In an attempt to preserve some hacker history we will list the official announcements, reviews, top ten lists etc. of various cons here.
This list is far from complete. I have alot more of these somewhere. And alot of them where published in Phrack. Anyone wanna grab them for us? If you have copies of some of this old info please mail it to spacerog@l0pht.com He will post it eventually.


Grill-A-Th0n 5.0 Announcement

Grill-A-Th0n VI Announcement

Hacking In Progress 97 Announcement

L0phT Open House 1998

PumpCon V Announcement

PumpCon V Top Ten List

PumpCon VI Announcement

SummerCon IX.V Announcement

SummerCon X Announcement


For even more Con History check out the L0phT Picture Archive.



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