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the L0pht Eye

This is watching our door -- wave to the camera if you decide to break in... It makes a great police mug shot! (Mug shots and party poses of l0pht residents now available as part of the BCS CD!

It's a color camera, but from a $35 junker we get a picture that's a bit green, or sometimes VERY red. Depends on what it feels like. If it's a black image then you know it's night, and the lights are out (duh!).

We try to move it around and point it at anything interesting, especially during parties! If the lights are out, look for our scrolling LED sign above the door. (It's the only bright spot in the top of the picture.)

In the forground of the shot is one of our many workbenches. You might catch us fighting with one of our hardware projects some night...

Here are some other l0pht pics.

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