Software Group

The focus of the L0pht Software Group is two-fold: computer security and software support for the many hardware projects. Our active projects are listed below.
L0phtCrack L0phtCrack is an NT password cracking tool. It supports dictionary and brute force cracking of the NT encypted passwords.
Advisories L0pht releases computer security advisories to the Internet community through security mailing lists and our Advisories web page. Topics coverered are security problems in Windows NT, Novell, IIS, Unix, Coffee Machines and much more.

Hardware Group

The Hardware Group concentrates on computer and communication projects. Advances in radio networking, ultra-portable computing, and surveillance technology are sought.
Palm Pilot The US Robotics Palm Pilot is a wonderful small computing device. There are several software and hardware experiments in process.
POCSAG Previously the Hardware Group released the POCSAG Pager Decoder kit. It connected between a scanner and a PC to decode pager signals. The kit is SOLD OUT now but all the plans and much more info is still here.
Mobile Display Terminals Hacking these MDTs is in progress. There is some preliminary info already published and there will be much more to come.
Radio Networking 10 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz, and ham radio frequencies are used for experimenting in low and high speed radio networking. These projects form a complete 'off of the phone system' computer network. This provides freedom from expensive and regulated utilities.

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