Hollywood Isn't Loosing Any Sleep Over Snipes' Jail Term








Wesley Snipes Was A Black Hollywood Superstar







One Of The Few Blacks To Get Decent Roles









He Was A Fairly Decent Actor








He Bucked Hollywood







It Seems Wesley Snipes Didn't Rate


An Alleged Rapist Tax Cheat Murderer








Wesley Snipes Gets Sent To Prison

Now this gets a little confusing. One clown allegedly kidnapped and raped a girl, and gets no jail time. Phil Spector blew a girl's brains out, and he drives around Hollywood in his $300,000 Rolls Royce. But, Wesley Snipes falsifies his tax return, and he gets three years.








The Hollywood Elite

Sumner Redstone is today's version of Samuel Mayer. It was rumored that Snipes was a hard property to handle.






Steven Spielberg

Wesley Snipes refused to kow-tow to his holiness 'Steven Spielberg'.








Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes was one of the true black action heroes. He was a Martial Arts expert, a great actor, versatile, but very un-popular. He had a great film career but never stood a chance of any awards.








 Spike Lee

Here was one of Snipes' early supporters. Spike Lee bucked Hollywood and was called an "Uppity Nigger" by the Zionist elite.






Would Michael Douglas Be Going To Jail?

Do you think Mickey Douglas, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Billy Cristol, or any of the Zionist elite would be going to jail on tax charges?







Hollywood's most vicious murder

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