l0pht Inhabitants

You can become a funky inhabitant of this machine.
Brian Oblivionburns your EPROM.
Space Rogue's Mac is whacked.
Tweety Fish is your superhero.
Kingpin is still a pimp.
Tan will whip your network into shape.
Tom Icom will cyber your tech.
Veggie is cooler than god.
Alice will help you look fresh.
Weld Pond lets you play with his cybertot.
Doctor Who has the connections.
Jerry Omaha is an art fag.
Big Brother is missing.
Hotrod is at the Athena clusters.
Silicosis hasn't met Dem0nseed... yet.
Cybernetik will race your Sun.
Mudge Is off on another exploit.
Dildog is heaps and stacks of fun.
Stefan spins your topology.
evil's dominion

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