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1. Vol. 1, No. 1 - 01/13/96
   MindNet Journal Introductory Statement
     Mike Coyle, editor, Jan. 1996
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2. Vol. 1, No. 2 - 01/14/96
   CIA - Special Operations Command Death Squad Activity in 1996
     Harlan Girard, Jan. 1996
       A description of the methods used by the CIA to harass
   and torture citizens. Contains keys words, key names, 
   selected bibliography.
   MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn1-02.txt]: 8,640 bytes

3. Vol. 1, No. 3 - 01/15/96 [6 parts, a-f]
   The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction 
     Martin Cannon, 1989
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4. Vol. 1, No. 4 - 01/16/96
   Mind Control and the Secret State
     Daniel Brandt, Jan. 1996
       CIA experimentation on unwitting victims with Remote 
   Viewing, electromagnetic manipulation, etc. With sidebar by 
   Tom Porter, Mind Control and the Internet.
   MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-04.txt]: 39,866 bytes

5. Vol. 1, No. 5 - 01/17/96 [3 parts, a-c]
   History of Bridlewood Hydro Line Struggle
     Richard W. Woodley, Bridlewood Residents Hydro Line 
     Committee, Nov. 1993.
       Citizens of Ontario Canada against EMF pollution from 
   power lines. Contains descriptions of actions throughout the 
   world, timeline, selected bibliography, source list.
   MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-05.txt]: 25,114 bytes

6. Vol. 1, No. 6 - 01/18/96
   Microwaves and Mind Control in Low Income Communities
     Muada Shakur, Sept. 1995
       Citizens of LA organize against Contel's construction of
   microwave towers in their community.
   MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-06.txt]: 9,903 bytes

7. Vol. 1, No. 7 - 01/19/96
   Electro-Hypnotically Induced Personalities
     Branton, Gwenn H. Wycoff, Oct. 1995
       Electro-hypnotically induced personalities, brain 
   entrainment, UFOs, secret government.
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8. Vol. 1, No. 8 - 01/20/96 [3 parts, a-c]
   The Aliens Are Innocent!: The Trial and Conviction of a
   "EBE" Possessed Serial Killer
     W.H. Bowart, Jan. 1996
       The trial of Robert Moody, convicted serial murderer
   who claims to be possessed and motivated by aliens.
   MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-08.txt]: 31,496 bytes

9. Vol. 1, No. 9 - 01/22/96
   The Florida/Hollywood Mob Connection: The CIA and O.J. 
   Simpson (excerpt)
     Alex Constantine, Jan. 1996
       Connections between other murder cases involving
   organized crime and the use of CIA mind-control techniques.
   MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-09.txt]: 11,865 bytes

10. Vol. 1, No. 10 - 01/23/96
    Human Plutonium Injection Experiments
      Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments, 1994
        Testimony presented before the President's Commission on
    Radiation Experiments involving unauthorized experimentation
    on US citizens by the government.
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11. Vol. 1, No. 11 - 01/24/96
    Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves
      David S. Walonick, 1990
        Effects of ELF on brain waves (EEG) and entrainment.
    Test results using human volunteers. 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-11.txt]: 29,129 bytes

12. Vol. 1, No. 12 - 01/25/96
    The Cosmic Itching Powder
      David S. Walonick, 1996
        The effects of electromagnetic pollution on the health 
    of humans. Contains suggested reading list, appendix with 
    suggestions for limiting exposure to EMF.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-12.txt]: 23,407 bytes

13. Vol. 1, No. 13 - 01/26/96
    Philip K. Dick: The Other Side
      Paul Rydeen, 1995
        Was SF writer Philip K. Dick under the influence of mind
    control and do his books reflect this? Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-13.txt]: 32,606 bytes

14. Vol. 1, No. 14 - 01/27/96
    Report on the Johns Hopkins/False Memory Syndrome Foundation
    Meeting, Baltimore, December 9-11, 1994
      Colin A. Ross, Feb. 1995
        Colin Ross compares the differences and similarities 
    between the FMSF and the ISS and their opposing viewpoints. 
    Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-14.txt]: 13,082 bytes

15. Vol. 1, No. 15 - 01/28/96
    Victims, Survivors and Anyone Else Who Cares
      Claudia Mullen, Jan. 1996
        Victims testimony on unauthorized experiments by the 
    CIA on children.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-15.txt]: 7,264 bytes

16. Vol. 1, No. 16 - 01/30/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. (excerpt)
      Alex Constantine, 1995
        The False Memory Hoax: CIA Connections to Mind-Control
    Cults. Martin Orne and the CIA's use of cults and children.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-16.txt]: 34,947 bytes

17. Vol. 1, No. 17 - 01/31/96
    Human Experiments at CIA
      Steven Aftergood, Oct. 1995
        Summary of the Final Report of the Advisory Committee
    on Human Radiation Experiments.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-17.txt]: 6,983 bytes

18. Vol. 1, No. 18 - 02/01/96
    Tales From the Crypt: The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the
    CIA's Operation MOCKINGBIRD
      Alex Constantine, 1996
        CIA Operation MOCKINGBIRD controls the media in 
    connection with the Mob.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-18.txt]: 17,862 bytes

19. Vol. 1, No. 19 - 02/02/96
    Letter to the California Therapist
      Anonymous, Apr. 1993
        Media create hysteria by promoting stories of ritual
    abuse based on false memories.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-19.txt]: 18,311 bytes

20. Vol. 1, No. 20 - 02/03/96
    Summary: Hassan, Steven. Combatting Cult Mind Control
      Shellie West, Jan. 1996
        Description of mind-control techniques used by cults
    to reduce member's free will. Contains questionnaire.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-20.txt]: 24,799 bytes

21. Vol. 1, No. 21 - 02/05/96
    McMartin Preschool Revisited: Part One
      Alex Constantine, Jan. 1996
        CIA-DIA front use of mind-control techniques and
    experimental psychotechnology on involuntary human 
    subjects involving child molestations. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-21.txt]: 23,017 bytes

22. Vol. 1, No. 22 - 02/06/96
    Feminist Treason and Intellectual Fascism
      Stephanie Salter, Apr. 1993.
        Feminist attitudes and false memories of child abuse.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-22.txt]: 7,268 bytes

23. Vol. 1, No. 23 - 02/08/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Remote Mind Control Technology
      Anna Keeler
        MKULTRA, Project Pandora and the development of remote 
    electronic control of the human mind. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-23.txt]: 22,950 bytes

24. Vol. 1, No. 24 - 02/09/96
    McMartin Preschool Revisited: Part Two
      Alex Constantine, Feb. 1996
        CIA-DIA front use of mind-control techniques and
    experimental psychotechnology on involuntary human 
    subjects involving child molestations. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-24.txt]: 19,884 bytes
25. Vol. 1, No. 25 - 02/10/96 [3 parts, a-c]
    Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation
      Julianne McKinney, Dec. 1992
        The use of microwave technologies and mind-control
    harassment on unwitting victims by US intelligence agencies.
    Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-25.txt]: 34,089 bytes

26. Vol. 1, No. 26 - 02/12/96
    Remote Control Electronic Brain Punishment
      David Fratus, Oct. 1988
        A prisoner tells of his mind-control torture by 
    authorities using EM devices.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-26.txt]: 26,639 bytes

27. Vol. 1, No. 27 - 02/13/96
    Electromagnetic Torture: EM Weapons
      Alex Constantine, Feb. 1996
        Writer, political researcher, Alex Constantine describes
    his harassment by EM weapons.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-27.txt]: 5,796 bytes

28. Vol. 1, No. 28 - 02/15/96
    HAARP: Vandalism in the Sky?
      Nick Begich, Jeane Manning
        Description of the HAARP project in Alaska to affect
    the earth's atmosphere.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-28.txt]: 34,863 bytes

29. Vol. 1, No. 29 - 02/16/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. (excerpt)
      Alex Constantine, 1995
        Mystery Fumes, the Poisoning of the Los Angeles County
    Commission for Women's Ritual Abuse Task Force & the Los
    Angeles Times. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-29.txt]: 20,571 bytes

30. Vol. 1, No. 30 - 02/17/96
    Detecting Magnetic, Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Fields
      Elizabeth Rauscher, Oct. 1995
        Letter from physicist Elizabeth Rauscher regarding her
    offer to use electronic equipment to detect signals that
    could be used in mind-control harassment.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-30.txt]: 6,577 bytes

31. Vol. 1, No. 31 - 02/20/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Review of Patent #4,889,526, "Non-Invasive Method and
    Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals Through an External
    Magnetic Electric Field to Reduce Pain"
      Judy Wall, May 1995
        Review of patent held by Elizabeth Rauscher and William
    Bise for a device to control pain by modulating brain 
    signals. With schematic of device: [mn/mn131.gif]
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-31.txt]: 12,585 bytes

32. Vol. 1, No. 32 - 02/21/96
    Synthetic Telepathy
      Judy Wall, May 1995
        Beaming words, thoughts, or ideas into a person's mind
    by mechanical means. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-32.txt]: 29,449 bytes

33. Vol. 1, No. 33 - 02/22/96
    A Victim of CIA Mind Control: Political Asylum
      C.P., Dec. 1995
        A U.S. victim of intracranial voice harassment asks for
    political asylum from a foreign government.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-33.txt]: 13,785 bytes

34. Vol. 1, No. 34 - 02/23/96
    Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy's Plan to 
    Psychocivilize You (excerpt)
      Walter Bowart, 1994
        Tuned In To A Mental Radio? Audiograms: Intracranial 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-34.txt]: 5,565 bytes

35. Vol. 1, No. 35 - 02/24/96 (excerpt)
    Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy's Plan to 
    Psychocivilize You (excerpt)
      Walter Bowart, 1994
        Remote viewing and the military.    
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-35.txt]: 6,217 bytes

36. Vol. 1, No. 36 - 02/26/96
    Statement by Ingo Swann on Remote Viewing
      Ingo Swann, Dec. 1995
        Ingo Swann, one of the subjects of remote viewing
    research, describes remote viewing experimentation in the
    intelligence/military communities.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-36.txt]: 17,055 bytes

37. Vol. 1, No. 37 - 02/27/96
    Mind Control and UFOs
      Alex Constantine, Feb. 1996
        The development of UFO technology and mind control by
    Germany, the Rockefellers, and US corporations.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-37.txt]: 9,616 bytes

38. Vol. 1, No. 38 - 02/28/96 [3 parts, a-c]
    Removed by request of the author 

39. Vol. 1, No. 39 - 02/29/96
    Position Paper #2: How I Decided to Become a Loud-Mouthed
      Kathy Kasten, Feb. 1996
        US government uses its own citizens unwittingly in
    covert research projects involving abductions and mind 
    control. Contains bibliography and notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-39.txt]: 26,803 bytes

40. Vol. 1, No. 40 - 02/30/96
    "Homemaker's Recipe" for a Successful Revolution in Military
      Julianne McKinney, Jan. 1995
        Julianne McKinney of the Electronic Surveillance Project
    offers her recipe for a revolution in military control of the
    civilian populace using mind-control technology.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-40.txt]: 22,796 bytes

41. Vol. 1, No. 41 - 03/02/96
    The Controllers (excerpt)
      Martin Cannon
        A precis of the Metz/Kievit Revolution in Military 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-41.txt]: 17,844 bytes

42. Vol. 1, No. 42 - 03/04/96 [3 parts, a-c]
    The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict [in]
    _Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology_ (excerpt)
      Capt. Paul E. Tyler, MC, USN, 1986
        Proposal by the military to use electromagnetic 
    manipulation of the human central nervous system for warfare.
    Contains notes and references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-42.txt]: 23,018 bytes

43. Vol. 1, No. 43 - 03/06/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Such Things Are Known (excerpt)
      Dorothy Burdick, 1982
        A victim of intracranial voices and directed-energy
    weapons describes the technology used to harass her.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-43.txt]: 32,696 bytes
44. Vol. 1, No. 44 - 03/08/96
    Interview with Dorothy Burdick
      Mike Coyle, Sept. 1995
        A transcribed interview with Dorothy Burdick, the author
    of _Such Things are Known_.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-44.txt]: 13,194 bytes

45. Vol. 1, No. 45 - 03/10/96
    Directed-Energy Harassment Defense
      Julianne McKinney, Jul. 1995
        Julianne McKinney of the Electronic Surveillance Project
    offers suggestions for defending against directed-energy
    harassment to a prison inmate.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-45.txt]: 22,101 bytes

46. Vol. 1, No. 46 - 03/12/96
    Government Research into ESP & Mind Control
      Tom Porter, Mar. 1996
        Abstracts: History of MKULTRA, Current Developments and
    Reports, Some of the Players.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-46.txt]: 17,066 bytes

47. Vol. 1, No. 47 - 03/14/96
    CIA Programming
      Dan Harr, Feb. 1996
        A former serviceman describes his mind-control 
    programming with false memories by intelligence agencies.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-47.txt]: 17,091 bytes

48. Vol. 1, No. 48 - 03/16/96
    Cultural and Economic Barriers to Protecting Children from 
    Ritual Abuse and Mind Control
      Catherine Gould, Dec. 1995
        A comprehensive look at the phenomenon of ritual abuse 
    and mine control involving children. Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-48.txt]: 31,705 bytes

49. Vol. 1, No. 49 - 03/18/96
    EMF, ELF and Cold War Nuclear Guinea Pigs: We're ALL Test
      Jim Martin, Jan. 1994
        A description of electromagnetic pollution, the cover-up, 
    and its implications for all of society. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-49.txt]: 28,886 bytes

50. Vol. 1, No. 50 - 03/20/96
    Whispering Between Cells: Electromagnetic Fields and 
    Regulatory Mechanisms in Tissue
      W. Ross Adey
        A description of how low-level electromagnetic fields
    are used by the human body for regulatory functions.
    Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-50.txt]: 24,209 bytes

51. Vol. 1, No. 51 - 03/22/96
    HAARP: United States Patent #4,686,605
      Bernard J. Eastlund, Aug. 1987
        Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's
    atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-51.txt]: 39,110 bytes

52. Vol. 1, No. 52 - 03/24/96
    Subliminal Stimuli: Sleep, Obey, Sex
      Eric Parkes, Oct. 1995
        Embedded subliminal messages in advertising control
    behavior on a subconscious level. Contains suggested reading
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-52.txt]: 14,793 bytes

53. Vol. 1, No. 53 - 03/26/96
    The Battle for Your Mind 
      Dick Sutphen, 1995
        Persuasion & brainwashing techniques being used on the 
    public today.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-53.txt]: 35,054 bytes

54. Vol. 1, No. 54 - 03/28/96
    The Great Debate
      Anne Hart, 1995
        A look at the controversy surrounding ritual abuse
    and false memories.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-54.txt]: 24,990 bytes

55. Vol. 1, No. 55 - 03/30/96
    To My Sister's Therapists
      Anonymous, 1992
        A brother's letters to his sister's therapists question
    her claims of satanic ritual abuse.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-55.txt]: 29,238 bytes

56. Vol. 1, No. 56 - 04/01/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    A Reply to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
      John Backus and Barbara Stannard, Oct. 1993
        A critique of the claims made by the False Memory
    Syndrome Foundation regarding "false" or "recovered" 
    memories related to child abuse. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-56.txt]: 24,648 bytes

57. Vol. 1, No. 57 - 04/03/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Spin Programming: A Newly Uncovered Technique of Systematic 
    Mind Control
      John D. Lovern, Feb. 1993
        A pyschologist's description of a form of trauma-based
    mind-control programming and its effects. Contains references
    and appendix.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-57.txt]: 29,335 bytes
58. Vol. 1, No. 58 - 04/05/96
    A Primer on Hypnosis and Mind Control
      Darrell Bross, May 1995
        An overview of the controversy surrounding hypnosis and
    its connection with mind-control experimentation. Contains
    bibliography, suggested reading list.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-58.txt]: 31,580 bytes

59. Vol. 1, No. 59 - 04/07/96
    Review of Patents Relating to Synthetic Telepathy
      Judy Wall, Mar. 1996
        Review of two patents dealing with the concept of
    transmitting sound, voices, and other audio phenomena 
    directly to the brain. Contains references and appendix. 
    Diagrams available at FTP site in GIF format.
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    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn159a.gif]: 16,592 bytes
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn159b.gif]: 17,837 bytes
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn159c.gif]:  8,389 bytes

60. Vol. 1, No. 60 - 04/09/96
    Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality Studies by the U.S.
      Cheryl Welsh, April 1996
        A victim outlines the history of U.S. government mind
    control experimentation. Contains notes and excerpts.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-60.txt]: 28,338 bytes

61. Vol. 1, No. 61 - 04/11/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN)
      U.S. Government, September 1996
        Document describes the operation parameters for GWEN
    which is installed throughout the U.S.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-61.txt]: 26,389 bytes

62. Vol. 1, No. 62 - 04/13/96 [4 parts, a-d]
    Memory Processes Described as Brain Oscillations in the 
    EEG-Alpha and Theta Bands
      Wolfgang Klimesch, April 1995
        Anatomical findings provide strong arguments for the 
    assumption that oscillations provide the basic form of
    communication between cortical cell assemblies. Contains
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-62.txt]: 22,275 bytes

63. Vol. 1, No. 63 - 04/15/96
    Nonlethal Weapons and Operations
      The Library of Congress, U.S. Government, September 1995
        A description of nonlethal weapons and their intended 
    uses by the U.S. Government. Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-63.txt]: 19,099 bytes

64. Vol. 1, No. 64 - 04/17/96
    The Social Alter
      Lloyd deMause, June 1995
        "Problems in the traumatic abuse of children is in fact 
    one and the same as the massive denial of the psychological 
    origins of social behavior." Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-64.txt]: 39,719 bytes

65. Vol. 1, No. 65 - 04/19/96
    On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by
    Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms
      M.A. Persinger, June 1995
        "The technical capability to influence directly the major 
    portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human 
    species without mediation through classical sensory 
    modalities by generating neural information within a physical 
    medium within which all members of the species are immersed."
    Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-65.txt]: 31,410 bytes

66. Vol. 1, No. 66 - 04/21/96
      Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D., June 1995
        "The relationship among individuals in a cult is also 
    hypnotic. People disagreeing with an ideology binding 
    individuals together in a group are likely to be criticized, 
    punished, and eventually excluded or shunned by the group." 
    Contains notes and references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-66.txt]: 31,111 bytes

67. Vol. 1, No. 67 - 04/23/96
    Electromagnetic Weapons Race & the Former Soviet Union
      Cheryl Welsh, April 1996
        "Another Arms Race With The Former Soviet Union?" 
    "What the Public Should Know About Electromagnetic Frequency 
    Weapons." Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-67.txt]: 13,270 bytes

68. Vol. 1, No. 68 - 04/25/96
    Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict
       Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, U.S. 
       Government, July 1994
         "Memorandum for distribution, Subject: Draft Non-Lethal 
    Weapons Policy."
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-68.txt]: 19,694 bytes

69. Vol. 1, No. 69 - 04/27/96
    Are Environmentalists Responsible for the Unabomber?
      Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe, April 23, 1996
        An example of how the media uses double standards to 
    condition and control the minds of the public.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-69.txt]: 9,250 bytes

70. Vol. 1, No. 70 - 04/29/96
    Silent Weapons...
      Julianne McKinney, August 1995
        Questions about _Silent_Weapons_for_Quiet_Wars_ and the
    brainwashing of the populace.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-70.txt]: 12,758 bytes

71. Vol. 1, No. 71 - 05/01/96
    Military Human Experimentation Protocol
      U.S. Government, Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Dec. 1994
        Congressional report describes the history of U.S.
    government experimentation on its military personal.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-71.txt]: 29,186 bytes

72. Vol. 1, No. 72 - 05/05/96
    Operation Open Eyes
      Walter Bowart, April 1996
        "A Working Outline of a U.S. Intelligence Mind Control 
    Program." Navy Intelligence officer who was attached to the 
    CIA and was also a Navy SEAL team leader describes mind 
    control programming.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-72.txt]: 15,800 bytes
73. Vol. 1, No. 73 - 05/10/96
    Physiological Responses Applicable to Development of
    Less-Than-Lethal Weapons
      Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Government
        Description of physical effects and uses of nonlethal
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-73.txt]: 6,650 bytes

74. Vol. 1, No. 74 - 05/14/96
    Government-Directed "Extrajudicial Punishment"
      Julianne McKinney, August 1995
        Mind-control experimentation on prisoners and how victims
    can be begin to seek redress.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-74.txt]: 6,003 bytes

75. Vol. 1, No. 75 - 06/08/96
    War Monger of the New Millennium
      Armen Victorian, June 1996
        John Alexander's proposals for use of electromagnetic 
    weapons on U.S. citizens.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-75.txt]: 4,309 bytes

76. Vol. 1, No. 76 - 06/13/96
    Project Monarch: The Tangled Web 
      Martin Cannon, June 1996
        Questions concerning the claims of victims of the
    so-called Project Monarch mind-control programming.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-76.txt]: 15,246 bytes

77. Vol. 1, No. 77 - 06/18/96
    War Monger of the New World Order: The New Millennium
      Armen Victorian, June 1996
        The development of Nonlethal weapons for military use 
    and their potential for human rights abuses. Contains
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-77.txt]: 13,728 bytes

78. Vol. 1, No. 78 - 06/26/96
    Nonlethal Weapons Program: Nation Defense Authorization
      U.S. Government, July 1995
        Senate Report authorizing appropriations for 1996 
    defense budget containing nonlethal weapons funding.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-78.txt]: 9,908 bytes

79. Vol. 1, No. 79 - 07/04/96
    Remote Viewing Test
      Martin Cannon, May 1996
        Martin Cannon, author of _The_Controllers_ requests
    participation by the reader in a test of their remote
    viewing skills.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-79.txt]: 8,168 bytes

80. Vol. 1, No. 80 - 07/18/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Trauma & Memory: Clinical Implications for Treatment
      Dr. Colin Ross, April 1996
        Psychiatrist Colin Ross offers proof of the CIA's 
    successful development of "Manchurian Candidates" with
    the knowledge and help of the mental health profession.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-80.txt]: 34,077 bytes

81. Vol. 1, No. 81 - 07/22/96
    United States, Canada, Britain: Partners in Mind Control
      Armen Victorian, July 1996
        Western intelligence agencies have cooperated in the
    use of mind-control training and methods. Contains 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-81.txt]: 31,467 bytes

82. Vol. 1, No. 82 - 08/06/96
    Electromagnetic Effects on Human Behavior
      Steve Mizrach, July 1996
        How electromagnetic pollution can affect the human mind
    and body. Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-82.txt]: 34,151 bytes

83. Vol. 1, No. 83 - 08/19/96
    Non-Lethal Death
      David Guyatt, July 1996
        Non-Lethal and/or Less-Than-Lethal Weapons developed
    by the military can be very effective mind-control 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-83.txt]: 36,770 bytes
84. Vol. 1, No. 84 - 08/29/96    
    Mind Control and the Indian Rope Trick
      Jerry W. Decker, Ron Barker, Chuck Henderson: Vangard 
      Sciences/KeelyNet, July 1990
        Is projected, mass hypnosis without the subjects'
    consent possible?
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-84.txt]: 9,171 bytes

85. Vol. 1, No. 85 - 09/09/96
    Biological Process Control
      USAF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in: New World Vistas: 
      Air and Space Power for the 21st Century, June 1996
        U.S. Government proposal to develop weapons that use 
    electromagnetic manipulation of the human body and mind.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-85.txt]: 8,785 bytes

86. Vol. 1, No. 86 - 09/26/96
    Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, The Pentagon's Penguin
      Armen Victorian, June 1993
        The military's interest in psychotronic warfare and
    its probable use on civilian populations. Contains 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-86.txt]: 29,900 bytes

87. Vol. 1, No. 87 - 10/01/96
    "Soul Catcher" Unveiled by Telecom Giant
      David Guyatt, September 1996
        Description of implantable microchip which can record
    entire life experience of a human being for playback or
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-87.txt]: 7,049 bytes

88. Vol. 1, No. 88 - 10/07/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    The Macrobiotic Genius of Walter Russell
      John David Mann, 1989
        Walter Russell predicted in the 1950s the dangers of
    radiation and atmospheric testing to the atmosphere and
    ultimately to all life on this planet. Contains resources
    and related reading lists and appendix of Project Argus.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-88.txt]: 38,772 bytes

89. Vol. 1, No. 89 - 10/22/96
    Remote Viewing: The Story of the Real X Files
      Turan Rifat, July 1996
        Biological remote mind-control technology (RMCT) and
    the development of RV for military and intelligence purposes.
    Contains references.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-89.txt]: 31,283 bytes

90. Vol. 1, No. 90 - 11/13/96
    The Influencing Machine
      Mike Coyle, November 1996
        Historical look at claims of remote mind control by 
    machines. Contains notes.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-90.txt]: 24,857 bytes

91. Vol. 1, No. 91 - 11/19/96
    PKD, The Unicorn and Soviet Psychotronics
      Adam Gorightly, December 1993
        Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick considered himself a 
    victim of psychotronic mind control and implants.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-91.txt]: 19,250 bytes

92. Vol. 1, No. 92 - 11/23/96
    Are We Still Mesmerized?
      James M. Silver, November 1996
        An historical examination of hypnosis and its relationship
    to conditioned response. Contains sources.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-92.txt]: 19,250 bytes

93. Vol. 1, No. 93 - 12/01/96 [2 parts, a-b]
    Acclaimed 1991-92 San Diego Grand Jury Child Abuse Report
    Demonstrated to be Fraudulent by Subsequent Grand Jury
      Alex Constantine, December 1996
        Grand jury report on child abuse misled public
    regarding "false" claims of child abuse. Contains appendix
    with newspaper reports.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-93.txt]: 21,938 bytes

94. Vol. 1, No. 94 - 12/07/96
    Leading Psychiatrist Blows Whistle on Profession: Proves 50+ 
    Years of Mind Control 
      W.H. Bowart, December 1996
        Walter Bowart, author of _Operation Mind Control_, 
    reviews speech given by psychiatrist Colin Ross implicating 
    the mental health profession in covert mind control 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-94.txt]: 26,650 bytes

95. Vol. 1, No. 95 - 12/17/96
    NSA Covert Mind Control Operations
      John St Clair Akwei, December 1991
        John St Clair Akwei vs National Security Agency. Copy
    of lawsuit charging the NSA with using high-tech 
    mind-control and surveillance techniques on US citizens.
    Contains resources.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-95.txt]: 24,554 bytes

96. Vol. 1, No. 96 - 12/21/96
    CIA Mind Control at Stanford Research Institute
      Alex Constantine, December 1996
        The history of mind-control development at SRI involving
    Remote Viewing, Psi, DID and prominent members of the
    military, intelligence and scientific communities.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-96.txt]: 21,916 bytes
97. Vol. 1, No. 97 - 12/27/96
    Ratting Out Puharich
      Terry L. Milner, December 1996
        The story of Andrija Puharich's development of a
    radio tooth implant and its implications for mind-control 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-97.txt]: 36,569 bytes

98. Vol. 1, No. 98 - 01/10/97
    CIA Cults & Anti-Cults
      Alex Constantine, January 1997
        The CIA, CAN and the AFF -- many cults and anti-cult 
    cults are ultimately the creation of the intelligence sector.
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-98.txt]: 11,383 bytes
99. Vol. 1, No. 99 - 01/17/97
    The Pre-History of MKULTRA
      Martin Cannon, January 1997
        Historical look at the development of techniques to
    control human behavior. "Mind control, broadly defined, has 
    been with us in one form or another since the beginning of 
    MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn1-99.txt]: 30,224 bytes

[End of Volume 1]

MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mnindex1.txt]

100. Vol. 2, No. 1 - 01/22/97
     Just What are Psychotronics?
       Amargi, January 1997
         Description of pyschotronic/psionic machines and
     MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn2-01.txt]: 23,802 bytes

101. Vol. 2, No. 2 - 01/30/97
     Sarfatti's Illuminati: In the Thick of It!
       Jack Sarfatti, January 1996
         Did the Fourth Reich use Arica to influence the New Age?
     Is mind control responsible for the events of the sixties
     and today's America?
     MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn2-02.txt]: 30,141 bytes
102. Vol. 2, No. 3 - 02/14/97
     Comparison of a Teleological Model With a Quantum Collapse 
     Model of Psi
       Helmut Schmidt, December 1984
         "This article compares two previously described
     mathematical psi models ... At an early stage of psi 
     research, one could hope to understand psi by a 
     straightforward extension of physics."
     MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mn/mn2-03.txt]: 39,275 bytes

MindNet Journal Archive Filename: [mnindex2.txt]

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