Hard Warez are the kind of thing you can get your hands around.
Whacked Mac CDROM
Mac Hackers! The Whacked Mac Archives CDROM is out. You can get one from the L0pht.
POCSAG Pager Decoder Kit
Hardware Hackers! The LHI Pager Decoder Kit is now available. Get a kit or fully assembled unit.
c00l l0pht stuff
Yes, we know it is a bit crazy but L0pht brand paraphernalia is here. This is your chance to sport some k-rad duds.
The Famous L0pht Floor
Most of what the L0pht does isn't virtual. We build a lot of things. Some of these projects we sell to you at low cost, others never see the light of day or are custom jobs. Our experimentation leaves equipment and parts that we must liquidate to pay for the next project. Help us clean up our floor.

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