GBPPR Mind Control Devices and Experiments


During our ongoing projects to manipulate the minds of people we don't like, the GBPPR laboratories have also been dabbling in the fine arts of mind control and brainwashing.


While the vast majority of the information available to the public is nothing more than hearsay, some of these "mind control" ideas appear to be plausible - even for the amateur experimenter!

GBPPR "Havana Syndrome" Experiments

GBPPR Remote Respiration/Heart Beat Monitor Experiments

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Mind Control & Brainwashing Related Audio/Video

Mind Justice has a good list of mind control related documentaries.

  1. KGB Officer Yuri Bezmenov on Demoralization  (5.8M MPG)
    • Former KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explains Communist psychological warfare methods and results.  From 1984.  Censored from YouTube!

  2. KGB Officer Yuri Bezmenov on Yoga & Brainwashing  (4.5M MPG)
    • Former KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explains why the KGB was interested in yoga.  From 1984.  Censored from YouTube!

  3. KGB Officer Yuri Bezmenov on Marxists & "Useful Idiots"  (5.5M MPG)
    • Former KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov explains how Marxist leaders use informers to make lists of anti-Communist and other politically incorrect people who they want to execute once they -- actually a Jewish oligarchy -- come to power.  The oligarch's secret lists include "civil rights" activists and idealistically-minded "useful idiot" leftists as well.  Bezmenov provides several real world examples of how Marxist leaders even execute and/or imprison each other.  From 1984.  Censored from YouTube!

  4. KGB Officer Yuri Bezmenov on American Mass Media  (4.2M MPG)
    • Former KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov explains how the American mass media spread lies about life in the Soviet Union.  Bezmenov also explains how the LOOK magazine article falsely claimed that the Russian people were proud of their victory in the Second World War, where in reality the Judeo-Bolshevik-Communist-Marxist government was happy that Hitler had been defeated so that they could remain in power.  Censored from YouTube!

  5. Shoot Not to Kill  (5.0M AVI)
    • Discovery Channel segment on sonic non-lethal weapons for military and police use.

  6. X-Ray Scanners Raise Privacy Issues  (4.1M AVI)
    • MSDNC "news" segment from June of 2001 on new the types of X-ray scanners at airports.

  7. Thermal Imaging Cameras  (5.9M AVI)
    • TechTV Fresh Gear segment from August of 2001 on the use of thermal imaging cameras by fire departments.

  8. American Business Review: American Technology Corp.  (12M WebM)
    • Overview of American Technology Corporation's ultrasonic directional sound system.

  9. Project PANDORA  (7M WebM)
    • Video about Project PANDORA, the study of the microwave "mind control" radiation flooding the U.S. embassy in Moscow.  In reality, these microwave beams were used for performing technical surveillance against the embassy's staff.

  10. 1960 U.N. Spy Debate  (YouTube)
    • Video of an U.N. meeting showing the passive resonant cavity surveillance device the Soviets used inside an U.S. embassy.

  11. Intelligent Optical Systems "Puke" Flashlight  (YouTube)
  12. Interview with Christopher Andrew  (13M MP3)
    • From the Leonard Lopate Show.  Discuses his book The World Was Going Our Way.  Talks about KGB operations in South America and third world countries and the attempts by the KGB to discredit the CIA (CIA started AIDS, CIA killed Allende, etc.).  Quite fascinating.  (Alternate Interview)

  13. ABC News Segment on Directional Sound  (3M WMV)
    • How to use ultrasonic waves to transmit pin-point audio.

  14. Ultrascience 1997  (4M WebM)
    • Segment from The Discovery Channel on mind control.  Includes an interview with Dr. Michael Persinger.

  15. Non-Lethal Weapons  (6M MPG)
    • Segment on TLC showing the effect of an EMP device on a toy helicopter.

  16. Mission Mind Control  (External Link RealMedia)
    • An ABC News special report from 1979 about the human mind and experiments in mind control.

  17. Bill Cooper Interviews John Lear  (14M MP3)
    • February 5, 1993 Bill Cooper interview of John Lear about secret technologies, aliens, UFOs, and mind control.

  18. Alex Jones Interviews Jeff Rense  (12M MP3)
    • December 1, 2006 episode discussing mind control and brainwashing of the public via the media.

  19. MKULTRA Mind Control Revealed - The True Story  (9.5M MP3)
    • Chicago Health Television interview from 1998 with four "mind control" victims (Chip Tatum, Brice Taylor, Barbara Heartwell, Ted Gunderson).  Audio extract from a TV show.

  20. CIA Remote Viewing Program  (15.2M WebM)
    • Interview and remote viewing example from former CIA remote viewer Joe McMoneagle.

  21. Interview with George Draffan  (7.0M AVI)
    • Sensational interview with George Draffan trying to sell his book Welcome to the Machine: Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control.

  22. "We The People Will Not Be Chipped"  (8.4M WebM)
    • "Anti-Verichip" propaganda video.  Includes several video segments of different type of mind control technolgies.

  23. Exploration of Possibilities: Brain Hacking  (23.8M MP3)
    • The human brain is an incredibly complex and advanced central processing system.  Interestingly enough, in spite of its uniqueness in several respects, it has many qualities in common with modern computer systems.  Like modern computer systems, the brain and ultimately the mind can be predictably influenced and even exploited.  This talk will cover the basic nature of the brain in relation to computer systems and will discuss the relevance, the advantages, and the dangerous implications of this topic.  By Dot.Ret.

  24. What is Microwave Hearing?  (YouTube)
    • Microwave hearing is the ability to put sound or voice inside a persons head, in other words, it will make people hear things that are not there.

  25. Paranoid Schizophrenia - Microwave Hearing  (YouTube)
  26. Microwave Hearing  (YouTube)
    • Prof. James Lin gives a demonstration of microwave hearing.

  27. Mind Control  (YouTube)
    • The techniques and developing technologies of mind control.  An investigation from UltraScience III - "Spies Like Us."

  28. Troy Hurtubise Interview  (12.2M MP3)
    • Two part 2005 interview of Troy Hurtubise by Tim Ventura discussing his "Angel Light" and "God Light" invention.

  29. Julianne McKinney Interview  (10.7M MP3)
    • Julianne McKinney is a guest on Greg Szymanski's Investigative Journal radio show.  From April 19, 2006.

  30. That's Impossible: Mind Control  All five parts.

Notes & Links


For completeness, even the kooky stuff will be linked or archived.

  1. UltraSonics - America's Secret Police  Mirror site, link fixes.
  2. Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons  U.S. Army  (3.7M PDF)
  3. State-Sponsored Terror Campaigns - The Hidden Evil  By Mark M. Rich  (709k PDF)
  4. Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars  By Richard A. Miller  (304k PDF)  (Alternate #1)  (Alternate #2)  (Alternate #3)
  5. Anti-"Mind Control" Experiments
  6. Subliminal Mind Control & Manipulation Archive Feature  By David Icke  (PDF)
  7. Mind Control Techniques  By David Icke  (184k PDF)
  8. Mind Control: The Ultimate "Brave New World"  By Nick Begich  (PDF)
  9. Inner Voice, Target Tracking, and Behavioral Influence Technologies  By John J. McMurtrey  (PDF)
  10. The "Soft Kill" Fallacy  By Steven Aftergood  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 9-10/1994, v50, n5, p40
  11. CIA Mind Control at Stanford Research Institute  By Alex Constantine
  12. Hearing "Voices"  The hidden history of the CIA's electromagnetic mind-control experiments.
  13. KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation  (5M PDF)
  14. The Constantine Report No. 1  "Remote viewing" at Stanford Research Institute or illicit CIA mind control experimentation?
  15. Rate Effects in Isolated Hearts Induced by Microwave Irradiation  By James L. Lords, Carl H. Durney, Alan M. Borg, and Charles E. Tinney  (442k PDF)
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  23. Machines That Read Minds  By Gary Selden
  24. NSA's Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts  (PDF)
  25. NSA Mind Control and Psyops  By Will Filer
  26. John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA  Civil Action 92-0449
  27. Proparanoid Information  By H. Michael Sweeney
  28. Julianne McKinney: Letter to President Clinton and His Reply  December 31, 1994
  29. Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation  By Julianne McKinney
  30. Perfect Sound from Thin Air  By Gary Eastwood
  31. Mind Control and the American Government  By Armen Victorian
  32. Killing Me Softly: Non-Lethal Weapons  By Doc Hambone
  33. Brain Zapping: Electronic Mind Control  By Doc Hambone
  34. Microwave Bioeffect Congruence With Schizophrenia  By John J. McMurtrey
  35. S.F. Bay Guardian on Mind Control
  36. Wave Your Brain Goodbye
  37. Modern Torture and Control Mechanisms Eliminating Human Rights and Privacy  By Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD.
  38. CIA Operatives in Green Tights
  39. Sample Letter to the Security and Intelligence Committee in the U.K.
  40. MindNet Archive Index  Courtesy of Mind Control Forum.
  41. Military Use of Mind Control Weapons  by Judy Wall
  42. Unclassified Information Supports Victim Claims  (35k PDF)
  43. Brain Waves & Human Activities  (35k PDF)
  44. MI5 Mind Control Experiments
  45. Phaser Pain Field Generator Schematic  (1.5M PDF)
  46. Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation  Association of National Security Alumni
  47. Psychotronic War
  48. Maxwell's Silver Hammer  Chapter 15 of Dr. Robert Becker's The Body Electric.  (PDF)
  49. Planet Earth As Weapon and Target  By Leuren Moret
  50. Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control  CNN's Special Assignment
  51. Project Superman  A "Victim" of the Illuminati's Super-Race Projects & Montauk Experiments Speaks Out.  By Andy Pero  (289k PDF)
  52. Breaking Free of Cult Programming  By Svali  (185k PDF)
  53. Mind Control in the U.S.A.  By Unknown  (615k PDF)
  54. Total Population Control  By Nicholas Jones  (64k PDF)
  55. Frequency Weapons are Real!  (405k PDF)
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  71. Sex, Drugs, the CIA, Mind Control and Your Children  By A.B.H. Alexander  (154k PDF)
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  86. Imaginary Weapons.COM  Sharon Weinberger's website.
  87. Imaginary Weapons.NET  Website debunking some of the information in Sharon Weinberger's Imaginary Weapons.
  88. Hafnium 178 Isomer Information & Archives  a.k.a. Red Mercury?
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  137. When Killing Just Won't Do  Non-lethal weapon terms and references.
  138. Results of CIA and KGB Mind Control Research  The world secret services are capable to control human behavior.
  139. Brain-Wave Machine
  140. Brain-Wave Machine: Audio Machine  More crap from the idiots at hackcanda.
  141. Electromagnetic Man and The Dark Side of Electromagnetism
  142. Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense  Book review of Jonathan D. Moreno's Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense by Cheryl Welsh.
  143. How Music and Mind Control Work
  144. STAR GATE [Controlled Remote Viewing]
  145. U.S. Army Toyed With Telepathic Ray Gun
  146. Remote Viewing  Extensive remote viewing information.
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  149. Mind Control Through Extra Low Frequency Waves
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  153. Cancer Risk from Cellular Telephones
  154. Military Development of Remote Mind Control Technology
  155. Microwave Auditory Effect  Caution: Wikipedia
  156. Mind Control  Caution: Wikipedia
  157. Brainwashing  Caution: Wikipedia
  158. Dreammachine  Caution: Wikipedia
  159. Cathy O'Brien  Caution: Wikipedia
  160. Synthetic Telepathy  Caution: Wikipedia
  161. Infrasound  Caution: Wikipedia
  162. The Mystery of Mind Control  by Brendan O'Neill
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  170. The Nation: Delusions; Paranoia Is Universal. Its Symptoms Are Not
  171. Brain Power: Mind Control of External Devices
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  175. USSR Hypnosis at a Distance  Censored CIA report.  (2.2M PDF)
  176. Sweeping Stun Guns to Target Crowds
  177. Non-Lethal Weapons Study  Sensory consequence of electromagnetic pulsed emitted by laser induced plasmas.  (1.1M PDF)
  178. Make A Brain Machine  By Mitch Altman.  (1.9M PDF)  (Support Info)
  179. The Military's Mystery Machine
  180. The Lucid Dream Machine
  181. Duke Patents Mind-Controlled Weapons
  182. Russian Mind Control to Be Tested for U.S. Airports
  183. The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a D.H.S. Contract
  184. The Voice of God Weapon Returns
  185. Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA's Sonic Projector
  186. The Other MEDUSA: A Microwave Sound Weapon
  187. Crowd-Controlling MEDUSA Ray Gun Puts Voices Inside Your Head
  188. Pentagon Report Investigated Lasers That Put Voices in Your Head
  189. Details of U.S. Microwave Weapon Tests Revealed
  190. Medusa: Space Age Weapon
  191. Inside the Mind Control Conspiracy - Part 1
  192. Inside the Mind Control Conspiracy - Part 2
  193. "Imaginary Weapons," Whole Lotta Fun
  194. 200 Years of "Mind Control"
  195. Inside the Mind Control Conspiracy, Part II
  196. Israel's Giant Stink Bomb
  197. Daybreak at Bloom in the Valley  Blog by "Zeke Lightning," a targeted individual.
  198. International Committee on Offensive Weapons
  199. Martti Koski  Page about illegal human experimenting and alternative history.
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  237. Mind Control Through Television  How do you like your mind control?
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  248. Depopulation of a Planet  Thinning out the "useless eaters."  An unspoken NWO agenda.
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  251. The Farsight Institute: Scientific Remote Viewing Learning Center
  252. Tips and Tricks for Mind Control from the U.S. Military
  253. Behold a Pale Horse  by Milton William Cooper  (17.8M PDF)
  254. The Cyborg Animal Spies Hatching in the Lab
  255. The Forgotten Era of BRAINCHIPS  In brain-stimulation research four decades ago, goes largely unacknowledged today.  What happened?
  256. Ultramicro, Non-Lethal, and Reversible: Looking Ahead to Military Biotechnology
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  273. Vortex Ring Generator  by George Lucey and Louis Jasper.  (570k PDF)
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  276. The Non-Lethal Weapons Debate
  277. Martti Koski - Page About Illegal Human Experimenting and Alternative History
  278. Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists  The following is a review of the book Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists, written by Colin A. Ross, M.D.
  279. High-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even with Anybody Anytime  Acoustic craziness from Scott French.
  280. Terrorist Stalking in America  by David Arthur Lawson
  281. Non-Lethal Weapons and Non-Combatant Immunity: Can We Ever Justify Attacking Non-Combatants?  by CPT. Chris Mayer.
  282. NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, 'Subvocal Speech'
  283. MKzine  The mission of MKzine is to be a nexus for psychological, occult, andreligious perspectives, Christian and non-Christian, as well asexperiential and scientific, on the vast subject of coercive mindcontrol.
  284. Igor Smirnov's Device and the Thought Control
  285. The Mind Reading Machines
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  291. CIA Mind Control
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  293. Mind Control  New devices that 'talk' to the human mind need debate and controls.
  294. Newly De-Classified U.S. Electronic Harassment Technologies
  295. NASA Researchers Can Hear What You're Saying, Even When You Don't Make a Sound
  296. When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing
  297. Brain Imaging Machine  Machines that can see and hear thought from any brain.
  298. Radio Frequency, Active Denial & Psych Weapons  by Ted Twietmeyer
  299. Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control
  300. Brain and Sound Frequencies
  301. Legal Issues Concerning Military Use of Non-Lethal Weapons  By Vincent Sautenet
  302. Thermal Camera Detects Lying
  303. Monarch: The New Phoenix Program  By Marshall Thomas  (800k PDF)
  304. Project MKULTRA: The CIA'a Program of Research in Behavioral Modification  Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence, August 3, 1977  (Original Scans)
  305. Communist Control Techniques  An analysis of the methods used by Communist State Police in the arrest, interrogation, and indoctrination of persons regarded as "Enemies of the State."  From April 2, 1958.  (6.3M PDF)
  306. Building a Portrait of a Lie in the Brain
  307. Hearing Sensations in Electric Fields
  308. Active Denial Technology - Weapon of the 21st Century
  309. Electrical Induction of Ventricular Fibrillation in the Human Heart  A study of excitability levels with alternating current of different frequencies.
  310. Non-Lethal Weapons for Military Operations Other Than War  By Cadet First Class Joseph M. Suhajda
  311. Troy Hurtubise Says Invention Sees Through Walls  "Angel Light"
  312. Sci-Fi Raytheon Riot Control
  313. Thanks for the Memories  The memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind-controlled slave.  By Brice Taylor.  (3.3M PDF)
  314. Operation Mind Control  By Walter Bowart.  (3.0M PDF)
  315. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights  By Walter Madliger, Andreas Friedberger, and Swetlana Schunin
  316. Remote Medical Diagnosis  Monitoring the health of very important patients.  (1.2M PDF)
  317. Can a Machine Read Your Mind?
  318. Rhesus Monkey Aversion to 94-GHz Facial Exposure
  319. Laser Technology Update: Pulsed Impulsive Kill Laser (PIKL)  (4.1M PDF)
  320. Bilderbergers Excite Conspiracists
  321. Russians Have Psychotronic Weapon to Zombie People
  322. Radiowave Effects on Humans - Article #386  by T. Neil Davis
  323. Gnaural  An open source binaural-beat generator.
  324. Aspects of Human Protection from Electromagnetic Fields  by Kazimieras Maceika  (151k PDF)
  325. The Influence of All-Night Exposure to Pulsed Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields on Human Sleep
  326. Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project  (627k PDF)
  327. Study Gives More Proof That Intelligence is Largely Inherited
  328. Are THEY Tampering With Your Mind?
  329. Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons
  330. Beyond the Illusion: Mind Control Technology
  331. Weapons Grade Fry-Ray to Debut 'This Year'
  332. Pentagon Pundits Demand Sensible Raygun Research
  333. Secret Directed-Energy Tech Protecting the President?
  334. 'Telepathic Ray Guns' and Vaporized Shoes: The Truth is Weirder Than You Think
  335. Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program Website
  336. Run Away the Ray-Gun is Coming  We test U.S. Army's new secret weapon.
  337. Declassified MKULTRA Project Documents
  338. Mind Control & MKULTRA  by Richard G. Gall
  339. Declassified CIA Documents Show Mind Control Projects Created Super Spies, Terrorists, Assassins
  340. Radio Frequency/Microwave Safety Standards
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  342. Northrop to Develop Mind-Reading Binoculars
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  350. The Law and Mind Control  A look at the law and goverment mind control through five cases.
  351. Sharing Their Demons on the Web  Health professionals fear web sites that support theories on mind control.
  352. This is Your Brain on God
  353. "God Helmet" Inventor, Dr. Michael Persinger Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab Experiments  Neuroscience Researcher and Laurentian University professor, Dr. Michael Persinger, demonstrates telepathy under laboratory conditions.  (MP3 Audio)
  354. Book Review of Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense  by Cheryl Welsh
  355. The "Current" State of Mind Control  by Hari Heath
  356. The Viability of Directed-Energy Weapons
  357. Navy Researching Vomit Beam  (Contact Info)
  358. The Strange Story of Dr. Death Ray
  359. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars  An introduction programming manual.  How the economy and people can be controlled like an electronic circuit, with technical diagrams.  (3.2M PDF)
  360. Police: Man Believes FBI Has Mind-Reading Device
  361. Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain  by Mojmir Babacek
  362. The CIA'S Secret Weapons Systems  by Andrew Stark
  363. ELF and VLF Electromagnetic Fields  by Michael A. Persinger  (13.6M PDF)
  364. Doug's Favorite Articles  Favorite MindNet articles.
  365. High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness  by Arlene Tyner
  366. Mind Control  This article appeared in the January 1990 issue of Playboy Magazine.  It was was written by Larry Collins.  (Additional Info)  (PDF)
  367. U.N. Investigates Electromagnetic Terrorism
  368. Project Bizarre Weapons Implications  Are psychiatric diagnosis, and microwave exposure standards presumptive?
  369. "A UHF remote stimulation system working in the 915 MHz band is described, which generates current pulses in three stimulation channels.  The amplitude, duration, repetition rate and channel can be controlled from a remotely located control panel.  This system has been installed at Hollornan Air Force Base, New Mexico, to stimulate the brain of free ranging chimpanzees and study the induced modifications on individual and social behavior."

  370. UHF Stimulation System  by Dr. Jose Delgado  (585k PDF)
  371. The Mind Fields  by Dr. Jose Delgado
  372. Evoking Conditioned Fear via Electrical Stimulation in the Brains of Monkeys  by Dr. Jose Delgado  (1M PDF)
  373. Evolution of Physical Control of the Mind  by Jose Delgato  (5.7M PDF)  (Partial HTML)  (Additional Chapters)
  374. Physical Control of the Mind  Toward a psychocivilize society, by Jose M. Delgado  (PDF)
  375. Embryological Changes Induced by Weak, Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields  by Dr. Jose Delgado  (2.2M PDF)
  376. Permanent Implantation of Multilead Electrodes into the Brain  by Dr. Jose Delgado  (1.0M PDF)
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  378. Evaluation of Cortical Electrode Implants  by Dr. Jose Delgado  (511k PDF)
  379. Electrical Activity After Stimulation and Electrocoagulation of the Human Frontal Lobe  by Dr. Jose Delgado.  Example of a test conducted at Yale which used the famous "Stimoceiver," so named because it receives an impulse via radio control to deliver trains of electrical pulses.  It also picks up the natural activity of the human brain and transmits it to a sensing station at a computer.  It was this setup that formed the first direct connection between a human brain and a computer.  When the amygdala showed electrical activity, an inhibitory center was stimulated.  The amygdala controls agression.  (i.e. When the animal became dysgruntled or agressive, the sensor would detect it and deliver a train of pulses to make it literally impossible to feel anger.)  (1.0M PDF)
  380. Motor Representation in the Frontal Sulci of the Cat  by Dr. Jose Delgado  (800k PDF)
  381. Electronic Mind Control - Remotely Altering Our Lives  Researched and written by The Clone.
  382. ELF Wars  Various reports of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) attacks.
  383. Physiological and Behavioral Effects of High Power Microwave Fields  (4.8M PDF)
  384. The Hutchinson Effect  Overview of the "Hutchinson Effect."
  385. Gravity as a Zero Point Fluctuation Force  by Hal Puthoff  (813k PDF)
  386. Putin Targets Foes with 'Zombie' Gun Which Attack Victims' Central Nervous System
  387. On Resisting Social Influence  by Susan Anderson and Philip Zimbardo  (1.8M PDF)
  388. Exposed: The Soviet Union Spent $1 Billion on Mind-Control Program  (Unconventional Research in USSR and Russia: Short Overview)
  389. CIA Strobe  A website dedicated to exposing the vicious practice of hypnosis through strobe lights that is utilized by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  "A strober is a small handheld device, 2 to 3 inches in length, it has 2 strobe lights on the end that when activated blink at a frequency of approximately 11.2 hertz.  The device can be concealed in the hand and is activated by a small button.  The person performing the strobing, as well as anyone else in the room that does not want to be strobed, must close their eyes or they to will be strobed."
  390. Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves  There is evidence that ELF magnetic waves can affect brain waves.  This set of experiments was designed to study the effects of ELF rotating magnetic fields on the brain.

LRAD Information

Information related to the LRAD Corporation Long-Range Acoustical Device (LRAD), HyperSonic Sound System, and similar devices.

  1. Sonic Blaster Nails Me  LRAD demonstration.
  2. LRADs: Another Step Toward a Police State
  3. Chapter 6: Acoustic & Microwave Weapons
  4. LRAD Mounted on Truck Terrorizes Pittsburgh Residents
  5. Sonic Weapons Used in Iraq Positioned at Congressional Townhall Meetings in San Diego County  (Additional Info)
  6. How LRAD Works
  7. LRAD RX Product Sheet  (540k PDF)
  8. LRAD 1000 Product Sheet  (345k PDF)  (SPL Data)
  9. LRAD 1000X Product Sheet  (473k PDF)
  10. LRAD 500X Product Sheet  (487k PDF)  (SPL Data)
  11. LRAD 300X Product Sheet  (502k PDF)
  12. LRAD 100X Product Sheet  (485k PDF)  (Older Version)
  13. SoundSaber 100 Product Sheet  (330k PDF)
  14. Hyperspike 24 LDAP  (969k PDF)
  15. Theory, History, and the Advancement of Parametric Loudspeakers: A Technology Overview  (815k PDF)
  16. HyperSonic Sound Technology Introduction  (3.5M PDF)
  17. American Technology Corporation Shareholder Meeting  April 28, 2005  (3.5M PDF)
  18. Long-Range Acoustic Device NeoPlanar Technology  (3.0M PDF)
  19. Norris Acoustical Heterodyne Technology & HyperSonic Sound
  20. HyperSonic Sound  Updated whitepaper.
  21. Anti-Gang 'Mosquito' Device Should be Banned - Report  "It works by emitting a pulse at 16-18.5 kilohertz that switches on and off four times a second for up to 20 minutes.  It emits an irritating, high-pitched sound that can be heard only by children and people into their early 20s, and is used to prevent teenagers congregating outside shops, schools and railway stations."
  22. Anti-Loitering 'Mosquito' Debuts in D.C.; Some Find it a Buzzkill
  23. The Inferno Sound: Customer Categories Applications  (299k PDF)
  24. Magnetic Audio Devices (MAD) - Planar Magnetic Surface Array Explained  (2.4M PDF)
  25. MAD A8 Full Range Planar Magnetic Surface Array  (What is MAD )  (Polar and Frequency Response of MAD Products)
  26. Ultrasonic Directive Speaker  by Kazunori Miura, Elektor March 2011.  (1M PDF)
  27. Modeling Sound as a Non-Lethal Weapon  (805k PDF)
  28. Acoustic Weapons  By Jurgen Altmann  (951k PDF)
  29. LRAD 500X Audio Sample  2,200-3,200 Hz sweep at 150 mS (6.66 Hz).  (51k MP3)
  30. Non-Lethal Acoustic Weapons: What Are They?  Will They Work?  by Dr. Nicholas C. Nicholas, February 19, 2008.  (20M MP3)
  31. Focused Sound 'Laser' Police Enforcement  NPR Day to Day, Sep. 21, 2005.  (2.5M MP3)
  32. Long-Range Acoustic Device  Caution: Wikipedia
  33. Sonic Weapon  Caution: Wikipedia
  34. Sound from Ultrasound  Caution: Wikipedia
  35. Acoustic Heterodyne Device and System  U.S. Patent 5,889,870  (HyperSonic Sound)  (1.1M PDF)
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  42. Acoustic Cannon  U.S. Patent 5,973,999  (590k PDF)
  43. Man-Portable Non-Lethal Pressure Shield  U.S. Patent 2011/0235467  (458k PDF)

Mind Control & Brainwashing Related Patents

Note:  You can pretty much patent any new idea without having to prove it actually works.

  1. Method and Apparatus for Changing Brain Wave Frequency  U.S. Patent Reissue 36,348 (5,036,858)  (80k PDF)
  2. Method for Protecting Against Attacking Aircraft  U.S. Patent 2,354,665  (200k PDF)
  3. Means for Aiding Hearing by Electrical Stimulation of the Facial Nerve System  U.S. Patent 3,170,993  (546k PDF)
  4. Nervous System Excitation Device  U.S. Patent 3,393,279  (Synthetic telepathy device)  (170k PDF)
  5. Relaxation Inducing Apparatus  U.S. Patent 3,470,870  (137k PDF)
  6. Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere  U.S. Patent 4,686,605  (HAARP)  (1M PDF)
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  19. Apparatus for the Treatment of Neuropsychic and Somatic Diseases with Heat, Light, Sound, and VHF Electomagnetic Radiation  U.S. Patent 3,773,049  (Russian LIDA device)  (325k PDF)
  20. Method of Inducing and Maintaining Various Stages of Sleep in the Human Being  U.S. Patent 3,884,218  (173k PDF)
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  34. Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communications System  U.S. Patent 5,539,705  (593k PDF)
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  75. Apparatus for Administering Electrical Aversive Stimulus and Associated Method  U.S. Patent 5,304,211  (914k PDF)

How to Stop Mind Control

  1. Are You a Quack?
  2. Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia: Notes from a Mind Control Conference
  3. Let's Have a Party -- A White Liberationist Libertarian Political Party!
  4. Soviet Propaganda
  5. The 'Assisted Decline' of Western Culture
  6. Propaganda Redux  Former KGB officer Ion Mihai Pacepa on modern propaganda in the media.
  7. NewsBusters  Exposing and combating liberal media bias.
  8. TV-B-Gone

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