, how getting a counterfeit bill is a no-win situation, ways of bypassing connectivity restrictions, purchasing $2600 with a credit card, chastising the Daily News on its lack of investigative journalism, Bernie S. announces SWL Fest, a Russian 386DX song.

  9. Computer problems force an early end to the news, Mike claims that today is Evacuation Day, Emmanuel was in Montreal over the weekend, Emmanuel considers joining the Selective Service board, a bill that could imprison protesters for many years by defining them as terrorists, Jim gives a preview of police activity during the Republican Convention this summer, the move to monitor online traffic, the controversy over VoIP, Verizon discontinues voice dialing, Redhackt shows up with a big green hat, what GSM stands for, a report from a listener on electronic voting, dialing strange 555 numbers, trying to find out the phone number from directory assistance, verifying what phone companies WBAI uses, the annoyance of Nextel phones, a reported security hole in Nextel voice mail, a possible way to get your phone number when calling a Sprint phone, an example of how research via the web can lead to misinformation, more on privacy threats through Tivo, Showtime installs a delay system for a live event, a listener has an experience with a counterfeit bill.

  10. The power is out forcing everyone to climb ten flights to the station, Emmanuel decides to darken the remaining lights in the studio, Geoff goes through hell to get to the station, Bernie S. returns from overseas, Geoff has an interesting security experience in an airport, Bernie S. describes the CeBIT conference which supposedly had 600,000 attendees, citizens from countries labeled as terrorist regimes will get free admission to The Fifth HOPE, Bernie S. teaches a Dutch airport security officer about frequency counters, some of the technology that was on exhibit at the conference, word of listeners in the Christiania commune in Copenhagen, recent police action against the people of Christiania, biometric technology at CeBIT, word of RFID tags in future passports, cell phone directory assistance will start this year, why many customers may have inadvertently agreed to be listed, a story about $2600 in bookstores, considering a hacker conference in Australia, Richard Clarke's remarks on cybersecurity, weirdness involving a computerized contest, the I-CON convention is this weekend.

  11. Emmanuel continues to have Sprint PCS problems even after dumping them, Mike gets a weird phone call, dialing "The Loyalty Group," Bernie S.'s "courtesy call," AT&T imposes an unannounced monthly fee for long distance on Emmanuel's phone line, a way of resetting Nextel users' passwords on voice mail, Motorola announces a new "world phone" that will work between networks with incompatible standards, a clarification on the attendance of the CeBIT conference, a proposal for a secure computerized voting machine, a blow against the legal efforts of the music industry in Canada, the PIRATE bill is introduced in Congress, Mike explains his objection to the phrase "intellectual property," questions as to whether or not parody is protected speech, description of a New Zealand "Metrocard," working with RFID tags, Social Security Numbers and truck rentals, a caller's name matches one on a terrorist suspect list, a billing problem with AT&T, a tank greets Bernie S.'s plane in Switzerland, $2600 meetings this week.

  12. A special two hour show, Adrian Lamo is the guest, developments with the ACLU and the Do Not Fly list, a listener has a bad experience with immigration in Atlanta, Bernie S. recalls an interrogation he went through in Morocco, an update on citizens required to give fingerprints when visiting the United States, the implementation of RFID tagging in airports, a call for a device that would notify people of an E-Z Pass sensor in the area, the camera system in Las Vegas, Lin sets up a live camera feed of the show, another tank sighting in Switzerland, the threat of cell phones being used as timers for explosives, cell phone blockers, Bernie S. describes the jamming equipment that travels in the presidential motorcade, Adrian explains the crimes that he's being sentenced for, how the New York Times site was accessed, the parallels to the Kevin Mitnick case, questions as to whether the Lexis/Nexis account Adrian is accused of using was an unlimited use account, how the old E911 document was portrayed as having a much greater value than it really had, the parallels between hackers and journalists, how to block WiFi, dueling cameras in the studio, questions on wireless connectivity, an update on speaker submissions for The Fifth HOPE, more advice for Adrian, clarification on states that use Social Security Numbers on driver licenses, a caller is unable to be fingerprinted, other stories about being processed, why Adrian isn't blaming anyone else for what happened to him, a caller asks about a transmitter being used by the local water company, a high utility bill gets a house raided by cops searching for drugs.  This show is in two parts.

  13. A new long distance code makes it harder to call Bernie S., Emmanuel calls George W. Bush to task for his choice of words, Jim debates the importance of Bush's grammatical problems, Emmanuel gets a letter from the Bush/Cheney campaign that has a significant statement hidden within, the Pentagon scraps its plan for Internet voting for soldiers overseas, calling Diebold to get the correct pronunciation of the company name, more on electronic voting, an update on the Adrian Lamo sentencing, the number of wiretaps approved in the country, unauthorized traffic light changers cause problems, more on the website providing names of undercover New York City police officers, info on cell phone diversion, definition of phishers, a volunteer meeting for The Fifth HOPE is coming up this Friday, clarification of the legality of third party turnstile swiping, listener reaction to the Bush speech.

  14. A dispute involving Verizon and New York City concerning the right to run wires underground, a mobile phone explodes, the threat of sparks at gas stations, electronic voting in India, more info on Republican mailing lists, clarification on Bush's bad grammar of last week, analyzing more Bush speech, opposition to the extension of the Patriot Act, Lin explains the concept of a "soft phone," some features of Vonage, a demonstration of VoIP, doing taxes via SMS, testing the network delay, a request to rebroadcast the show on another station, an appeal for listeners from the Queen Mary 2, the delay is three minutes and eleven seconds, first editions of The Puzzle Palace, a nuclear scientist is released from an Israeli prison for telling the world about their nuclear program 18 years ago, why the $2600 online store doesn't accept PayPal, the 867-5309 number in New York City is hacked, why Verizon cuts off calls that aren't answered, theories on why there's a slight delay in cell phone calls, more on the Internet delay.

  15. Emmanuel has a bad bus experience on the way to the station, Lin is on from Switzerland using a Vonage connection, cellular antennas in Europe, Mike has switched to AT&T from Sprint PCS, demonstrating the delay, a graduate student is on trial in Idaho for helping certain Islamic websites to operate, the dangerous precedent this sets, the Secret Service questions a high school student about antiwar drawings, more on the mysterious tank in the Swiss airport, the extra penalty involved for having technical skills, Al Qaeda is reported to be looking on the web for hacking tools, some catchy slogans, an international Internet piracy sweep by the Department of Justice, Mike tells the story of Covance and their intimidation tactics, the possibility of a global injustice system, a demonstration of Homeland Defense Radio, the roundabout way of contacting a human at PayPal, what is wrong with PayPal, various phone numbers for PayPal, a question about meat, a caller has methods of protecting oneself against PayPal, the different quality settings of Vonage, Emmanuel's attempt to get a Canadian phone number through, the Trenton Computer Festival is this weekend.

  16. Mike's ISP won't force him to take down the Covance material, the Trenton Computer Festival doesn't take place in Trenton, an overview of the $2600 panel at Trenton, Disney blocks Miramax from distributing Michael Moore's new film, the hypocrisy of Disney, Al Gore acquires NewsWorld International, the danger of losing a source of foreign news, the Metro newspaper makes its debut in New York City, Mike demonstrates the gibberish printed within the paper, the Sasser worm causes havoc, a computer problem affects airlines, new security measures at the New Carrollton train station, clarification on use of the $2600 name, $2600 meetings are coming up this Friday, some amusing directories in the robots.txt file on the White House site, Emmanuel defends his criticism of George W. Bush, critique on the Bush administration, looking ahead to the Republican National Convention in August, the absurdity of asking permission to protest, conservative opposition to Bush policies, Emmanuel trains Redhackt on the phones, clarification on New Jersey history, an eBay forgery, the various scams that are found on the net, a political scandal in Canada involving redirected phone calls, a setback for Diebold.

  17. Bernie S. is listening to the show on shortwave while driving to Ohio for the annual Dayton Hamvention, Emmanuel and Redhackt will be attending this year as well, terrorist tourism in Pennsylvania, an update on the Covance situation, a two hour fundraising show tonight, the show won't be on again until June, a list of offerings for tonight's fundraiser, Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak, and Jello Biafra will all be speakers at The Fifth HOPE in July, the Freedom Downtime DVD will soon be available, the large list of languages that the film has been translated into, some of the other features that will be on the DVD set, Bernie S.'s story of his encounter with the mob in prison is one of the pieces of extra footage on the DVD, the allure of middle America, Geoff's issue with the lack of butter at Waffle House, a plan that would jam all cell phone traffic in the area of the Republican National Convention this August, some of the interesting things that will be happening over the summer, volunteers are needed to answer phones, a humorous story of a GPS sniper rifle, Mastercard introduces PayPass which allows consumers to pay by tapping their card, a large number of contributors from New Jersey, Bernie S. arrives in Wheeling, West Virginia, a report of a license plate with a single number, the entire Off The Hook theme, how the theme was born, what commercial radio stations do in order to get listeners, the sound of a reorder, how it's possible to listen to Internet streams while driving, how Emmanuel was able to listen to one of Bernie S.'s streams from an adjoining car, the pledge amount jumps faster than expected, a reported glitch in the T-Mobile voice mail system that forces users to enter a default password, Emmanuel's problem getting access to his T-Mobile account, some of the other features available on the Freedom Downtime DVD set, Emmanuel will be up all night driving to Dayton later in the week, a Rolling Stones song especially for Off The Hook.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  18. The show has been preempted for the last three weeks and will be preempted again next week, next Wednesday is Bloomsday, a special two hour edition of the show will be broadcast live from The Fifth HOPE, a recap of Dayton, three $2600 staffers got their ham licenses at Dayton this year, Bernie S.'s car has all kinds of problems during the Dayton trip, The Fifth HOPE is one month away, Mike gives an update on Covance and how Google has been affected, negative advertising, Steve Rambam stops by the studio to find a "victim" for his talk at HOPE, the story of a passenger who refused to turn off her phone during takeoff, a DEA laptop is lost, biometric identifiers in passports, a tale of doom about technology's growing surveillance powers, Steve tells how TIA has posed a threat to various liberties, the threat matrix, how marketing data is gathered, Steve defines the terms for his "victim," some of the information that can be obtained, the Witness Relocation program, the best method for getting a fake identity, how identity theft works, Steve's upcoming book, Redhackt gives an update on the movie room that will be running around the clock at The Fifth HOPE.

  19. Preparations for the conference continue, the full speaker list is now online, a Supreme Court ruling affirms that people must identify themselves to the police even when not being charged with a crime, British Telecom starts blocking all access to sites labeled as child pornography, an activist group in Fresno is infiltrated by the police, Bernie S. tells how the Patriot Act has made this kind of spying legal, the militarization of hackers in China, AT&T is set to stop selling consumer phone service in seven states, how phone companies have changed over the years, a contradiction involving Google's ad policy, Fahrenheit 9/11 is opening this week, one of the weird problems that came up in the mastering of the Freedom Downtime DVD, a plethora of delivery problems involving conference preparation, some selected talks, the need to get the word out so people will show up.

  20. Calming music, comments on last week's closing theme, Bernie S. reports on a Supreme Court ruling that will affect future hacker prosecutions, how this could affect the Adrian Lamo case, a new bridge is being constructed for the Republican National Convention, the future of the site, debating whether or not a draft will be implemented next year, the new $50 bills are set to debut, Telus blocks phone calls to certain countries where "modem hijacking" is alleged to originate, preregistration for The Fifth HOPE is set to end later today, why free tickets to the conference aren't being given out, Redhackt gives an update on the film submissions to the HOPE movie room, a further update on the Google negative advertising policy, new penalties for pirating movies, confusion on how hackers are connected to movie piracy, a list of Bushisms, a film called The Corporation opens, The Fifth HOPE wiki, how the third track will work at the conference.

  21. The studio is filled with people as the conference is set to begin, Cheshire Catalyst tells how his panel at H2K2 resulted in some changes, calling directory assistance to find the phone number for Verizon, levels of translation, various three digit dialing codes in different parts of the country, Rop describes what the trip into the country was like, Barry "The Key" talks about entering the country and the upcoming lockpicking panel and workshop at The Fifth HOPE, some of the other participants in the lockpicking events, some of the media attention that the conference is generating, how a Village Voice article almost had a glaring inaccuracy, Google is warned to stop linking to a $2600 story about a hacked Valujet web page, some participants in the upcoming legal panel, Risctaker visits from Germany and discusses the translation of Freedom Downtime into German, the DVDs have been delivered in time for the conference, Renderman comes down from Canada and talks about crossing the border, Cheshire previews his rants session, Ateam visits from Florida and puts down Staten Island, previewing the social engineering panel, Geoff introduces more guests, Sasja talks about some of the propaganda films he brought from Holland, the wireless network at the conference, Bernie S. tells how the Department of Homeland Security had a security issue with their wireless network, Lin discusses wireless security, previewing the two hour show in front of a live audience on Friday.

  22. A special edition of the program live from The Fifth HOPE, introducing members of the panel, some of the momentous events that all are occurring at the same time, Porkchop reminisces about the editing of Freedom Downtime, this is Kevin Mitnick's first HOPE conference, the hunt for Kevin at the CFP conference in Chicago back in 1993, memories of the various HOPE conferences, Redhackt gives an update on the movie room, Lazlow discusses how corporate radio is causing destruction, Jim talks about his panel at the first HOPE, how Metrocards can be used to track people, Geoff recalls his first experience at HOPE, Mike reveals some of the difficulties involved in creating the HOPE armbands, Jim talks about the new threat posed by Coke cans to national security, the threat of Furbies, the importance of the radio station, an appeal for people to join the station, introducing Juintz, how others can help with the broadcast, ShapeShifter tells the story of what happened to him at the last Republican National Convention, Greg Newby discusses some of what goes into the planning of the conference, Kevin Mitnick talks about his experience at the conference, the connection is lost, Robert Steele talks about the changes since the first HOPE, the risks posed by New York's water system, Bernie S. talks about the usefulness of the cryptophone, Jen discusses the thought behind the artwork at the convention, the story of the posters in the windows, Rop compares the hacker conventions of Europe to those of the United States, how the Galactic Hacker Party and Hacking at the End of the Universe inspired the HOPE conferences, plans for a conference in Holland next year, Bernie S. describes the DBS hacking video that will be shown in the movie room, more about the movie room, Chris describes how the A/V came together this time, some listener mail, Porkchop talks about the early days of audio streaming of Off The Hook, Adam gives an update on the status of the network, Dan Morgan stops by, another outage, how the actual connection to the radio station is working, a question about telemarketing, Rebel appears live, Kevin reveals how he was able to call cell phones from prison, how Bernie S. was able to reach the station from prison, other prison phone memories, some of the new material on the Freedom Downtime DVD, how things are different in Canada, a question from Risctaker, Dan compares his magazine and radio show to those of $2600, some words about "Grand Theft Auto," how the "Free Kevin" message got out to a larger audience, the famous Autumn 1997 cover, how people can become volunteers at the conference, the issue of IP portability, Cheshire talks about his upcoming rants session.  This show is in two parts.

  23. A recovery edition of the show, the aftermath of The Fifth HOPE, Emmanuel and Geoff discuss what it was like riding a Segway at the conference, the audio and video should be available a lot faster this time, the whole randomization process for giving away prizes during the closing ceremonies, Shardy talks about the NOC at the conference, an overview of the various services that were provided through the network, some of the problems dealing with Verizon, the hacker space panel, Geoff focuses on the social aspect of the conference, how volunteers helped to make the conference a success, Sasja helps to compare this to the Dutch conferences, what it was like to do a radio show in front of an audience, Mike reports on the infodesk, a great photograph from the conference of Steve Wozniak appeared in the New York Times, a call for photos from the conference, the controversy involving one of the propaganda posters, a letter from an unhappy attendee, descriptions of the North Korean propaganda, the propaganda posters, a report of a famous actor attending the conference, ShapeShifter's kid took her first steps during the lockpicking panel, problems dialing out during the social engineering panel, some of the results of this year's social engineering, a special number that allows callers to set their own Caller ID, a story of being stuck in an elevator with Steve Wozniak, the A/V worked very well this year.

  24. The studio seems empty without all of the HOPE people, Bernie S. has gone missing on the phone, $2600 is denied press access to the Republican National Convention, an appeal for credentials, the absurdity of asking permission to demonstrate, Emmanuel's idea for demonstrating during the convention, searching for the Homeland Security truck in Boston, TSA radios are missing, a Mexican official is implanted with a microchip, dispelling a myth about satellite tracking, Adrian Lamo is sentenced, how his sentence may have been affected by the recent Supreme Court decision, Mike describes the scene inside the courtroom, the mentality that wants Adrian punished, instant messaging is the same as email according to the court, the average person's feelings on electronic voting, more on the actor spotting at the conference, the 311 service is set to expand, testing out an alternative number, problems at WBAI board meetings, word of 311 services in other cities.

  25. Emmanuel is in Halifax with Mike on the way to Newfoundland and St. Pierre, an open invitation to listeners in Halifax, the Tall Ship Festival is in town, the amount of boats involved in traveling to the Maritimes, an Acadian congress is also set to begin, Emmanuel and Mike are interrogated at the border, some of the methods used in the search, being regarded as suspicious for having two cell phones, how things seem to have changed with border crossings, tonight is a fundraising night, Ken describes what is involved in joining the station, the importance of pledging, how the voting process works at the station, Redhackt describes the premiums being offered, what's been going on at the Democratic National Convention, the "protest pen," Bernie S. describes a rumored threat of protesters at the convention, how security was overdone, what may be different in New York next month, some of the plans for protests at the Republican National Convention, Mish describes an idea for a "subway protest" during the convention, ideas for infiltrating the convention, Bernie S. mentions the censorship of the Al Jazeera sign at the Democratic Convention, the disparity in coverage of the convention by the various networks, what the next four years could be like and why the existence of the radio station during that period is especially important, how Verizon apparently screwed up connectivity for the Democrats, Mike talks about the strike against the Aliant phone company in Canada, Emmanuel and Mike will be heading to Newfoundland next, more on thermal imaging used in fighting fires, some facts about St. John's, the death of the inventor of ASCII, the arrest of Decoder and the similarities to other cases against hackers, why it's important to be careful when obtaining sensitive information, Mike gives details on a story that reveals security holes at the Democratic Convention, what is being featured on The Personal Computer Show tonight, clarification from a caller on what Decoder was doing, another invitation to join Emmanuel and Mike in Halifax, the show is preempted next week.  This show includes fundraising.

  26. Emmanuel and Mike are back from the Maritimes, the correct spelling of Aliant, how to get more information on the strike, comparisons of phone coverage in the Maritime provinces, Mike's "imperialism plan" with AT&T, the challenge of connectivity while traveling, results of the last show's invitation in Halifax, Emmanuel and Mike run into trouble coming back into the United States, some of the bizarre questions and actions of the customs agents, the confusion caused by Emmanuel's credit cards, observations of the inside of the customs office, a weird poster commemorating the World Trade Center disaster, the difference between having a car searched in Canada and the United States, Emmanuel's adventure trying to use the bathroom in customs, Hurricane Bonnie is back, the unusual $2600 meeting of last week as Citigroup is closed due to fears of terrorism, Emmanuel's attempt to take a picture of the Citigroup building, a man is held in custody for making videos of buildings and trains, why people should start taking more pictures than ever, the Statue of Liberty is reopened but no longer allows visits to the top, how to contact Citigroup to find out about getting the building reopened, some events at the upcoming Republican National Convention, clarification on the WBAI address reading, the unprecedented scale of security at the upcoming Olympics, a caller has a problem with an off the hook tone, Newfoundland music.

  27. Upcoming RNC coverage, more Newfoundland music, an independent media exhibition, a plea for a CSU/DSU for the independent media center at the RNC, legal information on taking pictures in public, an update on the Citigroup building, Jim reports on a privacy issue involving Legoland, complying with the Patriot Act at banks, the George Washington Bridge pedestrian crossing is being closed at night because of terrorism fears, a letter from Newfoundland, a way of putting your own pictures on postage stamps, police seek to infiltrate RNC opposition groups, self-proclaimed anarchists plan online disruptions during the convention, a New York Times piece gets many fundamental facts on wireless connectivity wrong, an update on Freedom Downtime DVDs for WBAI listeners, an update on the Navigators concert this Friday, ways of fixing radio interference, the show will be on at 7:30 next week, more Newfoundland music.

  28. The show begins and ends a half hour late, the last show before the Republican National Convention, the permit for a rally in Central Park on Sunday is denied, alternate ways to get into the park, Russian authorities have yet to admit that yesterday's twin plane crashes were part of a terrorist act, Mayor Bloomberg's plan to provide discounts for peaceful protests, the Citigroup atrium is reopened but is now requiring IDs to get in, why this is seen as an illegal action and why asking for IDs at a $2600 meeting just isn't going to work, what this could lead to, a discussion of various tactics that could be used to fight this policy, the danger of accepting these things, the need to raise funds for the station to help cover the RNC, an update on premiums from the last fundraiser, the importance of having a voice to fight injustice, not all of the easter eggs in the Freedom Downtime DVD have been found, the NYPD is planning on using a 150 decibel audio device to control crowds, Mike reveals a startling fact about the size of the New York City police department, Emmanuel almost gets run over by a cop running a red light, the great difficulty encountered in trying to file a complaint, finding an answer through the 311 line, Off The Hook listeners have been instrumental in helping the Independent Media Center prepare for the Republican Convention, convincing a listener that there are other good programs on WBAI, an appeal to keep listening to the station during the convention. This show includes fundraising.

  29. Emmanuel thanks everyone for the support they've shown since his arrest during the Republican National Convention, the story of the marching band at Union Square Park, the story of what happened to protesters who tried to march from Ground Zero, the incidents that took place at 16th Street, what the police actually said when press was given an "offer" to leave, the story behind "NYPD credentials," the first WBAI report from 16th Street, Emmanuel recalls the bus trip from 16th Street to Pier 57, how nobody knew what was going to happen next, the nightmare of the fingerprinting machine, how this pales in comparison to other injustices, the effectiveness of NYPD techniques, a challenge to cops to explain their actions, a voice mail message from Emmanuel recorded at Pier 57, audio from a digital camera that recorded a chant from Pier 57, Terrence (ShapeShifter) compares his experience from four years ago at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia, Terrence details what kinds of things were heard while monitoring the NYPD during the convention, ways that the police dehumanize detainees, Redhackt details how his scanner was used to record the police, the inefficiency of the police department, the major difference Redhackt experienced at a demonstration on Thursday night, the feeling that seemed to sweep the city after it was over, Mike details internal NYPD beliefs on marching bands, NY1 was the only major media outlet that did a good job covering the protests, an interesting piece on WNBC that dispelled all of the information that the NYPD was presenting as fact, the myth that all protesters think in the same way, Jim gives the facts on what happened at the New York Public Library where more people were arrested, the need for a reaction to this massive abuse of people's rights, an update from someone who was standing next to Emmanuel on 16th Street, the importance of presenting evidence to the National Lawyers Guild, Mike gives an update on a Secret Service investigation of the New York City Independent Media Center.

  30. The news is horrendously late, the importance of anyone involved in the arrests at the convention to talk about what happened, hearings are about to start taking place, why Emmanuel will never qualify for the New York City police press pass, a New York City Council hearing was held today, Bernie S. tells the story of his ill-fated "press" card, additional footage of what took place on 16th Street is made available by a resident of the street, a letter from a cop, the laws that actually were broken that day, a letter from a listener who was also arrested on 16th Street, a listener tells his story of being unjustly arrested years ago, the inability of cops to resist unjust orders, clarification on Brazil, a study shows that Brazil is home to most hackers, why it's vital to get evidence to the National Lawyers Guild, Emmanuel describes the futility of having an approved press pass in the first place, the incredible skill of the marching band on 16th Street, Emmanuel's video is up on the website, Redhackt tells how bands can have problems in public, an absurd story centering on a single demonstrator, Bernie S. emphasizes the importance of documenting these things.

  31. BillSF is visiting from Amsterdam, Mark Hosler from Negativland is also in town for a conference, Mark's reaction to H2K2, a track from the forthcoming Negativland album, Mark discusses the copyright issues facing musicians, how the band creates their unique sound, the Negativland radio show on KPFA, BillSF and Mark may have met years ago, BillSF talks about the political climate in the Netherlands, a friend of Mark's was also arrested at the RNC on August 31, a surprising admission from a cop, New York City's insurance policy, the options available to people showing up in court, fake memos, similar problems in Australia, trying to dial the mayor's office directly, facts about the deputy mayor, a "Schedule D" at an airport, Mark talks about an interesting experience at an airport involving a hard drive, the potential danger of hand lotion, another selection from the Negativland "No Business" project, problems with CD Player 3, clarification on deputy mayors, the futility of battling the airlines, an appeal for information on NYCTV's airing of a city council hearing on the police action at the RNC, Emmanuel has a letter in the current edition of the New York Press, a different version of "Christianity is Stupid."
  32. A fictitious example of privacy invasion while ordering a pizza from, the "Nigerian email conference," a couple is arrested for wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt, the Patriot Act will be up for renewal next year, the lack of politicians who are standing up to it, more countries are now required to have their citizens submit fingerprints when visiting the United States, some of the negative changes taking place in the Netherlands, the increasing prevalence of fingerprinting devices, how to have multiple identities, the FCC asks for public comments on Voice over IP monitoring, Emmanuel wants to know the origin of the yellow ribbons appearing on cars everywhere, Mike gives an update on the INDUCE Act, updates on the "Takedown" movie, a complaint about a Negativland song, strange questions asked by law enforcement, Emmanuel's court date is coming up Friday, Emmanuel addresses questions about his case as it relates to another controversy, a call from Brazil focuses on electronic voting, a caller has a problem with cell phone billing.

  33. Charges are dropped against more than 200 protesters at the RNC, Emmanuel describes his day in court, an embarrassing mistake for Dick Cheney involving, some reaction to the debates, some facts about voter registration, the U.S. cybersecurity chief abruptly resigns, 600 North Korean hackers are supposedly targeting sensitive sites, a special offer to listeners or readers in North Korea, an article in the New York Times about the history of area codes, a little known fact involving the 516 area code, some other area code facts, Bernie S. reports on more bad news from the Netherlands, a lack of computer security at a Florida child welfare agency, a website focuses on an RFID scandal, what this could mean, info on a Drug Enforcement Agency museum in Times Square, Bernie S. gives out the address of a little known DEA building in Manhattan, an update on audio and video for The Fifth HOPE, an update on the mysterious yellow ribbons appearing on cars, Mike has a problem with a new monthly fee on his Verizon phone bill, the various ways phone companies make money by ripping people off, some custom calling packages that are being discontinued, trying to diagnose the problem with the WBAI phone system that causes feedback.

  34. Some programming notes, Indymedia has some of its servers taken down from a mysterious raid in England, the varying effect of gag orders in England and the United States, some good news on the DMCA front, a surveillance proposal over Internet traffic in Europe, China offers rewards for anyone turning in pornographic websites, George W. Bush refers to the Internet in the plural form during the latest debate, Mike reports on screwed up absentee ballots, attendees of a Bush rally are told to turn their cell phones on, theorizing on what this could mean, clarification on area codes, instructions for people who haven't received their premiums from the last fundraiser, Redbird announces a new Metrocard project involving New York and Chicago transit systems, the different kinds of cards that are needed for research, how Metrocards have changed over the years, some of the info found on Metrocard receipts, a call from a blue boxer of the past, a call from a relay operator, an explanation of the relay service, some of the uses and abuses of the system, TTY service at payphones.

  35. A fundraising edition of the show, the election campaign is almost over, New Jersey decides to move ahead with electronic voting with no paper trail, the monthly Critical Mass bike ride is in danger, a meeting is being held for anyone arrested at the RNC, a television set emits an emergency beacon signal that gets various agencies swarming, foreigners are blocked from accessing a George W. Bush website, Jim has a theory as to what the reason is behind this, how to get around the restriction, today is the 100th anniversary of the New York City subway, Redbird gives an update on the Metrocard project, some comparisons between the New York and Chicago systems, Jim gives details on vintage subway trains that will be in service for the next couple of days, Emmanuel and Redhackt rode on a vintage Times Square shuttle earlier in the day, an appeal for more relay servers for the WBAI online stream, more information on the mystery raid that affected the Indymedia Center, a rundown of premiums for donations tonight, how the $2600 government seal on the back of the $2600 hooded sweatshirt almost got Bernie S. into trouble, Mike describes the upcoming Fifth HOPE VCD collection, a selection from the retro-computing panel, the uniqueness of WBAI, the importance of feedback, an update on the Critical Mass hearing, some examples of abuses by the Bush regime, more on Bush and Kerry rallies, there is a total eclipse of the moon tonight, a selection from the urban exploring panel, Redhackt recollects a story of urban exploring in the Amsterdam metro, how to see the old City Hall subway station, more info on the strange treatment of cell phones at a recent Bush rally, the large amount of historic events converging on a single day, Redbird explains the need for Metrocard receipts. This show includes fundraising.

  36. The radio station has met its goal for the latest fundraiser, Jim is pleased at the election results, whether or not Bush actually has a mandate, Mike's experience trying to vote, Bernie S. describes the voting system he used, what's involved in getting a recount, Redbird takes a picture inside the voting booth, Emmanuel also takes a picture at his polling station, Emmanuel's experiences with airline searches traveling to California, new intrusive x-rays at Heathrow, another appeal for sample Metrocards, another question concerning buses in New York City, the transit system in Los Angeles, a letter from Mongolia, questions regarding Senate mail, some of the advantages of a pager, an FCC decision involving Voice over IP, strange happenings when dialing 911, how radio stations can change the sound of the music they play, a listener tells how she was targeted at an airport, a question regarding a local television station, a listener reports a scam by Chase Mastercard.

  37. Because of a fire at Wall Street, WBAI has temporarily relocated to the studios of Sirius in midtown, the schedule is running 20 minutes late, Emmanuel's court appearance today, the trial is set to begin on November 29, Mike relates the events of another trial, more information on the apparent labeling of boarding passes for people subjected to searches, Emmanuel confirms that he has the markings, Redbird gives an update on the Metrocard project, the possible meanings of certain numbers on the cards and receipts, what kinds of cards are needed, the very different setup at Sirius, the radio station has been in three different studios today, questions about BBC World reception in the United States, an upcoming change at CNN which could result in more international news coverage in the United States, speeding up content on broadcasts, the NAB changes its position on satellite radio, the New York City subway signs are "hacked" again, a special phone number for tonight only, new secrecy and powers surrounding the Department of Homeland Security, more on senators' email addresses, Mike reports on changes to AT&T Wireless in the wake of the Cingular merger, silent calls from Verizon Wireless, pleas for help with passwords, more on the Chase Payment Protection Plan scam, Mike has an update on his voting misfortune.

  38. The theme is missing this week, a skeleton crew at the station, why cell phones seem to be exploding more these days, Emmanuel questions the need for 4th graders to have cell phones, hunters may soon be able to use the Internet to shoot animals, what this kind of thing could lead to, the parallel to what the CIA is doing overseas, Emmanuel and Jim dispute what happened in a mosque in Iraq this week, how society has changed in the past couple of decades, Amtrak steps up security, ways of causing trouble inside this system, some Homeland Security experiences from listeners, why everybody should go through the same treatment, some of the ominous plans ahead in England, the Serious Organized Crime Agency, RFID in schools, the station is back on Wall Street, what Sirius was like, Redbird gives an update on the Metrocard project and reports on a broken MEM machine, trying to reach Mike who's in transit, some technical details on Metrocards, a caller tries to describe annoyances involving 800 numbers, the value of the National Lawyers Guild, an idea for hacker ties, a listener reports on a ribbon replacement campaign, defining what the numbers on MVMs and MEMs mean.

  39. The theme is all messed up, Bernie S. is in the middle of an oil slick in Philadelphia, some developments in wireless coverage in Pennsylvania, Emmanuel has his case dismissed by the city and serves as a witness for other cases, Jeff Senter from the National Lawyers Guild describes the volunteer effort involved in defending the RNC cases, Mike describes the highlights of one of the trials, the many mistakes made by the prosecution, Emmanuel describes the tactics used against him during his testimony, Jeff discusses the waste of resources involved in prosecuting these cases, how the NLG really made a difference and how people can get involved, the MTA moves a step closer to banning photography in the subway, why this is a very stupid idea, Redbird answers questions about card reading, news about the transit system in Alberta, an AT&T Wireless employee offers to help Mike with his phone questions, an amusing story about the definition of valid identification, the importance of payphones, clarification on "Grand Theft Auto" and 2600's appearance on, Emmanuel sets forth his position on recent events in Iraq and how they relate to some of the developments back home, a listener is concerned over monitoring issues, how good people can be misled.

  40. There various people are going to be in the next few weeks, Emmanuel encourages people to travel to Germany for the Chaos Communication Congress, Emmanuel will be visiting Portugal, Spain, and Andorra for the first time, Bernie S. will be traveling to Thailand, a unique method the Thai government used to try to quell unrest, Bernie S. reports on more secrecy within the Department of Homeland Security, words of warning on the Internet from a former CIA director, the biggest threat to the Internet, an editorial from an insurance publication that compares hackers to terrorists, an outage makes the news, a biodegradable cell phone case, songs may replace rings for some Verizon Wireless numbers, the way rings used to sound, a demonstration against the proposed MTA camera ban is coming up, London's "oyster card," tracing people through Metrocards, some codes associated with Metrocards, more on the Iraq issue, how these topics are relevant, an example of a "political" message heard when using an AT&T calling card, one of the reasons why insurance companies may want to categorize hackers as terrorists.

  41. Emmanuel is on a balcony in Madrid, Bernie S.'s plans for Thailand, Sprint and Nextel plan to merge, what this could mean for consumers, cell phone use on planes draws one step closer, Emmanuel's problems with space on board his flight, the significance of Madrid in the fight against terrorism, Mike runs into problems with security restrictions while trying to mail a package, the Portugese government resigns shortly after Emmanuel's arrival, an overview of the transit systems of Lisbon and Madrid, the benefits and disadvantages of proximity cards, the future of enhanced 911, Bernie S. explains the technology behind the service, Tommy Franks signs on to be a spokesman for "Teen Arrive Alive" which lets parents know how fast their kids are driving, George Tenet's remarks about the Internet, Redhackt reports on a BitTorrent arrest in Finland, music sharing as an environmental issue, Congress passes a bill targeting people who use camera phones to invade privacy, how an expectation of privacy is defined, secrets of the NRO, clarification of personalized rings, a secret message on The Fifth HOPE website, Emmanuel issues a challenge to name an oddity of the mass transit systems of Lisbon and Madrid, a listener has a stalker, how to find a tracking device on a car.

  42. Emmanuel is in Amsterdam this week, Rop is also on from Amsterdam, the CCC Congress is upcoming, Emmanuel notices extra security precautions on the Spanish train system, the military presence in Paris, a repeat of last week's challenge to name something strange about the mass transit systems of Lisbon and Madrid, Emmanuel claims the Paris metro is the most confusing transit system ever to exist, why trains in other countries seem to be so much quieter than those in New York, other subway differences, why dogs are better behaved overseas, Mike reports on a demonstration last weekend against the proposed photo ban in the subways, listener reaction to the proposed ban, who people can write to in order to express opinions, more BitTorrent raids, Rop gives updates on how things are going downhill in Holland, new requirements on ISPs, how the Dutch people are letting this happen, the danger of color printers, a listener's experience while flying leads to a letter from the TSA on how people who keep getting stopped can streamline the process, Mike explains how the phone connection to Holland has been set up, an 11-year-old's parents are questioned because of his anti-American military comments, an update on legal action against the New York City Independent Media Center, how New York City government is biased against independent journalists, the prospect of disabling GPS in the event of a national emergency, the European Union's GPS project, opposition to the ending of a ban on cellular phones on airplanes, Jim has a Christmas suggestion, a listener objects to a comment of Jim's, why hackers are fascinated by trains, Bernie S. will be in Thailand soon, another oddity of the Paris metro, a listener relates a little known fact about Spain, Emmanuel reveals the answer to the riddle of Madrid and Lisbon.

  43. The CD player malfunctions, Emmanuel is in Berlin with people from the Chaos Communication Congress, Bernie S. is on his way to Thailand, an important announcement in Dutch, over 200 speakers were featured at the conference, the large number of people who no longer want to travel to the United States because of the fingerprint requirement, the possibility of the European Union treating Americans the same way, Hanneke compares the 21st CCC Congress to previous ones, some of the talks that were presented, Redbird describes the transit systems in Europe, Bernie S. will be examining the modern metro system of Bangkok, Reinoud announces the next Dutch hacker conference which is set for July 2005, how people can get involved, Reinoud's impressions of the CCC Congress, quotes from the "What The Hack?" announcement brochure, Bernie S. tells what the last two outdoor hacking conferences were like, the horrific catastrophe that has affected Bernie S.'s destination, 80,000 people have been killed due to this week's tsunami in the region, Bernie S.'s close call with the disaster, how technology failed the people, why Bernie S. is still on his way to Thailand, the amount of money spent by the United States to help the victims is spent in two hours in Iraq, Jim tells how people can help, some of the supplies that Bernie S. is bringing, Bernie S.'s attempts to reach a ham radio operator in Sri Lanka, how ham radio helped with the communications during the disaster, Redbird's experience being flagged at Newark Airport, how he was able to read the magnetic stripe attached to his flagged pass, what the data actually contained, whether changing one's boarding pass would result in the flag status being changed, a call from Iraq, the phone service available to American forces in Iraq, an airline employee gives some information about flagging.

Off The Hook - 2005

  1. Emmanuel is back in the States, another security adventure, the long delay getting into the United States, the possibility of the USVISIT fingerprinting scanners being used on Americans, citizens of the Netherlands are now required to carry national identification cards at all times, Redbird's observations on the equipment used for tracking people entering the country, a recap of Redbird's boarding pass and the magnetic strip on it, computerized passports are set to be introduced this year, Redbird has an RFID reader detector from the CCC Congress, Mike gives information on What The Hack, how the toll-free forwarding system used to call overseas works, trying to call Bernie S. in Thailand, the use of SMS technology after the tsunami, Bernie S. gives an update on what he's experienced, a controversy over the RFID tagging of foreign victims, the mood in Thailand, the magnitude of the tragedy and how it's being eclipsed in the United States, some of the ways people can donate money to the relief efforts, the GSM infrastructure in Thailand, the potential for SMS to be used for tsunami alerts, how intellectual property is treated in Thailand, the lack of SMS use in the States, CNN International is now on Time Warner Cable in New York, the possibility of an early warning system for tsunamis, Bernie S. will be back next week.

  2. The theme is screwed up, trying to reach Bernie S. on his Thai phone, a stowaway on Bernie S.'s plane causes a massive delay, Bernie S.'s review of the modern Bangkok subway system, a review of the traffic system, the large number of Internet cafes in Thailand, treatment for Internet game addicts, a scandal involving T-Mobile and the Secret Service, how certain celebrities were involved, a wedding invitation announces the union of AT&T and Cingular, listener response to suggestions involving utilization of SMS technology for emergency messages, a New York Times story details how messaging charges are significant for certain cell phone users, Redbird brings a cell phone that he found in the subway, theories on the best way to reunite the phone with its owner, Redbird explains what was involved in the "bending" trick for Metrocards which the MTA claims to have fixed, possible ways around the fix, how Washington Metro police are targeting "suspicious" people, the pointlessness of the inauguration next week, a George Mason University scandal involving the capturing of private information of students and staff, avoiding the use of Social Security Numbers, a Las Vegas airport offers free wireless access, the lost phone rings, a blind caller has a problem with Verizon Online, Bernie S. is disconnected, a caller describes a problem with his Metrocard and an electronic dog, more Verizon shenanigans.

  3. Programming notes for the next few weeks, there will be a fundraiser next week, the Bangkok subway crashes shortly after Bernie S. rides it, what caused the accident, how the Paris Metro recently dealt with a dead driver, a move to put U.S. citizens' fingerprints on their passports, unprecedented security in Washington DC on the eve of the inauguration, preparing for every possible scenario, Redhackt describes security at the CN Tower in Toronto, fingerprinting is now used in Wisconsin by Green Bay police at traffic stops, Homeland Security briefings are leaked to, a selection of some of the stories, train enthusiasts are targeted by the authorities for suspicious activity, the story of last week's lost phone being reunited with its owner, how to listen to Internet radio in your car, a listener sets up the caller side ring tone service on T-Mobile, a listener has a problem with Cingular/AT&T Wireless policy, a demo and description of the caller side ring tone service, the possible technology in use for the upcoming Iraqi elections.

  4. A fundraising edition of the show, the program won't be on again during the drive, an outline of the premiums being offered, Bernie S. tells the story of the $2600 sweatshirt and the pirate radio station, who can play a VCD, an excerpt from the Kevin Mitnick keynote at The Fifth HOPE, an underground fire causes mayhem in the New York City subway, a story of an unattended bag, memories of the Robert Steele five hour marathon at The Fifth HOPE, why this kind of talk isn't allowed on commercial radio, why T-Mobile is a rip-off with regards to overseas text messaging, attempts by Accuweather to keep weather conditions out of the public domain, copyrighting the time, the Hot 97 tsunami fiasco, a "spontaneous" phone call to a call center in India that aired on radio stations in Philadelphia and New York, why supporting noncommercial radio can help to fight this sort of thing.  This show includes fundraising.

  5. The first show in three weeks, $2700 was raised during the fundraising edition, the show won't be on next week, a communications buying frenzy, long distance has virtually ceased to exist, old Nextel customers will have to get new phones because of the Sprint merger, Bernie S.'s cell phone is six years old, a package of miscellaneous items arrives from Bernie S., Redbird demonstrates what FSK data sounds like when swiping a card with a magnetic stripe, a look at some Thai currency, a description of an elephant pass, Emmanuel and Redbird get involved in a car chase across Manhattan, Seraf describes the trouble he got into while taking pictures near Bellevue, everyone weighs in on what he should have done, how the case turned out.

  6. Bernie S. is using a better quality phone, the crappy sound of cell phones compared with older phones, thoughts on The Gates in Central Park, Bernie S. gets yelled at for taking a picture of an open New Jersey Transit ticket machine, the Madrid bombings investigation has a New York connection, a Bruce Schneier column on Secure Flight, a new subway map with 2012 Olympic venues appears, Redbird explains the latest on the Paris Hilton T-Mobile security breach, how personal data is at risk, a mobile phone virus is on the loose, 3896 calls to 911 are placed from a single house, information on the MPAA ratings board, an appeal for more information, Arseny reports on the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), facts on podcasting the radio show, Bernie S. will be going to the CeBIT conference next week, fingerprinting at Disneyworld, Mike gives an update on the Indymedia subpoena, more tales of harassment, more episodes of Brain Damage will be made available online this week, HOPE VCDs and Off The Hook DVDs will also be available.

  7. Bernie S. is in Germany, trouble leaving the country during a blizzard, what the CeBIT conference is all about, a T-Mobile policy that requires showing a passport before buying a SIM card, feedback to Bernie S.'s camera incident, a decision has yet to be reached concerning photography in the New York City subway system, supposedly pictures can't be taken at PATH facilities, more on Disneyworld, the BTK killer is tracked from his digital signature, remote fingerprinting of hardware, faking a bar code for a license, an update on Redbird's card reader plans in the next issue, a special edition of Off The Hook will be performed at the Trenton Computer Festival, the Freedom Downtime Easter Egg contest, an opinion piece on the death penalty for hackers, more on MPAA ratings, Arseny gives specifics on how to get a film rated, the possibilities of joining the ratings board, the possibility of an alternative ratings system, the return of Rebel, some not so well known federal facilities in Manhattan, the usefulness of holding onto an old AMPS phone.

  8. Trying to reach Bernie S. in Prague, the tenth anniversary of Bernie S.'s arrest, a German supermarket plans to use fingerprints for grocery shopping, new powers against terrorism are approved in the U.K., protesters in India demonstrate against unfair mobile phone policies, new mobile policy in Nepal, the quality of wireless carriers, social engineering via email, some airport security stories, feedback on MPAA ratings, where Off The Hook is broadcast, 811 is allocated by the FCC for excavation activities, Kevin Martin is the new FCC chairman, using #344, a mystery 911 call.

  9. Emmanuel releases info on the specific CD player causing problems at the station, Hanneke and Sasja visit from the Netherlands and give info on What The Hack, various encounters with DHS officials on the way into the country, sentences are handed out for Dutch denial of service perpetrators, Xs4all in the news again, a digital copying case in France, Utah plans to come up with a list of all the porn sites on the net, places where $2600 is blocked, a bagel store in Brooklyn gets in trouble with the MTA, ways of using a cell phone in an emergency, Emmanuel's plans to take the Trans Siberian Express with Hanneke and Sasja, the challenge of doing the show from Mongolia, the possibility of using a satellite phone, results of dialing 811, the ESRB video game ratings service, an answer to Mike's letter concerning a border search he and Emmanuel were subjected to last summer, Arseny calls in from Switzerland, what connectivity is like in Switzerland, how outdoor hacking events work, how DECT phones work, Redbird discusses the Boston transit system, a famous song about the system.

  10. Bernie S. surprises Mike by faxing him a story, a Berkeley laptop containing information on 98,000 individuals is stolen, ways of ensuring that data is erased from a hard drive, the time in Australia, a "phreaking" attack in Australia, memories of extenders and PABXs, Bernie S.'s confession, mobile cameras in England trace vehicles, weird postal regulations, cameras at the post office, an anarchist site is targeted by the FBI, lessons to be learned, why support networks are essential, plans to install cameras on police cars in Illinois that would be able to listen to conversations on the street, the Fox Blocker, Redbird makes a secret sound for the listeners to guess, theories on how a caller got connected to the police, more on the MPAA ratings system, the ratings system, edited "R" versions of films, the hijacking of the Republican Party by the religious right, how to disarm those people in favor of school prayer, forbidding language and nudity on television, how people dealt with the Hot 97 situation, how the FCC is being fooled, the approval of torture on the 24 TV show, Redbird reveals the mystery sound.

  11. Emmanuel's ordeal involving digital cable boxes, a demonstration of Cablevision's annoying voice response system, almost every clock now knows when to update for Daylight Savings Time, the phasing out of some manned booths in the New York City subway, Emmanuel's experience with a mislabeled bus stop, Americans and Canadians will soon need passports to visit each others' countries, Al Gore takes away CBC newscasts on NewsWorld International, legislation that would require showing identification before voting creates controversy, a site critical of a hair restoration clinic wins a court case, Ethiopia commits to getting Internet access for all its citizens, RFID will be used at next year's World Cup tournament, the amount of data that can fit on an RFID tag, plans for a remote hunting via Internet system, the world of "skimming," Arseny is the victim of credit card fraud, how it's possible to get towed for overdue library books, how it can be affordable to travel, some of the travel plans for the summer, why the Queen Mary 2 is a rip-off, questions about HDTV, what digital television will mean for consumers, annoying facts about credit card companies, how Citibank doesn't offer any grace period on their credit cards, cars that start automatically, the dangers of the broadcast flag.

  12. The theme is messed up again, upcoming automation on the "L" train, problems this may cause, why humans and technology should work together, a question about flags on buses, a story about videos during the RNC arrests makes the front page of the New York Times, how cops manage to avoid being prosecuted for perjury, an upcoming benefit for the National Lawyers Guild, an update on the Citigroup security scare, doubts on evidence in a terrorism case, hackers are considered a threat in the upcoming papal elections, Bernie S. reports on a story about identity theft that doesn't blame hackers, Lexis/Nexis is implicated in another massive data leak, a weird recording, $2600 appears in an art exhibit in Philadelphia, questions about a Lenin statue in Manhattan, recordings from, the appeal of free to air satellite service, a caller's nightmare with a relocated car, the Trenton Computer Festival is this weekend.

  13. More problems with the theme, Mike is trying to reach Bernie S. on the phone, a challenge to figure out what the Union Square clock is counting down towards, a review of the Trenton Computer Festival, memories of CP/M, Delchi appears in the studio, an explanation of cDc Ninja Strike Force Radio, Bernie S. almost gets hit by a Verizon Hummer and receives information on fiber to the home from the driver, the concept of naked DSL, the prospects of free WiFi in Philadelphia, black boxes in cars in the United Arab Emirates, some possible further uses for such systems, automatic breathalyzer tests in cars, Emmanuel's frustrating attempts to get a Smart car out of Canada, the date of the Union Square clock countdown is announced, the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, questioning the purpose of sharpshooters at the U.S. Mint, arrests in India of call center employees who ripped off Citibank customers in New York, answers to the question of the Lenin statue on Houston Street, Jim's talent in reading the zip code, Delchi's critique of fan fiction, a HOPE poster shows up on a Dutch television commercial, a bit of trivia about a scene in Walk On Water, the answer to the challenge, potential challenges for importing the Smart car, why Verizon is needed to install a Speakeasy DSL line, safety studies on WiFi transmitters.

  14. A warning about bugged phones, President Bush is thrown into a panic by an unidentified aircraft, the physical layout of the White House, it is now a felony to possess a video recording device in a movie theater, yesterday was World Intellectual Property Day, what Clearplay does to make movies more morally correct, Curse Free TV, it's National Turn Off TV Week, Mike explains the device he has to turn off televisions, what TV-B-Gone is, an announcement for those interested in giving talks at What The Hack, Redbird plans on giving a talk at the conference, Emmanuel gets a decent rate on the Queen Mary 2 through a discount ticket agency, plans on using a satellite phone for the show over the summer, what Verizon VoiceWing is, T-Mobile's efforts to get customers to use passwords, a Singapore car theft involves the victim's finger, an explanation of "phishing" by a bank, a suspicious passenger is reported on an airline which causes it to make an unscheduled landing, a second chance for Walter, an update on the service that allows customers to make their own stamps, the Red Hacker Alliance in China, a virus is unleashed at a wireless trade show, a war dialing arrest.

  15. A list of the broken things at the station, a special fundraising edition next week, the death of Fred the receptionist, memories of Fred, police in Iowa plan on using everyday speech in radio broadcasting, how "ten codes" differ from place to place, ham radio "Q codes," the Dayton Hamvention is coming up, the leaking of a classified document concerning the shooting of an Italian hostage by U.S. forces, the Rome IMC is investigated for defamation of the Catholic Church, Emmanuel insists the new pope is an ex-Nazi, new video evidence casts doubt on the police version of events at the RNC last year, Smart cars are reported to be coming to the States, taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night may be illegal, satellite tracking devices are introduced for criminals in Florida, New York City has an intelligence division in a secret location somewhere in the city, Jim reports on casino chips with RFID chips, what July 6th stands for, the famous Tom Delay quote, a clarification on the law against recording devices in theaters, a trick to calculating months, fallout from the runaway bride story, the implementation of travel restrictions, the lack of discussion about the color code, more about police intelligence, tracking taxis by GPS, hacking for Jesus, AOL policies against mass mailing, is blocking sites with certain words in their domain name, $2600 meetings this week, final words about Fred.

  16. A special last minute expanded edition, qualifying as a dissenter, Kevin Mitnick will be on tonight, another plane incident involving the White House triggering a red alert, how the event was handled, considering an extension of the no-fly zone around Washington DC, the Real ID initiative passes, Bernie S. explains why this is a bad thing, how it's getting easy to become a dissident, why WBAI is unusual, what is being offered tonight, the Easter Egg hunt, memories of Bernie S.'s ordeal, past pressure on WBAI from the Secret Service, how commercial stations raise funds, Kevin is on from St. Louis and discusses his new book, The Art of Intrusion, an example of one of the stories in the book, a Swedish hacker story, another John Markoff story, what the motivation of the hacker might have been, where Kevin has been lately, what Singapore was like, the theme of this week of the fund drive is dissent, how Kevin got to be such a celebrity, how Kevin's case would have been treated today, Kevin discusses getting cut off on CNN, where Phrack was started, Kevin gets disconnected, Emmanuel accuses Jim of being sarcastic, Kevin's battle to renew his FCC license, the tally amount goes up, more discussion of Kevin's new book.  This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

  17. An extra fundraising edition, Juintz is in the studio, recounting the Dayton Hamvention which took place last weekend, Walter discusses the radiation detector he picked up at Dayton, how bathroom tiles can be radioactive, Rop discusses a problem that has popped up with the organization of the What The Hack conference in the Netherlands this summer, how things have changed in the Netherlands over the years, the recent vote against the European Union constitution in the Netherlands and France, the many phone calls that have come in to Boxtel in support of the conference, the last chance to get the premiums during this fundraiser, a story from New Jersey involving "bombing" and Caller ID spoofing, some of the spoofing companies that have been popping up, Rop discusses the advantages of using Skype, comparisons with Vonage, Bernie S. discusses how TV-B-Gones were used in Dayton, Emmanuel discusses some of the problems with the devices, ways that televisions will deal with this in the future, Jim reports on fingerprint scanners in libraries, a strong New Jersey response, the changes that have been noticed over the years through listening to the radio show, a story involving "Radio Free Ohio," Mike gives an update on Covance and how they are hesitant to file lawsuits in the United States because of the First Amendment.  This show includes fundraising.

  18. Trouble with the new equipment, Redhackt is late, the What The Hack issues are resolved, the need for something other than "www," Citigroup loses a massive amount of customer data by shipping via UPS, laws that require companies to notify consumers when their data has been compromised, Covance takes PETA to court, eavesdropping requirements by DHS and the FBI put a crimp in plans to allow cell phones on airplanes, how phones on planes can be tracked, ways of getting around online gambling restrictions, the new .xxx domain, what this could mean, a blind man is treated differently by the police, the potential for handicapped criminals, Emmanuel makes a $90 phone call, the unfairness of laws against talking on cell phones while driving, the many places people can no longer use cell phones, other ways people can be distracted while driving, a "hacking" story, "the biggest military hack of all time," why CBs should also be outlawed while driving, stupid remarks made on airplanes, what happens when a cell phone call is made from an airplane, Carolinacon is being held this week.

  19. More theme trouble, a hectic week, Fred from Montreal describes what it was like to bring a Smart car to New York City, the car is parked outside the station, theories on why the Smart car has yet to be introduced in the United States, some of the reactions to the car in the city, Lin is in the studio, Mondo Kim's is raided with the help of the RIAA, Stanford University rejects any applicant who checked a web page to see if they were accepted, some of the fallout of this move, a woman sues Yahoo! over nude pictures of her on the web, a strange headline from a foreign country, Bernie S. talks about a case involving a Texas Instruments calculator with a hidden feature discovered by a kid, more on casinos and cell phones, what airplane mode is on a cell phone, feedback on Emmanuel's ticket for using a cell phone while driving, why ham and CB radios should also be included in the ban, the dangers of headsets, hands free devices are found to be no safer than handheld phones, Redhackt receives spam over an IP phone, Emmanuel conducts a cell phone etiquette survey, a question about satellite television, a caller is told he's not allowed to take pictures out of an airplane window, the Smart car will be in the East Village after the show, Fred has French Canadian music.

  20. Redhackt is being trained on how to use the board, Arseny is terrorized by a fax machine, ways to counter such harassment, Emmanuel is deposed by the city concerning the lawsuit regarding the RNC arrests, why individuals should be held accountable for such actions, yet another company is implicated in the release of private information of customers, how the FBI helped to keep the story from getting out, the many companies involved in processing credit card transactions, when customers are actually liable, the abuse of Social Security Numbers, feedback and discussion on the Stanford incident, another example of students' private info being released without permission, a hacking story involving the Los Angeles Times, a new way of avoiding random inspections at airports, effective ways of battling the Real ID Act, receiving television stations over the air, distant station reception.

  21. Redhackt runs the board for the program as practice for the summer shows when Emmanuel will be away, Mike reports on the Supreme Court's unanimous decision against Grokster, Jim debates whether there is any legal use for Grokster, the Supreme Court also rules that cable television companies don't have to share their network with third party providers, how Verizon interferes with the DSL installations of competitors, the Internet is cut off in Pakistan due to an underwater cable cut, the Freedom Tower is scaled back due to security concerns, how the WBAI building compares, how Bush's speech last night cleared everything up, Emmanuel passes on an announcement from the MTA, highlights of some new subway rules, automation of the "L" train, use of the Patriot Act to evict people from train stations, mandatory ID cards are coming to the United Kingdom, another Indymedia server is seized in England, journalists face jail for refusing to identify confidential sources, the reason for not identifying people, an example of why this is important, this Friday is $2600 meeting day, a question about employee Metrocards, a weird announcement from a flight attendant, WiFi antennas, the new version of iTunes includes both Off The Hook and Off The Wall, debate over the legality of listening to police scanners, Arseny is in Paris, another possible way of combating incoming fax calls.

  22. The 2012 Olympics are officially not awarded to New York City, Judith Miller of the New York Times is sent to prison for not revealing her sources, why this is an important story, a mysterious Windows sound, a conflict with movie radios and police radios, clarification of police scanner laws, a story of a computer whistle blower, Bernie S. gives a Philadelphia WiFi update, stories of people getting in trouble for using open wireless networks, a discussion on whether or not existing laws apply to this sort of thing, evil twin attacks, the origin of the word podcasting, why people are opposed to mandatory ID cards, Mike gets a second letter from the border patrol people concerning the search of the car he and Emmanuel were driving in last summer, a listener reports an insecure ATM, more on national ID.

  23. Redhackt is engineering tonight and will be for some time while Emmanuel is away, plans for Emmanuel to be on the Queen Mary 2 next week and for the show to be broadcast from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the various methods and companies that will be used to make phone connections in the weeks ahead, Mike explains the Liechtenstein connection, Emmanuel's new Haier phone turns out to be rather old, the next two weeks will be devoted to fundraising, a plea to pledge early so the special content of these two programs can be presented, $2600 Films will be making a second film devoted to comments from people around the world, some of the crazy things that have happened in London in recent days, some of the hysterical reactions that have come out of the recent terrorist attacks, what England's surveillance cameras have accomplished, what the next terrorist target could be, what a Hercules team is, ways the media covered the attacks, debate over the Judith Miller affair, how Karl Rove's involvement in the current scandal was predicted by Robert Steele at last year's Fifth HOPE conference, a letter from Arseny, the Smart car comes to Philadelphia, the overwhelming reaction the car received, attempts to reach the Queen Mary 2, a caller gets through several levels of airport security with a knife, where everyone will be next week.

  24. Redhackt has trouble with the beginning of the show, Emmanuel tries to diagnose the problem from the satellite phone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, every night an hour is lost on the boat, a description of the various activities that are available on the high seas, Bernie S. describes the Iridium network and how it formed, the program is set to be preempted next week despite the special broadcast that was scheduled from the What The Hack conference, a rundown of premiums, a very strong response in the early moments of the show, more distributor woes at $2600 are causing a new crisis, problems with delivery of premiums from previous fundraisers, a message to anyone affected, Emmanuel's signal is lost, Tommy Thompson will be getting an RFID tag implanted, Redhackt talks about new cameras being installed in subway tunnels, some of the recent terrorist attacks in Russia, security lapses on the QM2, Emmanuel has been hanging out on the boat with people from Scotland, Aaron McGruder will have an uncensored show on Adult Swim this autumn, a new design on the $2600 website, why Emmanuel hates the word "blog," a ruling on hyperlinking in Australia, examples of new laws designed to counter terrorism in England, Emmanuel is disconnected, a listener has more Verizon problems, the controversy surrounding the mod found in "Grand Theft Auto," the listeners achieve double the goal, hopes that the station will change its decision on next week's preemption.

  25. Some of the crew is back from What The Hack, Telus subscribers in Canada are blocked from seeing a pro-strike website, trouble reaching Emmanuel and Bernie S., Redbird describes the trip over to the Netherlands, a special program from the conference aired on last night's edition of Off The Wall, a suspect from the recent London bombing attempts is found in Rome through his cell phone, Emmanuel is finally reached in Warsaw, the difficulty of getting out of Poland on a train, Bernie S. just got back from London, Redhackt's problems with his luggage at Heathrow and the phone system he used to try to get information, the unhelpful mood behind counters in Poland, this is Emmanuel's last day with a Roman alphabet, Redhackt has gotten everyone sick, Redbird's experience being questioned at the airport, the extra security that seems to exist in the Netherlands, some more memories from What The Hack, how hammocks played a part, description of the DECT phones, how phone calls to various parts of the world could be made for free from the conference, Emmanuel will be in Belarus tomorrow, on next week's show Emmanuel will actually be on the Trans Siberian Express, progress is being made on the Speakers' World project, the cities Emmanuel will be stopping in over the next few weeks, Emmanuel's impressions of Warsaw, the unusual aspirin Emmanuel got in Warsaw, more on the subway searches in New York City, racial profiling in the London Underground, Jim gives ideas on how the subway system could be attacked while bypassing the current security system, why and how foreign policy should be changed, how people should handle the subway searches, advice on Emmanuel's aspirin tablet, debating the current tactics in the Middle East.

  26. Emmanuel is connected via cell phone on the Trans Siberian Express, some of the highlights of Yekaterinburg, what it's like on the train, Emmanuel's signal is lost, a disturbing broadband ruling, a horror story involving students known as the Kutztown 13 in Pennsylvania, the expectation of privacy in the garbage, a revelation on what really happened with the seizure of the Indymedia server in England last year, advice on what to do if you're asked to be searched in the subway, Emmanuel comes back on a satellite phone, Redhackt discusses the testing of an RFID system at the border with Canada, Emmanuel has yet to be searched, Bernie S. talks about a new device from Raytheon designed to counter cell phone timers, details on the capturing of a July 21 suspect with cell phone information, how most people fared with cell phones while traveling overseas, all of the What The Hack workshops are available online, another memorable call from Monroe, more ideas concerning how to deal with search requests, how to read Emmanuel's travel logs, comparing data security in Europe with that in the United States, Emmanuel is back on GSM.

  27. Trying to call Emmanuel in Mongolia where it's 8 in the morning, how Mongolia has proven to be a real surprise, how connectivity and phone calls work, what a human payphone is, danger to pedestrians in Ulaanbaatar, some instances of cultural barriers, the rebellious spirit of Mongolians, how Ulaanbaatar ranks as a city, special thanks to a listener from Mongolia, how Westerners are received in Mongolia, how filming for Speakers' World has been going, the Bush administration turns against the proposed .xxx domain, yet another computer worm causes havoc on Windows 2000 machines, Kevin Mitnick appears on CNN, how the vulnerability was exploited, the No Subway Searches Coalition announces a meeting, how the terrorist no-fly list affects infants, Mike confirms that he isn't on the watch list, questions on traveling to the United States with a scanner, Emmanuel describes the scenery he's seen so far while traveling on the Trans Siberian Express, Emmanuel expects to be in Beijing next week.

  28. Trying to reach Emmanuel in Beijing, how China differs from Mongolia, the aggressiveness of merchants, Internet connectivity in China, the Internet Card of Mongolia, rules for Internet use at the hotel Emmanuel's staying at, which sites appear to be blocked, what television is like in China, the kinds of things you can receive with a free to air dish, some of the English language material available in Chinese bookstores, limited cell phone coverage to come to the New York City subway, the case for and against surveillance cameras in the subways, the Screen Actors' Guild gets caught up in the subway search controversy, the British government puts out a list of unacceptable behavior, Pat Robertson's latest comments, a controversial raid on a rave in Utah, how alternative media played an important role, Canada moves a step closer to monitoring email without a judge's order, Emmanuel rails against what PGP has become, more criticism on Verizon and how they thwart DSL installations for competitors.

  29. Emmanuel is approaching Osaka via a ferry that's besieged by screaming toddlers, Emmanuel's CDMA phone was working in China, neither GSM nor CDMA will work in Japan, impressions of Shanghai, all of New Orleans is under water, the difficulty of getting through to New Orleans exchanges even when the phones are out of the area, why the levees failed, the lack of real news coming out of New Orleans, alternate ways of communicating with New Orleans, Emmanuel's experience with the maglev train of Shanghai, comparisons with New York City's Airtrain, how projects in China are actually being finished, a strange story about Chinese hackers, the first anniversary of the RNC arrests, some more comments about PGP, why it's essential for encryption to be easy to install, the amount of time left in Emmanuel's trip, a call for participation in the Speakers' World project, it's no longer possible to register a phone without GPS capability on the Verizon Wireless network, Bernie S.'s seven year old phone has better sound quality than new ones sold today, the dream of FM quality voice on cell phones, the British government plans to ban violent net porn, a caller claims to be in prison for 23 years for making blue boxes, words about Robert Moog, there are meetings this Friday.

  30. Reaching Emmanuel in Tokyo, the complexity of the Tokyo subway system, the connection between subways and department stores, the differences in Japanese society, what the subway tickets look like, Speakers' World is now in Internet Movie Database, an article about the hurricane in New Orleans from the past, how the Dutch have prepared for a catastrophic storm, how the Japanese media has been covering the New Orleans story, a typhoon hits the western part of Japan, what has happened to FEMA, a letter from Louisiana, how to view post-hurricane pictures of the New Orleans area via Google and the NOAA, ways to help, Emmanuel moves to have FEMA entered into the dictionary as a word, how ham radio is being used in the disaster, how it could be used better, a low power radio station tries to get on the air in the vicinity of the Houston Astrodome, debate over the use of the word refugee, a call from Louisiana, Baton Rouge has doubled in size, Emmanuel will be on the ocean for the next couple of weeks, a call for safety information on freighters.

  31. Emmanuel is late calling in on the satellite phone, what Emmanuel has been doing on his travels, Mike gives an update on the low power radio station outside the Houston Astrodome, Emmanuel calls in from the freighter on the Pacific Ocean just outside of Japan where it's 8:00 in the morning, a description of the whole freighter procedure, comparisons to the Queen Mary 2, what Emmanuel's expectations of the freighter were, the trip was delayed by the typhoon, the scary stairway to the boat, looking forward to crossing the international dateline, questioning how far the Houston low power station can actually reach, the rarity of such a license being granted by the FCC, how China managed to evacuate a huge number of people during a recent typhoon, Emmanuel introduces Ben who is the other passenger on the freighter, Ben explains his route from Egypt to California, Ben's impressions of various countries, Juintz is in the studio and issues an appeal for bandwidth volunteers, dismay at Walter's absence, seeing other boats, an update on Christiania in Denmark, a call for updated web pages, FEMA suffers an email outage, an update on establishing FEMA as a word in the English language, why a new TSA program is stupid, interesting security procedures to look forward to as Emmanuel's boat approaches the United States, Emmanuel and Ben get locked outside, a Negativland event, a call from Bulgaria, looking forward to seeing the engine room, some New Orleans music.

  32. Confusion involving the delay system, Emmanuel is still on the freighter where it's now 2:00 in the afternoon, what the experience has been like, problems with the satellite connection, Bernie S. announces plans to attend an NOAA open house, what happened after Emmanuel crossed the international dateline, Emmanuel tries to get into a better position for the satellite signal, Bernie S. discusses how to spot an Iridium satellite, Jim talks about how to spot Mars, Emmanuel calls back from inside the freighter, how AM radio stations were picked up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Emmanuel describes what it was like to visit the engine room, an appeal for mass transit info for Long Beach, more updates from Christiania, bad news regarding privacy and newborns in the Netherlands, a band named Switchfoot gives info to its fans on how to defeat the copy protection on its latest album, more problems getting Emmanuel's signal, a story concerning police tricking a suspect into revealing his DNA, whether or not this is an issue, a server update, info on Long Beach mass transit, criticism of Iridium, Emmanuel has an update on Verizon's DSL non-installation.

  33. An apology for the horrible sound of last week's show with the satellite phone, Emmanuel is in the First Class Amtrak Lounge in Chicago, the torment involved in taking Amtrak across the country and staying in a "roomette," how the rising gas prices provide an opportunity for Amtrak, Emmanuel describes what the freighter was like, information on how to obtain freighter tickets and satellite phones, questioning whether 911 service is available on a satellite phone, the show is preempted next week, a listener in Antarctica, Google is buying tens of thousands of miles of fiber, wondering when Google will become evil, sentencing for the teenager responsible for revealing Paris Hilton's T-Mobile account info, why T-Mobile must share the responsibility, Emmanuel's voice mail on T-Mobile is swapped with another user's, the mysterious hump reappears on Bush's back, a report of hotel room keys that encode credit card information, Mike explains why isn't always accurate, how keyboard clicks may be able to be monitored, the new ten dollar bill is released, a radio station in St. Louis now broadcasts Off The Hook, Verizon prints an ad encouraging people not to use WiFi, a listener has a donation.

  34. Thanks to people who have pledged during the news, Emmanuel is missing tonight, the show is preempted for the next two weeks, the Delaware Supreme Court declines to unmask a blogger, a look at the "credible" threat affecting the New York City subway system over the past few days, the danger of giving raw intelligence to politicians, more on subway searches, a rundown of premiums, the Off The Hook DVD, the death of the legal director of the ACLU in Philadelphia, a cell phone user bill of rights causes controversy, a call to Christian in Antarctica, the improved sound of the satellite compared with Iridium, how people get to Antarctica, there is one sunrise and sunset per year, pollution in Antarctica, how tourists can get to Antarctica, a message from Emmanuel, Redbird discusses amateur satellites, how wireless carriers are exempt from the jurisdiction of state public utilities commissions.

  35. Emmanuel is back in the studio after a very long absence, this year's Pumpcon, more reactions to the Smart car in Philadelphia, why Emmanuel is now out of phase, a record number of preemptions in the last month, why Emmanuel wasn't at the October show, what it was like being in the hospital, Arseny explains how Hurricane Wilma has played into the lost baggage odyssey that he and Redhackt have been in embroiled in since July, Emmanuel's continuing attempts to get a DSL line installed through Verizon, Robert Steele's response to Bernie S.'s question about the outing of Valerie Plame at The Fifth HOPE in 2004 is again proven to be very much on target, a mysterious smell drifts through New York City, Jim describes what it was like to be searched on the subway, why it's everyone's duty to protest such searches, the continuing court battle, surprising reports of secret prisons being run by the CIA, a story of privacy invasion during a beer purchase, Redhackt's story of a weird age verification system that he was a victim of when he turned 18, Bernie S. describes how he challenged a system that requires a driver's license to purchase liquor, Redbird explains why such a system is unnecessary, how such information can be used in criminal investigations, Mike reports on new biometric features in German passports, a caller reports on the $20 exit fee in Antigua, another new application involving monitoring the health of individuals using wireless communications, Bernie S.'s mass transit trial next week.

  36. Emmanuel's unpleasant experience with the MTA, Redbird explains how the system is supposed to work, Jim's advice on what to do, Bernie S. tells of his transit woes and the trial he went through earlier in the day, Bernie S.'s unique way of fighting the statute, other cities that have similar fare rules, Emmanuel plays a mystery sound, the "terror laws" in England are defeated, what such laws would have meant, why the danger is still very real, a letter from an angry listener, in defense of the topics discussed on the show, the results in yesterday's election, how Bernie S. ran into problems at the polls, electronic voting is supposedly coming to New York next year, the reaction to last week's revelation of secret CIA prisons, a cruise ship is reported to have used a sonic weapon to repel pirates, Emmanuel describes how he committed piracy on the high seas, ways that messages were conveyed cheaply while Emmanuel was traveling, what appears to be a dishonest charge by T-Mobile, more on the technology behind liquor sales, how Emmanuel got around an ID check in an office building, Mike gives an example of how the White House attempted to alter a quote in a transcript, Emmanuel used to do a show called News of the World, Bernie S. gives info on how to get Internet radio while traveling, an answer to the mystery.

  37. Bernie S. makes a correction on last week's cruise ship story, the possibility of transmitting smells, a bunch of shows from the past have been found and are now online, a program on shortwave radio is one of the newly discovered ones, the "woodpecker project," how the Soviets used to block radio signals, there is currently a network outage, passengers may now have their bags swabbed in the New York City subway, what the authorities are looking for, potential ways to cause chaos, Jim describes "Shot Spotter" which is set to be installed at Co-op City, Redhackt discusses an automobile surveillance system being installed in England, how red light cameras can increase accidents, the Patriot Act is on the verge of being renewed, what people can do in the limited amount of time left, Redbird describes a weird law in Illinois involving magstripes that completely misunderstands the technology, Mike gives an update on the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia, how opposition there was silenced, the controversy surrounding the control of the Internet domain system by the United States, Jim claims Emmanuel tried to take over a country's top level domain years ago, questioning whether separate Internets could exist in harmony, Emmanuel describes the unfairness of the current top level domain system, garage door openers near Ottawa are jammed by a mysterious source, feedback on Bernie S.'s ticket woes, theories on Emmanuel's voice mail charges with T-Mobile, weirdness involving a Swedish phone, tales of crosstalk from the past, Emmanuel takes issue with people who complain about politics on the show, Mike explains his disdain for the word "podcasting," Bernie S. explains why actions against prison phone rip-offs are misguided, debating who is more responsible for the injustice.

  38. A theme misfire, a skeleton cast tonight, the FBI issues a warning concerning unsolicited email that appears to be from them, how fake mail affects $2600, the danger of opening attachments, a town votes to change its name to "Secret Santa," problems reaching Bernie S. on the phone, a Sony rootkit scandal involving CDs that resulted in a lawsuit from Texas, how hackers always get blamed, a confusing contest involving the FBI and students, theorizing on what Infraguard is, a new AT&T logo is introduced, more on the boarding pass flagging system, a letter that was meant to be sent in the future, anonymous letter writers, debating who should control the Internet, a memo concerning bombing Al Jazeera is suppressed by the British government, an appeal for a copy of the memo, an example of a corporate anthem on the phone lines of Ben Q., a report from a listener in Mongolia on Bush's visit this week, Redbird reports on the Smartlink system being introduced on the PATH trains, a possible way of defeating the pricing scheme in the MTA's Metrocard passes, a listener has concerns of alarm systems using VoIP, Emmanuel's continuing DSL woes now involve the Attorney General of New York, fiber optic to the home.

  39. The news runs late, a potential theme if Off The Hook ever becomes a TV show, police plan random "shows of force" in Miami, the NYCLU tries to get the NYPD to stop videotaping demonstrations, taking pictures of cops and feds, one of Bernie S.'s old prison guards winds up as an inmate in the same prison he worked for, an update on the electronic garage door problems in Ottawa, the fall of the Canadian government, what CIFA is and the new powers it may be getting, the prospect of the military spying on U.S. citizens, a controversy concerning a Denver bus passenger who refused to show identification to federal authorities, laws that require people to carry identification, how Google can give away so much disk space, Redhackt's unease with a certain feature that ties Google searches with Gmail accounts, questioning whether Google keeps records on individual searches, Emmanuel's concern over the popularity of Gmail, the problems with spam labeling, the new Off The Hook broadcast quality archives have started to become available, important technology issues in the upcoming Canadian elections, reaction to complaints about politics on the show, questions concerning the $2600 meetings in Egypt, why the meetings are on the first Friday of the month, a challenge for people who think the United States should have control over domain name setup, a rip-off concerning a company offering top level domains that can be any word, memories of, a question about information technology jobs in New York.

  40. An incident involving an air marshal shooting a passenger in Miami, questioning whether the killing was necessary, the London police department is revealed to have been prepared to shut down mobile phone service during the July 7 bombings, a federal judge rules that police have the right to randomly search people on the New York City subway, a mass transit strike threat looms over the city, the dangers of scaling down the human factor of the system, Bernie S. talks about the recent transit strike in Philadelphia and the injustice he fought, a New York Times story details an absurdly easy way to disable a wiretap, names of the extra four buttons on the touch tone pad, a demonstration of a "C" tone, Wikipedia now requires users to register before writing articles due to a disputed story, how revisions work, a sentencing involving someone who caused power outages, the way the media misrepresented the story and made it seem as if he was connected to $2600, feedback to last week's comments on Google, where the fault really lies, a security issue in Gmail makes it easy to pose as somebody else, the social network implications, a video of a Smart car slamming into a concrete wall at 70 miles an hour, appeals for listeners to not keep sending in Slashdot stories, a demonstration of a corporate switchboard shortcut, why increased automation is a bad idea for the MTA, an update on Emmanuel's DSL escapade.

  41. Bernie S. is called away on business, a citywide transit strike appears imminent, some of the bad moves the MTA has made, Emmanuel's plans for the strike, Jim explains the contingency plans, how subway stations will be secured, trying to figure out the code words used by the NYPD to identify themselves, an emergency fundraising show, a rundown of premiums, an excerpt from a CD featuring WBAI in 1960, thoughts on last week's shooting by an air marshal, more on Gmail problems, exceptions to Gmail's not sending the IPs of subscribers, Arseny reports on the future Google Calendar, the European Parliament approves a data retention measure, the House reaches an agreement on the Patriot Act, Emmanuel was on K-ROCK earlier this week, the strange way that corporate radio operates, the word "podcast" is declared Word of the Year, air marshals will be patrolling trains and buses, another selection from WBAI in 1960.  This show includes fundraising.

  42. An extra minute of the show, a program devoted primarily to local events as the transit strike hits New York City, the results of Philadelphia's transit strike, a look at who made it into the station this week, Emmanuel describes how the city is making the situation worse, Walter braves the traffic coming into the city by car, Redhackt has not yet made it in, Mike describes the amount of walking he's done in the last couple of days, Redbird's observations coming in from New Jersey, Emmanuel describes the annoyance of trying to get into the city in the middle of the night, the scenes of mayhem at 4:00 am in Queens, debate over whether the city's traffic policy makes sense, the inefficiency of the Long Island Railroad strike plan, the logic of PATH, Redbird questions whether the subway workers have the right to go on strike, bureaucracy and employer unfairness, Jim expresses his support for the union side of the conflict, sounds of the subway, how subway stations are being closed off, the scandal involving Bush and the NSA, the "secret court" that was bypassed, why it's important to cover the transit strike on the station, Redhackt arrives and describes his journey, more train sounds, Emmanuel theorizes that city policy is being designed to incur the wrath of the public, feedback from a transit worker, Jim plays the race card, a song related to a previous New York City transit strike.

  43. Emmanuel is at the 22nd Chaos Communications Congress, the conference is extended this year, the phone connection is being made over the Internet, why it's good for Americans to go to these events, Redbird gives his impressions of the conference and security at the airport, Juintz describes the calming effect that being in Germany has, the need for bandwidth for streaming the shows, what the scene is like at 1 am, Jacob Appelbaum describes the talk he gave and the conference in general, what it was like to travel in Iraq and post-Katrina New Orleans, Rop talks about the workings of the CCC network this year, there are 20 gigabits available, problems that have been dealt with since last year's conference, what was behind Rop's talk on "losing the war," the upcoming HOPE conference in New York, Emmanuel is accidentally put on German hold, Tim from the Netherlands talks about socializing at the conference, news on the scandal involving the White House and the NSA, a quote from Senator Bob Graham that underlines the level of understanding that other elected officials had about what was really going on, Bernie S. gives out phone numbers for people to call concerning the wiretapping, why people should care about this, the constitutionality of the secret court that was bypassed by Bush, a national surveillance system is being introduced in England to monitor all trips by automobile, Mike describes how this violates the Data Protection Act, dispelling fears on something that looks like a telephone number database, a very suspicious feature in a movie trailer website that appears to tie into DMV records, how to deal with conflicts in various movements.

Off The Hook - 2006

  1. Emmanuel is in Amsterdam on a Skype connection, conferencing in Redbird, Juintz, and Rop, judging the sound quality, Redbird explains the value of Skype, other such services, the degrading sound quality of phone calls, Rop answers questions about Skype, the recently concluded 22nd Chaos Communications Congress, why bigger isn't necessarily better, the ridiculous amount of bandwidth going into the conference, whether such a thing would even be remotely possible in the United States, Redbird and Juintz give their impressions of the conference, more on the recent NSA wiretapping leak, listener feedback on politics, Walter's idea for monitoring the public, a Verizon position is available involving wiretapping, New Jersey Transit issues a statement on public photography, the Caller ID info transmitted on Skype, recommending a wireless phone company, Juintz and Redbird explain the advantage of getting a SIM overseas, Jim reports on another Google rumor, some info on trap and traces from a phone company employee, German hold music.

  2. The show wasn't supposed to be on tonight due to the Supreme Court hearings, Slick0 says his first words on the radio, cellular phone records are blatantly for sale, how phone companies can easily find the leaks, oddness with the story, how much information is available to private investigators, services that monitor such activity, how to prevent this kind of abuse, a high school student is arrested for creating a website that linked to his school, the NSA scandal fails to generate significant public outrage, a man in the United Kingdom is prosecuted for disrespecting a speed camera, Mike discusses body scanning at Paddington Station in London, a mystery sound, a call from a cab driver, memories of old shortwave radios, the wonders of skywave interference, Redbird, Walter, and Bernie S. give out their ham radio call signs, a ham radio operator complains after getting a ticket for using a wireless device while driving, the show will be extended tonight, a scam involving a "Do Not Call" list for cell phones, Emmanuel's quest for a 212 cell phone number, the story behind "yellow receiver" payphones, how to make cheap phone calls from Europe, a look at various VoIP services, concern over Skype's security, attempting to get Skype working with Bernie S., troubleshooting the problem, Mike describes how Google is now evil, Digital Rights Management, clarification of the lack of an auto-logout feature on Gmail, more attempts to get Bernie S.'s Skype connection working, Mike reports on a new letter opening policy by the government, a caller needs cell phone advice, Walter finds a volunteer to test out Skype, the experiment ends badly, a call from a 12-year-old Skype user that eventually results in a successful test, the attempt to reach Bernie S. over Skype finally succeeds, a demonstration of free directory assistance.  This show is in two parts.

  3. The news runs late, a legal ID, another attempt to get connected via Skype, how the Sprint PCS network is being used for this connection, how analog cellular phone calls sound better than digital ones, Lin discusses other VoIP possibilities, trouble on the horizon for VoIP, Bernie S. made a random Skype call to China after the show last week, the increasing difficulty of getting "naked DSL," Emmanuel's letter to the Attorney General yields some positive results with his DSL installation, a crackdown on disposable cell phones, a comparison of various prepay mobile plans, how SIM cards can be used to track people, wiring the New York City subway system for wireless communication, more problems with copyright and music, more feedback on Gmail, a Taco Bell tip, a Peeping Tom case in London involving closed circuit cameras, criticism about the show's politics, using the term "autocast" instead of "podcast," why a two hour show would be better, Emmanuel's observations on Munich, a legitimate reason why someone would need to buy a huge amount of prepaid phones.

  4. An experiment involving channel mixing of the show's participants, BBC World is finally available in the United States if cable or satellite providers agree to carry it, the new CW network, the launch of Al Jazeera International, Jim moves from side to side in the speakers, a potential threat to public access, reallocation of the analog television spectrum, how a local TV station is actually broadcasting a new FM station, how public feedback can make a difference, a digital television receiver in Scotland sparks a helicopter rescue operation, station feedback to the panning, an excerpt of a statement by the former head of the NSA on the spying scandal, a subpoena for search results from major search engines causes controversy, good and bad news regarding Google, experiments with, information on trap and trace methods from an insider, a T-Mobile trick, credit card security in Japan, Emmanuel's new credit cards with RFID, suggestions and info on archived shows, a method of improving magnetic stripe reading, Mike explains how to get to the podcast, a call from Woodstock.

  5. Another show with channel mixing, a high quality audio version of the show is now available online, EFF launches a lawsuit against AT&T for its part in the NSA spy scandal, Western Union has stopped sending telegrams, recollecting telegrams of the past, John Gilmore loses his case challenging the identification requirement for domestic airlines, the security guy downstairs is reprogrammed, the Ring of Steel proposed for lower Manhattan, Jim reports on a hotel that requires identification for anyone calling a guest from the lobby, a high-ranking British official changes his mind over identification cards, an update on Christiania, the cartoon controversy in Europe spreads, more on and how it works, a possible replacement for the Metrocard, Jim talks about Metrocard buses, a demonstration of Time Warner Cable's voice response system and how frustrating it can be, how to get BBC World onto Time Warner Cable, appealing to German participants in the HOPE conference, Bernie S. describes the SuitSat project, a fundraiser is scheduled for next week, a problem with the puzzle in the current edition of $2600, the licensing fee in England, when to hear the SuitSat.

  6. A report on GPS Dart which will be used to track cars during police chases in Los Angeles, how such a system could be defeated, a listener writes in to report on cameras placed inside a rental car, the danger of getting used to this kind of thing, an adventure trying to listen to the SuitSat after the $2600 meeting on Friday, archived shows are being featured tonight as part of the fundraiser, Redbird discusses a show from 1990, a clip from a show Arseny selected from 1994, Mitch Altman discusses the TV-B-Gone device which he invented, some fun applications, Emmanuel plays an excerpt of a randomly picked show from 1997, Emmanuel seems to be the only one left who doesn't have to dial an area code for local calls, a comparison of Bernie S.'s voice between 1997 and the present, how the shows stay interesting over the years.  This show includes fundraising.

  7. The Cheney shooting controversy, the show won't be on next week, thanks to all of the people who called in last week, a rundown of premiums, Bernie S. has Sprint PCS problems, how to hear the show on shortwave, Bernie S. reports on magic suitcases to be used in the War on Terror, Jim reports on "No Love for Google Day," Mike describes an archived show from 1996, Bernie S.'s memories of those dark days, the differences in technology over the years, descriptions of tonight's premiums, references to heroin, a listener in Ontario is on a car assembly line, Bernie S. describes the first post-9/11 show back in 2001, Emmanuel gets a special $10 American Express card, how restaurant charges work, a history lesson from the Attorney General, Juintz describes a show from 1991, a rundown of premiums, people to thank, preregistration for HOPE Number Six has started.  This show includes fundraising.

  8. Confusion as to which fundraiser is still going on, a rundown of premiums, the length of time the show has been on the air, a hostage crisis at the "2600 Building" in Phoenix, a call for HOPE network volunteers to come to the 2600 meeting this Friday, the ease with which people fall into the security mentality, remembering when everyone in the room first got involved in the show, a 30 minute collage of some of the many highlights of Off The Hook since 1988, the show won't be on next week, how listeners can participate in the program's future, the importance of young listeners.  This show includes fundraising.

  9. Contacting Bernie S. in Budapest, both Bernie S. and Lazlow have gotten sick while traveling, the threat of bird flu, the telecom museum in Budapest, Jim explains how a Microsoft antitrust settlement could be taken advantage of, a strange letter from a bank that seems to be part of a scam, facts about bank fraud, fake ATM scams, the number of names on a potential terrorist list is disclosed, the new HOPE site is unveiled, ideas for speakers are being solicited, a volunteer meeting is scheduled for this Friday, new developments in the Google case, trying to understand the government's motivations, an interesting question regarding owning MP3s, living in a perpetual state of fear because of 9/11, the ease of becoming a terrorist, the contrast between Hungary and the United States, debating where the 9/11 cover-up actually is, the absurdity of some of the theories, a caller has issues with deviation from a neighboring radio station.

  10. The news runs late, a packed studio tonight, Mojo is visiting from California, Bernie S. still has the flu, Emmanuel's conspiracy theory, the outpouring of email generated by last week's remarks on 9/11 conspiracies, Redbird critiques the Loose Change documentary, some opposing evidence offered by another documentary, the contention that phone calls couldn't have been made from the airplanes, the attitude of many of those supporting the conspiracy theories, the reason why the third World Trade Center building fell, debunking the theory that alternate airplanes were used in the attacks, how to start your own conspiracy theory, Seraf gives his opinion on the documentary, a phone tapping story out of Greece, a case of cellular tracking in New York, McFly from Germany explains how the storage of such information works in Europe, the "Virtual Community Patrol" of East Orange, the debate over using cell phones inside theaters, the current law against jamming cell phones, a pirate radio station is interfering with air traffic in Florida, why it's a bad idea to have local law enforcement doing the FCC's job, Arseny gives an update on the call for movies at HOPE, McFly gives details on a "blinking lights" project for HOPE, a call for people good at building things, Mojo's involvement in Battlestar Galactica and his appearance at I-CON this weekend, an interesting fact concerning redacting on a widely available DoD document, Operation Northwoods, a troubling recording for a caller.

  11. The studio is packed tonight, Jim has good news from the Federal Election Commission, the Patriot Act board game, an old Nazi code is cracked by home computers, a privacy invasion affects the German chancellor, American tax returns are in danger of being sold by accounting companies, an amusing tale involving an email exchange between a clueless bureaucrat and tech support in an Oklahoma city, proof that not everybody should be using computers, Emmanuel issues a retraction, more on the various conspiracy theories out there, why a certain amount of time is being devoted to this, Operation Northwoods, Seraf describes the hell that T-Mobile put him through for trying to get out of a contract, Mojo describes how he defeated a telemarketer, Mojo gives his thoughts on the looming video format wars, a possible valid reason for answering a cell phone in a movie theater, confusion when booking rooms at the Hotel Pennsylvania, an update on premiums from the last fundraiser, Emmanuel's telemarketing calls from his bank, the difficulty of finding a simple phone without a whole lot of unneeded features, a listener has a problem calling Jamaica on a cell phone.

  12. A man is pulled off an airplane after being spotted singing along to a Clash song, how reporting everything is similar to a denial of service attack, people whose parents listen to The Clash, Jim reports on a controversy involving Borders and the Prophet Mohammed cartoons, $2600 has printed a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed in a previous issue, a question from Brazil, the declining state of affairs in Finland, Mike clarifies last week's comments on encryption, some talk on steganography, feedback on last week's listener phone mystery, McFly discusses a phone tapping screwup in Germany, an altercation involving Redbird's cell phone, how a traffic monitoring device was played with after last week's show, a riot in Brooklyn starts after police make a cell phone related arrest, how a ticket can be issued even when a car isn't running, dialing *677 in Ontario, Redbird's encounter with a cop, a possible way of getting out of a cell phone contract, a demonstration of, the fun of connecting two people together without their knowledge, translating on the web, a caller has a question regarding the power of the phone company, ways that other phone lines can come into your home, how the term "long distance" has become meaningless, McFly is planning an Off The Hook themed show on German radio tomorrow night, a HOPE coordination meeting will take place this Friday in New York.

  13. A skeleton crew tonight, Bernie S. is still sick, a news story falsely implies that wireless connectivity is a big risk, how to connect safely, a customer in Malaysia gets a phone bill for $218 trillion, Long Island police have a new device that can scan license plates at high speed, a former AT&T technician gives evidence of massive surveillance capabilities, technology to block Internet phone calls, evil legislation in England, how the Patriot Act is used as an excuse for all sorts of restrictions by businesses, the United States falls to 19th on the broadband penetration list, Emmanuel demonstrates a service called SpoofCard, Jim discusses the progression of web ads, "telephone only" shows, contacting Bernie S., more discussion on SpoofCard, Bernie S. talks about Monday's demonstration by Philadelphia cab drivers in opposition to a new mandatory GPS policy, new monitoring devices in cars, how destroying or altering the new RFID devices in passports could be a felony, tin foil covers for passports, a caller takes exception to Jim's pronunciation, comparing various cell phone companies, Emmanuel's issues with Verizon Wireless and its annoying voice mail system, a call for people power.

  14. The Roosevelt Island tram gets stuck with passengers suspended in midair, how the system could have failed, the self-powered gondola that was used in the rescue, how had no coverage at all during the overnight hours, Bernie S.'s story about getting stranded on a cable car at Disney World, Emmanuel's eyewitness account of this story as well as last week's Molly the cat incident, Sprint PCS starts a service called the Sprint Family Locator to track kids via GPS, ways to manipulate the system, what is new about this feature, the inevitability of people getting used to surveillance, a man is fined for changing traffic lights on his own, the relatively light punishment handed out, how traffic lights can be changed, information on the "92 List," differences exist between American Morse code and international Morse code, more ways of getting out of cell phone contracts, an instance of identification being recorded at a New York City bar, RFID tags on vehicles in Britain, an unusual punishment involving the ANPR system, the frustration of a listener trying to call in to the show, why calls cut off after a certain number of rings, another SpoofCard trick, an insecure system involving an energy supplier in the Netherlands, an update on CarolinaCon 2006, listener dissatisfaction, states that allow phone calls to be recorded with only one party's knowledge, reenacting an attempt to get Verizon's toll-free number for residences, Verizon's 890 exchange, a cab driver discusses the issue of GPS being installed in taxis, using Working Assets.

  15. Westchester County enacts a law forcing local businesses to install basic security measures for certain wireless networks, the prospect of holding companies liable for security holes, the village of St. Cloud in Florida has problems with its citywide WiFi network, the prospect of local governments setting up wireless networks, a large series of 911 calls, how an old fashioned cellular phone can be useful for emergencies, more surveillance cameras are in store for Trenton, how rights erode, Emmanuel responds to accusations that the show is in league with the Bush administration, a suggestion for a new way to take calls, putting Bernie S. on hold, timing how long it takes for a cell phone to get cut off when calling into the station, how to turn off streetlights, Redbird gets a new task on the show, memories of the first show, the high rating of the $2600 online store, the problem with putting people on hold, how a corporate dispute screwed over customers, getting+mail via Fidonet, a call from Bulgaria, encouraging foreigners to come to HOPE, a Bush-related song.

  16. BBC World is now available on Cablevision, some not-so-smart moves by the BBC, a train sign is hacked in Canada to insult the prime minister, how this story is being misreported, a reference to the CCC, comparisons to graffiti, Suffolk County is planning on providing free wireless connectivity to every spot within its borders, Rhode Island has a similar plan, Mike explains the concept of net neutrality, the continuing case of Gary McKinnon, whether or not the punishment fits the crime, flash photography warnings on BBC, more info on HOPE, scanning machines in schools, questioning some of the items that schools are confiscating, Emmanuel wonders why malls aren't subject to the same security precautions as schools, experiments with phones on airplanes, a new Neil Young anthem.

  17. Redbird, Walter, Arseny, and Jim try to get ahold of Emmanuel by phone, it's a fundraising edition, Emmanuel and Mike are in Havana, a description of the old cars found in Cuba, how the entire culture is completely alien to that of the States, getting online hasn't been a hassle, what did and didn't work, this call is costing two dollars a minute, Cuba is only 80 miles away from the United States, Mike talks about the various ways to make phone calls in Havana, how Cubans can access the Internet, Redbird reads Mike's Cuban email address over the air, some of the old software that is being run, a rundown of the available premiums being offered tonight, the importance of calling, some of the confirmed speakers at HOPE, Emmanuel describes the transit system in Havana, some of the financial challenges, Emmanuel attempts to receive WBCQ in Havana, Mike describes the strange monetary system in Cuba, an article in the Cuban daily newspaper has an article on Bush's dog, a warning about malware, thanking the people who have called in, the results of Emmanuel's shortwave test, a rundown of Cuban television, Emmanuel and Mike got into a Cuban baseball game, the prevalence of dogs in Havana, the show won't be on next week, a last push for calls, testing the delay time on the phone call, the sound of hanging up from Cuba.  This show includes fundraising.

  18. The fundraiser continues, Bernie S. discusses this year's Dayton Hamvention, problems with the Open Sky system designed to allow Pennsylvania police to communicate secretly, Emmanuel and Mike discuss their recent trip to Cuba, how the people there are suffering, some of the results of radio tests, Mike describes a local email cafe where locals were able to go, the different kinds of accounts available, Bernie S. explains what Radio Marti is, some of the details on Cuban Internet access and how certain sites are blocked, a rundown of premiums, playing with the audio of ringing phones, the recent NSA scandal and why it's relevant to the average American, Mike describes a protest against Verizon earlier in the day, why the surveillance issue should be focused upon more than any other, Emmanuel describes how he was approached by the feds in the past, an appeal for information on a strange phone number that resembles a shortwave numbers station, some theories on what it might be and what to look for, thanks to the people who have pledged.  This show includes fundraising.

  19. A luxury tax for telephones from the Spanish-American War is finally rescinded, theorizing on how this tax can be reclaimed by customers, Congress backs down from interrogating phone company executives regarding the NSA scandal, how to redact properly and how AT&T didn't, the crazy reaction to Homeland Security's planned cuts to New York City, suspected terrorists are captured in Canada, belief that the next attack will come from within, what the NSA's goal is, talk of old phones, more info on Mike's Cuban email address, an upcoming protest against DRM outside Apple stores, a reminder about CarolinaCon, a second strange phone number appears, the strange music from the phone number is identified by WBAI listeners, an excerpt of the song, suspicion that Emmanuel may be the voice behind the six, Bernie S.'s determination on the matter, a listener suspects that $2600 is behind the mystery, questioning whether or not this is actually possible, why a one time pad is extremely secure, a caller offers to send listeners to Cuba, an extremely bad cell phone connection, advice on what to do with a seemingly free calling card, complaints about a Cablevision phone line, what to look forward to at HOPE.

  20. It's Flag Day, net neutrality fails in Congress, what this could potentially mean, advantages and disadvantages of prioritizing traffic, the difficulty of explaining this issue to people without intimate knowledge of it, West Point Grads Against the War runs into trouble with the institution, debating various ways of battling this, Emmanuel's postcards from Cuba have started to arrive, more suggestions on how to fix an old phone, using Tor, a third mystery number shows up, some more theories on what it could all mean, night vision enabled cameras are being installed on the Texas border for anyone to use to watch for illegal aliens, Emmanuel's idea for messing up the border, the myth of microwaving money, the Chaperone service from Verizon, ideas on what to do with this, a listener comment on how the mentality of the nation has changed over the years, an appeal for funds for the improved HOPE network, Arseny asks for input on videos for the conference.

  21. The sound of Bernie S. not being here, cell phones are at the heart of a controversy involving students in New York City, Redbird talks about a high pitched ring tone that only young people can hear, a "Skype Me" button may be added to eBay, Verizon issues a directive to change passwords, what Verizon isn't saying, Mark Heirtzler of Rainbow Broadband is the guest, Mark describes the technology that allows his company to provide high speed Internet over wireless connections, Pirho explains how a huge amount of bandwidth will be brought into the conference using this technology, how the CCC Congress helped to inspire this, the HOPE schedule is coming together, Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg will be giving the Saturday keynote, what it takes to get the kind of service Rainbow offers, Steve Rambam is also a guest tonight, Steve has been at all of the HOPE conferences and details the special events he has planned for this one, the need for another "victim" for this year's HOPE, what happened at the last conference, the great abundance of information that's available about individuals on the Internet, problems with telemarketers at a secret government hotline, a new mystery phone number is revealed to have been manufactured by Mike as a promotion for HOPE, a call from someone who has worked with Diebold electronic voting machines, more technical info on Rainbow, vendor space at HOPE is now available.

  22. Preregistration for HOPE is closing soon, euros and credit cards will be accepted, Mike announces a winner for the fake mystery number contest, an explanation on how to decrypt the message, another of Emmanuel's Cuban postcards arrives, trying to figure out how mail gets delivered from Cuba, a hacker is alleged to have broken into an Agriculture Department computer and gotten information on 26,000 people, calling 1-800-FED-INFO, the credit monitoring scam that ties into this, another secret Bush administration program involves access to financial records, the reaction against the media that has been provoked by this, a call for treason charges, the importance of defending the New York Times on this issue, the chilling effect, a significant change in policy from AT&T, an MTA rip-off concerning Metrocards and credit cards, experiments with phones on planes, more theories on Cuban mail, how to avoid getting an ID card in the U.K., Arseny explains his name, Walter describes his upcoming talk at HOPE, some of the radio-related talks to look forward to, a weird Caller ID question, a telephone billing snafu.

  23. A skeleton crew tonight, the state of New Jersey is shut down by budget problems, NORAD is placed on heightened alert, a New Hampshire man is arrested after recording the words of a police officer who came to his house, some legal tactics to try, another setback for net neutrality, a lawsuit is filed concerning the NSA monitoring program, Bernie S. discusses Project Shamrock, the HOPE schedule is released, some of the highlights, there will be a special nonbroadcast edition of Off The Hook, some of the other changes at this year's conference, more Skype talk, a case of identity theft, the new Woody Allen film features a Smart car, the news has hit that Smart cars will be in the United States in a couple of years, some of the changes that need to be made to a car for it to be sellable in the States, changes in transit systems, objecting to the blocking of the $2600 website, another weird phone number appears, a listener recording that makes use of some of the weird number recordings.

  24. Some dramatic weather in the area today, tonight is another fundraising show, what kind of people would be interested in being vendors at HOPE, arguing over the use of the WBAI mugs, Arseny disses the news, experiences with "pocket calls," a Kevin Poulsen story on a "crazy long" sentence for a hacker, defining a "web banger," an update on the UFO hacker and his extradition from England, Jim refers to a senator voting against the net neutrality bill claiming there were "too many Internets" being sent at the time, MySpace is now the number one website on the Internet, looking for the biggest business that doesn't have a net presence, details on the "crazy long" hacker sentence, using sentencing to send a message, more private info goes missing, Senator Ted Stevens is identified as the source of the strange quote, tubes and trucks, hackers being used as an attacking force by authorities, the legality of online gambling, Jim explains the difference between gambling and poker, appealing for callers. This show includes fundraising.

  25. The pre-HOPE show takes place as the conference looms, chaos before the show, introducing the huge amount of people assembled in the studio, Rop's history with indecency, registration for HOPE Number Six starts tomorrow, Arseny calls for indecent mail for the indecent version of Off The Hook on Friday, tonight is a fundraiser, the HOPE program is now out, Redbird gives details on the various ham radio activities at the conference, what it takes to pass the ham license test, the many other activities that will be taking place, looking forward to the vendors, Porkchop describes the history of HOPE, Pirho gives an estimate of the amount of bandwidth that will be available this year, the history of European hacker conferences, the possibility of a German event next year, some pre-HOPE publicity in a Dayton Daily News piece that names a new head organizer who happens to be in the room, memories of a military presence outside The Fifth HOPE, trying to find Arseny, running down the list of premiums available, Jim's evil hat, Arseny describes the media interest there has been so far, encouraging people to call in, different dialing patterns depending on area code, Rop describes the upcoming lockpicking talk, questions about lockpicking tools, a description of alternative German radio, the radio situation in the United Kingdom, Lin talks about how the special call sign for the conference was obtained, Mitch Altman talks about a community radio project, McFly discusses the Capture The Flag competition at HOPE, Lazlow writes an article about HOPE for the Long Island Press, a special Ted Stevens outro.

  26. Recovery from the conference, the Number Twos at HOPE, Fred's artwork has been featured on the $2600 covers and at the conference, Jello Biafra's answering machine, Jello gives his impressions of HOPE, Jello's special greeting to the federal authorities, government "hacktivism" against the public, Jello discusses electronic voter fraud, the arrest of Steve Rambam at the conference, an update on Steve's case, Steve is in the studio, attempts to put on Steve's canceled panel at some point in the future, Steve's "victim" describes how 903 pages of data were obtained on him, the headline in the New York Post concerning the incident, Steve describes the experience of being grabbed by the FBI, the importance of going ahead with the panel, an appeal for listeners to help find a space for the panel, high marks for the overall quality of the conference, how the second floor came together this year, fun with Segways, the Ted Stevens t-shirts, Mike discusses the vendors, the indecent version of Off The Hook, Lazlow describes the results of an experimental cell phone blocker at the conference, the presence of the mainstream press at HOPE, how this year's event seemed to run smoother than all the others, how the ham radio activities turned out, the success of the hammocks, the instant availability of DVDs, a call for feedback from conference attendees, the LED throwies, Juintz gives his recollections, the effectiveness of the HOPE security team, the sneak preview of Urchin, how teardown was quicker than ever before thanks to the help of volunteers.

  27. Coming up with a proper name for Kevin, the silliness of the heat index, dealing with the intense heat in New York, Walter's power was out for more than a week as a result of the last heat wave, seeing how the infrastructure begins to crumble in such conditions, ways the city is conserving power, a misadventure involving TV-B-Gone, some suggestions on other ways to creatively conserve, federal prosecutors are now allowed to peruse the phone records of journalists, how people are misled into believing that their identities are protected when calling toll-free numbers, the British come up with an alert system similar to that of Homeland Security, a Philadelphia man is arrested for using his cell phone camera to take a picture of police activity in his neighborhood, confusion as to what the laws actually say, Jim brings up a story involving the recording of a bus matron by a child, students face imprisonment for a computer prank, PBS is set to challenge FCC decency regulations in a year, Bernie S. describes how refunds for illegally obtained telephone taxes can be obtained, another Diebold scandal, the low tech solution, users of older cell phones face an extra charge, a computer generated prank call, more details emerge on the Steve Rambam case.

  28. The strange phone number mystery is revealed to be an experiment put on by Los Angeles 2600 meeting attendees, how the fake number made by Mike almost derailed the entire project, trying to explain how the cipher worked, Emmanuel's desire to hear the original recordings of the numbers, a secret message in the initials of the cities involved, how to hear real spy stations, cell phones are banned inside a bank, alternative ways to deal with the concerns brought up in this case, Google reaches an agreement to become the exclusive search provider for MySpace, guessing what the most popular website is, Hezbollah is said to have hijacked the Internet, Al Manar television is reported to be banned in the United States, Redhackt comes up with the idea of a counterterrorism firewall, AOL apologizes for a massive privacy breach, Redbird and Bernie S. read some selected search terms from the affected AOL users, fantasy baseball leagues win a case which allows them to use published names and playing records, the New Hampshire man arrested by police for recording them on his property is vindicated, some HOPE feedback, the RFID blocking wallet vendor at the conference, looking up website rankings on, remembering ways of ringing back phones, a caller has memories of some really old numbers.

  29. A new name for Kevin, Bernie S. is using an analog phone, the advantages of wired phones, a breaking story about airline security, Emmanuel questions why airplanes are subjected to so much more scrutiny, cases of people being suspected of terrorism for purchasing a large number of cell phones, how many cell phones it takes to blow up a bridge, AT&T appears to recognize Palestine, how to watch banned television network Al Manar, the condition level for the United States went to red under certain circumstances last week, special guests Vidiot and Skroo explain what was behind the strange phone numbers that intrigued so many people over the past few months, the original intent, explaining what a one time pad is all about, some of the frustrations encountered along the way, a revelation of how the voices on the recordings were obtained, the Wil Wheaton connection, how the imitation phone number was identified as a fake, an update on Yahoo! presence in China, Redbird gives an update on the rescheduling of the Steve Rambam talk, a question about the disbursement of funds collected from Internet domain registration, the importance of following stories after they're initially reported, another airline security breach.

  30. A ruling against the NSA, questioning who Number Two was at the conference, wondering how many other secret programs are out there, today's security scare in the Netherlands involving cell phones on a plane, other recent incidents, suspicious liquids on a subway train, Bernie S. reports on other possible banned substances, Walter reports on possible bomb squad activity on Broadway, smart chip imbedded passports are now being issued in the United States, Redbird questions the logic of RFID technology in passports, a New York community now has the technology to scan license plates at the rate of 10,000 a minute, Jim suggests a way around this system, an Australian system monitors residents' trash output, a case of tombstone tapping in the JonBenet Ramsey case, the latest sleazy move from Verizon, land lines in New England are up for sale by Verizon, more advertising on cell phones, reports that email to T-Mobile phones gets blocked if cuss words are included, an in flight Internet service that cost a fortune to develop is set to be discontinued, Notkevin discusses the differences between Caller ID and ANI, methods of spoofing, audio from all of the HOPE talks is now online, videos will be available very soon, manipulating the Alexa ranking of websites, more ways of avoiding having your phone number logged, how Z-Tel used to pass along phone numbers even when blocked by the caller, what to do with a found cell phone, a musical piece that contains recordings of numbers stations.

  31. A Staten Island man is arrested for providing access to Al Manar, questioning how this could be considered a crime, plans for ways of getting Al Manar out to the listeners, the scary precedent this case could set, hackers are accused of stealing customer information on AT&T, a case of botnet attacks, symptoms of malware infection, debating how much companies actually lost due to a case of software piracy, a bizarre case of overreaction on an airplane, good messages to wear on shirts while on airplanes, an unfair Verizon charge is dropped, how cell phones should be treated in schools, a strange picture from Lazlow, what's wrong with New York's parking machines, some of the new and potential surveillance technology affecting automobiles, supposed cases of phone companies not delivering text messages that have obscenities, Bernie S. is chastised for referring to Britain's Sun newspaper as "highly reputable," a weird web page that seems to be used for spam, excerpts from the page, other examples of spam, how the high fidelity posting of HOPE audio caused the website to overload, Redbird steals Notkevin's line, Verizon issues a proclamation about passwords and hackers, how to watch Al Manar on the net.

  32. Illegal sounds, an online connection to Al Manar, Notkevin has been without power or phone service due to a storm, the idea of blocking or forbidding foreign broadcasts, Emmanuel describes what is going on over Al Manar at the moment, listener clarification of the possibility of sending text messages to landlines, Redhackt discusses the abilities of SMS in Finland, celebrity voices used to relay messages, how the synthetic speech conversion to landlines works, "Ten Uses for SMS to Voice" by British Telecom, a vital tool for kidnappers, some email addresses associated with cell phone numbers from various companies, the potential of spam on cell phones, demonstrating the abilities of, explaining how this system works, a new application to randomly come up with an answer, the possibility of people in Ohio being tracked as sex offenders even if they aren't convicted, a phone rings in Lebanon, an easy way to report people as sex offenders in the United Kingdom, the rights of people to listen to or watch whatever they want, a listener reports airline interference with the WBAI signal, how to get the high fidelity versions of HOPE audio, battling dial tones.

  33. A demonstration of the "SMS Text Delivery System" from British Telecom, Bernie S. has trouble using SMS features on Sprint PCS, some other email addresses that tie into cell phones, the station gets bombarded with listener text messages, a site that allows users to send email to cell phones belonging to any company, listener fears over tuning into Al Manar, how to receive the outlawed station, listener feedback on last week's simulcast, the Air Force Secretary advises the use of non-lethal weapons against American citizens before they are used overseas, intelligent methods of catching shoplifters, Target implements a system that prevents carts from leaving their parking lots, feedback on, a more detailed explanation of airline interference with the WBAI signal, the Sprint IP Relay service, a listener warning about downloading files, issues of energy, how 10.8 megahertz can override other radio signals, how IP relay systems have been used to try to rip people off.

  34. The White House has been uploading anti-drug videos to YouTube, Bernie S. meets Director of Homeland Security Michael Chernoff, the question that Bernie S. got to ask, weird vehicles in New York City for a United Nations event, a move to encourage Internet service providers to retain records, methods of fighting child pornographers, a kidnapping victim is traced via an SMS transmission, hints for criminals, more experiments on sending text messages to landlines, who Verizon won't deliver text messages to, an update on the Steve Rambam case, the Steve Rambam talk is tentatively scheduled for mid October, a strange case of interference in a car radio, RFID in passports, why this is a slippery slope, RFID on the New York City subway.

  35. Increased power for law enforcement engaged in electronic surveillance, why people who write the laws need to understand the technology, a man is busted for driving with porn, whether this could be applied to R-rated movies as well, Emmanuel recommends people see This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated, a man in New Zealand bills a bank for breaking into their system and outlining problems, examples of bills for unsolicited services, a huge amount of legal text on due to a lawsuit, a ham radio operator talks with the space station, what's involved in doing this, a laser system to detect trespassers on the New York City subway, universities are banning Skype, Emmanuel's unpleasant experience with Blinko, "travel size" bags of liquids and gels, Sound Exchange is shown to be withholding funds from musicians, how the shows are put up on the net, more on RFID passports, questions about roaming, Bernie S. shares information on guidelines that bars must follow when verifying IDs, Mike receives an unsolicited second driver's license, a listener has a problem with their phone, frequencies for the space station, looking for Ashley MacIsaac.

  36. Election talk is in the air, a documentary on electronic voting is set to air on HBO, Mike is offered the opportunity to vote on an electronic voting machine, 100 million websites exist on the Internet according to a report, concrete barriers in the city are being removed because they're unsafe, the Passenger Protect Program is announced in Canada, Lin describes a recent airline search, the story of Loretta Sanchez and the no-fly list, controversy involving a website that shows how to generate boarding passes, what information is included in the no-fly list, a fear of microchipping in Britain, theoretical ways of removing RFID implants, a loud cell phone complainer on a bus, phone upgrades that are required for new plans, Mike's phone plan scheme, Emmanuel demonstrates the hassle of retrieving messages from Verizon Wireless voice mail, a computer demonstrates speech patterns for testing cell phones, the Open Speech Repository, Lin tries to help place a call overseas, a definite date for the Steve Rambam talk, a listener encounters the touch tone fee policy at Hawaiian Telecom, how to get around this, questioning whether Domino's accepts anonymous calls, conflicting experiences with T-Mobile voice mail, wondering what the longest time someone has ever rung a phone was.

  37. Stories about problems with electronic voting machines in yesterday's elections from all over the country, Emmanuel describes his voting experience, comparing different kinds of mechanical machines, Bernie S. talks about the problems he had while trying to vote, ways of verifying identities, Bernie S. gives out information that will verify if his vote was ever counted, Redbird's voting story, Notkevin's mother witnesses voter fraud, Emmanuel plays an example of an election campaign that resorted to fear mongering, more stories of voting from around the country, a report on the Hacking Democracy documentary, the startling revelations of this film, an excerpt of a "9/11 conspiracy" by Will Franken, trying to reach an overseas number via a special VoIP arrangement, listener experiences while voting, a poll inspector describes the voting process, an invitation for more listener stories.

  38. The HOPE conference officially ends tomorrow night with Steve Rambam's talk, a review of some listener voting experiences, voting in other countries, the difficulty of getting through to the station, questioning whether paper ballots may be the way to go, Jim announces a demonstration of electronic voting machines this week in New York City, angry listener response to a 9/11 parody, some confused listener response, Steve Rambam clarifies the pronunciation of his name, Steve gives an update on his case, some of the information that's available about all of us, when and where Steve's talk will be held, where people are traveling from to attend the talk, Steve's take on electronic voting, a call from a poll worker who supports mechanical machines, how to protect your private information, why putting personal data on the Internet is a bad idea, more info on Friday's electronic voting event.

  39. Large crowd tonight, Phil and Geoff from years ago are both in the studio, a review of the Steve Rambam talk last Thursday, Arseny describes the availability of the Stevens Institute for such talks, a report on Friday's electronic voting demonstration, audio from the Diebold presentation to poll workers, Jim talks about an upcoming electronic voting hearing, a critique of the Accuvote machines, some of the sample names on the sample ballots, some of the weird terminology voters may soon be faced with, in defense of the mechanical voting machines, DRE machines, debate over the most effective system, Notkevin describes the Ethernet jack he discovered on one of the machines, Bernie S.'s vote from weeks ago has still not been counted, Arseny describes what's complex about the ballots, why receipts are a bad idea, the insecurity of one of the locks on an electronic machine, an excerpt of the question and answer session, an official invitation to have Diebold machines at the next HOPE conference, an example of how Gems software can be used to fraudulently calculate election results, a video by Jim March, the show will not be on next week.

  40. Consumers have the right to unlock their cell phones according to the Copyright Office, a case of voice mail hacking involving the royal family, Redbird finds a SIM card, Nassau Community College loses a computer printout with information on 21,000 students, the use of Social Security Numbers in colleges, an offer to the thieves, Bernie S. describes a similar incident involving driver's license information in Pennsylvania, why authorized access can be as harmful as unauthorized access, reports that all travelers have "scores" that indicate the odds of their being a terrorist, Amtrak is now voluntarily supplying passenger data to Homeland Security, the MySense program run by the U.K., questioning why travelers would voluntarily participate in such a program, a Stephen King connection to iris scanning in Maine, a listener report on mechanical voting machine problems, a Canadian perspective on voting, debating the merits of electronic voting, potential security issues with paper ballots, an update on Bernie S.'s voting problems, new passport regulations in the U.K., problems with incoming phone calls, the privacy issues surrounding Google, a question on RFID technology in U.S. passports.

  41. Emmanuel's Metrocard trouble on a bus, various problems with Metrocards, potential misuse of the system, predictions for future technological trends from Trend Micro, a press release from Accunetix with all sorts of misinformation about hackers, 800,000 people are affected by a security breach at UCLA, the effects of the negative use of the word "hacker," some possible good news on new voting machines, the requirements of HAVA, Emmanuel has a cell phone jammer, a live demonstration of how it works, the legalities of such a device, some theoretical legal questions, news from Verizon, some changes in amateur radio rules, the possibility of CW being eliminated from future tests, the end of "ten" codes in police departments, Jim discusses "twelve" codes on trains, a caller has trouble getting Verizon to remove their wires from their former lines, a caller dominates the lines.

  42. How much is an appropriate tip for your phone company, how tipping is supposed to work, a hearing on foul language is covered by C-SPAN, an interesting interpretation on broadcasting the hearing, the White House supposedly has the ability to detect cell phones, the FBI also supposedly has the ability to remotely activate microphones on cell phones and use them as "roving bugs," microphones attached to cameras in England that listen for "aggressive tones," recent stories about people whose lives would have been saved if they were trackable, rating various Internet tips for parents from Hillary Clinton, the risks of gift cards, Jim talks about a gift card scheme, more on Emmanuel's Metrocard hassles of last week, more on FCC changes to amateur radio rules, a demonstration of the Craig's Number service, defending the practice of tipping the phone company, clarification on an Asobi Seksu song.

  43. The last show of 2006, Bernie S. is on a landline, a report on speaking spy cameras in England, past instances of speaking cameras, a Turkish banking scandal, a voting machine auction in Minnesota, Bernie S.'s vote still hasn't been counted and now can no longer be checked, Emmanuel discovers a new voice mail system that can be tied into any cell phone, a demonstration of YouMail, the potential pros and cons of this service, some of the most significant developments of 2006 and wishes for 2007, the Chaos Communications Congress has started, Redbird has a new passport that doesn't have RFID, the death of the leader of Turkmenistan, the net neutrality issue, a challenge to the government, memories of Project Evil, how technology can be used as a form of empowerment, copyright lunacy, Jim finds a security hole involving overweight people, a security breach at GHI, GPS tracking of friends through their cell phones, a final suggestion from a listener.

Off The Hook - 2007

  1. The first show of 2007, hopes for the new year, AT&T gets approval to take over BellSouth, naming the original RBOCs, a limited pledge of net neutrality from AT&T, the "OneDOJ" program and the threats it poses, how cops abuse this kind of access, New York City's problem with cell phones in the classroom and some proposals on how to deal with it, some listener feedback to YouMail, a further demonstration of some YouMail capabilities, a funny recording, suggestions for new features, an earthquake near Taiwan disrupts communications around the globe, a collection of stupid comments regarding technology, more airline security issues, an online hacker publication needs submissions, feedback from someone in the surveillance camera industry, Jim announces more events concerning voting machines, a listener suspects foul play on her cell phone, Bernie S. is accused of constantly talking about Faraday cages, Redbird determines that cell phone transmissions are safe.

  2. New York State takes a big step towards lowering phone call prices for prisoners, which prisoners this would apply to, analyzing the origins of the mysterious smell in New York City earlier in the week, MI5 launches an email service to notify people about possible terrorist acts, a new twist on an email money scam, downtime for Verizon Wireless services, Ken Brickley from YouMail discusses their new voice mail service, expiration of voice mail messages at other companies, examples of some creative personalized greetings that can be used, suggestions for YouMail features, why the service isn't compatible with Sprint PCS, the possibility of using the service with landlines, whether YouMail will remain a free service, CALEA implications, who has access to the databases, upcoming electronic voting events, the mysterious #DOOR number at Verizon Wireless and what it sounds like, plans are announced to demolish the Hotel Pennsylvania where the HOPE conferences are held, Bernie S.'s discovery the last time he stayed at the hotel, efforts will begin shortly to save the hotel, a special email address has been set up, a famous song that's linked to the hotel.

  3. The show won't be on next week, Phil from Make Magazine and Mitch Altman are the guests, a new forum for the HOPE conferences and the drive to save the Hotel Pennsylvania makes its debut, some upcoming hacker events around the world, a major advance in the New York subway system, why the "L" train has been shut down so frequently, new bomb resistant trash cans are proposed for the subway, a cell phone catches fire in a man's pocket, Verizon plans to sell off its New England branch, trying to make sense out of all of the phone company mergers and renaming, Sprint PCS voice mail can be found on Amazon, the varying alert levels in the U.K., an update on last week's MI5 story, suggestions on ways to save the hotel, Mitch discusses the latest with the TV-B-Gone, how television affects people in a negative way, some TV-B-Gone stories, Bernie S. recollects a potato gun incident in Ohio, what Make Magazine is all about, some recent projects featured in the magazine, a rundown of available premiums, people to thank, upcoming electronic voting events.  This show includes fundraising.

  4. The city of Boston is thrown into panic by the appearance of "mysterious packages," what a Mooninite is, the stupidity demonstrated by the reaction to these advertising devices, Phil describes how Make Magazine got part of the blame, where the devices were placed in New York City, a statement from the Graffiti Research Labs on the whole incident, a special promotion for tonight's fundraising edition, an excerpt from the Steve Rambam talk, the story of Steve's arrest, some of the highlights of the conference, how people get attracted to WBAI, the sacrifice being made by $2600 to offer the premiums tonight, Bernie S. describes the Prometheus Radio Projectl, an excerpt from the Prometheus talk, people to thank, an update on the plans to destroy the Hotel Pennsylvania, shock at the amount of money being raised, an excerpt from Jello Biafra's talk, Jim talks about how he once possessed the architectural plans to Logan Airport, the show won't be on next week.

  5. It's the dumbest day of the year, problems with the headphones, more than $11,000 was raised in the last show, Bernie S. discusses changes in the Florida voting system, a case of hacking touchscreen machines in New Jersey, fear of wireless access during Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics, hackers being equated with terrorists, the potential for the United States to strike back at an online attack with real bombs, a recent attack on the root DNS, condemnation of U.S. interference with Cuban radio signals, pirated Microsoft software was beneficial to Romania according to its president, a school falsely alerts applicants of their acceptance, a case of lost personal data in Vermont, Emmanuel's views on how to deal with people who are bad at their jobs, a woman receives 75,000 bank statements, the post office loses the latest issue of $2600 heading overseas, an appeal to people with connections in the postal system, a substitute teacher in Connecticut is accused of exposing students to porn, Emmanuel gets a call from his "boss," the fun of, lack of knowledge of the universal emergency number in Europe, the strange reaction to a lawmaker's effort to outlaw cell phones on bicycles, the annoyance of iPods on subways, controversy over a road tax in England that involves a degree of surveillance, how to prevent people from driving so much, Notkevin reveals a privacy hole on Sprint's website involving Sprint PCS customers, listener questions for Jim, questions about premiums, callers relate various scams.

  6. The robot is halfway through the task of making all of the DVDs for the recent fund drive, a crack in HD DVD and Blu-ray technology, the capabilities of DVD Shrink, research on an electronic voting machine bought at an auction, a ruling against the NYPD concerning videotaping demonstrators, how people can be tracked by their footwear imprints, a development in a legal case involving Google and Belgium, a man claims he has Internet addiction after being fired for visiting an adult chat room at work, an eight-year-old gets caught pranking 911, a couple gets in trouble for catching a cop speeding, how cars can be tracked via an insurance company in England, the inventor of the TV remote dies, the premiere of Urchin and a negative review, Emmanuel describes his scene in the film, an attempt to make a free overseas call through, auctioning off parking spaces, the problem of filtering software in schools, upcoming problems with Critical Mass, more on DVD Shrink.

  7. A full studio tonight, the show won't be on next week, Canada decides not to extend anti-terror legislation because of civil liberties concerns, memos concerning the RNC are released and $2600 is right in the middle of it all, inaccuracies in the news stories, how undercover cops can be spotted, a story of unauthorized access to a wireless network belonging to a library, a Suffolk County cop gets lenient treatment in a hacking case, a case of accessing press releases in advance on a company's computer, the military again interferes with garage door openers, debating who should take responsibility for this, Lin describes changes to the Atlanta mass transit system, Lin's battle for privacy in a New York hotel, legislation in the E.U. to criminalize copyright violations, Mitch Altman describes the latest in TV-B-Gone technology, various stories involving reactions to TV sets being turned off, the upcoming SWL Fest, memories of Digicash, an anonymous road toll system, helping a listener figure out who's calling him, how the show is podcast, a call from a ham operator spurs a discussion on all sorts of ham radio issues.

  8. A skeleton crew tonight, Bernie S. is sick, a strange case of wiretapping, a government audit finds the FBI is abusing its Patriot Act powers, Sweden admits to wiretapping for decades, Google gets into hot water in India, retrieving info from copiers, an article on cracking biometric passports, a report that clocks are being systematically removed from post offices, Emmanuel tries to block something Bernie S. said, Emmanuel's opinion of Austin, yet another $2600 institution is threatened, the imminent closing of Alt.Coffee, what Emmanuel has against children and families, what the cafe has meant over the years, why people shouldn't listen to the show while studying, a review of Futurephone, a discussion of supermarket discount cards, an overseas listener has verification problems when making a purchase online, a review of, a listener takes offense at a remark on a previous show, why podcasts will never replace the radio show, the "KPWR" station in Austin, Rebel's documentary goes missing, recent problems with the post office, how to use a proxy, the difficulty getting through to the station, reported problems with the WBAI online ordering system, what to do about stolen cell phones.

  9. The return of the missing people, lack of success reaching Bernie S. in Poland, The Prophet adds commentary on phone issues, the myth that telephony is dying, an ISP in New York challenges the FBI's use of National Security Letters under the Patriot Act, the Justice Department finds that the FBI has misused its power, surveillance is used in England to catch rubbish offenders, wondering what a fly tipper is, Kenya implements a system that allows people to send money via SMS, the risk of interception, quotes from Boost Mobile, the possible misuses of these types of systems, how free conferences work, the significance of Iowa, what certain phone companies are doing to counter the use of free conferences, what consumers can do, a widespread search at a school in Tennessee, an amusing tale of spam, Redbird's perspective on the issue of cell phones on airplanes and the potential hazards they cause, how to tie into AIM with home computers, Notkevin discusses the ongoing Eyebeam show, a caller has a problem with unauthorized withdrawals.

  10. Bernie S. is back from Poland, the show is preempted next week, more proof that members of the government are completely unaccountable for their actions, the number of people who don't have and don't want Internet service, why Internet radio is no substitute for real radio, how the Government Printing Office has cut back on printing, Rudy Giuliani's website fixes a vulnerability, the unusual attention to detail in the news story, blaming hackers, Mike has good news about the end of COPA, why filters don't work, a story of a new car dealer that requires thumbprints from customers, Bernie S. witnesses the reaction of foreigners learning the requirements for entering the United States, more regulations on airlines, more on the capability of retaining data in copy and fax machines, a sneaky way of capturing faxes, some information on Asterisk, more on fly tipping, questions about premiums, an Off The Wall fundraiser is scheduled for next Tuesday, another story about NYPD spying at the Republican National Convention in 2004, an offhanded HOPE reference, a question about a hacked web page, ways to avoid problems, Speakeasy is now owned by Best Buy, criticism of New York City from a Chicago resident, a theory on why identification is required in buildings now, an update on Rebel's annoying documentary, strange devices are spotted on a highway in New Jersey, how dogs can be used to get unwarranted searches, the story of John McCain's MySpace page, virtual ISPs.

  11. Redhackt returns from a long hiatus, Emmanuel is on the phone from Beijing as part of a "fact-finding mission," signs of progress in China, faster trains, the upcoming World Expo, the United States criticizes China for not doing enough to fight piracy, the reaction in China, the American fast food controversy in China, the FCC attacks the practice of "pretexting," the RIAA opposition, Emmanuel looks up forbidden words on Google in China, how Google has gotten into trouble in China, more stories from China, a high school principal sues students over a MySpace page, definition of the word "wilfing," the various Internet sites and services that are blocked in China, a "hacker" in Beijing is sentenced, Chinese stories about various animals, questions on copyright and student papers, British cameras that speak in a child's voice, the metro system in Beijing, Emmanuel's views on consumerism and democracy in the world's largest communist country, comparing GSM and CDMA phones in China.

  12. Emmanuel is away, Mike reports on the latest with the RIAA, file sharing in Norway, the concept of copyright infringement in normal computer operations, Mike gets a letter from his bank concerning a security breach, Jim reports that Verizon Wireless will stop offering free call itemization on paper bills, touch tone fees, Arseny reports on how mobile phones might lead to food shortages through the disappearance of honeybees, a recording of Emmanuel on the phone from North Korea, the misperceptions that have been spread about that country, differences in culture, how contact was established with the North Koreans, the opening of the Mass Games and how this spectacle was probably not reported on at all in the States, the experience of traveling with other world voyagers, the significance of April 15 in North Korea, how Emmanuel has been able to mix with the people in various ways, events in Kaesong, theorizing on the phone connection, assessing the North Korean threat, Lin's red button, Redbird describes how TurboTax was overloaded, the controversy of, Bernie S. announces a showing of old telephone films in Philadelphia, how to get Off The Hook aired on other stations, a question about SMS charges.

  13. Emmanuel tells the story of the hot coffee spilled on him, the North Korean flag is hanging on the microphone, Emmanuel's stupid mistake arranging his trip back from Beijing, the Air China saga, difficulty communicating in China, the plane ride from hell, feedback to Emmanuel's trip to North Korea, what the Mass Games were like, how the American media ignored the Boris Yeltsin story in favor of show business gossip, Emmanuel's rules of travel when visiting an alien culture, how Emmanuel almost got lost in Pyongyang, travel restrictions involving Americans in North Korea, what the guides were like, debunking the myths, an excerpt from the radio station in Pyongyang, the parallels to religion, the Juche philosophy, excerpts from a North Korean newspaper, the scene at the border, restrictions on traveling, the unique printing style on North Korean pamphlets, future availability of photographs, what it was like leaving the country, the proposed congestion tax in New York City, how such a system would work, cell phones on planes, a popular North Korean song, printer cartridge privacy, more North Korean radio.

  14. A message from the Bureau of Morality, critiquing the idea of TV Turnoff Week, Google presses for more access to public records, the prospect of having a great deal of public information about people easily available to anyone, a new speed record for data transfer, explores the facts over some recent events, the death of Jack Valenti, memories of Valenti positions, testing out Google's new 411 service, a trend among companies that involves keeping customer money, feedback to recent North Korean and Chinese material, translations of the North Korean excerpts played over the past couple of weeks, a final explanation on what actually happened in the Chinese hotel room when Emmanuel entered "Falun Gong" into Google, thoughts on American media, a crisis at, a caller has a way of using E-Z Pass for free, skepticism on the city's claim that it will discard any information gathered as a result of a congestion tax, a special fundraising edition of the show next week.

  15. A pre-RNC rap, voices from the past, the magic of listening to old radio shows, requests are being taken for other excerpts, how the show has become a time capsule over the years, Jim explains how he came upon the radio show one day, Redbird was two years old when the first episode aired, a special greeting to joggers listening to the show in the future, uses for multiple copies or shirts, the next clip is from 1993, where the current show members were at that time, a clip with Phiber Optik where the phones were being played with, how the world has changed over the years, differences in the way operators act, guessing what the next clip will be, a recording of the very first Rebel call, why WBAI is so unique, some more memories of the past, there will be more of this next week. This show includes fundraising.

  16. Off The Hook is about to be canceled according to the sound clip being played from the archives, bringing things back to the present, what the archive set is all about, the sound of phones ringing, how the ringing sound at the station is generated, what wouldn't have happened had the show been canceled back in 1992, what it would mean to have commercials on WBAI, a replay of how the cancellation crisis was resolved, why it's significant that the station is in the middle of the FM dial, the presence of real people at the station, a clip of an interview with phone phreak Joe Engressia from 1991, plans for Dayton this coming weekend, contacting Bernie S. who is about to leave for Ohio, why commercial radio is a disgrace, how listeners wind up paying for commercial radio whether they want to or not, a clip of Jim's first appearance on the show.  This show includes fundraising.

  17. The first show in two weeks, a massive case of private information being lost at Stony Brook University, why Social Security Numbers have to be given to universities, debating when giving this information is required, calling the toll-free number Stony Brook set up for the crisis, Redhackt discusses the situation in Estonia involving botnets allegedly set up by Russians, previous instances of this kind of thing, The Fifth HOPE is revealed to have been a focus of the investigation by the city during the Republican National Convention in 2004, Emmanuel reads some of the highlights of the recently released evidence from the city, a call for information on New York City's traffic light system, how people with Middle Eastern features were targeted in the city's investigation, Bernie S. gives information on a vintage computer show, a postal horror story, premium updates, a listener provides phone numbers to various ancient phone systems, demonstrating a step system, the rarity of busy signals these days, some of the fallout from the last broadcast where it appeared the show was canceled, memories of the old sounds of the phone system, Mike gives information on how to unlock a Cingular phone, reports of a price decrease for international roaming in Europe, ringback numbers, wiretapping in Mexico.

  18. The theme stops on its own, it's Redhackt's last show, the FCC is reprimanded by an appellate court with regards to language restrictions, the Fox connection, a reading of a profanity laced press release from the FCC with sound effects, the issue of tiers and free choice, Kevin Mitnick is in the studio, the hassles of getting into the building, Redhackt is leaving the country, an update on the CCC event, some sample cards to hand to loud cell phone users, the legalities of cell phone jammers, Kevin is in the current edition of Playboy, Kevin reveals the misuse of authority by the FBI during his case, what Kevin can now talk about, the same judge will be making another decision regarding Kevin, Bernie S. and Kevin trade stories about prison ID cards, more stories revealed for the first time, good things to say about the movie Takedown Kevin talks about the reaction inside his prison when a "Free Kevin" sticker was found outside, the latest threat against JFK Airport, the desire for "total order" on commuter trains, a bank causes panic with an internal fax, a strange phone number, more on the Vintage Computer Festival.

  19. Notkevin returns from the Virgin Islands, the crisis involving passports caused by heightened regulations, an interview with Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff appears in a German magazine, some of the more outrageous statements, some of the increased travel restrictions visitors to the United States will face, Lin reports on the disabling of an exit program at airports, anti-hacking legislation in Germany, a massive tank is found on, bike lockers at train stations are the newest threats to safety, license plate cloning in England, GPS tracking for consumer vehicles, other methods of tracking movement, Google's concession, some of the privacy implications with Google's Street View, a challenge for listeners, how to get your personal information off of Street View, Jim has info on how to possibly get German citizenship, Emmanuel's issues with iTunes, Mike explains the concept of a global SIM card, problems with the callers, a caller's experience with Wells Fargo.

  20. A new security system is in place at the station, all sorts of potential problems that could result, Mike reports on massive violations of privacy by the FBI according to an internal audit, new moves by AT&T to battle piracy by inspecting data passing through its network, a quiet DSL offer from AT&T, a bizarre tale involving private files of state workers in Ohio, cell phones will be jammed when President Bush visits Australia later this year, the threats this kind of thing will pose, a private company is also interested in jamming cell phones, another company's idea on how to deal with drivers who talk on cell phones, a listener answers last week's Street View challenge, info about LoJack, what LoJack sounds like, what would happen if Google went on strike, a demonstration of an intercept concentrator, more info on iTunes policy, the passing of Mr. Wizard, a new scandal in the White House involves the deleting of email, the potential ramifications of this, an appeal for a GPS device for blind pedestrians, clarification of a song played during a 2003 show.

  21. The show is preempted next week, this will be the last "normal" show for a while, an update on the new building entry policy, the Workspeed system, how other buildings deal with entry issues, a cyber attack against the Pentagon, the various types of attackers, a report of "hacking" at WBAI, a new no-fly list in Canada causes concern, a new method of dealing with online courses involves installing cameras in homes, potential ways of defeating the system, local police use the new license plate scanning technology, RFID technology is used to ensure hand washing by health workers, border patrol cameras cause concern, cameras on buses that can be seen on WiFi networks, Vice President Cheney's recent declaration that he is not part of the executive branch, yesterday's Internet Day of Silence, why broadcasting from overseas may not help, the passing of an historic figure related to the Citigroup Building, more info on GPS for the blind.

  22. The subway searches continue in New York, how the attitudes seem to have changed, the effect that the attempted London bombings will have on surveillance in the United States, the other methods of capturing criminals, ambitious plans for license plate readers, the congestion fee proposal for New York City, the dangers of increased surveillance, why these issues can be discussed on WBAI, an appeal for listener support, the archive of shows that is being offered tonight, talk of wiretaps and pen registers, how The Wire gets it right, a ruling that affects the privacy of computer users under suspicion by the authorities, how the police were able to go after a Hushmail user, an appeal to listeners who aren't listening live, the 710 area code, what the NCS GETS system is all about, trying to dial into the system, confusion over where the call is being blocked, an appeal for more information, an excerpt from a 1995 show discussing the potential of monitoring massive amounts of calls, how predictions may have actually underestimated the reality.  This show includes fundraising.

  23. A broken microphone, there are reports of a steam pipe explosion uptown, last week's results were disappointing, what the Off The Hook shirts are like, defining the goal for tonight, Mike will be in Sweden for the next show, Emmanuel and Notkevin will be between planes in Canada, Emmanuel will be at the London $2600 meeting in August, some plans for surveillance cameras in London, how surveillance data can be requested in London, the congestion fee for New York, access to real time congestion cameras has now been given to the authorities in London, Lin's experience getting into the building, the dramatic view from uptown, things that are blurred on Google Maps, Redbird has access to planes, Emmanuel experiences a new prison phone system, an appeal for listener support, Notkevin finally arrives from the disaster zone, calling Correctional Billing Services, an archive broadcast from 2000 when the MPAA lawsuit had just begun, the importance of the excerpt, the example of the broken microphone, a parallel between "The Lone Gunmen" and $2600, the show won't be on next week.  This show includes fundraising.

  24. Emmanuel is in Montreal between planes, preparations for the Chaos Communications Camp, Emmanuel and Notkevin will be at the London $2600 meeting this Friday, Mike is on "super delay" from Sweden, Mike describes his global SIM plan, some of the technology being used to link people together tonight, the amazing adventure of getting Emmanuel and Notkevin to the same airport, a story on the failure of surveillance cameras in Philadelphia, how the nation's view on surveillance cameras has changed over the years, plans for surveillance in New York City, why this will happen regardless of the proposed congestion fee, the conversion of traffic cameras into surveillance cameras in California, Mike reports on the beginning of congestion charging in Stockholm, Emmanuel is now on an airplane, a crazy clip from a Fox newscast, the effect of demonizing anonymity, why this sort of thing is nothing new, memories of old accusations, a new regulation that effectively bans anonymous mailing of items over 13 ounces, Google's plan to obtain parts of the 700 megahertz band, a story from today's Daily Telegraph from England, Emmanuel is forced to disconnect when his plane starts taxiing, Bernie S. and Redbird discuss the Google acquisitions of Postini and Grand Central, Jim has announcements.

  25. Emmanuel reports live from the Chaos Communications Camp at an old East German military base, Notkevin describes the surveillance he experienced in London, Mike discusses some of his impressions of the scene in Germany, Mescalito from Paris tells why he's at the camp, the connection is lost, the founder of the Coles directory dies, what the Hack Center is like, Mitch Altman discusses some of the projects he's been getting people involved in at the camp, what the "brain machine" is, the "super power" TV-B-Gone, Emmanuel tries out the brain machine live on the air, Mitch gives a more technical explanation of what Emmanuel is going through, Mitch is in the current edition of Make Magazine, Bill from No Starch Press describes the Hackers on a Plane experience, urging people to show up at these kinds of conferences, some of the talks being presented, James from Ireland tells why he came to Germany, pitching a tent on top of a bunker, Rop from Amsterdam gives his impressions of the event including the MiG parked next to his campsite, Rop's recent work battling electronic voting, the reason for Rop's optimism, tours of the campground are being given by plane, estimating the size and attendance, examples of the crumbling infrastructure back home, the amount of bandwidth available at the camp, Mike describes the overall infrastructure at the camp, the DECT phone system being used for the show, the amount of trust at these conferences, what to expect for next week's show.

  26. Emmanuel and Notkevin make it back to the States just in time for the show, the challenges of using Heathrow Airport, the Rapiscan x-ray machine, the incredible proliferation of surveillance cameras in London, how people have reacted to this, the danger of installing cameras everywhere, the "ring of steel," how the Oyster Card works in London mass transit, the complex instructions attached to its use, how the system actually makes sense, what happens when it doesn't work, the discrepancy between two identical trip histories, the law that allows people to obtain CCTV footage of themselves, 25,000 small cars will be exempted from the congestion charge in London, the latest in New York's congestion charge plan, how the cameras are coming no matter what, ways to disable cameras, the way public perception towards surveillance cameras has changed, some of the text from anti-terrorism posters in London, some of the problems encountered with credit card companies while traveling, the prevalence of "chip and PIN" cards in Europe, some of the highlights of the Chaos Communications Camp in Germany, there is a brain machine in the studio, comparing experiences, playing the sound of the machine over the air, testing the machine on Arseny, reports of happenings at the OpenBSD embassy, the light emitting algae project run by the Dutch, how people are still wearing the wristbands from the camp, a scary story of surveillance from China, a call from a Chaos Camp attendee, Emmanuel and Notkevin have been up for a very long time.

  27. Reading some of the questions from the immigration card given to non-residents, Redbird has to submit to a search at a PATH station, Arseny has a new RFID card for the PATH system, the recently announced Wikiscanner project, Virgil Griffith explains the motivations behind the project, some of the findings of Wikiscanner, the Diebold connection, why this is good publicity for Wikipedia, the effect this could have on people who make changes, Virgil's ultimate goal in moving up the Google ranks, Wikipedia's reaction, Mitch Altman describes the mischief he created at the Chaos Communications Camp, describing the frequencies of the brain machines, what can be seen while under their influence, the overall reaction, Rop from Amsterdam and Bo Lipari talk about progress that has been made with regards to electronic voting, what has caused the change in perception, the prospects of an open source voting system, the accessibility issue, how different countries handle elections, the future of the mechanical lever machines, further reading material, what could be behind the problems with electronic voting, Emmanuel will be in Malaysia next week.

  28. Attempting to reach Emmanuel who is in Singapore this week, what is true and false about common perceptions of Singapore, the contrast to London, the difficulty and eventual success in trying to obtain chewing gum, gum rights in the United States, Emmanuel also manages to jump a turnstile in the Singapore subway (SMRT), the RFID system used for trains, the proximity to the equator and what that means, what Little India was like, the repeating videos on terrorism in the Singapore subway, some quotes from a poster on SMRT security, Mitch Altman gives his impressions of Singapore, theorizing on how the system could be changed, Emmanuel's experience with a wireless waiter summoning machine, specifics on the model number, experiences on the interactive system on the long flight over, how an SMS can be sent from the plane, the credit card hassles Emmanuel is already experiencing after going to Malaysia, the Hack in the Box conference taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Friday is Independence Day in Malaysia, surprises in the phone systems of both countries, some of the other rules in Singapore, Mike discusses how the phone companies are helping the NSA with personal information, the iPhone restrictions are defeated by a New Jersey teenager, Bernie S. explains why he thinks this is a violation of the law, questioning the iPhone restrictions, the upcoming strike by New York City taxi drivers that focuses on the imposition of a GPS system, Jim describes some of the issues, the advantages and disadvantages of GPS in taxis, Mitch tells how to turn off the display in the back of cabs.

  29. Emmanuel is in Kuala Lumpur where it's 7 am, Phiber Optik is also in Malaysia, both Emmanuel and Phiber are set to give keynotes at the Hack in the Box conference, some confusion as to what day it is, what the food is like in Malaysia, perceptions of the people, Phiber's experience with the language, the recent 50th anniversary of the country, the Malaysian flag, some of the modern aspects of the city, Phiber's theory on Malaysian Red Bull, Jim discusses the new torture devices being developed by the military, the latest on an iPhone lawsuit, more product comparisons, some of the chains spotted, what the Hack in the Box conference is like, the effects of very long flights, a taxi strike in New York and Philadelphia, more on the advantages and disadvantages of GPS technology in cabs, what the congestion pricing system is like in Singapore, Mike discovers a whole lot of new cameras at his subway stop, Redbird discusses a controversy involving source code for a breathalyzer test, ideas on how to influence the zero values, the latest involving Google and its plans for mass transit, Emmanuel's connection is lost and regained through a Malaysian SIM, MI5's interest in George Orwell, German security services are emailing trojans to "really bad criminals," the influence of the CCC, Emmanuel is back using VoIP, the Chinese are alleged to have hacked into the Pentagon, "Internet wrecking," the "time of day" is being disconnected in California, anime cops will be showing up on computer screens in China, phone trouble in New York, the segregated system in Emmanuel's hotel, how refilling a Malaysian SIM works, how to get more information on Hack in the Box, there are $2600 meetings this Friday.

  30. Emmanuel recollects the anti-terrorism presentations in the Singapore subway system, comparisons to London, the shopping island off the coast of Singapore, Mike has info on an "action figure protest" that took place in Singapore, a pack of chewing gum that actually came from Singapore, more on the phone deals from Singapore and Malaysia, a bill in California to ban employers from implanting devices under employees' skin, debating whether such devices can cause cancer, a new law involving cellular phone use in England while driving, vehicular homicide, the Justice Department goes on the record as opposing net neutrality, defining "Internet regulation," Jim's highway analogy, the potential dangers in this, how sites critical of phone companies could be the first victims, Al Qaeda's media production house seems to have a presence in Dallas, questioning whether is actually related and what this could mean, a parallel to a previous case, the honeypot theory, Emmanuel will be in Austria next week, criticism of the show's stance on security, a listener claims to have implanted chips in her, a Greek phone tapping scandal, information from Rebel on free phone calls from payphones, the future of chips.

  31. Emmanuel is in Vienna where it's 1 am, the Paraflows conference has been taking place, the major differences in the mass transit systems, remembering Bernie S.'s run-in with a mass transit system in New Jersey, the missing U5 subway line in Vienna, wondering why the subway timers in New York City can't ever seem to work properly, Emmanuel will be visiting Italy and San Marino in the next week, Redbird's impressions of Liechtenstein, there is a hacker gathering in Pisa next week, the NSA claims not to have used warrantless wiretaps, more phone problems, how people don't seem to care anymore, Jim discusses a gathering in Brooklyn that shared a lot of features with the HOPE conferences, Bernie S. talks about the victory in Philadelphia concerning public access cable channels, the importance of being persistent in making things like this happen, how a small group can make a difference, Johannes from the Monochrom Collective discusses the hacker culture in Vienna, the 500,000 euro grant that was given for this type of thing, how the funding came about, what the MetaLab is, still more phone problems, a battle between IBM and Microsoft, Mike gets a letter from Layered Technologies that implies his privacy may have been violated, some of the talks and projects that have been presented at Paraflows, events are taking place in an anti-aircraft tower, the Austrian phone booth that was brought to the Chaos Communications Camp, what the potato gun was used for, a concert by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra will be held tomorrow.

  32. Contacting Emmanuel on a cell phone in the streets of Rome, the challenges involved in making contact tonight, no Italian hackers have come forward yet, the upcoming hacker gathering in Pisa, how San Marino resembles the village from The Prisoner, the security procedure in Vatican City, how the hacker scene is different in Italy, the philosophical approach of the Austrians, the vast differences between how hackers are treated in the States and in other parts of the world, the large amount of traveling that Emmanuel has been doing, Canadian versions of Google Street View will supposedly have faces and license plates blurred out, a drop-off in listener feedback, Bernie S.'s recent breach of privacy, Emmanuel loses some of his stories in the wind, potential problems for people who altered their iPhones, how iPhone upgrades may be performed, counting the passing Smart cars in Rome, the case of an MIT student who was arrested at Logan Airport for supposedly carrying a fake bomb, how the story changed in the media, Redbird reads the MIT petition in support of the student, Emmanuel's take on who is to blame, analyzing the way law enforcement dealt with the situation, analyzing the writing style of the MIT newspaper, a report of Homeland Security computers being hacked by the Chinese, a company called Media Defender is accused of violating privacy by peer to peer sites, the MTA plans on wiring all of the New York City subway stations for cellular phone use, the state of payphones in Rome, a strange Italian recording, theorizing on how the MTA system might work, a promise to take phone calls next week.

  33. A small amount of people in the studio this evening, Emmanuel is back from his four country tour, a GSM company exists in San Marino, reviews of the Italian hacker get-together, an analogy to hacker conferences around the world, why it's worth traveling to foreign hacker conferences, a question about Italian trains, the awful deal T-Mobile offers to people traveling overseas, the difficulty of getting net access in Italy, how a fake story got into one of the Italian newspapers, Bernie S. discusses an interesting perspective on the Myanmar story, how technology has changed the way news of the uprising has gotten out, Redbird's shortwave broadcasting abilities, some disturbing surveillance plans for Heathrow's new terminal, new anti-terror measures in Europe, a plan to infect terrorist and criminal websites with trojans, the concept of terrorist recruitment on the net, a milestone in the Netherlands over electronic voting, good news from Germany on data retention, more on the threat to net neutrality, the hi-fi editions of the show, pirate radio stations in the New York City area, remembering Joybubbles.

  34. Bernie S. and Jim are missing, the sound of a brain machine, the story of a teenager in England facing terrorism charges for having a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook, Mike reveals the possibility of more to this story, defining what The Anarchist Cookbook is, a New York Times editorial about WBAI, controversy involving an Allen Ginsberg poem, how the poem could be aired during the "safe harbor" period, how Pacifica is erring on the side of caution, Mitch Altman joins the discussion, the upcoming Maker Faire in Austin, Mitch describes what the brain machine is all about, a special deal involving brain machines, there is a shortage of volunteers in the tally room, the magic of radio, where the brain machine has been used, more on the Maker Faire, Redbird talks about his latest project, Notkevin describes the brain machine building process, people to thank, Mitch describes how a radio station in Illinois was started because of WBAI.  This show includes fundraising.

  35. More trouble with Bernie S.'s connection, a somber tone as it's revealed that Jim has suffered a serious stroke, Bernie S. gives the specifics on his condition, the possibility that Jim is able to understand what's going on around him, the address to send cards and letters to, Jim's history with the show and the hacker community, some of his unique abilities, calls for medical advice, how the lack of health insurance made this situation so much worse, the efforts to get Jim enrolled in a public health care program, an appeal for free Internet access in Brooklyn, the show won't be on for the next two weeks, the awkwardness of having to raise funds tonight, Wallace Wang and Bill Pollock discuss Steal This Computer Book 4.0, what was behind the writing of the book, what has changed since the first edition, the mentality prevalent in today's society, what premiums are being offered, the existence of hate groups on the net, a description of a fake PayPal scam, gearing material towards seniors, a history of No Starch Books, an appeal for a Lego project for the next HOPE conference, the need to always challenge authority, Wallace describes how the FBI visited his house because of the book, people to thank, how the audience has evolved over the years, more on Jim's condition, the urgent need for decent health care in this country, what Jim is going through now, how listeners can help, some final words on the book.

  36. Sprint PCS now allows unlocking of phones once contracts have expired, the future of AMPS, Emmanuel is able to visit Jim in the hospital, an update on his condition, a somewhat optimistic outlook, a description of what he's having trouble with, how a hospital fire drill revealed some facts about his state of mind, Jim's reaction to all of the letters from listeners, the importance of visits, some more listener feedback on Jim's situation, an explanation as to why the $2600 website seemed to be redirected to gay porn a week ago, why Network Solutions was ultimately responsible for what happened, a play-by-play on what transpired, another example of a registrar's lack of security, a typo in the latest Verizon newsletter, clarification on what the MTA does, the possibility of text messages being sent to subway passengers in the event of service disruptions, a fun fact about the old City Hall subway station, some good news on the hotel front, Pirho and Lexicon discuss why the fight to save the Hotel Pennsylvania is so important, the Merrill Lynch connection, details on an important meeting taking place tomorrow night, a suggestion on what people who are interested should do, some important addresses.

  37. Only two people in the studio tonight, Americans are told to "rethink privacy," questioning whether people are entitled to anonymity, more on a story involving Yahoo! helping the Chinese government to track down dissidents, what might happen if such companies didn't cooperate, plans for citywide WiFi in St. Louis are scaled back, Verizon Wireless is forced to compensate customers for its misuse of the word "unlimited," some good news in the fight to save the Hotel Pennsylvania, Pirho gives an update on last week's community board meeting, a summation of the issues involved, Vornado hires a lobbying firm to help in its efforts to tear down the hotel, how people can get involved, a call for stories or pictures of the hotel, what the future challenge will be, an interesting case involving Hushmail and its privacy policy, While The Army Sleeps: a call to Redhackt who is serving in the Finnish army, why Redhackt joined a foreign army, how the Finnish army is different, a caller has trouble with lost email, Emmanuel and Mike give their impressions on Jim's condition after visiting him in the hospital, encouraging people to write and visit.

  38. Redbird uses four microphones at once, the FCC pressures Sprint to finish moving to other frequencies or risk shutting off 20 million former Nextel customers, Philadelphia is the latest city to experience trouble in a WiFi project, Earthlink's initial claims, an enormous amount of private data is lost in the United Kingdom, questioning how such a thing could have happened, attempting to reach Redhackt on another installment of While The Army Sleeps, a Swedish hacker uses a Tor exit node to capture private information supposedly without breaking any laws, a final attempt to reach Redhackt, how people using Tor should protect themselves, a dog causes a commotion near Bernie S., revealing what "swatters" are and what they do, how people pull off this kind of stunt, debating whether law enforcement should have some method of verification before sending in a SWAT team, an update on the Hotel Pennsylvania fight, Emmanuel's headphones get unplugged, plans for a demonstration on Friday, a New York Post commentary opposed to saving the hotel, Emmanuel's unprinted letter to the Post in response, memories of 1997, more on the Hushmail story, an update on the brain machines, the problem with people calling the cops for any minor incident.

  39. The show is on from a different studio, why it won't be possible to take calls tonight, a fatality in South Korea from an exploding mobile phone, a Netflix competition raises privacy concerns, NBC strikes a deal with Tivo to obtain detailed audience viewing information, wondering why people tell the truth to anyone who asks for personal information, the question of whether people's opinions will lead to better television programming, Bernie S.'s experience with Arbitron, ways of holding onto your privacy, Tivo is coming to Canada, nonprofit organizations have problems with Internet provider Convio and hackers are blamed, wondering what actually constitutes compromising security, taser abuse, the increasing push for cameras in Ottawa, how certain phrases become accepted despite how ridiculous they are, the extremely low murder rate in New York doesn't support the use of constant surveillance, why people who don't care are at the heart of the matter, cell phone tracking, how phone companies charge police departments for surveillance, the fact that people aren't notified when they're being watched, how to protect yourself from cell phone monitoring, Notkevin reports on the demonstration last Friday outside the Hotel Pennsylvania, the issues involved in trying to save the hotel, a call for more hate mail, a way to check Chase accounts via SMS, a list of commands, wondering how to spoof to an SMS short code.

  40. Bernie S. is in Scranton, Emmanuel encounters working subway signs for the first time, Emmanuel introduces his new phone and tells how difficult it was to obtain, the notion of buying ring tones, a popular ring tone in Spain, recordings of Emma Clarke who until recently was the official voice of the London Underground, a Canadian passport breach, people who pick up lost packages on the New York City subway are targeted by cops in Operation Lucky Bag, a British man is forbidden from discussing his crimes on the Internet, German police admit to difficulty listening in on Skype calls, Cisco VoIP phones in hotels can be used to monitor guests, Bernie S. looks for pictures of Emma Clarke, a system to disable vehicles by the authorities, Redbird takes exception to the reported frequencies involved, inside info on an electronic voting machine, how cell phones could be used to figure out who attended a rally, some more Emma Clarke recordings, Emmanuel will be at the Carbon/Silicon show tonight.

  41. Merriam-Webster names "w00t" as word of the year, some other strange words, an Icelandic teen gets into trouble calling the White House, remembering some old secretive phone numbers, there are only four phone booths left in Manhattan, wondering who still uses rotary phones and payphones, a security breach at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a strange press release on the sale of electronic surveillance products to law enforcement, an update on Emma Clarke's new position, rating the various GPS services available in cars, gang members are tagged with monitoring bracelets and caught in a crime, a story of a man handcuffed for taking pictures of a subway station, getting an SMS on more than one phone at the same time, questions about different names showing up on Caller ID, the difference between Caller ID on landlines and on cell phones.

  42. Redbird is behind the board tonight, Bicycle Mark is in town, the Chaos Communication Congress is next week, Emmanuel and Mike will be in Berlin, bass comes through from a neighboring studio, polling people in the studio as to whether or not they have landlines, Mike shows pictures of free payphones near his house, voice quality on cell phones, getting Bernie S. to experiment with the analog mode of Sprint PCS, a strange advertising billboard in New York City, contacting Redhackt in Finland, Mike uses 311 to complain about an advertising billboard in his neighborhood, an example of the "Ted Koppel effect" with Redhackt's connection, what the Galileo system is all about, more on Caller ID on cell phones, an update on Jim's condition, Bernie S.'s impressions on visiting Jim for the first time, a caller has a loud hum on his line, reaction to a recent FCC ruling on media consolidation, a movie called Look is made entirely with surveillance footage, various security systems for making purchases.

  43. Bernie S. is in Wilkes-Barre, Emmanuel is in Berlin for the Chaos Communication Congress, trouble reaching Mike who's on a DECT phone at the conference site, trying to kill time, Redbird attempts to dial Mike on the air, Emmanuel is determined to see what happens to the CCC rocket after the conference, Emmanuel's plans to be in Berlin for New Year's, the steam powered telex display, memories of old teletype machines, a rundown of some of the talks scheduled, a look ahead to HOPE in July, why current U.S. policies shouldn't deter people from coming to the HOPE conference, Mike explains the problem with the DECT system, the huge amount of bandwidth available at the conference, Mike discusses the camera situation at the airport in London, Mike's discovery for cheap cell phone service in Germany, the FBI's attempts to retain biometric records, potential ways of defeating the system, the Situation Room in the White House, a website devoted to pictures of forbidden things, Mike's attempt at photography on the AirTrain to JFK Airport, the end of AMPS is in sight, trying to get on-topic callers, experimentation on people in the U.S. military.

Off The Hook - 2008

  1. Emmanuel is using his cell phone from Germany for only nine cents a minute, how Mike discovered Ortel, reviewing the Chaos Communication Congress, the demonstration against data retention that took place outside the convention, the high tech nature of some of the protest signs, the relevance of a talk on global warming, Emmanuel describes how he was able to activate his SIM card without giving any personal information, Redbird explains how the phone could still be used to track a customer, it's the 20th year of the show, Bicycle Mark joins the discussion from Amsterdam using a VoIP connection in Philadelphia, the battle for a melting piece of the Arctic, why social issues have a place at a hacker conference, rating the sound quality of all of tonight's phone connections, impressions of New Year's in Berlin, Emmanuel explains how he accidentally shelled a building with fireworks, the incredible mess in the streets the day after, the absence of cops and how that affected the mood, the new smoking ban in Germany, Emmanuel describes his quest for missing tracks at the central train station and how he wasn't interrogated, Mitch Altman joins the discussion from a pirate radio station in a place called Bootlab in Berlin, how the signal is able to get out to the entire city, Mitch describes the commotion caused by a TV-B-Gone in a giant Berlin store, Johannes from Mikro FM describes the operation, Mike explains the significance of the outgoing theme by the EuroCats.

  2. The entire theme is played, updating where everyone has been lately, problems playing a promo, an appeal for shortwave listeners, hackers are blamed for a Pennsylvania government website attack, dissecting the story, Mike discusses a case of bad security at Sears, a scandal involving Network Solutions, looking ahead to next year's digital television cutover, a hostile website to obtain coupons for converter boxes, a terror network now permits downloading video directly to cell phones, expressions are now being monitored in airports, Mike describes the various screening processes he went through at Heathrow, Emmanuel notices blatant racial profiling at the same airport, a special LP that has an old telephone company commercial from the 1950s on it, misleading words about a cell phone blocking device, information about Emmanuel's Smart car, a report of a pirate radio station interfering with WBAI, the death of Liam O'Gallagher.

  3. A trick involving the opening theme, Mitch Altman is back from Europe, trouble at a consumer electronics show involving TV-B-Gones, an update on premiums, news from CCC, remote control of utilities, a TV remote control causes a tram crash in Poland, a serious privacy breach involving Wisconsin citizens, how the remedies for such breaches are insufficient, an instance of severe TSA security holes, the threat of Internet access tying into the navigational systems of planes, Bernie S. and Mitch discuss the rising prevalence of new hacker spaces throughout the world, how to help such spaces come into being, Mitch talks about the incident involving a TV-B-Gones arrest in Berlin, an update on the WBAI pirate, some good words about hackers.

  4. Data Loss of the Week, Bernie S. talks about his year of free credit reporting because of his private info being compromised, the sixfold increase in the number of data loss reports within the last year, the benefits of looking carefully at your phone bill, what "Call Waiting ID 2" is, the fraudulent charge on Emmanuel's bill, a judge in North Dakota concludes that zone transfers are illegal, what a zone transfer is, an attack on Scientology by an "anonymous" entity, Time Warner intends to charge Internet users by usage, "cybersecurity standards" are approved to protect electric companies from hackers, a Homeland Security video with simulated hackers exists somewhere, a cocaine vaccine, the hidden charges in phone bills, a new movie appears to target net neutrality, MP3 players with AM radios.

  5. Next week will be Bernie S.'s last week where he can use analog cell service, the importance of the Super Bowl, Emmanuel is frustrated with the amount of sports knowledge he's retained, today is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day, Redbird is interrogated on his MySpace usage, ideas for alternate types of sites, Charter Communications deletes 14,000 customer email accounts with no possibility of recovery, a Bermuda Triangle of sorts near the Empire State Building, a recorded phone conversation from a jail influences the sentencing, Bernie S. explains how prison calls can be accessed, why phone companies go along with illegal monitoring of its customers, last year's denial of service attack in Estonia that had been blamed on Russia is found to have been caused by a single Estonian student, an update on the Anonymous attack on Scientology, trying to figure out how the Anonymous system works, Bernie S.'s experience with Scientologists, how Google bombing works, taxis with cameras, an update on Jim's condition, feedback from listeners who are over 80 years old, possible legal threats against programs like wget, coming up with a decree involving Google bombing.

  6. It was just about 20 years ago that Emmanuel first came to WBAI, debating the best way to give credit to a local restaurant for supporting the station, what is being offered during tonight's fundraiser, what can be heard in previous radio shows, what WBAI has come to mean over the years, Notkevin describes how the new $2600 hooded sweatshirt has changed his life, listening to the show on shortwave, more news on the upcoming surveillance society, why privacy should matter, a new low emissions zone in London introduces more surveillance, an audio clip from November 1999 focuses on the upcoming Y2K crisis, an unusual check arrives, there is no outro this week.  This show includes fundraising.

  7. A Blackberry outage, Notkevin's problem with his phone, how to send a text message from an AIM client to a cell phone in the United States, the concept of being forced to give up passwords to a laptop when entering the country, one possible way of getting data across the border, the Senate votes to allow phone companies that participated in illegal wiretapping to be immune from prosecution, how the presidential candidates voted on this, a Barack Obama audio piece on net neutrality, other candidates' opinions, the various articles of clothing and other items being offered tonight, a look back at the 1995 show that announced Kevin Mitnick's capture, how the show did last week, there won't be a show next week, where various members of the show were in 1995, another clip from the show, Mitch Altman offers a TV-B-Gone Pro for the fundraiser, Mitch describes an adventure involving turning off a TV in a cafe in Paris, Notkevin gives details on the recent Anonymous anti-Scientology demonstration in New York.  This show includes fundraising.

  8. Lazlow is in the studio, the last of the three fundraising shows, a memorable excerpt from 1999 during the WTO protests in Seattle, how these protests affected what followed, how things always seem to happen while the show is on the air, Lazlow explains how radio is getting worse, why local radio is so important, a rundown of the various pledge levels, Bill Pollock from No Starch Press talks about his company, Jon Erickson, the author of Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, explains the new edition of his book, Redbird talks about some of the highlights in the previous edition, Jon will be speaking at the next HOPE conference, the Forbidden Lego book and what it's all about, some of the weird things that can be built with Legos, problems with Skype, the prospects of Legos being a security concern, the diverse material heard over WBAI.  This show includes fundraising.

  9. Sickness is going around, the fund drive went well, Legos will have a presence at HOPE, preregistration for HOPE has opened, Mike gives an update on a Wikileaks lawsuit where a domain was deactivated by a registrar, the importance of challenging unfair rules, a European travel agent is penalized by an American registrar for offering trips to Cuba for Europeans, Emmanuel calls for the elimination of "www" for websites, New Jersey has a revised cell phone law that excludes amateur radio handsets, cell phones "with text messaging capabilities" are being introduced to Long Island Railroad crew members, an airport blocks a wide range of websites on its wireless network, Germany's highest court rules against "cyberspying" by the authorities, an upcoming Justice Department report will show that the FBI improperly used National Security Letters, Pakistan blocks access to YouTube and makes an interesting claim regarding hackers, updates on the vouchers to convert televisions to digital, some problems with digital television reception, some surprising prison statistics, other places where the show can be heard, a listener witnesses police scanning license plates, problems receiving a local digital television station, reports of XP Black Edition, Smart cars can now be bought in the States, there are $2600 meetings this week.

  10. A report on Chinese hackers who exist on an island, a phone company is alleged to have given the FBI virtually unlimited access to phone calls, Bernie S. explains how CALEA ties into this, why phone companies submit to this sort of thing, suspicious things to look for with cellular phone users in England, a device that allows your face not to be seen by video cameras, Redbird explains when this wouldn't work, power switches on buses in San Francisco are vulnerable to being turned off, testing 1-800-GOOG-411 and 1-800-CALL-411, advice for Jim, a failed GPS program in Massachusetts, more on Windows XP Black, more on digital television conversion, debate on whether amateur radio operators should receive special treatment, Redbird and Bernie S. explain what HD radio is, how to encode vinyl records to computer.

  11. A problem with Bernie S.'s connection, the wireless auction has ended with Verizon Wireless coming out the big winner, Bernie S. explains why this is a bad deal for consumers, a message from time station WWVB, how time stations work, a sudden tribute to Arthur C. Clarke who passed away yesterday, Clarke's conceptualization of geostationary satellites, the frustration of not going back to the moon in so long, some Arthur C. Clarke quotes, a new feature of the program to focus on particularly stupid things, a way of holding mail without any verification check whatsoever, Froggy from Ohio talks about the upcoming Notacon conference in Cleveland, what a demo party is, how Notacon is beneficial to the hacker community, Redbird is planning to fly into Cleveland piloting a private plane, new stories of surveillance from England, the concept of identifying potential criminals while they're still children, a series of keystrokes is enough to gain access to a Dell computer, another tribute to Arthur C. Clarke.

  12. Lin is visiting from Atlanta where a tornado recently came through, remembering the old phone system where letters were a part of phone numbers, old advertisements on the side of buildings that feature such numbers, an excerpt from a magazine called Cybersocket that features $2600, more patient data stored on laptops is lost, Bernie S. bemoans the lack of accountability in such cases, how a Craig's List ad resulted in an entire household being looted by strangers, Steve Rambam is in the studio to discuss the upcoming HOPE conference, Steve and Rick Dakan discuss the game they've been playing since HOPE Number Six, some of the creative ways that Steve has tracked down Rick, a method of tracing people through, an adventure in Belize, how a blind date was also used against Rick, the upcoming book that focuses on Steve and Rick's adventure, how it's virtually impossible to hide these days, an appeal for a new victim for The Last HOPE, an upcoming scandal involving a major social networking site, the story behind Steve's arrest at HOPE Number Six, facts about "the prince of Austria," the sequel to Rick's book Geek Mafia, Notkevin reveals that he found Rick at a book fair in San Francisco, CarolinaCon and Notacon are coming up.

  13. Upcoming plans for Notacon, plans to fly with Redbird to Cleveland, Arseny describes a recent flight with Redbird to Block Island, an April Fool's joke involving, when April 1st legally begins, how it was all set up, what happened when the word began to spread, Bernie S. reports hearing the story on KYW, some sample reactions, how the CCC got ahold of a government official's fingerprint, sentencing for a hoax involving a SWAT team, hackers are blamed for attacking an epilepsy website, Advance Auto Parts reports a data loss, a text messaging service that was in use during the Republican Convention in 2004 has its records demanded by the city, The Pirate Bay is sued by the RIAA, Lexicon describes CarolinaCon, FBI wiretaps are credited for showing Martin Luther King Jr.'s true nature, a "behavior identification officer" finds a suspicious person in an airport, an appeal for sanity in Mexico in the wake of Emo bashing.

  14. A problem with Notkevin's microphone, Redhackt has returned from Finland, what Cleveland was like during Notacon, the difficulty of finding things to do in the downtown region, Bernie S. describes how he managed to get into a hotel at a government rate, description of one Notacon talk that involved spying on the TSA, the legality of recording audio and video, the Notacon Block Party, Redbird describes a bizarre slide show at the convention, Emmanuel and others try Cocaine for the first time, other things to do in Cleveland, the mass transit system in Cleveland, the defensiveness of Cleveland natives, Redhackt describes a weird ad he saw in Helsinki, reports indicate the Hotel Pennsylvania has earned more money than ever in the last year, Redhackt makes a HOPE announcement in Finnish, Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security pitches an early warning system for hacking attacks, federal regulators take a step towards developing an emergency alert system to send messages to cell phones in a crisis, Redbird describes the VE session at Notacon, plans for one at HOPE, Europe moves a step closer to allowing cell phones on planes, Redbird explains why he didn't fly to Cleveland after all, cell phone coverage in the subways of Helsinki and Berlin, the case of a cell phone vigilante on the Long Island Railroad, possible health risks from mobile phones, how to get involved in the HOPE conference.

  15. The studio is packed with people, there wasn't a show last week, there also won't be a show next week, Bernie S. has bad news from the Supreme Court, the prospect of having to turn over passwords at the border, news from Australia, the surveillance situation in the United Kingdom, security issues concerning soldiers and social networking sites, Mojo's opinion on social networking sites, what happened to Friendster, protection of medical data, copies of $2600 are found during an ATM fraud arrest, buying and selling botnets, Obama's website seems to have really been hacked this time, the definition of a prank, Lexicon and Al from North Carolina talk about The Last HOPE radio project, what Radio Statler will be about, Mojo is in search of a decent GSM accessory store, what Mojo does for Battlestar Galactica.

  16. It's another fundraising show, Bernie S. has a new cell phone, some of the private information from the previous owner that Bernie S. was able to get off the phone, Redhackt has a similar experience, Sprint is allegedly trying to sell Nextel, Emmanuel spots a Smart car in the East Village, the show won't be preempted at all during the fundraiser, trying to get the first phone call, a rundown of premiums, Notkevin describes the $2600 sweatshirt, why WBAI is impossible, Bernie S. gives an update on Jim's condition following a recent visit, Jim may be listening to the show live, an appeal for more visits, a recording of Jim's voice leaving a voice mail message for Bernie S., the possibility of getting Jim onto the Internet, an appeal for legal help, thanks to donating listeners, confusion over some locations, Bernie S.'s phone is echoing, author Steven Levy has been confirmed as one of the keynote speakers for The Last HOPE, a new HOPE website has been launched, the ways that lives can change at the conferences, there will be more projects than ever at this conference, a special incentive for people who have preregistered for the conference, admonishing people who don't listen live, a song for Jim.  This show includes fundraising.

  17. Redbird decides to change his name and then changes his mind, Mitch Altman is in the studio after visiting a hacker space in Philadelphia, Phil from Make Magazine describes the 60,000 people who attended the Maker Faire in the Bay Area, Bernie S.'s new phone causes problems, it's another fundraising show, Notkevin describes the hooded $2600 sweatshirt, Mike describes the various premiums being offered tonight, a front page Newsday headline having to do with hackers, a rundown of some of what's planned for The Last HOPE, Emmanuel has comments for all of the locations where donating listeners are from, Lexicon and Daravinne describe an ambitious RFID project being designed for The Last HOPE, how people can get involved, an update on some of the artwork that's planned for the conference, Phil gives some details on what he will be doing at HOPE, the planned Hackerspace village, Notkevin gives an update on the Telephreak project, how people from overseas can make it to the conference, various relevant email addresses, Notkevin and Emmanuel will be driving the $2600 van to Dayton later tonight.  This show includes fundraising.

  18. A third week of fundraising, the show is doing really well, Barry the Key is on from Amsterdam, a report on the Dayton Hamvention which took place this past weekend, memories of Major Hacking, Emmanuel and Notkevin stayed on a military base, Smart car sightings, reactions from some of the people who passed by the $2600 van, the new wireless credit card device that was used at the $2600 space, the use of Morse code today, the really cool radio station found in Wheeling, a rundown of what is being offered tonight, an update on the status of the Hotel Pennsylvania, Marc Tobias is in New York to talk about locks, Marc describes how he broke Medeco locks, the concept of bumping that was introduced at HOPE Number Six, the high security lock industry, where Medeco locks are used, how bumping can be accomplished within 30 seconds, Marc describes his LSS+ book, Bernie S. decides to pledge for the book, Barry describes some of what is being planned for the HOPE lockpicking village, how lockpicking has evolved in Europe, a final rundown of premiums, there will be a major announcement on next week's show.  This show includes fundraising.

  19. An unprecedented fourth week of fundraising, how the show hasn't been preempted once during the fundraiser, the show has raised a significant amount over the past few weeks, a major announcement, Earthlink backs out of a deal to provide all of Philadelphia with WiFi, keeping an eye on Bernie's new phone, Notkevin describes the $2600 hooded sweatshirt, Carol Long from Wiley Publications announces a new book called The Best of $2600, Carol describes what it was like to deal with the $2600 people, how the book was put together, some of the early hurdles, the steady increases in the book's size, the lessons that were learned during the book's evolution, what was happening during various moments in history, plans for an e-book version, remembering old-fashioned cellular phone technology, Bernie's article from the 80s on the new fax technology, the days before the Internet, thanking the callers, how people can get more information about the book and when it will be coming out.  This show includes fundraising.

  20. Bernie is in Wilkes-Barre this week with a better sounding phone, a non-fundraising show, updates on premiums, the hotel is now sold out for the HOPE conference, spying in Germany, a study on people's movements using cell phone information, the amount of information that can be obtained through traffic analysis, a 3G experiment in North Korea, Bush encourages people to send cell phones to Cuba, Peter Kirn discusses the digital music project that's planned for The Last HOPE, an example of one of Peter's pieces following a miscue, some of the music to look forward to at the conference, the large number of projects underway this year, how people can get involved in Radio Statler, how Peter got involved in music and computers, another example of digital music featuring mutant trumpet.

  21. A skeleton crew tonight, Bernie is in northeastern Pennsylvania, Notkevin explains the Telephreak project, describing old telephone company sounds that are no longer heard, an update on the room situation at the hotel for the dates of the conference, some alternative places to stay, all of The Last HOPE talks will be videotaped, there will be three main tracks at the conference this year for the first time, mail from a previous HOPE attendee, how to spot undercover cops in Philadelphia and the East Village, the three types of vehicles that routinely go through red lights in New York City, possible ways of seeing how employees are being tracked in the workplace, the Phantom Keystroker, a new policy for people who refuse to provide identification when boarding domestic flights, things that hackers have been blamed for this week, some of the upcoming projects for the conference, Verizon, Sprint, and Time Warner are set to block websites connected to child pornography, other potentially objectionable websites, an update from Rebel, a listener is accused of making threats, a caller admits to having child pornography in the form of a piece of paper, how people can submit speaker proposals, the deadline is June 15.

  22. Bernie is reluctant to say where he is, Notkevin is hit on the head with the full program for The Last HOPE, there are 96 talks scheduled so far, Notkevin discusses the Anonymous panel, some of the various talks that are being planned, a listing of names and cities for listeners who have pledged for HOPE tickets, an update on the hotel situation, Redhackt has trouble finding a talk to focus on, Mike announces the availability of the German beverage Club-Mate at the conference, what the vending tables are all about, how Caller ID can be used without the customer's permission, the touch tone fee continues in some parts of the country, rotary phones will be available at HOPE, a listener writes in with Verizon problems, billing practices of cell phone companies, bad news from Sweden, a caller demonstrates her rotary phone, an update on the UFO hacker, a caller gets a lot of wrong numbers.

  23. Trouble with the theme, a conversation joined in progress discussing who could get into Cuba, how to go legally, Lazlow is in the studio tonight, Emmanuel's contempt for radio jargon, what working on Grand Theft Auto is like, what Lazlow is going to be doing at The Last HOPE, Rob T. Firefly talks about artwork at the conference, the quest for Bernie begins, what power tool racing is, the Segways will be back, a call for Legos, Lexicon explains Radio Statler, ham radio involvement at the conference, the possibility of a pirate station, the proliferation of pirate radio stations throughout the metropolitan area, Notkevin describes Packet Wars, remembering the late George Carlin and his relationship with WBAI, a George Carlin piece on airline security, Lazlow's show on XM, how "Off The Hook" was almost on XM, how some stations overreach on the safe harbor rule, the potential for Internet regulation, Lazlow clarifies some facts about Opie and Anthony, the criticism Grand Theft Auto has received, what to look forward to with the RFID tracking that will be in operation at the conference, people who repeatedly call shows saying the same thing.

  24. More trouble reaching Bernie, the entire HOPE schedule has been posted to the website, Bernie's phone is strapped to his head while he's driving, an idea for a new $2600 product, Bernie's encounter with the New Jersey State Police near the Hope barracks, a Japanese cigarette vending machine that verifies age, advances in British surveillance involving cameras that learn, how to define a "violent crime," how nations use other nations to circumvent their laws on privacy, Bernie explains who Grace Hopper was, Mike gives information on Alan Turing, Emmanuel talks about Joe Engressia, who Konrad Zuse was, the rooms at The Last HOPE will be named after these people, updates on accommodations during the conference, preregistration for the conference ends on Sunday, the ease of getting customer information from Con Ed, defining ID theft, some tips about going to Cuba, alt.2600 is no longer available through Verizon, new rules for Rebel, tours of the stock exchange, the policy on rebroadcasting the show, Redhackt is a victim of identity theft on the air, the first of a year's worth of shows that will end with songs about telephones.

  25. A lot of people are in the studio tonight, keynote speaker Steven Levy is the guest, how the hacker world has changed since 1984, the hacker versus cracker debate, how Steven got his start in the world of hackers, the hacker ethic, remembering what things used to be like in the 1980s, realizing the potential back then, Steven's old Apple computer, some of the problems of today, wondering whether Americans even want broadband, Steven's upcoming book on Google, the truth about the Google cafeterias, how Google is able to succeed and innovate, memories of Angelina Jolie, Steven talks about his recent trip to Cuba, the relationship between hackers and crime, the ease of getting people's entire life stories with a minimal amount of information, Steven will be signing books at the conference and giving away a rare copy of "Hackers," the first copies of the new $2600.

  26. The pre-HOPE show, everyone is leaving their phones on, all kinds of people are in the studio, the HOPE programs are out, Bernie is leaving Philadelphia on his way to New York, some of what will be going on in the next few days, Beave from Telephreak describes their project, Bernie describes a satellite project that will be at the conference, Lexicon gives an update on the AMD project, tracking the Club-Mate shipment and wondering how it will be unloaded, Lin gives an update on the radio station project, how to get involved in Radio Statler, Slestak from Oregon describes what it was like to ship a payphone, Cheshire Catalyst and Renderman talk about their flying experiences, Emmanuel describes what it was like to drive a huge truck into the city for the conference, Greg Newby calls in after securing the truck, calling Emmanuel's phones, Jim will be able to make an appearance at the conference, how people can help Jim attend, help is needed for load-in, Ateam talks about the advantages of volunteering at the conferences, when registration will be open tomorrow, there are close to 200 speakers, a rundown of the named rooms, the Valenti Suites, the effect the $2600 van still has on phone company workers, Emmanuel reveals why Chase is a bunch of idiots, an adventure reactivating E-Z Pass while driving, Mark S. tells how he was able to transfer his phone number onto another phone with relative ease, how many iPhones Mark has been through, wondering what the true major crisis will be this year, a final call for volunteers and attendees.

  27. An extra two minutes tonight, recovery from the conference, Fred from Montreal describes the design process, the somewhat morbid theme to the conference, Volt4ire describes some of the volunteer work he did at HOPE, Emmanuel's double role at the conference, Renderman talks about his involvement, Mike reveals the error in the banner, Notkevin has a list of people to thank, some Segway incidents, comparing The Last HOPE to the other conferences, Bernie recounts the amateur radio station called W2H which ran during the conference, how the Club-Mate sales went, Ted describes what it was like to record all of the sessions and the various projects he's involved in, Emmanuel explains the real meaning of The Last HOPE, a recording of part of the closing ceremonies, Dragorn talks about how the network came together, it's actually a fundraising edition, an excerpt of a special WBAI premium featuring George Carlin, the importance of WBAI, a special song with significance to The Last HOPE, Bernie describes how the weekend went for Jim, trying to get one last phone to ring.  This show includes fundraising.

  28. Bernie declares himself recovered from HOPE, Mike Roadancer is on the phone to talk about running security, a correction from Notkevin, not enough funds were raised last week, this is the second and last week of the emergency fundraiser, an excerpt of a special WBAI premium featuring George Carlin, the FCC fine against CBS for the Janet Jackson incident has been overturned, how to make a rainbow offensive, massive problems reaching Mike by phone, Notkevin tries to bring in calls, Renderman challenges other Canadians to call in and support the station, Roadie and Ateam describe the radio situation in Florida, what the FCC was originally created for, Mike is in Seattle, another excerpt from the CD being offered as a premium, people to thank, the uniqueness of the station and the show, why televangelists succeed, a rundown of premiums being offered, some of the word problems that will be occurring for future HOPEs, a secret message on the HOPE program that made it clear that this wasn't the actual last HOPE conference, Redhackt arrives at the end of the show, an update on Jim's condition and the effect that HOPE had on him.  This show includes fundraising.

  29. Alex returns to the show after six years, remembering a controversial show from 2001, Nick Farr is on the phone to talk about hacker spaces around the world, Nick's obsession with Club-Mate, how the beverage is able to keep people awake, Mark S. presses the button to make the audio from The Last HOPE available, Nick announces the next Dutch hacker conference called Hacking At Random, Mike is on the west coast, referring to the conference as HAR for the first time, plans for other hacker conferences and camps, the fate of Mike's tent at the last camp, Jim's continuing progress and his return to the New York City 2600 meeting, someone in the station is speaking into Emmanuel's headphones, a case of customer information being obtained through war driving, Alex's debit card was used by unauthorized people at Texaco stations, Dot Ret has a similar occurrence at Shell stations, the different ways checks are paid overseas, Alex has turned into a lawyer, the Chip and PIN system used in England, Bernie reports on the dangers of texting, restrictions on "text walking," Bernie tells of a restriction on using cell phones while paying parking tickets in Philadelphia, leftover HOPE t-shirts are now available, another phone-related song.

  30. Mike recounts where he's been the last couple of weeks, Emmanuel spends a lot of time on Staten Island thanks to Ateam, trying to define people by their area codes, a software glitch affects mass transit ticket sales in the New York area, an interesting fact about area codes, trying to find the most expensive tickets, more information on credit card fraud, a theory on the debit card fraud that Dot Ret experienced, the war between Russia and Georgia goes online, what it's like to see the Russia Today channel during the war, computer generated fireworks cause a controversy at the Olympics, the show won't be on for the two weeks that the political conventions are on, Redhackt will be texted when Barack Obama decides on a vice presidential candidate, Emmanuel and Dot Ret investigate how mail carriers get into buildings, theorizing on how the system actually works, Google is accused of hypocrisy with regards to Street View, the legal debate on taking pictures of buildings, some of the more interesting pictures that can be found on Street View including one right outside the Hotel Pennsylvania, bias in the media.

  31. This is Ateam's last show before returning home, a large number of people on hand for the last show of the month, James Powderly of the Graffiti Research Labs is in trouble for demonstrating in China, the Georgian president's website has been moved to the United States, a test preparatory company in Princeton accidentally reveals thousands of students' test scores, a strange CNN picture involving Hitler and current world leaders, trying to call a Norwegian megaphone, a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an update on the MIT students who were barred from presenting a talk on their findings for Boston's electronic transit system, Michelle Kempner gives an update on James Powderly's situation in China, what James was involved in over there, media coverage, how listeners can help, what the GRL stands for, the trouble that people with the name James Robinson have while flying, an update on the Ring of Steel, more information on postal keys, theorizing on how it might be possible to gain access to lots of buildings, a listener has more problems with the WBAI phone system, Redhackt researches the WBAI phone system live on the air, the difficulty of finding phone numbers that don't pick up, the purpose of a harbor pilot, convention coverage will follow over the next two weeks.

  32. A special show focusing on the Republican National Convention, what is upcoming as far as convention coverage goes, this program will focus on various candidate positions, Bernie discusses Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden's positions on encryption and the recording industry, Barack Obama's use of technology in the campaign, Volt4ire gives information on Ralph Nader's various positions, what it means to be an independent candidate, the effectiveness of protest votes, Dot Ret looks at John McCain's familiarity with technology, the issue of net neutrality, McCain's relationship to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, the Child Online Protection Act, and the Children's Internet Protection Act, Emmanuel looks at Sarah Palin's statements on technology, online predictions of Palin being dropped from the ticket, defining Alaska as the nation's biggest state, quotes from Palin's past, Virgil Griffith discusses the recent history of Palin's Wikipedia page, Greg Newby gives an Alaskan perspective on Palin, Pacifica coverage of the convention begins.

  33. Tonight is a fundraising show, an excerpt from Steven Levy's keynote address at The Last HOPE, Steven's experiences with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the origin of hacking, a rundown of the various DVDs being offered tonight, an excerpt from the Adam Savage talk, recent news involving Adam and the odd way it developed, how most conferences handle the press, Adam's quest, the story of the Maltese Falcon, Rob describes what Adam's presentation looked like, callers to thank, an excerpt from the social engineering panel where Emmanuel tries to get information out of a limousine service.  This show includes fundraising.

  34. Fred from Montreal is in the studio, the show did well last week, various ways of dialing the number, New York State begins producing RFID-enhanced driver's licenses, how such a system could be useful, a rundown of the DVDs being offered tonight, an excerpt from a HOPE talk on the New York City taxi system, a list of some of The Last HOPE talks included in the full set, an excerpt on a talk about the history of the telephone system and phone phreaking, remembering what it used to be like to make a phone call, the very real threat to the station if funds aren't raised, an excerpt from Jello Biafra's talk at The Last HOPE, the nightmare of social networking, thanking people, the artificial nature of commercial radio, Emmanuel's views on the plummeting stock market.  This show includes fundraising.

  35. Bernie is in San Francisco, the show raised around $4500 last week, the chaos of Wall Street, describing the most recent $2600 shirt, a rundown of premiums, the 20th anniversary of the show is coming up, describing the $2600 book, remembering the Captain Zap article from 1988, how hackers became the constant in the book's theme, how 1984 seemed to be the launching point for a lot of things in the hacker world, Emmanuel tries to fix the TV monitor in the studio that has the tally total, hackers attack the Large Hadron Collider, Mike finds an old HOPE poster while trying to fix the monitor, the website of an Iraqi cleric is hacked by Sunnis, Sarah Palin's email is hacked, Bill O'Reilly also has his website attacked, Emmanuel apologizes for the phone related song being played tonight.  This show includes fundraising.

  36. It's the last day of fundraising for the program, Emmanuel will be in Quebec next week, Kevin Mitnick is on from Ohio with a story about how he was questioned on his way back into the country from Colombia, some humorous interactions with customs officials, how customs wanted full access to Kevin's laptop, how Kevin was able to protect his privacy, why giving customs the passwords for laptops is unacceptable, Bernie describes his interesting air travel experience involving a sick passenger, the unfamiliarity of a TSA worker with the new RFID passports, a rundown of the various premiums being offered tonight, an excerpt from Steve Rambam's talk at The Last HOPE, ways people can be tracked and categorized, Notkevin describes his reaction to Steve's talk, Redhackt describes a good use of surveillance with regards to laptops, an excerpt from the social engineering panel where Emmanuel contacts a Starbucks that will soon be closing, WUSB has been nominated as best college radio station by MTVU.  This show includes fundraising.

  37. Emmanuel is in Montreal, what the northern part of Quebec was like, the continuing downward spiral of the financial markets, an update on the political race in Canada, the reaction of Canadians to the American presidential race, the show did very well over the past four weeks during the fundraiser, the station still needs to raise money so the fund drive has been extended for an additional week, a rundown of premiums, this is the 20th anniversary of "Off The Hook," Emmanuel's memories of how it all got started, how the show has evolved, people in the studio talk about how they got involved with the show, the history of prison phone calls on the show, early cell phone calls on the radio, more memories from the staff, the student who hacked Sarah Palin's email is indicted, the case of a Canadian student being prosecuted for making a security hole public, memories of a particularly controversial show, people to thank, why real radio is different than Internet radio, the accessibility of the show to non-technical people, a question about health effects from cell phones.  This show includes fundraising.

  38. The show will be ending five minutes early because of tonight's presidential debate, a particularly scary weekend as Jim goes missing, the efforts that people went through to track him down, Jim spent three days in an Atlantic City casino and was able to return on his own, the New York City police have no email address, how Jim was able to survive, why Jim's escape was completely understandable and why it's time to get him into a better place, the many people who have been helping out, Bernie gets a funny call from the cops in response to the situation, yet another catastrophic day on Wall Street, the show did well during all five weeks of fundraising, John McCain has a run-in with YouTube, Emmanuel records his conversation with a border patrol agent while coming back from Canada, debating whether or not the conversation should be played on the air, a listener idea on future fundraising, Emmanuel makes a decision on playing the recording based on listener feedback, a hard to find telephone-related song.

  39. Playing with a Sarah Palin website, Tiffany Rad is in the studio, Tiffany gave a talk on RFID at The Last HOPE, the potential voting problems ahead, the new issue of $2600 has a picture of a mechanical voting machine on the cover, New York is the only state left with these machines, the many ways people can get confused in the voting booth, very basic problems with electronic voting systems, Tiffany tells of a security breach involving voting machines in her home state of Maine, why people should watch Hacking Democracy, a massive voter purge has apparently taken place in New York, debating what the best voting system is, Emmanuel wonders if the Florida votes from 2000 were ever actually recounted, Barack Obama buys ad space inside video games, a conviction regarding theft of virtual goods in the Netherlands, the FBI has people playing video games looking for terrorists, the French president has his bank account accessed by unauthorized people, what a straw buyer is, an update on Jim, the possibility of getting Jim into a better facility, fear of what may happen to early votes, Tiffany is on her way to Pumpcon, predictions of history being made in a couple of weeks.

  40. A large crowd tonight, Marc Tobias is in the studio, a website to find out your voter registration status in New York, reading Hillary Clinton's information using public records, doing the same thing to Bill O'Reilly, how George W. Bush made Barack Obama's campaign possible, various opinions on the race, a website devoted to things that are younger than John McCain, the erratic nature of the McCain campaign, encouraging people to vote, Bernie talks about how voters in Pennsylvania are being reached out to, Obama's use of SMS technology to get the word out, strange events are ahead tonight, Juintz provides a website for voter registration status in New Jersey, Marc reveals a much easier way to find such sites, Bernie has a similar site for Pennsylvania, a listener perspective on what is wrong with certain electronic voting machines, discussing what if any penalty should be given for someone trying to hack a voting machine, a clarification on last week's discussion about the Florida recount, a scary Sprint 800 number, a paper on Al Qaeda's use of mobile technology and sites like Twitter, a case of virtual murder.

  41. Celebratory music in the wake of the election results, a large number of people have turned out tonight, Mark Hosler from Negativland is in town as is Lin and Bernie, a description of last night's celebration in the East Village, how the police were completely powerless to stop all of the people from filling the streets, Bernie describes how someone climbed on top of a moving bus, how the cops eventually misbehaved, the incredibly good mood in the city, a well behaved crowd, Bernie describes what it was like working on the Obama campaign, use of technology in the campaign, a Google document with voter information, Lin discusses the runoff system in Georgia, comparing polling places, a proposition to name a sewage plant in San Francisco after George W. Bush is defeated, the possibility of voter fraud, how McCain blew the election, the racial breakdown, a new musical piece from Mark Hosler, Mark describes how he was speaking to political leaders in Washington DC about copyright issues, there are Negativland fans on Capitol Hill.

  42. The return of Jim to the studio a year after suffering a stroke, the progress that has been made since Jim's escape to Atlantic City, Emmanuel describes a show called Surrender that a bunch of Off The Hook people went to that simulates war activity in Iraq, how Notkevin became a cast member after that night, what is needed to participate, Bernie is one of the victims of an extortion scheme involving a prescription company, the website is launched by the Obama transitional team, the NYPD has secretly stopped videotaping protesters, Internet access through white space, nursing homes and hospitals may find themselves without television after the digital conversion in February, the possibility of expanding the FM band after the digital cutover, another scam in the virtual world involving clothes and gifts, an update on the HOPE DVDs, how to contribute to WBAI outside of fund drives, the website, Emmanuel's idea for inauguration tickets, memories of the inauguration in 2001, a question about another station at 99.3 FM in Brooklyn, digital FM radio, Emmanuel will be in Brazil next week, a song about cell phones.

  43. Emmanuel is in Sao Paulo at the YSTS 2.0 conference, figuring out what the time difference is between New York and Sao Paulo, weirdness with the time setting on Emmanuel's GSM phone, Luiz Eduardo discusses the origins of the YSTS conference, a summary of speakers this year, the hacker presence in Brazil, Luiz discusses the podcast he's been involved in for the past couple of years, incidents of data loss in Brazil, ATM security in Brazil, the difficulty of traveling between the two countries, the official announcement for Hacking At Random is released, news of a hacker camp in the United States next year, more on the site, questioning the legality of and, a man is cleared of murder thanks to his Metrocard usage log, paranoia in England, incidents of laser pointers being aimed at airplanes in Canada, more on justice and insanity in the virtual world, debating the wisdom of using real money to buy things in the virtual world, a kidnapping case in Brazil for virtual information, Secret Service codenames for the new First Family.

  44. A skeleton crew tonight, what Jim still needs to continue his recovery, another security alert involving Al Qaeda and trains in the New York area, ongoing turmoil in Mumbai, the proliferation of cell phones causes problems at the nation's prisons, cell phone sniffing dogs, various ways of possibly solving the problem, Cellular On Wheels, certain regulations surrounding .gov domains, what is all about, looking for a similar site for the Democrats, a project to get, Barack Obama's phone records are accessed without authorization by Verizon employees, ways phone companies should protect customer privacy, a list of members of the British National Party is posted online by a former member, a listener writes in with a problem involving cataloguing sex workers, Swisscom implements a special tone to indicate when people are calling a cell phone, some instances of posing for the Google Street View camera in Pittsburgh, the "perfect phone call," a strange story about passwords involving the word "pants" from England, more on digital television.

  45. A large crowd tonight, Tiffany Rad is in town again, the holiday book fair is in full swing at the station, Russian hackers are alleged to have penetrated the Pentagon, rewriting history, what a zombie is, Redhackt now has an iPhone, what a honeypot is, feedback to the .gov discussion of last week, the existence of, the debut of Dot Gov of the Week, this week's focus is on, analyzing some of the comments in the government blog, a decision is reached in a cyber-bullying case, Bernie and Tiffany explain how everyone has violated terms of service at some point, making fake boarding passes under the name of Osama bin Laden, questioning whether the MySpace case was an appropriate use of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, how the case could have been handled differently, a bizarre case of a mixup involving harassing email, Tiffany describes a project she's working on involving accessing computers inside cars, the advantages of being able to read computer codes in cars, how to get out of cell phone contracts.

  46. One of two shows in an emergency fundraiser, a student is punished for sending a mass mailing to professors at Michigan State University, analyzing the arrest of SIM card salesmen in India in the wake of the terrorist acts in Mumbai, the legitimate reasons for wanting an anonymous phone card, Dot Gov of the Week: focuses on teenage drinking and peer pressure, ways to say no, excerpts from Dear Ashley, a rundown of special premiums being offered, the history of the radio station, what WBAI could be replaced with if it goes under, the absurdity of commercial radio, the advantages of becoming a WBAI member, more people are needed in the tally room, the danger to the WBAI frequency, the sad story of WNYC-TV, the large amounts of shows at the station.  This show includes fundraising.

  47. Bicycle Mark is in from Amsterdam, looking forward to the CCC, how a really cheap train ticket was obtained from Amsterdam to Berlin, a Barack Obama train event is planned for Philadelphia, what the train ride to Washington DC will be like, the potential of mass transit improvements with the new administration, Emmanuel gets an invitation to a congressman's swearing-in ceremony, the tradition of shoe throwing, Bernie describes the Army Experience Center in Philadelphia, a good response to the fundraiser last week, what is unique about the program and the station, next week will be a special 20 year retrospective, the relevance of the station and what WBAI is doing, Bernie describes a momentous event that's about to occur on a Philadelphia television station, a simulcast of the WHYY test, debating whether or not the transmitter will actually be shut off, where the digital conversion is likely to hurt, Dot Gov of the Week:, the MTA discontinues a program to put cameras in buses, how school buses can give tickets to motorists, naming kids after constellations, citizens in Estonia will be able to vote by mobile phone in 2011.  This show includes fundraising.

  48. A clip show that features highlights from the 20 years of the program.

  49. Redhackt is engineering tonight, Emmanuel is in Berlin but has been disconnected, word of a website rating system in store for England, Emmanuel has been tracked down on a rooftop in Berlin, the sounds of fireworks, introducing some of the people on the roof, Bre Pettis describes the scene from Berlin, lighting bottle rockets and firecrackers, an update on a proposed nationwide WiFi network, Jason Hartley and Josh Fox from the Surrender play are the guests, the unique perspective the play offers to participants, Jason describes the blog he ran while in the military, the type of connectivity that was available during training and in Iraq, information on the Just Another Soldier book and blog, Josh describes how Surrender was developed, how a scene for a film in Brooklyn was raided by the cops, how Notkevin became part of Surrender, Juintz describes his participation, Jason discusses how he got expelled from school for starting an underground newspaper, how a rebel can also become a soldier, more on the virtual reality theme park in Philadelphia run by the military, the issue of recruiters lying and how that was worked into Surrender, the low tech methods of making military ID cards, Josh's new project involving energy, Emmanuel gives an update on the Chaos Communication Congress which just concluded in Berlin, Toorcamp and HAR will be two hacker camp events taking place in 2009.

Off The Hook - 2009

  1. Emmanuel and Mitch Altman return from Berlin, how Mitch got involved with the Chaos Communication Congress, comparing New Year's experiences, Emmanuel describes his experience being interrogated upon reentering the country, Bernie's experience with golden nematodes, how Emmanuel's computer almost did him in during his interrogation, why people shouldn't allow customs officials to access their computers, the one thing that the customs people overlooked, Mitch will be appearing on Make TV, where that program can be seen, Dot Gov of the Week:, facts about money, Mitch has counterfeit "garlic bills," the issue of bill size in American currency, playing a game on money facts, the digital television converter program has run out of money, confusion as to just what will happen after the cutover in February, the one forbidden UHF television channel number, an update on premiums, questioning whether it's a requirement to carry identification, the Hotel Pennsylvania may still be threatened with demolition.

  2. Problems with a promo, the last show under the Bush administration, Packrat is in the studio, Bernie describes an upcoming Obama train event that will start in Philadelphia on Saturday, optimism for the potential new FCC chief, the fate of all of the email addresses on Obama's mailing list, defining the campaign as grass roots, the ease with which people can be signed up to the Obama mailing list, a tribute to Patrick McGoohan of The Prisoner who has passed away, news on the new ESTA program affecting visitors to the United States, a new move to ban hands-free cell phones during driving, wondering how such a law could be enforced, the danger of overregulation, more on the cutover to digital television, questioning the actual motivation behind the switch, how the idea of an expanded FM dial appears to have been killed, Mike has a problem with his cell phone being shut off by a mysterious system, hacking the Muni parking system, a question about a countdown clock on the $2600 site, a listener has problems with a digital converter box, an unusual song related to phones.

  3. A recap of the last few days that encompassed the inauguration of Barack Obama, Emmanuel's contempt for rush hour commuters, how Emmanuel manages to always arrive at the station at the same time, oddities with trains, Bernie reports on the special train event involving Obama and Joe Biden last weekend, Emmanuel's adventure walking through Marcus Hook, an interaction with a Sunoco cop, Bernie describes some of the security measures in place by the train tracks, the "sacrificial" train, seeing a bit of history, what happened in Wilmington, an incredible amount of Obama merchandise being sold, a satellite image of Washington DC is making the rounds, the overwhelmingly positive feeling over the past couple of days, how Packrat was able to get Emmanuel and Volt4ire into an inaugural ball, staying up for the parade, the various types of military people that were present, how cell phones worked in the area, Verizon works on the Metro in Washington DC, CNN's experiment with cell phones, word of the closing of New York hacker gathering "Around the Clock."

  4. More on the possible extension of the digital television cutover, questioning who would be hurt by a delay, the possibility of blocking WiFi signals with paint, Emmanuel is told to change his username by the same bank that insisted he use an insecure one, Steve Rambam is in the studio to talk about MySpace, the issue of registered sex offenders openly using MySpace with their real names, the difference between borderline cases and serious cases, what MySpace is alleged to have done with a list of offenders, the connection with Sentinel Tech, the possibility of prosecution by various states against MySpace for their actions, how to verify the identity of a MySpace user, why Steve thinks the Lori Drew case was badly prosecuted, some examples of MySpace pages Steve has found, what makes MySpace worse than Facebook, Steve explains what crime he believes MySpace is guilty of, how the original case involving a company called Blue China came to be, how a list of MySpace usernames and passwords was obtained, the lawsuit MySpace filed against Blue China for spamming, why people need to be responsible with the information they give out on social networking sites, next week will be the start of fundraising.

  5. Notkevin returns after his performance run in Surrender, what was significant about the show, Redhackt arrives with food, a new Josh Fox film is premiering tonight, this is a fundraising show, special pre-assembled brain machines are being made available tonight, every week will feature a different set of premiums, how to watch The Prisoner for free on the Internet, what has happened to the Dot Gov of the Week feature, Mitch Altman is on to discuss the new brain machines, Volt4ire tries using a brain machine live on the air, how children can also use brain machines, some feedback to the recent show on the inauguration, the impossibility of being completely objective, criticism of the show from a decade ago, Volt4ire describes what the brain machine was like, an update on prior premiums, feedback to the show on sex offenders on MySpace, why it's important to discuss controversial topics rather than avoid them, more on the digital television conversion, Redhackt explains why people need to get over it, debating the issues, Emmanuel discusses a planned change in AT&T Mobility service that will render all of their customers' phones useless in a few months, questioning whether this is fair treatment of their customers, Emmanuel reveals that the story is a hoax he devised to parallel the digital television transition, comparing pledge amounts to everyday expenses.  This show includes fundraising.

  6. A large crowd in the studio tonight, a visit from Alex who has been practicing law, Carol Long from Wiley Publishing is in the studio, the show did well last week, Bernie reports on ShmooCon in Washington DC, some of the upcoming hacker events, how Americans can pre-register for HAR, Redhackt has difficulty with the microphone, a disturbing proposal from Senator Dianne Feinstein, controversy involving a famous picture of Barack Obama, Alex describes the four elements of fair use, Rob's feelings as an artist on the issue, what a transformative image is, a teacher is sentenced to six and a half years in prison for possession of child pornography, other objectionable images that are readily available without penalty, why Emmanuel thinks this is unfair, why controversial topics like this are important to discuss on the radio, checking to confirm that there are enough volunteers, sending people down to the tally room, there is a brand new edition of the The Best of $2600 book, some of the extra features in the new collector's edition, describing the cover, Carol discusses some of the other "value adds" in this version, how the book likely wouldn't have ever happened were it not for the radio station, an appeal from everyone in the studio to call and support WBAI, some of the history of the station, Carol describes how the new book was received at yesterday's Microsoft event in Massachusetts, Alex remembers the FCC vs. Pacifica, a final rundown of premiums.  This show includes fundraising.

  7. A slow version of the theme, a controversy involving Facebook claiming ownership of user content, issues of ownership on other social networking sites, a congressman Twitters sensitive information about a trip to Iraq, the Director of National Intelligence plays down the threat of "disruptive cyber activities," Emmanuel cites "24" as an authoritative source, nanotech surveillance in the form of "dragonflies," the potential applications of these devices, more on convictions for possession of objectionable images, soliciting sex from undercover agents, the practice of "sexting," a decision affecting privacy rights for Canadians on the Internet, a number of analog television stations have already gone off the air, Bill Pollock from No Starch Press is the guest tonight along with authors Jim Kelly and Jonathan Daudelin, what the First LEGO League is all about, the appeal of LEGOS to people in the hacker community, the two LEGO books being offered tonight, what inspired the authors, how children are attracted to the LEGO culture, people to thank, a phone song for kids.  This show includes fundraising.

  8. This is the final week of the fundraiser, the show has done very well this time around, a special program featuring activist Reverend Billy, what the message of anti-shopping is all about, the issues of consumerism, the meaning of Buy Nothing Day, a recent victory involving Reverend Billy's church and a parody website, what the website was all about, the significance of Union Square, what's involved in exorcising Starbucks cash registers, the act of putting nipples on the Starbucks mermaid, Reverend Billy's choir, a selection from one of his CDs, describing what is being offered tonight, adventures in the Disneyland jail, how the Internet has been effective for political action, the infamous Starbucks memo concerning Reverend Billy, an announcement on Reverend Billy's mayoral campaign is set for Sunday, another selection from a Reverend Billy CD, Savitri D. is on the phone to discuss the Union Square Partnership lawsuit that was filed against her, how the Electronic Frontier Foundation helped with the case, why this case was significant, thanks to the people who have pledged so far, what would likely be on the air if WBAI wasn't around, another selection from a Reverend Billy CD.  This show includes fundraising.

  9. The fundraiser is over, the show did very well overall, the Pirate Bay trial concludes, an interesting analogy by one of the industry lawyers, the latest in a case involving a man being forced to decrypt his computer for the authorities, advice for people crossing borders, the Finnish parliament pushes a new law that would allow employers to get traffic information on employees' email, how this differs from current law in the States, Dot Gov of the Week:, controversy involving illegal ring tones in Tibet, a Facebook user sues Facebook and people who allegedly said bad things about her, why it's a bad idea to take such things seriously, the "Camera Phone Predator Alert Act" would make it mandatory for camera phones to make an audible noise when taking pictures, how this bill came to be, Verizon's "wireless parenting" plan, new developments with electronic voting machines in Germany, a 15-year-old impersonates a cop for a full day in Chicago, a new service to supposedly protect stolen laptops, upcoming events, ideas for offensive ring tones, an update on Hacking at Random.

  10. Renderman is visiting from Canada after having been to Norway, how Renderman's face was injected into various wireless connections, the SWL Fest is coming up this weekend, the show is back on shortwave via WBCQ, a report on pirate radio stations in England, disputing issues of safety, T-Mobile succeeds in preventing the resale of prepaid phones, a report of doctors forcing patients to agree not to criticize them online, feedback on the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act, Gus joins the discussion on the issue of certain things being erased from the net, Dot Gov of the Week: a children's page on Y2K from, additional charges are filed against the person who hacked into Sarah Palin's email account last year, a man runs up a huge bill on his phone while watching a football game on a cruise ship that was docked, who should be held ultimately responsible, some words on MagicJack, how wireless connectivity works on long distance buses, it's the 133rd anniversary of the first telephone call, a phone-related bit from 1913.

  11. Bernie's true story about robots chasing aliens in tunnels, a laser gun is being developed to kill mosquitoes, a prosthetic finger has an USB device attached to it, a documentary maker intends to use a camera in a prosthetic eye, a Facebook page is targeted in a court case, a proposed law in Georgia against teen use of cell phones while driving, Dot Gov of the Week: an update on with a poem about a "wytookie" and the clandestine service section of, Nick Farr arrives from Washington D.C. to explain a word, a crowd of Germans arrive in the studio, a tennis player learns about objects banned on planes, a long sentence for downloading child pornography from a website, clarification on how the pledge drives work, more on possible cell phone double billing, a new way of getting music for free while in a store, a caller has a problem with his line being tapped into.

  12. A new move to outlaw the practice of spoofing, how spoofing works, violent video games are targeted in Germany after a mass shooting, a number of hacker events are scheduled for this year, Koen Martens discusses what Hacking At Random will be all about, the various tracks that will be offered, how the community is built, why people should go, how to become a speaker or volunteer, Hikari explains how ToorCamp came into being, the first American hacker camp will be held in an abandoned Titan missile silo, how various campsites representing parts of the hacker community will exist at ToorCamp, how it was considered impossible for a hacker camp event to take place in the States, how transit will work, ways in which people can become speakers or volunteers, Froggy from Notacon in Cleveland discusses the upcoming conference in April, some of the events that will be taking place, how to obtain discounted tickets.

  13. A strange station identification, dead air, the surprise debut of Country 99.5, country music for a full 17 minutes, the format change is revealed to be a hoax, the conversation turns to sports, the Knicks' chances this year, "Bernie" describes his experience at the new Citi Field, the Phillies have only won the World Series twice, dissatisfaction with some aspects of the new stadiums in New York, Rob bemoans the loss of Shea Stadium, the weirdness of having two Yankee Stadiums, Redhackt and Mike give updates and predictions on Formula One, some of today's World Cup qualifier results, another brilliant flash throws the show into another mode, time appears to have been lost, the coming of Acronym Day and how it will affect three-letter agencies, a new list of words to be banned on the radio at the request of the TSA, debate over whether this is a good idea, the upcoming digital radio cutover, an example of what it will sound like after the transition, the new "" domain that will replace ".gov," the widespread effects of the Conficker worm, another flash, trying to take phone calls, the effects the flashes are having, how the station could disappear in a second.

  14. Details on what happened with the country music escapade last week, what some of the feedback was like, Bernie discusses HD radio, an opportunity to get ahold of a signed copy of the collector's edition of The Best of $2600, the story of a kid who confessed to a burglary by accident over his cell phone, Dot Ret's new Android phone, why Emmanuel wants to stick with T-Mobile, Emmanuel is going to be taking a trip to Canada, an appeal for a decent cell service plan while traveling in Canada, various people from the show will be at Notacon in Cleveland, there is a list of hacker spaces in the latest $2600, a way to report websites that criticize the Thai monarchy through, how it's relatively easy to come up with a phrase in a domain name, parents in China accused of cheating to get their children into a school, plans for airline access to the net, new ways of tracking vehicles with various bits of technology, North Korea claims to have successfully launched a communications satellite, Lazlow joins the discussion and discloses how the country music hoax was produced last week, how a Pacifica action shortly after the show seemed to mirror the hoax, how easy it is to program a commercial radio station, the diversity of radio in England, some ideas on how to make radio more interesting.

  15. Emmanuel is in Dayton, the friendliness of people in Ohio, ways of celebrating Kim Il Sung's birthday, some of the northern Ontario towns Emmanuel passed through on his way to Wisconsin and Ohio, more trouble at the border entering Michigan, the concept of having different names on credit cards, Redhackt's story of a Captain Kangaroo credit card, what Emmanuel learned about ketchup in Canada, Emmanuel's first use of Twitter while traveling and how it came in handy, a Twitter worm is loose, a new study indicates that services such as Twitter numb people's sensitivity, controversy involving book ratings on Amazon, Emmanuel's impressions of XM radio, a British official accidentally releases classified information by carrying documents in front of photographers, Russian and Chinese hackers are accused of trying to access the United States electrical grid, restrictions on travel to Cuba are loosened, the significance of this action, a troubling move by the Obama administration on illegal wiretapping, Kurt Opsahl from the Electronic Frontier Foundation analyzes this move, how people can get involved in opposing this, trying to figure out what actually happened, the coming release of memos on "torture" under the Bush administration.

  16. The show wasn't supposed to be on tonight, there is no material prepared, the program will consist of mostly phone calls, Bernie and Emmanuel attended this year's Notacon, Bernie describes the demo party scene, the importance of the recent Pirate Bay decision in Sweden, a strong quote from the defendants, other types of pirates, Rob stayed home because of the Bolivian president, Bernie describes the series of graphic novels that have been inspired by Off The Hook, a caller has a problem with a disconnected phone, Notkevin tries to pick phone calls, the Pirate Bay site is still up, facts about, the Kindle controversy with the Author's Guild, an update on Jim's progress, Mitch Altman is in town, Mitch describes a workshop he's involved in with learning disabled kids, what Mitch will be up to in the weeks ahead, a cave abandoned by the NSA, a caller's case of Caller ID spoofing, how to encourage reporters to get the story right.

  17. New reports of hacker incursions, what constitutes a record, Rob explains what the SAM 26000 was, attacks against NYPD computers, TSA agents will be replacing police searching bags in the New York City subway system, a magical string that represents an MD5 hash for the word "password," a kid is able to order a box of standardized tests, Nokia 1100 phones seem to be in great demand for some reason, how these phones might be used to commit fraud, FBI employees are accused of spying on teenage girls undressing at a mall, Dot Gov of the Week:, trying to create a chemical reaction, a surprising sentence in the Al Manar case, listener experiences at border crossings, how iodine has become a forbidden substance, a caller discusses what it was like to cross the American border from Mexico, opinions on the swine flu issue, life in Mexico City during the current crisis.

  18. It's the first week of the spring fundraiser, Bernie gives a preview of the Dayton Hamvention, it's National Train Week, why hackers are attracted to trains, a failing grade for the terrorist watch list, a list of least wanted people is published by the U.K., a lawsuit is underway against Blockbuster Video for invading customers' privacy through Facebook, what the Beacon application was, questions about access to a Facebook account of a missing professor in Japan, author Ed Piskor talks about his two graphic novels that were inspired by Off The Hook, the story of Wizzywig, what is being offered tonight, an excerpt of Wizzywig, how the financial crisis is affecting radio, Gus shares her impressions of the book, Ed tells how the radio show changed his life and led to the creation of the graphic novel series, why the station needs to survive.  This show includes fundraising.

  19. A skeleton crew during tonight's fundraiser, Bernie is on his way to the Dayton Hamvention, Emmanuel isn't going to make it there this year, the show made over $2000 in a single hour last week, Nick Farr is on from Vienna, what the SIGINT conference is all about, what Nick will be speaking on, the very special premium being offered tonight, the importance of the Hackers on a Plane project, Jason Scott describes the bulletin board archiving project he's involved with, an excerpt from his film: BBS: The Documentary, what's significant about this film, an update on previous fundraisers, another excerpt from the documentary, how WBAI's existence is an act of hacking.  This show includes fundraising.

  20. Bernie describes what the Dayton Hamvention was like this year, a special deal this week involving Notacon DVDs, an excerpt from this year's Notacon on "hacking cognition," the subject of smart drugs, the Off The Hook archive is also being offered tonight, an excerpt from a Notacon panel on the mass media, recalling the April 1st show where the end of WBAI was foretold, the possibility of country music gaining a spot on the FM dial in New York, the threat to classical radio station WQXR, Bernie is overpowered by country music, there are over 100 programs on WBAI, why it's OK to disagree with what's on the radio, why local radio is so much better than satellite radio, a plea for people power, the effect the country music prank had on the listeners, a letter from an anonymous donor, an appeal to a hacker runaway, the special ticket to HAR has been pledged for, an excerpt from the demo scene competition at Notacon.  This show includes fundraising.

  21. This is the last night of the fundraiser for the show, the station has been doing well overall, a premium that hasn't been offered in a while is being offered tonight, the phone bells take over, Bernie details the value of the $2600 back issues, Bernie uses MF tones to demonstrate the phone number, some of the other good shows that appear on WBAI, what Democracy Now is all about, the threat that WBAI always faces, the passion that goes behind nearly every show on the station, how people on Off The Hook donate to WBAI, how the letters section is one of the highlights of $2600, Volt4ire explains how listening to Off The Hook got him listening to other shows and involved in activism, thanks to the listeners, there's some kind of crazy dance going on in the station, the Discover card is not accepted at WBAI, the issue of cell phones in prisons, a case of identity theft involving a SpoofCard, demonstrating the SpoofCard on the air, how $2600 is able to protect people from making foolish decisions, Mike calls in using the SpoofCard and altering his voice, a final push.  This show includes fundraising.

  22. The fundraiser went well, thanking everyone who pledged over the past month, a story involving police battling a phone company that won't give the location of a customer who's behind on his bill, dialing #door on a Verizon phone, the hypocrisy of famous people objecting to using Twitter for a reality show, people who announced to the world via social networking that they were going on vacation have their house robbed, Obama appoints a cybersecurity czar and makes inaccurate remarks about hackers, Lee Tien from the Electronic Frontier Foundation describes his role in the report, the pitch for open source code, the unprecedented emphasis on civil liberties and privacy, Obama's commitment to net neutrality, Corynne McSherry describes her teaching curriculum for schools on copyright, Gus gives examples of pro-copyright curriculum, how teachers can use Corynne's lesson plan, what kids are being taught in the mainstream regarding copyright, what constitutes fair use, an example of some questions posed to students in the curriculum, Gus promotes The Media Show.

  23. The digital television cutover is almost here, Bernie discusses the potential hardships ahead, a member of the Anonymous group is charged for a distributed denial of service attack, technology to track wandering Alzheimer's patients, ways this technology could be used for other purposes, an alleged hack at T-Mobile, Jeff Moss of Defcon joins the Homeland Security Advisory Council, Mike trips while trying to reconnect Bernie, the issue of surveillance cameras, debating the issue of teenagers becoming addicted to texting, remembering pagers, paying for ring tones, people who put all kinds of private info into public messages, a quick poll of how many text messages were sent by people in the studio.

  24. A celebration as North Korea qualifies for the World Cup for the first time since 1966, Bernie is in Plattsburgh after an unsuccessful attempt to enter Canada, Bernie's experiences with the border guards, the digital television cutover has been completed, some of the aftermath, Gus describes the role of Twitter in the Iranian uprising, the risk of believing whatever is posted on a social networking site, tactics being used to get the word out, more on the North Korean triumph, a call from Rebel who claims to have had a Twitter account since 1999, more on digital television, Verizon gets ready to start a news station to promote FIOS, facts about 87.7 FM in New York, the prospect of military surveillance satellite access.

  25. The latest on Bernie's problem getting into Canada, the reasoning behind changing your Twitter time zone to match that of Tehran, Redhackt tells why it's pointless to change the color of your avatar, questioning whether tags are effective, media that is blocked in Iran, Bernie discusses ways around the existing communications infrastructure, FlyClear goes out of business, an update on the case of an alleged music swapper, attorney Ray Beckerman and attorney Joe Sibley join the conversation, discussion on how the case should have been handled, the effect this will have on the recording industry, what Media Sentry is, how people can get involved.

  26. Emmanuel is in Moses Lake, Washington where ToorCamp is about to be held, coordinator David discusses what was involved in putting together the first American hacker camp, describing the abandoned missile silo that is a part of the site, what happened when a dust devil came through recently, the expected attendance, how the missile silo site was obtained, the environment inside the silo, how the Chaos Communication Camp helped to inspire ToorCamp, a mysterious object approaches the campsite, Moses Lake Airport is an alternative landing site for the space shuttle, some of the events that will be happening at the campground, Adam Savage uses his Twitter account to fight an $11,000 phone bill, how it's possible for this to happen to anyone, Nick Farr joins the conversation from somewhere in rural Washington State, encouraging people to get involved in the Hackers on a Plane project later this summer, some of the deadlines involved, encouraging people to attend HAR in August, how people can quickly obtain passports, an example of how a story of a kidnapped reporter was kept off of Wikipedia at the request of The New York Times, an update from Austria on the hacker scene, what to expect from PlumberCon this summer, there are $2600 meetings this Friday.

  27. Emmanuel reports back from ToorCamp, why he's still wearing a hard hat, a description of the silo tour, how common sense prevailed at the camp, the original purpose of the missile silo, the small village of Odessa, ideas on where the next hacker gathering should be, examples of some of the talks at ToorCamp, what Hackerbot Labs did, various encounters with wildlife, North Korea is being accused of a cybercrime, why the evidence is flimsy at best, a couple is sentenced to prison for distributing obscene material through, memories of the Amateur Action case of years ago, the absurdity of cases like this, a story involving ring tones and copyright law, the wife of an intelligence officer in England compromises his security via Facebook, Emmanuel's experience with a hostile company that almost fell for credit card fraud, an epic case of cluelessness and social engineering, the inability of people to not believe anything they're told, the last four phone booths of Manhattan, the year long phone song feature is almost at its end.

  28. Mitch Altman will be in the studio tonight, Koen is on from Holland to discuss the upcoming Hacking At Random conference, the last chance to get discounted tickets, Bernie explains why these conferences are so important to attend, almost everyone from the show will be at HAR, when attendees can show up, this will be Mitch's first Dutch conference, language issues, the kinds of people who are expected to attend, "Club-Mate Day" is this Saturday, what Club-Mate is all about, Mitch gives an update on the brain machines from a previous fundraiser, identifying people by IPs, ways consumers can protect their privacy, a California community wants to record the license plates of anyone entering their neighborhood, Matt from the Free Software Foundation discusses what it means to be an intern at the FSF, a secret program inside the CIA is ended after the new CIA boss finds out about it, a controversial quote on the FISA court from the Bush administration back in 2004, the color coded terror alert system is itself at risk, this is the last night of phone-related songs, a possible way of defeating license plate detectors, the reason why populations are kept in fear.

  29. Emmanuel reads a strange piece of spam involving armored cars, Bernie recalls encountering such a vehicle at the airport in Switzerland, calling the company involved, is caught asking for users' email passwords, Volt4ire explains how this is common practice, words of advice to listeners writing letters, how people may still be able to get tickets to HAR which is now sold out, Mike calls for more hate mail, how an angry caller was charged with making a terroristic threat, how Emmanuel has used such threats in the past to stop telemarketers, SMS jokes about the Pakistani president can lead to prison time, pepper spray is used as a defensive measure in certain South African ATMs, cops in New York City still use typewriters instead of computers, Emmanuel and Volt4ire participated in Club-Mate Day over the weekend, ClearChannel donates radio stations to minority groups, commercial radio stations that ask for listener donations, the upcoming fate of New York City classical station WQXR, Bernie announces a Hacktory open house, George Orwell books disappear from Kindles, the fate of Pulse FM in New York, more on using Channel 6 for FM broadcasting.

  30. The show is coming from a different studio tonight, a skeleton crew supposedly because of rain, next week will be interesting as most of the staff will be traveling, Mike will be in Morocco next week, where Emmanuel plans to be, Emmanuel's scare listening to WBAI the other night, Redhackt finds the new studio, an announcement from the HAR people concerning the unavailability of additional tickets, the case of a woman being sued for tweeting about a moldy apartment, students are forced to give their Facebook passwords to teachers, Emmanuel's strange problem with a Metrocard, the Department of Homeland Security has launched a YouTube channel, British Columbia rules that scanning personal information of nightclub customers is illegal, James Grimmelmann discusses the upcoming Google Books seattlement and why it's a bad idea, why people should care, what the Public Index is, a song by Rob T. Firefly.

  31. Rob T. Firefly is engineering the show, Emmanuel and Volt4ire are in western Ireland, trouble with Emmanuel's signal, tracking down relatives in a pub, the challenge of driving in Ireland, trying to reach Mike in Morocco, this is a fundraising show, the show will be coming from HAR next week, Mike reports on the train system in Morocco, how the phones are being connected tonight, Mike is actually in a different 212 area code, Emmanuel tries to tell a story despite a lousy cell phone signal, CCTV surveillance comes to homes in the U.K., Bernie S. is on from MetaLab in Vienna, Astera discusses what PlumberCon is all about, what the expectations are, the show is coming from three different continents tonight, Mitch Altman discusses what Noisebridge is, how people can list hacker conferences in $2600.  This show includes fundraising.

  32. Difficulty reaching everyone overseas, a connection is established to the Netherlands and the HAR conference, Mike discusses his travels up until HAR, Juintz talks about his first hacker camp experience, Redhackt explains the phone system at HAR, Aldert is on hand to discuss what was involved in putting together the conference, some of the talks that will be taking place, the show made over $1,000 last week, trying to get calls for a special package this week, Johannes from Vienna describes the scene at the camp, the tradition of hacker spaces, a listener from Australia is on hand, Bernie is on his way to HAR from Germany, a report from the C4 hackerspace in Cologne, the latest with the Hackers on a Plane adventure.  This show includes fundraising.

  33. Emmanuel is in Glasgow this week, Volt4ire describes the HAR experience, how the conference actually had two different public phone networks, the large number of Off The Hook listeners who came to the camp, the dates for The Next HOPE have been announced, trying to reach Redhackt and Juintz in another part of Scotland, Rob explains what the "Streisand Effect" is, the story of a model who sued Google to track down an anonymous blogger, why anonymity scares the authorities, Emmanuel has been away from a TV set for a week, it's another fundraising show, why it's necessary to raise funds in this manner, Redhackt and Juintz are on from Islay, what haggis is, Redhackt discusses the controversial GSM talk, Bernie is currently going through customs while returning to the States, Mike describes the Wikileaks panel at HAR, what the "sheep gun" was all about, how different groups come together at the camps with their projects, mystery as to what has happened to Bernie, Mike's thoughts on how smoothly the Dutch hacker camp was run.  This show includes fundraising.

  34. A lot of people are in the studio tonight, it's Volt4ire's last show before moving to Washington DC, recalling last week's rather hectic show, what Bernie was up to last week at this time, Emmanuel's airport experience transferring between flights in Dublin, how the United States can be entered in Ireland, how a new security procedure at JFK may contain a significant gap, Redhackt's problem with a brain machine on an airplane in Scotland, Mitch Altman describes his experiences carrying large amounts of electronic equipment through airports, a strange airport security policy at Heathrow, the prevalence of cameras and other security devices in London, an ATM in England is changed to a Cockney dialect, some revelations about the Bush administration's tampering with security alerts to influence the 2004 election, the Chaos Computer Club announces that it will be releasing code capable of cracking GSM, Emmanuel takes exception to the use of the words "cracker" and "black hat," words on net neutrality from the new FCC, advice on prepay plans.

  35. Bernie discusses a Wyndham Hotel security breach that affected him, a revelation that the letter notifying Bernie of this was labeled with a promotional code, the effect of yesterday's Gmail outage, how it's getting harder to avoid using a web-based email client, dealing with phone bill surprises after returning from Europe, a summation of various calling techniques used by people while they were traveling, Emmanuel describes how he was ripped off by a company called Lebara in the Netherlands, Dot Gov of the Week:, browsing natural disasters by state, how Hurricane Katrina has been left out of the list of disasters on the FEMA site, a quiz for people in the studio, a disaster rap, advice on calling a number to block telemarketing calls to cell phones, some facts about Lifeline service, a year of computer-related songs begins tonight.

  36. An unsuccessful attempt to get Bernie onto a Skype connection, the show was originally going to be preempted tonight because of the Obama speech, evidence that the phones of the princes in England were hacked into, mysterious laptops are sent to elected officials, the new NTSB head forbids employees from using wireless devices while driving, debating how to deal with this and other safety issues, Evan Koblentz discusses the upcoming Vintage Computer Festival, what's anticipated this year and what has happened in the past, requiring people to identify themselves when posting on websites in China, the significance of the vocal opposition to this, what the "3" network is all about, a monitor question, the validity of ethical hacker training courses, an update on Lifeline service for cell phones, a petition for a posthumous apology to Alan Turing from the British government, ideas for E-Z Pass, more on the Google Books settlement, an Obama speech on health care is coming up next.

  37. A former employee of the U.S. Attorney's office is found guilty of identity fraud, discussing Bernie's birth certificate, a weird Twitter incident involving Obama and ABC, how the infamous Video Music Awards clip can't be found on YouTube, a training exercise by the Coast Guard on September 11th gets reported as a potential terrorist act by CNN, the radio frequency used by the Coast Guard in this incident, debate on whether CNN acted properly, how it's possible to text the police in the U.K., new voice recognition features, the idea of a text-only cell phone, mobile phones in Japan may soon be able to block illegally downloaded music, the varying degrees of flexibility available for people downloading music, ways YouTube may be able to find copyrighted audio, Mike gives an alternative to YouTube, the debate over the "right to repair," how it's become so difficult to get a new car fixed by an independent mechanic, the connection to other forms of technology, the show is preempted next week.

  38. A surprising story from Philadelphia that focuses on people taking pictures in train stations, how this spiraled out of control, surveillance is set up by property owners near the Mexican border to track down illegal aliens, an example of the crowd clearing noise used in Pittsburgh by the police recently, how the public should respond to something like this, Dot Gov of the Week:, a list of some recent earthquakes, news from the secretive U.S. Special Operations Command, what Google Wave is all about, some of the potential problems, what the hype is saying, why this is news, suggestions on how to deal with the Philadelphia situation.

  39. The sounds of progress in technology, a look at what's ahead for telephones from 1962, what LRAD is, the reality of starting your oven from a telephone, the FBI raids the home of a man who coordinated Twitter updates on police activity during recent demonstrations in Pittsburgh, the hypocrisy of the approach to Twitter by the authorities, attorney Marty Stolar joins the discussion as the representative of Elliot Madison, the description by the New York Post of the search as a "terror raid," the uniqueness of this particular case, the use of sealed search warrants as a tactic, the criminalization of the use of Twitter, how demonstrations seem to be testing grounds for new technology against crowds, the chilling effect this may have on future demonstrations, the RNC connection, what "hindering prosecution" refers to, the autumn fundraiser begins next week

  40. Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum from The Yes Men are in the studio, the recent release of a fake version of the New York Post, the reaction to commuters who were handed the newspaper during rush hour, Rupert Murdoch's reaction, what "Survivaballs" are all about, The Yes Men at HOPE, posing as a representative of the World Trade Organization, the site, The Yes Men book and comic book, who Reggie was, some of the various pranks that have been pulled, what was involved in putting out the fake copy of The New York Times, the goal of the project, putting too much faith in politicians, the Bhopal issue, a fake press release issued on behalf of Dow Chemical, what it was like to hack the BBC, how The Yes Men made Dow's stock price plummet by two billion dollars in an hour, where "The Yes Men Fix the World" is playing, how people can show their support, the Dow Chemical reaction to the fake story, what premiums are being offered tonight, what it costs to put out a fake newspaper, how to get into a conference by falsely representing organizations, some tips on doing similar things as The Yes Men do, what "job jacking" is, what the future holds, why WBAI is a precious resource.  This show includes fundraising.

  41. A repeat of the country music intro from April 1st, the value of commercial frequencies, the transition of WQXR and why that was a bad thing, trying to figure out how to reach Bernie in China, the history of New York radio, new $2600 polo shirts are being introduced and offered as premiums tonight, Bernie calls in from Shanghai, how people wind up paying for commercial radio, what trashing is all about, some more local radio history, The Yes Men are in the news again, former U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz was on Bernie's plane to China, the danger of country music coming to the frequency.  This show includes fundraising.

  42. Trying to call Bernie on his Sprint PCS phone in China, the return of Volt4ire, why he's chosen to take an indefinite leave from college, the importance of support structures, what Volt4ire's options are, more cases of surveillance in the U.K., the crime of singing in a store without a license, how this is a unique week with regard to time zones, an excerpt from the Off The Hook archives following the Martin Luther King Day crash of AT&T back in 1990, thoughts on NPR, another excerpt from 1999 concerning Y2K and the Clinton administration, more about the new $2600 polo shirts.  This show includes fundraising

  43. Bernie is jet lagged after getting back from China, the condition of the factories Bernie and Mitch Altman visited while in China, some of Bernie's impressions of surveillance in China, observations from Election Day, Mike's concern over mechanical voting machines, this is the last week of the fundraiser, Rob T. Firefly interviews Cory Doctorow, how Skype was used, Volt4ire describes Little Brother and Makers, Cory explains what the new book is all about, releasing the book for free on the net, how large and small presses differ on the issue, ensuring the future of the station, autographed books are being offered tonight, the station has raised about $600,000 since the fundraiser began, how Bernie was influenced by science fiction writers, Cory discusses copyright issues and audio books, the DRM issue, an interruption by a cuckoo clock, a final push for pledges before the conclusion of the interview, Cory's article in an old issue of $2600, Cory's educational experiences, how people have come to appreciate the Internet, Cory's upcoming "Makers" tour.  This show includes fundraising.

  44. Nick Farr is in town, Nick is organizing a Hackers on a Plane trip to Berlin this winter, why Berlin is a great place to be for New Year's, how people can get more information, what motivates Nick, the MakerBot project, printing three dimensional objects, creating human organs, what "Thingiverse" is, the latest on the Club-Mate project, people in the continental United States can now have Club-Mate delivered to them, a message to people who pledged during August, a disturbing new sound that's being added to police sirens around the country, debating the effectiveness of this development, Bernie's suggestion on how people can combat the sirens, a new sound device has been obtained by the Vancouver police in anticipation of the 2010 Olympics, the TSA has new methods of watching people in airports, The Yes Men are now being helped out by the EFF, a story involving Glenn Beck and an offensive domain name, a strange case involving Indymedia and a subpoena that included a gag order, what the government was actually asking for, the danger this kind of thing poses, the importance of supporting EFF, lessons to be learned, the importance of librarians.

  45. Bernie is suffering from the effects of smog after his recent trip to Beijing, various systems to detect if incoming travelers have infectious diseases, a Facebook status change gets a robbery suspect cleared, Rob T. Firefly reads the actual status update, questioning where IHOP is in Manhattan, the dictionary word of the year is "unfriend," Mike switches to Verizon to get one of the new Droid phones, some of the other strange words that have become widely used, Bernie has yet to join Facebook, various nicknames that aren't allowed on Facebook, memories of Major Hacking at Beyond HOPE, suspicions that Verizon is using sneaky tactics to win back customers, Steve Rambam was featured on CNN this week, the mysterious data charge that often shows up on Verizon Wireless customers' bills, transferring files from old computer systems and outdated formats, the ease of losing data over time, preserving photographs, the vast amount of pictures that are now being taken, the effects of a bank's power failure, a case of virtual vegetables, an unusual way of breaking out of a prison, free WiFi is shut down in an Ohio county after someone illegally downloads a movie, a call from Bulgaria, the status of WiFi in Belarus, a demonstration of a Pete Seeger song about escaping from prison, clarification on IHOP locations, reports of airports that scan licenses, the delay when tuning digital television channels.

  46. A new slogan for Philadelphia, Microsoft and News Corporation plot to remove indexing from Google, what Bing is, the potential historic development this represents, how to tell Google not to look at a site, Dot Ret discusses the potential risk to Google, ideas for saving the newspaper industry, the motivation of journalists, the story of a record company executive jailed for not sending a Twitter message to help disperse a mob in a Long Island mall, the possibility of sending alerts to video games, a Quebec woman loses benefits due to her Facebook pictures, feedback from Japan and Namibia, new identities are given to everyone on the show through a new service, what this application is good for, discussing how long CDs last, the problem with the new smart phones, a caller discusses age-related discrimination regarding technology, what GoodSearch is, the importance of having a land line, trying to figure out how many people have Internet access.

  47. Problems with the CD player, Bicycle Mark is in town, a Swedish hacker space in Malmo is raided by the police, how people can help, a development in the Google saga involving news content, how Google's policy is changing, an update on the Gary McKinnon extradition story, Bernie explains what McKinnon is alleged to have done, the story of the couple who crashed the White House state dinner, the parallel to what hackers do, the crime of lying to a federal officer, Sprint is alleged to have fulfilled eight million requests for customer GPS information, how news of this was released, surveillance methods that cities use to track automobile traffic, a demonstration of the Sprint toll-free corporate security service to request GPS tracking among other things, talking to a live representative to find out how the tracking system works, a new cell phone ban in Philadelphia includes bicycles and skateboards, more on what Google is doing, a caller claims to have complete archives of Emmanuel, 2600 meetings are taking place this Friday.

  48. Emmanuel is listed as one of the favorite hackers on a Discovery Channel blog, Google is developing the technology to identify images, the good and bad applications, why this is a significant development, a controversial comment by the Google CEO, undercover operations by police that use Facebook and similar sites, the TSA accidentally releases a document, how redacting was once again defeated, various classified and non-classified excerpts from the document, an update on the Sprint GPS controversy, the story of hacked email exposing a vast global conspiracy regarding climate change, how this story has been given undue attention, trying to explain how scientific theory works, a poll of how many people encrypt their email, debating the importance of leaked emails, how Google Goggle may work, more on global warming.

  49. An extra minute of the show, New York City is getting another area code, the difference between geographic area codes and overlays, how area codes used to work, memories of Mike Yuhas and his ability to memorize all of the area codes, wondering where area code 337 is, a local senator balks at turning off his cell phone on a flight, a church sticks a T-Mobile transmitter inside a cross, an article from 1997 about the possible dangers of using cell phones while driving, the difference in the use of cell phones over this time period, a discussion of how smart phones are creating problems with communications, the danger of not knowing URLs, the concept of cloud computing, the security issues involved with storing personal information on smart devices, how having more phones seems to have cut back on real communications, listener feedback to the global warming discussion, excerpts from the leaked emails, Dot Ret tries to explain the actual meaning behind the words, 22 million White House emails from the Bush administration are uncovered, an FBI guard gets a light sentence for spying on a changing room in a mall, a scam involving normal looking phone numbers that overcharge callers, a list of exchanges that charge more in some regions, trying to help a listener who was "hacked," final words on climate change.

  50. Emmanuel is in Paris, the various travel challenges he's encountered and avoided, the media frenzy involved in the latest Eurostar mishap, how Emmanuel inadvertently caused a stampede, Kyle describes his train adventures in Germany, navigating the Paris Metro, the sound of French sirens, Emmanuel and Kyle are headed for the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, the various Christmas villages that exist in Europe and how they differ from their counterparts in the States, Kyle describes how kids act differently in Europe, the scandal involving military drone data being accessed by outsiders, Bernie explains why this isn't a hacker story, Emmanuel realizes that the Wall Street Journal actually is owned by Rupert Murdoch, why the drone data isn't classified, putting pressure on cable and satellite providers to carry Al Jazeera English, Twitter is redirected in a similar manner to what happened to $2600 a couple of years ago, a report on teenagers disconnecting from Facebook and Twitter, new privacy options in Facebook, an article in Playboy focuses on an "expert" who convinced the Bush administration that Al Jazeera was transmitting information to terrori
  51. Emmanuel is on from Berlin where the Chaos Communication Congress has just ended, some of the highlights of the conference, Bernie reports on American media coverage of the conference, Mitch Altman discusses what he did this year, some of the things that were built in the hardware section, the growth of hacker spaces around the world, being called a geek and nerd, Bicycle Mark talks about where journalists stand, Far McKon discusses his first experience at a foreign hacker conference, what the hacker space scene in Philadelphia is like, how this year's conference actually encouraged people to stay away, Kyle talks about the wide variety of talks and activities that took place, what the angels are, Bicycle Mark describes what it was like to fly after the Christmas Day airline incident, some of the sillier TSA restrictions that have come out as a result of the incident, how was created to help come up with activities for passengers during restricted periods, wondering where the security failure occurred, looking forward to overseas air travel in the days ahead, a new high-speed train line opens in China, new technology in the New York City subway system, 11,000 bottles of Club Mate were consumed at the Chaos Communication Congress, witnessing the explosion of a Club Mate bottle, safety issues surrounding the body scanners at airports.

Off The Hook - 2010

  1. Emmanuel is in Frankfurt, Redhackt was in Las Vegas for New Year's, Kyle describes what it was like in Berlin for New Year's, the fireworks scene, Redhackt describes how New Year's festivities are similar in Houston to those in Europe, Emmanuel's two year quest to solve the mystery of the missing tracks at Hauptbahnhof comes to an end, Emmanuel and Kyle are watching Al Jazeera in Germany, Volt4ire was able to watch Al Jazeera English in Utah, the latest on body scanners in airports, there are more tips on how to pass restricted time on airplanes at, the frustration of getting a metro ticket in Prague, the nightmare Kyle and Emmanuel went through trying to leave the Czech Republic by bus, what visiting the Club Mate brewery was like, Kyle describes the manufacturing process, the hacker connection with Club Mate, how word gets out without any advertising, a 2010 software bug affects parts of Germany, Mike talks about the new voting machines coming to New York, advantages and disadvantages to the various systems, more thoughts on Al Jazeera.

  2. An extra minute amidst much confusion, Emmanuel is back in the studio, Mitch Altman and Bre Pettis are tonight's guests, the kinds of things that go on at NYC Resistor, there's now a blinking green light in the studio, what traveling back to the States was like, how more space is needed at the Chaos Communication Congress, Mitch describes his latest devices, how Emmanuel was victimized by one of these devices two weeks ago, the various hacker spaces in New York and Philadelphia, the trip to Club Mate headquarters, how people can make donations to the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti via text messages, Google declares war on China, what this move could mean, Bernie describes an interesting experience he and Mitch had while in China, the various means of accessing the net while in China, an update on premiums from HAR and Hacker Voice Digest, an update on Facebook privacy settings, a master password for Facebook, how to regain access to an account, problems listening to police broadcasts, Bre discusses the MakerBot project.

  3. A mob scene in the studio tonight, Tiffany Rad and Dan Kaminsky are the guests, what's on Dan's Wikipedia page, Dan explains his project exposing Sony infections via CD, why more infections of this sort occurred in Peru, Tiffany describes what she's up to in fighting the DMCA in the auto industry, Emmanuel doesn't want to hear the name of Massachusetts tonight, how mechanics can no longer fix a large number of cars because of restrictions, how these restrictions work, what could happen in the future if this sort of thing continues, Dan describes the various revolutions that are going on with these technological developments, an issue involving Lexus and Bluetooth, how to support the Right to Repair Act, black boxes in cars, Dan explains why "all code is crap until it isn't," how legalese is a tax on commerce, how OnStar can be hacked, Tiffany talks about the work involved in the Open Auto Project, how the DMCA is being used as a crutch for the market, who is behind the growing restrictions, how various worlds of technology are coming together over fights like this, how cars in other countries are affected by these developments, new cars are going to have Twitter feeds installed, improvements that car computers
  4. Italy is set to enact restrictions on uploading videos, ID will be required to ride trains in China, the Visa Waiver program is about to go into effect, some of the questions people will have to answer online, definition of moral turpitude, why it's important to not let this kind of thing discourage people from visiting for the HOPE conference in July, a ban on texting in various vehicles, loopholes in the law for both the trucking industry and ham radio people, a group of conservative activists infiltrate a Louisiana senator's office and target the telephone system, how ACORN was also infiltrated by one of the same people, debating whether using a bad law against people is ever justified, whether or not people have the right to record others, an update on the Swedish hacker space raid, addressing a repeat caller, an update on premiums, the winter fundraiser begins next week, a question about EAS alerts on a cable system, a Metrocard incident.

  5. It's a fundraising show, it's the 50th anniversary of the station this year, Wikileaks is shutting down temporarily, what Wikileaks is all about, a new study shows no real effect on car safety after handheld phone bans, how chili was the culprit that caused a truck to crash into a house, fingerprint scanning in a church in Poland, there are now brand new Off The Hook t-shirts, Rob describes his work in designing the new shirts, Ed Piskor has an update on the graphic novel Wizzywig series, how the story ties into the Kevin Mitnick saga, former WBAI comic book show host Ken Gale joins the discussion and gives his impressions of Wizzywig, the switchboard gets overwhelmed, the detail to attention in Ed's book, the possibility of the book being used as a tool for crime, people to thank.  This show includes fundraising.

  6. Killing time while the theme is loading, a blizzard hit the area today, the new Off The Hook DVDs are out, the premiums being offered tonight, daring to criticize Google, an excerpt from the archives where Emmanuel was arrested at the Republican Convention in 2004, the incredible advantage of having a place like WBAI to speak from, Mike and Emmanuel did a fundraising show from Cuba, some of the other milestones on the program, meeting listeners from around the world, an excerpt from 1995 after Emmanuel had a run-in with cops in North Carolina, an important court case will be taking place in Philadelphia, a last push for calls.  This show includes fundraising.

  7. The show was "un-preempted" last week but there wasn't enough time to put a program together, Jason Scott is in the studio, Jason discusses his project, the quickness with which things disappear, the diversity of items that Jason will collect, Gus describes her work putting together The Media Show, how a puppet show can deal with serious and relevant issues, an excerpt involving, how Emmanuel wound up on The Media Show, the danger of singing "Happy Birthday" in public, another excerpt from the show, the lessons that can be learned from the program, Jason discusses his brand new film, what the Get Lamp project is all about, the allure of text adventures, an excerpt from the film, Emmanuel wonders how the original text adventure actually ended, another excerpt from Get Lamp, the excitement that ASCII text can hold.  This show includes fundraising.

  8. An update on some of the overdue premiums, a scandal involving a Pennsylvania school district allegedly spying on students in their homes through school-issued laptops, questioning whether lawsuits are the best way forward, thinking of the children, a violent flash mob in Philadelphia causes controversy, Orwellian ways in which this kind of thing can be prevented, a criminal ring that resold concert tickets at a huge profit is broken up, questioning what specifically they did wrong, the charge of "exceeding authorized access to computers," how the "capcha" system may have been defeated, Topeka is renamed to Google, Emmanuel calls an operator in "Google, Kansas," WiFi will be available on Amtrak, good news out of Germany regarding data retention laws, Rob explains the "Streisand Effect," a town tries to charge for calls to 911, what happened during a recent network outage thanks to Verizon, donating old cell phones to charity, there are $2600 meetings this Friday.

  9. There's a big crowd in the studio tonight, Lexicon, Renderman, and Grey Frequency are on hand to talk about the upcoming HOPE conference, discounted room rates will be announced soon, Lexicon discusses some of the projects that will be at the conference, what Radio Statler is all about, the layout of the facilities that will be available, work is being done on badges for the conference, the HOPE Forums, the call for speakers is out, what is looked for in speakers, calls for projects and artists at the conference, why it's important to have a limit on the size of the crowd, Renderman describes how he met Grey Frequency at a previous HOPE conference, the ratio of sexes at conferences and how this has changed over the years, encouraging people from overseas to visit the country during HOPE, Renderman describes the international incident he inadvertently caused when returning from Norway, how to turn a potentially negative experience into something positive, a second "Club Mate Day" is announced for the first day of spring, the recent corporate war involving Disney and Cablevision, the opposite of Godwin's Law, a whole bunch of calls about cable television.

  10. It's St. Patrick's Day, a rundown of the many places to get updated information on the HOPE conference, discounted room rates are now available, a scandal in the city involving taxis systematically overcharging passengers, Foghorn describes the talk he gave at The Last HOPE on the New York City taxi system, how the "hack" term came into being, how the recently revealed taxi scam worked, a means of reconstructing previous rides, ideas for ways to compensate customers, clarification on Foghorn's name, Nick Fury describes the upcoming CarolinaCon conference, a rundown of some of the talks, Sarah Palin and her husband will be testifying against the person who managed to gain control of her Yahoo account, the amount of people who now get their news online, an idea to set up an account and see if the same level of prosecution can be achieved for a break-in as for Sarah Palin.

  11. A quarter of the kids in England have "tried hacking" according to news reports, using the term "hacked off," a law is proposed to outlaw spoofing Caller ID, who this is meant to affect, a racist remark over a Walmart PA system causes mayhem, the undue amount of press attention this story has gotten, an excerpt from Beyond HOPE in 1997 where the K-Mart PA system was accessed remotely from the conference, how social engineering works, a game show in France plays on contestant's reactions to having power over other people, the latest on the battle between Google and China, a ruling in a sexting case, the bizarre logic behind these prosecutions, how a new law could be used to target hacker spaces, the latest developments from Iceland, how Wikileaks is being targeted now as a result of this, what search engine optimization is all about and why it's a bad idea, advice on a caller's cell phone plan, it's Ada Lovelace Day.

  12. Tomorrow is April Fool's Day and nothing appears to be planned, the death of Justin Petersen, the significance of "Agent Steal" to the hacker community, remembering the famous CFP conference incident in Chicago involving Petersen, Bernie recalls some milestones, a web filtering service called Netspark is examined, an excerpt from a video on "quilting," the trend of moving everything to "the cloud," where censorware is used, more on Google's status in China, Redhackt describes how people can be identified on the net simply through their browser, a man in France is arrested for Twitter hacking, ways to protect yourself with challenge questions, another instance of "Twitter crime" involving the manager of a popular singer facing charges for not tweeting on command, a call for new laws in the wake of the Pennsylvania school laptop spying scandal, advice on illegal downloading, ways of detecting people through typing patterns, a plea to not go to the $2600 site for April Fool's Day, an invitation to musicians to submit songs about computers.

  13. Froggy is on to talk about the upcoming Notacon in Cleveland, some of the talks to look forward to, Bernie's plans for the conference, Julian Assange from Wikileaks will be in the studio tonight to discuss a just released video that's causing widespread controversy throughout the world, details of the video that shows U.S. military killing unarmed civilians and journalists, Julian describes the history of Wikileaks, recent troubles with PayPal, the link to the Chinese pro-democracy movement, Julian talks about the developing situation in Iceland, the public's reaction to the censorship of news in Iceland and how that wound up helping Wikileaks, the strong response to a threat by Scientology, the Wikileaks connection to the Sarah Palin Yahoo mail incident of 2008, how the perpetrator was ultimately identified, details of the video released this week, evidence of a cover-up, how hackers and computer professionals helped with the video's release, how to support Wikileaks, reaction by the mainstream media, examples of surveillance used on Wikileaks people, ways that contributors' identities are protected, the issue of steganography, similar videos are in the works, issues of net neutrality, ways to contribute leaks and funds to Wikileaks.

  14. Emmanuel tries to get the listeners to convince Redhackt the show will be starting earlier so that he'll be on time, Bernie is heading to Notacon while Emmanuel will be going to Eastern Europe, FYROM concerns, a cool feature of Google Maps, Julian Assange appears on The Colbert Report, a detailed rundown of what exactly happened with the $2600 site over April Fools Day, the formation of Successful Candidates of The Next HOPE, Volt4ire arrives late, a homegrown operating system called Red Star from North Korea, next year is the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birth, the Library of Congress has acquired the entire Twitter archive, trying to figure out everyone's total number of tweets, update on premiums, getting a virus on a phone, DSL problems in the Pacific Northwest, a caller has volume issues, a call for more talk submissions to The Next HOPE.

  15. Mitch Altman is in town, Emmanuel is in Zagreb, how the trip to the Balkans was affected by the volcano, the lack of high-speed rail in this country, there are only two tracks connecting Chicago to the East Coast, the challenge that was involved in getting over to Croatia, the various security challenges, Kyle describes how he and Emmanuel held up a flight in Prague, a question about pushbacks on small airplanes, the issue of x-raying film, problems with some websites in this part of Europe, a law is soon to be passed making Caller ID spoofing illegal, reasons why faking Caller ID is sometimes the right thing to do, some updates on the future of the Hotel Pennsylvania, a scandal involving 56,000 pictures taken of kids in their homes by a school district via laptops, the person who accessed Sarah Palin's email is facing 50 years in prison, rumors of a website that lists all sorts of private information, the TSA is getting involved in subway searches in New York, Julian Assange will be one of the keynote speakers at The Next HOPE, how to get involved in the conference, how communications can be improved, Mitch and Bernie discuss Notacon, Mitch is heading to Quahogcon in Rhode Island and Penguicon in Michigan.

  16. Emmanuel is in Sarajevo, Kyle and Emmanuel are at the very spot where World War One started, using a Bosnian SIM card, the challenge involved in connecting to the studio tonight, the saga of a lost developmental iPhone, visiting the spot of the marketplace massacre in Sarajevo, how Americans are perceived in Bosnia, Kyle describes some of the hacker spaces that have been visited so far, Kyle and Emmanuel are now at a World War Two eternal flame memorial, some of the issues Slovenians have with excessive bandwidth, some of the surprises found in the former Yugoslavia, looking forward to riding the historic train to Belgrade, asking for listener advice on how to get into Albania, the incredible connections that are being made with listeners in these countries, Kyle explains how Internet access was obtained on the streets of Split in the middle of the night, Renderman is on from Alberta to discuss a security vulnerability involving the New York City subway system and a photograph of a key, some of the more significant sites in Sarajevo and the effect the war had there, some discussion on new voting machines.

  17. Emmanuel is in Skopje, what the country is actually called by the natives, a rundown of all of the countries Kyle and Emmanuel have journeyed through in the last few weeks, why Emmanuel has always been fascinated with Albania, what it was like to actually venture into that country, Kyle describes Tirana, what was happening in the middle of the city on May Day, how a political demonstration was being covered in the media, an ATM misadventure, the hacker scene in Skopje, how to help people get to HOPE this summer, the various mind games being played in the former Yugoslavia, the strong military presence in Pristina, a verdict in the Sarah Palin email case, a bizarre case of an attempted bombing in Times Square, how the perpetrator was tracked down, a call for more surveillance cameras as a result of this incident, Emmanuel argues against the archiving of Twitter by the Library of Congress, Emmanuel offers the logs of the $2600 IRC server to the Library of Congress, a fundraiser is scheduled for next week when Emmanuel is back in the studio, new water department technology, there are $2600 meetings this Friday.

  18. Emmanuel is back in the States, Bernie is on his way to the Dayton Hamvention, the challenges of getting Club Mate across the country, Kyle's ordeal trying to not have his film x-rayed at airport security in Belgrade and Paris, this is the first show of the spring fundraiser, Rob describes the new Off The Hook t-shirts, a rundown of tonight's premiums, what can be learned by looking at back issues of $2600, a new type of premium, Redhackt's memories of prior issue highlights, Mike and Rob recount some of the history, the importance of keeping the radio station going despite any disagreements with what's on the air, plans for Dayton.  This show includes fundraising.

  19. What took place in Dayton this year, Dot Ret demonstrates a device that was obtained there, Kyle's phone purchase, Bernie's acquisition of a phone tapping device with over 100,000 voice messages, tales of Waffle House, how Club Mate was received in Dayton, Mitch Altman explains why the TV-B-Gone was invented, what the trip glasses are all about, what is being offered tonight, Kyle uses the trip glasses for the first time ever on the air, some of the rare shirts that have been uncovered which are being offered tonight, remembering how things used to be, Mitch describes the way the brain machine works, the show didn't do so well last week, Kyle comes out of the trip glass experience, the magic of radio as opposed to podcasts, trying to demonstrate the sound of the trip glasses, Emmanuel remembers an old method of playing with phones.  This show includes fundraising.

  20. Emmanuel is moving faster than normal, a press release concerning the AMD project at The Next HOPE, what the AMD data can be used for, a Seattle Club Mate Day has been planned for the first weekend of June, an excerpt from the Off The Hook archives in 2003 when war was about to break out in Iraq, what kinds of things are contained in the archives, what it's like to have soldiers in the streets, how some people listen to the archives, an excerpt from The Last HOPE DVD set focuses on insecurities with new voting systems, Notkevin describes the effect the show has had on him over the years.  This show includes fundraising.

  21. Remembering the Hindenburg, how technology was used in the recent flotilla incident off the coast of Israel, how Twitter could be used in such situations, the effectiveness of jamming, how the Israeli military was able to communicate while jamming all other signals, some disturbing news concerning the fate of the Hotel Pennsylvania, why people don't come to zoning meetings, what the hotel brings to the community, how Twitter can be used for this cause as well, an excerpt from the Off The Hook archives in 2000 when Kevin Mitnick had just been released from prison, why people should pledge, an excerpt from the Jello Biafra talk at The Last HOPE.  This show includes fundraising.

  22. This is the last fundraising show, the program won't be on next week but there will be a two hour edition on July 7, there is a brand new $2600 book about to come out, the book will be a compilation of letters to the editor, this is the first time ever that the show has done fundraising for five weeks in a row, some highlights from the book, how the letters show the changes in technology that have occurred over the years, a rundown of premiums, Bernie remembers a letter he wrote to $2600 back in the 1980s, a new controversy erupts as the identity of an alleged leaker to Wikileaks is revealed, the involvement of Adrian Lamo in turning in this person, how The Next HOPE is right in the middle of the entire controversy, the Internet war that has started between Wikileaks and Wired over all of this, trying to see things from different points of view, the danger of bragging, questioning how certain files were obtained, Bernie explains how someone with knowledge of a leak could themselves be prosecuted, how all of this may affect Julian Assange's appearance at The Next HOPE, NATO considers using military force against cyber attacks, registration for vendor tables at HOPE is now open.  This show includes fundraising.

  23. David Dolphin is visiting from Ireland, updates on the Wikileaks story, how the hacker world has been reacting to the dramatic developments, how all of this will be dealt with at The Next HOPE, what's disturbing about releasing 260,000 classified documents, the importance of keeping sources confidential, some of the interesting theories as to what is actually going on, a comparison to certain 9/11 documents, it's not against the law in the United States to leak secret information, some listener questions on the story, Travis Goodspeed describes what The Next HOPE badges will be capable of, what the visualizations will look like, some of the badge-related activity that will be at the conference, an update on the Hotel Pennsylvania situation, why it's important to have a big hotel next to a major train station, examining Vornado's true motives, what a "no action" building is, the odds of there being a hearing on the hotel right around the time of The Next HOPE, analysis of a article on the Wikileaks situation.

  24. How Pacifica has become very afraid of the law which prevents the theme from being played in full, Steve Rambam is in the studio, some of the investigators who will be joining Steve at The Next HOPE, looking forward to some of the talks this year, there are smart phone applications being released in conjunction with the conference, what the unscheduled track is all about, lightning rounds will be featured for the first time this year, how the Hackerspace village is growing, the AMD project, Steve demonstrates new software designed to give out all kinds of information about people, getting info on Mayor Bloomberg, how posts to Facebook and Twitter have been a boon to private investigators, Steve gives some hypothetical situations on how to collect information from cellular phone records, a call for volunteers for a privacy experiment at the conference, information that can be obtained by looking at digital photographs, the prevalence of dumb criminals, the issue of expunging records, how tracking by phone works, Steve will be giving a three hour talk at The Next HOPE, next week will be a two hour show.

  25. A special two hour edition, Kyle is back for The Next HOPE conference, certain deadlines are coming up, what people who pre-register get, Gus goes over some of the conference highlights, how vendors can participate, the issue of ratting people out in the hacker community, why it's important to confront the controversy head-on, debating how to fairly analyze the story, how Wikileaks touches the community, why it's advantageous to be at The Next HOPE even for a little while, Kyle's experiences with prior conferences, parallels to the Daniel Ellsberg case, Pete and Maggie from the Prometheus Radio Project are on the phone, the kinds of radio stations that Prometheus is helping to start, the upcoming Prometheus talk at this year's HOPE conference, what digital radio will mean, hypocrisy in the broadcasting world that prevents new voices from getting on the air, some WBAI election updates, TechDarko is in the studio to discuss Radio Statler at The Next HOPE, how this station will differ from last year's HAR FM, the existence of event radio permits in other parts of the world, the amateur radio activities that will be taking place at the conference this year, restrictions on amateur radio communications, Gus describes what it was like to be on the speaker committee for the conference, Kyle's upcoming talk on the Telephone Pioneers of America, refurbishing an old phone, what troublemen are, the concern over the next generation of telephone workers, parallels to phone phreak history, Bernie recollects some really early history in telephone development, Gus describes what the eight bit concerts at HOPE will be like, Rob's upcoming talk on $2600 meetings, how to see Cuba on television, how to find out the frequency "N2H" will be broadcasting on, bad news concerning the Hotel Pennsylvania hearing, Redhackt discusses the new ticket system, some theoretical scenarios, an interesting fact concerning an old Telephone Pioneers of America meeting in 1931, the dates for the next Chaos Communication Camp in Germany are announced, where the Club Mate shipment is at present.

  26. There is a full studio tonight on the show before The Next HOPE, Emmanuel is still in traffic, the air of anticipation tonight, conference setup begins tomorrow, Redhackt describes the ticketing technology, Mitch Altman has just arrived from Vienna, what is planned for the Hackerspace village, HOPE Number Six was Mitch's first hacker conference, Nikgod explains what is involved in constructing a radio station isolation booth for the conference, Emmanuel finally arrives, the new HOPE program guides are out, Mitch explains what circuit bending is, Kyle has the first badge, the first reactions, more people have preregistered for the conference than ever before, more bad news on the hotel front, Kyle describes an old pamphlet that has the proceedings of the 1931 Telephone Pioneers of America annual meeting which took place at the Hotel Pennsylvania, why HOPE is impossible, Lexicon discusses the plan for the two concerts at the conference, there are eight different acts scheduled, an invitation for vuvuzelas, what the lightning talks will be like, Bernie gives out the frequencies of the HOPE amateur radio station, there will be a ham radio license exam on Sunday at the conference, Micah and Andrew discuss various smart phone applications for HOPE, some anniversaries associated with The Next HOPE, Carol Long and Ashley Zurcher from Wiley discuss the new $2600 book, what some of the letters in the book were like, dispelling the black hat/white hat terminology, there will be a book signing at the conference, Notkevin discusses a Telephreak project, Bernie runs down a list of prize donators, final details.

  27. There is a huge amount of people in the studio, trying to get a legal ID out of the crowd, Phiber Optik is also in the studio, getting everyone to introduce themselves, Redhackt gives a report on how the new ticket system went, Mitch Altman and Nick Farr discuss the evolution of hacker spaces, how the volunteer system worked, Alessio from Italy describes his experience with the conference, John Harlacher describes the challenging job he had at the conference, John and Kyle discuss new camera technology, an overview of the concerts, how Radio Statler fared, QSL cards from the amateur radio station, Rob reports on the artwork associated with the conference, Phiber and Kyle describe their first experiences on a Segway, the challenging job of security, some of the other talk highlights, some of the fallout from the Wikileaks controversy, how the keynote speaker was safely gotten out of the building, four rooms were packed for the keynote, the hotly contested panel discussion on snitches that included Adrian Lamo, how the audience was a model for democratic discussion, what was gained from this discussion, how informants have always been a reality in the community, audio and video from the conference will be available soon.

  28. The president is in town and passing by the station, an update on the Gary McKinnon case, controversy over the extradition policy, wondering where information on UFOs is stored, more secret documents are released by Wikileaks, judging the overall impact of the latest leaks, why it's disturbing when Wikileaks is regarded by the media as being controlled by a single person, the audio and video of a limited number of HOPE talks are already available, a promising statement from the Library of Congress on jailbreaking iPhones and the DMCA, Mike reports on another significant DMCA case involving two corporations, a story about the closing of a mysterious village in the United Kingdom due to budget constraints, an interesting tale of Native Americans attempting to travel to England on tribal passports, Kyle is heading to a hacker camp in Holland, Emmanuel was on Democracy Now yesterday, the need for more Native American media, a text message from Bernie, more on why people leak information.

  29. Mike is in Vancouver, Gus talks about DebConf, what happens at a hackathon, Redhackt was in Finland last week, the proper pronunciation of Club Mate, broadband is now a basic right in Finland, the prevalence of broadband in other countries, tonight is another fundraising edition, Rob reads some of the highlights of Dear Hacker, what is being offered tonight, memories of the MPAA lawsuit, an excerpt from the Off The Hook archive from February 2000 shortly after the lawsuit had been filed, Rob describes the design of the new Off The Hook shirt, the difference between WBAI and other noncommercial stations, another excerpt from the archives in 1991 featuring phone phreak "Mr. French" who demonstrates different types of phone switches, the need for more calls tonight.  This show includes fundraising.

  30. A tie-in to a live feed from the ETH0 camp in Holland, the fundraiser did terribly last week, The Next HOPE DVDs are now available, an excerpt from a phone phreak talk at The Next HOPE which includes audio from 1960, a live connection to the Dutch radio station, Kyle describes what Binary Voice is all about from overseas, looking forward to the German camp next year, both stations are simulcasting, an endless loop, an excerpt from the informants panel discussion at The Next HOPE, encouraging people to call and support the station, what will be included in the various DVD packages, why people won't be able to get the premiums after the show is over, Nick Farr will be traveling across the country delivering Club Mate, a tribute to Ted Stevens.  This show includes fundraising.

  31. The fundraiser did really well last week, more controversy involving Wikileaks, an accusation by Wikileaks that Amnesty International is run by the U.S. government, the Swedish Pirate Party will be hosting servers for Wikileaks, the notion of redacting names from future leaks, why it's wrong to go after leakers instead of examining what the leaks reveal, the fate of the Sarah Palin hacker, an excerpt from Wikileaks representative Jacob Appelbaum's address at The Next HOPE, how it's convenient to not know the truth, countering the anti-Wikileaks arguments, the demise of KTRU in Houston, a final hearing is announced for next Monday to decide the fate of the Hotel Pennsylvania, how people can participate, news that the owners of the Empire State Building aren't happy with Vornado's plan, another excerpt from the informants panel discussion at The Next HOPE, a final push for calls, assessing Adrian Lamo's performance.  This show includes fundraising.

  32. Redhackt has an ordeal with the local cable company, a potential security issue that could affect customers, a report on the final hearing concerning the fate of the Hotel Pennsylvania, the correct pronunciation of Vornado, some impressions of the hearing, why the hotel is worth saving, Gus describes a demonstration of the new voting machines she attended last week, some possible ways to screw up the new system, the insecure locks that were on the machines, a rundown of some of the potential problems voters will face on Election Day, the problem with badly written software, a call from an election worker, an old song about piracy.

  33. A high-tech heat ray is introduced in Los Angeles, how the authorities are describing this device, Bernie discusses some of the history of the heat ray, possible methods of fighting back, a recent case involving police wanting to place GPS devices on cars without a warrant, a push for more video surveillance on New York City subway cars, how the mood regarding security has changed even at the radio station, current laws that prosecute people for recording audio without permission, more on the new voting machines coming to New York, excerpts from a video for Suffolk County, debating the merits of the new system, the lack of privacy in the new system, the many ways in which votes won't count, Bernie describes the system used in Philadelphia, problems with the old mechanical machines, the number of times software improvements have been a step backwards, Emmanuel's ideal voting system, how voting works in Bulgaria

  34. Extra time for a program promo, word of a "Hack is Wack" contest involving Snoop Dog and Norton that is designed to battle cybercrime, defining cybercrime, paralleling other crimes that Snoop may have committed, some of the rules of the contest, an excerpt from a Snoop video regarding the contest, why suspicion of hackers is a bad thing for everyone, a crackdown on an online file sharing network, Volt4ire defends the practice of downloading DVDs before they're released, the future of big films, how alternative artists can survive, some feedback to last week's discussion on new voting systems, why it's important to make things break, the way people vote in Australia, an accusation against anti-virus companies, accusations against Julian Assange, a listener tries to register the Pirate Party in New Jersey, the issue of disenfranchisement.

  35. A skeleton crew tonight, Emmanuel feels vindicated in his suspicion over the new voting machines after what happened yesterday, what's unfair about the current system, advantages of the old system, how the current crisis could have been avoided, an Arco commercial uses EAS tones that trigger some automated systems, a demonstration over the air, updates on the "Hack is Wack" contest, there has yet to be a single submission, the first ever Maker Faire is coming to New York, Sherry Huss explains what is going to be happening at the site of the old World's Fair, there are hundreds of maker entries, the connection with the Hall of Science, how the site was selected, plans for chariot races, a number of other highlights, how the maker movement has flourished.

  36. Tiffany Rad and Rick Moy are in the studio, a demonstration of Tesla coil music, a discovery involving blacklisting through Google Instant, why this is not censorship, how it demonstrates the way filtering can influence people, trying to get it working on the WBAI computer, T-Mobile is accused of blocking certain types of text messages, Google reports on the declining freedom of the Internet throughout the world, potential insults in certain cultures, eBay has a category for spells and incantations, Shaq O'Neal is accused of computer hacking, how one person reacted to a surveillance camera pointed at his house, a large number of cameras have recently come online in New York City, a pornographic image on a PowerPoint presentation leads to a potential 48 year prison sentence, a voice mail scandal in England, Tiffany and Rick describe their idea for an app store for exploits, the advantage of getting exploits out to potential victims, how visiting a website can be dangerous, what malvertising is, the Google web history, the Maker Faire in Queens is happening this weekend.

  37. What this weekend's Maker Faire in Queens was like, a rocket-powered carousel, the connection between the maker world and the hacker world, some of the other sights, what ArcAttack is, Emmanuel is put inside a Faraday cage, what the risks were, the importance of having so many kids in attendance, Bernie's car broke down on the way up to the Maker Faire, what the surrounding neighborhood by the old World's Fair display is like, the cross-pollination between communities, the large number of WBAI listeners who turned up, an update on the Google Blacklist project, some of the blanked out phrases, why this is interesting, the show is preempted for the next two weeks, federal attempts to dramatically increase wiretapping capabilities, a discussion of the potential threats, the possibility of mandatory surveillance features, how the Chinese took advantage of such a system inside Google, the idea of giving up passphrases at border crossings without a search warrant, Redhackt discusses RSA encryption, this is the last week of songs about computers

  38. Redhackt is running the board on an "emergency basis," Emmanuel has an echo on the phone, what Kyle and Emmanuel have been through over the past couple of weeks, a nightmare in Canada involving the Smart car, the car has broken down yet again, the problems involved when crossing borders with microprocessor-based cars, Bicycle Mark discusses the situation in Mongolia concerning cars, Kyle succeeds in retrieving the old computer from the car dealership in Canada, yet another border incident coming back into the country in Vermont, the tactics that were used by the customs agents, the tactics Kyle and Emmanuel used in response, Mike Aiello from DIFRWear explains the various uses and abuses of RFID, explaining what a Faraday cage is, what is being offered tonight, everyone winds up getting disconnected, how much information is typically covered in an hour of the show, what's included in the archives from the show. This show includes fundraisin

  39. The fundraising didn't go so well last week, the great media war of 2010 between Cablevision and Fox, how Cablevision users were blocked from seeing Fox shows on, how this is proof of corporations' abuse of power, how Cablevision controls subscribers' boxes remotely, Election Day is next week, the new method of voting that's about to be introduced in New York, an example of Tesla coil music, Joe and John DiPrima of ArcAttack explain what's behind the music generated with Tesla coils, what a Tesla coil is, some history of Nikola Tesla, the DVD that's being offered tonight, the Tesla bills discovered in Serbia, how Emmanuel was put in a Faraday cage at the recent Maker Faire in Queens, the strange appeal of LEGOs in the hacker world, Bill Pollock describes the new book on LEGOs from No Starch Press, three LEGO books are being offered tonight.  This show includes fundraising.

  40. It's the day after Election Day, Bernie describes the voting process in Philadelphia, the new process in New York, the existence of "privacy sleeves," the loss of privacy, the dreaded "overvote" scenario, the "fusion" policy in New York, Emmanuel describes the mayhem in his district, a piece on the new election process from The New Yorker, critical mail, a security flaw in the lock screen of iPhones, Redhackt describes the procedure, audio from a video also explains it, a flash drive containing information on 280,000 Medicaid recipients has gone missing in Pennsylvania, a project to share content to and from flash drives in various public locations, a discussion on some of the best ways to get low GSM prices while traveling, more discussion on New York's new voting system, an update on spring premiums, confusion reigns on voting techniques, $2600 is now on the Kindle.

  41. Emmanuel is on the phone due to traffic delays, the saga of a stranded cruise ship, an attempt to call the stranded Carnival ship, Emmanuel finds free parking on Wall Street, a dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica occurs because of a Google Maps error, Mike describes what net neutrality is all about, bad results in the election for those supporting net neutrality, a mini-helicopter drone device offers the capability of spying on people, Volt4ire is lectured for being late, Emmanuel's ordeal buying Claritin-D, misinformation being spread about state-issued IDs, Wikileaks representative Jacob Appelbaum is detained returning to the United States, how this policy is spreading to supporters of Bradley Manning, the issue of turning over passwords to customs officials, more info on the Bradley Manning support website, tactics in fighting policies from customs officials, why it's always a mistake to give governments too much power, the full body scanner controversy, questions on Caller ID and ANI, the absurdity of airline pilots being subjected to overzealous TSA restrictions, the show is preempted next week.

  42. Mitch Altman is on the phone after returning from Japan, what the hacker scene is like in Japan, some of the activities that took place on a recent hacker tour, GMC from Holland is in town after visiting hacker spaces across the country, some of the highlights, the differences between obtaining spaces overseas and in the States, vacant buildings in Buffalo and Detroit, today is "Opt-Out Day," some travel experiences, theorizing on ways to bypass airport security, the reaction against enhanced pat-downs, Mitch reports on what the security situation was like in Japan, Mike discusses the situation in Spain last week, the conservative view on the enhanced security measures, why profiling doesn't work, a prank at the University of Washington is met with a troubling response, what domestic extremists are, what net neutrality is, a conservative view on net neutrality, houses in Germany that are blurred on Google Earth have eggs thrown at them.

  43. A parallel to the current Wikileaks situation, the diplomatic cable revelations, questioning how much harm has actually been done, the new charges against Julian Assange and the Interpol arrest warrant, apologies for Representative Peter King, examples of King's ignorance, some bad moves by Joe Lieberman, measuring how many lives might have been saved through these releases, disturbing comments from Sarah Palin, remarks from Mike Huckabee on the Wikileaks issue, how true colors are now being shown, the best way to help Bradley Manning, what the Assange arrest warrant could really mean, a piece from the Christian Science Monitor, the question of denial of service attacks having anything to do with hacking, debating the political views of the hacker world, rumors of internal strife within Wikileaks, hypothetical situations.

  44. The entire staff declares itself to be Wikileaks, how Wikileaks works with the mass media to verify material and protect individuals, what the insurance file is all about, how the charges against Julian Assange validate the concern over his potential extradition to the United States, $2600 now has a pointer to Wikileaks, controversy between PayPal and the State Department, how the current action against Wikileaks is tantamount to a denial of service attack, Senator Lieberman implies that The New York Times may also be open to investigation, how lives could have been saved by the leaks, what is happening to Assange while in prison, Ron Paul stands up for Assange, how Bradley Manning basically sacrificed his life to get the information out, the case against denial of service attacks, what "cables" actually are, the irony of State Department employees not being allowed to read any of the leaked cables.

  45. Emmanuel and Kyle are in northern Norway, what is unique about Tromso, a rundown of the security issues encountered on this trip, the challenges of traveling with film, the dramatic difference in prices in Scandinavia, a documentary on Wikileaks airs on Swedish television, an update on the Wikileaks situation, the Air Force blocks access to Wikileaks, OpenBSD and the FBI, wondering how many people use the same passwords for more than one thing, how remembering passwords and phone numbers seems to be a thing of the past, debating the definition of the word "hacker," a discussion on whether denial of service attacks are equivalent to activism, a letter from an opposing view on the Wikileaks story, debating the threat of sensitive information being released, how to donate to Wikileaks.

  46. A free phone call through Gmail from Emmanuel and Kyle in Copenhagen, chaos throughout Europe because of severe weather, disputes over certain train routes, the story of a shopkeeper in Stockholm who obtained video footage of the recent suicide bomber, the issue of security cameras, a new net neutrality ruling causes concern, the boundary between wiretapping and quality control, Julian Assange is no longer in prison, a "member" of Anonymous speaks out about what it means to be a hacker, more debate over denial of service attacks, the federal government moves to block "Wikileaks pollution," a Wikileaks rap, Internet rule changes in Venezuela, proposed changes in the U.K. to protect children from pornography, Prometheus Radio celebrates a victory concerning low-power FM, the Google Blacklist is used to make holiday cards, next week is the Chaos Communication Congress, the Google Talk plug-in is deemed a success.

  47. A live broadcast from the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, Mitch Altman discusses what the hardware hacking area was like, this year the conference was sold out in four minutes with an intentionally lower attendance than last year, looking forward to next year's camp, how this phone call is being made, Tiffany Rad previews her talk at the conference and talks about a new hacker space in the Washington DC area, some other talks that have been interesting, Brenno from the Netherlands explains his involvement in freedom of information requests as a journalist who studies law, Kyle joins in from the second floor of the conference to describe the scene there, how being a volunteer really helps with the experience, Bicycle Mark explains how his talk on Afghanistan tied in, what the Afghan election was like, Aestetix talks about his experiences at the conference, Julian Assange reluctantly announces plans to write his autobiography, how German conferences differ from those in the States, Kyle describes the lighting setup, Dan Kaminsky talks about what Berlin is like, Dan's experiences at the conference and how he got involved years ago, David House discusses the Bradley Manning defense campaign, his experience being detained at the border, how he's trying to help Manning, Adrian Lamo's connection with the story, how people can help, the outpouring of support for Manning at CCC, Nick Farr's impressions of the conference as a volunteer coordinator, trying to get a listener call from someone besides Rebel.

Off The Hook - 2011

  1. Renderman is in the studio, Emmanuel and Kyle are in Zurich talking with Maxim, the first Chaos Computer Club meeting in Zurich took place tonight, Maxim describes what the meeting was all about, the massive amount of old computers that were being stored in the space, what is interesting about Switzerland, the amazing efficiency, Maxim describes the local scene back in the 1980s, Emmanuel and Kyle visited another country while in Switzerland, trying to figure out what the country was, very specific details on a misadventure experienced while buying a prepaid SIM in Germany, what New Year's was like in Berlin this year, impressions of Times Square, tomorrow is Three Kings Day in Switzerland, today is the anniversary of Edwin Armstrong's demonstration of a FM network, Maxim discusses some new technology that adds features to cell phones and allows them to be unlocked, some of the potential of this new device, the right of cops in California to go through cell phones after an arrest without a warrant, what can happen at borders, potential ways to protect oneself, Emmanuel reveals the name of the other country, a fake electronic Christmas card from the White House causes havoc, how the Associated Press completely misrepresented what hackers are all about, there are $2600 meetings this week, Gus has an encounter with actual Nigerians on the Internet, an anonymous tip line in Albany is a bit misleading, where the "drop a dime" term comes from, more on Edwin Armstrong.

  2. A large turnout tonight, Mitch Altman is in the studio, the Chaos Communication Congress sold out online in four minutes, Kyle explains the Chaos "engel" system, what it's like to volunteer at a conference, the difficulty of finding food after 10:00 pm in Zurich, Emmanuel is detained yet again at the border, Emmanuel and Kyle run into Jacob Appelbaum of Wikileaks at a stopover in Iceland, Twitter is subpoenaed by the government for records of key Wikileaks people, theorizing on why Emmanuel is constantly targeted by the border people, the saga of Kyle's missing hat, how Emmanuel hacked an answering machine at the lost and found department in a Paris airport, the continuing iPhone charade as Verizon begins to sell them, a poll to see who has a landline, comparing how cell phones sound in various places, $2600 is now available as a subscription on Kindle, only 76 magazines in the world are available there, the massive number of different formats, the spirit of experimentation, the unique place in the electronic publishing world that $2600 finds itself in, various Amazon restrictions and challenges, comparing denial of service attacks to civil disobedience, an excerpt from the keynote address at the Chaos Communication Congress

  3. A Verizon outage cuts off $2600 for two days and counting, why having things on site is better than in a colocation facility, how it's practically impossible to escape Verizon, comparing connectivity problems in the States to those in Slovenia, how to make it as difficult as possible for the authorities to search for information, people who trust Gmail way too much, Comcast is taking over NBC, Nina Paley is in the studio, how all of the media is owned, Nina describes her animated film (Sita Sings the Blues) that caused controversy, the various copyright challenges a filmmaker faces, how lots of art is kept from the public due to greed, the various rights attached to every piece of music, the lack of incentive that comes from being a monopoly, the barrier of entry for filmmakers, fighting DRM, how distributors actually prevent films from being widely seen, how Nina got past all of the restrictions, how the film can be seen, the possibility of Creative Commons licenses.

  4. A transit card in the Netherlands has been hacked, Brenno is on the phone to provide details on just what occurred, reaction to the revelations, the potential for prosecution, an update on Brenno's recent Freedom of Information Act case, the tracking features of the Dutch transit card, the parallel with recent actions against electronic voting machines, credit cards are being used less while mobile phones are being used more for payments, how useless American credit cards are in various countries, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page was apparently hacked, a YouTube video of a man refusing to submit to a secondary screening by border patrol without having passing a border, problems with the phone, a call to MCI, the fundraiser begins next week, an update on premiums, a caller has a theory as to why Emmanuel is always getting stopped at the border.

  5. Revolutions are raging, Al Jazeera continues to be out of the reach of most Americans, how Wikileaks could have been the catalyst that fueled these revolutions, Egypt's attempts to turn off the Internet, controversy surrounds legislation on an Internet "kill switch," how the software used for censorship is often made by U.S. corporations, it's the first day of the winter fundraiser, DVDs from three different conferences are being offered tonight, an excerpt from Richard Stallman's talk at HOPE Number Six, how the power is challenged through the radio show, an excerpt from the social engineering panel at HOPE Number Six, how people can protect their privacy, an excerpt from the Jello Biafra talk at HOPE Number Six, a rundown of some of the material included in the premium package, there are $2600 meetings this week.  This show includes fundraising.

  6. More information on the attempt to get information on Wikileaks people by the U.S. government through Twitter, Birgitta Jonsdottir is on from Iceland, how the Twitter investigation has affected her, what makes it clear that other major sites must be involved, how not being a citizen affects the case, speculating on what could be happening behind the scenes, how being a parliamentarian has made this much more interesting, an initiative to create a freedom of information and speech haven in Iceland, the contents of Wikileaks is being made available as a premium tonight, Kyle explains how the information wasn't as easy to collate as was expected, a documentary that aired on CBC showed a good deal of the "Collateral Murder" video unlike stations in the United States, the role of the whistleblower, the advantages of having the contents of Wikileaks in the form being offered tonight, unanswered questions raised by last year's leaked video, the role Wikileaks played in Iceland, Birgitta discusses the organizing process, how Icelandic newscasters got a forbidden message out to the public, Birgitta's plans regarding future politics, encouraging people to take advantage of tonight's premium and become involved.  This show includes fundraising.

  7. This is the last fundraising show, the program is preempted next week, the Twitter documents in the case referred to last week are released, a hearing involving Julian Assange is scheduled for next week, the Egyptian Presidency website is being reconstructed, the State Department starts a Farsi Twitter feed with an interesting twist, a description of the Wikileaks premium being offered, how this information isn't easily available, the uniqueness of this premium, an excerpt from the Robert Steele talk at HOPE Number Six, an interesting Hillary Clinton quote concerning hackers, the irony involved here, an excerpt from the postal hacking talk at The Last HOPE, what "postman's choice" is, an excerpt from the Graffiti Research Lab talk at HOPE Number Six, an excerpt from a talk on warrantless searches at airports from The Last HOPE, a final appeal for calls.  This show includes fundraising.

  8. The drive is over, premium update, Bradley Manning is hit with 22 new charges including one of "aiding the enemy," a new book on Wikileaks is out, the hypocrisy of the government's reaction against Wikileaks, legislation is introduced to make it a felony for a government employee to reveal information to an unauthorized person, George W. Bush cancels a talk at an event that Julian Assange was also scheduled to speak at, a result in the Assange hearing, a Muslim man who posted the home addresses of South Park's writers is sentenced to 25 years in prison, instances of overly severe sentences, a New Jersey police chief urges parents to hack into their kids' computer accounts, examples of over-parenting, a crazy headline on CNN, the ratio of real news to filler in today's media, Al Jazeera was just in the studio, critique on "Inside Wikileaks," the time spent between similar groups bickering between themselves, Al Jazeera is on WBAI at 5:00 am, comparisons between various leaking sites, how parents should communicate with kids in the age of the Internet, why the HOPE conferences happen every two years.

  9. Trying to diagnose a potentially broken microphone, a premium update, both Kyle and Emmanuel have no cell phones today, Kyle gets a phone call from a bank that no longer exists, ways of dealing with a dying cell phone battery, wondering how many people actually memorize phone numbers anymore, Rob sees an interesting payphone, a poll as to when people last tweeted, the difficulty in reaching an operator, Mike has never spoken to an operator, trying to get an off-the-hook tone, attempting to reach a live operator, a new service known as Local Leaks, how such sites can be trusted, explaining how Tor works, GPS technology in China will supposedly keep close tabs on people's locations, an update on the Bradley Manning case, a British government representative appears to praise Wikileaks with regards to the ongoing revolutions in the Arab world, redefining how to look at leaks, debating whether a Wikileaks could have kept the Iraq war from happening, a caller has info on death camps, an appeal for an operator switchboard, social networks that require real names.

  10. A 9.0 earthquake hits Japan which triggers a tsunami and nuclear disaster, trying to read between the lines, a guide to some of the international media available on local cable systems, trying to reach Stuart in Japan, what the current situation concerning the nuclear evacuation zone is, how NHK and other Japanese media have been covering the crisis, pictures of the tsunami were broadcast live, which aspects of technology worked and which didn't, how analog landlines stayed up for the most part, how the cellular network fared, how social networks were useful in the midst of the disaster, how trains have been operating, rolling blackouts are scheduled, how the earthquake warning system failed, the loudspeaker network that exists all throughout Japan, the failure of the SMS system, examples of downplaying the situation in the Japanese media, how perception of the media is different in Japan, misinformation on both sides of the nuclear issue, what it would take for Stuart to evacuate, empty shelves in markets, parts of Tokyo have had lights turned off, how this earthquake could have been so much worse if Japan wasn't as prepared as it was, an update on the Bradley Manning case, Sunday will be a day of demonstrations in support of Manning.

  11. Mitch Altman is in from London after attending a Maker Faire, Mitch's plans for the immediate future, words from the Tokyo HackerSpace on the recent disaster in Japan, an update of sorts concerning this summer's Chaos Camp in Germany, Kyle has been receiving strange automated messages on his home phone, how to deal with wrong numbers, AT&T is planning on taking over T-Mobile, more of Kyle's weird messages, Volt4ire arrives late, ways to protect yourself from fraudulent calls, Emmanuel's unusual conversation with a collection agency, an experience with antiquated Verizon billing, a State Department spokesman is forced to resign after criticizing Bradley Manning's treatment, how it's theoretically possible to blame Julian Assange for the latest military action in Libya, how to request Al Jazeera, a caller has an accusation, an aborted attempt at calling Verizon, news about Club Mate, reaction over the nuclear disaster in Japan.

  12. More on the AT&T plan to swallow T-Mobile, a critical look at Sprint Nextel's opposition to the merger, why the plan is ultimately bad for consumers, the advantage of being a customer for a very long time, how mobile carriers aren't regulated like wired carriers, a history of phone companies in the United States, quizzing people on the seven Baby Bells and what NYNEX stood for, how Sprint and MCI got their start, how people in Japan are resorting to older means of communications in the wake of the disaster there, blindness to technological threats, Bernie and Emmanuel pick apart a news story on hacking, a new issue of $2600 is coming out on the Kindle, a progress report on Kindle, attempts to make it available in as many formats as possible, $2600 is number one in customer satisfaction on Kindle Magazines, Mike reports on a privacy story concerning cell phone tracking in Germany, there are $2600 meetings this Friday.

  13. Emmanuel and Kyle are running late, Obama has caused traffic havoc in Manhattan, a furor in the Netherlands over potential extradition of Wikileaks people, Obama takes off in a helicopter right in front of Emmanuel's speeding car, trying to figure out what each helicopter is used for, an update on the AMD project at the upcoming Chaos Camp in Germany, dozens of companies that managed email addresses through Epsilon have had customer private info compromised, debating the worth of paper statements, Emmanuel's attempt to get the value off of an expired Metrocard, a new rip-off from the MTA makes commuter tickets worthless after two weeks, a net neutrality court decision is open to interpretation, Conde Nast is victimized by a simple email requesting payment, questioning where the crime took place, the ease with which automatic payments can be applied to a bank account, a look at changing disk sizes over the years, what to look forward to in the future, a new show about hackers is on Fox tonight, Rob has issues with Christian Slater, an entire season of a television show is wiped out by a fired employee, a number of government websites are slated to be shut down due to lack of funding, a security breach involving claimants against BP, why a year of free credit monitoring is useless, updates on the Kindle version of $2600, efforts to get the magazine available on the iPad, how to submit artwork to the magazine.

  14. A fake press release fools at least one major media outlet, what makes this a typical Yes Men prank, some confusion as to the source, how mass media regurgitates corporate press releases, how newspapers have gotten worse over the years, debate over whether the Internet can replace old-fashioned journalism, a disturbing law concerning file sharing in New Zealand, talk of microfilm and microfiche, a website with old phone recordings, more weird answering machine messages from Kyle's home phone, an example of a really bad cut and paste job on a phone call, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, an example of how difficult it is to get past an automated answering system at Verizon, more on the practice behind expired Metrocards, discussing whether Yes Men tactics are a good thing, a call from an upstate mobile pirate radio station, more information from Stuart in Japan concerning the future of nuclear power there, ways to mess with the MTA, putting $35.75 on a Metrocard will eventually result in a zero balance, planning is underway for HOPE Number Nine, the HOPE Forums are back up.

  15. A small turnout this week, the 929 area code has made its debut in New York City, calling the 929 test number, calling a bunch of other strange numbers, some startling news about apps for smart phones that turn microphones on without the user's knowledge, a report reveals that location data is constantly being collected on all iPhones, a device that allows law enforcement to grab information off a suspect's cell phone, theorizing on what could be devised in the future, domain names of poker sites are seized by the U.S. government, a Firefox extension exists that will automatically route around seized sites, more on extra money made by the MTA for unused Metrocards, Aestetix is on the phone to discuss plans for the AMD badge project at the Chaos Communication Camp this summer, what took place with AMD at The Next HOPE, the potential of this project, how people can help this happen at the camp this year, what Kickstarter is all about, the call for papers has gone out for the Chaos Camp, the Ministry of Defense in England reveals classified information by not redacting properly, a surprising penalty for a YouTube joke, Bradley Manning is being transferred to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, how an app on a smart phone could be used to verbally record credit card numbers.

  16. Emmanuel meets Daniel Ellsberg at a talk in Stony Brook, some lessons learned from Ellsberg, how Ellsberg doesn't blame Adrian Lamo for turning in Bradley Manning, Obama's misstatement of facts regarding the Manning case, the difference between what Ellsberg did and what Manning allegedly did, the status of laws against leaking, a grand jury subpoena is issued against a Massachusetts resident concerning the Manning case, Emmanuel's potential grand jury duty, what's different about grand juries, how the Valerie Plame incident is a perfect example of information that should have been kept confidential, a profile of a product that can extract information out of a cell phone, an update on the location logs kept by iPhones and Android phones, an accusation from Iran on the Stuxnet worm, examples of a potentially fraudulent letter from a domain registration company, the large number of sex line numbers owned by a single company, Emmanuel's issue with Dotster's auto-renew policy, another look at old phone company recordings, the absurdity of a group called Anonymous claiming credit for things, more information on grand juries, the Sony PlayStation hack, the fund drive begins next week.

  17. There aren't very many people in the studio tonight, some are down in the tally room, tonight's show will focus on social engineering panels at the various HOPE conferences, Bernie explains what social engineering is all about, a rundown of when all of the conferences were, some of the rules of social engineering demonstrations, an excerpt from the social engineering panel at the first Hackers On Planet Earth conference in 1994, how the social engineering panels are always among the most popular, why this kind of thing would never be permitted on a commercial radio station, an excerpt from the social engineering panel at Beyond HOPE in 1997, Emmanuel engages in a live demonstration of social engineering over the telephone, Kyle chimes in from Seattle on why it's important to support the station, an excerpt from the social engineering panel at H2K in 2000, next week's show will be two hours.  This show includes fundraising.

  18. An expanded edition of the show, Greg Newby is in from Alaska, Mitch Altman is on the phone, Greg explains the 29 hour delay in broadcasting Democracy Now at KUSA back home, Mitch describes what he's been up to while traveling in China, the future of Chinese hacker spaces, how the "great firewall" can be bypassed, where the battles will be fought, the changing attitudes towards hackers in China, what happens when you search for 2600 on the Chinese Amazon site, a brand new TV-B-Gone is introduced with a very wide range, a vintage computer festival will be taking place this weekend, the history of the TV-B-Gone, the incident that took place at a Berlin mall during one of the Chaos congresses, trying to prevent problems with televisions at the Hotel Pennsylvania during one of the HOPE conferences, the special TV-B-Gone offer for tonight, the Vintage Computer Festival offer, another HOPE DVD package is also being offered tonight, an excerpt from the Steve Rambam talk at The Next HOPE, the magic of the HOPE conferences, the overwhelmingly positive response to digital editions of $2600, Bill Degnan of the Vintage Computer Festival explains what will be going on this weekend, the fascination with old technology in the hacker world, the parallel to cars and cameras, what's lost with new technology, thanks to people who have already contributed, how the informants panel developed at the most recent HOPE conference, excerpts from the informants panel at The Next HOPE, Bernie explains why it's so important to support the radio station, Mitch returns to discuss the TV-B-Gone being offered tonight, why exploration and mischief don't have to be thought of negatively, some TV-B-Gone history, program director Tony Bates stops in to help, what's unique about this program, how the station benefits the entire country, how listeners can empower themselves.  This show includes fundraising.

  19. The studio is packed tonight, Bicycle Mark and Not Kevin are in town, Emmanuel had a harrowing experience in Queens during a monsoon, the show did very well last week, what is being offered tonight, Rob T. Firefly will be sketching telephones tonight, an excerpt from the Kevin Mitnick talk at The Last HOPE, some of the other talks being offered tonight, what's unique about WBAI, Bicycle Mark and Not Kevin give their perspectives, an excerpt from the Wikileaks keynote address at The Next HOPE, some of the things that have changed since this speech was given, people to thank, Bicycle Mark tells of people in Afghanistan who listen to the station, an appeal in Portuguese, the program will not be on next week, Rob describes the drawing progress.  This show includes fundraising

  20. The show wasn't on last week, a reminder to pay pledges, tackling the major story of "Weinergate," Emmanuel takes exception to Anthony Weiner's language, trying to figure out exactly what happened on Twitter, blaming it all on hackers, Redhackt explains what sidejacking is, the annoyance of Twitter in everyday society, Rob continues to resist Facebook, how people trust their email to corporations, a Frontline piece airs on Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, the PBS website is hacked in protest by a group named LulzSec, Volt4ire explains what was wrong with the piece, debating whether or not the feature humanizes Manning, what the website hackers could have accomplished, a listener wonders about law enforcement infiltration into Anonymous, Pentagon cyber strategy may allow for military responses to cyber attacks, an Egyptian court fines ousted President Mubarak for shutting down the Internet earlier this year, one example of why it's not a good idea to speak too loudly on the phone, the story of "Phonehenge West," a study raises questions over the health risks of cell phones, tracking down a problem with a studio microphone, debating health risks in today's society, Redhackt explains what Stuxnet is, Summercon will be taking place later this month.

  21. A microphone malfunction, Al Jazeera is now on before the show, Skype has finally been set up in the studios, attempting to connect to Kyle using Skype, the connection appears to be one way only, figuring things out over the phone, testing the latency, Club Mate Day in Seattle is this weekend, Kyle's change in habit regarding recharging the battery in his phone, the Pentagon Papers are set to be declassified on Monday, documents from 17th century England are also released, analysis of a Guardian story quoting Emmanuel as saying that one in four hackers is an informant, the continuation of the Anthony Weiner scandal, a call for an apology to the hacker community for the false accusation, the continuing LulzSec story, how this is more of a traditional approach to hacking, nobody from the show made it to Dayton this year, French media is forbidden from using Facebook or Twitter as words in news stories, trying to figure out why the calls are so lousy tonight.

  22. Emmanuel is in Rockwall, Texas, why Emmanuel is driving across the country, the challenge of driving with no license plates, the free WiFi in Rockwall, the $2600 site is blocked, some contact information on who to complain to, how blacklists are compiled, Emmanuel's trip to tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri, how radio seems to have failed the area, the importance of community radio, the Senate website has been hacked, what LulzSec has been up to, Sony's hacking woes, problems with the house analogy, an old way of harassing people using pagers, the long forgotten voicemail number for the radio show is still in operation, the significance of what the LulzSec attacks are accomplishing, how it ties into activism, Bernie's incident with Home Depot and an air conditioner he didn't order, the bizarre disclaimer attached to the Home Depot email, Emmanuel's issue with a Gmail account that gets mail for all sorts of people, the Sarah Palin emails have been released, the initial lack of an electronic release, the White House cuts access to lots of .gov websites, ways to possibly save the data, Facebook's plans to identify people's faces, Emmanuel visits a hacker space known as the Texarkana Institute of Technology, an update from a Wikileaks protest.

  23. Emmanuel is using Gmail to communicate from Irvine, California, Mish has relocated to Irvine, the problems with driving through the Bible Belt, a call for a whole lot more immigrants, the influence of Mexican radio, attempts to hear KPFK in Los Angeles have proven unsuccessful, border patrol checkpoints that are located well within the United States, some examples of the anti-Mexican sentiment that prevails in much of the country, the mistaken belief by many that identity papers are required, Emmanuel visits the border fence, Brenno de Winter is on from Amsterdam after being interrogated for his knowledge of recent transit card hacking, what this case has already cost Brenno, how the police treated him, where support has come from, Brenno will be at the hacker camp in Germany this summer, special coins are released in the Netherlands that have QR codes, a large number of new top level domains will soon be possible, the FBI raids a data center in Virginia, how the FBI confused servers with racks, a statement from LulzSec in celebration of their one thousandth tweet, reports of an arrest overseas, information Twitter might have that could incriminate people

  24. A special episode on Verizon, Bicycle Mark is visiting from Amsterdam, Emmanuel has returned from his cross country voyage, a one-week Verizon outage cripples the $2600 mail server, the possibility that this was an intentional act, the many different stories that came out of Verizon in the last week, some of the damage that was done as a result, one theory as to why this happened, the LulzSec connection, Mike reports on a positive ruling by the Supreme Court concerning video games, a whole bunch of listener phone calls regarding problems with Verizon, Redhackt gives alternatives to Verizon, why Vodaphone would be a better name for Verizon Wireless, Bicycle Mark discusses the different ways in which phone companies interact with communities in Europe, clarification on the Chaos Communication Camp.

  25. Words from the House of Lords on hackers, the scandal grows in England as News of the World reporters continue to be investigated for hacking into voicemail accounts, why Emmanuel prefers answering machines to voicemail, what the House of Lords is all about, the Twitter account of Fox news is hacked and fake messages about the assassination of Barack Obama are posted, why this was a very bad idea, better ways this could have been handled, confusion on what to call LulzSec now, a clip of a recent Anonymous video release, Dot Ret explains where "we are legion" comes from, new leaking sites for hackers are launched, the level of attention being paid to world events by the people behind this, Rob explains why "Hackerleaks" isn't a good idea, Mike explains why the recent Wall Street Journal leaking site couldn't be taken seriously, questioning what OpenLeaks has done, the United States concludes that it has the right to extradite people involved in what they define as a computer crime even if it's legal in their country, cyber-imperialism, information on how the Secret Service targets hackers, the potential for Microsoft to snoop on Skype calls, the history of Emmanuel's name, summer fundraising begins next week.

  26. Lazlow is in the studio this week, the show was preempted last week due to Smart car problems, Kevin Mitnick will be on a special two hour show next week, the new "Hacker Calendar" is about to be released, the theme of tonight's show is history, an excerpt from Jason Scott's talk at The Last HOPE, going over some dates on the calendar, describing the cover of the calendar, how history is easily lost, memories of the first HOPE conference, an excerpt from the Steven Levy keynote address at The Last HOPE, a list of some of the talks being offered, how WBAI has actually been around longer than just about any other radio station on the FM dial in New York, a replay of "the last moments of WBAI" and the transition to a country music station, Kyle is on the phone from Seattle to discuss the photographic elements of the calendar project, some more historic dates from the calendar, an excerpt from the Anonymous talk at The Last HOPE, how the hacker world is about having fun, people to thank.  This show includes fundraising

  27. Some trouble finding the intro, a special two hour edition of the program tonight, reaching Kevin Mitnick in Spain via Skype, Ghost in the Wires is the new book from Kevin which is due out next month, some initial difficulty establishing the connection, Kevin describes how the book came about, Kevin will be signing books at Defcon, Emmanuel will also be at Defcon for the first time in 11 years with the brand new Hacker Calendar, what is being offered for people who pledge tonight, an excerpt from the book, the longevity of "Free Kevin" bumper stickers, Kevin's memories of the filming of Freedom Downtime, an excerpt from a Beyond HOPE talk featuring Kevin's lawyer, Kevin tries to start a nuclear war over the air, Kevin explains how he bypassed the overly restrictive phone call restrictions while he was in prison, what motivated Kevin to keep trying to beat the system, how Kevin was able to find a new identity, Bernie describes how to stay sane in prison, Kevin talks about how he got into trouble in the computer room at school, the significance to Kevin of a particular Tom Petty song, a special hidden part of the book, Kevin's business card is also a lockpicking set, an excerpt from the Kevin Mitnick keynote address from The Fifth HOPE, the secret name that Kevin used to restore his phone service, people to thank, a pledge from South Korea, Kevin describes how he turned the tables on the authorities that were wiretapping him, how Kevin always got the blame for things that went wrong with technology, some "Mitnick myths," Kevin's connection to the Chaos Computer Club back in the 80s, why what's being offered tonight can only be offered during the live broadcast, the incredible amount of content and diversity on WBAI.  This show is two hours and includes fundraising.