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Last Updated 04.11.97

04.11.97 The L0pht releases L0phtCrack for Win95/NT and unix.
It's the first point and click NT pasword checking tool. See if your users are using good passwords. All the more necessary now that people are using CIFS over the Internet. It is available on our advisories page.
03.20.97 Ooooo. Cable News.
The L0pht gives an interview to New England Cable News. Some captures from the video are here

Transcript now available (4/11/97).

02.27.97 *Hobbit* Release Win95/NT File Sharing White Paper
Hobbit has just released a great paper concerning the problems with 95/NT file sharing security along with modifications to the SAMBA package to poke at the holes. It is available here
12.17.96 NT Threat outlined in InformationWeek
An article in InformationWeek outlines the threat to NT that top hackers are now posing. Yobie Benjamin and Dark Tangent discuss the demonstration programs that have been written.
11.20.96 L0pht's Mudge interviewed in OEM Magazine
The Breaking into Electronic Commerce is the cover story of this month's OEM Magazine. It contains an interview with Mudge alongside that of Cypherpunk's co-founder Eric Hughes.
10.09.96 L0pht publishes new Advisories page
The L0pht Advisories are meant as an archive of vulnerabilities that we have researched and made public. As part of the Advisories we will be publishing detailed tutorials and documentation about the techniques and tools used to uncover programming and protocol flaws.
09.16.96 Bernie S. is a free man
Details are on www.2600.com.
09.04.96 Computer Hacker Severely Beaten after Criticizing Prison Conditions
This press release details the horrors that Bernie S. is going through.
08.28.96 The "Legndary hacker group L0pht" is in EE Times
Electronic Engineering times writes about Defcon with interviews with Se7en, Dark Tangent, Mudge, and Veggie.
07.27.96 L0pht releases the beta version of Netcat for NT
This is a port of Hobbit's Netcat 1.0 for Unix to the the NT/Win95 platform. The files are available on the netcat home page.

LATE NEWS! 8.27.96
Computer Industry braces for widespread deployment of netcat on Win95/NT platform. A LanTimes article mentions Hobbit and has an interview with Mudge. Poor old Weld left out again!

07.25.96 The l0pht krew pictured in Wired
Wired finally wakes up and recognizes the l0pht as part of the Wired world. See us in the Electric Word section of the August issue. Its the one with the Id guys on the cover.
07.07.96 DefCon IV is soon approaching. L0pht's very own Mudge will be giving a talk on one-time passwords and buffer overflows.
07.06.96 erikB is stepping down as editor of Phrack, and Will Spencer, ReDragon and daemon9 are taking over. Here's a bit more info.
07.01.96 A 14 year old gets busted in NYC for credit card fraud and he says on the news that he learned how to do it "from a file off the internet from the high tech hoods, written by The Raven". We were contacted by The Raven and he says he wrote the file 4 years ago.
06.15.96 CDA ruled unconstitutional!
The l0pht did not flinch and self-censor our archives even though some of it may be considered unsuitable for minors by those who want limit what you may read, learn, and know.

Visit EPIC for details. Looks like the government is appealing so it isn't over yet.

04.11.96 Kingpin and L0pht Heavy Industries proudly announce the POCSAG Decoder Project.
03.20.96 The L0pht goes trashing for 24 Hours in Cyberspace. We couldn't bear to see them document cyberspace and not include at least part of the computer underground.
01.11.96 It was months in the making but now it's complete. The L0pht has a new 128K ISDN connection to the internet. The actual installation took NYNEX and our ISP 14 days to complete! We weren't very happy to pay big bucks for such sucky service care of our local telco monopoly. This saga of incompetance and bureaucracy has been immortalized for others to learn from.
11.28.95 The one-year anniversary of the day that H.E.L.L. (Hybrid Electronics Lust Laboratories) House burned to the ground, leaving Sciri, FreqOut, Jesus, and Garbageheap temporarily homeless. To see what has arisen from the ashes check out New Hack City.
11.17.95 The L0pht is pleased to announce a CD version of Space Rogue's popular Whacked Mac Archive. Read all about it in the announcement.
09.12.95 The Secret Service set up a sting BBS called Celco 51 and snared at least 6 people suspected of commiting cellular phone and credit card fraud. Dr. Who's Radiophone archive contains more information.
07.28.95 Randal L. Schwartz is convicted of three felony counts under Oregon's Computer Crime Law. He is the author of the O'Reilly Programming Perl book and was working as a system administrator at Intel at the time. Friends of Randall Schwartz maintains a site with detailed coverage of this travesty of justice. Highly recommended if you are a system administrator.
06.13.95 The State of Pennsylvania has criminalized the transfer of plans or instructional procedures that are used to defraud service providers such as cellular phone, cable TV, and other utility companies. This clearly unconstitutional law was signed by the Governor on June 13, 1995.

Please fight this bad law. If the security systems used by these services cannot survive being exposed by free speech then it is the security that is broken, not free speech. The government should require the service providers to provide adequate security instead of gagging the populace.

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