Did Israel Assassinate Brad Doucette?


20 yr. FBI agent






Brad Doucette was a 20 yr veteran of the FBI. He helped handle the investigations of the 1993 WTC bomb, the 1999 Egyptair bomb, and 9/11. In 2003, he was put in charge of counter-terrorism, which included watching the Hezbollah who were in the US.

He uncovered something, or grew a conscience, and in April of 2003 he was assassinated at his home. Mueller, the FBI Director, and President Bush got involved, and it was ruled a suicide.

This website will attempt to show the absurdity of the suicide claim.






Doucette's background



Doucette worked on the investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six people, and injured more than 1,000. The FBI investigation laid the foundation for the conviction of four Islamic militants.

However, all evidence pointed to Israel.







Egyptair 990

In 1999, Israel planted a bomb on EgyptAir 990, and it crashed into the Atlantic. The NTSB came up with the ridiculous conclusion that the cause of the crash was "suicide by pilot", and Doucette and others went along with it.









Doucette's department took some of the heat for not detecting the 9/11 fiasco. He went along with the standard version that 20 Arabs took a Microsoft flight simulator course, and hijacked four jets using a box cutters.







Last assignment

He was the head of an elite unit at the Bureau headquarters that investigates suspected espionage by Iran, and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, and other Shiite Muslim extremists.

In March 2003, Doucette was given another demanding responsibility an FBI command post launched with the start of the Iraq war. Its mission was to oversee interviews with Iraqi exiles in the U.S,. and collect intelligence for American troops.







The assassination


Doucette found in bedroom

The 'Official story' is - At 4:00 in the morning, he was awoken by some disturbing phone calls, and decided to make breakfast, press his pants, and packed his lunch. Next he went upstairs, and shot himself behind his ear.







Robert Mueller

The FBI head took an interest in the case.

FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller III, visited the Doucette home three times, once to hand-deliver letters from President Bush and then-Attorney-General John Ashcroft.








So What Really Happened ?

Doucette was always assigned to cases that involved Israel. For years he went along till something finally triggered his conscience (Body bags of US soldiers who died for Israel in Iraq?). He decided to go to a superior, and getting no results, he threatened to go public.

Two Kidon operatives from the Mossad, came into his house and assassinated him that morning.

The article sends a message

Doucette was shot behind the ear with a .22 caliber, in his house where his wife was sleeping, but the Mossad re-arranged the room to make it look like he was just stressed out and had ripped his phone out of the wall and shot himself with his own FBI-issued 9mm pistol.

The message was simple - "We will get you anywhere". The fact that Mueller and Bush are involved, is very odd. Basically, they are trying to buy the wife's silence by dangling a full pension in front of her, even though Doucette didn't qualify.






Arabic FBI Consultant

After the USS Cole attack, and the assassination of John O'Neil, the FBI has brought in Arab specialists to consult with.

One such individual relates this information:     "I was brought in to educate FBI counter-terror special agent on the discipline of the Muslim faith. I showed them how Mossad "Islamic" false flags were done, including the "Brotherhood" and the Shia-Sunni differences."

The individual developed a close relationship with an FBI agent, and was told that the FBI finally realized that most Islamic terrorism was generated in Israel. The agency is sick of the Mossad operating in the US, but Bush is firmly behind Israel. Accusing the Israelis of anything is career suicide.

The consultant was told that the Mossad has gone after FBI agents, and a major confrontation resulted, and there were a number of resignations.







For some reason this two year-old story is being published to send a message: . "You agents have comfortable lives, and secure jobs, but there are rules. Israel is our ally, and is not to be questioned publicly".

This article sets the tone.




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