The Bronfmans Of Canada

Samuel Bronfman The Founder Of The Empire










Abe 'The Shiv' Guzak, Benjamin Lonski, And Sam Bronfman








The Second Generation






The Fabulous Bronfmans

Basically they were Russian immigrants on a mission. The striking feature behind their biography is they are just a part in a master plan of international Jewry for control of various industries.








Bronfmans Leave Russia

In 1889 the Russian people had their fill of the Jewish 'Problem', and the Bronfmans left Russia.







The Czar Of Russia

Once the Khazars broke out of the Pale of the Settlement, the Czar knew they must leave.








Bronfmans Wind Up In Canada

Ekiel Bronfman has a shop selling booze to German farmers on the border of Saskatchewan and Montana.








Montana Border

The Bronfman would smuggle booze in.








It's 1916 And They Diversify

Ekiel's sons, Sam and Harry moved to Montreal and open a chain of saloons and whorehouses.







The Great Diversification

The Jewish Russian immigrants open a chain of whore houses.






1918 And Canada Goes Dry

In 1918 Canada  goes dry and the Bronfmans made a fortune by being a border town, and using their American distilleries.

An old Yiddish proverb - "Start a fire and sell fire hoses"








Andrew Volstead

International Jewry use a Minnesota senator to create the18th Amendment, the Volstead Act.







 The American Mafia Is Created







Bronfman Associates

Samuel Bronfman  joins with Meyer Lansky, "Waxy" Gordon (Irving Wexler), Lucky Luciano, and now has a vast empire in bootlegging. Lake Erie became known as the "Jewish Lake" for his famous speedboats.






Money Laundering

It was illegal to import liquor into the US, so Bronfman used factious names at the  Bank of Montreal. Naturally the Bronfmans paid no taxes. Bronfman and his partners Tibor Rosenbaum and Louis Bloomfield, set up money laundering rings between the U.S., England, Palestine (later Israel), Switzerland, Cuba, the Bahamas, and Canada.







Bronfman Associates

Sam Bronfman entered into collaboration with "Big Maxie" Greenberg, and Arnold Rothstein, who owned a chain of New York gambling casinos.









The Lindbergh Baby Killing

Greenberg was connected to the Purple Gang, the group that killed the Lindbergh baby.






The Northeast Liquor Corridor

Today's writer would have you believe that 50 people smuggled 200 cases a week into the US. The truth is this was a major industry, and Detroit was the NE hub.

20,000 cases went through Detroit in one day, and that's why the Purple Gang was established.







 Joe Kennedy - The Silent Partner

The public story was, Kennedy is pure Irish and Bronfman and him were rivals, which is odd because Bronfman's rivals had a short lifespan.







By 1930 Bronfman Controls Everything

Bronfman empire is complete from Atlantic City gambling to Bahamas money laudereing. Names like Lansky, "Longy" Zwillman and Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, Moe Dalitz, Morris Kleinman, and Samuel Rothkopf, dot his resume.








Bronfman Diversifies

 He buys Texas Pacific Oil Co. Inc, Ranger Oil, Tropicana, and Dole.







1936 Gang Wars

After prohibition ended the Jews diversified (killed competitors), and went into drugs. They formed Murder Inc and killed Arthur Flegenheimer, and countless others.








The 2000 Bronfman's

As the Bronfmans slithered through the years, most stay in old businesses.  The reincarnation of the founder Sam is Edgar Jr. who would buy media giant MCA/Universal, and a host of other media companies.







This Is A Good Insight Into Canada

The Bronfman, and Izzy Aspers, and hundreds of other Jews are the ones pulling the strings in Canada. It is because of this relationship, that an insignificant graphic artist named Ernst Zundel, winds up in a German prison for questioning the Holocaust.








Murder Inc
The Brighton Beach Organatzia

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