This Zionist Group Was Monitoring The Texas Mormons

They may be the instigating force.







Someone Prompted This Military Style Assault










The Governor Gave The Zionists Every Gun-Toting Clown In Texas








Thugs Frightened The Kids Half To Death







The Goons Kicked In Dozens Of Doors







Every Room Was Ransacked








418 Children Taken From Their Mothers








The SPLC Connection

The Southern Poverty Law Center condemnation of the FLDS goes back to 2005 when they designated the FLDS as a hate group. This ties in nicely with the arrogant Zionist judge  Susan Mazur, and crusader Jon Krakauer. 1







Pushing For Legislation

The SPLC says that the recent legislation in Texas that raised the age of consent and re-defined incest to include people unrelated by blood, i.e. stepchildren, was designed to target the FLDS sect. One legislator was responsible for pushing that legislation, Harvey Hildenbran.






Southern Poverty Law Center Police Bulletin

The Southern Poverty Law Center will name the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to its “Hate Groups List” when it publishes its quarterly Intelligence Report on May 1st. This Zionist group tracks hundreds of groups ranging from the Branch Davidians, the Nation of Islam, and most "anti-Semitic" websites. 9









FBI  Works With SPLC

Special Agent Bill Endorff confirms the FBI routinely tracks hate groups and said that he was aware that the FLDS church would appear on the SPLC watch list.








The Southern Poverty Law Center

It's considered to be the American arm of the Israeli Mossad.The two front men are Morris Dees (nee Siegleman), and a Mark Potak.

Morris Dees went through a divorce and his secret sex life became front page news.






The SPLC Wants Control

In the article, Buchanan describes the FLDS, its belief in polygamy and its adherence to the teachings of Prophet Warren Jeffs, who Buchanan calls “a religious dictator.”







The "Intelligence Report"

The SPLC also charges FLDS is homophobic and sexist. The SPLC connection explains a lot about the attack on the FLDS people. 9







Filthy Propaganda

The Zionist mass media flooded the airways with talk of child rape, molestation, and temple ceremonies.









This Smells Of Another Zionist Scheme

This is just an extension of the Zionist's last scheme at Waco, where they maneuvered the BATF into a raid, and then notified the Davidians, which resulted in a shootout. Notice the snipers, APCs, the propaganda, the Gestapo tactics, the Zionist psychiatrists, etc. etc., on the Mormon Church raid.








The assault on The Church Of Christ

Doctors brought in to "Examine" young girls

Zionists want criminal charges on mothers

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