GBPPR Homebrew Radar Experiments


One of the biggest experiments I've always wanted to work on is a homebrew radar system.  No, not some little ultrasonic range finder using pre-made kits, but a true high-power pulse (and maybe Doppler) radar system.  And I think it's now possible...

This project will be continuously "in development."  I have no idea if the final outcome will even work, but I'll try to make all the experiments public and fairly-well documented.  The overall work will be done in a series of sub-sections over the next few months (or even years).  If it all works - great.  If it doesn't...  It'll look cool, and you'll have nice beacon to attract anti-radiation missles.

A very detailed description of how radars operate, and the design of their major component sections, is available in the U.S. Army Aviation Course - Subcourse MM5005: Radar Transmitter manual.  This manual is also available online.

MIT has a free online course Build a Small Radar System Capable of Sensing Range, Doppler, and Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging which describes how to build a simple S-band radar system.

Block Diagram

Major Radar Sections

General Radar Audio & Video

  1. 22C3: I See Airplanes!  by Eric Blossom  (YouTube)
    • This lecture describes how to build your own passive radar system using relatively low-cost hardware and free software.  Passive radar systems allow you to determine the position and velocity of aircraft, etc, using broadcast TV and FM radio transmitters as illuminators.  The system works by watching the direct path and reflections from "L" transmitters using "M" coherent receivers at "N" locations.  From the raw data we extract estimates of bi-static range, doppler and angle-of-arrival.  These estimates are fed into a tracking algorithm that attempts to sort airplanes from clutter and noise.
    • CCC 22C3 Entry
    • Slides  (2.1M PDF)
    • Passive Radar  Caution: Wikipedia

  2. DEFCON 19: Build Your Own Synthetic Aperture Radar  by Michael Scarito  (YouTube)
    • Radar is used extensively by the military, police, weather, air travel, and maritime industries - why not you?  Come learn how to build a radar imaging system on the cheap!  This talk will explain the basics of how radar works as well as how to measure range and velocity of your chosen targets.  You will learn how to use synthetic aperture techniques to generate a two- or even three-dimensional image.  The hardware and software design will be totally opened up so you can go home and build your own system.  The talk will try to run through the basics pretty fast, so some knowledge of electronics or basic physics might help, but is not required!  Regardless of your background, you will see the capabilities of a modern home-built radar system and hopefully get some ideas for your own uses.

  3. Access a Distant 900 MHz Repeater by Bouncing Signals Off an Airplane  (YouTube)
  4. RadarVision2 in Operation  Video showing the operation of a RadarVision2 through-the-wall radar device.  (YouTube)
  5. Thales Smart-S Mk2 Naval Radar  (YouTube)
  6. Thales Radar Video  (YouTube)
  7. Tuning the Radar  Funny!  (YouTube)
  8. X-Band Doppler Radar Test  Larry's homemade Doppler radar.  (YouTube)
  9. ARTHUR - Artillery Hunting Radar  (YouTube)
  10. Radar Chaff Shows up on Weather Radar  (YouTube)
  11. Army MOS 13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator  (YouTube)
  12. LearningMeasure Episode 7: Radar and Relativity  (YouTube)
  13. Radar and it's Applications (1962)  (YouTube)
  14. Russian Stealth: The Hunt for the Invisible  (YouTube)
  15. Arctic Mission: A Report on DEW Line Activities  From 1955.  (YouTube)
  16. History of the Skunk Works - Part 1  (YouTube)
  17. The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird #1  (YouTube)
  18. The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird #2  (YouTube)
  19. SR-71 Record Setting Video  (YouTube)
  20. The U-2 & TR-1 Story  (YouTube)

Radar Stealth & Radar Countermeasures

  1. F-117 Stealth Fighter Wreckage  (YouTube)

  3. Lt. Colonel Dale Zelko's Presentation on his F-117A Being Shot Down  (YouTube)
  4. The Unthinkable, the Unimaginable Happened: A F-117 was Shot Down in Combat  by Lt. Col. Dale Zelko  (YouTube)
    • Lt. Col. Dale Zelko reflects on his experience as the only stealth fighter mission shot down during combat and his accomplishment and fortitude in an against-all-odds scenario.  This "Wings & Things Guest Lecture" took place on Jan. 25, 2006.

  5. Understanding Stealth Technology  Neat little video from Lockheed Martin.  (YouTube)
  6. Hitler's Stealth Fighter  Fascinating National Geographic documentary about the Horten Ho 229.  (YouTube)
  7. Stealth Aircraft Technology  Older documentary about the various stealth airplanes, includes interviews with several Skunk Works employees.  (YouTube)
  8. Federation of American Scientists: F-117A Nighthawk
  9. Deep Black: Stealth Aircraft Technology F-117 Combat Tactics  From Dan's Aviation History.
  10. Picture of the F-117A Stealth Fighter - 1
  11. Picture of the F-117A Stealth Fighter - 2
  12. Picture of a Crashed F-117A Stealth Fighter  No nose gear.
  13. Picture of a Crashed F-117A Stealth Fighter  Shot down in Serbia.
  14. How "Stealth" is Achieved on the F-117A
  15. Method of Edge Waves in the Physical Theory of Diffraction  The paper that started it all.  By Pyotr Ufimtsev.  (8.9M PDF)
  16. RadJam - Version 2.0  Computes detection contours for radars in the presence of jammers.  (237k ZIP)
  17. Radar Jammer Plans  (124k PDF)
  18. RCS Calculations Using the Physical Optics Codes - Version 2.3  RCS equations for Matlab.  (Theory and Operation Paper)
  19. Studying Stealth: Air Force Begins Operation of World's Largest Wideband Bi-Static Imaging & Radar Cross Section Test Facility
  20. Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, the Torsion Tensor & the "Philadelphia Experiment"  by K.L. Corum, J.F. Corum, and J.F.X. Daum.  (755k PDF)
  21. Now You See It, Now You Don't
  22. Ultra Stealth
  23. RF Stealth (or Low-Observable) and Counter-RF Stealth Technologies  Implications of counter-RF stealth solutions for Turkish Air Force, by Serdar Cadirci  (2.2M PDF)
  24. A Stealth Satellite Sourcebook  by Allen Thomson  (8.3M PDF)
  25. Radar Cross Section Measurements (8-12 GHz) of Magnetic and Dielectric Microwave Absorbing Thin Sheets  (90k PDF)
  26. Investigation into the Significance of Geometry on the Radar Cross Section of a Ship  by Lt. M. Losier.  (4.6M PDF)
  27. Epsilon Radar Cross Section Prediction Software  (Datasheet)  (Galileo Example)
  28. Radar Cross Section Reference Sheet  (140k PDF)
  29. Radar Signatures and Relations to Radar Cross Section  (376k PDF)
  30. Large Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Logo
  31. SR-71 Blackbirds Web Site Index
  32. Picture of a SU-27 Entering Optical Stealth Mode  That's what it said on the original description.  Fake?
  33. Condensation Around a B-2 Stealth Bomber  Often mistaken for secret plasma stealth technology.  (Alternate)
  34. The CIA and the U-2 Program, 1954-1974  (8.4M PDF)
  35. Stealth Aircraft Soon to be Rendered Useless  Roke Manor Research press release.
  36. Electromagnetic Stealth: The Fight Against Radar  by Justin Wilson  (371k PDF)
  37. Huygens' Principle
  38. Electromagnetic Waves in Cold Plasmas  (1.1M PDF)
  39. Electromagnetic Waves in Plasmas  From MIT.  (1.2M PDF)
  40. Plasma Stealth Technology Page
  41. Force Fields and 'Plasma' Shields Get Closer to Reality
  42. Russian Scientists Created Revolutionary Low-Observability Technologies
  43. Stealth Technology  Caution: Wikipedia
  44. F-117 Models

  45. Tamiya 1:48 F-117 Stealth Fighter  by John Heck
  46. Tamiya 1:48 F-117 Stealth Fighter  by Scott C. Schuyler
  47. Testors 1:32 F-117 Stealth Fighter  by Warren Zoell
  48. Revell 1:48 F-117 Stealth Fighter
  49. Academy's 1:48 F-117 Steath Fighter  by Kaan Gok
  50. List of F-117 Models
  51. Patents

  52. Aircraft of Low-Observability  U.S. Patent 4,019,699  (283k PDF)
  53. Stealth Aircraft  U.S. Patent 5,250,950  (452k PDF)
  54. All-Wing Aircraft  U.S. Patent 5,250,950  (Northrop)  (452k PDF)
  55. Screening for Engines  U.S. Patent 3,487,410  (309k PDF)
  56. Absorption Device for Electromagnetic Waves  U.S. Patent 2,771,602  (170k PDF)
  57. Arrangement for Weakening, Extinguishing and/or Deflecting Reflected Waves  U.S. Patent 3,307,186  (166k PDF)
  58. Radar Absorptive Coating  U.S. Patent 3,599,210  (127k PDF)
  59. Ferrite Radar Absorbing Material  U.S. Patent 3,662,387  (52k PDF)
  60. Radar Absorbing Material and Process for Making Same  U.S. Patent 5,552,455  (479k PDF)
  61. Window that Transmits Light Energy and Selectively Absorbs Microwave Energy  U.S. Patent 5,776,612  (671k PDF)
  62. Low-Observable Aircraft Fastener Treatment  U.S. Patent 6,315,485  (108k PDF)
  63. Highly Conductive Thermoplastic Elastomer Gap Filler  U.S. Patent 6,780,921  (61k PDF)
  64. Infrared Suppressing Two Dimensional Vectorable Single Expansion Ramp Nozzle  U.S. Patent 6,857,600  (133k PDF)
  65. Test Pylon Having Low Radar Cross Section  U.S. Patent 4,990,923  (192k PDF)
  66. Radar Cross Section Self-Test  U.S. Patent 6,404,383  (93k PDF)
  67. Device for Measuring Electromagnetic Radiation Absorption  U.S. Patent 5,923,174  (91k PDF)
  68. Measurement of Radar Cross Section Reduction  U.S. Patent 5,428,360  (196k PDF)
  69. Object Camouflage Method and Apparatus  U.S. Patent 3,127,608  (Plasma Stealth)  (270k PDF)
  70. Method and Means for Reducing Reflections of Electromagnetic Waves  U.S. Patent 4,030,098  (Plasma Stealth)  (205k PDF)
  71. Energy Absorption by a Radioisotope Produced Plasma  U.S. Patent 3,713,157  (Plasma Stealth)  (619k PDF)

Anti-Stealth Radar & Countermeasures

  1. Roke Manor Research CELLDAR  Counter-stealth, bi-static radar which uses cellular phone signals.  (Overview)
  2. Radical and Cheap Anti-Stealth Radar
  3. Cellular Phone Radar  (190k PDF)
  4. Roke to Adapt Mobile Networks for Radar  by Matthew Clark
  5. Lockheed Martin Silent Sentry  (Datasheet)  (Jane's Defense Entry)  (Press Release #1)  (Press Release #2)
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Radar  "Silent Sentry" article from Wired.
  7. Stealth Threat  "Silent Sentry" article from Popular Science.
  8. Peek-a-Boo, I See You  Information on Associative Aperture Synthesis Radar (AASR).  (Wired Info)
  9. Scouting For Surveillance  Detection of the B-2 stealth bomber and a brief history on "stealth."
  10. Stealth Warplanes: They Can Run, But They Can't Hide
  11. ERA Passive Surveillance System VERA-E  Low-band "counter-stealth" radar.
  12. Low-Frequency Radars May be Used to Overcome "Stealth" Technology
  13. Information About Tamara Anti-Stealth Radar
  14. Czech Anti-Stealth Radar may be Operating in Yugoslavia
  15. Tamara Passive Sensor  Caution: Wikipedia
  16. Stealth's Unmasking Only a Matter of Time
  17. Anti-Stealth Technology  by Cyrus Mehta and Ardeshir Mehta  (58k PDF)
  18. Long Range Acoustic Device  Useful for the remote jamming of acoustic-based locating sensors.
  19. Digital LPI Radar Detector  by Peng Ghee Ong and Kiad Haw Teng  (4.0M PDF)
  20. "The function of a Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) radar is to prevent its interception by an Electronic Support (ES) receiver.  This objective is generally achieved through the use of a radar waveform that is mismatched to those waveforms for which an ES receiver is tuned.  This allows the radar to achieve a processing gain, with respect to the ES receiver, that is equal to the time-bandwidth product of the radar waveform.  This processing gain allows the LPI radar to overcome the range-squared advantage of the ES receiver in conventional situations.  Consequently, a conventional ES receiver can only detect an LPI radar at very short ranges <3 nm).  The focus of this thesis was to develop an ES receiver to detect LPI radar signals with the same sensitivity as conventional pulse signals.  It implements a detector which employs a technique, known as 'deramping,' that forms an adaptive matched filter to the linear FMCW LPI radar signal in order to achieve the processing gain that is equal to the received signal's time-bandwidth product."

General Radar Patents

  1. Portable Radar System  U.S. Patent 3,735,402  (464k PDF)
  2. Advanced Missile Approach Warning System and Stealth (Low-Observables) Detection Based on Exploitation of Quantum Effects  U.S. Patent 5,850,285  (100k PDF)
  3. Transmitter Independent Techniques to Extend the Performance of Passive Coherent Location  European Patent Application 1972962A2  (464k PDF)

General Radar Notes

  1. 10 GHz Weather Radar  by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ.  Ham Radio - September 1983.  (337k PDF)
  2. The Gunnplexer Cookbook  A microwave primer for radio amateurs and electronics students.  By Robert M. Richardson, W4UCH.  (12.7M PDF)
  3. The Radio Amateur's Microwave Communications Handbook  Includes a section on homebrew radar.  By Dave Ingram, K4TWJ.  (17M PDF)
  4. Radar Circuit Analysis  United States Dept. of the Air Force manual 52-8.  First published in 1951 and reprinted in 1959.
  5. Homebrew Doppler Radar  CQ VHF - November 1998  (1.3M PDF)
  6. Doppler Radar in the 10 GHz Amateur Band - Part 1  VHF Communications, Fall 1992, by Jean-Pierre Morel, HB9RKR.  (2.2M PDF)  (Part 2)
  7. Aircraft Enhancement  Some insights from bi-static radar theory.  CQ VHF - Fall 2003  (2.0M PDF)
  8. Pulse Communications on 2.3 GHz  Pulse radio system using a 2C43 triode.  The Radio Amateur's VHF Manual - ARRL 1965.  (1.2M PDF)
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  13. The Radar Game  Understanding stealth and aircraft survivability, by Rebecca Grant  (3.8M PDF)
  14. Radar Identification Procedures  U.S. Army Aviation Course - Subcourse AV0905  (160k PDF)
  15. Radar Set  TM-11-487C-1 Military Standardization Handbook
  16. Level Radar, Adjust Power Supply and Center Current, and Synchronize Precision Sweep  U.S. Army Aviation Course - Subcourse MM5004
  17. Adjustment of PPI, IFF, and Precision Display, and PPI Delay Control  U.S. Army Aviation Course - Subcourse MM5007
  18. Radar Basics  (2.8M PDF)
  19. Radar Circuits  Includes schematics.  (1.2M PDF)
  20. The Radar Pages
  21. Building Your Own Amateur Radar  by Steve Bragg, KA9MVA
  22. BT/WSR-2002 Amateur Weather Radar Project  by Sean Breheny, KA3YXM, and Anish Trivedi
  23. Measuring Gunnplexer Transceiver Frequencies
  24. 10 GHz CW Radar
  25. Introduction To Radar Technology
  26. Doppler Sensor Heads  WiseWave Tech Bulletin No. SRF  (836k PDF)
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  34. U.S. Air Force Radar Test Facilities  (876k PDF)
  35. The Fast Fourier Transform and a Wearable Personal Safety Device  A Radar Vision system for detecting crime before it happens.
  36. CW Radar Operation - Page 1  (Page 2)
  37. Continuous Wave Radar
  38. Small Doppler Radar Experiment
  39. Doppler Speed Radar  2007 Microchip embedded control design contest entry.  (112k PDF)
  40. Using Radar Detectors on 10 GHz  Kent Britain, WA5VJB  (576k PDF)
  41. Radar Set AN/PPS-6
  42. Hot Wheels Radar Gun
  43. Radar Gun Hacked!  By Kipkay.
  44. The Leander Project Radar Information
  45. Radar World
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  50. The SCR-584 Radar  (2.3M PDF)
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  52. Procedure for Making the Itty Bitty Radio Telescope
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  81. Homebrew SONAR System
  82. HAWK Missle System Radar and CW Illuminator Warning Page
  83. Homemade Radar USENET post by Brian Whatcott.
  84. Ground-Penetrating Radar Methods Used in Surface-Water Discharge Measurements  (928k PDF)
  85. Compact Airborne Solid-State 95 GHz FM/CW Radar System  (602k PDF)
  86. AN/TPS-43 Tactical Surveillance Radar Pictures  From brewbooks.  (Wikipedia Entry)
  87. Cold War-Era Radar Parts and Tubes  Lots of good pictures from zamistro.
  88. AN/APG-70 Overview Picture  Used in F-15Es.
  89. AN/APG-63 Overview Picture  The AN/APG-63 radar is a highly flexible, all-weather multimode radar.
  90. AN/APG-65 Overview Picture  The AN/APG-65 radar is an all-weather multimode sensor that is used for both air-to-air and air-to-surface missions.
  91. AN/APG-73 Overview Picture  The AN/APG-73 radar is an all-weather, coherent, multimode, multiwaveform search-and-track sensor that uses programmable digital processors to provide the features and flexibility needed for both air-to-air and air-to-surface missions.
  92. ASR-10SS Overview Picture  Raytheon's Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) with co-mounted Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR).
  93. ASR-23SS Overview Picture  Raytheon's Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) with co-mounted Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR).
  94. Homemade Passive Radar System (GNU/Radar)
  95. Bi-Static Radar
  96. Radar Warning Receivers  by Brooke Clarke
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  98. A Landing Radio Altimeter for Small Aircraft  by Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV
  99. Build Your Own Radar Speed Gun
  100. Lightning Radar
  101. Parallel Index  Radar plot sheet.  (140k PDF)
  102. Poor-Man's Radar Gun  Ultrasonic radar, by W1nt3rmut3.
  103. Atmel Ultrasonic Ranger
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  132. LIFE Magazine Radar Pictures  From Google Image Search
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  134. Build Your Own Radar  Overview of concepts, resources.
  135. T.V. Radar  Detecting objects via television multipath.
  136. Manastash Ridge Radar  The Manastash Ridge Radar is a bi-static passive radar system that uses commercial FM broadcasts as a signal source.
  137. Using Multi-Static Passive Radar for Real-Time Detection of UFO's in the Near-Earth Environment
  138. The Analysis of Sophisticated Direction of Arrival Estimation Methods in Passive Coherent Locators  by Ahmet Ozcetin  (1.9M PDF)
  139. Cellphone 'Radar' Tracks Traffic Flow
  140. Doppler Shift Motion Detector
  141. Remote Heart Rate & Breathing Rate Detection
  142. Museum of Air Traffic Control
  143. ASR-9 Specific Downloads  (Technical Documentation)
  144. Radar Pulse Measurements with a Spectrum Analzyer  Agilent Tech Bulletin.  (58k PDF)
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  147. Short Range Personal Radar  Uses infrared.
  148. DIY Ultra Wide Band Radar
  149. $240 High-Res Rail SAR
  150. The Role of Active Millimetre Wave Radar in Defence Surveillance  by Dr. Duncan A. Wynn  (1.2M PDF)
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  154. Lecture: Radar and the Radar Range Equation  (847k PDF)
  155. Coffee Can Radar  From the students of Greg Charvat.
  156. C6M Thyratron Datasheet  Available from Fair Radio.
  157. C6J/5C21 Thyratron Datasheet  (64k PDF)
  158. 5C22 Thyratron Datasheet  Common radar modulator trigger thyratron.  (265k PDF)
  159. 5948 Thyratron Datasheet  (312k PDF)
  160. Detailed Pictures of a 2J22 Magnetron
  161. Alphatron Radar Magnetrons
  162. Strapping of Magnetrons  (651k PDF)
  163. Visual Aircraft Recognition  U.S. Army Field Manual No. 44-80.  (3.1M PDF)
  164. Dark World of Aircraft Countermeasure Technology
  165. Passive Radar  Wikipedia
  166. Bi-Static Radar  Wikipedia
  167. Radar  Wikipedia
  168. Radar Signal Characteristics  Wikipedia

Other Related GBPPR Projects

  1. Furuno Marine Radar Experiments
  2. GBPPR Microwave Oven & EMP Experiments  Lots of notes, links, and datasheets.
  3. Through-the-Wall Motion Detection Device  Detect human movement using an old automatic door opener.
  4. Police Radar Gun Spoofing Experiments  How to make a police radar gun display an alternate reading.
  5. Passive Resonant Cavity Technical Surveillance Devices
  6. GBPPR "Havana Syndrome" Experiments
  7. GPS Delay Spoofing Experiments  Slightly alter the GPS precision timing signals used in a cellular phone-based radar system.
  8. GBPPR Base Station Chaos - 800  Jam a cellular phone base station used in anti-stealth radar systems so they have to be shut down.
  9. GBPPR Cellular Phone Jammers  Conventional wideband noise jammers.
  10. GBPPR Active Denial System  Experimenting with high RF power levels at 2.45 GHz.
  11. GBPPR 2.45 GHz Magnetron to Coax Assembly

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