Cons are a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. The American public school system should take a look at them to revise the educational process that passes for learning today.

The Con to End All Cons! RaveCon98. Its a Rave AND a Con! Sponcered by the L0phT and Painted Puppy Productions!
Beyond Hope
If you can only go to one con this year, then this is it! Beyond HOPE, the Hackers on Planet Earth Conference II.
Do ya feel lucky? Then go to DefCon and play some craps while your there.
HIP '97
Lets go camping in the Netherlands!
Hacking In Progress.
Chaos Congress
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Check out the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany.
Now in May, The BIG con in the BIG state of Texas its Xcon!.
HavocCon '97
Make a differance in the future! Go to HavocCon '97!.

Do you have info about an upcoming con?
Then send some mail and we will add it to the page.

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