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The Romanoff Execution


Murder Most Foul
Who Killed California's Economy?
IAF to train overseas for Iran strike op
160,283 Kids Had Cosmetic Surgery In 2008
Biden Speech Sparks Fierce Response From Iran
The  date rape drug is the black-market drug of choice
Congressman survives the holocaust but Michael Jackson Fans Raise Money To Defeat him.
Eisenhower and his post war Death Camps - video
Congressman Izzie Peter King calls Michael Jackson a perverted child molester
Good video on Cynthia McKinney
Madoff is just one of a long line of crooks - top ten
Iran says it will retaliate if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities
Seven U.S. troops killed in one day as Afghan violence flares
Al Franken, the SNL fart-comedian, arrives in Washington
Judge Beckloff gives control of Michael Jackson estate to lawyer pal
Ponzi schemer, Jeffery Herber,  gets early release
2 more US troops killed in southern Afghanistan
As Israel gears up for war, US divide appears
Israeli soldiers execute a 17 yr-old girl
Afghan Triangle: Opium, oil and Taliban
Juvenile delinquents treated to a Holocaust film
Three British soldiers die in Afghanistan
Another wave of foreclosures is poised to strike
Biden: ‘We misread how bad the economy was’
9 Israelis suspected of masterminding multimillion U.S. 'Nigerian scam'
Report: Saudis to Let IDF Use Airspace to Attack Iran
A NY-Israeli drug ring busted for distributing drugs using children toys
Two US soldiers die in fight over Zio-opium fields that Taliban shut  down
Biden Suggests US Not Standing in Israel's Way on Iran
Who are the faces behind the gun control
Zimbabwe apologizes for soldiers stealing Zio-diamonds
Japan to let Jewish drug smuggler serve his sentence in Israel
Biden says - "Israel has the sovereign right to attack Iran"
Madoff Hires Consultant to Find Best Possible Jail
David Irving says - "Rethinking the Holocaust - It was the Reinhardt camps, as we have always argued"
Israelis busted in major drug ring

Palin links resignation to 'higher calling'

Two children fight and the Yenta mother puts 9 year old on the internet, in sex section of Craigs-List 
Cynthia McKinney furious at Uncle Tom Obama
Iran hangs 20 drug traffickers
New Yorkers line up to get $500k from SIPC for Madoff swindle - naturally there are no records
Serial killer roams Carolina, at least five victims so far
Obama refuses to discuss Israeli arrest of US congresswoman - new 10 min audio
Iraq was about oil, and Afghanistan is about the Taliban kicking out the Zionist opium trade
2 US troops die in attack on base in Afghanistan
How California's Fiscal Woes Began: A Crisis 30 Years in the Making
Israel sub sails through Suez with four nukes missiles - a message to Iran
A Zionist propaganda video -- "Extremely brutal execution"  -- graphic
Where did the Pentagon jet go for 62 minutes?
Chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals runs a bestiality website
The great wealth transfer is really health care - Where 50% of the doctors are Zionists, and 95% of all labs are Zionist owned
Official government statement on the imprisonment of Congressmen McKinney
US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel
Israel beating the Iran War Drums Again
 Senior British commander killed by 'Sophisticated car bomb' in Afghanistan - Mossad promoting more terror
Prime Mortgage Delinquencies Up 260%
Duke Univ Pedophile Will Benefit From Hate Bill
The top tourist destination for Israelis - 3 min video
British chain store sells Josef Fritzl's personal book on his dungeon depravity
Israel is angry about countless legal battles over their recent genocidal attack where 1500 women and children were massacred
American Congresswoman - McKinney was arrested and being held in Israeli prison and Obama refuses to discuss it
Is Alan Dershowitz all that he is cracked up to be?
A gay administrator at Duke university tries to sell his 5 yr old son for sex
A women's has her dog in a subway and the Jewish cop goes ballistic - Cop says "She called me a dirty Jew"
Meltdown 101: Unemployment by the Numbers
Jobless data sends stocks reeling; Dow loses 223
Rense News discusses Fl 77 - The Pentagon jet
A look at what happened in California, and the 2009 fiscal crisis
California to start printing IOUs
467K jobs cut in June; jobless rate at 9.5 percent
Too many jobs lost, Obama says in AP interview
Emergency Email to Obama Re Gaza
Eurozone unemployment hits 10-year high
U.S. job losses spike in June, dampen recovery hopes
Obama Silent On Zionist Israeli Arrest Of McKinney
Arnold Declares Fiscal Emergency In CA
Escaped pet python strangles Fla. two-year-old
A Canadian Zionist creates an American empire and there are soon questions
Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Ship; US Congresswoman Kidnapped
Murdoch CEO Labels Bloggers “Political Extremists”
A look at the past 100 years of trying to grab Iraq's vast oil fields
Sotomeyor bungles another case
Russian mafia makes millions collecting SS checks on dead Zionists
Blood crazed Israeli settlers attack village and burn Palestinian Crops
Phil Spector in 'Special needs' cell
Phil Spector's filthy wife  - video
Zio-Fart comedian elected as Minnesota senator and will send your kids to Iran
Bomb in market place in Kirkut, Iraq kills 33
Al Franken, the 'Fart Comedian', is now the senator from Minnesota
Obama to give 20 million illegals health insurance under his new plan
Debasing the Currency is Leading to Financial Collapse . . . Just As It Has for Thousands of Years
Iraq to auction contracts on oil fields- Zionists get first grab
Losing one war? Just start another
Hyperdeflation On The Streets of Paris
Israel Blocks Rebuilding Of Gaza
4 US soldiers killed during Iraq cities pullout
Home prices post 18.1 percent annual drop in April
Brits just shut their eyes and go about eating their 'Fish and chips'
Jackson kids' Jewish mother could regain custody
46 nations back new effort for return of $17 billion of Jewish WWII assets
Subsidies for Israel, Sanctions for Iran
Israeli soldiers poisoned well in West Bank village, say local officials
CNN Poll: Americans don't want to intervene in Iran election crisis
Look at this token clown who oversees the Federal Reserve- 5 min video
Americans pull out of Baghdad and the Zio-Death squads take over
Sotomeyor has pro-hispanioc discrimination decision reversed
The Hispanic Yenta Sotameyor wants gun control
Karzai: US mercenaries are assassinating local political opposition
Bernard Madoff gets maximum 150 years in prison, but none of the $65 billion is found - expect a country club prison, a heart attack, and a closed casket, and Tel Aviv
'Inspector' Coleman of the Federal Reserve can't account for trillions
Economy takes it's toll as murder-suicide skyrockets
Secret US-equipped 'Dirty Brigade' in Iraq - an elite American-trained [death squad] - Iraqis call it "the dirty brigade." Its real name is the Counter Terrorism Bureau
Billionaire Madoff tied to Mossad
Kimberly-Clark to cut 1,600 jobs
Seeing Through All the Propaganda About Iran
More 'Change' - Obama Calls For Cuts In Medicare, Medicaid
If it's Sunday than it's Holocaust Survivor time
Sarkozy is fulfilling every Bubeleh's dream
How Did Mossad Know the London Bombings Were Going to Happen?
AIPAC Zionist Ross De Facto National Security Advisor
Zimbabwe - Gold And Diamonds
Adam Kaufman strangles his wife and fellow Zio-Judge grants him bail

Obama Moves to Fund Iranian Dissidents

A priest gets sent to a Super-Max prison but Phil Spector goes to a medical Country Club
Phil Spector moved to 'sensitive needs' area of prison over fears he will be attacked by inmates
Phil Spector winds up in Country Club medical facility
California's Fiscal Crisis: The Legacy of Proposition 13
Lithuanian is ravaged by Zio-bankers, and now their government to pay billions in WW2 reparations


Obama Calls Iran Violence 'Outrageous'- says nothing about the execution of Rachel Corrie
Another crypto billionaire
Motorcycle bombs kill 20 in Baghdad attacks
Another bank scam and investors are out $100 million
Obama Plot To Create More Illegal Immigration
China To Buy $80 Billion Of Gold
Let these people become American citizens
A look at the 'Beautiful People' and a corporation that lost $2.2 billion in stock value
Is anti-Semitism rising again in Germany?
Good summary of Beth Twitty's book on her daughter, Natalee Holloway
Phil Zack was the real anthrax killer
Key senator says $1 trillion health bill possible - zio wealth transfer
Moqtada al-Sadr, the Israeli stooge in Iraq, says the USA was behind this weeks monsterous bombs - more dead GIs thanks to Israeli propaganda
Zionist Sen Lautenberg's Gun Blocking Bill
The animal preyed on young girls by promising them movie roles
Kissinger Calls For Attack On Iran If Revolution Fails
38% of Americans blame the Zionists for America's present financial crisis - The ADL says it will take action
Who kills women and children. Is it Muslims, Al-Quada, or Zionists?
Massive bomb in Iraq vegetable market kills at least 65 -  Israel denies knowledge
The 1972 porn movie 'Deep Throat' is being pushed as Yiddish art
Pensions crisis: 96% of final salary schemes are doomed... OAPs worst off in Britain... and state funds withering on the vine
Illegal Immigration In CO & CA - Long Process Of Deterioration
New ADL Hate Bills surface -
French police lose DNA on the 'Virgin serial killer'
In occupied France the Jews were killed, but if you crossed into unoccupied France, then the Nazis let you live
Dirt poor Africans pay to turn Entebbe into a shrine
IMF dumps it's gold reserves and Zionists buying hand over fist
DOJ: AIPAC case witness was asked to 'fake...suicide'
NY mystery teachers make $70,000, mostly Russian immigrants
Bombings and shootings kill more than 30 in Iraq
Markoff killed them and took their panties as trophies
Abe Markoff 'The panty killer'  pleads not guilty to numerous murders
BBC caught faking photos of pro-Ahmadinejad rallies in Iran as "anti-government protests" in favor of US puppet Hossein Mousavi
Stalin's execution fields come in handy as Jewish  Catholic priest transforms these Bolshevik mass graves into Nazi killing fields
Senator Lautenberg And His Stealth Amendment
Art killer found with 16 pairs of panties from his victims
Coach rapes students - 3 min video
Craigslist 'Panty Killer' indicted
Actual holocaust footage of girl receiving a "Bare Buttocks" whipping - 60 sec video
Judge Samuel Kent assaulted two of his employees, and then obstructed justice
Sex judge to be impeached
Go watch this video of father doing "God's Work" to child molester
Murder on 'Slide Mountain'
Columbia's populace fears the Zionists influence of it's President - oil grab
The possible next president of Venezuela  is a Holocaust survivor
A father beats up his child's molester and a judge lets the pedophile off, and charges the father
Israeli agents detonate a massive bomb as villagers exit a remote mosque, at least 55 dead
Sir Stanford (nee Stein?) takes $8 billion and it barely makes the news
Killed and stuffed in a closet as a trophy
Is Ken Lay, The Ex-CEO and Chairman Of Enron, Really Dead?
Blowtorch killers want third trial
A video of Jenny Jerome (nee Jacobson) - Churchill's Jewish mother -  video
David Irving discusses Churchill and WW2 - fascinating video
Broadcom's founder finds an interesting way to spend your 401-K money
FBI: Child porn on accused 90 year-old museum shooter computer
Russian Gold Reserves Fall To $406.6B
The mastermind behind the Health South fraud
Internet beats TV, radio as preferred news source
Christopher Bollyn: The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors
Larry Seidlein facing big trouble in fraud case
Anna Nicole's judge sued in fraud complaint
Canadian Jewish Congress Organized Nazis
Norman Bates is in New York and his Momma is pulling a Medicare scam
Prime minister of Peru is Jewish
Eyewitness - One Guard Shot The Other At Holo Museum
Cop killer complains of mistreatment and lack of kosher accommodations
Holocaust survivor discovers Auschwitz jewelry
Abe Shipman, the world's most prolific serial killer is writing a romantic novel
Cohen-Bedict is the hottest property in France
Homeland Security gives $64 million to these NY groups - Excel spreadsheet
Hitler saw England, and America, as allies, his goal was to stop the communists from invading Europe
AIG lawyer: Ex-top exec plundered retirement plan
Some frightening background on these creatures  - AIGs Greenberg
Christians are forming their own communities and porn shops, drug dealers, and Hollywood are not wanted.
Alleged Holocaust Museum Shooter: Perfect story for Zionist Media: Guilty before Trial:
Hate Laws - Out To Get Pro-Lifers
The Coming Economic Collapse
Scammer clips gullible Aussies for $1.5 billion
The most holy Father Rydzyk said Poland must not sign $65 billion in WW2 restitution
How pigeons protected a boy from the Nazis
Is Curt Maynard a 'Heretic'?
Glamorizing Russian terrorists, but demonizing Muslims
Woody Allen's latest pedophile movie - a 61 year old eccentric New Yorker is banging a 21 year old evangelist girl
Alleged butcher receives minor sentence
Sarah Palin video - 90 sec
Suicide bombers strike Pakistan mosque, seminary
Gangster holds private party at NY jail, complete with caterers and a band
Could the Von Brunn incident be another Mossad Op?
Sarah Palin calls Letterman a 62 year old pervert after his comments about a 14 year old being raped 
Florida entrepreneur gets multi million dollar grant to run sexual conflict clinic
Okay, this whole story is starting to smell kinda funny.
California nears financial "meltdown" as revs tumble
White House advisors block Obama from meeting Reverend Wright
Iraq market full of families ripped apart buy massive bomb
Hassidic leader of police sponsored vigilante group has criminal record of racial child beating
The depression quietly deepens
Jewish FBI Boss Defends Use Of Mosque Spies, but is outraged at suggestion of infiltrating AIPAC or terrorist synagogues
A Scion to a banking fortune is found with 4 bullets to the head
Obama will not recognize Armenian genocide  for fear of ADL's wrath
Arrogant judge refers to black jury as 'Non-Human'
Feds get tough on mortgage fraud
Was Larry Lawrence a war hero, or a fraud?
Couple Accused Of Spying For Cuba For 30 Years
Jacob Gansman involved in Ponzi scheme, and insider trading
Privatization of 'Obama's War'
Arson was behind the deaths of 168 people
'Lead Pipe'  Neulander
Germans Demanding Return Of Physical Gold?
Zionists show their true feelings about Obama  - 4 min video
One of the darkest tales of the holocaust
Jobless rate hits 9.4 percent in May; layoffs slow
Carridine death may be tied to drugs, Lady-Boys, and forbidden sex
Banks take foreclosed homes in good neighborhoods and give them to Hispanics and such - race war is brewing
Gross Fraud At Nuremberg - An Ugly History
Another Zio-Fraudster clips the American working man
Canadian taxpayers to give $1 million to B'ani B'rith to research holocaust
Pearl Harbor heroes flock to South Florida
Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
Mint can't account for missing gold
The Looting of America: How Wall Street Fleeced Millions from Wisconsin Schools
The super exclusive community of Bedford Hills has a sex parlor in the middle of town
Obama Has 250,000 "Contractors" in Iraq and Afghan Wars, Increases Number of Mercenaries
Why all the mourning over an abortion doctor?
Harper disgraces Canada once again
The horrors of Bolshevism - video
Obama sends in U.S. Marshals to protect abortion clinics across America after controversial doctor is killed
Ireland may go bankrupt
US Can't Tolerate Unbridled Immigration
Why is the ADL involved in the monitoring of anti abortion groups?
Was Mervyn Griffin a 'Dirty Boy'?
Abortion Doctor A Victim Of America's 'Taliban'
Obama issues orders to protect Zionist abortion mills
Jeffrey Swayman was late on child support so 'Mad-dog Keitz' took an axe to him
The Big Collapse Could Be Very Near
Air France plane crashes into Atlantic with 228 aboard
The lust and depravity of B'ani B'rith executive
Abortion kingpin, 'Butcher Tiller', was shot and Obama says he will protect the Zionist owned baby death mills
The lust, and depravity, of Josef Fritzl
Eric Huffschmidt's latest audio
Louie Pearlman, an Impresario, fleeced his bands, fleeced his investors, and indulged in the forbidden fruit of pre-teen sex
A good look at the Zionist ties to 9/11
Interesting four minute video on the origins of Khazars
Israel denies involvement in Iran mosque bombing
Iran hangs three just two days after Mosque bombing - Israel worried that other defendants will talk
Obama looking at Hank Asher for cyber czar
Homeland Security to provide millions in 'Special Grants' for Synagogue security
Oil Is Plentiful, Demand Weak. Why Are Gas Prices Going Up?
Oil was just an engineered farce to grab hedge funds, and bank money, through derivatives
Sotomayor on the Supreme Court: A Gun-grabber’s Dream Come True
The shocking arrest transcript of the 'Dirty Boy' Phil Spector
How small town America is being destroyed
Phil Spector, 'The Beast of Alhambra', was sentenced to 19 years for murdering Lana Clarkson, and taking liberties with the corpse
There are at least 25 dead, and 160 wounded, and the place looks like a slaughterhouse
Should Mel Gibson ever be forgiven?
Bomb attack at Starbucks
Israeli interrogators at Iraqi prison raped women
Was Alan Berg another silly 'Hate Hoax'?
Mel Gibson and his silly Hate Hoax
This idiot is in charge of Britain?
Multiracial people become fastest-growing US group
Sotomayor's Jewish ties
WWIII Has Started - Israel Pushing For Iran Attack Again
The Avian and Swine flu will be Zionist's new tool of Genocide
Is Sonia Sotomayor a pure breed Puerto Rican?
Another hedge Fund bites the dust
Mossad double agent killed when Lockerbie points to Israel
US will stay in Iraq to guard Mosul-Haifa pipeline
S&P: Home prices fall by record 19.1 percent in 1Q
Internet detectives
Roadside bomb kills 3 Americans in Iraq
The Silence Is Deafening...The Calm Before The Storm
New research paper tells the story of brothels and prostitutes in Nazi concentration camps
FBI Creates 'Synagogue Bombers'
As Germany is racked by International Banking schemes it enters a poverty similar to the 1920s
A pizza delivery man is kidnapped, wired with a bomb, made to rob a bank, and then explodes - video
Berlin went from the artistic capital of Europe to a sewer in 15 years
An actual survivor from Sobibor - Very very moving video
Death squads kill 22 in Iraq
Just who was Winston Churchill
God Bless Huey Long
New York art dealer, and Torah scholar,  turns out to be a con man
Two Illinois Banks Seized, Bringing U.S. Tally This Year to 36
Yet Another Bogus 'Terror' Plot
A 2 min video on the bubble economy
Federal Reserve Cannot Account For $9 Trillion
How World Zionism Created WWII  - video
European singer beds his 12 year-old daughter
Media does headstands for Mossad spy freed from Iran, but three dead US soldiers are page four
Scoundrel embezzler fleeces France's soldiers and flees to Israel
Israeli general turns out to be post WW2 Communist killer
'Hiding Halina' - only one in ten Jewish children survived the holocaust - 90 sec video
Holocaust survivor/speaker brings a bar of soap made from dead Jews to show 10 year-old kids
When Israeli settlers attack
FBI Agent on Synagogue Case Has Questionable Record - Hate Hoax
Holocaust survivor shows 'Poison Ring' to  7 year-old students
 25% UK Babies Born To Foreign Mothers
Holocaust survivor that hide diamonds in anal cavity on high school speaking tour
Broken glass from Kristallnacht to be sold on EBAY
Thief steal's holocaust survivor's 'Poison ring' and gets six months
Catch this 'Fleabag' and her holocaust tale - video
Abe King, another Nuremberg prosecutor dies
The second largest bank collapse in recent FDIC history
Synagogue Bomb Plot - Latest Zionist Publicity Coup
England's chief fool in charge
Gordon Brown is certifiable
Three Americans and seventy Iraqis died today for Israel and their mideast oil grab
Fritzl the dungeon master writes a book
Israeli agents kill three US soldiers in Iraqi bomb attack
Horror in Montreal
New York spared from horrible attack that targeted Temples
British taxpayers pick up $30 billion in Zio RBS Bank scam
Chuck Schumer wants amnesty for 20 million illegal Hispanics

Israeli settler runs over a three-year-old Palestinian girl

Schwarzenegger is no more qualified to be governor than Obama is to be president
Present Economy worse than Depression


A professor at the University of Chicago pushes the idea of same-sex toilets
Honor Killings, and 72 Virgins' myth are meant to dehumanize, so why is a Muslim writer pushing this Zio-Propaganda?
A romance turns sour and the ADL turns it into a Russian Pogram of death
Obama waves magic wan over auto industry - The little people are in 'Awe' of his magic
GOP must confront Obama's celebrity appeal - How exciting
Leo Frank sodomized and killed a 12 yr-old girl in 1913 Atlanta but today he is a martyr - 2 min video
Housing construction plunges to record low in April
A look at Gen Petreaus the CINCOM commander
Israeli settlers reject Obama call to halt building
Police rough up and arrest 80 yr old priest at Obama - Notre Dame
  Israeli gunzel  Netanyahu is in awe of Obama
Lebanon: 2 suspected spies flee to Israel
He was  a real life Hannibal Letcher
Drew Peterson pleads not guilty to murdering wife
Another Chosen One Anointed to Treasury Department
Israeli troops kill U.N. truck driver at Gaza crossing
They were good Jewish boys that made a mistake
Iran to mass produce long-range missiles
Who runs Princeton University?
Obama concerned that protesting abortion will lead to a rise in anti-Semitism
Things to consider when blogging or making a website
Aussie high justice forged diplomas
Australian Judge drops charges on racketeer, but sentences Dr Tobin to prison
Zio-Terror team being held in Afghanistan for executions
Another Ponzi scheme collapses and 'Izzie Ruderman' may flee to Israel rather than do 20 years
 German Economy Shrinks 3.8%
GM starts terminating about 1100 dealers - another wealth transfer
Barack Obama on Friday named Dr. Thomas Frieden to head CDC
The University of Chicago falls under the spell of Communism
Code Pink is Zio-BS - You need to believe that this goofs were allowed to assault Rumsfeld and no one took action
An American/Israeli billionaire is caught smuggling animal trophies
A look at Obama's supreme court picks
Howard K. Stern says medical law doesn't apply to him
Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape- "Israelis interrogators and children are a formula for sex"
Congress weighs federal aid for health insurance
Catholic Church, Pope, Muzzled On Israeli Butchery
A Penn State professor savagely kills his wife with a crowbar and gets five years
Actual footage from the Concentration Camps - 4 min
First hand testimony about the Beautiful Beast of Belsen - 2 min video
Howard K. Stern, Doctors Plead Not Guilty to Charges in Anna ...
Foreclosures: 'April was a shocker'
Australian photo journalist faces 14 years for arguing with Zionist at a Perth rally
Australian academic defies High Council of Australian Jewry and goes to prison
RealtyTrac: April foreclosures rise 32 percent
Lance and Rod get married at Disney
Donald Trump declares Miss California can retain title
Social Security and Medicare finances worsen
A look into the dark world of  Freudian fantasies - 2 min video
Home prices take record drop
Israelis angry with Pope over lack of holocaust teaching in Catholic grade schools
GM shares tumble to lowest level since Great Depression
Wisconsin Court Upholds GPS Tracking By Police
Who's behind the 'Pedophile Protection Act'? -
100 poisoned at Muslim high school in an attempt to turn create a rift between Taliban and Muslim - Israeli agents suspected
NPR: Accused Nazi Guard On Plane To Germany

Neo Nazi punks call National Treasures horrible names

Another Hate Hoax
Chinese Deflation Picks Up Speed
Israel demands a 'More Aggressive' general be put in charge of Afghanistan
Suspected Nazi guard taken to federal officials by ambulance

The pope visits the Holocaust museum but say nothing about Gaza

Pope, in Israel, confronts dark history of Germany
Bobby Dylan has multiple families
Pope visits Jerusalem holocaust museum - 90 sec video
Sheriff shoots 14 yr old carrying toy gun - 'It was self defense'
Estimate of Budget Deficit Now Tops $1.84 Trillion
Israel limits Gaza Christians hoping to see Pope
Israel has secret plan to thwart division of Jerusalem
U.S. service member kills 4 fellow troops in Iraq
 Abe Foxman mentored Pope before his arrival to Israel?
Pope pledges to remember Jews killed in Holocaust while in Israel, but refuses to discuss the genocide in Gaza
 Iran frees a Mossad agent, posing as US journalist, after Israelis kill hundreds of Iranian pilgrims in Iraq
A Ukrainian who roamed Belgium and Hungary in the 1980's and butchered up to sixty people
John Jamelske is the American dungeon master
He brutally murders his girlfriend, and keeps the body as a trophy
Concerns white phosphorus used in Afghan battle
One nasty pedophile - 4 min video
Pope urges Middle East Christians to persevere
AIG Misses Targets; Shares Slide
The Taliban stopped the opium production and Zionists have Americans dying over it
11 Million Germans Were Murdered Post WWII
Four More British Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan
Upfront costs complicate Obama's health care plan
US Jobless At 26 Year High
Police say they found a body that may be the Israeli professor - $10 says it's a wino and the professor is in Israel
Obama OKs a giant military base in Afghanistan
A shocking poll on who is behind the financial meltdown
Three minute video on the lifestyle of the cougar - funny
Prowling everything from Bar Mitzvahs to college bars - lust in their hearts
The filthy cover-up over the Columbine massacre continues - "Dylan Klebold Was a victim too"
Aussies take to the streets over Israeli brutality - 7 min video
Real Unemployment At 15.8%: - Highest Level On Record
Sen. Feinsteins Husband Cashes In On Crisis
How propaganda took a NY dilettante  communist, from Krakow trash to a national hero
Assault Weapons Ban to be introduced next week
Obama Releases $3.4 Trillion Budget Plan
Toyota sees $8.6 billion annual loss
Americans blame Zionists for financial crisis
China may sell $2 trillion in US government bonds - creating panic
Israel Military Deeply Active In Tamil Tiger Massacre
If Swine Flu isn't contained it could infect 2 billion
"Rachels Challange", becomes a nationwide movement, and the ADL is livid - Columbine Massacre
Rosen likens AIPAC spy case to Dreyfus Affair
'120 die' as US bombs village
Prison Awaiting Hostile Bloggers
Pakistan Orders Military to Eliminate Militants, Terrorists
Supreme court OKs deporting 90 yr-old to Germany
The secret life of Dr Seuss

God bless Father Coughlin

Miami Beach developer defaults on Iceland's loan
Mickey Roth, the president of  Wesleyan college, locks down as Zio-shooter roams campus
Porn star 'Stormy Daniels' (nee Rosen) to challenge Louisiana senate seat
Israeli gangs extort Arabs from inside protected Jewish settlements
'Tough' toddler found alive after 2 days in woods
The coming dollar collapse
Six Israelis charged with drug trafficking in California
Israel would inform, not ask U.S. before hitting Iran
House Prices Continue To Plummet
Stanford may not be charged in $2.2 billion dollar fraud
Steny Hoyer and 3000 Zionists in a Flatulence Festival - 3 min
Newt Gingrich - AIPAC - 3 minutes of a total idiot
Senator Durbin speaks at AIPAC - 'Gutter trash' - 3 min
Biden at AIPAC - 3 min video
Bank of America may need $34B in new capital
Rich Americans Default on Luxury Homes Like Subprime Victims
Harry Solomon Truman had a few skeletons in his closet
Who bought all the ammo?
Israel tied to the Red Sea piracy
Hanoi Jane Harman covers up the Armenian Genocide and joins the ADL if fighting against the 'Armenian genocide resolution'  - 4 min video
Italian PM Berlesconi gets ADL awards - A 'Wink and a nod' for a Marono
Napalitano for Supreme Court
Is Jane Harmon a Red Diaper Baby?
"Hanoi Jane Harman" - 6 min video
A defiant and treacherous Harman spits on the American people - 90 sec video
Lawyers Credit Obama Team for Dismissing AIPAC Case
Video re-enactment of Zionists executing the Romanovs
Chrysler's salaried retirees about to see their pensions evaporate
Another shocking sex case from Austria
A look at the Ukrainian buckaroo who is PM of Alberta Canada
Scarsdale mother stole $12 Million in gold
Killer professor said to be in Israel
Japan arrest 3 Yeshiva students in massive ecstasy smuggling ring
The brutal execution of Izzie Klinghoffer on the cruise ship Archille Lauro
Rosen and Weismann to seek restitution after Israeli espionage case is dropped by US Government
Boys at Brooklyn deli swindle $20 million
Israeli tourist killed in Thailand's forbidden bar
Mark Levine hires a hit man and his relatives lay dead
FBI Furious Over AIPAC Spy Case Drop
U.S. court clears way for Demjanjuk removal
Dow Below 1000: Seriously?
Commie bastards fried together - Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg
Immigrants push for reforms at rallies across US
Big immigration rallies
Austrian expert finds war crime suspect, 96, not fit enough to stand trial:
3.4 Trillion federal budget - "Goodnight Irene"
The latest star in the anti-immigration fight
This is a Harvard professor?
Germany's economy shrinks 6%
A look at a Harvard Professor and the question of dual loyalties
Why is the ADL so adamant that a resolution teaching the Armenian Genocide should be banned?
The ADL is outraged and wants a California professor removed.  He sent an anti Semitic email to students (the professor  is Jewish)
Are the Rockefellers Jewish?
Video on 'Mad-Dog Zikhan' the professor that killed three, and has fled to Israel
"Bowling for Arabs" is Israelis latest sport - they run over kids with their cars
Dr Abe Horowitz says the CIA/America, and a gentile named Dr Robertson, engineered the flu
Rumsfeld (nee Rumsfelder) the architect of the Iraq war and his connection the the genetic engineered swine flu
Jungian Graf and David Irving at odds
Obama is appalled at waterboarding, but hasn't said a word about Zionist snipers shooting pregnant women
Give these morons a free college education??
2 min immigration video - funny - this is why the ADL is infiltrating the anti-immigrations movement
A brilliant book discusses the  state of America if Lindbergh had beaten FDR
2 min video as Zionists shoot entire family
Poland's very own version of Anne Frank
Swine Flu? - Israel Heavily Into BioWeapons Since 1948
Britain's head clown, Gordon Brown, pledges $150 million to keep Auschwitz running as museum
 Germany's Woes Spark Talk Of Weimar
 Obama considered the black FDR
Margaret Sanger, the Zio-Founder of Planned Parenthood - "Negoes are like weeds and need to be exterminated"
Pandemic Alert: Deadly Swine Flu about to Explode?
Obama Vows To Confront 'Holocaust Deniers' ... versus saving the economy?.
Iran: We've arrested Israel spy ring
The horror of Buchenwald
Craig's List killer aka 'The Panty Snatcher' borrowed $135,000 in student loans
David Irving discusses death figures on Dresden
'Israel uses sub to sink Iranian ship - Zionist claim "This was a pre-emptive strike" and allowed under Israeli law
Israeli bomb teams connected to election in Iran
Speculation to another $10 billion dollar fraud
Israeli settlers gun down six Arab children
$6 billion venture fund linked to Israel
Net cast for Ga. prof suspected in fatal shootings - He may try to flee to Israel
The dark side of Superman
A professor shoots six, killing three,  and he is walking around campus with a mini arsenal
Germany's slump risks 'explosive' mood as second banking crisis looms
He strangled the wife and married the family nanny

Laying the groundwork for a major plague?

Zio-Judges seek to protect 'Cop Killer'
The year is 1982, but schemes are always the same- Felony  Bunko
Rep Harmon Bribed By Mossad Agent
Iran arrested a Mossad spy and Israel is teaching them a lesson
The Shamelessness of Jane Harman, she should have the decency to step down
Women leaves 10 year-old child on deserted road
The 1955 Brooklyn Thrill Killings
Brooklyn's 'Butcher Boy' had a drawer full of women's panties, two were identified as his victims
Red Cross gets a message about their interference in Gaza
 Jan Harman the government official accused of abetting two Israelis in an espionage trial is a child of a  holocaust survivor
Washington /Mexican's 'Dream Act', which gives free college tuition to illegals, has Zio-backers
France buys Sarkozy a $500 million dollar jet
The rarified world of billionaire Venture Capitalists aka 'The Money Lender'
Police say there may be other victims of Markoff, who is termed the 'Butcher Boy Of Boston'




Worst foreclosure rates found in 4 states
Another gun control resolution HR 45
California GOP Decries Anti-Semitic Tea Party Activism
Sen Feinstein's Husband Cashes In On Crisis
Dark Voyage - A shiksa is killed  - 5 min video
This beauty queen is murdered on the high seas
Abe Geithner, the treasury secretary, says government will sell 'Toxic Mortgages' for pennies on the dollar to 'Qualified Investors'
Audience cries as holocaust survivors describes Nazi monsters beating a child with his own violin
The 'Butcher Boy' of Boston
What would be the timetable for Israel strike on Iran?
"Craigslist Killer" is SUNY-Albany graduate
Bombshell: Rep. Jane Harman Caught on Tape Agreeing to Lobby for Alleged AIPAC/Israel Spies?
Palm Beach billionaire receives fifth lawsuit on child molestation
The 'Dream Act' is a bill that subsidizes college tuition so Mexicans can compete
Women, children among eight killed in new type of U.S.drone strike
Nanna Sendler smuggled 2500 babies past the Nazis in shoe boxes ..that's five a day - TV movie
Who killed 21 polo ponies - Russian mafia
Israel disrupts UN conference on Genocide and racism
Majority in US want Israel to be penalized
Civilian shoots a cop at a radar stop
Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals
Lying about WW2
Israelis Warn Of Eritrea Flashpoint With Iran
The heartbreak of a holocaust survivor
Jason Berman of 9/11 fame explodes at question about Israel involvement on Sept 11 - five min video
Madonna's DNA questioned
Immigrants promise a blood bath if their relatives are deported
Did Iran arrest an American reporter or a Mossad spy?
Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites
Iran Does 'Enormous Damage' With 'Spy' Sentence
What Piracy? This Is the Same Old Jihad ...Just one article tells you all you need to know about the driving force behind the Tea Party protest
US to boycott United Nations racism meeting, and Israel is very pleased
Venture investments fall 61 percent in 1st qtr - Opps, there goes your pension!
Couple, their 3 kids found dead in Maryland home
Grisly slayings brings Mexican drug war to US
Russian billionaires say "We are victims of the down-turn", or is it really that they are afraid of the have-nots lynching them?
Banks Must Brace For Huge New Losses
The truth on Columbine
You have to ask who is really organizing all these 'Tea Party' protests
China Dumping Dollars For Copper
Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites
Adding Insult to Injury–Powerful Jewish Groups Demand Case Against Accused Spies Be Dropped
US banks step up home foreclosures
Ask yourself "Who is organizing this nationwide protest"

Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request

Who really funded and organized the 'Boston tea parties'  ... An old Zio-Tactic to gather names
Bomb at mess hall kills 16 Iraqi soldiers
A Shiksa gets slaughtered and everyone looks the other way
Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben guilty of criminal contempt in Australia
Phil Spector's first day in jail
Illinois opens $45 million dollar Holocaust museum
Jakob Burksbaum's real estate empires collapses leaving a wake of bad debt
One very strange Feminist icon
France's Sarkozy has a concubine with political ambitions
Bailouts And Manipulations
Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller is the number one sexual predator in America
Rev Tony Alamo  (nee Feinberg) is held on child molestation charges - 60 sec video
Any connection to Somalia pirates?
Foreclosures Soar in March, Up 44 Percent Over February’s High
Who is this Netanyahu threatening world peace?
Why this Crisis May be Worse than the Great Depression
 Air France Drops 2,500 Jobs - Gloom Deepens
Were two hillbillies from Arizona the masterminds of the Oklahoma City bombing?
A renegade German speaks his mind
Student killed in love triangle involving teacher
Christopher Bollyn - Super-Thermite Demolished Twin Towers on 9-11:
Zionists have made subtle threats about these spies going to trial
Illegals cost America $346 billion a year - that's 5100 high schools at $70 million each.
Homeland Security Report equates 'abortion opponents' with white supremacists
4.5 million babies born to illegal immigrants in 2008 America
Taleban 'kill love affair couple' ... Zio-Propaganda
Americans Stick To Their Guns - Sales Soar
The Vatican prays for God to send them help for the earth quake victims, and holocaust survivors flood into Italy
Babysitter Arrested, Accused Of Running Molestation Ring
Israel quietly suggest that the Mossad could infiltrate and destroy the pirates of Somalia
Rumors were that this was Sarkozy's 'Boy-Toy'
The French collaboration in WW2
Jewish people becoming nervous as the financial system implodes and an astounding 40% of Americans blame Jewish financiers
AIG sent $50 billion in American taxpayer funds, used for their bailout to Israeli and European banks
Much like the 'Black September' hijacking of the 1970's, and 1980s, lead back to Israel, these pirate attacks are smelling of Zionist backing

Piracy in the Red Sea: Saudi points towards Israel

Black market nukes - 8 min video
Iranians know that if a war starts, it will be a fight to the death, and they must go all out
85 yr old Holocaust survivor, Esther Blotski, goes to Israel and is forced to drop her bloomers by the IDF - 2 min video
European internet consumption to overtake TV in 14 months
Calif. returns Renoirs  to 3rd generation Holocaust survivors
George Soros aka György Schwartz
If the first two jets hit the WTC, than why did Norad let the second two fly over nuclear reactors?
Switzerland is entering a deflation, and so is most of Europe, but Obama says 'We is Okie Dokie'
5 More US soldiers Just Died for Israel in Iraq
The Swiss slide into deflation  - The current US housing is called a 'Slump'. Picture outright deflation!
Russian video on Dresden - Part 1 - eight min
Russian video on Dresden - Part 2 - eight min
Obama to legalize 20,000,000 immigrants
Obama to seek $83.4 billion for Iraq, Afghan wars - that is the equivalent of 1328 high schools
Zionists in malls buying  Gold Jewelry For Cash
Pelosi Demands Gun Registration
Stanford (nee Stein) laundered money to fund anti-leftist rebellions - tied to Madoff
Ambrose Pritchard-Evans: The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency
Israel leader says-  "If America doesn't stop Iran, than Israel will"
Interesting read on Dresden
The Dresden attack of 1945
Sir Allen Stanford (nee Stein) maybe indicted
ADL advises universities as to who are acceptable commencement speakers
AIPAC sues the American government over espionage case

 Texas Holocaust Commission wins Senate approval

68 Israelis arrested in Poland for child porn ring
Leopards attacking a small Israeli village, and Jewish men fight them with bare hands
Israelis behind the traffic in Iraqi babies?
 Gutemalean's dream is answered - "Mariana Vasques is going to Harvard'
New York social figure has been charged
Austrian royalty is arrested on massive fraud
 Did the Nazis make the Jewish men undress for their executions, or is this voyeurism?
German and French banks got $36 billion from AIG Bailout
Starbucks denies support of Israeli soldiers during recent Gaza genocide
Nine fireman died in a small fire
Police deny delay at Bingham massacre, saying "No shooting victims could've been saved"
10 yr olds sit through 1 week holocaust course and then write letters to survivors
2 min video of cop shootout in Pittsburg
Israelis say this child attacked them and they had to shoot her, Arabs claim kidnapping and rape
Five cops lay dead or  dying as this 22 year old psycho blazes away
  IMF to sell 340 tones of gold ... Zio-Scheme
Rare color film of Hitler 1944 - 4 min
A shocking 1930 anti Semitic video
A 19 year old postal clerk was hung to satisfy the pigs at the Nuremberg trials
He killed eight at a nursing home and no one will give his shrink's name
Jakob Stein, president of Gemini Fund I hedge fund, has been arrested
Starbucks bristles under pressure from Christians to stop supporting Israel
This has the distinct smell of gun control
The Zionist engineered world collapse is resulting in a rise in German Nationalism
Zionists past legislation giving 22 Japanese the Medal of Honor to ease the path for their 168 Medals
Video on Audie Murphy - most decorated soldier in history - 5 min
It's 1943 and Germans push Russians out of  Riga and Bolshevik atrocities uncovered, and the town takes it's revenge - 7 min video
Dov Zakheim Is "The Face Of Evil"
The lost Columbine video
Obama and Gordon Brown used their combined IQs of 140 to save the world
What is Israel doing in Darfur?
Nuttier than fruitcakes - Jewish Defense League video 
Petraeus Says Israel Might Choose to Attack Iran
Who are the ones behind the Gay Movement?
Berlin Rabbi orders police to arrest demonstrators because their sign said 'Israel kills children in Gaza'
Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell by a Record 19%
Video of San Francisco riots
This book claims that the Jewish genius lies in their DNA
US home price drops set records in Jan. 3
Kansans to vote on gun ownership amendment
Israel closes investigation on illegal Gaza killings - Considers rumors to be outrageous
Increased anti-Semitism in Norway
New York art dealer steals $88 million
Police storm protestors as they gather outside Israeli consulate, even though they had a permit
The stigma of Hate Hoaxes tarnishes Jewish credibility
I shake my fist at heaven and scream "Where was God"?
Israel moves it's bombing operations from Iraq to Afghanistan
Carnival Cruise line Heiress (Rachel Arison) spends $100 million on a yacht ..Your 401K money at work
ADL sponsors a documentary on the crime of the century - The Leo Frank case
Israel's top advisor not allowed in United States
AIPAC espionage case becomes US trouble
Ray Kroc  - He was so special
This may be the biggest pedophile case in US history
American Jews extremely worried about a Gaza backlash are now protesting Israel
Notre Dame University struggles to find it's soul
81 year old priest is sent to jail by 33 yr old Judge Kristi Jacobs Marx
He owns the most expensive house in America
Hezbollah is behind the international drug trade - not Zionists
Charles Simonyi  Private World of wealth and decadence
US Judge says Iran behind 1996 killing of Jewish soldier by Hamas, and Iran must pay $25 million
Zio-Bankers stage hate hoaxes to get Federal protection
Mossad suspected in Afghan bomb that killed 48
AJC, ADL urge AIPAC prosecution to reconsider
Venezuela synagogue that was ransacked was a Hate Hoax 
Eisenhower and post war Germany
The sun is setting on the college radicals talking circuit
Soldiers shoot youth and kidnap 17 Palestinians in the West Bank - organ donors?
The Sandlers were credited with the Wachovia collapse
Anti-Semitism may boost housing sales in Israel
Phils Spector's murder trial goes to the jury
Irving Feldkamp's $4 million plane came down in mysterious circumstances
Zio-Controlled Teamsters let Fed Ex to operate without a union contract
Abe Mueller, the FBI head, gives a wink to financial fraud and money in Israel
Freeze $1.5 Qaudrillion Derivs As First Step To Recovery
Closing arguments in the execution of Lana Clarkson
Obama's Economic Guru: Larry Summers
Hollywood does back flips for Darfur but is silent on Israeli snipers executing pregnant women
Kosher Kingpin wants his trial on 98 felony charges delayed because of Jewish holidays
Swedish Countess savaged by New York Tycoon
Israeli troops shut down press conference with injured American's parents; beat activists
Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard”
Commander confirms Netanyahu war plans
USA has Two Options to Save its Economy: Declare Default or Trigger a War
IDF Soldiers Ordered To Ambulance drivers
Geithner, Obama Bowing To 'Massively Corrupted' Banks
Is Alex Jones A Zionist?...Controversy Swirls
DOW up 500 points on a Con-Job
Pope warned about bringing up the subject of the coming demolition of Arab homes in Jerusalem
Suicide bomb blast kills 23 at funeral in Iraq- Arabs killing Arabs?
Is the Pope's trip to Israel a fatal mistake?
Two Israeli-Americans sue federal government for defamation inn their espionage trial
G-20 Must Freeze The $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Bubble As The First Step To World Economic Recovery
IDF shells refugee camp for sport
A two minute video on Israeli psycho mentality
Israelis restrict pope when he visits Jerusalem
Hucksters clip $1 trillion from taxpayers in latest banking fraud
Kids among the 17 dead in MT plane crash
Students with graduate degrees working as dancers in 'Gentleman's Clubs'
Israel's PM warns Obama that if Madoff is not to be made an example of
Ex-cops apologize for deadly drug raid ahead of sentencing
Pelosi Tells Illegal Immigrants That Work Site Raids are Un-American
Cadaver dogs flown to Aruba - More heartache for the Holloway family
Obama Should Note Growing Anger In America
A serial killer admits to 200 murders
The Oxford Rugby team pulls an anti-Semitic prank and England is 'Outraged'
Pope refuses to name the 'Marxists' who are behind all of Africa's wars
A hundred cops involved in Los Angeles shoot-out and four are dead

What rabbis told Israeli soldiers in Gaza war

WTC's Silverstein Wants Taxpayer Bailout!
Romania weighs decriminalizing consensual incest
Look at these goofy Zio-Christians - Hagee video
Hungary PM Quits Amid Worsening Crisis
A sudden rush of books to make the Columbine killers to look like angels
A stain on the FBI
Latest craze in Israel is sniper T-Shirts
70 yr old pediatrician accused of bl*wing his 8 yr old patients
Manhunt in Aspen for Israelis assassin
This is a keystone event which must be brought up when discussing 9/11, or the Oklahoma City Bombing
Alaska and Florida consider bans on bestiality
Government will reimburse Madoff's small investors, most are Jewish, and none have verifiable financial statements
Josef Fritzl is not Austrian
Four Canadians die in sophisticated bombing in Afghanistan - Israelis are advisors
Teacher masturbates in front of female student
Fritzl suspected in at least four other murders
Spiritual leader found guilty in molestation case
Josef Fritzl's sentence shocks Austrians
The real AIG conspiracy
Israel admits to "Sport Shooting" of Arab civilians
For Obama, the clock on Iran Is ticking -- but how fast?
This vicious midget was the head of the NKVD
Obama asks patience, guarantees better days ahead
Million French workers march against Sarkozy
Zionists collapse house prices and then sell foreclosures to Hispanic immigrants. Neighborhood prices drop even more and they have their race war
The furor over AIG bonuses is just a diversion from the real scam
The brains behind AIG
Fritzel gets life at a medical facility
Madoff's accomplices catch a break from prosecutor
The truth on Josef Fritzel the Dungeon Master
Jewish 'Dungeon Master' is senteced to a medical facility (nee a 'Kosher Country Club) - Drugs and young boys
France's Zionists are afraid as people take to the streets over the economy
Gun Advocates Ready for Battle on Federal Assault Weapons Ban
Killer Cop Puts Yet Another Man Six Feet Under
Christopher Bollyn on Madoff
FBI turned to Mobsters for help
Fed launches bold $1.2T effort to revive economy
Rabbis want meth trial moved out of Iowa. Their fear is this could wind up like Leo Frank
Fritz could make millions
Prosecutors want Fritzl in a psychiatric facility (Zio-shrinks keep him high, and young inmates keep him happy)
Austrian incest father pleads guilty to charges
Israel contemplates using ballistic missiles on Iran
Health care overhaul may cost about $1.5 trillion

An audio of Klebold at the Columbine library

Terror expert predicts a False Flag of massive proportions in America
Columbine was suppose to be about gun control, but instead it focused on the monsters that did the killing
Listen to this and you will understand why the Judge locked the tapes up for twenty years
Is This Last Gasp for the Israel Lobby and the Neocons?
Caterpillar to lay off 2,454 workers in 3 states
Abe Shulman, the New IRS director to give $17 billion to Madoff's victims
Zionists to get billions from the IRS in tax breaks from Madoff scheme
More on the Anthrax Zio-False Flag
Nokia to cut 1,700 jobs in sinking phone market
The DOJ And the U.S.D.C. for the Southern District of New York... Hot Beds Of Zionist Treason?
Horrifying video of Jewish girl defiled by Nazis - 2 min
Hassidics beat negro boy and police say it was 'Self Defense'
AIG ships billions in bailout abroad
Alabama Shootings (10 dead) is caused by the financial meltdown and Zionists are afraid - so give them your weapons

Israel to raze 1,700 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

High School teens contemplate suicide as Stella Kramer tells he holocaust story
It seems one of Monthy Python's troupe was a little naughty at a girl's prep school
Afghan IED kills four US soldiers
I broke into Auschwitz
High school allows 'fleabag' to tell 13 yr old kids how she lived under the floorboards for 20 months
Holocaust survivor speaks at Carthage college - I want to see this dean's credentials
A.I.G. to Pay $100 Million in Bonuses After $180 billion Bailout
As US Economy Continues To Tank, More Bonuses Planned For Bankers
The real question is - "Where is the $65 billion?"
Before The Stampede - Dollar Crisis In The Making
Should Sarah lose her federal scholarship?
Churches going bankrupt
Zionists want leniency for the Austrian Dungeon Master - Josef Fritzl
Roman Polanski says the holocaust made him rape a 12 yr old - video 9 min
Obama picks another Zionist to head the FDA
Psychiatric Drug Use of German Shooter Confirmed
Wal-Mart To Launch ‘Hispanic’ Stores
Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out
Accused Allen Stanford invokes t(nee Steinberg) he Fifth Amendment
American citizen critically injured after being shot in the head by Israeli forces in Ni’lin

Dutch judge orders teens to visit Anne Frank House

Madoff's was charged with stealing $65 billion, up from the original $50 billion figure
What is driving gold up?
Canada's stain on humanity - Steven Harper
Dresden - The Worst War Crime Of WWII - 600,000 Dead
The 2002 Erfurt massacre
Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend, doctors charged
Where are the MADOFF Funds Now?
French anti-P2P internet law toughest in the world
Madoff will fake a heart attack, have a closed casket, and spend his golden years in Tel Aviv banging 10 yr old Ukranian sex slaves
US and Israel meet to plan strike on Iran
Madoff's victims
Alabama Shooter Trained To Be A Cop; 11 People Dead
Jewish Society in Old Palm Beach
The fabulous South Hampton crowd
Video of German shooter - 90 sec
German school massacre has a lot in common with Columbine
Abe killed his wife, and shot a delivery boy, saying the young boy was the culprit
German gunman targeted girls
11 die in Alabama shooting rampage
After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws
Woman hating Zios go on blood bath - Marcus LaPine
Polish Zionist imprisons and rapes his daughter - authorities will not reveal his name
German shooter angry at being shunted by gentile girls so he went back to the school and executed Christian girls
Big protest at AIPAC and Jewish attendees spit and curse on protestors - 9 min video
Rabbi and his wife may have abused children
Meth trial in Iowa compared to holocaust persecution
Eisenhower's Cadillac with his 5 star license plate, flags on the fenders, and sirens blazing, and Kay driving
Will a multicultural police dept be a problem when the economy implodes and arrests need to be made?
Horrific rape by Las Vegas entertainer in limbo
Is a multicultural army a good thing?
Yenta runs world's largest sex/kidnap ring
Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs,
Giant sex slave ring busted
An amazing video on Eisenhower's death camps
Australian child kidnapped and Judge lets Israeli go back to Israel and serve in the IDF
Los Angeles' multicultural  police rough up people who boo Israelis
Obama speech teleprompter goes out- 1 min video
The hero of the last church massacre
An decent Christian leader is charged by a gun wielding Zionist, and brave parishioners stop further bloodshed
Russian Oligarch claims to own the Romanov's jewels
Was ADL's ongoing battle with Baptists linked to church massacre?
Top U.S., European Banks Got $50 Billion in AIG Aid
Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans
Abraham Karatz gets indicted but money has vanished
Californians shaken as big time philanthropist is indicted in massive retiree swindle
How much of AIG’s bailout/handout is financing Israeli mortgages in Jerusalem & the West Bank?
Israel annexing East Jerusalem, says EU
Two minute video of Leopold and Loeb
Hollywood portrays Leopold and Loeb as confused boys, but forgets to mentions they butchered five people
Another Hate Hoax or is this deer an anti-Semite?
Arthur 'Bugsy' Nadel gets bail
Jewish fund manager steals $350 million and judge gives him house arrest
The hero of Iwo Jima turns out to be a fraud
The miracle of the Dead Sea Scrolls unravels and hoaxster indicted for threats
Israeli letter bombs
Medal of Honor war hero arrested
Savvy investors buys foreclosed houses for 10 cents on the dollar
Suspicions grow that attack on Sri Lankan cricket team was 'Israeli sponsored'
One in 8 U.S. Households Late Paying or in Foreclosure
Wilhem Marrs, a terrible anti Semite turns out to be another Kosher Nazi
Holocaust film heroes were real bandits who killed 138 Poles in the village of Naliboki 
Momma was making chicken soup while poppa was raping me
When SWAT was sent into get 'Tampa Terrorist' the government said 'No rough stuff''
Interesting video on Julius Striechter  - 9 min
‘Sex-trafficking’ family is arrested
Israeli operatives park car bomb in Baghdad  market
Principal arrested on molestation charges
Betty Ong was the stewardess on Flight 11, and the transcript confirms an Israeli was involved
The court at the Hague charges the President of the Sudan-- The Israelis are behind it in an effort to grab Sudan's oil - another Iraq


Brutal confrontation on jet
Young American teens go to Israel for summer camp and the thrill of being with the IDF on 'Hunts'
Someone doubts the Hamas rocket story - 4 min video
Swindler caught with 100 gold bars
The story of a young girl being defiled by an SS colonel, and a illicit affair after the war
The Greatest Depression Under Way
A look at Obama's cabinet
Obama Lied To Gun Owners - Attack Plan Revealed
International court issues warrant for Sudanese president - The massacre in Gaza is a different story
Obama appoints another Zionist to head the FCC
The JDL won't allow a Canadian high school to have mid-east social studies of Israel's history


Don't worry, houses and stocks will come back.
Abe Fish - A serial killer
Oh, the horror and inhumanity. Treblinka is one of the most massive graves in history. The grave may be 10,000 feet deep!
Christopher Bollyn: Understanding the Zionist Corporate Network Linking 9-11 and the Financial Crisis
Wesley Clarke - War hero or just another BS artist?
Why didn't the pilot of Fl 11 get off a hijack alert to the FAA on 9/11
Who was the mystery man who sat next to the Mossad assassin on Flight 11
This Iraq slaughter was about the Mosul-Haifa pipeline, and US troops guarding it.
Rosita Gonzales gets a $35,000 a yr teaching job and Sandy Bell, an American college graduate, gets $6.75 at Wal-Mart
Warren Buffet, another Zio-Created legend, takes a market hit
Abe Gershman came to America for his piece of the pie
The Ecstasy academic among our children
Obama moved toward commanders in Iraq decision (AP)
An ugly bias is back: blaming Jews for financial woes
230 pound cop assaults a 100 pound teenage girl - video
Repo clowns in shootout, and three are dead
Taxpayer buy 36% of Citicorp - Who knows how much toxic debt they hold
Britain may nationalize RBS and taxpayers are on the hook for $450 billion in bad debts
Holder To Reinstitute Assault Weapon Ban
England is at the brink of financial collapse and the Prime Minister signs a bill making anti-Semitism a crime
A look at Hefner and his playmates at the mansion
New Mexico schools on verge of collapse  thanks to immigration -1965 Hart Cellar act
Harvard has a 35% Jewish enrollment, and it is estimated another 20% are cryptos.
CFTC charges futures traders in alleged $1.3 billion scam
Australian Bishop who opposes Zio-Abortion racket receives a bomb threat, and parties involved say it is a renegade priest that did it

Israel sponsoring Darfur rebels

Even Boston Legal plants the seed that Muslims are killing Africans. Why? Because Muslims are evil
Israel dual-citizens win round in US espionage case 
Principal Abe Shore forbids students from wearing Arabic scarf
Stimulus bill gives $1 billion to Jewish social service providers - (Which could build 17 high schools for your kids)
George Clooney fights for Darfur
Bishop leaves Argentina under orders from Jewish president Kirshner
Five More US Soldiers Killed In Iraq so Zionists can steal the world's oil
Video of horrific sexual harassment by Zio-Judge on two Christian women
ADL heartened by leniency in Judge's sex case
A prominent Vicar speaks up about the persecution of the Pope over the Holocaust denying Bishop
Guess who is behind the African American Slave Reparation bill?


Finland's Jewish community calls for strict gun laws in wake of anti Semitism cause by financial crisis
Finland wants gun banned on anniversary of shooting


The SPLC spies on KKK and takes pictures of them in the woods.
The tragic death of Selena


Obama aims to slash budget deficit by half - What his this fool's IQ?
Ritz Camera files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy - Abe Ritz apparently will stiff banks, employees, and creditors for $500 million - No doubt they will reopen in a week
Obama to give Las Vegas a $2 billion dollar high speed train
The Holocaust, a tale of Yetis, and speaking at universities
Interesting short video on Henry Ford
The history of Jewish comedians at the Catskills - 5 min video
Jews shoot Arab farmers for sport - 2 min video


Did Israeli Agents sink the Estonia and kill 1,000 people?
And you think they couldn't get any lower -New York art dealer defrauds nuns out of $5 million
Latvia Zio-Rulers took $8.2 billion from the IMF, the Latvia people threw them out, and they appear to have fled the country
Mossad spy tied to 9/11 - 80 sec video
New Jersey Hassidic forbid gentiles to ride bikes through their neighborhoods

Latavia agrees to pay Jews $60 million for holocaust memories

ABC makes a degrading movie about real estate salesman's reaction as a 'Negro couple' try to buy an expensive house
'Mossad spy' tied to Mughniyeh hit
Obama seeks leniency in Weisman-Rosen espionage case
Rocket from Lebanon hits Arab village inside Israel, suddenly the wounded Arabs become 'Israelis'
Greenspan - 'Recession' Will Be Worst Since 1930s
UK Could Crash Like Iceland
Diane Feinstein -It seems her husband gets millions in government contracts and no one says a word
Drag Queen elected homecoming queen at George Mason University
Obama's New Deal will dwarf Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 scam
Bomb kills 28 at Shiite funeral in Pakistan -- more Israeli terror
NY Post sorry for 'Obama' cartoon
Who stole the Confederate's gold?
Zionists at NY Post remind Obama that he is just a "Chimp" - 2 min video
 Swindler is friends and supporter of fellow Zionist, Nancy Pelosi
The Mossad's latest toy --- GPS trackers
Great Grandson sues Yale Secret ‘Skull and Bones’ Society to Return Geronimo’s Skull
American Jewry & The Economic Crisis
Historians paint Lindbergh as a Nazi, and General Patton as an Egotistical Nazi sympathizer
Zionists remind Obama he is just a 'Schwartzer'
Video of Holocaust Idiot that made fraud movie
Billionaire scammer has fled to Israel
New York art dealer rumored to have organized heist at Baghdad's museum
Jewish war heroes fight Nazis --- 2 min video
French 'Tart'  sues France for $500k because her Momma went to Auschwitz
The giant government pension insurer is broke
Judge lets thief who embezzled $8 million walk because he was a 'Holocaust Survivor'
Horrifying murder of child - possible 'Ritual Sacrifice'   - 5 min video
$8 billion made it's way to the Caribbean, and on to Israel
Obviously a 757 didn't go through seven concrete walls, leave a perfect circle, and no engines, or landing gear
Judge rules sex offender Jeffrey Epstein agreement to remain sealed
The story of Britney Spears persecution
Jeffrey Bezos is worth $12 billion but his employees get $8.50 an hr and no benefits
Eleven Israeli tourists arrested for seducing 8 yr olds with hallucinogenic drugs
Israeli officer acquitted on child execution charges
 Probe of USS Cole Bombing Unravels as it points to Israel
Why did Shipman kill 500 patients?
After seeing this 3 min video there can be no doubts as to the Holocaust
Vicious Communist Jews attack German Nationalists as they march in remembrance of the firebombing of Dresden
Video of police interrogating Dr Harold Shipman - # 1 mass murderer in history
Abe Foxman wants Holocaust bishop to either recant or face trial
Status of Phil Spector murder trial
The truth about this heinous crime - St Valentine Day Massacre
James Franco discovers his roots at a Harvard Bar Mitzvah


Video of Karbala attack - 1 min
Concerned citizens confront Mossad Sayanims at rural mall - 2 min video
Another hate crime hoax - woman who claimed racist attack caused miscarriage was not pregnant, wounds self-inflicted.


Blackwater Is Out But I Wonder Who Owns Their Competitor?
A look at Paris during the war
A bomb went off in a tent full of women and children and the news media says it was a Arab female
How Banks Are Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis
Mossad tied to the killing of Anna Lindh
Female bomber kills 32 on Iraqi pilgrimage route -- Israeli agents
Roosevelt was given orders revenge on the German people
International Jewry ordered Eisenhower, and Churchill, to firebomb Dresden, where 250,000 died 
Pakistan's Zionist advisor implicates country in Mumbai attack
Michele Obama's cousin is a Rabbi
Renegade holocaust Bishop attended party at David Irving's estate
The world's ecstasy kingpin
Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom's costs of raising kids, plus $1.5 mill hospital fees, and Doctor's Fines fee of $60,000 - And she is an immigrant
Two judges make $2.6 million for sending juveniles to Zionist's controlled youth facilities
With the election of Bibi Netanyahu the settlers in remote towns terrorize, rape, and kill
Who Concocted The Slaughter Of Iraq?
Poll: 31% of Europeans blame Jews for global financial crisis
Will Phil Spector ever be convicted
Australia's disastrous fire was set by arsonists
Obama ‘will give green light for Iran war’
Is Ann Coulter another 'False Prophet'?
Great video on the history of Israel's occupation
Organizer of Venezuela synagogue attack was Rabbi's bodyguard for four year's - another 'Zio-Hoax'
The Anne Frank Diary Fraud
Google is watching
Another Hate Hoax on Venezuela synagogue attack
Jakob Pappas TV empire goes broke
Hudson 'miracle' pilot gets applause on Broadway
NATO to attack independent Afghan opium operations (Zio-drug ops get the government to kill their competitors)
The horror of child molestation - 5 min video
What is a financial Derivative?
Layoff Legions Turn To Parties, Internet
Child sex in the Holy City
Turkish town has sign "No dogs and no Jews"
A  look into the dark souls of West Bank settlers that lust for blood!
Netanyahu 'will coax Obama into Iran war'
Germany's children see a bleak future as another bank is looted, and Chancellor Merkel looks the other way
Louisiana judges send attractive children to two special camps
Zio-gangsters in Bermuda defraud London stock investors of $600 million
Who was Henry Wirz, this pig commandant, and why are Zionists historians so interested in his image?
California Pension Funds Close To Bankruptcy
Israelis forced mother to choose which of her children would die
Indicted Miami Beach weapons dealer Efraim Diveroli is still making millions of dollars from the U.S. government
Another cover-up like the 2001 Anthrax attacks
500,000 More US Jobs Lost In January
Another unsolved mystery
Police investigate Holocaust-denying bishop
When 'Terror' strikes an Oregon University
Who were the North Hollywood shooters
The 'Zio-Clown' Bush and his $2.5 trillion dollar war
A special look into their 'stench filled' world of Hate - 2 min video
Who is really firing rockets into Israel? A video confirms these are Israeli collaborators
Sudan: Israel arming Darfur rebels
Sarkozy says French whites who marry interracially will get job preferences
Tex Marrs wonders who is plundering the wealth of American citizens
Oligarch paid Labour peer more than Ł600,000
Lt. Colonel Avi fought 'Hand to hand' combat in Gaza, despite many wounds, he fought on!  Throwing grenades into houses full of children?
Retirees lose $600 million to Israeli run fraud
The dirty secret of Michigan university
It seems Izzie doesn't know where the $500 Million has gone!!
Marcus is indicted in $400 million dollar fraud
Pedophile video arrest - shocking 5 min
Israel Plans To Colonize Parts Of Iraq
Mel Brooks alongside George Patton in the Battle Of The bulge -No records available
Is Madoff the tip of a money laundering pyramid in Israel?
Don't panic about your 401(k) losses. Zionist money managers say everything will be 'Hunky Dorie'
BBC Blasts Pope on Holocaust bishop - 2 min video
Arab American doctors go to Gaza and are appalled - 90 sec video
Spanish police arrest six over massive 'Ł420m London Stock Exchange fraud'
What qualifies a 50 yr old Israeli immigrant to be a $175,000 a yr professor at the University of Connecticut - what about hiring an American?
Hefner's assistant was arrested for five kilos of cocaine, was about to turn state's evidence, and suddenly overdosed 
German Neo Nazis stand trial for burning a copy of the Anne Frank book
Do foxes guarding the hen house make sense?
Bankrupt Lehman Brother's chairman, Abe Fuld,  hides assets
The Great Depression was not accidental


"Mad-Dog' Braunstein
Another manager at Iowa kosher slaughterhouse charged with violations of child labor laws
IDF: Hamas didn't carry out attack – but is responsible - Israel were planting booby traps and one went boom
Sandra goes to prison, but Naomi gets to attend Florida State University
Abe took $400 million and it's page four news
$4.2M unfrozen from Miami Beach munitions dealer's accounts
$380 Million Ponzi Suspect Arrested as he tries fleeing to Israel
The story of today's super wealthy and how they travel the world defiling woman and children
Tel Aviv 'Love triangle' where 10 men raped a 15 yr old boy
Jewish anger as pope reinstates Holocaust-denier
Children savaged at Catskill's camp by sex crazed 38 yr old teacher
Rabbis want bail for 'Meth-Kingpin'
He shot 55 Jews as a tribute to Hitler's 55th birthday- actual Nuremberg testimony
Actual holocaust survivor on Treblinka - 'Very moving'  - 5 min video
Video of 'Evil Bishop' saying gas chamber are bullsh*t
Accountant For Jacob Nadel $350 million fund Had No License
Levinson says he will not flee to Israel
Zsa Zsa Gabor lost millions due to Madoff - lawyer - She just remembered - "Oy Geyvalt"
Mexican 'Stew Maker' Dissolved 300 Victims In Acid
A visit to Auschwitz can test anyone's faith!
The White House warned Sunday that the country could face a long and painful financial recover
The 2006 murder of Sister Kelly by blood crazed Muslims?
Israeli war against Hamas scars Gaza's children
Israel vows to back soldiers accused of war crimes
Who was Khrushchev?
German prosecutors after Catholic Bishop
Israelis Capture, Jail Children IDF denies this is organ trafficking  
The First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th
America builds a $2 billion railroad  but Israelis want free tickets
Looking into the mind of "Human Garbage"  ... Abe Foxman says the Gaza war was a 'Just War'

Josef Fritzl 'made daughter watch porn' - Telegraph

Some churches actually stand up to the evil Zionists
Abbie Guzman of the Shining Path killed 70,000 Peruvians
Zionists want Catholic Bishop charged and arrested
Nazi Mengele's created a town of twins in Argentina. More Zio-Bullsh*t, or the real deal.  Rumors of ruins of Dr Frankenstein's castle
Icelandic government becomes first to be brought down by the credit crunch
Gaza doctors: Wounded in danger of dying
Zionism is the world of gangsters and terrorists
5.5% World's Container Ships Now Idle
Canadian Zionists want Pro-Gaza rallies to be investigated by police
Jews outraged by Holocaust-denying bishop
Zale jewlelrers tanks - good people you can trust
Diamond dealer files for bankruptcy and tells 520 employees, countless creditors, and millions in bank loans, 'Everything is safe' .... $500 million in liabilities
 Chinese factory workers return to the farms
Kirsten Gillibrand supports blockade of Iran.
Israeli soldier shot 6 yr old girl in front of mother, and then shot the mother
Why did Caroline decide not to run?
Hospitals Demanding Cash Up Front
California's median home price falls 38 percent
Harley-Davidson axes 1,100 jobs
FBI amazed that 76 shots were fired and no one was hit!! Rumors of another hoax
Next time your at the Aladdin as for a 'Non-smoking and Non-swinger' room
JCN takes a cruel stance on French synagogue attack - How can anyone doubt the authenticity - 2 min video
Israelis are living high on US expense account
Is Finkelstein a Jewish martyr or just another shill, where SPLC plants ringers in the audience to take names?
Iceland Government On Verge Of Collapse
Seymour Steeger, Virginia Tech, refuses to step down even after second brutal slaying
Another Real Estate Crisis is About to Hit
The $4 billion opportunity off the coast of Gaza (Natural Gas Field)
New Zealand may prosecute cafe for refusing to serve Jewish women
The economic collapse has Zionists at a fever pitch to exploit Iceland
Interesting Pro-Think video - 5 min
German taxpayers to fund elaborate synagogues
Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza
Israelis flood the internet with propaganda videos
Iceland's Christian majority are furious - Video
Iceland's PM worried about a pogram against Zionist bankers
Video - Body guards go for guns as protestors throw snowballs - Iceland
Iceland's police savage protestors with clubs and gas - twenty arrested
Iceland's Jewish Prime Minister is attacked by mob, he only escapes as his 'Israeli trained' body guards pull their guns  
Video of Jewish vacationers at tourist stop that overlooks the killing at Gaza
That oh so zany Sarah Silverman - 90 sec video
Brits want their guns back!
Stock value drops from Ł600 to Ł10 a share. Zionist bankers blame market condition, but have suitcases packed.
Lloyds Slumps 47% As Investors Flee
Assad Wants Israel Named 'Terrorist' State'
Dragnet continues for missing money manager
Russia's oligarchs are borrowing billions from western banks and the defaulting
Tom Cruise always wanted to kill Hitler - no doubt his Nanna was gassed?
Kevin Macdonald on the multi-cultural calamity
Taxpayers get Ł2.5 billion tab as Lenoid Blavatnik defaults
British bank RBS quietly writes off $2.5 billion loan to "Russian" oligarch Leonid Blavatnik
Julie Andrews is trashed by Hollywood
Israel is prepared to use the " Samson Option"
Methamphetamine plague sweeps rural Iowa
Israelis bulldoze house with Arabs inside - when they came out with white flags the IDF shot them
"Lo Hashuv Ma Yagidu HaGoyim" ("Who cares what the goyim say?")
Israel put 57 people in a Gaza building and shelled it - 60 sec video
Israel says Solomon Morel won't be extradited
In 1946 Solomon Morel put the Germans in Auschwitz, and delighted in sadistic tortures
As Gaza digs out there are countless bodies - 90 sec video
Whoops, another bank failure and the records seemed to be a little vague
Zionist monitor Facebook, and even start a 'Pro-Israeli' series of videos - catch this video ..."Pray for the brave solders of the IDF"
Israeli Spokesman "Hamas killed Palestinian children to make us look bad"
Richest apartment block in US becomes a house of horrors
British Zionist insurance fraud-artists want taxpayers liable for Ł200bn in toxic bank loans
Another 'Kosher-Nazi' comes out of the closet
Here is a billion dollar fraud by the Steinger brothers which never made the headlines
Pill King of the internet
Hedge Fund - Son says 'Pray for my father, so he doesn't commit suicide'
Interesting WW2 colored video
Israelis let  their dogs eat wounded children
A hedge fund manager has fled with $350 million
Jewish soldiers Uses Dead Boy For Target Practice
The giant insurance company AIG, owned by Izzie Greenberg, which received $150 bill in bailouts, has offshore accounts
New Zealand restaurant tells two Jewish woman they must leave
Zio money manager flees with $350 million to Israel?
Israelis attack a camp - video
Why did Sarkozy fly to Chad over the arrest of eight Israelis?
What are Israelis doing in American malls?
Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs
Where are the famous Bielski brothers today? The stars of the movie 'Defiance'
11 year old boy survives 10 concentration camps - now he lectures your children at grade schools
New York's city workers see their pensions gouged
Insurance companies pay $350 mill to some lucky New Yorkers - and the records will be sealed
Mark Weber of the IHR throws in the towel on the holocaust denial scene - Another Kosher plant, or did he have a vision
These Judeo-Bolsheviks killed 45 million
IDF officials classify Gaza as a 'Free Fire' zone and snipers anxious for this target rich environment
Terror stalks Canadian University
US foreclosure filings up 81 percent in 2008
Arabs Sell Out Palestinians For Israeli Cash