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In an effort to reduce our collective sentences, ranging from computer fraud to sodomizing an inflatable animal, has been assigned multiple tasks for the community.

The first of which is the PCR-1000 Control Suite. Based upon a newly written C++ API, the control suite consists of both a set of command line utilities and a GUI written using the QT 2.02 Widget Set.

The code is available here via http download. It's always changing. You can also take a look at the GUI via this screenshot. Also check out the SGI set of widgets, they are really cool looking and my personal favorite style.

  • icomlib-1.0.0 Initial Stable Release
  • icomlib-1.0b4 Beta #4
    • fixed the bug with coredumps when pressed + or - during scanning by disabling all of the non-usable buttons during scanning.
    • Added Star Office, and MS Word 95 format for the white papers. Along with a readme for the additional descriptions.
  • icomlib-1.0b3 Beta #3 with some minor bugfixes and added eyecandy:
    • Fixed the intuitiveness of scanning. Now when you want to scan, depress the button, and it blinks with the available commands. Then after selecting the commands, the button blinks that it's scanning. Also, when you are scanning, and you hit a frequency that is active, or a birdie, you can press one of the function keys to continue scanning. Depressing the scan button at anytime, stops scanning.
    • Fixed a few QLayout bugs, where it's parent already existed.
    • Added some border spacing around the Profile Edit dialog box.
  • icomlib-1.0b2 Beta #2 with some significant bugfixes:
    • doesnt core dump on start up if you have an older RC file,
    • Fixed a refresh problem with the profile dialog box
    • Added the ability (at compile time) to select several different GUI Styles (ie: CDE, WIN95, SGI, MOTIF, QT...)
  • Documentation for libpcomm/libpcp. Note: This is the API documentation for version 1.0 of the library.
  • icomlib-1.0b1 This is beta #1 of the software. NOTE: This program may crash/core dump and possibly delete every file on your system. Wait until friday for the regular release version
  • icomlib-0.9.1.tar.gz
    • Updated the configure script to officially support SunOS.
  • icomlib-0.9.0.tar.gz
    • initial release

Note: If you are not running Linux please see platforms compatibility.

Keep in mind that code development, from the acquisition of the PCR-1000 itself to release, has been a little less than 2 months. Please tell us what you want to see in the next release, which will be coming hopefully in two weeks. High on the priority list is DTMF decoding and scanner functionality for the GUI. Additionally, the user will see support for multiple PCR-1000's enhanced, plus memory channel features in the GUI. Eventually we hope to have the bandscope supported in the GUI, and possibly a ncurses-based console app.

Additionally, if you do not like the fact that the code is written using the QT widget set, get bent. If you want to write something using the GTK or Motif or whatever, feel free. The API hooks are in src/pcp/pcp.h. bin/console/pcr and bin/console/scanner provide some basic examples of how the API works. We haven't had a chance to write a document to fully detail how to code using the API yet, but hopefully we will write something of that sorts eventually. knocks ya on da floor

The Developers: