Working on software and hardware are fun but sometimes you just have to kick back with a beer and a nice game of network Doom. At times visitors have called the L0pht a 'warez hut' NOT because of pirated software but because of the single minded screen staring that has halted work on many a project.

This is the place where you can bask in the warmth of many CPUs and hard disks. Below you can check out a live glimpse into our den as well as read about it as described by a true believer.

The L0pht Eye
A real-time video eye into our place. Watch us haul in our loot from trashing and cart off the empty beer bottles. Soon we will add more cameras so you can see us hard at work or maybe even playing Doom (or was it Descent?).
L0pht Home Boyz and Girlz
The home pages of the people who hang out here virtually.
The L0pht BBS
Do you have what it takes to unlock the entrace to the L0pht BBS. If you can telnet it's worth a look.

This is a place to exchange ideas and learn in a setting that's much more private than usenet. Think of it as that little BBS you used way back in 1992! But now you don't have to find an outdial.

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